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Fragments of an Ancient God

Fragments of an Ancient God

~A Creation Myth


By, H.K. Thompson


Distributed by, Shakespir


Copyright 2015


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Fragments of an Ancient God

~A Creation Myth



The Original was all…complete and whole…and in that wholeness the Original was content for countless eons.  But all of those eons of time were powerless against the change that erupted with a single thought…that it was alone.


This simple reflection gave birth to desire. The desire for a companion…for Other. So from desire, separation was born.


For many eons the Original and its companion were happy and content. On all thoughts and matters they agreed. They understood each other deeply, loved each other deeply.

But all things born from desire must change.


On the day that a desire arose in the Other, and not the Original, their peaceful existence ended and conflict took root. They soon found that as equals they were unable to impose their will on each other, but that did not stop them from trying. As they resorted to war, armies were raised, battles were waged, and suffering was born.


Over time, both the Original and the Other became increasingly desperate to stop what they had started, but they also knew this: Two all-powerful and immortal beings could not exist together peaceably as long as there was even the smallest of desires that they did not share…that desire would always create a conflict between them, and that equal powers to pursue conflicting desires could only ever result in war.


The Original recognized too late his mistake in this creation of Other, but what was done could not be undone, and so at last they came to an agreement.


The Original would remain immortal and all knowing. In this, it would remember what they were…and why they were.


The Other would forget. Forget who it was, and where it came from. The Other could not lose its immortality because of the very nature of what immortality is. So instead, the Original gave birth to death. Death could break the Other’s eternal life into fragments again and again…a metamorphosis from one life to another throughout time: a seeming death.


But with the curse of forgetting, and the curse of death, the Original gave the Other the one gift that had started it all and that it could not have again. It did not want the Other to be alone. So it separated the other into two…males and females, and from this a race was born. Unaware of who they really were…and the Original became once again alone in the universe.


This race lived out their ignorant lives for thousands of years. They knew love and companionship, and desire. But unlike the Originals, they did not possess equal powers, nor immortality in one lifetime. So some desires won out over others, and there was a balance that could never have been reached among equals. This race, born of desire, came to know many things. There was happiness and sadness, courage and fear…but they came to know another emotion, one that had only come with the original birth of separation- Grief.


As time went on the Original felt increasing sorrow for this race born of desire, and it longed to reunite the shattered fragments that called themselves man. And so the Original decided to return some of the knowledge it had hidden from them, to give them hope in a world of despair. It created prophets to deliver its messages to man, angels to look over them…and spirit guides to assist them in that place between lives. But now that separation existed in creation, every birth was born as two. So, with the angels came devils and with the heavens came hell.


Desire drove man to seek happiness and avoid unhappiness. Because of this, it was only natural that this race desired to gain heaven and avoid hell. Religions were born to explain the creation of these realms and to teach man how to attain their desire, but their knowledge was not total and with their separation from the Original they could only ever know part of the story. Sensing this, man continued to search for a meaning they could not quite grasp, a happiness that was never complete, and grief that could be both unpredictable and profound.


And the Original was left alone…to watch their stories unfold.


Man created many stories. Some of the most interesting were the ones that gave reasons for their existence. And as man worshiped their Gods, they never guessed that they were of the same Original essence.


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Fragments of an Ancient God

  • ISBN: 9781311816214
  • Author: H.K. Thompson
  • Published: 2015-12-16 19:20:07
  • Words: 1056
Fragments of an Ancient God Fragments of an Ancient God