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Four Poems


Four Poems

Published by Dan Colcraft at Shakespir

Copyright 2013 Dan Colcraft

A break by the sea – by Dan Colcraft

The Small Hotels

With parking at rear

And cable TV

And warm draught beer.

That’s served from behind

A leather faced bar

With trinkets above

From near and afar.

And numbered doors

And lino floors

And 4 to a room

And leaflets on tours.

And mini TV

And coffee and tea

On a tray

With a kettle

No cost it’s free.

The shops on the front

All lights and glitz

Some selling rock

Some kiss me quick’s.

The fast food joints

A blaze of neon

The windows with pictures

Of fish chips and peas on.

And chips for dinner

From a white plastic tray

And into arcades

A penny a play.

Then down to the beach

With towels

And lotions

And dipping your toes

Into seas and oceans.

And picking a spot

To fall asleep

In a chair you can hire

For a fiver a week.

And waking up

And watching the sea

And the gulls floating by

Looking for tea.

Then packing up

And trudging home

To a room with a view

Of a smashed public phone.

Then showered and changed

As you prepare

For a walk on the front

And some evening sea air.

Then stopping for food

At a mock Tudor bar

To see a once famous seventies star.

And scampi and chips

Or haddock and hake

And sachets of sauce

While the star has a break.

Then heading back

And the noise of the fair

And a look at the pier

Closed for repair.

And too much to drink

And promises made

And kids floating by

On cheap lemonade.

Upstairs to sleep

A tiring day

And glad the room came

With a kettle and tray.

And waking at six

And making some tea

Hearing Gulls in the distance

Over the sea.

The silence of breakfast

And whispered chat

And the look on the faces

And I’m not eating that.

And packing up

The short break is done

With bright red arms

From too much sun.

Then into the car

And into the queues

Motorway cones

And traffic news.

And finally home

And opening post

And think of the break

You had by the coast.

The Wedding by Dan Colcraft

I’m getting up early

And pressing my things

Some people I know

Are exchanging rings.

I’ve ordered my taxi

I’ll wait by the gate

I ordered it early

Don’t want to be late.

I get to the church

The crowd’s mill about

Some talk in huddles

While Kids run and shout.

There’s men in suits

And ladies in frocks

Boys in short trousers

And girls in white socks.

The nervous groom

The best man and ushers

Laughing and smoking

Just by the bushes.

There’s aunties and uncles

Who no one knows

Dressed up to the nines

From their heads

To their toes.

The ushers start

To beckon us in

To sit in the church

Let the service begin.

I’m into the church

And selecting which pews

There’s a smell of dust

And perfume and booze.

Then the organ plays

And in walks the bride

Down the aisle -to the groom

Her dad by her side.

The vicar gives blessings

And every one sings

Thank god the best man

Remembered the rings.

Then all out side

For photos to take

And off for breakfast

And cutting the cake.

And chicken and beef

And 3 types of veg

And trifle for afters

Or cake in a wedge.

With speeches post dinner

And giggles and frowns

Then a lull in proceedings

For the kids to calm down.

The band starts at seven

With dancing till 2

There’s a clown for the kids

And a queue for the loo.

The ladies are dancing

Kids bounce around

The men at the bar

Tap their feet to the sound.

Then its lights on for buffet

At quarter to nine

And strangers with plates

Form an orderly line.

And most people eating

Kids still run about

There’s a queue at the bar

And the quiche has ran out.

Then its lights out

For dancing

And starting to sweat

The band plays its forte

A seventies set.

While mums in the hall

Place a call to the sitter

And dads order lager

They’ve ran out of bitter.

Too soon it’s all over

And the bride and groom head

To a country retreat

With a four poster bed.

The last dance is played

The band slows it down

Some of the young ones

Head off into town.

And couples chat

Or head home to bed

We all had a ball

The couple are wed.

A day at the races – By Dan Colcraft

A drunk group of oafs

In cheap shiny suits

With half naked ladies

And pitch black roots.

The man from the bank

Who owns a Horse

Apparently the reason

For his divorce.

Ladies with hats

And shady brim

Some nice to look at

Some making a din.

In corporate marquee

In blazers and frocks

Giles and Felicity

Sip drinks on the rocks.

Caviar and Canapés

They hold to their face

By the end of the day

They’ll have not seen a race.

The men in the know

Whose arms flay like fury

Each little movement

Telling a story.

And trainers with badges

In hats and check shirts

And jackets and trousers

And wives in tweed skirts.

And jockeys so small

They’d fit in your pocket

Especially the one

Riding Stevenson’s rocket.

The roar of the crowd

When number 3 wins

And picnic hampers

And lager in tins.

And discarded papers

And counting the cost

And ripped up tickets

For horses that lost.

Then groups heading home

Or off into town

And spending their winnings

In the oak

Or the crown.

People pass by

Some in a rush

Heading for cars

Or getting the bus.

But most going by

With smiles on their faces

And breaking even

And a day at the races.

The World by Dan Colcraft

Speed cameras

Lots of cones

Car clampers

Mobile phones.

Wheelie bins

Park and ride

Cycle lanes









On demand.


Park for free

City centres


M and S




School tables

Tests at 10

Turkey twizzlers

Battery hen.


Child tax

Chip and pin

Cash back.

Starving kids

Sending aid

Sad pictures


Job share

Social care

Global warming

Dirty air.

Credit crunch

Ftse fail

Index linked

Clearance sale.

Credit cards

Buy to let

Id theft

On the net.

Lost data

Jammed up roads

It’s all too much

The world explodes.

The End

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Four Poems

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Four Poems Four Poems