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For The Term Of His Natural Life





When I was young I met an angel in disguise

A creature gifted rare and gentle grace,

Her presence simply overwhelmed my eyes

And bound my heart in silken lace.


And I could only stand there, lost in awe,

Oblivious to all around but her,

And turning then, as if she knew, she saw

My soul laid bare.

…While I could scarce believe such could occur.


A perfect diamond in a sea of sand,

she was;

Her smile the morning sun upon my face.

And whisp’ring music soft, she took my hand,

And led me to a secret place.


And now, grown old, I wander, slow,

Through memories close and fields of treasured dreams,

And quiet, contemplate the ebb and flow

Of days gone by.

Alas; so quick they passed, it seems…

And did I know?

…that drinking water from this well

Requires payment – as it casts its spell?

No peace it lends, nor cleft to hide,

Nor means to mitigate this ache inside.

Yet I have bourn my secret pain these years and gladly paid.

My currency, of value more than words can tell,

Should see my debts all satisfied.


But, oh… To feel again her warm embrace.

To be complete;

To smell the perfume of her hair and kiss her face just one more time!

…or even just to hold some grains of sand that touched her feet

Ere breath desert my frame and pulse lie stilled,

My wish fulfilled.




For The Term Of His Natural Life

  • Author: Lindsay Johannsen
  • Published: 2016-10-08 14:05:07
  • Words: 260
For The Term Of His Natural Life For The Term Of His Natural Life