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For Future Generations Antalya Expo 2015




It was a sunny summers day in a city of high-rise buildings; the streets were crowded as people walked in their daily paths. In the street’s cars were driving, the shops offered different things for sale displayed near the windows.

Avenues and square were full of people.

On the central area of city life was quite busy as things whereas hectic and busy. In five floors building with balconies lived a family of five people in an apartment.

The family lived on the third floor. The family was made up of a caring mother, a father and older brother with younger sister together with grandfather.

The ten years old boy named Onur was an elementary schooled, and his younger sister Ozge was just seven years old.

One day Onur arrived home as his father was in work from school as his mother and younger sister whose lessons were faster over was doing something with the mother. Grandfather was in his bookshop down the street.

He had received a good grade and was euphoric. “Mother, mother look what I got?” he happily in his hand grasped the test page with a good grade.

The mother with the sister was on a balcony as he noticed them from the living room. “Mother, see what I did get.”

“Not now, dear,” she responded back to him as he decided to see what they were doing. On the balcony was a flower pot and bag of soil as they were planting something.“Where planting a flower, big brother.” Ozge turned to him with her a big smile.

“We will be going to seed shop to buy more flower pots and seeds.” his mother told him as she with his sister walked in the living room and then left the apartment as he tried to get their attention but in vain.

He was disappointed and angry as he was ignored.

Then he noticed the flower pot and grabbed it as it was hung over the edge and fell to the ground.

As the anger left him, he looked down and saw the broken flower pot.

Onur came to the realization that he will be in trouble as decided to get out of the apartment and not will show up until a later time as things he would think could calm down.

After leaving apartment he decided to walk around, but he did run into an angry dog that made him run for his life in quick pace as he ran the streets and into a park where he escaped him.

The breathing was hard as he had run a marathon; it was a while until he regained normal breath as he took shelter from it behind an old vine-choked metal gate decorated in elegant style.


hen he recovered his breath, he discovered that he was in an aged and empty park. The tree tops were thick in leafs of green. The path roads were choked with plant growth as statues of stone decorating it with a light post where wrapped in vines.

Most of the park had overgrown of greenery with fountains and a pavilion of columns. The rusted swings and abandoned playground told him that nobody had been to the park for a long time. He walked around and over a bridge that went over a river flowing into a large pond with a fountain in the middle. All the park seemed so empty and eerie that he felt bit nervous.

ear a high wall of the hedge, he noticed an unusual bird that hid after alerted of his presence into the hedge but Onur got curious, so he crawled beneath the tree shrubbery as branches did not touch the ground.

n the other side was a wall of vines as he noticed an arch with columns and between them metal doors. When he made a gap in vines and got behind them, he explored the doors. On them was a picture of a tree decorated with plant motives around the edges.

He touched a door handle in the shape of a ring as he pulled on the doors. They opened as he walked through them and he found himself in a big square room filled with plants, and the light came inside thought glass dome above his head.

Onur wandered around the place when he heard a sound. “ Intruder. You are an intruder.” the voice spoke. His head turned in the direction of the bird what he had seen.

He noticed a human coming in his direction as he decided to run, running to the doors what he used to enter.

On the opened doors as he exited in fast speed he read words. “Amahara” he was shocked and scared as he did run until he stood in front of his grandfather’s bookshop.

The familiar sign with the display windows put him at peace as he decided to walk into the shop.

The shop had antique style feel with wood paneling and bookshelves. There were walking people between the shelves searching for books. The grandfather’s office was on the second floor up the wood staircase.

After walking up, he knocked and opened the doors as he passed one of the employees.“Enter.” told the familiar voice as he opened the doors and walked into the grandfather’s office.

The office was dark wood paneled room with big round window looking upon inside of the shop from the second floor.

“Onur,what are you doing here.” grandfather took a look at him from the table while he sat in a comfy chair.

“Mother and sister went to buy seeds and flower pots. There was nothing to do, so I came here?” he said back to him.

“Hmm, did you got in trouble?” he asked him as Onur played with his hair by twirling it around in his hand. “No, grandfather,” he responded quite quick.

He started to laugh. “My, my what a liar you are since you usually play with your hair when you lie.”

“Grandfather, could you answer to my question?” curious he asked. “ Sure, what is a problem for you?” he turned in the chair while taking a look at his pocket watch.

“What is the meaning of word Amahara?” he got interested in the word what he had read on the doors.

“Hmm, Amahara. If I remember correctly, it is a mythological garden. In legends, it is a place where all the world’s flowers and plants are collected together.”

“Wow, that has to be amazing. Thanks, I should go,” he got out quite quick before grandfather was able to speak.

Onur ran all the way back to the park as he did run in the direction of hidden doors.

The place behind the doors was still looking the same.

“There you are once again intruder.” somebody spoke as he turned his head in the direction of a bird who looked at him.

“You can speak?” Onur surprised asked to be sure. “ Yes, a human child I can speak. For a sprout you are not quite smart.” the bird ruffled its feathers as they gleamed in the light.

“I may be young, but I have still much to learn.” the boy responded by stepping closer to the bird.

“This is the first time I have seen a person with such a passion in his voice.” a soft voice almost like a dream spoke to him from aside as he turned and noticed a woman next to him.

He got frightened as he suddenly stepped several steps back.

The woman in his front was a long woman with brown hair, emerald green eyes, and clothes made from plants and flowers.

“Don’t be scared, I will do nothing bad to you.” with a smile of an angel on her lips she spoke to him.

“You must be Onur, did I get that right?” she stretched out her arm as the bird landed on it.

“How do you know my name?” with a worried voice he asked. “I see all the things in this world since my name is Terra.”

“Terra, what do you by that mean?” still not knowing he asked.

The woman started to laugh, and her laughter sounded like raindrops hitting a flat water surface.

“Terra, my dear boy, means Earth in Latin language or if you want to know also Gaia from Greek mythology.”

“I saw what you did to my child. I’m quite sad you denied my child to grow,” she with sadness spoke to him.

Onur was at that time looking around curious and interested in the thick greenery growing lush in green colors. The soft breeze blew through the garden as leafs swayed in the wind with an incredible aroma of flowers wafting in the air.

He could not resist pulling in a deep breath savoring the light floral smell of the flowers.

“You, mean the flower pot.” realizing what she meant he answered.

Yes, now follow me.” she said as both of them walked in the direction of white colored glass doors behind them was a garden with columns and fountain with a multitude of colorful flowers as between them two girls chased each other.

“Flora, Fauna what are you doing?” Terra spoke with the two daughters. Both had brown hair and appearance similar to mothers, but their hair was decorated with plants.

“Look sister that is the mean boy who broke the flower pot.” one of the girls noticed Onur next to their mother. Both stopped and looked at him from another side of a pond.

“Flora, don’t be mean, help him learn so he can understand,” she put her arm on the boy’s head as she stroked his hair. In the air was an aroma of many flowers that made Onur fell like he was in a magnificent dream. He did pinch himself to make sure; the pain made him realize it was a reality not a daily dream or fantasy.

“Sure, mother.” Flora rose up from the ground as she was tired of running and elegantly in quick steps walked over a pond what was between them making several rings on its surface surprising Onur. She then took Onur’s hand and told him. “Hold on tight, we are going to have an adventure.”

Around them suddenly started to turn leafs as they took on the speed as around them was a green wall of a leaf twister. Onur closed his eyes as suddenly after a moment there was a silence.

As he opened his eyes, they were in an empty building what appeared to be an old factory. In the center was a huge hole as the roof had collapsed inside and they were standing on the collapsed roofing.

“Where are we?” looking around he asked. “We, are in an abandoned factory. Once in this place was a forest that was destroyed by humans to build this plant for making cars, but as cars age so factory and because of many reasons it was closed. Now it is time for nature reclaim this place.” Flora told as she stretched out her arm and made a movement as suddenly from the ground between brick floor sprouted out plants.

The plants sprouted and stretched out from ground, vines twisted around the metal beams as from outside they climbed inside trough broken windows. The remaining red tile roofing collapsed, everything changed so fast it almost seemed like a dream as trees sprouted out from the ground in places where in the roof where holes and light touched the ground.

As Onur closed his eyes in fear of collapsing roof, there was no sound as he opened his eyes the factories roof was completely gone and now instead in place was a vast open sky as walls and surrounding are stood covered in plants and trees.

Around where many trees, bushes, and flowers now growing in the ruins of the factory and they were quite beautiful.

“Now you see, the natures’ strength as it can reclaim what was once taken from it. The plants can grow in many places,” she said as Onur noticed a tree grown out on a chimney stack of the factory as it was covered with vines.

“A plant is like a human even if it is stronger than human, but they are part of humans as they provide you with food, clothes and all the things that are a daily necessity. There is always a balance and beauty in nature as it can give comfort to you. Remember that, now let’s get home.” she stretched out her hand as Onur took hold of it as he found himself back in the place where Gaia had taken him before.

“Now it is my turn.” exited next to them walked Fauna who had a bunny in her hands as she took him by hand as she before realized the bunny as it ran away into the bushes.

They walked in the direction of a green arch as they walked trough it and they were in a tropical forest near a river. At shoreline next to a river was an impressive peacock with gleaming feathers.

It was drinking water from the river. “Why are, we here?” he looked around the forest. “You are here to learn about nature or plants and their importance for animals and humans,” Fauna told him as she pulled him along.

“See that flower,” she showed him a blue flower growing on the tree. “It is important flower because from it is made a medicine that can help humans but its seed are spread by birds that are dying out because humans are cutting down trees what are their homes. And with them, the seed can’t be spread.”

“And you always should remember that each plant has a great importance in nature and the animals and insects that inhabit this world even for humans. We should return what we take from nature. Now grab my hand.”

It was quite fast as they were back again where for him was waiting for Gaia while Flora was playing with a rabbit.

“Mother, here is Onur. Can I go now to plant the new roses?” she asked nicely to her mother.

“Sure, my dear,” she put her arm on Onur’s shoulder as she guided him along. “So did you learned something today, do you have any questions?”

“Does Garden of Amahara exists?” curiously he enquired. “Heart’s desire is a desire, and it may come true if you open your heart as you walk your path,” she told him as she stopped near a bush of yellow flowers as Onur tried to get an aroma of them.

It was sweet and amazing aroma as he took a deep breath. “Remember, what you learned and keep it your mind and heart. Human children are like seed they turn into sprouts that turn into flowers with buds, that open in full bloom and after a while start to fade as blossoms lose their petals until only seed are left, but you should remember that sometimes flowers can bloom many times until they wilt.”

“Now is the time to say goodbye to each other.” she said as around Onur showed up a fog and he came to realize he once again was in front of grandfather’s library.

Onur got inspired as he ran to the home and found an empty glass jar as he cleaned off the logo sticker on it ran down to the broken pot and collected the seed and the soil into it and around the glass jar a paper with his drawings that he came up.

As mother and sister came back they were surprised to about his work and sister felt loved that she hugged him.

The flower in the glass jar went to grow into a beautiful white flower.

He did try to find the park as he found it but the hidden entrance was gone.

Time passed like a river of sand and Onur from ten-year-old boy grew up into an adult.

It was a spring day as a man of thirty-eight-year-old age walked along a street.

He was walking as he reached into his pocket and took out a pocket watch that his grandfather had gifted to him. It was a gift to his grandfather from his father.

He ran into a woman with a black glasses, hat and a coat.

“I’m sorry about running into you. Are you alright?” she looked at him and told, “I’m fine.” Onur noticed that something had fallen to the ground as he bent down and took it.

“Miss, you lost something,” he took a look in her direction, but she was gone like a cloud of smoke in the wind.

He looked around for her, but there was no sign of her.

Onur took a closer look at the thing in his arm as it was a beautiful yellow flower with a lovely smell that it made him feel sentimental about the past.

In his front like a vision showed up a path with yellow flowers in a vast meadow stretching into the horizont.

As a quick dream, it vanished from his eyesight as he was dumbfounded for a moment and suddenly on his lips showed a big smile as he placed the flower in a pocket next to his heart and continued walking.

His mind also told him that he may have met that woman, but he just dismissed it with smile.

rom the corner of a house, the same woman with a smile glanced in his direction as she whispered. “Looks, like there is still hope in the air.” on her lips a beautiful smile showed up as she looked up into the skies a bird shot across them accompanied by the ringing bell of the clock tower in the sunny day.




Hello, my name is Darius Spruce. I’m a creative writer and thinker. For me writing and being creative are one of many things. I have an interest in the wide spectrum of interests including art, culture, technology, science, history, and many more. Usually, if I’m not writing I draw or do something creative and expressional.

For me, a creative mind is a good mind since it can be used when situations arise and there is a need to resolve them.

I love learning new facts and information in a wide spectrum and try to share them with others whenever I have a chance.

You can view my profile at https://www.Shakespir.com/profile/view/DariusSpruce.


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In near future will be coming a book named EUROPEAN VOLUNTEER SERVICE (EVS) TURKEY VOLUNTEER ADVENTURES ABROAD PART II – A overlook from authors diary showing and retelling daily life events unfolding while being a volunteer abroad for six months in Antalya, Turkey.

For Future Generations Antalya Expo 2015

A creative story with handmade artwork for illustrations made by the author of the book in honor of Expo Antalya 2016 while beeing a volunteer in Antalya, Turkey. The story is centered on nature, its importance just like the Expo Antalya what will be opened in the year 2016. The expo will display exhibitions of nature aimed toward flora and fauna. An event of the expo will be held together with Turkish government, Antalya city, and (AIPH) International Association of Horticultural Producers what is an organization dedicated to promoting horticultural producers and holds international garden and flora festival expositions worldwide.

  • Author: Darius Spruce
  • Published: 2016-02-24 19:50:15
  • Words: 3303
For Future Generations Antalya Expo 2015 For Future Generations Antalya Expo 2015