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Author: Serenity Anderson
Editor: Rayleen Tritt & Melanie Hall
Illustrator: Rina Risnawati

Copyright © 2015 by Gifts From Heaven (GFH)
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Anderson, Serenity
p.                    BEAUTIFUL IS BLACK
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Published by Gifts From Heaven (GFH)

To My Readers:
You may not look like everyone else. Look at yourself and know that God did not
make any mistakes with you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

To My Children: Ny’Ki, Ki’ona and Dashawn
I would not trade you guys for the world. Everyone of you is
beautiful and talented in your own way. Ki’ona, you will always be my beautiful
little girl.

To: Gabe
You are very special to me!

To: Alanii Belgrave
Thank you sweetie for being you. This book is dedicated to you. I love you always!

To My Supporters:
Thank you for being there through thick and thin.

To Teachers and Parents:
We can make a difference by building their confidence!

“Mom, I hate being
black. The children
make fun of me
and call me mean

“They say that I
look like a gorilla
and call me dark.”

“My nose is too
big and my butt is
too broad.”

“My hair is like a
scratchy pad, thick
and short.”

“My lips are too
thick for any
boys to kiss.”

“My hips are like
whales, heavy
to lift.”

“So, why should
I like being black
when all I feel is
terrible pain?”

Mom replied:

“Beautiful is
black, never you

You are beautiful!
You are perfectly

God did not make
any mistakes
when He created

Just because I
am white and
your dad is black
does not give
anyone the right
to make fun of

I will talk to your
teacher about

“Mom, why do
people make fun of
me when I am
always trying to
be nice to them?”

Mom answered:
“In this world you
will meet all types
of people. Some
will dislike
anything that is
different than
what they are
used to.”

“Others wish that
they looked a
different way, so
they will say bad
things about
people to make
themselves feel
good inside.”

“Mom, I wish I did
not look like this. I
feel like I cannot
win because of the
color of my skin.
Being mixed
causes me way too
many problems.”

Mom said:

“Did you know
that blacks fought
and struggled in
life? They pushed
past the hurt and
continue to strive.

Some became
famous because
of their
and strength.

Never allow others
to stop your drive.
No one is better
than anyone else
in this life.”

“So many people
are discriminated
against because of
what they look like
or believe in their
minds. Everyone is
beautiful no
matter what he or
she looks like.”

“Do you
remember the
story of the
creation of man?

God made you
to look like Him.
That is also part
of God’s plan.”

“No two things in
His creation are
ever the same.

There are some
features that will
appear to be
the same, but if you
look closely you
will find something
different in

These features are
what make you
unique and

Embrace these
features and be
proud of who
you are.”

“God made you
perfect regardless
of what others

Do you hate
being mixed
because of what
others think?

If so, you hate
the Creator of all
things. Imagine if
everyone looked
the same what
kind of world
would we live in?”

“It is not just my
skin or the way I

Sometimes my
own people put me
down and spit on

They treat me like
I’m a piece of
garbage. Some say
I talk ‘white’ when
I speak proper

Others say that I
think I’m all that
because of the
beautiful hair God
has given me.

I did not ask to
look or talk a
certain way.

So why do people
hate me when I try
my best to fit in?”

“White people find
it hard to accept
me because they
can only see my
colored side.”

“Some push me
away like I have
done something to

“Others smile to
my face, but talk
bad about me
behind my back.”

“What can I do or
say to them when
they call my
mother names for
loving a man of a
different race? If I
try and defend
myself, they say I
am being ignorant.”

“If I hang with the
whites, I am
labeled as a

“If I talk to the
blacks, they try
to fight me or just
look at me

“They say that my
father is no good
for marrying a
woman of a
different race. He
is a disgrace to
his race. They say
I can’t roll with
this crowd.”

“How is black
beautiful?” I
asked. When only
confusion and
hurt make up my

“I have been
called a mutt
and a half breed
more than once or

I’ve been treated
like an animal
and looked at like
a confused child.”

“I stand all alone,
feeling hurt and

“How can I be
proud of either
race when all I get
is nothing but
thunder and the
rolling storms?

Neither race will
not accept me
because I am
mixed up in the

“My dear child,
I understand how
you may feel.

Sometimes it
seems like your
own kind is your
worst enemy,”
Dad replied.

“Some people do
not realize that
you suffer the way
you do.

They think you
have it much
easier because of
the lighter skin
color that God
gave to you.

They do not stop
and think that the
difference in hair
texture, eyes and
looks do not mean
a thing. They only
see the differences
between you and

“Never be ashamed
of the color of your
skin. Never mind
what others dislike
or think.

Jesus was also
judged. He went
through pain.
He was disliked
because He did
things differently
than what
others thought
was right.”

“Even if you were
born into one
ethnicity, They
would still find a
reason to dislike
you. Some people
dislike people
because of they
are too big or too
small. Others
dislike people
because of how
they dress
or think.”

“People don’t see
the tears that you
cry when you are
judged by them.”

“Some think
they see easy
acceptance of you
from other races.
The truth is that
these people just
do not have a clue
about how much
pain you already
go through.”

“It does’t
matter how you
talk or act. No
matter what you
do, some people
will hate you just
because you are
you, and that is a

“You will never
be able to please
everyone in this

But you should
never change your
viewpoints or
values in order to
fit in.”

“Some of the
greatest people in
the world were

The key is to
ignore them and
don’t pay them
any mind. They
dislike their own
selves as much as
they dislike you,
their own kind.”

“Mom and Dad,
you are the
greatest. Love to
me, I think, is
blind. My mother
and father raised
me to love all
kinds of colors.

I hope one day
people will learn
to love all
skintones realize
that we are all the
same on the


1. Why is the girl in this story confused and sad?
Because she gets picked on for being a lighter skin tone than the average black person. She does
not understand why she should be picked on when she just wants to get along with both races.

[*2. Who else went through pain and suffering like the girl in the story? *]
Jesus also went through a lot of pain.

3. What does the girl compare her hips to in the story? What about her hair?
She compares her hips to whales and her hair to a scratch pad.

[*4. What should you do if you see someone getting picked on? Should you join in or try and *
accept their differences?]
Children should discuss ways to prevent bullying. They should also discuss how they can accept
differences in other children.

[*5. Is it better for us to all be different and unique, because God made us that way? What *
would it be like if we were all the same?]
Children should discuss how they are each unique and what makes them special. They can also
be creative and talk about how the world would be if we were all the same. It would be boring
and like a planet full of robots.

Teaching children about accepting differences in others should begin at a very young age. It
should be continued throughout their childhood because peer pressure at school can make
kids want to partake in bullying. From the ages of four to six years old, children begin to notice
differences in others. It is important to correct any negative connotations connected with their
comments. From the ages of seven to eight, children are more accepting of others if they are
different. They may still, however, point out obvious racial differences. Agree and show
something that the two children have in common like a favorite sport or hobby.

*Positive Affirmations for Children *
1. I am beautifully and wonderfully made.
2. I love everyone and everyone loves me no matter what I look like.
3. I respect everyone and everyone respects me.

Group Exercise
1. Have each student write something they like about each person in the classroom. Then, have
each student read what they wrote to the class.

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and confidence within the individual, providing greater understanding of real life issues,
allowing individuals to realize that they are not alone in their situations, helping children
know that help is available to them, instilling greater understanding of uncomfortable
topics, and challenging their ability to think fast when faced with adversity. For more
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Book Titles

Beautiful Is Black

Coming in 2015

Pleasing The Lord

Cutting School

How Many Ways To Thank The Lord

Many children are confused about the differences in what is right and wrong when it comes to children in their
school that have different skin colors or ethnicities. This book discusses the troubles one girl has because she has
a lighter tone of brown skin than her classmates. She doesn’t understand why she is picked on or who she can be
friends with. She knows her parents love each other very much, and that’s all that should really matter. Her mother
emphasizes how beautiful black is, and she tries to comprehend it. However, she does not know how to get through
the passing storm of being picked on. This book is a good read for parents and children to discuss bullying and
racial tensions. It will also lead to discussion of what the girl can do to better her situation and what the reader’s
child can do to prevent bullying in his or her own school.

6-10 years old


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