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For a Few Haiku More

For a Few Haiku More

by Tommy Baggins

Shakespir edition

copyright 2016 by Tommy Baggins


Here is nothing more

than a small, humble sample

of my poetry.


Armchair Philosophy


Haiku in English:

literary Sudoku;

Rubik’s poetry.



means that we don’t write the script;

we just read our lines.


Stress is much like salt:

a lot makes high blood pressure;

a dash is tasty.



we can’t fight wars with haiku.

That’s a bloody shame.


Live as best we can

for as long as possible.

What else can we do?




Cool, moist autumn air

smells of mud, manure and hay

in a horse pasture.


Blue cornflowers bloom

beside yellowing soybeans

in an autumn field.


A little beetle

crawls on the carpet. It stops

for just a moment.


Autumn cherry tree:

no more fragile pink blossoms;

golden leaves instead.


I’ve never seen red

quite like the autumn leaves on

a winged spindle tree.


What a sad thing is

a corn maze in November:

worn out and done with.


Autumn equinox

is a long way behind us.

Long nights are gloomy.


Leafless sycamore,

with bark the color of bone,

calmly waits for spring.




Mix the juices of

a lime and a coconut.

Drink them both. Enjoy.


On Halloween night,

I am a mad scientist

with pet xenomorph.



fallapatorius. Sweet!

Thank you, Doctor Who!


Thank you, Miss Poppins

for Supercalifagil-



What we need now is

a roundhouse kick to our heads

from Mr. Norris.


Attending Funerals


We must say good-bye

more often than we would like

all throughout our lives.


Good-bye: family,

friends, pets, treasured possessions

and, lastly, ourselves.


Broken connections

like cut and dangling wires

are all that remain.


Every one of us

must attend a funeral

(at least one): our own.

For a Few Haiku More

  • Author: Tommy Baggins
  • Published: 2016-12-23 20:05:08
  • Words: 294
For a Few Haiku More For a Few Haiku More