Isabella Magibisela



By Isabella Magibisela

First Shakespir Edition 2016

Copyright 2016 Isabella Magibisela

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Chapter 1


I opened my eyes and closed them again instantly. A bright light was coming from somewhere and fuelling my already killer headache. Wait .Where was I??

I sat up fast. Hitting my head on the top bunk.

Looking around I realised I was in my room. Which was weird since I didn’t remember coming home.

A lot of the night before was a blur. But what I did remember of it was scary asf.




“Becca! Are you coming down sometime this decade or should I leave without you??”


My best friend Linda was hollering from the downstairs bathroom. The problem was my shoes. I couldn’t find my favourite blue Dickie’s canvas sneakers. And I wasn’t going to that party without them.


“I can’t find my favourite shoes!”


I tossed all the shoes out of my closet, peeped under my bed, checked the bottom of my hamper and I found nothing! Zilch! Nada!!


“Did you check Jake’s room?”


I hadn't. Why would my fave sneaks be in my stepbrother's room?? But I was desperate so...

I ducked into the room across the hall from mine.

And shocker of all shockers I spotted them right next to his bed.


“That douche! Why’d he take my shoes?”


I whispered to myself but I couldn’t come up with a convincing reason.


“Becca I swear to the sweet Virgin I will walk out this door and leave you!”


I stuck my feet in and laced up as fast as I could then I ran downstairs to Linda.


Our outfits couldn’t have been more different if we had tried.

Linda wore a sequined hot pink mini dress with baby pink platform peep toes.

I wore a navy blue and grey football jacket , a printed slouchy tee, bleached high waisted skinnies and my blue Dickie’s sneaks.


“Babe! You look hot!”


She twirled around and flipped her shoulder length hair.

“I do don’t I?”


She gave me an appraising look and raised an eyebrow.


“That’s what you’re going with??With ten hours notice that’s the best you could do?”


I rolled my eyes. She didn’t like my casual sense of style. But I didn’t mind as long as she didn’t try to change me.


I turned to the coffee table and grabbed my phone. We walked out onto the porch and I locked the door behind me.


“Let’s get this party started bae!”


She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the mini cooper her mom got her on her 18th birthday the previous week.


This was gonna be one hell of a night.














Chapter 2


I’d give it to you all around the world//


“That’s my tune!”


I screamed as we pulled up across the street from Timmy’s party. DJ FreaK was playing my song and I wanted to be on that dance floor putting it down.

We hopped out and ran giggling up to the driveway. Timmy’s house…no to call that a house is disrespectful. Timmy’s mansion looked like some hollywood celeb or other’s holiday home. But it was actually the home of the power couple that ran the biggest supermarket chain in the country. Mr and Mrs Murphy. They were the most influential people in the country. Second only to the President.


Linda rang the doorbell and a second later the door was thrown open by Timmy Murphy himself.


“Hey hey! Pretty ladies.”



He grabbed Linda by the waist and smashed his face into hers in a loud kiss.


Oh wait. Did I mention he’s Linda’s boyfriend? Well yeah. He’s Linda’s boyfriend.


It’s not surprising if you think about it. The hottest girl in school plus the richest ,hottest and did I mention RICHEST boy in school together made sense.

They sank into the throng of dancing people and disappeared. I moved in and closed the door behind me.

From my slightly elevated point I spotted Freddy at the back of the room tearing it up with his moves.

I made my way towards him dodging gyrating bodies and swishing drinks in disposable glasses.

When I made it there I fell into step with him and we bumped and wove together with perfect rhythm. A small circle opened around us as people cheered us on.


Everything seemed to melt away except me, Freddy and the music. His body moving in unison with mine at such a close range sent shivers of excitement up my spine. The electricity between us was tangible in the air.

At least until the song changed and drifted into a slow song.

I moved into his arms and we slow danced.


“Babe, every time you dance like that I just want to rip your clothes off and make love to you right on the dance floor.”


I laughed at him. We were the dancing power couple in our school and we had also been the only couple to last past junior high.


“You always say that but all I’m hearing is talk. No action. “


I looked into his eyes and bit my lower lip.


He swallowed hard. I had gotten to him. I always knew which buttons to push to get him all hot and bothered.

He brought his lips to my ear and lightly nipped my ear lobe with his teeth. He tightened his hold on my waist and pulled tightly into him so I could feel every inch of him pressing against my thigh.


“You know I’ll take you anywhere, anytime. But only if you’re ready. “


His hoarse whisper made me tingle all over with excitement. My breath hitched and my heart raced.

He let go of my waist and took my hand instead. He led me through the crowd to the sliding door that led out into the garden. We walked to the gazebo where it was quiet and peaceful. There was a slight and cool breeze that tickled my skin. He sat on the bench and pulled me onto his lap.


“Rebecca Kyle. I love you okay. And I’ll wait as long as it takes until you’re ready.”


He placed his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. His soft, moist lips met mine in a shower of fireworks and moulded themselves perfectly to fit mine.

We kissed until I had to resurface for air. I gasped and he laughed at me.


“You’re weak.”


I raised my eyebrows.


“You wanna talk about weak?”


I slid higher up his lap placing my butt directly on his hard on.


“And you wanna talk to me about weakness.”


He laughed and kissed me roughly to shut me up.


“So what if I said I’m ready tonight?”


He suddenly got serious. He cupped my face and looked into my eyes.


“Are you sure?”


I nodded. I had wanted to make a sarcastic but cute reply but the words failed me.


He lifted me off his lap and silently led me back into the loud house where the Maroon Five song Sugar was playing. Ignoring the masses of people calling for an encore we headed up the stairs to the guest rooms.

Freddy knew his way around the house because as Timmy’s best friend he spent a lot of time here.


Here the noise was less prominent. After passing a great many doors he opened one on the right and led me in. He stood back and closed the door behind me.


I looked around me at the queen sized bed with Aztec printed covers and the dark mahogany bedside tables. The room was magnificent but I wasn’t really seeing it.

My mind was on the guy standing behind me. The guy I had been with for close to four years and the guy I was about to give my maidenhood.


Freddy wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and pulled me close.

He breathed on my neck and planted little butterfly kisses on my neck. I gasped at the sensation this caused.


“You can still change your mind you know.”


I shook my head.




He sucked on my neck sending chills up and down my spine before he spun me around suddenly and crushed his lips against mine. He walked me backwards towards the bed and lay me gently down without breaking his hold on my lips. He eased himself on top of me and his weight pressing down on me sent me past the point of mo return and I began running my hands up and down his back pulling him closer. He slid his hand up my top and started kneading my boobs through my bra. I followed his lead and slipped my hands into his tee and rubbed all over his back muscles.


He broke the kiss for a moment to pull my top off as well as his tee shirt. He looked at me like he was savouring the moment but I didn’t have time for that. I pulled him in and kissed him hard.


Just as he was sitting up to undo my jeans he stopped.


“Did you hear that?”


I listened. Apart from the muffled music I couldn’t hear a thing.


“What? The music?”


He climbed off the bed and slowly walked to the door.


“No. It was coming from Timmy’s room. It sounded almost like a scream.”


I rolled my eyes. So Timmy and Linda were having sex. What else was new?

I followed him still in my bra and jeans. He walked out into the hall towards the door opposite ours. It was slightly ajar and I could hear muffled sobs.


Freddy nudged the door slightly wider.

What we saw would be the beginning of an unimaginable nightmare.

















Chapter 3


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Timmy sat on top of Linda with his hands around her throat.

He was strangling her and it didn’t look like some kinky foreplay. She clawed at his hands weakly and let go slowly as she passed out. Her head tilted towards the door and her blank ,wide open eyes stared straight into mine as if begging for help. But I was frozen.

I was so petrified I didn’t even hear Freddy whisper for me to go back to our room. He pushed me gently but I could feel the urgency behind it. He closed the door behind us and told me to get dressed. I found my top and he pulled on his tee.


I stood still with tears in my eyes. What the hell had I just seen?! What was Timmy doing to my best friend??

Freddy grabbed my shoulders and shook me.


“Becca! Listen to me. We have to get you out of here. You have to go home.”


He whispered with such urgency I was scared out of my stupor. I followed him quietly as he led me to the door and just as we were walking out Timmy appeared out of the other room.


“Hey Freddy you little devil you. Did you just pop that cherry. “


Freddy laughed. But I could tell it was forced. That’s how well I knew him. I just followed his lead and smiled nervously.


“No you Neanderthal. Mind your own business.” They slapped each other on the backs and Freddy tensely led me away. We were halfway down the stairs when I tripped .I remember falling forward.


After that everything is a blank.




My head spun as I sat in the bottom bunk of my bunk bed. It can’t be possible. How could such a great night go awry so fast. Linda. Was she dead? What about Freddy? Was he okay?


“No! She’s not dead. She can’t be.”


I ran out of my room and downstairs to the land line. I dialled Linda’s number.


“The number you have dialled is not available at the moment. Please try again later. “


I hung up.


Maybe her phone is off. I’ll call her house .


I dialled her place . After three rings Linda’s little brother Ben picked up.


“Hey Ben. It’s Becca. Did Linda come home last night?”


“Hey Becca. No she didn’t. I thought she was supposed to sleep over at your place?”


Dammit. I’d forgotten about that.


“Yeah . But I guess she must have stayed over at Timmy’s after the party. Don’t tell mom.”

“Okay. I won’t”


I hung up. Now my head ached even harder. What the hell!? But I wasn’t giving up . Maybe I should try Freddy.




I exhaled heavily with relief.


“Freddy! I’m scared. I have no idea where Linda is. I’ve been calling her and she’s not picking up . She never went home. I have no idea what’s going on.”


I was crying now. The words rushed out one after the other. I had no control of my own tongue.


“Becca calm down. I’m coming over right now. Don’t go anywhere and lock everything until I get there.”


I hung up and quickly went around locking every window and door. I was terrified. And Freddy’s reaction only fuelled that.


Ten minutes later while I sat knees pulled up against my chest I heard a gentle tap at the front door. I ran to peep out the peep hole. It was Freddy.

I undid the lock and tore the door open.


Freddy grabbed me and squashed me into his chest in a bear hug.

He pushed the door shut with his foot and held me for a long moment. I wrapped my arms around him and inhaled his musky scent. He smelled of safety and love.


I trailed my hands up and down his back. As he breathed in and out the muscles on his back rippled against my hand.


He let go and held me at arms length. He stared at me like I was a new Porsche sitting on his driveway. I took his hand and led him to the couch. We sat down and he looked into my eyes like he does when he’s about to drop a bombshell on me.


Like the time he told me he had almost slept with some girl at a party after taking too many shots. Yeah we had been through a lot and survived it all.


I steadied myself this would be huge.

“Becca. Linda is dead.”


I had been ready for that. I had tried to ignore it but it was too obvious. I exhaled deeply and nodded.


“And she’s not the first.”


Now that floored me.
















Chapter 4


“What do you mean?”


He sighed.


“He’s done this before. Three years ago there was a girl named Shirley…”


“Oh yeah! She was in my home ec class.”


“Yeah. Her. Didn’t you ever wonder where she went so suddenly ? He killed her. He strangled her just like he strangled Linda that night at the party. He got away with it because of who he is and who his family is. The family never opened a missing person’s case because they were paid off. And she had no friends so no one missed her. They were poor Becca. They were bribed and threatened into covering up their daughter’s murder.”


I was dumbstruck. Everything was spinning. Timmy had not only killed my best friend but she had been victim number two. Freddy seeing me speechless continued.


“But Linda is different. Her family won’t be easy to keep quiet and she was the most popular girl in school. If she suddenly went missing people would notice. Becca I’m scared they’ll come after you”


I froze. No. He can’t have said that.


“What if they think you’ll start asking questions? Becca you have to promise me. Promise not to tell a soul.”


I was too shocked to speak. I just gaped and stared at him. He grabbed hold of both my shoulders and shook me.


“Becca I can’t lose you. Promise me you won’t say anything to anyone.”


I leapt up and wrapped my arms around his neck. I sobbed and cried on his favourite checked shirt. He held me and rubbed my back gently.


“You still haven’t promised me.”


I sniffed one last time and wiped away my tears.


“I promise. I won’t tell anyone.


He looked relieved that I’d listened to him. Something I never did. He kissed my wet face all over before he planted a sloppy kiss on my lips.

Just as he pulled away, his phone began ringing. He checked the caller ID and looked back up at me.


“Timmy. Wassup bruh?”


“Okay I’ll be there in 10.”

He hung up.


“I have to go boo. Make sure you don’t let anybody in except your parents.”


He gave me kiss that felt so much like goodbye that my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.


“I love you Becca.”


He was gazing into my eyes again. This time with a fierce protective fire in his eyes.


“I love you too my lord of the dance.”


He smiled slightly then turned and left as if he was scared he might change his mind.




I was in the kitchen making dinner for when my family arrived. I cooked pasta with pasta sauce and spicy meatballs. Just the way my brother liked it.


They arrived just as I was about to dish up.


“We’re hoooome!”


The sweet sound of my mom’s voice made me feel like a kid again and I ran to hug her. She seemed mildly surprised.


“Clear the doorway people! Coming through!”


My step dad Frank came in laden with luggage. And behind him came Jake ,my step brother. Also carrying a mountain. Only his was made of shopping bags.


“I made dinner! Spaghetti and meatballs!”


I skipped to the kitchen to dish up and serve.


“Everyone wash up and come get some before Jake scoffs it all.”


As I was setting the table they dispersed to their rooms and came back all fresh and clean ten minutes later. We each sat at our respective places.

We held hands and mom said grace.

She was spiritual like that. She felt that anytime was prayer time.


We all said amen. And dug in. Jake looked like he was in heaven. He’s always loved the way I make the sauce.


Franklin and my mom got married six years ago when Jake was ten and I was twelve. I started calling Franklin dad the day I found out they were engaged. Love them as if they’re my own blood.


They told me about their trip to visit grandma and grandpa which I couldn’t go on because we had holiday lessons. Jake couldn’t stop raving about some girl named Robin who lived next door to our grandparents. Mom went on about the mall and dad just sat watching his family and smiling.


But like every family we have our disagreements.




“So Becca. I heard you didn’t go to school all week. That you and Freddy just shacked up here.”


Mom and dad had gone to pack so he took that as a cue to start ragging on me.


“Don’t start with me Jake. Just ‘cause you banged some girl named after a bird doesn’t make you a man .”


He stood up suddenly.


“I didn’t bang her! We made love. There’s a difference. Not that you would know little miss virgin.”


Then the yelling started. We screamed at each other until dad came down and sent us both to bed.


I moped on my bed about how my kid brother had lost his virginity before me. I was about to text Linda when it came flooding back. A new batch of tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.


I cried myself to sleep.
























Chapter 5

I was coming home from school. The front door was ajar. Which was odd because no one should be home yet. I opened it wider and walked in. There were muddy prints on the floor leading upstairs. Logic told me to run and call the cops but I felt propelled by an unknown force up those stairs.


The prints led into my room. I pushed the door and there on my bed was a masked figure staring at me. I don’t know how but I knew it was Timmy. He had come for me.

The figure leap with inhuman speed at me .


That’s when I woke up.


It was a dream. Just a crazy dream.


It had felt so real though. Like I really had been about die at the hands of my best friend’s killer boyfriend. I checked the time on my phone. 04:45. Time to get ready for school.



I walked through the double doors of the school building into the hustle and bustle of a Monday morning. There where kids everywhere. I pushed through the mob to get through to my locker. I got it open and pulled out the books I needed for the first four periods. Chemistry then biology. I was still contemplating how I would survive walking past my and Linda’s spots knowing I would never hang out there with her when I felt strong muscular arms wrap around my waist.


“Good morning my dancing queen.”


I turned to face Freddy. I was level with his chest so I rested my head against it and wrapped my arms around his torso.


“no it’s not!”


He held me with one arm and stroked my head with the other


“I know babe. But you have to be strong? If you’re cracking this early what happens when people start asking you questions about where Linda is?”


I sobbed. He was right. I had to be strong. Or else Timmy would come after me next.

Like in my dream.


Freddy walked me to my class for study. I sat where I usually sat in class with Linda but instead there was empty seat besides me. For the next hour I sat just staring at my books as if I was reading. But heaven knows I was in no condition to concentrate on anything at that point.


I was scared. What if Timmy suspected that I knew something? Was I a good enough actress to convince him and everybody else that I knew nothing of Linda’s disappearance?


I guess I would have to wait and see.




After tea break I was headed to my Religious Education class early because I hadn’t been able to eat anything. Freddy had given up trying to force feed me a steak and kidney pie he had bought at the school tuck shop.


I sat way at the back, instead of where I usually sat up in front with Linda.

The class slowly filled up as other students arrived. There were students from three different classes. That’s how we attended the optional subjects. A mix up from the four triple science classes.


Blending in was easy when everybody minded their own business. I should have known that wouldn’t last the whole day.


When the teacher came in she must have noticed my absence from my usual seat because fifteen minutes into the lesson she saw me and looked taken aback.


“Rebecca? I thought you weren’t in. Where’s Linda?”


I froze. I hadn’t expected questions so early. But thanks to Freddy I already had an answer to that question.


“I don’t know ma’am. I haven’t talked to her since Saturday.”


She shrugged and continued with the lesson. I breathed a huge sigh.

I was safe. For now.


At the end of the lesson I was walking out of the class when I ran smack into Timmy.

He held me steady by the shoulders.


“Whoa! Slow down there pretty lady. What’s the rush?”


I felt myself suffocate. His hands were far from my throat but clearly my self defence system didn’t know that. I jerked back from his grip and took a step back.


He narrowed his eyes at me. Crap. I was giving myself up. I laughed nervously.


“ You know Linda is very jealous. What if she sees you touching me and loses it?”


I saw the look on his face change from suspicious to relaxed as he fell for it.


“Where is she anyway? I haven’t seen her all day.”


I heard Freddy’s voice in my head telling me to play dumb. I complied.


“I have no idea. I thought you’d know. I last saw her at your party when you two left me at the door.”


He sunk further into my web of lies.


“She left early. She got mad ‘cause she saw me dancing with some girl and stormed out of there like a bat out of hell. Didn’t she call you?”


Uh-oh. Obviously she would have called me. I’m her best friend. I had to get away from him before he caught up with my lies.


“No. But I figured she was too wasted to call and would sleep over with you so I left without her. I have to go now or I’ll be late.”

I didn’t even wait for a response. I got out of there like the devil himself was after me.

I couldn’t wait till after school where I would be away from all this.











Chapter 6


When I got home I deposited my bag on the couch and sank down next to it. Everything was so messed up. My best friend was dead. I was lying all over the place. How had all this happened? Why did Timmy kill Linda? I thought he loved her. They had always seemed so happy.


The phone rang, startling me out of my thoughtful daze.




“Becca? This is Linda’s mom. Is Linda at you house? She hasn’t been home since Friday and she didn’t come home when she was supposed to yesterday.”


Oh no. Linda’s parents. I’d forgotten about them. What was I supposed to say?


“errr…No Mrs Evans. I haven’t seen her since Saturday.”


There was a pause.


“You haven’t heard from her at all? We’re getting really worried.”


I was getting sick of lying but what choice did I have?


“No. I’ve been worried about her too. We never go this long without talking.”


“Thanks anyway Becca. I really hope she’s okay.”


I hung up.


This was getting tedious. How long before these lies caught up with me?

What choice did I have? Well I could get that bastard behind bars and he would never hurt another girl again. Best of all he’d never hurt me.



I woke up the next morning in a cold sweat. I had been having the footprint dream again. But this time the intruder hadn’t been masked. I could clearly see Timmy’s face glaring at me with snake like eyes. I had never before in my life had a recurring dream.

I was now scared out of my mind? Was this some kind of warning? My mom had always said that God sometimes comes to people in their dreams to warn them.


I crawled out of bed and got ready for school. All this stress was starting to get to me.

I had bags under my eyes and my eyes were starting to look bloodshot. If I wasn’t careful I’d start looking twice my age. I tried to cover up with powder but make up was not my thing so I took it off.


On my way to school I thought about how I planned on getting Timmy to pay for his crimes. I had no clue how I would get evidence damning enough to get the police to take me seriously. The Murphy’s were not people you challenged easily in this town. They created employment for almost forty percent of the community so my case had to be pretty damn waterproof.


Walking down the hallway I sensed a shift in the atmosphere around me. People had begun to notice Linda’s absence. I caught more than three groups watching me out the corners of their eyes as I walked to my locker. I sensed the vultures circling. They would be coming for me pretty soon.


It took me a relatively long time to open my locker because I was nervous. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ginga (That’s how she insisted it was spelt even though last year someone had posted a copy of her school details and it was spelt Ginger) the school gossip making a beeline for me. I had already resigned myself to her probing when Freddy folded his arms around me to shield me from the scrutiny of the prying eyes.


He helped me carry my books to my class and made a point of waiting for me outside after every lesson. We didn’t say anything about it, but we both knew he was making sure none of those scab pickers got me alone.


After school he walked me home which he almost never did because right about then he and Timmy would be hanging out. I gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek outside the gate because I knew my mom would be watching. She was somewhat okay with Freddy and he sometimes joined us for dinner but she was still a devout Christian and no child of hers would be doing anything remotely sexual while they still lived under her roof. Yeah right!


I went in to find her sitting in the living room. But to my horror she wasn’t alone. There were two uniform clad police officers and they all seemed to be waiting for me.


“Good afternoon.”


There was a mumbled response and I sat myself down on a single seater away from the police as well as my mom.


My mom told me that the police wanted to ask me a few questions about Linda.


“Becca. May I call you Becca? We are aware that you are Linda Evans‘s best friend and we were hoping you could clarify a few things for us.”

Needless to say I was ready to just run at any moment but I held my ground. I nodded.

They asked me simple things. Like when I had last seen Linda. If she had any reason to run away. Had she been seeing anyone. Was there anyone who would want to hurt her.


I lied through my teeth. The only question I answered honestly was that she was dating Timmy Murphy.


When they were satisfied they left and I went up to my room before my mom started her own interrogation. I didn’t have dinner and my mom must have felt I needed to be alone ‘cause I was left undisturbed. Until I heard a tapping on my bedroom window. When I went over to investigate I saw Freddy on a branch that overhung close to my window from the large tree in our yard.


I helped him in and he held me tight.


“I saw the police car across the street after I dropped you off. What happened? ”


I told him everything. He sighed.


“I‘m glad you didn’t implicate Timmy. He’s dangerous boo. And I can’t lose you.”


“You won‘t babe. I promise.”


He cupped my face and kissed me deep and rough. I kissed him back with the intense passion that coursed through my body. We got lost in our desire and it felt as if the world had melted away. The way it felt when we danced. He scooped me into his arms and carried me to my bed.


He lay me down gently and climbed on top of me. I unbuttoned my flannel pyjama shirt as he pulled his OVO tee shirt off. He cupped my boob through my bra as he kissed me. He sat up and shimmied down to the foot of my bed. He pulled my pyjama bottoms off and then my panties.


I should have felt naked and exposed but with Freddy it just felt right. I helped him undo his belt buckle and zipper. He kicked off his jeans and briefs and lay back on top of me. At this point I was ready to explode with desire. He paused to pull a condom out of his jean pocket and ripped the foil with his teeth. He looked at me with a deep intense longing.


“Babe. Are you sure about this? I really want this to be special. ”


I nodded.


“I’m sure. I’m ready.”

He kissed me one last time and then rolled the rubber on. He came back down and kissed me. I felt him nudge gently at my entrance. Then he applied more pressure and I felt a sharp pain. I closed my eyes and dug my nails into his back. He stopped to make sure I was okay but I told him to keep going.


He pushed in deeper and the sharp pain returned but I stuck it out. He stopped when he was all the way in me. It felt so surreal. I couldn’t believe I had actually done it.


We made love twice that night. He fell asleep in my bed. I stared at him and made a wish on my stars that I would never lose him. I fell asleep staring at him. I woke up before him just two hours before I had to wake up for school. I woke him up and he got dressed. He kissed me one last time before he climbed out my window.


After he left I couldn’t go back to sleep. I just smiled like an idiot. I was so happy. I only wished Linda were here to share this moment. By now I would be on the phone with her telling her every juicy titbit.


I fell asleep thinking about Freddy and Linda.















Chapter 7


I woke up an hour later and prepped for school in a chipper mood. I was sweet to everybody and Jake looked at me like he suspected something. But I couldn’t care less. Nothing was going to ruin my mood.


I was still seated at the table when my phone chimed. I checked and it was the reminder for Linda’s birthday. I felt my stomach drop and I dropped my phone on the table.

Today was Linda’s birthday and I had forgotten. I felt a tear drop down my cheek.


So much had happened that I had lost track of the days going buy. I sobbed quietly but no one noticed. They were too busy getting ready to leave. I wiped away my tears and packed up my bags.


This was a reminder that I needed to avenge her.


My ride to school was hell. Every student on that bus was staring at me. And one kid even came up to me and asked if Linda had run away with some rich older man and I was covering for her. I wished Freddy was there to protect me like he had the day before.


I couldn’t wait to get to school so I could see my bae. He always knew what to say to make it all better.


I waited by my locker for a long while before I gave up and headed for class without him. I figured I would see him sometime today. I really hoped I would survive until that time came.



When the end of the school day rolled around and I still hadn’t seen him I felt like crying. Why was he doing this to me? After what happened between us last night why wasn’t he here for me?


I decided I would go to his place to see what might be happening with him.

When I got there his whole family was there but he wasn’t. His oldest sister suggested I wait for him. I sat down and chit chatted with her about random things. I had been there nearly 15 minutes when there was a stern knock at the door.


Two cops, the same who had been at my house the day before, came in. They said they had news that the family needed to sit down for. I didn’t think much of it. The woman must have recognised me because she said that it was private news.


“No. She’s okay. She is family. ”


That made me feel all warm inside.


“Well. Two young boys were playing in a ditch not far from this street when they came across the body of a teenaged boy. We believe it to be the body of your son Freddy. But you are required by law to identify the body. ”


There was a stunned silence followed by a crash as Freddy’s mom collapsed. Dropping the tea she had been bringing for us.


My head spun.




I screamed and covered my ears. I rocked back and forth screaming over and over until everything went black.

















Chapter 8


I woke up to a strange beeping sound. I opened my eyes and all I saw was a bright white light searing into my eyes. I groaned and closed my eyes again. I heard a voice calling my name. I opened my eyes and took a look around. I was in a hospital surrounded by Freddy’s family.


“ Are you okay? ”


That’s when everything came flooding back. I sat bolt upright.


“Where’s Freddy? Where is my Freddy?! ”


“You’ve been out for a while. Mom and Dad went with the police to identify the body while we brought you here. Becca. It was Freddy. ”


I was stunned. I felt dizzy so I lay back down.


“I can’t believe it. What happened?”


Freddy’s only brother Chad told me everything. How the police had found Freddy after some kids called 999 to report a body. They said it looked as if he had been mugged and stabbed. He had been on his way home when the attackers jumped him.


I felt sick. I shouldn’t have let him leave while it was still dark out. He wouldn’t have been killed.


“The police think it was a robbery gone wrong. ”


That’s when I snapped. The cops were wrong. I knew exactly who had done this to my boyfriend and they would pay.


Timmy was going to pay for killing the love of my life.



First thing I did when I got out of the hospital was call the police. I asked if I one of the officers could meet me at home because I had information about their case. They tried to get me to reveal my information over the phone but I refused. I insisted that if they had any hope of finding out the truth then they better do as I said.


Next I called Timmy. His phone went to voicemail so I left a message.


“I know everything. I saw you kill Linda and I know you killed Freddy. Meet me at my house at six or I’m going to the police.”


I headed home . It was 16:45 and I had to get home so I could set up surveillance before Timmy came.


I arrived at about a minute to five so I had plenty of time to set up. I dug round the storage cupboard and found my mother’s old nanny cam that she used to spy on me and my brother when we were home alone . She thought we didn’t know about it but we knew something was up when out of nowhere there was a ceramic duck on the TV stand when we both knew mom couldn’t stand ceramic ornaments.


I set it up in the corner where I knew it had a complete view of the whole living room. I got Jake’s AV Club tape recorders and set them up all around the room. I took one last look around the room to make sure everything was well concealed. I set the spy cam and tape recorders to record and I waited.
















Chapter 9


18:15 and nothing. I decided that he needed a little bit more motivation. I went upstairs to my room to get my phone. I was about to hit the dial button when I heard the front door slam shut.


I dropped my phone and tentatively crept downstairs. When I got to the landing of the stairs I felt my stomach drop. There on the floor leading in from outside through the front door were muddy boot prints.


I realised right then the danger I was in. I turned and run up the stairs. I was about to reach the top when and arm grabbed me suddenly by the throat. I felt myself dragged downstairs by strong arms. I scratched at the large hairy arms but that had virtually no effect.


Just like in my dream Timmy had come for me. And he was going to kill me. At the bottom of the stairs I was thrown like a doll to the ground. I gasped for air and scampered away from my assailant.


I looked up into the face of my attacker and I felt like reason had ceased to exist. All the things I thought I knew stopped making sense.


The face I was looking into wasn’t Timmy’s. It was Edward Murphy’s. Timmy’s father.


“You’ve got guts little girl. No one I know would dare oppose my Timmy like you did.”


He stalked around me and pulled a gun out of his back pocket.


“But Mr Murphy…How? why? ”


He cackled.


“My dear child. You think Timothy would have the balls to kill his so called best friend? No, no dear girl. He however did kill that girl. What’s her name Lisa? Linda? When I heard about that naturally I thought about how that would affect my reputation. It would destroy me if word got out.”


He walked around me to the couch and perched on the armrest. He swung his gun around to give me indication that I wasn’t going anywhere. I huddled against the seat of the couch on the carpet. My only solace was that even if I ended up dead the police would find the evidence that put this monster behind bars.

He continued.


“So I got rid of the little tramp’s body myself.”


He chuckled.


“Now imagine my horror when I find out his little friend knew about it. I knew a goody two shoes like him would soon start suffering from Guilty Conscience Syndrome. I decided that I needed to clean up that little mess too. So I followed the kid from school. Even when he snuck in here I was watching him. I thought my plan might be a bust when daylight seemed to creep ever closer.”


He sighed and shook his head. Then he chuckled again.


“After I staged that robbery I thought that this was all over. But clearly I was a living example of Murphy’s Law. ”


“ Everything that can go wrong, will.”


He laughed.


“ So you’re familiar with it? That’s actually where you come in. If I hadn’t taken away Timmy’s cell phone I never would have heard that message and that idiot I call a son would be here getting himself in more trouble. So I came to see you myself.”


Just then he seemed to notice his muddy boots.


“Just a precaution. I went around the house to check for any nasty surprises. But thank goodness you are smarter than that. ”


He checked his watch.


“Wow! Would you look at the time? I’ve been rambling. I should really get this done. It’s getting late.”


I heard a click as he cocked the gun. I closed my eyes and said a last prayer to The Virgin to watch over me.


“Say goodbye little girl.”





Chapter 10


This was it. Goodbye cruel world. But wait. I heard a car door slam shut outside. My heart skipped a beat. I remembered that the police had been a part of the plan. Dang! I’m a genius.


My captor swore. He rushed over and grabbed my arm. He forced me up and dragged me into the dark kitchen pantry. He closed the door and deposited me roughly of the floor.


I could have screamed but I knew, even in the dark, that the gun was trained on me.


“Hello. Rebecca! Are you in here?”


I heard footsteps in the kitchen. They stopped outside the pantry door. That’s when I remembered the muddy boots. Apparently so did my assailant cause he hissed and I felt the cold metallic barrel of the gun rest against my temple.


The pantry door was suddenly ripped open and a police officer stood with a gun pointed in.


“Drop the gun and kick it to me or I’ll plaster her brains all over the wall.”


The officer did as he was told and stepped backwards.


“Let’s not do anything crazy Mr Murphy. You’re a very respected gentleman. I’m not sure of the whole story but I’m sure with a good lawyer and a plea bargain…”


Timmy’s dad laughed. A hysterical maniacal laugh.


“I’m not going to jail. I’ll just kill you, then her and nobody will know it was me.”


He motioned with the gun for me to get out. He stepped out behind me and shoved me so I stood next to the cop.


“Kneel. On the floor now. And put your hands behind your heads.”


We did what he said post haste. He stood with his back to the door leading into the living room


“Who wants to go first?”


He pointed the gun at me. Then at the cop. Then back at me.


He must have settled on me first because I saw him begin to apply pressure on the trigger.

I was saying my last goodbyes for the second time that night when I saw a figure step behind our captor. I heard the click of a gun cocking and so did he. Mr Murphy froze.


“Drop the gun down Murphy. Or I will plug you.”


Mr Murphy dropped the gun.


“Good. Now put your hands behind your head.”


He complied without a second’s thought. The cop who knelt next to me got up and went to handcuff Timmy’s father. He read him his rights and I nearly passed out again from relief.


It was over. It was all over.















Chapter 11


The female officer who had rescued us led him to the squad car waiting outside.


“I thought everybody knew that cops are like shoes. They always come in pairs.”


Her partner stayed behind with me and asked if I was okay. I told him I would survive, then I told him everything I knew and I showed him the tapes and footage.


He assured me that Mr Murphy as well as Timmy would pay for their crimes. After he offered to call my parents but I told him they would be home in an hour or so and my brother was at a friend’s house studying. I assured him that all I need was company until they came home.


While he secured the house I offered thanks up to The Virgin Mother.


“This is for you Linda. And you too babe, keep on dancing Freddy .”



Tears streamed unchecked down my face as I watched them lower Freddy into the cold wet ground. I watched as the love of my life was laid into his final resting place.

I threw a single red rose in his grave.


“You told me you didn’t want to lose me, and now I’ve lost you.”


I thought of the day we met in the hall in junior high. The way his hand lingered on mine when we shook hands. He had liked me from the start but I thought he was a dweeb for three months before he began to grow on me.

He used to hang around me and Linda against our will but he was too hell bent on winning my heart.


Once he waited outside my class ten minutes before the end of the lesson watching me through the window the entire time.

“I hope you’re proud of me Freddy.”


They never found Linda’s body. But we created a memorial shrine for her next to Freddy.


I don’t know how I’ll survive without the two most important people in my life. But I was not going to let Timmy and his dad win. I would fight them tooth and nail until they paid for what they did.



********************** THE END **********************



Isabella Magibisela is a teenaged girl from Mahalapye, Botswana.

She has been writing stories for as long as she can remember but this is her first published work.


Find her on:

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All Rebecca Kyle wanted was to go to a party with her best friend and boyfriend and have some fun. But that one night changed everything and put her life in more danger she could have ever imagined. But Rebecca is not the type of girl who goes down without a fight.

  • Author: Isabella Magibisela
  • Published: 2016-04-03 12:05:09
  • Words: 8165
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