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To all writers who dream of becoming a published author someday.


It’s someday.


So you want to be a writer?


Have you claimed that title yet?



If you’re anything like I was as a newbie writer, then you probably at least one or two reasons for writing. The creativity in you won’t let you not write. Your therapy awaits plotting itself onto the pages of your life. Whether you write poems, songs, short stories, novels, fiction, or non-fiction, the writer within needs to let the story out. Learning how to write right is the biggest obstacle. English 101 doesn’t cut it anymore. Obtaining a masters degree or doctorate doesn’t make you a writer either.


What is your dream?


A New York Times bestseller?




Does the life of a hermit suit you better?


The later—I think not.


If you downloaded this book, this tells me you desire more.


That’s a good thing.



Desire + Persistence + Sweat Equity =


Key Elements



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Focus Your Writing

"Never give up!" is a quote from Winston Churchhill when he was invited to speak at an Ivy League University. That was actually his entire speech. Short, sweet, and to the point. "Never give up!" Nothing else needed to be said. Why go on and on with some laborious attributes to smother the poor souls in the molasses of want-to-be dreams yet to come true? Focus, Daniel San. This book will help you find your path for writing and most likely many other endeavors. This little book is a quick read, easy to digest, and yes, very spiritual in nature. Consider yourself warned. You will quite possibly discover a winning formula which will kick you in the butt and knock you out of that writer's block, couch potato syndrome. You've been wallowing around on those thunder thighs too long, baby. It's time to get out and walk. Think outside the box. Do something. For gosh sakes, at least write something besides texts and emails all day. And stop eating those crappy snack foods. Oh yeah, I can see you. This book will help you move it along better than a laxative or any colon cleansing mega drink. This is a deep soul-search, a scrubby bubble bonanza. Trust me. You'll love it. Really. And when you finally get that best seller on paper, don't forget the little people. But don't quit your day job just yet either.

  • Author: Londa Hayden
  • Published: 2015-10-12 23:50:07
  • Words: 1873
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