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Flesh Radio: An Essay





Edward E. Rochon




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Flesh Radio: An Essay

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1: Possible Factors

Chapter 2: What to Do

Chapter 3: SURTI

About the Author


Does or even can the human body use EMF across non-contiguous boundaries in regulating known biological functions? We have established electro-chemical transmission of bodily information through the neural system. We know of hormonal and other protein chemical structures used to regulate bodily functions by passing signals and binding in the process according to the case. We have established that a number of cellular functions do not require control by the brain or central nervous system. These include the digestive cells of the stomach that supply acid and enzymes according to direct stimulus from the environment. However, these can be modified, constructively or destructively, by messages from the nervous system. We also note that all cells and proteins are not contiguous with other cells. Blood cells, proteins of various sorts flow in liquid mediums of inert matter through the blood and lymphatic system and related areas of cellular generation. These cells and proteins also make mechanical decisions based on direct environmental stimulation without need for control from the nervous system. Indeed, how could they, being non-contiguous to the neural network? Well, by picking up magnetic flux emitted by the nervous system and perhaps various cells and organs?

Would it not help the body in all of its complexity to have an organizing force at work in the sense of harmonizing and informing free cells and proteins of the overall state of the organism, while still allowing these free bodies to perform their biological functions? And this information passed at the speed of light would be immediate. And if this is happening, what happens when the system malfunctions? If we learn to pick up the signals and analyze them, this could be the greatest breakthrough since the development of EEG and EKG and quite possibly of greater value. This is the substance of the essay.

Any medical knowledge is potentially dangerous as a weapon for NBC warfare. So I have listed this under military science first, medical second. It is easier to disrupt and destroy, to smash a radio than to build one. A suggestion as to how a weapon might look and work is included. I might add that conspiracy theory already has weapons of this general type, magnetic sequences through power lines to screw up people. Personally, I am convinced magnetic fields have potentially negative effects on organisms that are generally dismissed as the evidence is not as firm as that between microwave and radioactive cellular disruption.

Some research has already been done and proffered support to the theory proposed here by dedicated scientists in various fields. We merely suggest a more universal utilization than proposed heretofore, that does not delve into the paranormal and fringe science. We should not be surprized that evidence has not come easily to support this matter. Until the nineteenth century, only magnetism and gravitation were known to be invisible projecting forces across space, and in a mysterious manner. We also note that birds seem to pick up magnetic flux for navigation.

I have added a supplemental chapter on using sound to get detailed images of the brain without dyes, radioactive doping or strong EMF forces. I call this SURTI (Sound Ultrasound Receiver Transmission Imaging.) My investigations of physics always look for ways to advance any software, equipment and database that has the ability to analyze and interpret the interactions, beat frequencies, changing parameters affected by radiation striking objects. These require extremely sensitive receiving equipment more than powerful transmitters. Although, highly precise control of the transmissions are also of great importance Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: Possible Factors

SUPPOSITION EMF: All electrical activity produces magnetic fields that expand and contract throughout the adjacent space. This must apply to electro-chemical neural activity. The charges are small but the receptors are also small and nearby. The blood and lymphatic systems interweave with the nervous system and could also pick up generalized transmission from organs operating in harmonic unison, producing a characteristic symphony of EMF. Single cells may also emit readable information, creating interaction between the cells and free cells by a means other than direct chemical interaction.

COLLORARY SURMISE: Presently unknown to us, radio transmission within the flesh is a medium for information to the extent suggested in this essay. This would be in the form of a dot-dash-dot-dash form that may also react to increased volume of the signal. Each time a charge jumps from one nerve cell, a magnetic pulse expands and contracts. We suppose a similarity in the pulse nature from source to brain or intermediate area, or the signal would distort. (It would be possible for symmetric, systematic distortion [or transformation] to occur, providing the brain knew the relationship between the source signal and the terminal signal as when the distortion or transformation occurs systematically.) When flesh is in pain due to trauma, a different set of Morse code is detected and marshals an appropriate response in free floating cells.

COLLORARY SURMISE 2: Human bodies in close contact may also pick up signals from the contiguous body, as in the case of sexual activity, for example. This could affect human interaction. If the human body were more sensitive than our mechanical receivers by an exponential degree, we would have a more complex interaction in social settings. These might be helpful (or to be sure destructive when used for that purpose) in understanding social dynamics and how human health is affected by these dynamics.

SUPPOSITION IF: IF is EMF that passes through the body. It may have characteristics that could be analyzed by cells and organs in the body. At any rate, it is quite reasonable to assume that temperature influences bodily function.

COLLORARY SURMISE: We have a theory that fever in the body has the function of killing off destructive pathogens. We note another observation. Hot baths tend to ameliorate joint pain in many cases. Joint pain must surely indicate inflammation that indicates increased immune activity in that region. Artificial heat emulates fever to some extent. In water, the sweat glands lose some functionality. Might not the immune system go dormant to allow heat to have its effect on pathogens? Moreover, people with fevers do not typically eat much. The immune system requires increased protein and nutrients to work effectively in high performance mode. This would be another reason for the immune system to diminish its activity in the presence of heat. IF energy as a form of EMF has radio transmission attributes. When the immune system slows down in a hot bath, its inflammatory markers and associated free radicals, swelling, should decrease. So painful joints get temporary relief from hot baths or heat producing salves. This would be in addition to the general response of relieving muscle cramping and tension in an area of known trauma. The body does this, as well, to protect sore spots and broken bones. So this might blind us from the immune response suggested here.

SUPPOSITION THERAPY: Normal neural activity could be distinguished from pain and stressor situations by magnetic radio reception. Healthy immune responses would be compared to aberrant responses. This opens the possibility of medical intervention after the fashion of a cardiac pacemaker but at a much greater level of complexity. A transmission platform would surround a patient to effect this cure. Immune system disease, in particular, may have signature magnetic emissions that could be rectified by using magnetic radio to influence the behavior of white blood cells, antibodies and related generation sights to interdict the problem. By a therapy of correction such as is common in osteopathy, cardiology and other areas, the body might be coaxed into correcting its poor magnetic radio interaction between the immune system, free floating cells and the various organisms. Whole organs might be fine tuned to work normally by this method when malfunctioning.

COLLORARY SURMISE: We can build sensitive receivers and magnetic radios to effect these cures. Weapons could also be developed that might unknowingly disrupt the human or animal organism. This is briefly discussed in the next chapter. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 2: What to Do

Being easier to destroy than to heal, we might consider a weapon as a prototype. First, we consider whether a carrier frequency could interact with the organism. The EMF of the body is essentially magnetic at relatively low frequency of flux to the extent that applies. A standard radio carries its message on a carrier frequency. This would be the easiest way to send magnetic fluctuation to the cells of the body, but the carrier frequency may disrupt or nullify any therapeutic results. This would not be how immune cells sense the electrical fields sent out by neural pathways most likely. This may be good news to those horrified at the prospect of unseen radio transmissions screwing up their innards at frequencies too low to detect through the usual harmful effects of microwave, light and higher frequencies. Pulsating magnetic fields attenuate quickly. There would be the problem of protecting the sender, as magnetic waves do not tend to focus well the way microwave and other high frequencies do. Even pointing antennas of radio frequencies to achieve lobes is less problematic than focusing magnetic beams. Weapons would require considerable effective range.

Large electrical currents would be required to produce long range magnetic signatures. Magnetic flux produces a great deal of heat. Superconductors could help solve this problem. Work on fusion technology would be helpful here. A weapon could have the magnetic or magnet group pointing at a pole in the direction of dissemination or at right angle to it. Perhaps a pole would be easier to focus. At any rate, the field loops back in the direction of the operator, if carrier frequencies are not being used. The weapons crew would need shielding. This would be accomplished by using the fluctuating field to produce back voltage behind the direction of transmission in such a way as to effectively wipe out the disruptive magnetic sequence. Moving fields cut across static wires. To aid this, these wires could also move to maximize back voltage. Capacitors and resistance would be used to produce a relatively flat magnetic signature that would nullify the dangerous signature on the emitter side of the weapon. Interacting magnetic and electrical fields can reinforce, attenuate or change a characteristic pattern of fields. As long as the fields were sufficiently detoxified in this way, the weapons crew would face only the usual problems of being around intense magnetic fields, and these are minimal in the short term, and problematic as to effect in the long term.

Checking in with the Internet, the supposition that cells and organisms use radio waves to communicate is not news and evidence has been offered that single celled animals use radio waves. There are also studies that magnetic fields can have beneficial or destructive effects on the immune system. The use of magnets to cure ailments along with crystals and other objects has a long history. Experiments purport to show that magnetic fields or radio waves can inhibit or aid healing. So there is nothing new here with the premise of an interaction. The conspiracy theories state that Big Brother is already maiming or killing its enemies surreptitiously.

Be that as it may, I am not sure the basic premise of this essay has been made. I am suggesting a clearly defined language of communication between immune system cells and parts of the bodies needing maintenance. I am suggesting all free floating cells use magnetic flux to receive and/or send information to the entire organism. I believe this is largely magnetic not radio transmission in the usual sense of a carrier frequency whether AM or FM. Since all cellular activity produces electric and magnetic signatures, we need not concern ourselves with theories about radio wave transmission using carrier frequencies such as AM or FM. However, as stated above, conceivably carrier frequency could serve the same purpose as magnetic flux. I doubt it. Reception of EMF across free space generally requires antenna networks too abstruse and unwieldy for the body. This is reserved for complex organisms such as the eye. Chlorophyll and chemical reaction interact with EMF, but there is no general suggestion that any communication is in process other than intensity and direction of the radiation (flowers following the sun.) What would the sun have to say to algae in the first place? Well, you can get animistic and pantheistic, I suppose.

So maybe something new is suggested here in the whole area of magnetic and EMF interactions with biological organisms. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 3: SURTI

Dr. Daniel Amen has developed a theory and method of studying psychiatric disorders through SPECT scan imaging that detects blood flow throughout the brain. This has the ring of truth about it but dangerous as dyes and radiation hurt the kidneys and cannot be conducive to good health in general, no matter what the dose. The mainstream psychiatric community considers Amen to be a quack. This may be true in general, but since it is clear the mainstream psychiatric community is a community of quacks, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Psychiatry has tried to make itself respectable by its use of drugs to deal with psychic disorders. Feelings, undefinable states such as esthetics, justice, happiness, religion, philosophy of life, the complexity of social interactions dependent upon indefinable states, even overall health, are not readily quantified.

What has the ring of truth about it is usually true. The argument that psychiatric diagnosis does not specifically inspect the main relevant physical organ that can be quantified by medicine for much of its quack diagnoses and remedies is largely on target. We need to get rid of the dyes and radioactive materials.

I suggest sound detection supplemented with low levels of ultrasound as required. Amen specifically looks at blood flow that relates to the activity of the brain. The brain needs oxygen and fuel to operate. This requires blood flow. The dyes travel throughout the arteries and vessels and emit an image on detectors. An impaired part of the brain may have obstructed blood flow. An overactive part of the brain will require more oxygen and fuel, requiring more blood flow.

The human ear can detect direction and presence of objects indistinctly. Most sound waves have long wavelengths. You need short wavelengths to detect detailed imaging of objects. Light has very short wavelengths and can give very detailed images of things. Deaf people can attune their ears to detect echos and changes in sound to detect objects to an extent not necessary for sighted people. Bats are able to emit high frequency sound to detect smaller objects and larger objects in greater detail. Ultrasound still tends to a larger wavelength than light and is usually of one frequency. The human eye detects many frequencies. Color blind people can detect changes in intensity that relate to surface color. Ultrasound is not the norm in nature and can be dangerous to human health to some extent. It is used to disinfect objects along with microwaves. Microbes are similar to human cells.

First, the brain makes noise because motion makes noise. The brain has arteries that pump, vessels with blood flow, passage of body and external sounds through the brain. We note that things that operate on a regular pattern have characteristic sound emissions. We note external sounds can be cloaked out, and body sounds discriminated from brain functions as being body sound by direction, emission patterns. We also note that waves have beat patterns that produce characteristic higher and lower frequencies. These are lower energy but potentially detectable. The beat characteristics must be indicative of beat frequency characteristics. Ultrasound could be used as beat reference points. Ultrasound can also emit at multiple wavelengths to give a clearer image, providing the increased complexity of mixed frequency emissions do not confuse the detecting machine and software. And, to be sure, not damage the brain.

So we have a brain artery that emits sound. A defective artery should emit different characteristic sounds. The artery is struck by other brain sounds and potentially by ultrasound from the machine. All of this applies to the form and gushing sounds of blood vessels. Would ultrasound influence brain activity, distorting the desired controlled information? That should be studied and data used to correct and eliminate this from diagnoses. By building up a detailed gestalt database of the characteristic patterns of emissions produced in and from the brain under gestalt stimulation of the brain conditions, it might be possible to get very accurate diagnoses with a high probability of precision.

By using and comparing mixed sounds, beat sounds, known echo characteristics of sounds against brain tissue and the skull, a complex computer program monitored by experienced technicians removes the need for radiation and dyes, and magnetic radiation of MRI’s as well, we suppose.

Now this would be quite a machine and so expensive. Expensive means high price and this is what industry likes, if price can be converted into sales. The people want healthy diagnoses. The doctors and technicians charge for these healthy diagnoses. If the sound machine is safer, more accurate, less likely to distort brain behavior by its presence, we have medical paradise in sight. Sound is natural to the body. Most nearby EMF in nature cancels out, that from the Sun a major exception, and lightning too. Sounds are generally detected at close range and from a distance by humans. High intensity sound is destructive to the ear, in particular. Ultrasound is more artificial and more dangerous potentially, but low levels of transmission attenuates or eliminates that. The SURTI or whatever it would be called is definitely something to look into. And we already have the rudimentary ultrasound scans for pregnancy and other matters. We simply wish to create a super machine to deal with the brain and other organs as well. Back to Table of Content



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About the Author

My current biography and contact links are posted at Shakespir.com/profile/view/EdRochon. My writings include essays, poetry and dramatic work. Though I write poetry, my main interest is essays about the panoply of human experience and knowledge. This includes philosophy, science and the liberal arts. Comments, reviews and critiques of my work are welcome. Thank you for reading my book.

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Flesh Radio: An Essay

A preface notes the scope of the essay. Chapter 1 has three suppositions and some corollary surmises for them. The first supposition notes how the lymphatic and blood circulatory system interweave about the nervous system. A surmise that short range magnetic flux communication takes place in a Morse code fashion put forth. A second surmise suggests close contact between human beings may pass magnetic flux information between their bodies, sexual intercourse, for example. A second supposition notes that the body is influenced by the EMF of heat or IF. We surmise that hot baths, in addition to loosening up tight muscles about inflamed tissue, also suppresses immune markers by cutting back on immune system activity. The body kills pathogens by fever, allowing the immune system to reduce its function while the fever does its activity. This would be another reason why hot baths work. They mimic a fever in the body. A third supposition supposes that by reading the magnetic flux communication between the immune system and the body in general, therapeutic magnetic flux could be used to correct problems based upon readings. The surmise is that we can build receivers to detect this and magnetic transmitters to correct malfunctioning organisms by sending correcting information. Chapter 2 discusses how a weapon could be built to use this, it being much easier to disrupt than heal. We note that magnetic fields for therapy is old news, that radio waves in the body is a topic of current research. We also note that conspiracy theories purport that Big Brother is already using devices of this sort to immobilize or kill enemies by neural interference. However, I wonder if my essay that proposes a more or less sophisticated communication between the immune system free cells, other free cells in the body, and the nervous system reacting to stress and disease, might not be offering something new here. Chapter 3 suggests that sound imaging of the brain would be superior to SPECT, MRI if a sufficiently attuned machine were created, and much safer to use frequently. I call this SURTI (Sound Ultrasound Receiver Transmission Imaging.)

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Flesh Radio: An Essay Flesh Radio: An Essay