Five Five Six Main Course

Fix Five Six Main Course

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Jennifer Jasiri Gisselbrecht

“Rise and shine, boss yena!” I heard Stella over joyfully call out from over my rack as my eyes shot open and I hurriedly scanned around the slight greyness of the cloudy sunlit room. At first I damn near had a heart attack because I thought the remnants of the former patients once come to pass here before had been more than angered by the presence of a pretty well armed battalion of bangers from all above and between walks of life, and had now taken the full on opportunity to try and swear vengeance against us, but the only souls fully accounted around me for at the time were still the full bodied living ones of all mine and Stella’s crew just as the very exact way we turned in late last night. I rose wearily to my feet and let out a slightly irritated yawn. “Damn it, Stella. I very much thought you said loud and clear last night that we all need just about as much rest as we could possibly get.” “I did.” She nodded steadily in confirmation. “It’s only now that we’re also a wee bit short of fuel as well.” Her stomach let out a growl, and the highly corrosive acids in my own began to follow suit as well before we all steadily turned to our one and only possibly culprit. “What?” Margaret questioned, puzzled with a shrug of her shoulders. I swear to dear lord Anubis it was not me this time.” There was a rather loud belch to my left and then it was now Jeesica’s turn to look bewildered and somewhat defeated; to which I let out a congenial laugh. “Sorry, ya’ll.” Jessica pardoned, steadily rising to her feet along with her cheetah husband, Jason. “Junior here happened to get more than a little bit hungry. Again.” “Hehe. So I’ve been told.” I observed, sardonically. “How far ahead are ya now?” “Three weeks and twenty seven days now.” She answered, steadily rubbing her stomach. “Feels like damn near forty five years.” Jason chuckled. “Hang in there prissy. You and I are definitely gonna make one fuck of a good young male out of him when the time fully comes.” “Eh, Jenn, Jenn. Don’t at all mean to break up our little second Auntie soon to be moment here,” My brown hyena cousin Hodari Deland cut in. “But, I believe we do have a bit of high roller company vast approaching us from the lot outside.” “WHAT?” I dashed quickly to the right side window of my bunk as quiet and discreetly as I could and took a quick glance outside to indeed see the blue and black squad cars of Anne Arundel PD and the two fennec and European fox suits stepping out of them, shoes clicking ominously across the pavement along with my rapid heartbeat as they pounded hard on the main entrance door. “Police!” The fennec boomed out, gun immediately in hand. “We know ya’ll niggers are in there. Clifford Trahan sends his regards.” Wait just a goddamn minute. No search warrant, No light bars flashing whatsoever on the vehicles, and Deep South accents that sounded highly faker than Nikki Minaj’s tits and ass cheeks? These definitely weren’t at all any one time I’d ever heard of now up to Donna’s utopia like reign of the presidency and fame. These were no doubt fuckin rat bastard, Johnny Rebel’s group of clan shoe shining sellouts.

Five Five Six Main Course

  • ISBN: 9781370497409
  • Author: Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena
  • Published: 2016-09-19 21:20:13
  • Words: 636
Five Five Six Main Course Five Five Six Main Course