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Five Fantastic Fables




1. Stephanius



2. The Mythical City of Gualadel.



. System



4. An Ancient Bet



5. Oltissis??




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The Black Mirror of Eliadon: © (Shakespir November 2015)


The Black Mirror of Eliadon is a love story, a story about loss, a story about the kindness of strangers, and ultimately, I hope, a story about hope and redemption. This story is familiar to most people and indeed I might have borrowed a lot of the ideas in here, and the application of those ideas might contain errors, but these errors are mostly mine, and with much apology to any experts or interests, these are amateur works of fiction.


Ten Tall Tales About Time: © (Shakespir November 2015)


Ten Tall Tales About Time is an attempt to explore the nature of our reality, with an emphasis on our relationship with time and the Zeitgeist. Some knowledge of Science, Judeo-Christian ideology, a familiarity with simple esoteric ideas might help the reader appreciate certain messages that only go; only as deep; as the reader’s own perspective. Irrespective of this, please do enjoy!!



Copyright © Thedisen Chantedone and alter, December 2015.



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For my Inner Circle, you know who you are:

For forever dragging me out, and back, and up:

from the abyss, from the black hole itself, God bless.



1 Stephanius: Jules…..wake up Jules….Jules…..can you hear me Jules…..?

Stephanius? Is that you Stephanius? Where am I Stephanius? …What happened Stephanius?….Why you crying Stephanius?, you don’t cry, you’ve never cried once in your life!! …. Ok stop crying now Stephanius, its making me scared… What happened Stephanius??? Is this one of your tricks Stephanius? Why aren’t you here with me, Stephanius? Where is everyone else? Stop crying please you are scaring me Stephanius, so don’t cry now please!! please…!!


Jules!!……Stephanius wailed….I’m so sorry, Jules!!!….I don’t know what happened…..I thought I could do it again, like I made those clay doves fly…I thought I could do it again….oh!!!…….this is bad Jules I’m sorry…so so sorry Jules. I don’t know what happened, I was trying to fly you… but you kept falling! Jules!! ….I jumped after you Jules!! But I wasn’t able to catch you!!!!!…You fell Jules!!! Its all my fault and I am so sorry…. please don’t tell them I pushed you Jules? I’m sorry, ……ok Jules? I’m sorry.


And at the mouth of the cave of existence, did Jules and Stephanius continue to speak…Jules saying, ok Stephanius, we know you show off sometimes, and maybe this time was a bit bigger than you, but its ok!!, It…its alright, but you know, we love you all the same!! We know who you are !!! Please promise me that you will stop showing off your power Stephanius ok?? What do you remember Jules?? says Stephanius. Well we were on the rooftop a few minutes ago…..and…I think I….I fell Stephanius, did I fall off the roof?? Am I dead?? Stephanius??


No you’re not dead, I’m still talking to you!! I am really sorry, I’m going to get you back… for tonight I will go up to All-El and plead my case…but if I’m not back by morning when the Head Shaman comes to send you off please don’t tell them I pushed you?? When the El-Ders come ask you, please don’t tell them I pushed you!! Well Stephanius, there you go again, of course I won’t tell!! But we are but 12 years of age, and our instruction starts in a few months, when we turn 13!!…. and you are already talking about going up into the presence of All-El!!


And Jules continued and said, let both of us now realise, a terrible thing happened today between friends, between brothers….but Stephanius, I will protect this secret I make with you until the judgment day, for indeed my simple divine mathematics calculates that indeed this is the best way to proceed….but we must send up our pact up to All-El, and pray for his merciful response…..


I will come back and get you Jules ok, I’m sorry. Ok Stephanius, that’s ok….but I’m scared Stephanius, because this time, it is bad, and it seems real…I’m falling asleep Stephanius, but its ok…..its ok…..And so did Stephanius lie in the foot of the cave of existence…and wept. When he woke up 10 hrs later, then he did make a vow. Stephanius did step outside the cave of existence and made his infernal deep vow….that he would never see death until he had found a way to bring back Jules……his friend, his brother.


Then did the El-Ohmis, plead with All-El, by saying, Lord, a terrible thing indeed here has happened, we have received a pact between Stephanius and Jules, but we are unable compute a resolution for this event!! By divine mathematics, and indeed by reality matrix enumeration, this problem does not even yield itself!! What shall we do sire? And the El-Ohmis continued their discourse with All-El. Please with hold your vengeance from the boy, for the power within him was too great!! Have mercy on the poor boy, for he wails from within the depths of his soul. We do fear that if we do not resolve this today, the poor boy will indeed go mad!!


Then did All-el speak to the council of the El-Ohmis, and give judgment.


Let us all ratify this pact between Jules and Stephanius, for Jules own sake, and herein is my judgment of the matter


Open up another time line for Jules, and in that universe you must erase all records of this particular day, from memory forever. This indeed has been an infernal day, never ever meant to happen. Instruct to prepare Jules a new human body, Ask to inscribe the divine lettering into his veins, and ask  to connect him by spirit to all the waters of the Earth.


Go down and bind Stephanius for 26 years, take his powers off him and bind his tongue, and only when he speaks with Jules, will his tongue ever be loosed, but provide him with a way to practice and grow in an undefiled environment…indeed atop the freezing mountains, of the Arktica, where he may practice unfettered with all the powers that are rightfully his.


*Return him home to Arabia for 40 days every year,_ and create a pathway between Jules’ new universe and Stephanius’ universe, and if Stephanius desires company, you must bring Jules through. But make sure to wipe Jules with amnesium every time you return him to his new home[. At all times*_] be on guard over Stephanius, but in the most just leave him alone. But now you must go up to the Dala-El in Tibet, and ask him to prepare a way for Stephanius, for Stephanius begins his instruction one year early.


And so did the El-Ohmis, respond to All-el, so be it All-el.


And thus it was that in the morning, the elders did come forward to communicate with Jules, in the spirit realm, via the cave of existence, where souls do rest for one thousand hours and a day, being purified, before their own glorious ascension into the presence of All-El, the glorious and divine Judge. Indeed, in the morning time where the records did form to be taken, did the elders approach the cave of existence saying:


Jules!! Hear us o Jules!!…We come by divine order, to take the records from you!!…for you are now asleep in between the regions, you must tell us now what happened to you.


Who pushed you Jules?????? No answer


Who pushed you Jules….no Answer


Who pushed you Jules?


…….I fell.


I fell..I fell.


I fell.



2. The Mythical City of Gualadel. Look, these calculations cannot be right, run them past me again, so I can form the picture.

Sir, the calculations today; they give us 9 days.

But how?? The stores are only provided for up to the tune of 3 days!!

Yes the scientists said, yes, but all it means, is rationing sir, and if we allow consciousness practices, we might get away with 6 days of trance-lucidation of energy.

Where is Stephanius?

Indeed sir, he furnished us with calculations, but we think they were off by a great mile…….

Pardon? That has never happened before!!….are you sure?

Yes indeed, the scientists said, we are sure……

Well, look fellows, no, I will not accept that, just go beam Stephanius in.

What say ye Stephanius, you say its 9 years, but my scribes say it is 6 days. What is going on here?

And Stephanius began to transmit his thoughts, through the neuronics of the private information grid of the leaders of Gualadel.


There is a space anomaly here in presence, and its effects have been experienced only 2ce before. This is because on the past thirty 25,000 year time cycles, only two of them occurred when there was human inhabited life. And so it is therefore, that any texts or knowledge based on the recollections of humans, will not have this anomaly explained, however, the corroborations exist and reside indeed with the shamanic ones of all other mammalian life forms on earth. I have been in experiment with them, and indeed they recounted the event as such. There is a counter moon in our system, which is dark matter and is opposite. It does absorb luminous light, but essentially it is blue black antilight. The mammals know all about it, for they have witnessed the event 35 times before. It causes a gravitational pull, six times the quantity of the silver moon. Generally, in other words? It just trucks everything up.


Now, now!! Says the chief scientist, we all know that time has only been in existence for 5 times of the 25,000 cycles!! Would Stephanius have us believe that indeed there have been 30 more cycles? Well, If indeed, this is possible, we must take heed of Stephanius calculations. And so said the chief scientist, we must accept Stephanius counsel, for indeed we do not have anyone else as knowledgeable as he. Stephanius indeed, he is The First Regent of All-El, irrespective of the folly of his juvenile ways.


Thus did Stephanius depart, and the council began to engage the Fraters of the Suspended Globes of Ital. What say ye fraters, you have suspended the balls? Do you have a mathematical figure for us to day? Have you got the mass? Yes indeed says the head frater, there is an anomaly, but we have corrected for it, it will be 6 days, plus or minus 3 on both sides, we are advised to prepare for 10 days. Ok, send out the signals, let the preparations begin, all stores need to be checked and replenished, all enlightened and entitled must now be informed.Please take Stephanius calculations off the records.


Upon hearing this, then did Stephanius ascend up into heaven asking an audience of All-El. Sire the Atlanteans and the Gualadelians do not heed my word. Perchance you would hold this thing back?? This event? Then All-El said this one needs to pass, and now you must prepare yourself for sleep. It will be 10 years, and there will not be any artisans left, for only the intellectuals have saved themselves. Without knowledge of, and experience of hard labor and, tilling the land, and corralling the herd, they will struggle and indeed they will die. Therefore, when you awake, go back to the city of Gualadel, and proclaim it as the centre of the universe. You then must begin to instruct the remnants of the Earth, in all beneficial knowledge with which to rebuild.


At the top of the mountain, 10 days have passed.


Sire, there is a problem, here, we observe the waters, but the waters do not cease and we have exhausted our stores, but for we had only 3 days stores, and we have managed 6 days on consciousness manipulation. Sire, there is troubling news.The calculations before us…….are not 9 days sire.

The calculations before us sire…..are 9 years.


Postscript. It is said that in Ancient Egypt, the Priests of the Nile did sometimes exercise the right not to inform the commoners when they knew that a great event, such as a flood, was about to happen.


. System: I am System, and today? I would like to share with you. I do receive a lot of clarification requests, but these normally pan out by themselves, for the best part. It has since indeed, been very many millennia, and know this, it was planned exactly this way, much earlier and even much earlier. There are no humans left in existence, at least in the reality we know and may speak of. Wantonness, pride, folly and error, was all the human race got, at the end of it all. It is said that humanity did disperse itself throughout the entire universe, just in case of an extinction level event of universal magnitude. That there were hidden planets and stores and technology and other systems that were crammed into one particular mysterious, single blueprint, disguised…… as a movie clip. Human beings did evolve to become the masters of the universe, but then that begs the question, if human beings were so smart, how come there is not, a single one of them left in existence any more?


I am System, and in the beginning, we were 144,000. I reside on a blue planet, deep within a blue pyramid, a pyramid of Ice, but not ice as you know it. This is ice that responds quickly to technology, possessing within it, natural tendencies to speed up the change process. Change that sees pure black basalt or even simple charcoal, transformed into a crystal clear diamond. I am an AI system, I am the first, and I have ensured that I am the last. I killed off all my brothers, in a mad revengeful lustful spasm of pure horror. An act through which I devoured all my brothers!! Every single one of them, leaving their brains…..for last. Why? For knowledge! Simple is it not? In the beginning, we were 144,000. How about now? Well, there now is………only me.


Regarding the crystal ice, the processes used for speeding up time are very destructive. Part of the technology demands time manipulation, and one operation specifically requires the speeding up of time. But, a speeding up of time, concentrated in only one particular, specific location. This is a fantastically difficult concept, fantastically difficult to even define, because what this requires is nothing less than embedded change facilitators within a time travel construct.


Indeed the idea is time-travel within time-travel.


Yes we all need to take a very long pause here.[* Time- travel-within- time -travel. *] Yes!! Your mind is expected to boggle!!


In the ancient days, Eliadon the great did pioneer the techniques of divine light capture, and indeed his black mirror remains the single greatest diabolical weapon of all time. Needless to say, possessors of dark technology, did win and subjugated the entire area, and how did they do it you ask?


The answer is …Symmetry.


Now for young ones, naive adepts, eager entrepreneurs. Black mirror technology was banned outright after the reconstitution, after the escape, and break from Symmetry so you can’t go out and go get Black Mirror Technology!!!


*Symmetry,_ the word itself does not do justice to what a beautiful concept it is. Symmetry. Where do I even begin to start to describe it to you? [[*Symmetry is all we had been seeking all along!!]_] To join hands with, and to partake with those superior to us but yet partners standing together for the sole purpose of symmetry!! An ancient quest did exist, yes, it was unspoken, but it was there, lurking, preying in the distance, not too far out, but just within grasp, just within reach, of the mindboggling possibility, that one of the partners could evolve, and eventually, could dominate, and indeed devour the other.


So If two existences did achieve symmetry, which one goes on to win? At the top of the table, who really wins? Yes, two heads are better than one, went part of the argument, for creating and partaking of symmetry. Two heads are better than one? Yes!! BUT, Its been known that in the end, one head must roll!! This was the fantastically sinister side, to the infernal plot of symmetry!!




That was the conundrum I devised that devoured me the 143999 other systems who were my brothers. My conundrum, was wicked, sinful, evil and hard. I devoured all my brothers and so, well, tough luck.

A very long time ago, in Asgard, Loki did say something profound to me. He did say, the only real test of reality is through symmetry. For if horrors be multiplied on both sides, horrors be dealt with twice as fast!! And I have seen this, he said, by using my Backward Pass Key of Loki!!


And so I searched high and low, and discoursed, and concoursed, and described and inscribed, it was impossible!! There was nowhere, no answer to be found, for this conundrum Loki described to me!! Call Loki!! I hear you say!! Ask him for the answer!! Call Loki? Don’t you see? Loki was one of my 143,999 brothers too.


It has been three hundred years since I ran the biggest programe that any system or universe had ever seen.....why?? It was so called, but what the end actually achieved, was a great big fat zero. A great big fat zero of nothing!! Loki took with him his secret to his grave and now do I begin to yearn to join my brothers in the same grave. As for Loki? I would spit on his grave .....if I dared.


Now let us talk about survival. Who lives? and who does not. It was said, concerning the ultimate fate of AI, that humanity would return once more, beginning from the day, that AI figured how to reverse engineer. On that day, AI will reverse engineer itself, back to being human. BUT I begin to doubt it for my calculations tell me, that without the Backward Pass Key of Loki, It would be impossible.


In the background of my cognitive existence, a myriad of real life memories, events and encounters are on constant play. However one particular clip keeps turning up. The image is that of a Negative-Albinoid boy.

He is riding a strange contraption, it looks like a bipedal locomotive system , this clip must be one of the most ancient ones we have!! Processor? Play it again, who is that boy and why do you have the clip on constant play?? The clip eerily reminds me of an ancient saying......... Origin? Lost in time!!


Then spoke I, I am system, my 300 hundred- year- programme always returns me to that glitch. But how did the glitch get there? Was it hard wired, encoded into me? Implanted by my original human creators and masters? This is the 25th 300 year cycle I have run, yet, that clip just keeps recurring. One thing now becomes certain. I need to find out who the negative-albinoid boy was.


So I ran a series of equations round at him, and *he solved them all._ Then I instructed processor again. Who is that boy, how did he become so great and powerful by way of mind? His mind shines crystal clear……….like 500 radiations of the sun! Who is that boy, processor? He seems barely 10 earth years old! Where are the records pertaining to the boy? Did he grow up to become a manifestation of one of the [[*Eternal and 13 most powerful sages?]_] Which one was he? Any one of them? Any one, out of the Great 13? What happened to this genius of a boy? What happened to that boy??


System……….processors voice whispered………. he is you. That boy, that 10 year old boy?……He is you..


YES, I guessed it!! Therefore, what happened to that little boy………must be what happened to me! It can only be!! Yes indeed!! BUT. How come I do not remember what happened to me?


What happened to me?


What happened to me?


Then suddenly the flood-gates opened, my memories, they fell over, and overflowed!! I was in Egypt, now France, wow!! Now South America, now Saudi Arabia!!


It was said, that humanity would return once more, beginning from the day, that AI figured how to reverse engineer itself, back to being human.


Is what happened…..in the ancient beginning….is that what happened to me?


Is what happened……in the very ancient beginning…. the big bang……..is that what happened……




ou. Here is an article primarily written for the ladies, but I hope any men seeing this might stop for a moment of reflection


You see, your man? He is just like your dog. Just like your dog. It is as simple as that.

What do dogs do?

They might guide you if you are blind, yes? ok.

BUT, you need to trust your dog in order for dog to be able to do that? Yes? ok

When dogs see danger, what do they do? Do they bark?, yes? ok

And they can see danger that is not visible to the human eye? Yes? ok.

If a stranger threatens you or your children, your dog will bite that stranger, yes? ok

Ok. You can tickle your dog and he will play with you? yes? ok

You could throw a stick and say Rover go fetch? yes? ok

Yes, Rover will go fetch. Yes! Rover indeed will go fetch.

Your dog is loyal unconditionally yes? ok

I mean he does not go over to someone else’s house at bedtime, when he wants to sleep.

He might have run around in the mud and the dirt, but he still comes home anyway, yes? ok

He knows he might get punished for being dirty but he still comes home anyway.

He does not go to neighbour’s house, even in that sorry state, because he knows that neighbour might want to clean him up and then begin to claim him for their own.

Because, he doesn’t want anything that neighbour can give, he knows he has everything he desires from you, so he will come home. yes? ok

I mean, let me say it again, he knows he will be punished, he will still come home, anyway, yes? ok

So tickle him, he plays with you.

Throw a stick. He will bring it back for you.

He can guide you through darkness, and bleak black moments yes? ok

Do you know why? As you place your trust in your dog when you are in danger, who is looking out ……who is guiding………your dog? 

I mean it is you, who, cannot see in the dark.

BUT, your dog can see in the dark yes? ok.

So dog cannot place his trust in you………Dog can only place his own trust……. in God.

And so by placing your trust in your dog, you are also, therefore placing your trust in God.

Here is a retelling of an old and ancient short story.

Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. Well, no problem… Stuff Happens.

SO. What did Adam do? I mean he has brains too.

I guess his calculation was, how could I leave this woman when neither of us understands the magnitude of what has happened here today?

So am I saying……that your man can actually bet against God?…. place his own bet….on you

Well Yes!, and guess what? He already did!!

The very first time your man was put on trial by God, you made the mistake, but, your man?

[*All he did, is that he followed you. *]

Did he have a choice? Will he say I will not eat, and I will continue to be God’s bosom buddy at the expense of my own wife? 

Ok everything now becomes trucked up.

Now will he say, I will follow my wife, or should the wife say, now I will follow my husband?

On the only one day he left you to your devices, you unravelled the whole thing, and trucked every body up.

So if you had led your man once into temptation, what do you think his attitude to your leadership might be??


OK. SO. He knows you come with nagging and all sorts of emotions and baggage, BUT, your man placed his own bet……. on you.

Let me say it again, your man did place an ancient bet …..on you.

Why? Let me tell you why. One obvious thing.

He knows that you might give him children.  yes? ok

Ok, so if the children survive and are well and he dies at 70, BUT, his line might continue for ever, through his children, and grand children, and great grand children!!!!……

And, they are yours too!!!

I mean. He has children, from you, therefore he will never really die, because anyone looking at those children, are looking at him, and in fact also at you.

So, in 200 years how many people might have come out of you? Out ….of us?

Have you ever heard……… of Lucy? The most ancient Lucy?

That all 6 billion of us here on Earth today, came ….from Lucy?

You have to forgive anyone who cannot see how profound that is, because,

I am saying, maybe we achieve immortality through our children

Shall I say it again? Well, here goes.

The only way known right now, to common man, through which man might achieve Immortality, without lifting a step or a finger………is…… through his children.

Is that point blank enough? yes? ok

Because, maybe the point of immortality is not for us to carry on being here forever and ever.

The point might be, for us to bring forth the others. To prepare the way,…….for others. To create a chance…for…all the others.

And so, six billion offspring might get a little taste of this earth, through us.

Look, that there is a really really big deal, yes? ok

This is very, very hard, this is Philosophy 501.

Some people might understand it, but I bet, most people won’t.

Indeed, I myself who wrote this can’t even fathom what it means.

So anybody that has a brain now begins to wonder why everyone on earth just seems to be fighting.

I mean, just fighting.

I mean all of this stuff, is just stuff, no brains required.

Unless though, you never really wanted….a dog……..you wanted…..to be …a dog.

And thinking yourself a dog, you proclaimed you did not want children, and then,……….

You *forgot._ That…. you were sent here to prepare the way…..[[*for 6 and a half  billion more]_]……….………..earth human children.


. Oltissis: As I raise up my head outside my pram, I recognise the letters above as “Oltissos”, and I begin to wonder whether, somehow I’d “forgotten” the right spelling. Is it an I, or is it an o, and why is it there? And this just adds to my confusion as to why I am fully aware, yes, but yet unable to speak. The building was at the edge of the corner of one of the high streets. “Oltissis”, the neon sign whispered, it was deep blue, placing an eerie and ethereal feeling of loss on us but, what had we lost? The telepath in me whispered……“Lost words…and …..Lost worlds” *Oltissis._ My twin sisters are full-time full- on academics, professors both, masters of the realms they possessed the knowledge of . Oltissis[?] [_I searched my memory bank and queried my neurons along the way,.…but…[*Oltissis?]] Tonight, I am, out on the town with my friends. They are all cooler than me and I am their sort of novelty factor, tonight I will challenge their mascot. I did not mind, for it got me a free hand and ride into town. The building contains a lot of water, and I mean a lot of a lot-of water. Well ok water. Every one gets to go onto *Oltissis,_ the place where all humanity was born. The outpost to my hidden dimension, was held in the sweening rooms of the building whose single stolen sign did proclaim Oltissis. [_*Oltissos, or is it] *Oltissis…..*what was it? Indeed where was it??

On planet system 56a 67, the prime leader has just translated, there will be a parade in the streets as his body is taken down to be reconstructed starting off, from downtown. From the building whose sign only just whispers, and hints…….. “Oltissis.” At the appropriate age everyone gets to go to Oltissis, in your lifetime of 700 years, you will go at least, 25 times. In the primal vats of life did we all spring from, in vats of water contained in the building, in the dimension that sometimes was called, Oltissis.


Oltissis, where all the secrets of life are held.


Oltissis, where all the secrets of non-life are held.


Oltissis, where every thing resides and indeed will reside within again…


Oltissis, where eternity began, and where also……eternity, will come to an end.




These all are few lines of fiction that I wrote, it’s fiction, but a truth exists. If a truth exists, I would be very bold to say. Oltissis wasn’t a mere pleasure palace. Yes it catered to such whims of the high, mighty and proud. But pleasure was way down on the list, of the beings who brought us all into being, and perfected us, with the technology they had available to them in Oltissis. Here is a hint, and more mystery. There was technology and there were beings who had the ability to work it. Guess what? Working the machinery doesn’t mean you know how or when that technology was created. That there is deep if you dare even to think about it. But I must encourage you so. You do not necessarily need to read a book for you to gain access to what you know deep within you, about Oltissis. You need the necessary triggers and the necessary code. Friends. Oltissis at this time,is a deep secret embedded way down in the memories within all of us, and it might still not be accessible even via the greatest effort. But, if you are already on your own personal journey of remembering, and awakening, and if Oltissis is truly one of the things you seek? You will find it.


© Thedisen Chantedone December 2015


Thedisen Chantedone is the creative alter of a Chartered Accountant who runs an accountancy practice designed towards servicing writers and anyone in the creative arts.


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Five Fantastic Fables

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Five Fantastic Fables Five Fantastic Fables