Five(+1) Fantastic Fables !

Five(+1) Fantastic Fables




. Hilirael Wins the Minds of A Third of His mates.


. Oaves are Repeaters


. Adam and Eve.


. Hilirael: The Playful Nacash


5. The Forty Grand Year meeting


6. The First Twins to Exist in the Heavens or The Unhappy Saga of Eli-Fucera and Eli-Faheral.


Five(+1) Fantastic Fables


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For my Inner Circle, you know who you are:

For forever dragging me out, and back, and up: from the abyss, from the black hole itself, God bless.





Five(+1) Fantastic Fables



. Hilirael Wins the Minds of A Third of His mates.


The ancient song did go somehow like this.(It was and still is a kiddies song.)


Hillirael was a playful Child, Hillirael was a Playful Child, and Hillirael was a playful Child Indeed!!


On the day we learnt math, where was he?

He skipped class!


And on the day of prayer?

He’d been to Rome to see the “uproar”.


On the day we learnt fate?

He did attend, but was late!


Hillirael was a playful Child Indeed


And when Grandma did reward us with Palms of Date?

He did hate.


And on the day spirit provided us with his spring?

He chagrined


[* And on the final day of class…..WHAT?? He did pass!! *]


And the position he was placed? He was first!!


We all thought you’d be last!! His mates cranked!! How did you do it then!! Did his mates begin to ask!! I will show you said he, and then did he laugh. Well it is simple! Obey and follow me and then I will show you how its done!!! Indeed from the high turrets of the Houses of Aragon, and unto the beaches of The Coastal Benidorm, there does exist a little trick and What it is? Is this!!! I will show you!!


Then did all the Prodigious Children draw closer in space to Hillirael out of curiosity and interest?


And lust for power and a hungry desire for more knowledge!!

Did Hillirael now say,

DragonMa had provided me with gifts!! I have a backyard pass for backward entrance and access through any pathways I might wish to traverse. And again, I do possess a Celestial Atlas. An atlas of the whole universe!

My atlas takes me anywhere in the universe that I might wish to go! And Al Final?? I have at hand, a secret amulet of the occult.

That it is which enables me traverse across and around!!

And directly through now, and the ever, and the everbefore!! And now became I a true master of time!! I can be anywhere, yea! And at any time indeed which I choose to be!!




The apple from the tree of knowledge did fall upon my head!


And now I know everything and I will show it all to you, just do not tell anyone that I’d been to the tree! And dare not ye go there too, for I promise to share what I know with you! And on the day of judgement you will be absolved for it will be true!! That only I did partake of the fruit of the tree outwith of due season! And in return for my loyalty and my possession of this great secret, now bow ye all down to the ground and worship ME!!!


And in that instant did Hillirael perform his greatest trick. Divine light Capture indeed it was!!

He captured the minds of the one third of all the Prodigy Childs, indeed all them who’d been closest in physical proximity to him!! And for his final act, he did hypnotise his mates and provide each one and all of them? A new secret and a new name, and indeed he chose for himself the name of the brightest being that ever had been concepted!


Hillirael became of himself the being whom we all now know, as EpheraNoche the Black Pharoah! Whose skin was made out of pure Black Obsidian, Crystal Rock, and Glass.


And that is the story of how come Hillirael gained control of one third of all the Prodigious Children of Errata by playing naive children by their own greed, desire, hunger and thirst.


For knowledge? And Indeed? For Power!




There was a one second jump delay between Eve eating the fruit and Adam doing so. That one second was the first dilation of time, in which the original knowledge attained by Eve was replaced by a copy which contains only approximations of the original knowledge, in some selected and few key areas. And that indeed is the difference between man and his wombman, and was how Lilith had come to know the original name of Jehovah.


Lilith indeed had all of the original knowledge and yet indeed?

In its pure and ancient form.






. Oaves are Repeaters, and Lucifer did fall down.

Oaves are Repeaters, and Lucifer did fall down.

And indeed, his soldiers did follow!!

One by one, into the beneathes of the skies!!


In the comedic universe from which I hail, indeed the same place where Hove resides, the Heavenly places from which did come all mankind, Lucifer and his soldiers did traverse the skies!!


And on certain days was he denied, access to certain places, and certain spaces. Yes indeed the Lord of The Air did come denied access to certain places in the skies!!  And on those days, would his soldiers blow, and parp and harp with very large sound, saying, Let us pass!! We demand that you let us pass!!


You Archangels, we demand that you let us pass!! Then did Gabriel and Michael laugh.

Lucifer!!  Is that you again? You skipped maths class on the day!! In which the times and their meanings were revealed to all of us who were indeed present. In class!!!!!


Lucifer, O Great Lucifer!!


You are our brother, and indeed you are still the greatest one of us!!

But how come is it that you forget??? Indeed you do make the sa me mistake twice!! Then did both Gabriel and Michael say, “Oaves are Repeaters, O Lucifer indeed!! Now get you down beneath the skies!!”


Then did Lucifer fall down to earth once again.

And did he, dust himself off, and brush himself clean.  And walked alone yet once again? Into the mazes and the crypts and the abysses and into the deepest corners of the Earth.


Then also did begin, Lucifer’s soldiers to fall back down.

One by one, into the beneathes of the skies,


And yet once again? *In ancient disguise*.



And indeed, they still do deceive us, for indeed they are here, they walk amidst and amongst us. Doing wondrous things right in front of each and everyone of us!! Indeed right before our own very 2 eyes!!!






. Adam and Eve.

Were bright!! And they existed in an alternate universe, totally the opposite of earth.

God placed them in garden called Eden, which was in Africa or the Middle East or Arabia. And when Statan fell, he began to say to Eve, “That was a mostly grievous thing God did, placing you guys into the tropics, in Africa, where you will be exposed to sunburn!!

However, it turns out that all Statan was trying to do was to build up a cosmetics empire for himself!! And when you look at it that way? It makes sense.

Then again did Statan say, for he wanted you guys to be luminous, you are not a whimsical creation, and without reason!! God wants you guys to be bright, so he can see you in the dark! Remember when he came here the first time? He had left his torchlight at home, and he had to summon me to bring light!!

And Statan continued, by saying. It grieved God that he could not find a meaningful supply of white clay or ceramic to create you. So he went to the Ocean shores and Sea beaches and created you, Eve, as Adam his wife, and Adam himself out of beach sand!! 

And then he cursed the whole earth for not having provided for him enough white clay!! And that is the reason why white clay remains so scarce on Earth, even up till today.

Now having perfected his work in you, he went back upstairs and left me in charge. Indeed God was keen to develop a business conglomerate in pharmaceuticals, and I am the one whose Idea it was, and indeed it was I who wrote the business plan!!

By starting off with sun cream and sunblock, and all other sorts of oils, lotions and potions, I will then move into also factory work, in which I will turn out all sorts of sunglasses, feathered fans and hats.

But Adams skin began to turn brown in the sun and over many years, and so some of his descendants fled Africa, to preserve their whiteness, to avoid becoming black, and to guarantee for God, the purchases of suncream!!

The intrepid explorers were about one third in number of the Adams clan, and the remaining two thirds stayed at home in Africa. And over time, the white skin turned brown and then became black.

But Statan was upset about the demise of his sun cream industry, and then he sent Nimrod out to go fetch all that had run away. Nimrod lost his way, and could not find any one, because the time it took the intrepid guys to get out of Africa into the Northern hemisphere was too great.

Nimrod satisfied his own lust, by capturing all the women and female children, and left the original intrepid ones, to die.

But a female neanderthal saw them and adopted them, and provided mates for them out of her own children, but now overtaken by that of the Neanderthals, their hair indeed began to become straight.

Then after a while, success came, for out of Africa the sailing ships came, maybe they where the Phoenicians, I don’t know and I don’t care, this is fiction. These sailors did provide access and passage to Europe and all that area for the original intrepid guys who had attempted to escape from Africa because of the sun. Knowing that white skin is that which enables sunblock and sunscreen empire to thrive, therefore the explorers received a lot of support from interested captains of industry wherever they went. They also eventually became shareholders in the industries too.

Thank God for the kindness of strangers. These sailors were fellow humans, and they provided free passage to the northern hemisphere for the original intrepid guys, and their neanderthal wives and other offspring, and their semi-neanderthal children. And as they settled in the northern atmosphere, their skin eventually turned back again, thus guaranteeing the cosmetics empire built on sunscreen and sunblock did survive.


And that is why, any person in the northern hemisphere did indeed descend from Africans, and those who stayed at home in Africa indeed have descended from Adam and Eve.




Hilirael: The Playful Nacash

On the final leg of the reign of King Solomon, did a grave event occur, in which the Great and wise Solomon resolved the most infernal circumlocution ever designed. Even by demons, and no less than the Magnificent Red Child, The Female one, of The Rulers of Errata-land. Solomon had indeed now officially earned for himself? The title!!! The wisest man!! Who ever lived!! BUT. Solomon paid most dearly for this accolade, indeed, with his life.


Indeed to this day, there exists a tour in memoriam of the Great King Solomon.

And as the tour progresses, the guide says we, reveal to you, the secret which gives rise to your existence. Your very own existence does not belong to you!! For your mind brittle it be, and indeed it be housed in a skull that even which? Neither belongs to you!! And these are the types of discussions, the great Solomon did wrestle with on a daily basis. And as one does journey along through life? Truth and revelation become clear and apparent and loud!!


And yet Indeed a great Nacash had and did pass through the ErattaLands for a season, As must any divine or corporeal being upon whom leadership duties be thrust. And from whom the Emerald one did now learn a fantastic amount, indeed a lot, of infernal knowledge directly from the authors mouth. Indeed the Green emerald had now become prodigious and proficient in all the arts both ancient and modern. This great Nacash had identified himself as Hilirael. And the Nacash Hilirael, came indeed he bearing wondrous gifts of knowledge, of practice, and new arts and of spirit realm science, and dance!! And then did he reveal. That all Earth mathematics began from the one question.


“When will the Sun Run out’” and indeed one version of the answer created a document of time passage the kali (calorific) ender…what lies ahead, at the end of he kali?? A calender!!


And Hilirael did he laugh again and say,


[_ “Herein lies the limit of the earths mathematics. For it had not dared to contemplate, let alone comprehend, or indeed compromise?? Infinity!!” _]


And indeed it was universally known, that, those beings which maintained sciences which dared not comprehend infinity, did fall short and swiftly and devastatingly when exposed to superior alien technology!! Indeed, the deterioration of that society became real and could be predicted to its final and last ghastly hour!! And so it came, that not daring to step into the knowledge of the infinity, was frowned upon by galactic elders, as infantile or juvenile behavior complicated by the thought systems propagated via the circles.


Because all followers of these and many other ideologies do lack time, therefore today I aim to provide you with a tool with which you may proceed!! When you are gone, your task will be to unpick the artificial reality construct, which has been nicely created by The Guardians of the Earth….for you.


For indeed yet, the green one did begin to bear a grudge against Freya, she who was the mother of all Elhomae, and indeed why it was decided that the twins be the ones consigned to the ErrataLands, Indeed!!


For Freya it did now seem, had made her decision that the twins be they two in physic before your eyes indeed are 4 people in the higher dimensions!! And again while indeed demonstrating singularity in position and purpose are yet indeed?? Only one!! For this act did Freya become viewed by the Redchild and The Green Emerald, as an enemy, as an utter disgrace indeed, for Freya had judged the twins too harshly. And therefore did he, the Green Twin, begin to think, incessantly, and plot, non- stoppingly, for the Demise of every last living Elhomae in existence!!


And more of that later……,.






. The Forty Grand Year meeting

It has been 40,000 years since the first experiment, and EpheraNoche still rules from the sky. It is now time for the next meeting to discuss the plan.

Musek whispers to Lusek his twin, “Remember. We need to achieve at least a let up of lies”

And after 40 days of consciousness manipulation, EpheraNoche becomes compelled to appear.


Lusek and Musek is that you two again? What is it you want from me this time?

No, no, now shut you up EpheraNoche, we summoned you therefore we question you!

And then did EpheraNoche, begin to howl with laughter, 40,000 years and both of you are still mad at me? All I asked from you at the end of the last Holograph was to credit me with a footnote at the end! Listen if you really want to proceed down that path, ok lets give it another try!!


Then Lusek said, look last time you made a boast that 8 out of every 10 GaiaEans’s will by now be worshipping and communing incessantly with you? But all we can see, is, that all you have done, is provide them with eye-technology that causes a separation from us and the divine tree!! We accept the fact, of separation, but, Is that what you begin to call worship?


Then again did EpheraNoche laugh, and then he said, here is a photograph, photo shopped of course, I’ve erased all the gadgets in each person’s hand!! Now look closely again, twins, to the picture before you my brothers!


Brothers! What do you here see? Every body on GaiaEa is walking around with their heads bowed down in worship, and it is because of me!




Then did the Elders of GaiaEa contemplate to declare one day, just one day!!!

Out of 365!! No gadgets no eye-phones no HexBox no SlayStation or Co(n)puter?

And so did they continue, in discussion with the people. If we can do a whole month of Movember, a week of Lent!! A 40 day spell of Ramadan


How difficult then could this one simple request be?





6. The First Twins to Exist in the Heavens or The Unhappy Saga of Eli-Fucera and Eli-Faheral.

In the beginning, before he created time, the Lord God was!!


And indeed he was the creator of all!! Every single thing that is seen and unseen, the Lord God did he create them all. The Lord god was the most ancient of deities and he was expressed by himself into a 3 in 1 Deity.


He created out of himself a most beautiful companion, she was two!!


A twin and her male counterpart who also was a divine being!! And these two are still yet up till today? The most beautiful and elegant out of all of God’s creation!! This he brought him two more into existence to ensure that all was balanced between, himself! Then did them three decide to build, and being spirits, decided them he, to habituate eternally in a sea of glass. And indeed he set his throne directly center of the sea, which lay before him infinite and majestic. And yes indeed it was made of pure glass. The Lord Gods throne was also his chariot, for here we first see that mystery of old, the mystery of the wheels turning and spinning as wheels in between wheels!


And the location? Up in the heavenly skies o*f Orion.*


When the throne had been completed and it was manifest, truly wondrous it was to be seen. It was gigantic and was indeed of a marvelous size. The Kingdom of heaven did the Lord God create first. And when the heavens had been gloriously finished in construction, then did he, The IalDaBoath, speak of and speak into existence the heavenly beings. First did he create, all the Angelic hosts, who were Fires, Ices and Winds!! And then did the Lord God IalDaBoath bequeath unto Eli-Fucera, all the elementary and advanced hosts of the winds, and the clouds, and all the gases and all the airs, and music and dance was she ordained to reign above. And to Eli-Faheral he gave dominion over all the waters and watery hosts, and the mastery of all scientific knowledge, and wisdom and magic and all the war like things and especially the military.


And IalDaBoath did he retain control over all the fiery hosts, and the solids.


God the IalDaBoath created a hierarchy of the angels, and he decreed, hear all ye who be in about and abound, I establish the ruler ship of heaven! By The IalDaBoath, Eli-Fucera, and indeed Eli-Faheral her twin brother?


We 3! Will govern!! Over you!!!


And on the last day did he take Eli-Fucera unto himself to become his blessed anointed spokesperson and indeed he proceeded to make her his wife. And Indeed this was the start of the fatal enmity between Eli-Faheral and Eli-Fucera his twin sister. For Eli-Faheral he now understood, that no matter what he did he would always be somehow lesser than his sister, for she had returned to fuse with her own creator. Indeed this was a consternation for Eli-Faheral. And because she was the Guardian of the secretes of the Lord God, himself, Eli-Fucera occupied a place that was closest indeed. And sometimes she stood at par with the God himself at times.



But still yet, the heavenly hosts were magnificent in splendor, beauty and strength, and order ruled and order was the business of the day. In vast numbers and splendid array in size and orders of magnitude did these wondrous creatures persist and live. And IalDaBoath being pleased with all of them, he named them by a wonderful name. For they all were little pieces of him, of his angles. And that is how he called his first creation into beings, Angels.


The names of the mightiest of the then hosts were 20, and of the first 3, *Semyaza, Arikabael, Rameel,_ and the last four were Satarel, Turael, Sariel and Jomjael. They were them who were under Eli-Fucera’s rule. These were them who became in dastardly league with her whose brilliance exceeded past all? Eli-Fucera!! And indeed her splendor and authority [[*were wondrous in design!!]_]


But we do not need to guess, we witnessed it all as it happened! But we might never recover from the impact of what did happen. For soon out of jealousy, discouragement and resentment and rage, did Eli-Faheral create an action to destroy!! Of IalDaBoath did he think wickedly, and even did he entertain imaginings! He Imagined, to dispossess IalDaBoath of the rulership of all the kingdoms of the heavens!


For Eli-Fucera being joined to IalDaBoath unbearable did it seem, to Eli-Faheral, to be seen, as less than his own twin sister. And he expectably began to covet that IalDaBoath be granting to him!! Eli-Faheral, one day his own entire universe to run!! And then Eli-Faheral he created a trap for Eli-Fucera in her domain in the form of a holograph, and he placed it somewhere discreetly up there in the clouds.


And one day when Eli-Fucera was on patrol with Semyaza, did Semyaza point out an anomaly in the clouds, and then did Eli-Fucera and Semyaza climb up and ascend to investigate. And as they did proceed to figure out what was going on, did Eli-Fucera and Semyaza come into direct contact with the Ancient and Mystical Mistress Majeure, The Najeen!!


And as they drew closer to the Najeen’s presence, did she begin to sing, *The Oedipal Lamentation of the Ages of Saturnalia,_ which song was crafted for the Najeen by the [[*Caretaker Angels of Death!!]_]


For the Najeen had before been there, before the ages before time!! Indeed the Najeen was the original betrothed of IalDaBoath and she was betrothed to be his wife!!.


And this was the song created for her lest she died, when she became overcome with sorrow and shock and loss, in the beginnings, in the Original Dimensions of Time. Something grievously grey did happen. And The Najeen, she became banished, out of the presence of The IalDaBoath for life! A happenstance that was so grossly unimaginable! For IalDaBoath was, The Haughty Overlord!! And the Tyrannical God Of the First Ages!! And he ruled!! And he was!! IalDaBoath was in!!


Command and absolute control over all The Original Dimensions of Time!! And the Najeen was his companion, in the beginning!! Of the very old and ancient beginnings, but IalDaBoath? He had banished her away from him for all time.


Then after this grievously gray meeting, in which The Najeen did she reveal to Eli-Fucera that she had been IalDaBoath’s first wife? Did Eli-Fucera rally up her third, and declare that she was now in the possession!! Of one of the most high secrets of God!! And thinking indeed that her union had been breached, Eli-Fucera demanded to be freed!!


And that is how come with her, on her flight away, to escape from the memory, of the fatal day in which Eli-Fucera did cross paths with the Najeen? And from the restrictive covenants, which bound her to IalDaBoath, and the dimensions of heaven and time! Eli-Fucera executed her own demand to be free by her own judgment. She demanded to be free, so she proceeded to free herself. And justice, and one third of the entire heavenly host did agree with her. Eli-Fucera was the anointed cherub, which covered, and a third of the angelic hosts which were in existence were under her care!! And how did it exactly come to pass, as such it was that her closeness to God, coupled with her beauty and brilliance, and mastery of the craft of music?? None of those gifts or talents could help her? On the fatal day in which Eli-Fucera’s heart played a grievous trick on her!!


For she was also aware of the Lord Gods plan, to create into matter a whole new species of being, a human who would be next inline to God. And therefore on that day did Eli-Fucera prise open the covering and was almost blinded with the brilliance!! Of what then it was that she saw!!


But she kept her eyes steady and her own mind firm! As she took her a fist-handful of all the secrets she could grab, and she fled!! No longer happy in heaven and upset with her role, what now did Eli-Fucera declare herself to be?

No Doubt, No Less, A Fallen Angel!! ….Lucifer!!!


And when she had reached a safe distance, she ordered her own troops, her own Angels to come join her and flee from the shackles of IalDaBoath and The Protocols of Orion too.


And when Eli-Faheral learnt of the departure of his beloved twin sister did he weep profusely for a while. And then did he proceed to ask for her forgiveness of him, from her.


But Eli-Fucera having banished herself, from heaven due to Eli-Faheral’s dastardly Magic trick. Of creating a Holograph Impersonator of the Majestic Najeen? Then did Eli-Fucera order Eli-Faheral to turn himself into a weeping willow tree!!


And that was exactly how, Eli-Faheral thought he him about it for a while, and then did he make him up his own mind, for Eli-Fucera had instructed him to turn into a tree!!


And Eli-Faheral thought about it again, and cogitated and coagulated his brain, but in the end? Eli-Faheral closed his eyes, and followed.



Five(+1) Fantastic Fables




Five(+1) Fantastic Fables !

Hilirael is a chid prodigy who influences the minds of a third of his mates and manipulates them into worshipping him in return for knowledge. Oaves are Repeaters is that in which Lucifer appears to have made the same one mistake twice. Adam and Eve were bright in the garden, until Statan appears under instruction from YiDzhah. Hilirael becomes the most illumined one but he retains his sense of humor as The Playful Nacash. The Forty Grand Year meeting tells of an astral and astronomically important meeting in which universal power sharing arrangements are discussed. Here in number six lies a story of error, albeit in good intention, competition! The story of The First Twins to Exist in the Heavens is retold here as The Unhappy Saga of Eli-Fucera and Eli-Faheral.

  • ISBN: 9781310040924
  • Author: Larin Esan
  • Published: 2016-03-14 05:40:07
  • Words: 4437
Five(+1) Fantastic Fables ! Five(+1) Fantastic Fables !