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Finding Amelia.


Finding Amelia”

Chapter 1 ……………..Charity Work

Chapter 2………………At First Glance

Chapter 3………………Tell Me Your Story

Chapter 4……………..Nursing, Banjos and Planes

Chapter 5…………….Frank and Neta

Chapter 6…………….The Canary

Chapter 7…………….G.P.

Chapter 8…………….Ireland, Hawaii and Miami

Chapter 9………….Lost….and found.

Written by Von Kambro

Golden Shores Publishing


About “Finding Amelia”

The mystery and allure that surround Amelia Earhart still inspires many people to seek answers to her fate. While theories remain, and a few seem quite plausible due to pieces of wreckage being found that resemble her plane, the most important link to solving Amelia’s disappearance is…

“Finding Amelia.”

This story is written based on the award winning screenplay, and is set in the time frame of her disappearance while on the last leg of her circumnavigation of the globe. It’s uncertain to know if Amelia decided to perish with intention, or maybe not, or it could’ve been fate interceding with the image of Amelia as an aviator and celebrity.

“Finding Amelia” is an interpretation of several thoughts about what may have happened to her, but ultimately it comes down to each individual to make their own decision regarding this captivating person that disappeared from our sight, but not our hearts and minds.

Chapter 1- Charity Work

On a deep blue horizon off the North East coast of Australia, a small, yellow, single engine plane drifts upward into a clear sky. Inside is Roger Danvill, an Australian bush pilot. His dirty blonde hair rambles out from under his hat and lay on his shoulders. His steel blue eyes are fixed on the on the horizon and only shutter away to quickly scan the rolling seas below.

In the distance, a small group of islands appear.

It’s only in habitants are the non English speaking natives that live out their lives surrounded by warm breezes, turquoise waters and a naturalistic way of living that doesn’t have a lot of influence from modern society.

Roger has made this trip before, but this time is different. He’s alone.

Any other time he’d be with his business partner and missionary, Jamey Carsen.

Jamey is capable of speaking with the natives and can tell them what items are being brought as part of a charity through a church he attends.

The flight itself isn’t terribly long, but because the island is small and lacks modern amenities, including a paved runway, it’s often overlooked for anything other than just a speck of trees surrounded by water to aviators and passing ships.

To most, the island appears to be an uninhabited island and gives a first impression that if you were stranded there you’d never be found, or heard from again.


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Finding Amelia.

Finding Amelia. A short story based on the award winning screenplay. This short story uses two characters to tell a story of Amelia Earhart and key events in her life that made her the person the public loved, and have missed since she went missing from the mysterious flight that would’ve culminated in her crowning achievement as an aviator. In “Finding Amelia” Amelia Earhart recalls scattered moments left in her memory to an Australian bush pilot-Roger Danvill- that meets her while making a delivery to the remote island she’s been on since her plane crashed into its rocky shoreline.Bittersweet passages combined with thoughtful summaries highlight this story is told from Amelia to the one person that could take her back to her fame and former lifestyle, but instead promises to keep her disappearance a mystery for all time.

  • Author: Von Kambro
  • Published: 2015-11-23 01:40:08
  • Words: 7501
Finding Amelia. Finding Amelia.