Find the Spark : Poem

Find the spark


Find the spark, kid
Find the spark
In the heaps of ashes
In the remains of past
Must be a little spark
Even in dump
There has to be a spark

It’s not easy, even if you try
You’ll fail, regardless of your best try
Fail, but don’t fall
Stand up, and search for the spark

The spark will lead you to a path
You’ll accomplish whatever you want
But only if you find your spark
Don’t pay attention to the mighty winds
Storms come and go
Don’t let em let you down
Success will come as if dawn

Once you find your spark
Don’t lose it to the winds
Never let go of that spark
Go wherever it takes you
Only you can make a better you

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Find the Spark : Poem

  • ISBN: 9781370908912
  • Author: Rachit Singh
  • Published: 2017-02-13 18:50:07
  • Words: 227
Find the Spark : Poem Find the Spark : Poem