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Fifty Toxic People You Need To Avoid

50 Toxic People You Need To Avoid

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Above all, thank you God for this blessing to be able to write these poems. To Mom, Uncle Jerry, and my sister Lizanne, for your unwavering support. To my sons for always being there for me. And to my readers, hope you enjoy this book. Thank you very much.





Are you One?


You come into people’s lives

Bringing negative vibes

Do you realize what you do

Is a big taboo.


You have jealousy at your side

With greed just beside

Murder in your eyes

You’re cold as ice.


It’s never too late

If you start today

To bring out the good,

know you could.





Try to be happy

I know it ain’t easy

If to be negative is your daily way

Watch out what they will say.


To frown is not nice

It could break ties

Associates, family and friends

It could all be the end.


Saying not is not bad at all

But said in jest you might fall

To a bad habit you may call

To negativity it takes its toll.





Chances are you don’t see clear

coz your eyes filled with tears

The life you live is filthy

Because your whole being is guilty


Wipe those tears away

There is a better way

To see your life ahead

With a clear conscience and head


Do it while you still can

To be a better man

Now before it’s too late

Get up and don’t you wait.





Guilt is a feeling not worth living

It consume your whole being

Tear it and throw it down

Before you sink and drown


Ease up and be free

Not tied up to a tree

Rid yourself of that feeling

By facing and saying.


What error you have done

To the person you have gone

Ask for forgiveness today

Make it right, ‘coz there’s no other way.





If you’re so depressed

Get up and get dressed

Stepping out of your foul mood

Will surely bring you much good.


Friends dear and true

Will be there when you’re blue

To make you smile

Even for a while.


Think of a happy time

That will make you feel fine

Be sure to give love

To receive blessings from above.





Approval you seek

From friends and family you keep

Not knowing where you’re going

Only for their push you’re hoping.


Everyday for 365 days

You keep looking for their ways

For the smile on their faces

When they serve you their aces.


Watch out who you might be

For you are blinded you can’t see

That you had become like them

Not knowing your true life you never learn.





If you ever favor one child

Be sure forever stay by your side

For one day when you need

Your favorite child might leave


But don’t look very far

Cause you know you are

Loved by your children

As promised in heaven


For the bible teach

To honor your father and mother

That God’s blessings may enrich

Your life further and farther.





Never let fear lead you by the nose

Be aware that you are the host

Of Christ spirit in your body

Know you can face anybody.


Always confront fear by the face

Even if you are amaze

By its power and force

You need to ride it like a horse.


It may take a lot of nerves

A lot of time you’ll have

To see through fear

Whenever it’s near.







Hey! Do you love for money?

Willing to be a honey

Be careful for out of nowhere a nice girl one day

May end your evil way.


Don’t ever think that you’ll always win

You will have tears to begin

when fate laughs at you

For crying is all you’ll do.


Next time you think of love

always think of a dove

That flies away so leave money out of your mind

all you’ll say, cause it ain’t mine.



What do you see in money?

Don’t you think it’s funny?

That it drives you crazy

Even without it you can live so easy.


People you fight and hurt

Animosity you spurt

All because of greed

And the pride you feed.


Wealth you try hard to keep

Piles and piles you heap

One day will be left on earth

As you lay yourself in dirt.




Spending more than you have

Will not make you save

For the rainy day

When things don’t go your way.


Keep your sight on the ground

Never, never frown

If you don’t own

Other people’s crown.


If you pursue the jones mode

You will find yourself in the road

To worries and total bankruptcy

That you refuse to see.




Little do you know

That you have a big ho

Beside your name

You’re a big shame.


Glitters in her eyes that shine

You gave for her to feel fine

Now she’s gone after you

Have none with nothing to chew.


Avoid women who fall

For blings and all

Run, if you must

And see her as a big dust.




You think money control everything

Well, you got one thing coming

If you believe it is the all

Watch out when you fall.


You say what is love

That money should be above

Even when family and friends

Find their hopes lost at the end


You refuse to help

Even with all the yelp

You hold on to what you own

Your face turned away from the moan




Your green eyes looks scary

Covered and blurry

Needing to have everything

Even though it seems nothing.


Cover those eyes I plead

Before you’re consumed by greed

Not everything can be yours

Says the man next door.


Be glad with what you have

So you can be saved

With the little you share

God is always fair.




Pray if you will

But if your eyes steal

Beware of the consequences

If you lose all your senses.


Open your eyes to the beautiful sight

and close your eyes in the peaceful night

Be happy with what you have

Even if you live inside a cave.


Do not eye what is not yours

You might not finish the course

Remember, you may want but not need

take note and take heed.






Why hate me when I flourish

Happy when I’m sluggish

Lay stumbling block for me to fall

May they be big or small.


Laugh at me when I fail

My success you never hail

Looking always for a way

To keep me far down away.


Pushing me to the wrong direction

Is your way to show affection

When I don’t take your advice

You’ll say I’m not wise.




When today, you see yourself

With the hurts and pains you felt

Have you learned life lessons well

Or just waiting again to fail.


Life is not about how you feel

Sorry always at your heel

When all you do is to take

Even those you did not make.


How sad for you, I’ll say

Peace of heart for you I pray

Think of all the things

And hurt to all you bring.






Stop sitting pretty

I know it isn’t easy

To man up and take risk

When you took everything with ease


I know you have a dream

Far off it may seem

But you need to get up

And take that big hop


For tomorrow may come too soon

Like in a day comes the moon

Your life may end in a well

Instead of hearing beautiful bells.




Lazy people does not achieve

For they do not ho and heave

What ants and worms could

For the queen and family they should


Up, up get to work

Food for your spoon and fork

For today will be the start of your future

Food on your table be for sure.


Love and respect you have

So try to be brave

When you give your best

And pass the test.




Do not think for a minute

People are here to get you out when you’re in it

That they are always there to help you

All spoon fed and made easy for you to chew


Stand up and be counted

Get out and be tested

Don’t wait for anyone to push your button

To see how well you have gone on


Be steadfast

As you run the lifetime dash

head on the highway

and finish the race the right way.




Don’t be lacking in things you do

Give it all for God and you

Sure success will come

To you and some.


Looking to God is all

You need not fall

Even through all the hardships

You will be blessed like a white sheep.


Remember to work hard

Never to be sad

When all have been said and done

Smile, you have won.




Do not stay lazy

Your life has been hazy

Wake up and smell the coffee

Before it’s too late your life becomes blurry


get up and off the bed

Your life a negative red

Be on top and stay alert

Or stay as you are and wait till you’ll get hurt


Never think life is easy

Don’t you think it’s funny

You need to work for the money

So you can take care of your body




Work, work you must

Why oh why you ask

Quit being lazy

Do something and be busy.


Begin to pick up your life

Start to be wise

Don’t throw your life away

You have a lot coming your way.


Seek kind people to help you

Ask them and they will too

But most of all

You should heed this call.




Don’t waste your time doing nothing

that should make you go and going,

so seek and you shall see

Your life that was meant to be.


Beautiful and colorful

God made to be meaningful

For you and me to enjoy

This life filled with joy.


See the sunrise everyday

To make clear and bright your way

The path you walk is straight

So do not be afraid.






If you think you can fool all

Watch out how you may fall

Not everyone you deal with

Will let you have your cake and have you eat it


Not everyone you call

Will want to see you at all

Some might want you to fail

Others would like to see you sail


So start to be a dear

To anyone you come near

By giving a bit of your smile

For sure it’s worth your while.




Never close your eyes to the truth

Cause it may be too late to soothe

For someday it may poke your eyes

When you try looking up to the skies


Try to do what is right

Never fight it cause one day it might

Bring you to stand upright

With your head held up high


So next time you think

Doing something that stink

And you think you can get away

Try kneeling first and pray




Plastic people are meant to be

Even if they really see

Their foolish ways forever

With friends and foes together


Don’t be a blind fool

And to think it’s cool

To be in the company of men

Even if they’re insane.


Avoid this kind

Be sure to use your mind

If you value your life

When choosing friends and wife.




Watch your heart

Not everyone who holds the cash is right

Try to open your eyes

To see their hearts cold as ice.

Don’t let them manipulate you

And put you on queue

For them to abuse you

As they lay their money for you to chew.


Next your life is dictated

By their fake goodness you’re fixated

Your life becomes tangled

As your life becomes money angled.




Stop fooling people

When you want to do good at all

Be truthful with your way

coz all will see through what you say.


Your lies may pass one time

And you think it’s fine

When people find you’re untrue

Forever they will be mad at you.


False people come together

Holding hands forever

coz they have one thing in common

For bad vibes they summon.




Teach them to fish

But if they refuse your offer of peace

Know that they are piranhas

Devouring everything as they pass


Beware of these people

Looking pitiful and all

They come in droves

Wanting you to be involve.


They’ll let you help till you bleed

Because these people mislead

Know how to avoid this sick part

Is to think with your heart.




Always speak the truth

For it will bear fruit

coz people will trust you

Your whole life through


Your life may not be perfect

But blessings you didn’t expect

Will bring joy and happiness

And take away your sadness.


Stay away from foul mouthed people

Who speaks and only know evil

Better keep to yourself

If you think they wouldn’t or couldn’t help.




Your word is as important

To be who you want

People to believe you

To treat you with respect too.


Never say anything for the sake of

Make that mistake your life is cut off

Be sure of your words

So you’ll always be heard.


Your word with honor

Will be full of color

But utter a lie once

You are forever gone.




Today you said you lied

And I asked you why

You answered it’s just your way

So you can lie another day.


You act as if you’re cool

Making everyone a fool

Thinking that you’re nice

When you hide your evil vice.


One day you’ll get caught

All you’ll say will mean naught

Then your face will turn red

When you would rather be dead.






You think being a loud mouth is cool

you only make yourself a fool

When you mouth how great you are

People around you just fart


Don’t think for a minute

Those around you are in it

They laugh at what you say

Just because you pay


Be honest with yourself

That way people willing to help

And truly care

will really be there.




If people you offend

remain quite and silent

beware of the consequence

You’ll be shock and fallen


Watch out where you’re going

With all you’ll be saying

If you thought you’re all knowing

You might end up shitting.


So from today onwards

No bad should come outwards

Of the mouth that God gave

so let’s all be good and behave.




You think people are here for you

Then I believe you belong in the zoo

Know that you’re here for them

Make God’s purpose your aim.


If you live thinking only for your gain

Then you’re insane

Well I’m sorry to say

For in the end, you’ll have too much to pay.


Money comes and goes

so don’t hold on too close

For one day when it breaks away

There is no one with you who’ll stay.




If you think you know it all

Careful, you may fall

To try how to hide

Behind the mask of pride.


Why do you not succeed

You thought you planted the right seed

but lo and behold

You were not told


Your pride blinded you

You see with a different view

No matter if it is right

You fight it with all your might.




Stop being a brat

You might smell like a dead rat

Thinking you’re entitled and deserving

To all eyes, you’re nothing


Listen you might learn

On how you may earn

To give and get respect

From people whom you expect


Work hard and work best

Don’t even try to do less

To God be the glory

Be patient, don’t be in a hurry.




Who do you think you are

With your fat wallet and bling

Thinking you have come so far

When all you have is nothing


You show everyone your fake smile

Even though deep inside you cry

Why don’t you take a while

And take a deep sigh…


Cause when the end comes

It’s not what you have that counts

But what you have shared some

That true happiness is found.




Why be hard headed

When it can only lead to death

Why choose to be dead

When you can celebrate the beauty of the earth.


Reasons and logic dictates

That listening to love

Cancel all the aches

A loving heart is all it takes.


Listen, don’t just hear

Beware of what you hold dear

Wake up for one day

They might all go away.




If putting down people

For you is quite simple

And you rejoice about the harm you do

watch out, it might be right back at you.


Watch your mouth when you speak

For your tongue maybe too quick

To judge people here and now

Even if it is false and foul.


Rise up from that illness

Before you become hopeless

Do not embrace crab mentality

Instead give love in totality.




Gratitude is not learned in school

Nor from a fool

Being grateful is a virtue

Fine and good for you.


Blessings and goodwill touch

Those with grateful hearts

Bringing smiles and joyful tears

Throughout the years.


Always give thanks to man and God

A teaching from the scriptures above

that had come with a promise

Everytime you make a wish.




Don’t look back

At others wrong fact

Because people learn from their mistake

Which they created and make.


Let it go and let live

Help them while they heave

Don’t pull them back

Into their old sack


One day when you face God

He will ask you what you got

You can only put your eyes down

For the lives you have intentionally made clown.




When you think you do good

As hard you try you should

Be careful and watch out

Not to show off and shout.


Do good because you care

No other reason if you dare

Out of love you shove

Your goodness if you have


Never mouth off what you did

Especially the poor you feed

For God who sees all

May watch you break and fall.




Don’t be torn in half

Decide to do right if you must have

Don’t just go with the flow

And later take the blow.


Doing what everybody does

Is the in thing, you jest

When people’s approval is all

Your attention call.


You even push people to follow

Against their wishes they don’t allow

The unique ones who fight you with all their might.

You smite.




Quit your fake ways

As you think you help others everyday

You may fool the people

But not me at all


You act like a pharisee

For all people to see

But with your other hand

You do evil when you can.


Yet you shout out with pride

Not even dare to hide

Your ways you always fool

People who thinks you’re cool.




You remain haughty and proud

Opinionated always speaking out loud

Think of all that you say

coz one day you’ll wake up and pay.


One day your voice may mean nothing

even if it has meaning

People you always talk behind

Will run away and hide.


Try to turn from that evil way

Watch out with what you say

About all you talk behind about

May one day make a roundabout.




Stop the debate about your faith

You will only be sowing hate

The way to capture their heart

Is to show that you’re their part.


Never boast that you are right

You’ll only get into a fight

People will see who you are

By being true and at par.


No need to convince

People will just follow you since

They see the true spirit of God

Without you trying too hard.




You think you give help

But you only shove it on the shelf

Only when the problem rears its ugly head

You’ll know it was never dead.


Your help would have meant something,

had you seen it coming

But you refuse to open your eyes

And fake to be so nice.


Next time you lend a helping hand

Be kind to understand,

Better to teach them to earn

Than give alms for they will never learn.




How hardheaded can you be

You don’t try, you don’t see

Things you can do

So you can be happy too.


Dreams are to be achieved

If you only beseech

And seek proper guidance

Your journey won’t have hindrance


Open your heart and see the truth

That you may receive the good fruit

At the end of your hard long days

Happiness accompany your ways





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About the Author


Kenny Yao is a retired Businessman turned Writer from San Francisco, now resides in Manila, Philippines with my four sons aged, 23, 21, 18, and 16. A widower since 2007 and free to serve God and save one more for Jesus.









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