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Fifty Spooky Writing Prompts


Love in Ink, All Rights Reserved 2015

The writing prompts contained in this book are meant to inspire writers to create. Each prompt was thought of and recorded by a member of the Love in Ink team. Any resemblance to writing prompts or stories already in existence and circulation is accidental.

Write on! ☺

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Looking for something spooky to write about? Look no further! In this book, you will find a collection of fifty creepy, crawly, chilling prompts. We do not recommend you start writing late at night. ☺

The Love in Ink team (that’s us!) is composed of two dedicated, passionate, sleep-deprived writers. We have experienced the woes of writer’s block first-hand, and have found the solution simpler than we could have ever expected: Writing prompts! A fresh idea, an interesting line, even a curious word is at times enough to kick a writer’s imagination back into gear.

We would love to read the stories that you create with these prompts. Please feel free to send a link to them our way through FaceBook. We will then share them with our fans and fellow writers.

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A goblin sneaks into a human town on Halloween Eve. He means to terrorize the mortals who live there. The goblin is not quite sure how he ends up befriending a group of teens, going to a party, and winning first place for “Best Costume” instead.

Two girls sit on a bench, holding hands. One of them is looking up at the full moon peeking between ash-gray clouds. The other one does not exist.

A demon transforms into a kitten and sneaks into the house of a priest. The demon means to win the priest’s trust and then eat him once the man lets his guard down. The priest sees through the demon’s ploy, but plays along.

A farmer carves out two pumpkins and makes them into Jack-o’-Lanterns for his kids to carry on Halloween. The kids are thrilled; that is, until the lanterns begin speaking half-way through trick-or-treating.

A ghost tries to make friends with his roommates – otherwise known as the new owners of the house the ghost is haunting.


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Fifty Spooky Writing Prompts

These prompts have teeth. Writer's block getting in your way? Ignite your imagination with this hand-crafted collection of spooky prompts! Whether you are looking for a fun blogging topic or the idea that will inspire your next novel, we have your back. Take a peek, and be instantly inspired!

  • ISBN: 9781311019721
  • Author: Love in Ink
  • Published: 2015-10-29 20:50:08
  • Words: 1709
Fifty Spooky Writing Prompts Fifty Spooky Writing Prompts