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Did you know that you must intentionally feed your mind great things to arrive to the place of greatness? Well, it is true: Successful people commit premeditated attainment on a regular basis by directing their thoughts and actions towards people and the things that enables them to live their dreams.

Feed your mind to live your dreams quotes will help you to develop and or maintain a healthy mind culture that empowers you to pursue the things that you have the courage to dream about.

Your dream is inside of you. You must mentally go outside of your present circumstances to go inside of your heart to discover your future.

Your time to dream is right now. A great dream can produce an abundant amount of wealth for you.

The universe is listening and ready to act to magnetize whatever you desire. You can attract the resources and the people that you need to accomplish your dreams.

Everyone has the power to experience their dreams. You must allow yourself to focus on your heart’s desire. You can use your imagination to design a mental picture to visualize your dream life.

You were created with great gifts and uniquely designed with remarkable talents that will allow you to contribute immeasurable value to countless lives.

You don’t have to plan for poverty but you do have to plan for greatness. Generate a plan to achieve your goals then work the plan to live your dreams.

Be intentional with your thoughts and words because both can affect your dreams whether the outcome is good or bad.

Your dream is so valuable that it will transform your life and bring change to this world.

Set a goal, move towards that mark, achieve the mark then raise the bar. As you achieve each goal, you will experience good esteem and motivation.

Momentum is maintained by applying consistent and unwavering actions towards your goals. When pursing your dreams, you cannot give your thoughts over to fear.

You must have a healthy mindset that is full of success to be successful.

Don’t procrastinate on your dreams, aggressive action can help you achieve your goals and dominate distractions.

Visualizing your dreams is premeditated success.

Successful people lead their thoughts and then convert their thoughts into action which puts into motion the law of attraction.

Your vision is necessary, attainable, and very much achievable. Doubt fear and have uncontaminated faith for your dreams.

Uncertainty is bigger than any disability. You must believe that you are more than able to experience your dreams.

To identify distractions, do a time assessment on the way you spend each hour of the day.

The power of visualization is a great and effective tool, by using it daily and applying necessary action, you can dispel limitations and dominate weaknesses.

What you meditate on can work for you or against you, therefore don’t picture yourself falling instead imagine yourself succeeding.

Procrastination is a thief, it will rob you of your valuable time. You have the power to apply unyielding action towards the goals that you set.

Disrupt anxiety with a thankful heart. Thank God for everything positive in your life whether it is big or small.

Aggressively, pursue opportunities connected to your dreams and then the opportunities that you desire will chase you.

You can dissipate distractions by continually taking uncompromising action.

Association is one of the master keys to success. Be selective with who and what you surround yourself with. As you move toward your dreams, you may realize that some relationships do not represent your next level.

Let go of disappointments from the past to embrace your future. Don’t let an unforgiving mind and mouth block the great opportunities that are available for you.

Do not spend time thinking about what you could have done differently in the past, instead use your energy to focus on creating a great future. By aggressively chasing your dreams, you will not have time for depression.

You must remain in the mental space of concentration and the zone of discipline to achieve your goals.

Taking risks is a part of the formula of success. Do not invite defeat by entertaining fear.

Monitor your inward conversation and do not authorize negative thinking in your mind. Exterminate bad memories with grateful thoughts.

Open minded people have the option to walk through open doors. A closed-minded person can limit possibilities.

Pay close attention to bored or dull moments in life. Immediately refocus on your visions and dreams, after that, target goals and then act!

Energy is contagious. You must surround yourself with those who have high energy for outstanding achievement. Negative energy is draining and can paralyze your productivity.

To have a successful mindset, you must set your mind completely on success.

Do an evaluation to determine if there are hobbies, pastimes, and leisure activities that may be distractions from your goals. People who achieve great things in life made the choice to do great things. To elevate to the place of greatness you must be willing to press beyond any limiting factors to live your dreams.

To succeed you must have absolute faith and the ability to remain unshakeable despite of challenges to experience your dreams.

Your way of thinking must be positive about the future regardless of any present opposition. Victory is added to the persistent while defeat is displayed to the person who doubts.

You can refuse poverty by taking persistent action towards your dreams to receive your riches.

Make the necessary moves towards your heart’s desire instead of mentally reviewing disappointments. Also, understand that negative speaking can paralyze productivity.

A way to manage your time is by taking care of time sensitive things first. Poor time management and procrastination are evil opponents to success.

When your mind is waging war, take the day by the hour, and break it into 10-minute segments. Every ten minutes set goals and hit your target. By doing so, you can build mind power.

Do not allow waiting to become a permanent habit which will not permit you to set goals or pursue your dreams.

You can enlarge your knowledge about success by studying people who are skillful in success.

Fear, indecision, and doubt are much greater than any handicap but faith can break through any barrier.

To own your dream, you must locate false weights and distractions, then properly handle interferences, and decide to persist through any difficulties.

Dismiss discouragement with positive thoughts. Hindrances can be removed with a strong mindset for success and relentless action.

Continually think about your dream and make moves towards your vision to arrive to the dream. Distractions can derail your dream, so stay focused.

You must experience your dreams through your imagination before you can experience your dreams in your life.

Your energy is like a currency, so don’t spend it on anyone or anything that is negative.

A simple way to master procrastination is by taking huge action and limit your time with procrastinators.

Knowledge with large amounts of application leads to transformation.

Give yourself permission to pursue the great and rich dreams inside of your heart.

The starting point of genuine goals is having unpolluted faith for your dreams.

You must release yourself from average thinking to encounter a great and uncommon life.

Defeat can be beat with a steadfast heart and focused thoughts. Self-confidence gives you the power to master fear.

You can build into your character a quality of greatness by studying the mindset of great people and then putting those great habits into regular practice.

Set uncommon goals that are connected to your heart’s desire then take humongous action to experience your dreams.

Enduring faith will allow you to turn defeat into victory and overcome staggering obstacles. Difficulties can be used as stepping stones to encounter your dreams.

You can make your mindset an asset by expecting the best.

Motivate yourself by locking your mind on the things that you are thankful for and the things that you desire. By doing so, you will stimulate your brain to release healthy emotions for productivity.

Mediocrity is like a contagious illness, therefore be cautious with those who operate in it.

Don’t focus on challenges but focus on the remedy that will deliver results.

Some relationships are like heavy weights that keep you from moving forward. It is best to not give your thoughts or energy to such individuals.

Don’t ruin your future by thinking the worst but instead imagine the best.

There is no limit set on your life that can prevent you from living your best dream. You have what you need inside of you to press past limitations to experience many breakthroughs.

Do a self-evaluation to expose your weakness. Be determined to overcome personal difficulties.

Surrounding yourself with wise people can make you wiser.

Results do not manifest from simple wishes. Dreams respond to aggressive action.

Mediating on a master plan prepares the mind for action and then you must make your dreams happen.

The consequence of procrastination is poverty which equals lack.

A person or organization can go from surviving to thriving by locking their mindset on performing actions outside their comfort level. With relentlessness, the results are power, breakthroughs, and success.

The mind is a prevailing force. Thoughts can create or destroy any dream.

Too much caution is as dangerous as no caution which both limit you from doing your best. Don’t sabotage your future by overthinking the outcome.

Envy is from a poverty mindset. Keep a mind of abundance, so that you can experience the desires of your heart.

Persistence and determination can defeat failure. Perseverance and an unyielding dream will overcome rejection.

Average people do things that are simple and outstanding achievers operate in another realm.

You must be the first person to pay for your dreams which means you must be willing to pay the constant price of sacrifice.

Poverty is a bold devil. You must not tolerate its voice or manifestations. You can evoke riches in your life through distinct demands and unswerving action towards your dreams.

You can encounter your dreams with a confident heart, persistence, and patience.

Be willing to adjust your goals to meet your dreams because flexibility can be vital.

Associate yourself with people who say and do remarkable things.

It’s much more satisfying to pursue the pure passion of your heart than to settle for a life that’s passed to you.

Do not totally abandon your dreams by helping others achieve their goals.

Information alone cannot bring you results but it’s the consistent application of the information that will give you a total transformation.

Declare your dreams and expect the best instead of spending time talking about imagined fear.

Forgive everyone who has disappointed you and misled you. Lead yourself by following your dreams to receive your wealth.

Positive words are like electromagnets which attract positive events. Negative words can create negative situations. Eliminate foolish speaking and release productive words, so that, you can encounter your dreams.

Think outside of your current condition to live a life far above your environment. Determine what success is and then pursue it.

Entertain wisdom and become wiser. Keep in mind that constructive criticism is a tool for victory.

You can go from what seemed like nothing to great abundance with faith and unwavering action.

Let the lesson of failure help you reach for the bar of success. Victory usually results from determination, therefore stay strong.

Recognize distractions as opposing forces that can stop you from achieving your goals.

Some relationships are for a lifetime, so be sure to value those, while other relationships are short like seasons, when you recognize them move on quickly.

Free yourself from being like average people instead set high goals to encounter your dreams.

Your imagination is a creative instrument. Use confident thoughts, positive words, and employ consistent action to produce the future that you want.

You must dominate your thoughts by exchanging negative thoughts for a positive mindset.

God has created the universe with great and effective principles that allows anyone to succeed in this earth realm.

Supervise your time by not making room for the things that you don’t have time for.

Your dream is an important resource that can supply various needs for many people.

To accelerate your dreams, you must do the things that are most important to manifest your vision and eliminate those things that have less significance.

Own every day of your life by setting daily goals to accomplish your dreams. Overcome any type of distraction with required actions.



Did you know that you must intentionally feed your mind great things to arrive to the place of greatness? Well it is true: Successful people lead their thoughts which enables them to live their dreams. This is premeditated attainment. Renew and nourish your mindset through this collection of inspirational quotes that Shonda Bradley gives you to experience transformational power to focus and achieve goals. You'll discover revelation, solutions, and answers on how to overcome challenges. Each saying is full of wisdom, insight, and encouragement. Receive a greater confidence to pursue the inner desires of your heart,

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