I love talking about the favor of God. When we have the favor of God on our lives, we have benefits that go beyond our ability to understand. As children of God we are automatically considered to be his favorites. With that, comes open doors and opportunities to fully experience the abundant life that Jesus promised us! When we look at the word favor it means to give special regard to; to treat with goodwill; to show exceptional kindness to someone. Sometimes, it means to show extra kindness in comparison to the treatment of others; that is, preferential treatment. This is what God does for us through his favor. As a means of encouraging you, I’ve put together an acronym for the word favor to help you see who you are and how you benefit from this. This is just something that the lord laid on my heart to encourage you.


The first word that I want to pull out from the word favor beginning with the letter F, will be the word fortunate. I want you to declare right now out loud, “I am fortunate!” There were so many words that I could’ve chosen here, but I really noticed something special in this word fortunate. Looking at the definition of this word we realize that being fortunate means that you are, favored by fortune. You are auspicious and favorable. In fact, to be more specific, when a person is fortunate they are materially well-off and prosperous. Now you know it’s really easy for us to get excited about the word prosperous. We know that prosperity is not just a part of our lifestyle, but it is our lifestyle. The world would associate being fortunate with good luck, but as believers we don’t associate ourselves as having good luck or being good luck people. We are just simply blessed.

When the favor of God is on our life and we catch a hold to the fact that we are fortunate we realize that we are beneficial. We are favorable. Everything we touch should result in good. That’s what it means to be fortunate. Have you ever had a situation in your life where you knew that it wasn’t your good that got you through, but you were just extremely fortunate? That good fortune didn’t come because of your own well doing. That good fortune comes because the favor of God is on your life. You have a right to be blessed. When God’s hand is on your life the anointing for favor automatically rests on you. So don’t run when you see situations come your way, that may seem to be difficult to overcome. Because God’s favor is on you, you will be fortunate enough to win any and every battle.

I like Chinese food. And every time I eat Chinese food we always get a nice little snack in a small package called, a fortune cookie. Inside of the fortune cookie once you bite into it, you’ll see there is a little sheet of paper inside the cookie that has a nice little message on the inside of it. Those messages are supposed to give us quotes and even sometimes direction that is destined to lead us into a place of good fortune. Even though those messages at times or intriguing and very interesting, sometimes extremely inspiring, I don’t get too excited because I don’t depend on those words more than I depend on God’s words. There are so many people that live based upon the messages that rest on the inside of those “fortune cookies,” but as children of God, living with the favor of God on our life, we don’t live based upon those messages. We need to get excited about living based upon what God has said. Favor is either on you or not. Not because God doesn’t want to give you the favor, but because so many people don’t receive the favor. Therefore, you can live a fortunate life, or you could avoid living a fortunate life. It’s all up to you to just receive it and declare, “I am fortunate!”

I heard a great writer once say, “every man and woman is the architect of his or her own fortune.” I believe that this is true because you and I have a responsibility to decide which path we are going to take. Nobody in this world can be exactly like you. Nobody in this world can have the fortune that God has designed for you. So just receive it. Don’t walk in fear wondering if you can or will have good success, just accept this part of the favor of God and know that you are already fortunate. That job opportunity is yours, you are fortunate enough to have it. That home that you are believing God for it’s already yours, because you are fortunate enough to have it. Whatever you’re believing God for, know that the favor of God and good fortune belongs to you. Sometimes in life it seems like people who don’t deserve good fortune get it. There have been times in my life where I’ve seen others receive good fortune and I would say to myself, “Lord what about me?” Listen, don’t go through life worrying about other people’s fortune. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to the good fortune of others and then looking at yourself and feeling as if God hasn’t blessed you in the same effective way. Focus on yourself. In fact, don’t look at life as if you’re in a position of needing to receive good fortune. Look at life as if you are the good fortune. That everywhere you go favor and good fortune follows you. Every person that shakes your hand is blessed because the favor of God and good fortune is on your life. It doesn’t have to be developed for you or given to you, it is you.

You are fortunate and you are the carrier of good fortune. That’s why everybody around you is blessed. That’s why your whole entire family will be blessed because of your faith. The favor of God on your life will open doors for people around you to experience the goodness of the Lord on levels that they’ve never experienced it before. Why? The favor of God is on you and good fortune rests in your hands. The Bible tells us that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servants. Which means, God takes pleasure in giving you good fortune. But, you must remember it’s not the doing of your own. When you realize that good fortune and favor is on your life, it’s only the doing of the Lord. So don’t get to a place where you allow good fortune on your life to make you lazy or to make your work ethics fail.

Understand the favor of God is on your life because God trusts you with it, and he knows that you will work it all for his glory. Don’t be the one who takes advantage of the favor of God. Be the one who uses the favor of God and the good fortune that he has released in your life, to build the kingdom, build family, and glorify God. Repeat after me, “I am fortunate and I am favored of the Lord!”


The second word that I want to mention of in this book concerning the word favor, is the word approved. You have been approved. When the favor of God is on your life approval is a part of your testimony. There are so many instances in life where man looks to disprove us. When man wants to leave us out or say that we’re not good enough for certain things. I’m so excited about God’s favor. God’s favor gets you approved for things that man says you would never be approved for. Have you ever had a time in your life, where you were going after something, and man didn’t approve? It didn’t feel good, did it? But, soon after, man said no, a miracle happened. If you’re like me you can testify to the fact, that when man says no, God says yes. This is what I’m talking about, when I talk about how God’s favor means that we have been approved. Let’s take a closer look at this word called approval. When one has been marked for approval, like you and I have because we have the favor of God on our life, it means that you have been marked as good and acceptable. Furthermore, it means that we have been officially accepted. Now, when I think about that definition of being “officially accepted,” I think about how you could be accepted, and then you could be officially accepted. God is the official of all of our lives. That’s why, when man says that you are unacceptable, but God says you are acceptable, God’s level of goes far beyond man’s level of acceptance. When you have the favor of God on your life, you will never be discouraged when man says you cannot. Every time man tries to close a door on you, get excited. They may not approve you for one thing, but God will approve you for greater things! That’s what God’s favor is all about! There is great pleasure in being a child of God. As his child, you and I never have to worry about how God feels about us. He loves us; he approves of us. Even more so, he is satisfied with us. A part of being approved by God, is knowing that he finds us satisfactory. Even with all of the failures and mistakes that we’ve made, God is satisfied with us. You see? His favor doesn’t stop because we are imperfect people. If that was the case, none of us would be blessed at all. This isn’t to give you a pass to purposefully sin and make mistakes, but the point is made with God and through how God loves us in spite of our failures. That’s just how good God is!

Here are 10 things to remember while knowing that the favor of God on your life means that you’ve been approved:

1. God loves you

2. You are good enough

3. Man’s word doesn’t override God’s word

4. You are special in God’s eyes

5. When one door closes better doors open

6. You are accepted by God

7. God is satisfied with you

8. Delay doesn’t mean denied

9. You are authorized for the blessings of God

10. God has confirmed you as his child

Remember this, just because you have been approved doesn’t mean that everything that you want God is just going to automatically give it to you.

Sometimes people misunderstand the favor of God. They think it just means that everything we want we get. In fact, we must learn how to rejoice when God says no to things. That’s a part of his favor as well. He protects us. Folks love to get mad, when God says no, or they assume that God’s favor isn’t working for them because God didn’t approve a specific blessing. Sometimes a no from God is a part of him showing his favor. There are some things that we want that God already knows we aren’t ready for. So, if you aren’t approved for a specific thing, just know that you’ve been approved for protection. That’s a part of God’s favor too!

If you are believing God for a miracle, just know that you’ve been approved for the miracle already. Some are believing for a new home, the loan adjuster hasn’t said yes to your prayer answer, but God eventually says yes. If the loan adjuster continues to say no, don’t get discouraged about that. When the favor of God is on your life, one no opens the door for a better yes! I had a situation not too long ago. I was trying to buy a car. My credit was bad and the salesman was doing all he could to get me approved. I went back and forth with him and the loan adjuster. After a while, they asked for a down payment of $13,000! Me and my desperate self, (trying to force things to happen) went to the bank to get the check. Well, when I got to the bank to get the check, the teller wouldn’t release it. My name was on the account, I showed all necessary forms of Identification, by still no release. I called the bank headquarters and there was something missing from my information that needed to be approved and I was unaware. Long story short, I was unable to get the check. It was in that moment that I realized, God doesn’t want me to do this. He doesn’t want me to use $13,000 as a down payment on a used car, that I in fact didn’t even want, but was settling. In the natural, I was approved for that car, but God had already approved me for a better car. Soon after that, just a few days later, I found the actual car that I wanted and I payed far less than what I was going to pay for the car that I almost settled for. That’s the favor of God! When you’ve been approved by God you never have to settle for less that the best! You never have to lose all to get what you want. God will place you in the perfect position to receive his best and your hearts desire! The favor of God is on your life! You have been approved for the blessings!


When you have the favor of a God on your life, you must know that you have been validated. What does it mean to validated? Well validation has to do with being accepted according to law. It’s almost like the word I gave about being approved but only with just a little more depth. Validation is legal acceptance. In the natural one who is validated has legal efficacy or force. Especially executed with the proper legal authority and formalities. Think of this now in the spirit. As children of God we have been given legal efficacy which means we have the power to produce and effect things. That’s powerful. When you and I have the favor of God on your life we are given the spiritual legal power to produce things! In order to produce the right things, we must have the power to produce. There are things that you’re believing God for, and you need to produce in order to see things work out. The Bible tells us in the book of James that faith without work is dead. We must work. Saying that the favor of God is on our life is not enough. We must work and produce. Now, this is how the validation part of God’s favor works for us. It’s gives us the power and right to produce! Without the favor of God we would not have not ability to work our faith the right way. When you realize that you’ve been validated by God, you will then be bold in your stepping out on faith to produce things! With validation, no one can stop you. No one can keep you from using your power. Often times in life people feel like that have the power to validate us, but as a child of God it’s not so. We have already been approved for validation. There are places in the natural that you and I must have real wisdom to respect and honor those in authority, but when it comes to spiritual things, never allow anyone to confront your validation in God. You have power and authority.

When you have been validated by God you don’t have to depend on others to build you up. The same people who build you up, have the power to break you down. With the favor of God on your life validating you, you never have to depend on others to lift you up. God has already lifted you up! True confidence comes when you know that it’s God and only God who brings you validation. You don’t need man’s permission to be great. You don’t need anyone’s permission to walk in favor. You have already been released by God to do great things! You have the power to declare great things! Here are 5 things that you must remember when you’re validated:

1. You have authority

2. You don’t have to wait for man’s approval

3. You have a legal right in the spirit to progress

4. You don’t need man’s permission to be great

5. You’ve been accepted

With validation, you never have to prove your worth to other people. Don’t waste your energy on trying to feel validated by people. With the favor of God on your life, you don’t have to live for people’s acceptance. Walk in your validation! Whenever someone says you can’t, always remind them that you’ve been validated by God! And you can have whatsoever you speak and desire!


The word that the lord gave me for the letter O is “opulent.” The amazing thing about this word is that I had never used it before the lord revealed it to me for this purpose. It’s a word that any people don’t use. If you know of this word already, great. But, if this is a new introduction to a new word to add to your vocabulary, let’s have some fun. What does it mean to be opulent? This will get you excited.

To be opulent, means to be very wealthy! That’s good news. Notice it’s doesn’t mean to be very rich, but very wealthy! Contrary to what many believe and say, it is God’s will that we live the blessed and best life! Having the favor of God on your life doesn’t guarantee that you will become a millionaire, but it does guarantee that you will have more than enough to live your best life. The favor of God makes you opulent. Very wealthy in more ways than just money. Now, money is a huge part of being favored by God. Trust me, financial miracles are real, and the favor of God places us in the perfect position to prosper! Get ready for it! God has a special way of giving you favor in the area of finances especially when we sow. Sowing a seed of faith is just that, a step of faith. Giving and knowing that God will cause you to reap greater than what you’ve sown. It takes us back to the word, when we read that faith without work it dead. Giving is a part of financial favor being released on your life. I read a powerful testimony not too long ago. There was a woman who had sown a $21 seed of faith into our ministry. She said in the testimony that she’s believing God for financial favor. She had lost her job that was paying her more than $100,000 a year. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty good money. She had been out of work for quite some time and she sowed a $21 seed of faith believing God was going to give her financial favor. Again, to be opulent means to be very wealthy. Well, to make a long story short she wrote me and told me that God blessed her with a $1000 unexpected check in the mail within three days of her sowing that seed. Then, to add more energy to the celebration, she ended up receiving a check for $15,000 in the mail because there was a money owed to her from the government from years ago. God has a special way of allowing his favor to shine on you. She testified now, but I declare that you are next in line to testify of that same level of financial goodness. There was another time when a woman testified about how she sowed a seed of faith and God ended up blessing her finances. There was a moment on Facebook live and I told the people who are listening to sew a $31. This lady said she only had $.31. I told her if that was her best to give it and God would multiply it sooner than she expected. Within in 3 days she wrote me and testified that she had received three job offers. All paying her more than she’s ever made in her life. That’s opulence working through favor!

One thing that I’ve discovered while spending time with God, is that his favor and the opulence that comes with it, doesn’t have to be created. It has already been created for us. The only thing that you and I have to do is receive it. You can have it just reach up and grab it by faith and it’s already yours. It is God’s will that we live in abundance. That’s why Jesus said in the word that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy; but then Jesus said he came that we would have life and life more abundantly. Having life is good, but having the good life more abundantly takes the experience of life to a whole new level. The abundant life is the opulent life. It’s the life where we live having all of our needs met according to God’s riches in glory. Never be afraid to live this opulent life of favor. There are so many believers who are blessed beyond measure, but they hide their blessings. They are ashamed of how good God has been to them. Don’t be that person. The wealth of the wicked has been laid up for the righteous. We have a right to be blessed. God takes pleasure in blessing us. Which means God wants to bless us! There are some people that say that they don’t need money. That’s a lie. Even the richest person in the world knows that they need the money that they have in order to manage day-to-day life. God’s children are supposed to live a joyful life.

A part of living a joyful life is knowing that you don’t have to be stressed out about finances. My wife and I made a declaration, at the beginning of our relationship that money would never be a problem in our life. You have to learn how to declare that finances will never be a reason for you to be stressed. Declare that you will never be broke a day in your life. Declare that lack will not be a part of your life story. Declare that you have more than enough. You have to speak those words out loud so that the enemy Will never have room to convince you otherwise. You are opulent. You are very wealthy and you are excellent in every way. This is why you have to celebrate the fact that God’s favor is on your life heavy. Whatever you need financially, because you have the favor of God it’s already been released to you. Go get it. It’s yours!


So the last letter in the word favor is the letter “R.” When the Lord spoke to me about this letter, he spoke the word respect. When you have the favor of God on your life you are respected. In fact, you should be respected and everybody around you must respect you. I’m not trying to turn you into some type of arrogant individual who demands that everyone bows when you enter the room, but I am letting you know that just because you are a child of God, doesn’t mean that people have the right to walk over you. You deserve respect. God’s favor on your life will cause people to respect you in ways that society doesn’t think you deserve. People will honor you. When you enter a room the atmosphere will change. What does it mean to respect? It’s a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable or important. It’s also a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious and should be treated in an appropriate way.

In the Bible, Jesus tells us to let our light so shine before men that they would see our good works and then glorify the father who is in heaven. What a great opportunity to represent the kingdom of God by letting our light shine through the way we live. In this, respect is included. When your light shines the right way, people will respect you. When the favor of God is on your life, we’ve discovered that you’ve been fortunate, approved, validated, opulent and now respected, this means that your light is shining in ways beyond the norm. Everybody cannot shine like this. Only those of us who have discovered and received the favor of God on our life can shine in this way. You’re just like a light. Whenever a light shines, it grabs the attention of those within reach of seeing the light. There’s some lights that will only shine as far as the room will let it. Then, there are lights like stars that can be seen for millions of miles. What type of light are you? What type of respect do you demand?

I met a believer some time ago and they were almost testifying and bragging as if they were doing God a favor by letting people slap them in the face. They would allow others to take advantage of them. They would just be comfortable with people looking over them and treating them as if they weren’t worth anything. I had to correct them. Because I knew that at some point in their life they had been taught the wrong things, I had to teach them the right way. I told them I said, “the Bible teaches us that greater is he who is in us than he that is in this world,” and I let them know that when the greater one lives in us, people should treat us with the same respect that they would honor God with. I’m telling you this right now, even as you read this book your confidence should be rising. Your faith should be going to another level. Not just in what God is going to do for you, but it should be rising in confidence because you know who you are and who’s you are. You are a child of the king. The Bible tells us that we are a royal priesthood and a chosen generation. The Bible also lets us know that we are more than conquerors. Now, a conqueror deserves respect. Even when you watch sports and you see a sports team win the championship at the end of the season, they get respect because they demand respect. Don’t walk through life letting people treat you like you are not royalty. Walk with your head up high. Stick your chest out and declare boldly to the world I know who I am, I am a child of the true and living God, and his favor is on my life.

There were seasons in my life where people just treated me bad and it took me a little while but sooner or later I begin to realize I am better than this. I began to demand respect. I was working in a very small hotel at one point in time in my life, and the staff and management would take advantage of me often because they knew that I was a Christian and they knew that a Christian would be nice all the time and be friendly all the time. I thought that I was supposed to be that way and I didn’t realize that I had the favor of God on my life so heavy and I didn’t need to bow down to man’s requests just to fit in and perhaps get a raise. I remember one day I found an email where they were lying on me saying that I was doing the wrong things. One part of me said that I was going to leave the situation alone, but then I felt this boldness rise up in me. I called a meeting with the management and I rebuked them right at the hotel. They were all shocked. But they didn’t realize that I recognized the favor of God on my life. If they were going to fire me it was OK. God would take care of me. They didn’t fire me but two days later I decided to quit. I walked out of that place because I knew that God had much better in store for me and that I did not need to be in a place where I was being treated, less than what I was worth. Now, I’m not telling you to quit your job, but I am telling you to stand up. Walk in your worth!

You are valuable and you are respected. You cannot force people to respect you, but you can refuse to be disrespected. I’ll say this, even when people disrespect you, you still must respect them back. Don’t ever stoop down to a person’s ignorant level of thinking and treating others. Remember, the favor of God is on your life. You have something that they don’t have. With favor comes Joy, dignity and integrity. So even if a person chooses to disrespect you, don’t you disrespect them. You keep walking and doing as I told you before, let your light shine and the respect will come. When you’ve got the favor of God on your life, you are already respected whether they like it or not. #Respect


My prayer for you is that this book has blessed you and encouraged you. Know who you are and know that no matter what, the favor of God is on your life right now!

Remember these word from the Prophet Amos:

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree.”

“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel!”

Amos 9:13-14 (MSG)

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When we have the favor of God on our lives, we have benefits that go beyond our ability to understand. As children of God we are automatically considered to be his favorites. With that, comes open doors and opportunities to fully experience the abundant life that Jesus promised us! When we look at the word favor it means to give special regard to; to treat with goodwill; to show exceptional kindness to someone. Sometimes, it means to show extra kindness in comparison to the treatment of others; that is, preferential treatment. Marcus Gill reminds us that this is what God does for us through his favor.

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