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Fathers Eve

Fathers Eve


Brian Felsen





“Let’s play chase, daddy!

Let’s play chase!”


I bathe in your warm smell,

the glow of your laugh,

the furrow of apprehension,

A romance reincarnate.


I still took pride

In my down

Until the cry.

Let’s nuzzle. Come.

I won’t harm

or abandon -


Looted of license to play carefree

And with these romaine stems to tend I tendered –


basic training, bonsai training, boxing training

And kept our cage clean –


For sweet pup, compliant baby,


Hear me -

And cower when need be.


And every night I sang you a lullaby:

Take pride in yourself, little pup, little pup

And play where you will, my darling baby.



As you grew

I tried to harvest cheer

in how clear you came to see me -

not as that scientist above

but as a hairy bigger



and still scratched my head at how you scurried


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Fathers Eve

  • Author: Brian Felsen
  • Published: 2016-08-13 04:40:08
  • Words: 773
Fathers Eve Fathers Eve