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Fathers: A Collection of 3 Flash Fiction Stories

Fathers: A collection of 3 Flash Fiction Stories


By Antonio Ingram


Copyright 2016 Antonio Ingram


Shakespir Edition








































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Title Page




1. Teddy


2. He Never Came


3. His Truth












































By Antonio Ingram


Brittney sets up her play table and tea sets. She seats her stuffed companion in front of her and takes her seat. “Good afternoon, Teddy. I hope it’s to your liking. This is the same flavor as yesterday, and the day before that.” She sips out of her cup.

“What’s that? Oh, I knew you wouldn’t mind.”

Brittney glances at the stuffed creature, full of love as it … sits there, “Here, let me help you sip,” she says as she grabs her cup and pours it into the stitched seal of its mouth. “Oh, isn’t it so delicious? She grabs the head of the stuffed animal, nudges the head.

“You think it’s one of my best? Thank you, I think so too.” Brittney sips her cup, “Aw, I love you too. I could talk to you all day about everything and anything. And you will sit and listen.” She uses the lifeless bears paw to sip its cup.

She looks over at a picture of her father dressed in camouflage on the wall, “Just like daddy would do,” she says. “I think that’s why he asked you to watch over me.” Brittney smiles, “hey, remember that thing daddy used to do with his hand when he had that costume on?” She grabs one of the stuffed bears paws and places it at the side of its forehead. “Yeah! Hehe. That’s what he used to do. I always thought he looked silly doing that. I forgot what he use to call it.”

“He said that you were the guardian and I was his angel?” She smiles as she wipes a tear from her eye, “He always said I was his angel. He said I kept him safe on his journeys. Daddy found you on his journey? He never told me that.” She rubs its head. “I just wish he could be here with me more. My classmates always pick on me and called my dad a ghost because they never see him,” she says as she glances down. “And then I always see everyone else going home with their daddy and mine is… Like a ghost. Maybe they’re right”

“I know he’s not a ghost.” she says. It’s… Okay, you’re right. I will never let my classmates tell me about my daddy. I promise… Yes, I pinkie promise, Teddy.

The stuffed animal continues to sit in a lifeless, leaned position. “Here, have some more,” she tips the cup to it’s mouth again followed by her sipping. “So how did you and daddy meet?”

“He picked you out from a whole bunch of other teddies and said he knew you and me were meant to be? Wow, you really are a special. Aw, you’re so sweet. I always felt special around you and daddy.”

She pours more tea in her cup, “Daddy has been on a very, very long journey. He missed my last three birthdays. And I really want to make him proud because I know he is watching me and I want you to help me with that, Okay?”

“Really, you will be there for me as long as you live?” She says as she grabs the stuffed bear and hugs it tightly. “Thank you so much, Teddy.” She looks back over to the picture of her dad, “You too.”




He Never Came

By Antonio Ingram


“I see you looking through that peephole,” the woman says.

“I know, mom. I just really can’t wait to see him,” Ahmad anxiously looks out of the tiny hole and at bright headlights going by.

“I know, but as I tell you time and time again, he has a horn,” the mother replies. “That means you can sit down and wait patiently. You make me nervous standing at the door like that,” she says.

Ahmad swings his body around and flops on the couch, “happy now?”

“It’s not about me being happy, sweetheart,” the mother replies. “I just don’t want you to get yourself worked up for a disappointment.”

“But he said he was really coming this time,” Ahmad says. “He promised.” The mother shakes her head as she continues to flip through the channels on TV.

Excitement sparks in Ahmad’s eye as he sees the light of a car slowly appearing in the darkness. But… It was just a passing car, the eagerness in his eye diminishes.

The mother appears at the doorway of the kitchen. “It’s getting late, why don’t you eat something, baby?”

“No, that’s okay. I’m just going to wait for dad to get here so he can take me out to eat,” Ahmad replies. “Plus the moment I start eating, he would show up then. Right?”

“Yeah, you got a point,” she says. “Well, if you get hungry, there’s food in here for you.”

“Okay,” Ahmad says. As the mother steps back in the kitchen, Ahmad pulls out his phone, checking the time, “C’mon, dad”. Ahmad strains his eye as he continues to peek through the door. He grabs his phone, checking the time. He goes to his contact information, searching for father. Upon finding it, he eagerly waits as the phone rings, and rings, and rings, and rings… but it goes to the answering machine. Redials it and it rings on and on again… but it goes to answering machine. And tries on more time as the phone instantly goes into voice message. He sighs, proceeding to view out. Then, he sees the light of another car coming near as life returns to Ahmad’s eyes. As the car pulls in the drive way, Ahmad opens the door, he goes hastily grabs his bags and other belongings. “Mom, dads here! I told you he would…” Ahmad says only to see that the car is backing out of the driveway and going back the way it came. He drops his bag and belongings as he looks out at the night. Mother opens the door, coming out of her room, “well, guess you were ri…”

She sees him just standing there, completely still. “What’s wrong, baby.” No answer follows as the mother slowly approaches him. As she sees tears running down his face, she embraces him, “Aww, I’m so sorry, baby.” Unable to hold it in any longer, Ahmad sobs away in his mother’s arms. The mother kisses him on the forehead, “It’ll be okay, It’ll be okay.” Let’s get you something to eat to you can get in the bed.” Ahmad nods as he shuts the door.










His Truth

By Antonio Ingram



Paula stands with her back turned to Bob, her husband. She gazes at her reflection in the mirror. Bob holds his head down.

“I’ve noticed how different you’ve been these past weeks.” Bob gives no answer. “Are you falling out of love with me?” Bob sits in silence. “Do you not even have it in your heart anymore to give me some kind of explanation?” she says. Bob grasps his leg and closes his eyes. Paula shakes her head and looks at the picture of her, Bob, and their son. “There used to be golden times, the three of us. You always used to seem so happy with lots to talk about. What happened to us?”

“It’s not what happened,” Bob says. “It was always happening.”

Paula glances over at him, “What? What was happening, Bob?”

“I tried to hide these feelings but I can’t hide them anymore,”

“Is it someone else?”

Bob approaches Paula. “I’m so sorry,” he hugs her. “I’ve been in love with him for so long. Please understand I-“

Paula slaps him, “Get off of me!!”


“How could you do this to our family!”

Bob looks back down. “How could you understand the pain of hiding your true feelings from your family and friends? “Keeping it from your job because you think you’ll lose it? The hurt of never being looked at the same again?”

“Oh, so I was just a front to cover your identity?”

“That’s not what I said, Paula.”

“Then what the hell was I to you exactly?”

“My wife, honey”

“I want to know the honest truth when I ask you this, Bob. Did you really love me?”

“Paula, I… I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to hurt-

“Just get out off here!!”, she falls to her knees in despair.

Bob notices Paula’s state. “That’s probably what’s best. I will talk to our son when-

“And tell your son what?” Joey interrupts.

“Now is not the time,” he says.

“You kept it from me all this time and now your going to keep it from your son too?” She says.

“Kept what!”

Bob and Paula glance at each other.

“I’ll let your father explain it to you.” She turns back into her mirror.

“Well, son. I’ve had a different interest for as long as I can remember.” He glances over at Paula. “An interest I have kept from your mother for a long time. And that I regret.”

“What interest?”

Bob approaches Joey.

“Son… Your father has an interest in men.”

Disgust wreaks Joey’s face as he slowly steps back.

“Joey, I know this is hard for you to understand. But this is-“

“No!!” Joey runs off.


A door slams.

Bob glances back over at Paula. He gathers some of his things. He heads towards the door. The door closes as Bob exits. Paula glances over at the family picture.










































Fathers: A Collection of 3 Flash Fiction Stories

3 Fathers: A collection of Three Flash Fiction stories consist of three short stories, "Teddy", "He never Came", "His Truth". Teddy; it's been three years since young Brittney saw her daddy. He died on a very long journey but according to Brittney, He's been on a very strong journey. She misses him dearly, but is constantly reminded whenever she has a tea party with her teddy bear. The teddy was assigned by Brittney's daddy as a guardian angel to Brittney so she can continue to grow and never forget. He Never Came; fifteen-year-old Ahmad finally gets to se his father again. He lives with his mother who knows his father all too well and constantly has to remind Ahmad but he loves his father. He stands anxiously at the door, reacting to every headlight as he waits, and waits, and waits... His Truth; Bob and Paula have been married for nearly 20 years, filled with golden memories of raising their son. But there's a grey between them now as if marriage is a job they share. Bob has held on for as long as he could but he can no longer bear the secret inside him.

  • Author: Antonio Ingram, Jr
  • Published: 2016-05-23 05:35:07
  • Words: 1599
Fathers: A Collection of 3 Flash Fiction Stories Fathers: A Collection of 3 Flash Fiction Stories