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Farce - The Final Stone Was Cast


Farce – The Final Stone Was Cast

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-92-2


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On the front: “A final grunt (to leave the soured runt)” 2016.


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Farce, I put you to a final task, and when the stone was cast, the shattered image last (life’s own master class is a full-on vitality blast).


Whenever others belittle, it’s really just a skittle: a simple little game to rise above the inane, and then come to life again, to vibrantly proclaim: “Pure sunshine is my name on every single plane!”



Farce – The Final Stone Was Cast


I heard a simple blast

and said, “at last, at last!”

for there the stone was cast

it shattered all the precious glass

(that awkward ego task – the constant ask, ask ask)


that sense the double dealing

had created an impenetrable ceiling

with all the intricate wheeling

the half-truth was concealing

what’s really most revealing…


farce, you really are so very sparse

on a spirit of community…

you grandiosely see whatever

you think to be

a part of what you wish to free…


but don’t you see, don’t you see,

you’ve much too little energy

(to ever bother the likes of me)


you pull a great big face

and cry out in disgrace

but disgruntled you just show

there ain’t no further left to go,

than simply one more stone to throw


A stone’s throw away

from breaking off with yesterday


A stone’s throw I see

a matted sense individually -

an apothecary of boredom

energy existentially,

fermenting apathy


And in that simple thing

procrastination now shall bring

nothing further more

to your final store

than kinetic energy

propelling inelegantly

the last you thought to flee

by hurling a stone at me


but turn around and see

I’m always laughing quietly

for I am ready now once more

to pounce and pour,

and then explore

all nature of the

building floor -

a door of opportunity

a door of what I see,

pushing further out just

straight ahead of me


So disgruntled sense of apparition

Fomenting sense of all perdition,


When all you think is lost

I leap at every cost

to use the stone that you threw

and build my mansion

grand and new


The stone of dereliction

A sense of awkward friction

until you start to see:


I’ll convert all

you throw

at me

into brand new



A foundation fiction

To keep the old in bay

but I break through anyway


A simple final farce

When each stone is cast

see what laughs last:


The flower basking in the sun

The “broke-through-concrete”

now is done to enjoy real fun

(far away from your incessant hum)


And see a journey won

through steely determination

as a vital force creation.


Farce – every doubtful

stone you cast,

will simply be a blast

far away from the past


Farce – when the final stone

was cast, I just had a blast

feeling the warm sun at last.


Purple Eyes Publishing

Think it clever to thunder stormy weather, when all I do is let the sun shine through. Cracks – freshest energy stacks: water rushing through much too busy to bother with the odd stone or two.


Apocryphal, your nasal full, of what you like to sneer; but, watch now from the rear, when all new life appear – the “cracking concrete” atmosphere is where all life adhere to each vibrant top tier; a predictive seer: to sense new life draw near by simply pushing through until the sun envelops you.


A moment of persuasion: a moment’s simple choice to always rejoice at what is my life’s choice.


Hard core – when you take the floor and nimbly dance away to a brand break of day.





Farce - The Final Stone Was Cast

Enveloped in such plaster cast - it shattered now at last - the shiny blast of what I see: the pre-formed reality - a statue to the divine: soaked up in pure sunshine, and whatever sense of double-dealing - the lost wax art no longer concealing - that bronzed, it is true - all imagery arise in you.

  • ISBN: 9781910774922
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-11-02 13:50:16
  • Words: 678
Farce - The Final Stone Was Cast Farce - The Final Stone Was Cast