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Family Chills

Family Chills


Every family has its own tale to tell






















By Andria J. Weekes


Copyright 2016 Andria J. Weekes


Shakespir Edition








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Table of Contents


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Table of Contents

I Miss You

The World Outside


About the author


I miss you


Jason’s eyes flung open to the bright rays of the sun that peered through his bedroom window. His alarm clock that continuously rung on his night stand, and the birds that chirped away were signs letting Jason know he overslept.

“Crap,” Jason said, as he sprung out of his bed, and checked his phone.


10 missed calls

“Dammit, late again.”

Jason rushed to take a shower, that included washing his face, brushing his teeth, peeing, and his usual body scrub. He combed his fingers through his hair, threw on his usual suit and tie, and rushed to get out of the house, but stopped at the kitchen. Jason suddenly recalled a memory of his mother asking him about breakfast, with a bright smile on her face. Even if he wasn’t late he would have still skipped breakfast anyway. Jason just didn’t feel like eating breakfast anymore.

Jason rushed out the door, but pauses as he took notice of the old black car parked in front of his house.

“Jason, I’m afraid we shouldn’t see one another any longer.”

The conversation Jason had with his father last night still played over in his mind. He continued to stare at the car until his phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Hello,” Jason said.

“Jason, it’s about god damn time you answered! Get your ass down here, or turn in your resignation letter,” his boss said, then immediately hung up the phone.

Without a second thought Jason cleared his mind, and ran to the bus station.

At work Jason sat quietly at his desk, and wrote reports for a boss that constantly rejected them. Around noon his coworkers left on their lunch breaks, leaving him behind to pick up their slack. Jason didn’t mind though; he’d rather continue working than eat lunch. He wasn’t really in a lunch kind of mood anyway, and work was more important.

By the end of Jason’s shift, the bright blue sky had become a darker shade of blue. The office was empty, and the lights were off; so Jason didn’t have to bother with awkward goodbyes. As Jason was leaving the building to head home, he spotted a man much older and taller than him walking a few steps ahead. Jason smiled brightly as he saw the man, instantly recognizing him. Jason opened his mouth to say something, but words didn’t come out. Another man walked up and greeted the older man. “Hey dad, off work already?” Jason’s smile began to fade, as he found himself trying to hide.

“I’m afraid my wife, and my children will find out about you, and I can’t lose them.”

His father’s words played over again in Jason’s mind from the night before.

“It’s not that I don’t love you Jason, I want you to know that. It’s just your mother and I, we were a mistake. My wife never knew I was with your mother, and eventually your mother left without a word. I can’t let my family know you exist.”

Jason didn’t feel anything at first, but suddenly tears began dripping from his face as he watched the two men happily get into the same car. Jason’s father, and what would have been his older brother was leaving him. Just like his mother had left him not to long ago. As the car drove away, Jason stepped out of his hiding place, and took a long walk home.

As Jason walked he tuned out everything around him, and blankly stared ahead, until he was standing in front of the old black car parked outside his home.

“This car is my last gift to you Jason. Although it doesn’t look like much this was the first car my father gave me. I think you’ll appreciate it more than my other kids would.”

Jason suddenly began giggling to himself as he stared at the car.

“I bet those rich kids of yours didn’t want this shitty car,” he said as he found himself opening the door, and getting in the car, “so you just toss it to your bastard son.”

Jason found the keys in the glove compartment, and drove the car into his garage.

“I’m afraid my wife, and my children will find out about you, and I can’t lose them.”

“And what about me? What about me dammit.” Jason gripped the steering wheel tightly as the garage door began to close.

“It’s just your mother and I, we were a mistake.”

Jason continued to let the engine run.

“I can’t let my family know you exist.”

“Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem anymore.”

With his final words said, Jason closes his eyes, and lays back in his chair. He hoped it wouldn’t take long for the exhaust fumes to kill him. He wanted a painless death; he didn’t want to hurt any more than he already was. He didn’t want to think about anything, he just wanted it to happen. He wanted to be close to family as quickly as possible, he wanted to see his mother again.


The World Outside

I was being watched, I know I was, but I couldn’t see who was watching me. All I heard was their laughter. Their dark laughter that rung in my ears, until it was faint. The bars, the metal bars that sealed me away from the world I once knew. Although the room around me looked pleasant, with its bright blue walls, and seemingly cheerful décor, they couldn’t fool me. What idiot would think this was okay? What idiot would happily stay still in this place?

The bars, they are closing in. They thought I wouldn’t have noticed, but I’ve realized every hour the bars move exactly a few inches closer to me. They move closer, and closer, until it became unbearable. I yelled, and screamed until someone came in through the door. The door to the room I was kept in. As if mocking me, and my attempts of surrender a tall woman appeared in front of me, with a large toothy grin.

“Well aren’t you a good boy,” She said, and suddenly the bars were no longer closing in.

She reached for the handle, the one attached to the bars, and pulled the bars open. An escape? Was she setting me free? I stayed at the edge of the bars just to be safe. These dark creatures, who knew what they were capable of. She stretched her hand inside, and pulled me out. I pulled away and screamed, but the tall creature was just too powerful. She pulled me out and cradled me in her arms.

“Aren’t you a tough boy,” She said, “it’s time to get you ready now.”

I was taken out of the blue colored room and was met with a long white hallway. More of these tall creatures walking back and forth. A few stopped, and grinned at me. Those creepy, threatening grins.

The walk wasn’t too long, but the wait was unbearable. After locking me away, what were they planning on doing to me now? The woman took me to a small room, and the first thing I noticed was the flat table. It stood tall in the middle of the damp room with wet floors, and concrete walls. A large pole stood next to it, with a small rope hanging from the side. The woman placed me on the table, and tied the rope to my neck.

I began to whimper, and cry. I pulled away from the rope, but the pullback was too painful to try again. However, this didn’t stop me. I tried again, and again, my neck growing sore, as pain shot throughout my entire body.

“No, it’s okay. Everything will be fine,” The woman said, patting me on the head, then holding me still.

With a force that was to powerful, I had no choice, I had to stay, I had to surrender. She turned a few nobs that squeaked horribly, and suddenly a large amount of water came pouring from above. I began trying to pull away again, but the hand that held me only pulled me under the water fall, and poured a sticky cold liquid onto my head.

The battle began. Roughly this woman rubbed at my body. From my head, to my stomach, to places I didn’t want touched, and suddenly there was a burning sensation in my eyes. I constantly blinked, but the pain didn’t leave, it just grew stronger.

“You’re almost done,” the woman said with a laugh. The laugh echoed in my ears, each echo sounding deeper, and darker.

That’s when I noticed it, the window. The window was small, but just looking at it made me feel so warm. Outside, the window shows me outside. The clear bright blue sky, with just a few giant fluffy clouds. There were also trees, tall trees, with just a few branches, that had just a few leaves. Under those trees were benches, were people sat, with smiles that made my insides flutter. The rushing water, the voice of the woman, they were all toned out as I looked out the window. The world outside of this place was where I needed to be.

“Alright boy, you’re all finished”

The water fell no more, and I was rubbed with a large cloth, until I was dried. Once the woman pulled away, I jumped off the table, and ran to the exit.

“No puppy!” The woman said, jumping forward, but I dodged her, and ran out the door.

It was the long white hallway again. The tall creators stared down at me, until one finally stopped in front of me, and reached down to grab me, a frown planted on their face.

“How did you get away?”

I bared my teeth, as a force began to build up inside me. If there was a more appropriate time for this, it would have been then. So I released this force, and suddenly I screamed, yelled, barked. Surprised the tall creature jumped back, and I dashed forward. If I came from one side of the hallway, let’s see what’s on the other side. I ran as fast as I could, my claws skidded on the tiled floor a few times, but that didn’t stop me from racing to my goal. I was met by a large room, but the contents in the room were of no importance to me. There was a frame, a door. A large glass door that showed me what I was in search for, the world outside.

I rushed forward, I was almost there. I could hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing slightly on the trees, but my dreams were shattered as long fingers curled around my body, and I was lifted into the air. Turned to face the woman who’d violated me earlier with a frown on her face, I barked, kicked, and swung my paws around, until she’d dropped me into the hands of a tiny creature. The tiny creature with pony tails in her hair smiled at me.

“Your new name shall be Teddy. Teddy and I shall become the bestest of friends,” she said, “right Teddy?”

My tantrum held, and I stared at the girl, her big eyes staring back at me. The tall woman next to her also smiled at me, and leaned over to pat me on the head. Her hands felt soft, and gentle.

“Teddy sounds like a lovely name, let’s take him home,” she said.

The little girl squeezed me tightly, and the two led me out of the building. I looked back at the evil creatures, some frowned, some smiled, others uninterested. The little girl patted at my head, and began humming a cheerful tone, as my surroundings suddenly became brighter and clearer. The world outside smelled so nice, and looked just as wonderful as it did through the window. So many sites to see, but at this point I was uninterested. The warmth I felt through that window, I felt every time the little girl smiled at me. It wouldn’t be so bad to go with this little girl.



Victoria is a loner. In her 9th grade classes there is no one to talk to. She sits in the library during lunch time to read the comics in the comic section. During lectures she prefers to stealthy put headphones in her ears. Around her classmates are happily announcing which college they will be applying to. Victoria’s home room teacher sits her down after school with a concerned look on her face.

“Victoria, you haven’t filled out your sheet for which colleges you’d like to attend,” Her teacher says, placing the empty sheet in front of Victoria.

Victoria sighed, and removed her headphones, “I’m not going to college,” she said.

“Victoria, you have enough credits, you’ve placed 4th in the entire school, and you have enough potential to go to any college you want. Can you at least think about it?” Her teacher slightly pushes the paper toward Victoria, and urges her to take it home to give it more thought.


The walk home is unbearably long, but that’s Victoria’s favorite part of the day. It’s just her, the cars rushing pass her, and her music selection on her iPod.

Victoria flips through a number of songs, and chooses one to match her current surroundings. The sky wasn’t too bright, and the weather wasn’t too hot. The few trees that shook to the breeze slightly seemed to sway in motion with her song, and seeing such a thing made Victoria light up. This is the only time where Victoria could truly have time to herself, and truly smile.

At home Victoria is the only child that doesn’t belong. Around 3 younger siblings, Tim Sam and Kim, Victoria is the only one with a separate father. Going to a home where her parents didn’t care if she did or not isn’t her idea of a happy place, especially when the two are always yelling and arguing. Somehow Victoria couldn’t bare thoughts of running away, or not coming home, although she wanted to. It was everyday she’d come home and those thoughts would fill her head, but the minute she opened her front door, those thoughts always seemed to disappear.

Once she stepped into her front yard screams could be heard from inside. Victoria sighed heavily, and stepped up to the front door. She pushed her keys into the slot, and slowly turned the door knob. The door immediately pushes open from the inside, and two small children greet her.

“Victoria!” Sam, Victoria’s four-year-old sister says.

Tim, Victoria’s 8-year-old brother smiles as he sees his older sister. The two-little one’s pull Victoria into the house, and follow her as she walks through the house to get to her room.

“How was your day Victoria?” Tim says.

“It was okay, how was your day Tim?” Victoria says as she lifts Sam into her arms.

“I got a 90 on my test in Science today, I could have gotten a 100, if I’d payed more attention when you were helping me study. Sorry.”

“Tim, a 90 is a good grade you know.”

“Tim is to much a smarty pants” Sam says.

Tim rolls his eyes and Victoria laughs to herself. The three walk through the kitchen where they see the youngest, Kim who has barely reached 9 months, alone in her booster chair. Victoria puts Sam down, and presses her lips together.

“Can you guys watch Kim while I go get changed?” Victoria asks, and her younger siblings nod in response.

Victoria rushes to her room, and takes a long pause after opening her bedroom door. It’s a mess, and Victoria didn’t leave her room this way. It looked as if someone dug through her drawers trying to look for something, and threw everything on the floor. Her makeup, perfume bottles, deodorant, and any extra clutter were sprawled all over her vanity. All Victoria could do was sigh at the site, sigh, and clean it all up. It wasn’t Victoria’s doing, but it was now her mess.

After cleaning her room, and getting dressed, Victoria headed out to find the culprit. Without complaining about it to her birthmother, and step father Victoria thought the best solution would be to ask what her siblings wanted from her room.

The three siblings were no longer in the kitchen, and instead Victoria’s mother, Mary, was there. The moment she spotted Victoria she rushed over to her, and handed her Kim.

“You take Kim for a while, there’s something important I need to take care of,” her mother says.

“Mom wait. There’s something I have to–”

“I said I have to deal with something Victoria!”

With her final words said, Victoria’s mother left. Victoria looked at her little sister and smiled.

“I’m sure you’re not the one that went into my room.”

Victoria, with baby in hand, walked into the living room, where she saw Tim. Tim sat silently reading on the coach. The living room was normally the place to stay away from, because the children’s parents always argued here, but today they relocated elsewhere. Tim took advantage of this, and spent a short time reading.

Victoria walks up to her brother.

“Hey Tim, did you go in my room today?”

Tim looks away from his book, then up at his sister with a small smile.

“No,” he says, then stands up, “I don’t find it necessary to go into your room if you’re not in there. Do you want to play chess with me?”

The moment Victoria agrees his smile grows, and missing teeth are revealed in an adorable fashion.

Tim goes back to his room to pull out his chess board. It was a digital board that Victoria had bought him for his birthday. She’d wanted him to still play against a computer, if she wasn’t around to play the game with him herself. Tim made way on the coffee table, while Victoria placed Kim on the couch.

Victoria stares at her brother’s eager face as he makes his first move, then she proceeds to follow after him. The game continues in silents until their mother comes out and sees their game. She grins widely as she picks up Kim.

“Oh Victoria are you playing chess with your brother? He’s good isn’t he,” their mother says, and Tim immediately frowns, “he’s never lost against anyone before. I bet even you will have a hard time. He’s good enough to play in championships, if there are any. I’m sure there are.”

Victoria found herself now trapped. This was the first time someone would be here to watch their game, and she suddenly became tense, especially since their mother was expecting Tim to win. Taking advantage of her emotions Tim moved his piece and called check. Victoria looks up at her brother’s face surprised. His face was suddenly sullen, but somehow almost looked angry, completely different from when they were alone. Victoria pressed her lips together, and looked at the game properly. She looked up and smiled at her brother.

“Tim, didn’t I tell you before to look at all pieces, and think carefully?” Victoria says, picking up her knight piece and placing it into a position for her to call check mate. Tim, wide eyed, looked at the board and slowly realized his mistake. He looks up at his sister and smiles.

“I’ll probably never be as good as you,” Tim says cleaning up his pieces, “even so I hope we can play again tomorrow.”

“Don’t say that Tim you’re only 8. You have plenty of room to grow and beat me. Maybe that day will be tomorrow.” Victoria says getting up.

“Victoria, shouldn’t you at least help your brother clean up after crushing his spirit? Would it have been to much to let your younger brother win?” Their mother says.

Tim’s frown immediately returns and he gets up and grabs his mother by the arm. Victoria watches as Tim drags his mother out of the room, then smiles as she cleans up the mess. By the time Tim returns the mess is already cleaned.

“You didn’t have to clean it all yourself,” Tim says, “I would have helped if Mary wasn’t here.”

“Why are you calling mom by her first name, that’s rude,” Victoria says.

“She’s rude also, to you anyway. If she can say rude things to you then why can’t I say rude things to her? She’s nothing but a slut anyway.”

“Tim!” Victoria shouts, Tim’s harsh words catching her off guard. She pauses for a bit.

“Tim…you’re only 8, you shouldn’t say things like that. And don’t worry about me, I’m your older sister you know.”

“Age is nothing but a number. Until society realizes this, and many other problems, we might remain oblivious to our own ignorance.”

Victoria stares at her younger brother until his shoulders drop and he sighs.

“Alright, I won’t call Mary…Mary anymore, but that doesn’t change facts, and that doesn’t mean I have to like her. She’s just ruining our lives.”

Tim gives his older sister a faint smile before leaving to go into his room. As he leaves Victoria begins her search for Sam. She looks in Sam’s bedroom, kitchen, backyard, front yard, in the study, back in the living room, but there were no signs of Sam. Victoria took it upon herself to give up. Someone going in her room wasn’t that big of a deal, and the mess was already cleaned up. She headed to her room, and found the door wide open, Sam sitting on the floor drawing in one of Victoria’s notebooks. Victoria rushes inside and sits beside her younger sister.

“Sam what are you doing?” Victoria asks.

Sam looks at her sister with a wide smile, “what am I doing?” she says.

Victoria sighs, “What are you doing in my room?”

Sam looks back down at her drawing, and continues to color on top of Victoria’s notes.

“What AM I doing in your room?” Sam says.



“Were you in my room earlier?”

“I don’t know, WAS I?”

Victoria sighs, and looks down at the small drawings Sam was so invested in.

“Is this us?” Victoria asks, as she sees a doodle of two girls, one taller than the other.

The tallest one had a cap strapped to her shoulders, and headphones on her head, while the smallest had cute pink bows in her hair with what seemed to be a bandana tied onto a stick in her hand. Sam shook her head excitedly, and smiled.

“One day Victoria and I will leave this house and be together forever,” Sam says as she colors in the background with a dark blue crayon.

Victoria picks up a peach colored crayon and began drawing with her sister.

“What about Tim?” Victoria asks, drawing in another person next to the already two people.

“Tim can come with us,” Sam says, “as long as he’s not acting like a know it all.”

Victoria laughs, “and what about Kim?” she says drawing a smaller figure.

“If we leave Kimmy here she will be to lonely. No one to care for her. Kimmy comes to.”

Victoria smiles, as she begins drawing in two more people, “and mom and dad?” she says.

Sam leans over, and scribbles on the two peoples faces, and frowns.

“No, not them,” Sam says, “I only need Victoria.”

“Did something happen today?” Victoria asks, and Sam sighs.

“Mommy and Daddy were yelling at each other again, in Victoria’s room. Daddy was packing Victoria’s clothes but Mommy stopped him. Then Daddy pushed me when he saw me and continued to yell.”

Sam took a long pause before her face became wrinkled as she began to cry hysterically. Victoria quickly wrapped her arms around her younger sister, and rocked her back and forth. Sam smothered her face on Victoria’s chest, and grabbed tightly onto Victoria’s shirt.

“Big girls shouldn’t cry,” Sam says, “I need to hurry and become a big girl so I can leave with Victoria. I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

Victoria wipes away her sister’s tears, and cleans here nose from the dripping snot. She continues to comfort Sam until she calms down, and before the two knew it their mother was calling them for dinner.

At the dinner table the meal was growing increasingly long as silents filled the dining room. Not a single sound was uttered from anyone’s lips, everyone except Kim, who continuously made spitting noises as she ate. Victoria’s step father’s brows furrowed the more Kim made noises, until he’d finally slammed his fist on the table.

“Dammit Mary, shut that kid up!” He says.

Mother Mary scowls at her husband.

“That kid? That kid? Henry, are you seriously going to be this way?” She asks.

“Do you even have the right to speak to me that way right now? Two of them isn’t mine, this one probably isn’t either!” He says, pushing his chair from the table and getting up, “Never mind any of this, I’ll just go to bed.”

Mary chases after him in a hot pursuit.

“Don’t just walk away Henry!”

The yelling and screaming of the parents could be heard loudly, until it became faint. Victoria looks at her three younger siblings. Tim silently picked at his food, Kim who was completely oblivious as a 9 month child should be, and Sam, who slowly began to cry.

“Daddy hates me,” She says running over to Victoria, stretching out her arms for a hug.

“Daddy doesn’t hate you he hates Mary,” Tim says.

“Tim!” Victoria says.

“Mom. He hates mom,” Tim says, getting out of his seat to stand next to Sam.

Victoria holds her siblings close, and sighs. She closes her eyes and presses her lips together. As if trying to teleport her siblings, and herself somewhere else, she continues to squeeze her eyes shut.

Later in the night Victoria, with her headphones covering her ears, finishes up homework she started earlier in school. It was no difficult task for her, being someone who’s ranked number one in her school, so she finishes quickly. She shuffles through her binder until she finds the worksheet her teacher asked her to fill out. Gripping tightly onto her pencil she begins to fill in ever missing space with her answers. What college? She already knew where she wanted to go. What degree? She already knew what she wanted to do. Why?

“I have to get out of here.”

Victoria with her lips pressed together stares at her sheet, now complete, and throws it into the trash bin. Her mother pulls down her head phones and places Kim in her lap.

“Vic, I need you to watch Kim tonight. I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep her in the room with Henry and I,” she says hastily.

“Wait. Mom I can’t, I have to go to sleep early to get to school, Kim will keep me up.” Victoria says.

“Do you want me to get divorced!” Her mother says rhetorically, then leaves slamming the door behind her.

Victoria lifts Kim properly into her arms, and paces back and forth her bedroom, until Kim slowly closes her eyes.

“What a good girl,” Victoria says as she places Kim to lay on her bed.

Muffled sounds are heard outside and Victoria goes out to see what’s wrong…again. Both Henry, and Mary are in the living room yelling for the last time. Henry, dressed in a long coat, with a small suitcase in his hand pushes his wife aside to get to the front door. Mary grabs hold of his arm.

“Where do you plan on going?” She asks, but Henry jerks his hand away.

“I told you already. I can’t live in a house with you anymore. You sicken me!” Henry says.

With his final words said he pushes through the front door, and slams it shut behind him. Mary stands silently watching the door until she notices Victoria.

“Don’t ask me any questions. Just…Just go to your room.”

“Is Sam’s father not –”

“Just go to your room Victoria!”

For the rest of the night Victoria stays in her room, watching Kim as she slept soundly.

With two soft knocks at her bedroom door, Tim and Sam walk in with their hands tightly clasp onto each other’s. Sam rubbed her free hand against her watery eyes, and rushed onto the bed next to Victoria.

“Can we sleep here tonight?” Tim asks walking in.

With a closer look Tim’s eyes were slightly puffy, and red. Victoria smiled at her brother, and patted the space beside her. He immediately closed the door, and rushed onto the bed. Victoria clapped her hands twice, and the lights turned off. One at a time the three siblings Sam, Kim, and Tim, fall asleep. Victoria however stared up at the ceiling.

“Victoria are you still awake?” Tim asks.


“Do you perhaps hate me because we’re half siblings?”

“There’s no such thing as half siblings,” Victoria says, “You, Sam, and Kim are just my siblings. You’re just my brother, and will always be my brother.”

There is a long pause.

“Thank you,” Tim says, “For being my sister.”

“Thank you for being my adorable little brother.”

The two remain quiet until soft crying is heard. Soft crying and sniffled sounds



About the author


There has not been a single moment of Andria’s life where creativity didn’t cloud her mind. From a young age, Andria has always been a story teller. From creating her own spooky legends to scare her fellow classmates about what creature roamed the school halls at night, to creating her own “You decide” story game, where the player decided how the story would change, creativity has never left.


Andria, now at a more mature age in life, has taken on the challenge of taking her thoughts, and skills, and shaping them into a career. She is currently attending Full Sail University, where she is learning the skills required for Creative Writing. She is learning proper etiquette on networking, and writing for different fields such as script, video game, comic book, and flash fiction writing.




Shakespir: https://www.Shakespir.com/profile/view/SirValentine

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andria-weekes-18596a12a

Email: AJWEEKES@fullsail.edu

Family Chills

“I miss you” Is a rather depressing tale. The main character Jason goes through his life like any other day. Sleeping in, cursing as he’s late for work, suck up to his boss, leaves to go back home, going to bed early, and repeating these steps the next morning. His routine is put on hold when he notices a father that abandoned him and his mother when he was only a child, and his routine suddenly changes to a nervous disaster. “The World Outside” is a tale that follows the character, Teddy. Throughout the story, Teddy faces many difficulties in a world he doesn’t know, and many creatures that terrify him. He’s seeking warmth in a cold environment but doesn’t know specifically what he looks for until it finds him. “Glue” Is a story that revolves around Victoria and the tough decision she faces in regards to her chaotic family. Mistreated in a family where she feels she is the only one that doesn’t belong she is ready to leave. Her three younger siblings are too young to understand her emotions when it comes to them, but regardless treat her like the hero any older sibling would be viewed as.

  • ISBN: 9781370966400
  • Author: Andria J. Weekes
  • Published: 2016-11-20 02:35:09
  • Words: 5144
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