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Fairy and the Lost Wings: Children's Bed Time Story

Fairy and

the Lost Wings




Children’s Bed Time Story














First edition: First printing

Illustrations and design © 2016 Dr. MC

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Dr. MC


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First Printing, 2016

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In search of her mysteriously lost wings, little fairy begins her journey of finding out where they are and who stole them from her. When she wakes up one day and falls down to the ground, she becomes more agitated and angry because her wings are missing. She encounters an old, wise chipmunk and bumblebee with all his friends. At first, she wasn’t polite and nice towards the chipmunk and the bumblebee, accusing them of stealing her wings and behaving rudely. But, after the night comes down, she realizes she can’t do anything on her own and gets back to the chipmunks house to ask for help. Through her discoveries, she comes to a conclusion that being rude and impolite doesn’t help anyone and through her search adventure she gets to know true meanings of “I’m sorry” and “Thank you”.







Fairy an the Lost Wings

On the very edge of a forest, there grew an old oak tree. But this was no ordinary tree. Aside for the chipmunks, birds, bugs and beetles, it was a home to very special little beings. They had wings, yes, and their beds were oak leaves. They were called the fairies. With the appearance of a normal person, their size was that of a bumblebee, wearing clothes made of grass and flower petals and skirts made of shallow acorns. The fairies lived on the oak tree, having their little rooms carved in the bark. They were spending their days waiting for the summer days, their favorite time of the year. Once the summer comes, they begin to come out of their homes, flying with butterflies and bees, enjoying themselves in the sweet juices of fruits and flowers. Fairies enjoy discovering new places and new green meadows in search of undiscovered plants and flowers. You shouldn’t underestimate the fairies, as they love themselves a bit too much and tend to be harsh and impolite towards other living things in their surroundings. One such little fairy with soft shirt made of rose petal and acorn skirt was minding her business one evening, preparing herself to sleep. She was very tired because she spent the whole day collecting apple juice. She laid on her oak leaf bed, rest her head on her arms and fell asleep.

Chapter I. Lost Wings


The night passed and the sun shone upon the oak tree. She felt sudden warmth on her body and yawned while stretching her arms. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. -What a beautiful morning! - she said and stood up on the leaf. -I could eat some pollen from that dandelion over there. - she thought and jumped in the air so she could fly to the flower. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she started soaring down the tree, falling fast. -What is happening? Where are my wings? - the fairy was yelling in fear while falling down. She hit the giant wild rose that grew by the oak tree and landed on the ground. -I can't believe I don't have my wings! Who stole my wings! - she was so scared in disbelief of not knowing what happened to her wings. -I must find them! I can't live without them! - she stood up and cleaned her knees of dirt. After she stood there for a couple of minutes, she started thinking of a possible thief who took her wings. -Who could it be? - she thought to herself. -I'm going to find out! –

Chapter II. The Chipmunk



The fairy walked to the little burrow in the tree trunk and entered through the small door made of tree bark. - Hello? Anyone here? - she asked while going in. -Who is asking? What do you want? - little brown chipmunk was approaching the fairy. -I'm looking for my wings, have you seen them? - she asked and started searching through the room, turning the table and opening closets and drawers. -Uhm, they're not here. Could you stop doing that? It's not polite to just get in someone's house and start to open things and make mess. - the chipmunk was angry waving his tail left and right. -Who cares what is polite, I want my wings! - she nodded her head and continued to make clutter. - You should leave before I call my friends and they won't be as polite as I am! - the chipmunk started pushing surprised fairy out of his house. She fell on the ground and wasn't aware of what she did wrong.

















Chapter III. The Bumblebee

She continued her search and saw a big bumblebee feasting on a freshly opened rose bud. -Hello! Did you steal my wings? Yours are quite similar to mine so I bet those are my wings you're having! - she pointed towards the fat bumblebee. - I'm sorry what? - he was flying above her and landed next to the fairy. -Did you call me a thief? Of your wings? Why would I wear fairy's wings? That's ridiculous! - he buzzed at her face and messed up her hair. - Yes, you did! You stole my wings! You thief, you robber! - the fairy started pulling his wings. - Give them back! - she pulled. There were a dozen of bumblebees flying over them, overseeing this strange situation. They decided they should intervene and descended down. - What's the trouble here? - asked the biggest one and stepped forward the fairy. - She thinks I stole her wings and that I'm wearing them right now! - the hurt bumblebee wrested from the fairy. He hid behind his friends. -You shouldn't go around making accusations if you're not sure, little one. That is a rude thing to do! - she was warned by one of the bumblebees. - Fine, have it your way! I don't care about being rude, I want my wings back! - she turned her back on them and carried on. After awhile, she felt very tired and exhausted. She couldn't go up the tree and in her bed. She spent some time thinking where to go and where to hide, because soon enough the sun will be gone and the ground is no place to be on for a little, defenseless fairy. The only place she could think of was that chipmunk’s house in the tree.

Chapter IV. Saying

I’m Sorry”


The night came soon and the little fairy started to feel fear and insecurity. She ran to the door and this time, instead of just breaking in, she knocked on the door and awaited reply. - An old chipmunk opened the door and put on his reading glasses. -Yes? What do you want? -he asked bluntly when he recognized the fairy from before. - I'm..- she stopped for a second. -I'm sorry for being rude to you some time before. I know I should've asked for your permission to get in and I apologize for being disrespectful to you. - she said quietly and leaned her head forward. -Now, that is a very polite thing to say! Saying that you're sorry can be hard sometimes, but if you do, it can only help you. - replied the chipmunk and invited the humble fairy inside. - Can I, please, sleep here? As you've noticed I can't find my wings and can't go up to my room. - she sat on a little wooden chair. - Sure you can. You apologized and I accept your apology. I will give you my bed and I'll sleep on the floor. We can start finding your wings tomorrow morning. - said the chipmunk and made himself a little pillow out of moss.

The morning came and both the fairy and the chipmunk were having breakfast. - Where do you think your wings could be? - he asked the fairy while eating acorn soup. -I don't know. - she frowned. After the breakfast, they got out of the house. Fairy stretched her arms and saw the same bumblebee as day before. She felt anxious and unhappy. -I've seen how you attacked that poor bug. He probably felt terrible and scared by you when you pulled his wings. It looked awful. - said the chipmunk and nodded his head in discontent. - I think you should apologize to him also. If you do so, you would feel better and he would definitely feel better as well. - the chipmunk halted. -You're right. I was wrong and attacked him for no reason, poor little creature. - the fairy agreed and walked towards the bumblebee. - Hey, you! Come down! - she yelled and waved her hand. The bumblebee recognized the fairy and was very reluctant to trust her, but he came down nevertheless. - I want to apologize to you and tell you I'm sorry for attacking you.


You must have felt horrible! I'm sorry for hurting you! - she cried. -Uhhh, well that's okay. Thank you for saying sorry, it means a lot to me. - the bumblebee buzzed in joy and hugged the crying fairy. -You must feel very sad for not knowing where your wings are. I can help you find them! - he said and whistled to his flying friends. Soon, there was a swarm of bugs flying over them. - This little fairy apologized to me and asked if we can help her search for her wings! Go and fly over this oak tree and around it to see if her wings are stuck somewhere! - said the bumblebee and started to search as well.


Chapter V. Saying

[] “Thank You”


The day was slowly passing by and the fairy was jumping all around in hope of finding her wings. She searched under the grass leaves, between the dandelions and daisies and among the fallen oak leaves. The chipmunk was also running everywhere, climbing on the big oak tree, investigating the branches and questioning other fairies who weren't rude and were willing to talk. Out of a sudden, a loud yell was heard across the meadow. -They're here! Your wings are here! - the bumblebee was buzzing around and came down in a hurry carrying fairy's wings. She jumped out of joy in the air and laughed loudly. - I can't believe it! My wings! Where did you find them? - she took them from the bumblebee and put them on. - They were underneath that oak leaf over there! - he was pointing towards the place where her room was located. - You mean, you found them underneath my bed? Nobody stole them, but I lost them? - she was surprised and ashamed in the same time. - I think you should thank this bug and all the other bumblebees who were helping you to find them! It is a nice thing to do, say thank you. - whispered the chipmunk to fairy's ear. -Thank you so much - she said, - I wouldn't have my wings without you helping me! And thank you, mister chipmunk, for allowing me to sleep at your place and for helping me too. - she felt grateful and fulfilled.

She learned many things while her wings were missing. Being rude and impolite doesn't help you at all. Nobody likes people who are disrespectful to others and having bad manners rejects everyone around you. Saying I'm sorry is hard, but if you do use it when you're guilty, it opens up every door. The little fairy learned that by respecting other's efforts, saying thank you is encouraging thing to do. By thanking others for their help and support, she made a lot of new friends. Even though she was rude to the chipmunk and bumblebee, once she apologized to them, they forgave her and even volunteered to help her find her wings. -I'm so happy I learned so much from you – concluded the fairy while flying next to the old chipmunk, - I'll thank everyone for anything and apologize for anything I make or think wrong. I feel so much better when I know people are happy to be my friends! -she blinked to the chipmunk and flew up to her oak leaf. She laid on it, folded her precious wings and closed her eyes. The day was over and so was the search of her missing wings.



The End

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Kid’s Jokes


Q: What do lawyers wear to court?

A: Lawsuits!










Q: What gets wetter the more it dries?

A: A towel.










Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with a dark horse?

A: Kitty Perry











Q: What did the pencil say to the other pencil?

A: you’re looking sharp.










Q: What did Bacon say to Tomato?

A: Lettuce get together!














Q: What is the most hardworking part of the eye?

A: the pupil








Q: Why did the picture go to jail?

A: Because it was framed.











Q: What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops?

A: Guardians of the Galaxy.











Q: What do you get when you cross fish and an elephant?

A: Swimming trunks.























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About the Author


Dr. Mc is a creator and story teller. She has two kids and she loves to tell a story for them before they sleep. She loves reading, writing many kinds of book especially children’s book because she read it with her children every day. In her book include moral, question, and so many advantage things for children that can make them become a good human in the future.

She graduated from The University of Durham in UK. She turns herself to author since her first child was born. She hopes this will be good for her children. She wrote so many children book that include moral, entertain, inspire and imagination for children. She has a unique style and creativity that make her book outstanding from other children’s book authors. She love to write a bedtime story and make laugh for children before they get sleep with sweet dream.

“Think High, Reach High”  Dr.Mc





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Fairy and the Lost Wings: Children's Bed Time Story

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Fairy and the Lost Wings: Children's Bed Time Story Fairy and the Lost Wings: Children's Bed Time Story