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Eyes in the Night



C 2016 Misty A Stomberg


Gregory S Stomberg


Nancy Bush


by Nancy Bush

edited by Misty Stomberg

Out of ashes

The flames grow bright

Climbing upward

Out of the pit that is black

Free from the darkness

Becoming light

Flying higher and higher

Never to come down again

Colors majestically soaring

Against the crooked sky

Guiding others out of the pit

So that they can soar high

On gilded wings

As they fly



C 2016 Misty A Stomberg

as edited by Gregory S Stomberg


Character list -

The Beast, closet dwelling monster, murders children in their rooms at night.

The Master, beast’s dad,


Town of Oregon, Illinois


Tommy Richardson, psychic powers

Jo, his younger sister

Brad Richardson, dad

Mrs Richardson – Francis

Mike – Tommy’s best friend

Sally, Jo’s friend

Mary Thomas, Jo’s friend

Ray and Ruth, Mary’s parents

Vicky Sandston


Billy Marsh, Billy bee

William, Barb’s ex-husband, B Marsh

Barb, Billy’s mom.


The twins, Catherine and Justin Lake, 10 years old, she’s not afraid of the beast


Brian Halse, kid, maybe the beast can’t kill him? Chap 9


To be continued

--------- -----

-Eyes in the Night -

Tommy and the Beast

By Misty A. Stomberg


C 2016 Misty A. Stomberg

Created and written 1986

Edited and rewritten by G. Stomberg 1986, 2014,

Edited 2016


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-Eyes in the Night ; the Beast

Chapter One – The Beast

The yellow jaundiced eyes of the boy beast stared into the darkness for one last time and for god only knows how long, sick and disease ridden from eating scraps of garbage, living in feces and urine soaked closets all his short life that is always locked, a place not fit for man nor beast.

Yet, here he is, alone in the dark.

Existing on hatred all these years, hatred for the master who kept him locked away, hatred for himself for being there, hatred for the being called God who allowed this to happen.

He can almost remember what it was like being outside, feeling the sun, the wind, and the rain, but that was a long time ago when he was an entirely different person.

He can also remember being somewhere else, in the darkness of time.

It is dark in there but light shines thru the cracks in the door, thru the keyhole, the air is musty but clean, clean air to breathe, the somewhere else is where his mind goes when the pain gets too bad or when he wishes with all his might, the somewhere else place seems to be another closet, but it is one hell of a lot better closet to be in, no pain, no feelings, only darkness and the silence.

Once he tested the doorknob at his secret someplace else hide away, but the daylight there had burned him, he remembered trying his closet door at home once and had been severely beaten for it, even his simple mind comprehended the danger of his actions.

He loved the someplace else world, he lived only to go there in his mind, but that was not enough to sustain the life of this youngster and his physical body died while his brain was on vacation and his body rotted away from starvation and the dehydration.

Whose closet was he in, he wondered, the devil’s or god’s?

Because his soul was away there was no light for him to go to, therefore his spirit still roamed the earth, a lost soul.

He died that hot night in August, in the small town of Oregon, IL, in that dark and dank sick and disgusting closet, and no one cared, no one even knew.

Not even the master … yet.

When he came back from the somewhere else place he was shocked and angered at his dead over abused corpse lying on the dark closet floor, confused at the thought of not being able to come back from the other place, but he did not cry, he waited in silence.

Then he got angrier and more confused, he felt strength and power for the first time in his miserable ex-life, his day of revenge was today, at last.

Then he sank back into the darkness of hate, like the soulless monster he had become.

He waited because he knew the master would be making the rounds soon and he was going to surprise the shit out of him and eat his brains just to see if it would make him any smarter, rip apart his body and feast on his blood and bones with a smile on his broken face.

In the dark he sat, planning revenge for the man responsible for his disgusting death, only his hatred kept his dark soul alive, and out of that hatred came an evil man like form to move that soul to exact revenge of some kind, somehow, and very soon.

As he expected he heard footsteps and the familiar twist of the key and the doorknob, the slow opening of the door, the freaking of rusted hinges.

That was when the sick yellow jaundiced eyes in the night became a bloody red for the very first time.

It would be hard to describe the look on the masters face when he discovered the limp young corpse of the boy who had once been his son, laying next to his empty dog dish, after all he had been expecting this for what … months …years… he could hardly even remember how long he had been keeping the boy in locked closets.

“It’s about fucking time.”

The eyes in the night shone in the dark, surprising him, startling him, he almost fell over backwards.

“What the fuck …. “

The master was standing there motionless, holding open the closet door when the beast with the blood red eyes came out of the darkness and into reality, growling.

The beast tore into his throat, slashing and clawing at the jugular vein of the master with its bony thin fingers, hard, fast, furious.

Its thirst for blood sustained its evil existence and with its fangs bit deep into the back of the masters head again and again, finally eating its way to the brain, hungrily drinking deeply.

It devoured the brains leaking out of its dead masters head.

It ate his brains and drank his blood until he was full, trademark squishy brains, which was the first time he had eaten well in a long time.

The realization came to him that he was dead, and the blood red eyes in the night turned back to its former sick yellow color and his spirit collapsed down into its dead body in exhaustion.

The beast was as one with the satanistic side of infinity.

When it awoke it was unsure where it was, or even what is was.

He was somewhere, someplace, maybe in a closet much like his own but completely empty except for a few hangers hanging above him, in an unfamiliar, strange new place.

It did not want to do anything today except to breathe the musty air and feel the dry carpet under its new found body, it was tired, sore, sad.

It wanted to laugh and cry and scream and curse at the devil’s handiwork that he had to call his own.

The beast live for awhile in that empty closet at 400 1/2 S 5th St. In Oregon until it discovered it could travel from closet to closet at any time it wished, merely by thinking, and it would always come back to this closet, his first refuge from the tortures he endured.

After all there was no one here to mistreat him, he had the run of the place.

It felt to him that this new existence might be exciting and fun, and as for the concern about him feeding, well, he would be feeding again very soon, anytime he wished.

It would be time to try out its new body, soul and mind very soon too.

In thinking this it roared with all its evil might at the human flesh and brains it would be consuming very soon.

He fell asleep dreaming of things to come, with an evil grin on its hideous looking face and laughter in its dark soul.

--------- --------- -------

Eyes in the Night ; the beast

Chapter two ; The Death of Tommy

At 1:15 PM the state police with the help of the Oregon fire department dragged the muddy Rock River searching for a young boy who had apparantly slipped into the rapids of the river, when the boy didn’t resurface his friends reported the incident, crying.

The divers located the boy underwater and tried to resuscitate him, but it was way to late.

The boy was airlifted to the nearby KSB hospital when emergency CPR couldn’t revive him, either, he was gone, on his way to the light.

Tommy Richardson, age 15, was pronounced DOA at 1:35 PM on August 8.

“What a shame, I hate the young ones.”

It was about 1:56 PM when he coughed, which naturally shocked all the doctors there, then he rolled over on his side and puked, by then all the doctors and nurses were at his side trying to save his life again.

“Jump to it guys!” The doctor yelled. “This kid must have nine lives.”

There he was, returning from the dead to the world of the living, a living miracle, as one doctor put it to his parents, happily telling them the boy had survived after all.

Tommy did die that hot day in August, but he came back, never reaching the light.

Some of the kids in school stayed away from him and called him terrible names but he considered them less intelligent anyway, and ignored them.

When Tommy did die he remembered going somewhere, he couldn’t tell exactly where but that it was very dark, and that he felt an eerie evil presence getting closer to him, then all of a sudden the place brightened up with the most beautiful light he had ever seen, it made everything else disappear, except for the dark spot where he had seen the eyes in the night.

He had seen the eyes in the night and they had followed him back from the light.

He could’ve stayed there in the beautiful light, in fact he wanted to stay, to feel its warmth forever, and he probably could’ve stayed except for the glowing red eyes, shining in the dark, daring him to follow them into the dark unknown evil that surrounded them.

For some unknown reason or another Tommy plunged into the darkness, daring the unknown to do its worst, and the light had saved him.

It was at that moment that Tommy was pulled back into his body and regained consciousness, whereas just moments before he been declared legally dead on arrival.

“Honest, I really did die.” He would tell people.

Then his younger sister Jo started having those awefull nightmares about the horrible looking bloody beaten monsters with glowing red eyes that spelled death.

Jo, Tommy’s younger sister, was talking to her little friends in her room, but not about Barbie dolls or tea parties, but about zombies, and blood thirsty ghouls from lost cemetaries.

One of Jo’s friends, Sally, had a pretty active imagination, and wrote horror stories like a young Steven King.

Jo was telling her friends that while she was sleeping she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched, and that long claw like finger nails raked across her headboard that night, and was pulling her covers down inch by inch, off the bed and into the darkness below, where these blazing murderous red eyes could be seen waiting for the blood it would soon feast on.

“Jo … “

Whispering in its evil voice that it would be back soon, very soon, to drink on her warm blood, and eat on her warm fresh brains.

“Jo … “

It was then that she woke up, cold and yet wet with sweat, crying.

Thinking that she must’ve had an awe full nightmare she reached down to pull her covers up from the bottom of the bed and she looked under her bed and in the darkness she saw huge reddish yellow eyes staring straight at her, and she smelled the pus red stench of death in its body.

Trying not to gag her screams filled the air and her parents came rushing into the room thinking something terrible must have happened.

After looking around and noticing nothing was amiss they turned to their daughter and asked what was wrong.

When she had finished telling her story they looked at each other and told herto go back to bed.

“It was just a nightmare.” Her mom assured her.

Her parents had been watching ‘night of the living dead part three’ and sharing a joint of homegrown when they heard their daughter scream.

‘It was just a nightmare.” They told her. “Try to go back to sleep.”


“That is so weird.” Sally said, when Jo finished her story. “I had the very same nightmare.”

Death has no soul.

--------- --------- ---

Eyes in the Night ; the Beast

Chapter three ; Bouncy Bouncy Little Ball

Billy Marsh, Billy Bee to his family and friends, had heard the whispers of the unliving dead in his dreams, had seen the glowing of the yellowish red eyes in the darkness many, many times, and had felt the cold claws of the beast tear and pull at his blankets at night, pulling them off his bed, frightening him.

He had also felt the hot breath of death on his face, stinking up his dreams, turning them into nightmares that woke him up screaming.


Billy usually did wake himself up screaming, and his mother would always come running from her bedroom next to his and try to comfort him with big hugs.

Demons do not always live in the safety of ones nightmares and Billy often tried to forget his aquantence with the devil spirit, but even his young mind would not let him forget the eyes that kept staring at him from the darkened closet, waiting to torture the boy when the darkness crept in and young minds fell asleep.

When his parents watched horror movies he always hid under the blanket and and kept his eyes closed tight for security reasons.

The beast was simply waiting until it got bored with his game of torturing and teasing the boy after dark and then it would feast again.

“Billy… Billy…” it would whisper late at night, forcing Billy’s attention on the closed closet door that slowly crept open as he watched it move ever so slowly.

The door of horrors had been opened to the gates of hell.

The next day Billy Bee was playing alone in his backyard with his big red ball singing his favorite made up song ‘bouncy bouncy little ball’.

Bounce the ball

In the fall

Up the wall

And down the hall

Bouncy bouncy

Little ball

This was Billy’s favorite song and he often sang it when he thought about the horrible eyes in the night, to soothe himself from the nightmare world of his dreams.

His hands slipped and he kicked the ball too hard accidentally, it rolled off the edge of his parents nicely trimmed property and into the weedy lot next door and kept on rolling towards the edge of the nearby woods, the overgrown bushes in the dark shadows.

Billy hesitated at first because he had always been afraid of the dark brushy woods and weeds, they reminded him of the darkness in his closet, the unknown, but now it seemed okay, it was bright and sunny and the woods seemed friendly and invited him in.

He took a few steps into the weeds to see if he could even see the ball as his heart raced.


“Bouncy bouncy …” he began.

He decided if he really wanted to play with his ball again he had better just go get it, be brave and tall and git her done, as his mom would say.

He took a few steps into the shadows of the woods which seemed a spookier and darker than they did just a few moments ago, the sun went behind some dark clouds.

“Alright.” He whispered to himself. “Bouncy bouncy little ball…”

He began to sing as even the sun went under a dark evil cloud, he looked up and imagined the sun being eaten by the darkness of evil.

He quickened his pace and began to run into the woods, still not even seeing the ball he was looking for.

He heard a soft whisper beside him.

“Billy … Billy…” a soft voice called.

A growl behind him.

Billy was unsure if he really heard the coarse gruff voice or if he was just imagining it, he stopped and stood in the shadows and saw no one there, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Nothing here, nothing here.” He stated to himself.

A growl behind him.

“Billy Bee…” it whispered. “I will see you tonight.”

He knew he heard something that time, he started to shake.

Billy was suddenly cold and scared shitless.

He broke out in a cold sweat and got dizzy, his hairs stood up on ends and goose bumps shivered up his young body, his mind racing.

He could see or hear no one now but he felt he was being watched.

He ran out of the woods as fast as he could, without his ball, crying.

Billy did look back, unfortunately for him, for what he saw would haunt him for the rest of his short life, two red glowing eyes in the shadows of the dark woods, they seemed to be laughing.

Soon he heard his mother calling him for supper and he convinced himself that that was all he had heard.

“Billy … “

“Nothing there, there was nothing there.” He cried softly.

His shoes needed tied again so he bent over to tie them.

“Bouncy bouncy little ball…” He began, then he remembered the ball he lost he lost in the woods, in the dark shadows, and the eyes in the night, whispering to him.

And the words he spoke that said “Billy, Billy, I will see you tonight.”

He could still hear the whispers in the dark even though he tried hard to forget them, and he remembered that he swore he would never sing that stupid song again.

It was starting to get late now.

It was past Billy Bee’s bedtime, but Barb Marsh, a blonde round faced middle aged waitress who was borderline heavy set and making a living off of tips and what little money she could get from her ex-husband William, had to start Billy’s bath water, prepare him for the night.

Something was definately going on in Billy’s closet.

Returning from hell, or limbo, the eyes in the night sank slowly into the cluttered closet of the corners of somewhere else.

Waiting quietly and patiently for its dinner.

He had been here before, he recognized its smell and knew it was the closet of the little blonde boy he liked to torture at night.

Billy had just finished his bath.

Barb had gotten into the habit of checking the house every night before going to bed and tonight was no different, she was going to bed alone again after her room checks.

“There’s nothing there, nothing there.” Billy kept telling himself.

Barb came into his room and started fumbling around in his toy box looking for his favorite stuffed puppy to put into his arms to help him sleep through the night.

“Goodnight, lovey.” She said and kissed him goodnight and gave him a big hug.

“Love you mommie.” Billy said, hugging her back.

‘Sleep tight.” She said and turned out his light, leaving only a little night light running in the room that barely pierced the darkness.

She glanced back before shutting the door completely, it would be the last time she saw Billy Bee alive.

“Night … “

In the middle of the night Billy began to toss and turn in his sleep.

Someone or something was interrupting his sleep, turning his dreams into nightmares.

Something was pulling the blankets off him, he was sweating a cold sweat now.

“Billy…” it whispered hoarsely. “Billy…”

It moved closer to Billy’s ear.

‘Billy…” it continued. “You knew I’d be back.”

‘What?” Billy mumbled as he sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. ‘Dreaming, I must have been dreaming.’

He hugged his stuffed puppy tight.

‘Billy …” it began to whisper again.

Two red eyes barely visible to Billy appeared very faintly in the dark at the edge of the bed near the closet, burning brightly into his brain.

“Dreaming, I must be dreaming.” He kept repeating to himself.

The red eyes slowly began to glow steadily in the darkness.

“What are you?” Billy asked, the fright showing up in his shaky voice.

‘I am the eyes in the night.” It spat out bitterly. “I am the eyes hidden by the shadows that lurk somewhere else. I am the master god killer searching for life through death.”

Billy was mesmerized by the soft gritty voice.

He tried to scream but no sound came from his throat.

Billy looked down at his arm and stared with horror and fascination as warm sticky blood flowed from a gap in his arm where giant claws were digging into his flesh.

Thinking that he still must be having a nightmare he could only stare as the pain got worse and the red eyes grew larger and larger and the giant bony claws dug deeper into his muscle tissue, too shocked to cry, dreaming, must be dreaming, it must be a bad dream, for he could not comprehend any thoughts beyond the nightmarish thoughts, as his brains was being eaten away from his slashed skullcap, literally being sucked out of his head in a sea of blood and gore before he even knew that he was dead.

Death comes to those who dream, and do not scream.

“Not bad for a midnight snack.” The beast thought and laughed out loud for the first time it could remember in ages as it disappeared through the darkness of the closet time warp.

The beast, upon returning to its home closet, sat in the dark, smiling and giggling to itself at the thought of gorging on young tender children’s brains that had tasted so good.

Barb Marsh woke up before the alarm went off like she usually did and shut off the alarm clock then put her robe and fuzzy slippers on.

In the kitchen she made herself and Billy light toast and poured them each some orange juice then she went to the bottom of the stairs and called his name.

“Billy..” she called out. “Time to get up.”

She decided she would check on him in a few minutes more and went back to the kitchen to finish her cigarette.

She thought he must be sleeping pretty soundly though because he usually woke up after being called but she figured she’d give him a few more minutes.

Time passed.

Barb finished her cigarette and walked to the edge of the stairs to call Billy again, after doing so she walked up the stairs and turned left and headed down the hall to Billy Bee’s room.

“Billy, are you feeling okay?” She asked as she knocked on the batman poster hanging on his outer door. “Billy.”

No reply.

She turned the knob slowly, sensing something was wrong, and walked in, something smelled horrible, and she knew something was wrong.

Flipping on the light switch she saw so much blood she could barely comprehend what she was seeing, an ocean of blood flowing at her feet.

Nothing could prepare her brain for the shock of seeing the bloody horror scene she was seeing, and smells of death filled her lungs and choked her mind and scrambled her senses.

What was left of Billy Bee was laying dead in peices on the bed.

“No … “ She screamed in shock.

There was blood everywhere.

There was so much blood that the bed dripped red sticky pools of it around the bare skinned meat that was left lying in the center of the bed.

So much blood that when Barb dropped to her knees that her pants began soaking up the blood with a warm sticky stinking ooze of redness.

She knew instantly that the lifeless pile of flesh and bone in the center of the bloody mess in the center of the bed was her son Billy torn to shreds as if eaten by a wild animal.

Blood was smeared from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling, dead red.

How could she have not heard this?

She screamed again as she tried to stand up but only managed to slip and stumble backwards out the door, vomiting as she hit the floor, landingon her butt.

She was screaming as her senses went reeling and she passed out in shock.

Swirling around in the back of her passed out and grossed out mind was one thought, where was her ex, William Marsh senior?

--------- --------- -----------

Eyes in the Night ; the Beast

Chapter four ; Mary’s Nightmare

Mary Thomas was a bright young girl with long brown hair and blue eyes who wore glasses and was a good friend of Jo’s at school.

She lived not very far from the Richardson’s house.

That night she was having a bad dream, with claws as big as saws, and every time that Mary dreamt, the eyes were right behind.

So close, so very very close.

Mary always dreamed of the beast and saw his bright red eyes glowing from the half open bedroom closet, praying that it was just a dream and that the eyes in the night weren’t real.

In the cover of darkness from the light the reddish yellow eyes in the night travelled from closet to closet in search of children’s minds to torment and abuse with nightmares.

It had learned well to use the power of the darkness to travel away from the light, bouncing from closet to closet in the dead of night.

It made many children’s nights restless that night by laying the foundation of nightmares, and horrors unimaginable to come into their real lives.

Mary dreamed of rivers of blood, lifeless corpses skinned off flesh and blood of her many friends, with their brains hungrily and eagerly eaten out of their heads.

She dreamed of monsters travelling from closet to closet and woke up in a cold sweat screaming for her mommie and hugging her doll very tight.

“Mom … “

The night screamed of nightmares.

--------- --------- ------

-Eyes in the Night ; the Beast

Chapter five ; Tommy and the Beast

Jo Richardson had just walked in the front door to her parents home after school when she heard her mother Francis call out to her.

“Jo dear is Tommy with you?” She asked.

“No mom.” She answered. “He was going to walk home with some of his friends.”

Once in the kitchen Jo began to help her mom make spaghetti for supper, a favorite dish for her family.

She also helped set the table without even being asked.

Tommy finally came in with his best friend Mike.

“Mom…” Tommy yelled. “Mike’s gonna stay overnight tonight, okay? His mom said it’s okay with them if it’s okay with you.”

“Sure.” Francis yelled back.

“Hi Mrs Richardson.” Mike said as they walked by. “Bye Jo, smell ya later.”

“We’ve got some homework to do.” Tommy said as they walked up the stairs to his room. “we’ll be back down for supper in a few minutes, after we get settled in.”

“Probably going to smoke some pot.” Jo thought.

The kids came down and ate supper.

When supper was over their dad, Brad, was watching TV while loud heavy metal rap music was coming down from Tommy’s room.

“God, I hate that crap.” He said to his wife.

Tommy still felt a link with the unknown, since his accident he became more in tune with the supernatural and the occult world around them, a lot of kids felt an eerie presence at night but few talked about them, Tommy was one of the few that liked to talk about the unexplained.

Tonight he could sense trouble in the air, but he dare not tell Mike about it fearing Mike would think he was crazy.

Soon he would see the sick yellow eyes turn to a bright bloody red.

“Goodnight Mike.”

“Good night true face.”

In the middle of the night Tommy awoke with a start, a feeling of impending danger, and death, in his mind, if only he could understand exactly what it meant, but he had no idea what his dark visions meant.

He could only sense that something horrible was going to happen, or had already happened.

All he knew was that he was scared out of his wits, sweating profusely, and that maybe this had to do with his own near death experience and the dreaded eyes from the darkness that had followed him back from the great beyond for some odd evil and unknown reason.

Mike was sound asleep.

Tommy had seen the eyes in the night before and they meant something to him but he wasn’t sure what kind of evil it was.

Why he had been allowed to live was a mystery to him.

In the darkness of his dreams Tommy is always headed towards the light, drifting away, and something is always blocking his way, following him back to the light of life.

He dreamed of the rivers of blood flowing from the light into the darkness of the death, was hit the earth with its evil colors from hell.

Jo woke up that morning feeling sick to her stomach and very tired because she didn’t sleep well at all that night either, bad dreams again.

She had dreamed that the evil dead eyes in the night had come out of her closet and had stood next to her bed staring at her, glaring at her young body, and laughing mightily at her innocence, there was something evil about her closet but she couldn’t remember the details of her nightmare, other than the horror of its red eyes.

She would always remember the red hungry eyes that terrified her dreams and burned the memory of them into her brain.

She would never forget those eyes, they had seemed so real they startled her, she would see them whenever she closed her own eyes.

Jo walked into the kitchen and found Tommy and Mike already sitting at the kitchen table and listening to the radio, a local channel, WORG with Bumpus E Maximus at the DJ roundtable, the Bump on WORG they would advertise, and he was one strange dude.

“Jo, listen.” Mike said anxiously. “They’re gonna repeat it again, you won’t believe this shit.”

Tommy just sat there staring at the radio.

‘This is your WORG radio news update, police in Oregon have confirmed the death of a toddler, Billy Marsh, nine years old, apparantly at the hands of an intruder, or possibly a large animal, Mrs Marsh has been taken to a local hospital for shock, the police could not get a statement from her and the police are still investigating the apparant murder, information is needed to locate Mr William marsh, but he is not a suspect at this time, your local weather is next and then your favorite DJ Bumpus E. Maximus rules the airways all morning till noon…”

“Holy shit.” Jo blurted out, embarrassed for her language in front of her mom.

“The last report said he died of suspected stab wounds.” Mike said. “they found no forced entry, pretty weird, huh.”

“That is so weird.” Jo said. “Last night I had this really weird about a monster in a closet, that ripped apart kids in the neighborhood.”

“Me too.“Tommy blurted out. “It seemed so real it was freaky, this evil being traveled from the light back to the darkness of death and rode the portal connecting kids’ closets, and ripped them apart and ate their freaking brains.”

“Hey Tommy, do you think the father did it like they suggested or do you think someone broke in and did it?” Mike asked. “Think they’ll ever catch the guy that did it?”

“Do you really want to know what I think?” Tommy asked. “I don’t think the father or any intruder had anything to do with this murder, I think some kind of beastly blood thirst maniac demon did it.”

“Tommy…” his mother said. “Dont scare your sister like that, there’s no such thing as demons, now eat your breakfast, and turn off that horrible Bumpus fellow, I hate his music.”

“Yea.” Mike said. “Talk like that gives me the chilly willies.”

“Me too.” Jo said, nodding her head in agreement.

“After that crazy dream I had I don’t even want to think about anything spooky going on.” Mike said. “I had this crazy dream that this monster boy was transporting himself from closet to closet stalking kids to murder them later, and it had the most wicked red eyes I have ever seen, pretty weird about that murder happening after I had that dream.”

“What makes you think it was a dream?” Tommy asked.

Tommy was thinking that maybe their dreams could become their worst nightmares.

He didn’t want anything to happen to any of them, was it all just a coincidence or was there something he could do about the nightmares around town?

Could these be the eyes that followed him back from the light.

When they started walking to school Jo started telling them about the weird dream she had too.

She told them that she had dreamed about the terrible pale red eyes watching her in the dark from the closet and then from another part of her room, she didn’t want to know what was going on, she thought she was asleep but thought she woke up in a fright and they were still there, haunting her, she didn’t think she slept after that but must of nodded off because she woke up again when their mom called them to breakfast.

“Iknow what you mean.” Tommy said. “I’ve seen the eyes in the night and all I can say about them is they mean bad psychic problems, because I saw those eyes the night that night that I died, I’m sure of it, and they followed me back from the darkness of death to the light of life.”

“Tom…” mike interrupted with an elbow to the ribs. “Sally’s coming.”

Mike didn’t want to upset the girls with their eery tales of monsters in the dark.

The kids greeted Sally with the usual school banter, greetings, and insults, some goofing around as Sally was showing off for the boys.

“Hey.” Sally said. “Did you guys hear about that kid Billy getting stabbed to death by his dad, man, I heard they found the dad today hiding out in some seedy motel.”

“I didn’t hear that part.” Tommy said wide eyed.

“No way.” Mike said. “My dad’s a cop and he said there’s some strange shit going on around this case and he says those wounds weren’t knife wounds but some sort of animal wounds, like maybe a bear or a wolf somehow got into his room, mom told me that this morning.”

“Freaky.” Jo said. ‘And Sally, I’ve been having really weird dreams lately.”

“How about you Sally? Have you head any strange dreams lately too, like the evil eye of death is watching you?” Mike asked and waited for a response.

“Wow.” Sally replied. “I never mentioned them to anyone before, how did you know?”

“Because we’ve all had nightmare, ever since that day I died and came back, I think something evil followed me back from death.” Tommy told her. “I’ve had really strange dreams lately too.”

All over school people were talking about the boy who was knifed to death in his own bed at night.

Some were saying the dad did it.

Some were saying the wild animals did it.

Some were saying the evil spirit who lives in the closet did it.

No matter who the guilty party was, the township demanded action and wanted the death penalty for whoever or whatever did it.

Even the churches were out for blood, and they didn’t care whose blood it was.

When Tommy and Mike heard all the other kids talking like this they couldn’t believe it, sure they wanted the guilty party punished just as much as anyone else, but they didn’t think the mom or the dad had done it.

Tommy had a pretty idea who did it, who the guilty monster really was, and he kept on trying to convince Mike of it because one day they might need each others help.

Tommy was thinking of ways he could catch, trap and kill the monster.

School dragged on.

When the school bell finally rang and school was out Sally hurried out the main doors to wait for Jo and the rest of the gang in their usual spot.

She wanted to really tell them about her nightmares and the red eyes in the night.

“Ihad this really weird dream last night.” Sally said when they all got together. “I was sleeping pretty soundly I guess, but in my dream I was asleep, I was in my bed when something started making scratching noises in my closet, the door started opening slowly so I sat up to watch these blood red eyes looking around in the dark, no shit, its claws started to pull the blankets from my bed, I guess I woke up screaming.”

Mary, Jo, and Vicky were all silent for a second, then all four of them burst out laughing.

“No kidding.” Sally said. “It was really weird, almost like it was real.”

Mary started telling the other girls that she too had been having really weird dreams, she too had seen the eyes in the night come alive.

“They came to me in my dreams last week, I heard the squeeking of the closet hinges and they came closer and closer.” Mary continued.

“Wow.” Was all Jo could say.

“Yep.” Vicky said. “You never know what you’re going to dream until it gets you in your nightmares.”

“Yea.” Mary said. “I’ve seen the eyes in the night, glowing in the dark, in my room, near my closet, all during dreamng stage, when you’re barely awake.”

“It talked to me in my sleep.“Mary said in a low voice, ready to get it all out. “It whispered to me, that it had been watching me, I thought I was asleep and that it was just a horrible nightmare, but it seemed so real, I heard it say it was coming back, god, I’m so scared to sleep now.”

“Awww…” Vicky said and gave her a big friendly hug.

Tommy and Mike know something that they’re not telling us.” Jo said. “and I intend on finding out what that is, we’ve got to work together on this mystery.”

“That’s for sure.” Mary said.

“No shit.” Vicky agreed.

“Then it’s agreed, we’ll team up on this devil.”

--------- --------- --------- ----

Eyes in the Night

Chapter six ; Eyes of the Beast

The eyes in the night thrived on the darkness in the closets and the power of reincarnation had provided such great hatred to the beast that he had the power to physically transport himself from closet to closet.

Even the beast had nightmares of killing the master again and again, sucking the brains out of the masters head like the god damn pig that he was, all for creating this soul starved mutant spirit of a halfwitted undead dog that he had to now call himself.

He knew the real hardcore god master had been devoured that night last week, or had it been longer, he really did not know as he didn’t exist in real time anymore, only that his revenge against the master had been complete.

His work had not been finished tho, he had been traveling the closets finding new humans who represented the master to him and he knew he must kill all the children to exact his revenge on the gods, to devour their souls along with their bloody flesh and bones.

Why did he talk to them?

The child had spoke to him and he understood the words and answered back.

He had been someplace else, the blackness of space between the living and the undead, the space between his mind and the closet.

The kids were a little different than his adult master.

The kids were weak in mind, sick in spirit, he knew because he had visited some kids he wanted to kill because his violent rampage had given him so much power.

He had seen death, became death, stared into its bright eyes and fled back into the darkness when he followed a lost soul back to this realm, a lost soul named Tommy.

He had watched death loom over the auras of the victims he had sucked the life out of, the last thread of energy had left them and entered him.

He had created death, he had been there and witnessed its creation.

Once he had seen death he was sure there was a death entity, and once he had seen a soul escape from the light into the darkness he knew he could follow the darkness forever.

Death was an intruder and there was another soul there too.

Could it have been the master god.

The thrill of the kill had tainted his immortal blood but the weakness was subsiding now, leaving him with only the feeling of paranoia.

It started to feel panicy.

His brain kept telling him to rest, hide and cry because he couldn’t take this any longer.

He needed to feel the darkness of death now.

And he knew of only one way to satisfy his urge.

When demons dream do they dream of people?

Do the dreams of demons turn into nightmares when haunted by the souls their wandering eyes have followed from closet to closet.

From hell and back, to look at the kids and yearn to murder them in their sleep amongst their nightmares.

He had to kill this monster named Tommy.

The beast with the sickly red eyes came back to its closet in the upstairs apartment at 403 S. 4th street, the very place that the afterlife had awarded him power beyond his wildest imagination, the power to kill and to transport his mutated soul from closet to closet after dark to peer at innocent children in their bedrooms from its hiding place in a darkened closet.

Twice it had killed.

He thought the master had been there spiritually when his body had died, he was sure it had been the master watching and waiting for his soul when the beast’s old live body had brought its soul back to life after seeing hell that day he died, he had been allowed to come back.

He was sure that the eyes that had followed him back from the pits of hell of the someplace else were from the master.

So could the master have come back too?


He never knew what had happened to the masters body after he had eaten his brain, or the crappy furniture there, or even his dog dish which he did miss, or for that matter his own body.

He didn’t know that the house had gone up for sale.

--------- --------- -------------- -----

-Eyes in the night

Chapter seven ; Mary Queen of Nightmares

Mary Ketchum was a friend of Jo’s and an ordinary girl who led an ordinary life.

Until now.

She was feeling freaked out, scared all the time and paranoid that someone was watching her at night every second the eyes were upon her.

She was putting on her flimsy nightgown now, but that made the idea of sleeping even more fearful because now going to bed was a reality not just something she had worried about.

She grabbed the latest comic book she had bought, a Detective Neal Adams minor series and skimmed over it, reading the good parts.

She started getting drousy, tired, even tho she didn’t want to fall asleep she started drifting off.

She didn’t want to run in screaming for her mommy like a big baby, they would just tell her its all fine and send her back to bed, so they could make yucky love some more.

Her closing eyelids suggested the terror of small small scratches on the inside of her closed and locked closet door but still her eyes got heavier and heavier as the darkness crept on.

“Mary … Mary …” it whispered as it scratched its sharp fingernails on the closet door, even drawing long slivers of wood into his fingernails just as he did when the master had him locked in the closet.

Mary’s body jerked a little but she didn’t wake up.

Her bedroom light kept glaring into her closed eyelids like a spotlight so she took her glasses off and set them on the nightstand and sat there for a second, half asleep.

“What a life.” She said to herself.

“What a death.” The beast thought.

She got up to flip the overhead light off, with only her little night light illuminating the way as she stumbled back to bed, laying down she curled up into a ball and hugged her covers.

“Night mom…” she said one last time to herself.

There was only the sound of soft scratching coming from the closet and the low murmering voice calling her name, a wonderful way to lull a girl to sleep, only to then terrorize and torment her with unsuspecting nightmares, and then the blackness of death.

The lock slowly slid off, the doorknob freaked ever so slightly.

The eyes peeked thru cracks of the barely closed door.

In her dreams Mary saw the sickly yellowish eyes turn to blood red, getting closer and closer, then pouncing out of the closet and onto her in her bed, fangs drawn and ready to feast.

It was too late to scream, it happened so fast.

When she was jolted back to the real she muttered “it was just a dream.”

The darkness moved and suddenly the beast was upon her, for real this time, clamping its large claws around her skinny throat, cutting off the screams that was trying to come forth out of lungs but failed as she gagged and wretched on her own blood.

The beast leaned in close to get a better look at its dying victim and watch the life force ooze out of her body, the soul drifting away, into his.

Mary tried to turn her head to scream but nothing came out of her blocked air passages being choked, she was already dead and didn’t know it.

The beast monster was holding her tight, squeezing her purplish colored neck, digging its long sharp claws into her neck muscles and bone, blood was dripping, her eyes were bulging.

Mary tried her best to squirm and shake herself free but it was no use, the monster was too strong to relax his grip for even a second, death had come at last.

The foul stench of the beast is the last smell Mary tastes as she is rendered unconscious and becomes one of the dead children from town.

The beast was getting a good whiff of its dying prey too and began to drool all over itself and the dead girl, its mouth was watery and it was ready for a feast of blood that it would now have while ripping flesh from limb to limb, ripping the brain from the skull.

The beast swung its free clawed hand, swiping and slicing the throat of little Mary and stared at all the delicious red hot blood gushing from the gash, it began licking the blood and feasting on in huge gulps.

Using its bony sharp claws it began to rip off the girls face, her eyes still attached in their sockets.

It leaned down to suck the eyes out of the skull.

After that little treat it continued to mutilate the body with its bony finger like claws ripping flesh and muscle off the bone.

It ripped off the skull cap exposing the brain cavity within and began chowing down in huge gulps the very essence of life, the brain.

This is how the beast maintained its power.

Death and its celebration of death is what kept its hatred alive.

He licked her bones clean of blood, flesh and veins and when he was done he set back out into the unknown world of the darkened closet.

The dead don’t dream of rainbows and puppy dogs.

Tommy woke up screaming at home.

--------- ----------------------

Eyes in the night

Chapter eight ; William B. Marsh

William B. Marsh senior was released from police custody tonight with no charges having been filed and no grand jury being convened against the former Oregonite as he is reportedly co-operating with the authorities to help find the murderer of his only son, Billy B.

The mother is not a suspect in the crime either and is also co-operating with police on this horrendous crime.

No signs of forced entry into the house were found, but police are not ruling out an intruder, or perhaps it being a wild animal attack.

William B., as a child he was also Billy bee, unemployed, divorced, and got drunk after being released from the police station and rented a cheap room at a local motel, the V.I.P.

He spent most of the night throwing up in the bathroom, thinking about his dead son, whom he had not spent enough time with.

Feelings of guilt led him to feelings of suicide.

He was under surveillance the entire night even tho he was not a suspect.

--------- --------

-Eyes in the Night

Chapter nine : Beast in the Night

Some of the girls in town are crying in their sleep, others are simply laying awake in the dark crying, even some little boys are crying or just staring up at the ceiling, because they all have something in common, they have all seen the evil eyes in the night at one time or another and they are all afraid for their lives.

They all know something is happening to the kids in the town of Oregon and everyone is afraid, even some adults are afraid for their children simply by sensing that something is horribly wrong.

No one knows why strange things are happening now.

Tommy cries out for the eyes in the night in his sleep, sometimes wishing he had chosen to follow the light of god rather than returning to earth thru the darkness of life, following the red eyes of hell.

They met in the afterlife and he knew they would meet again here in the real world, or at least in the world of their dreams.

Subconsciously Tommy kept calling the eyes in the night to him.

Calling ….

Calling to the spirits of the darkness to send its demon.

The beast could feel the call even tho it didn’t know who or what was calling him.

He often felt himself being mentally called away, to the dark depths of nearby closets, closets near Tommy’s closet.

He was so close he could feel the warm beat of Tommy’s heart from the nearby walls that separated them.

Jo was sleeping in her bedroom right next to Tommy’s upstairs bedroom.

The closet door turned ever so slowly, creaking silently.

The door slowly crept open.

The rush of killing was now flowing thru the beasts body and he peeked out to stare at the sleeping girl as she stirred anxiously in her bed.

The beast mysteriously backed off, back into the dark confines of the safety of the closet, he felt the calling of the master, Tommy had called him back to the land of the dead.

The master had called him many times.

He could never escape the calling, not even in the afterlife.

“Jo… Jo ….” it whispered to her hoarsely. “I shall return to feast on your blood.”

Then it was gone.

In his room half asleep Tommy relaxed his body, mind, and spirit.

He had felt the evil presence threatening someone close to him and that was why he tried to interfere with it by calling the beast back to the darkness, summoning the evil of darkness to come to him, commanding him to come to his master, commanding him to obey.

He didn’t know that the person close to him that the beast had been torturing was his sister Jo but he had a pretty good idea it was someone near, maybe either her or his best friend Mike.

When Tommy called the beast he had travelled to a dark and unknown place with his soul and he continued to call the evil entity from there.

Once he was there he felt a bit uncomfortable but the feeling soon passed leaving him alone in the dark and at peace.

Soon he felt another presence in the surrounding darkness, a certain evil in the air.

He could faintly see the sickly eyes in the dark.

In his mind he could hear a voice calling out to him.

“Dont ever interfere with me again.” The beast growled. “Or you will find out what real pain and death is all about.”

Tommy hurried his meditating mind back to reality.

He opened his eyes and he was in bed, he thought about what he had seen, done and heard, trying to figure out a way he could trap the evil presence in the world, if only he knew more about the eyes in the closet and what he was really up against it may help all the children in town.

Mike stayed awake that night too.

He had bought some uppers from a long haired kid at school to help him stay awake all night, right now he had his headphones on and was listening to his favorite song, the Art of Time, by his favorite band Syberite.

He was doodling and writing about his comic book creation ‘the shitkickin kid’.

He had seen the eyes in the night.

Too many times.

So tonight Mike was just going to stay up all night and then he wouldn’t have to worry about being frightened in his sleep any longer.

While everyone else slept the beast was meditating in his sleep and bopping along the dark corridors of life from closet to closet at will, travelling thru space and time instantly, furious at the master for calling him and stopping him from continuing his murderous rampage.

Waking up babies and young children had given him the most pleasure, scaring them awake and then listening to their endless deafening screams was hilarious, and then floating away magically while the concerned parents rushed in trying to soothe the poor child.

Then off he’d go, into another dimension of terror.

He met and scared many children that night.

While in one particular closet he noticed two twins, he stared at them for a long time, making scratching sounds and growling softly in the dark .

The twins were Catherine and Justin Lake, heavy sleepers, they were both ten now and hoped to get their own rooms soon, for now they shared a room with their beds on opposite side of the room against the wall.

The beast slowly opened the closet door and peered out at them.

Catherine finally woke up and rubbed her eyes.

She had seen the eyes, but did not cry out, she just sat there studying the eyes, trying to figure out what was behind the eyes that glowed at her from across the room.

But she did not cry out.


He sat there for a short time while watching her, wondering why she wasn’t crying and screaming like all the other children had done.

Her brother Justin had started to toss and turn in his sleep now, getting restless, moaning a little.

Catherine just sat there staring back into the eyes of death that had found her sleeping.

The beast backed up ever so slowly getting back inside the closet to continue his exploration of the unknown universes that dwell inside the closet.

“Twins, ha.” He said as he closed his eyes to disappear, growling.

During his travels of horror he came across another young boy, Brian Halse, who had also fascinated him.

The beast had arrived in his closet and slowly opened the young boy’s closet and awakened the lad.

The boy had also just sat up and looked into the eyes, and did nothing, did not respond to the threat in way, shape or form, just sat there, gazing deep into the eyes of death.

The beast lurked at the edge of his bed, getting madder and madder at the thought of a second child who had not been terrified of him.

There was a murderous rage building up in the black heart of the beast.

He wanted to murder this child too, rip him apart from limb to limb and feat on his torn flesh and drink his delicious warm blood while gorging on his soft brains for desert.

He crept closer and closer to the bed, ready to spring into action and murder the poor helpless boy.

Something stopped him.

Some unknown factor in the universe prevented him from attacking and murdering the boy in his bed.

Brian sat there, doing and saying nothing as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

The beast was foaming at the mouth it was so angry, growling its way back to the closet to retreat into the darkness of the abyss and float away on universes never ending while pondering this riddle that spared the boys life.

The master had interfered with him for the last time, now he must plan his revenge, and kill the only human who had the power to stop him.


Eyes in the night

Chapter ten : Days of Doubt

Morning comes, even to sleepy heads.

The news was out before the kids started school.

Animal Attack.

Mary Thomas, age 14, of Oregon, IL, died in what appears to be a fatal animal attack that happened last night.

Details are sketchy at this time but Oregon police are confirming the death of a young girl and searching the area for clues to find the mystery animal.

Police have questioned a neighbor whose pit bulls have been seen roaming the area but they appear to have cleared him.

Some officials have expressed concern that this death may be related to the death of another child earlier this week, anyone with any information is urged to call the local sheriffs office.

And now to our weather forecast for the week …

At school everyone was grieving over the poor young girl, Mary.

“Can you believe it?“Jo asked her group of friends. “Killed by a wild animal in your own home, how horrible that must have been.”

“Weird fucking shit.” Is all Tommy would say.

“Yea. That is whack.” Mike said, he was Tommy’s best friend and he knew that something was wrong, Tommy had been acting a little strange lately, a little spaced out in his classes and day dreaming more.

A voice on the intercom announced that parents had been notified and anyone wishing to go to Mary’s funeral would be dismissed early.

There was a large turnout as all her classmates wanted to be there for her.

All of Mary’s best friends were there to mourn her at the funeral, Mary was young, bright and made friends easily.

Mary’s mother was hysterical for awhile and had to be led into another area as she was upsetting the children.

Then it started to rain.

The reverend began to pray over the casket that was being lowered into her final resting place.

Some people walked by throwing hand fulls of flowers into the hole, some threw hand fulls of dirt into it.

Most of the kids set their flowers by the headstone.

She was dead and being buried, they all understood that.

Ray Thomas was leading his weeping wife Ruth to the car, a 1969 Plymouth Fury that they fittingly called the beast, ironic.

Ray thought his wife may need some sedation so he stopped at the local hospital.

Mary was an only child and was especially fond of her mother, so Ruth took her death very hard, was hysterical, and kept asking how god could allow such things to happen.

But it was the devil and his beast that allowed this to happen.

Afternoon, after the horribly sad funeral.

The children who attended the funeral were allowed to leave after it was over, all the kids were crying about their deceased friend, some were trying to figure out how such an animal attack could happen in ones own home.

Mike thought Tommy knew a lot more than he was telling, and he figured Tommy had better start talking soon if he wanted the rest of his friends to remain alive thru the summer.

There was lots of talk around town, some said it was an animal but some said it wasn’t.

‘God damn psycho killer.”

‘Effin freaks.”

Even devil worshippers were to blame in the eyes of the local clergy.

“Wild animal my ass, ain’t no wild animal that makes marks like that and does that to a human being, shit, the sheriff told me all about it.”


To be continued


The Unknown Sea

by Nancy Bush

edited by Misty Stomberg

Full steam ahead

Hoist the main sails

Let the wind blow fully out

Destination unknown

New discoveries ahead

Endless seas

Following the stars above

Praying not to get lost

Or devoured by the darkness

Searching for the light ahead

To Atlantis

--------- -

Wicker Wabbit


Puffsmoke The Dragon Tamer



By Misty Azalea Stomberg

1986? edited 2014 three stories plus


Green Cheese on the Blue Moon

By M A Stomberg

An astronaut mouse

Rode a silver spoon

To find great treasure

On the shiny blue moon

Past the milky way

The rocket mouse would fly

Across the silver stars

That twinkle in the sky

He said when he did find it

To mouse kind this is a boon

Whoever would expect

Green cheese

On the blue moon


Wicker Wabbit

Deep in the forest here lived a large grey rabbit named Wicker Wabbit who lived in a large nice and tidy hole beneath a large oak tree, near a nice small spring fed creek filled with watercress and fresh water.

Wicker Wabbit was very busy today making nut cookies, carrot cakes, punch and watercress stew for his birthday party.

All his forest friends were invited, grey squirrel, hooter owl, molly mole, perry possum, chip chipmunk, and Missy rabbit.

Wicker Wabbit and Missy rabbit were the best of friends, and he thought she was the most beautiful rabbit in the world.

Wicker wanted to look his best for the party so he wore his dark grey suit to match his light grey fur.

The guests should be arriving shortly he said to himself as he hurried on setting up all the goodies.

The first to arrive was molly mole, and right behind her was his good friend chip chipmunk.

Soon after, grey squirrel and perry possum joined the party, hooter owl then flew down to the ground arriving at the same time as little Missy rabbit on the green path that led to Wicker Wabbits nice home in the ground.

When Wicker saw Missy rabbit in her cute pink outfit and soft white fur he thought she was even more beautiful than the last time he had seen her.

Molly mole helped serve the punch and refreshments even tho her bad eyesight made her run into things

Everyone remarked how good the nut cookies, carrot cake and punch was.

‘Its delicious.’ Hooter owl exclaimed.

Gray squirrel especially liked the nut cookies while Wicker and Missy enjoyed the carrot cake the most.

Afterwards they all played games and received little prizes for their efforts, hooter owl was real good at tag as he could fly out of range of whoever was ‘it’.

Everyone remarked on the nice prizes everyone received at the party.

Hotter owl loved his shiny marble he had won in the push a potato with your nose contest.

When the games were all finished and everyone was tired they talked for awhile before letting wicker wabbit open his birthday presents from his best friends in the whole wide world.

Gray squirrel gave him some acorns.

Hooter owl gave him some honey from a nearby bee hive that he had to trade some of his feathers for.

Molly mole gave him a big batch of grass from a very green pasture.

Perry possum gave him some edible leaves from his favorite tree.

Chip chipmunk gave him some delicious walnuts that he had been saving for just this occasion.

Missy Rabbit gave him a big vase of dandelions for his writing desk to encourage him to write more children’s stories.

Wicker Wabbit was so happy, these were the best friends any rabbit could ever have.

When the party was over, right before sundown, Wicker thanked everyone for coming over and for all the lovely gifts they had given him for his birthday.

Wicker walked, or should I say hopped, little Missy rabbit home, thanking her again for the lovely vase of dandelions and promising to write more children’s stories for her to read.

When he arrived back home he thought about how lucky he was to have such great friends.

The party had been a great success, especially for wicker wabbit, everyone had a very good time, eating, playing and swapping gifts.

That night he dreamed about his birthday party and all his good friends partying with him, he liked all the wonderful gifts he had been given, and he dreamed that one day he and the beautiful Missy rabbit might be married in the biggest wedding the forest had ever seen.

Yes, wicker wabbit is a very special rabbit, and he couldn’t wait to start writing more short children’s stories now that he had this one done.

The End -


Puffsmoke The Dragon Tamer

Puffsmoke the dragontamer was a young blonde haired girl who lived with her uncle, Merle, a grande wizard, in a clearing in the woods near the small village of Franklin Grove, named after the kings first son.

Puffsmoke acquired her strange first name after her first adventure with the mighty dragon.

As a baby the ancient dragon had passed over her home village and had covered the lands with its magic sleep inducing smoke which had put the whole population of nearby villages to sleep indefinitely.

Everyone that is save for one baby girl, afterwards the girl was forever known as ‘Puffsmoke’.

The dragon had begun terrorizing the nearby villages again so the king had sent for Merle the great magician and his niece, Puffsmoke, to help control, or kill, the mighty dragon.

After much searching the magician and the young girl found the green dragon eating a horse by a spring fed creek.

Puffsmoke approached the dragon.

‘You’re no match for a mighty dragon who has defeated the kings mightiest warriors.’ The dragon told her.

Immediately the dragon breathed out its magical infamous sleep inducing mystics smoke expecting poor Puffsmoke to succumb to its toxic knock out fumes.

It really startled the magic dragon then when Puffsmoke appeared walking thru the greenish mist of smoke and walked right up to the dragons face.

‘Sleep.’ She whispered.

She breathed out, exhaling the very smoke that the dragon had breathed out to her, releasing the fumes out of her immune lungs and into the nose of the dragon as it inhaled deeply.

It was the dragon who fell asleep.

With the dragons unconsciousness came the awakening of all the people in all the villages who had been put asleep by the magic dragons knock out breath, breaking its spell of sleep.

Henceforth the girl known as Puffsmoke became Puffsmoke the dragon tamer.

And many great adventures were to follow.

The End -


Hoppy the Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a little grey rabbit named Choppy.

He lived at home with his mother and five brothers and sisters.

Hoppy was the most mischevious of all the rabbits in the family.

He liked to explore things, this is why he always got into trouble for not doing as he was told.

One day Hoppy came across a hornets nest with many hornets flying around it.

Hoppy didn’t know about such things and on this particular day he got too close ad suddenly a hornet stung him right on the nose.

Hoppy turned around and ran as fast as little legs could carry him, when he finally did stop he rubbed his little pink nose where the hornet had stung him , he didn’t know what had happened just that it hurt and stung at the same time.

He wouldn’t go near there again.

Just then Hoppy heard a strange noise.

He went to investigate and ended up down by the creek and right there in the middle of the water was this funny looking green creature.

It was making all the strange sounds he was hearing.

Hoppy, being so curious, asked the green creature what it was and it replied that he was a frog called Croaker.

A frog, Hoppy said in amazement, but how do you make that noise and how are you able to float on the water like that.

The frog replied that all frogs made the same kind of noise to let other frogs know where they are.

He also told Hoppy that frogs are so light that could sit on a little lily pad and float on the water.

Just then Hoppy saw his own reflection in the water and said that another rabbit was curious about him too.

The frog laughed and said that it was his own reflection in the water, not another rabbit.

They both got a good laugh at this.

Then Hoppy heard his mother calling him for supper and had to leave.

The End -



by Nancy Bush

edited by Misty Stomberg

Mouse was running out of time

He ran to grandfather

To ask for more

Grandfather spared

Just one hour more

Mouse needed more

So he climbed to the sky

He jumped on the back

Of a crow passing by

Crow was fast

But time was faster


Animal Steel Cage Deathmatch :

Chapter Six

By Misty A Stomberg

“Well Billy Willy that hardly seems fair.” Sherlock said. “Its an animal steel cage death match and yet we have the Grey Sparrow, who is now a zombie, we have three mystery men who we thought were vampires, and we have Harvey the clown making balloon animals.”

“Thats right Shirley.” Billy said, twirling his gun around. “But Babe the big blue ox is still snorting around, the atomic rabbit is getting mad, and Cosmo Cat is just plain acting goofy, cute, but goofy.”

“Babe is charging the Grey Sparrow zombie, oh, this isn’t going to be pretty.”

Babe slammed the zombie into the corner, and kept going at him with his horns, and stamping on him, grinding his bones to dust, babe would’ve killed him but he was already dead.

Dead and squirming around the ring, it managed to latch onto the clowns leg with its venomous jaws, biting down hard.

Honk honk.

The clown looked down and fainted, knowing his fate was now to become a zombie, and evil undead clowns just don’t get invited to many dinner parties.

The three vampire men ran to the farthest corner and started banging on the steel cage to escape.

Cosmo Cat jumped in the midst of them, biting and scratching, fur flying action, the crowd was roaring.


The atomic rabbit was turning red, then blue, then steam started rolling out his ears.

He was getting bigger, glowing psychedelic colors, and began to whistle.

“He’s gonna blow.” Sherlock deduced. “We better get the heck out of here kid.”

“You figured that one out.” Billy the Kid yelled, putting his guns away, finishing his beer in one gulp, and grabbing the important stuff off his desk, and then running as fast as he could towards the door, a loud whistle filled the air, deafening all.

Sherlock pushed Watson to the floor and stepped over him to escape.

A loud whistle still filled the air, the atomic rabbits head was expanding to twice it’s size, Billy and Sherlock were bolting for the exit, the audience stood there stupified, not knowing what was going on, the glow of unconstrained radiation filled the arena like smoke.


KaBoom !!!

There’s a new grand canyon, and it’s even prettier than the old grand canyon because it glows at night.

The end

--------- --------- ---------

“Hope you enjoyed our little tail of terror.” Detective Neal Adams said laughingly.


Eyes in the Night

Eyes in the Night, and other tales, by Misty A Stomberg, tales of horror, humor, children stories, poems, and more, complete, with Gregory Stomberg and Nancy Bush, 2016

  • Author: gregory stomberg
  • Published: 2016-08-01 17:35:11
  • Words: 12333
Eyes in the Night Eyes in the Night