Exploring the Overworld, Book 1: The Jungle Temple


Exploring the Overworld, Book 1: The Jungle Temple



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This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







Table of Contents



Day One: Chloe, Adventurer and Explorer

Day Two: My Past

Day Three: A New Mission

Day Four: All in the Details

Day Five: Collecting the Supplies

Day Six: The Jungle Train

Day Seven: Witch!

Day Eight: To the Temple, Finally

Day Nine: The Villagers

Day Ten: Inside the Temple

Day Eleven: Drawings on the Wall

Day Twelve: Living like Royalty

Day Thirteen: Talking to Ghast

Day Fourteen: What’s Up?

Day Fifteen: Dangerous Art

Day Sixteen: Forgot Something…

Day Seventeen: Ghast, Interrupted

Day Eighteen: Preparing to Fight

Day Nineteen: The Beginning of the Battle

Day Twenty: Battle Day Two

Day Twenty-One: A Forgotten Weapon, Remembered in the Nick of Time

Day Twenty-Two: Retreat

Day Twenty-Three: Party at the Temple!

Day Twenty-Four: Weirdness in the Temple

Day Twenty-Five: Locked Inside

Day Twenty-Six: The Great Escape

Day Twenty-Seven: On the Train Again

Day Twenty-Eight: Payday

Day Twenty-Nine: Ghast’s Surprise

Day Thirty: What’s Next?

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Day One: Chloe, Adventurer and Explorer

Dear Diary,

My name is Chloe, and it’s about time that I start writing a diary of my own. I’ve been on countless expeditions before, but I’ve never stopped to write down everything that has happened. I think it’s about time that I’ve changed all that. Sure, I could write a book about my adventures but I think my stories will have more of a personalized taste if I make them into a diary instead.

I didn’t come up with the diary idea on my own. A while back, about three months ago, I met this Ghast, who funnily enough just goes by the name Ghast, who kept a diary. I don’t really know why he did it, but watching him do it just made me want to write my own.

I guess I should probably mention that I am an adventurer and explorer. A few years ago, I finished my adventuring training. Some adventurers, when they finish their training, explore the Overworld to try to discover new lands and things like that. Other people try to find jobs working with adventuring companies, who go to recently discovered places to harvest and collect the food or those who go to mines to gather minerals that are there. When I finished my training, I knew that neither option was right for me, so I decided to do something that was in the middle of both options. I’m what they call a freelance explorer. This means that I do work for companies or just groups of people who need someone to go on adventures for them, but it also means that I get to pick what adventures I do or don’t go on. I can also take breaks in between expeditions if I want. It really is the best of both worlds, which is why I love it so much.

I’ve just recently finished a mission, and I’m looking for a new one. I have no idea what I’ll take on next, but I am sure that it will fill the pages of this diary with excitement!


Day Two: My Past

Dear Diary,

I realized that I mentioned my friend Ghast in my last entry, but I didn’t really say much about him, which is a shame. Not much happened today, so I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to write all about how I met my friend Ghast.

I was in between missions when I was hired by the then-leader of the Nether. I think her name was Angelique. The Nether had won a war with the Overworld, and they had won the right to take some of the resources (like minerals and food) from the Overworld to use in the Nether. I didn’t know much about the Nether, but I was eager to learn. Going to the Nether was something that most adventurers never got to do.

However, I met with Angelique outside of the Nether, but in a Nether base in the Overworld. She needed someone to guide around a Ghast so show him what the Overworld had to offer so I guess I was the right lady for the job.

When I first met Ghast, I didn’t like him very much, and I’m sure that he didn’t like me. I don’t have anything against Ghasts in general, but I was feeling a little bitter about the Nether winning the war with the Overworld. The Overworld had been winning for so long…it just never seemed like they would be defeated. I didn’t really want Ghast to take any resources, so I tried to show him that most of the recourses in the Overworld would be useless in the Nether. I expected him to fight me on it, but he seemed to understand. Soon afterward, we became friends.

When I was done showing him around the Nether, I left to go on another mission. It wasn’t anything special. I was just collecting some spider eyes for a client. While I was doing that, I got a message from Ghast saying that everything was going crazy with the Nether. They wanted to take over the Overworld, and I knew I had to try to stop it.

I rushed to meet Ghast (after delivering the spider eyes, of course) and talked to him about what was going on. Apparently, the leader of the Nether wanted to take all of the resources in the Overworld, even though they wouldn’t all be useful to her. I joined Ghast as he made his way back to the Nether.

Once in the Nether, we met up with some of his friends, who were mostly Skeletons (which freaked me out a little bit, to be honest). We all worked together to show the people (or monsters) of the Nether that their leader was no good. We actually ended up causing a little bit of a revolt. Long story short, we captured Angelique, put her on trial, and saved the Nether and the Overworld.

Now things have cooled down. The Nether monsters wanted Ghast to be their new leader, but he asked his friend to do it for him. Now we’re just two friends who are looking for the next big thing. I can’t help but wonder what it could be.


Day Three: A New Mission

Dear Diary,

Being as great as an adventurer as I am, I don’t often need to look hard to find a new job. Today, a new job offer came to me! I didn’t even need to look for it. However, the group was really vague about what they actually wanted me to do. All the letter said was that they needed an explorer to transport some food into the jungle. The letter didn’t say how much food needed to be transported or how far away the jungle was, or even what jungle they even needed me to go to. Luckily, the base of operations for this place isn’t too far away, so I’m just going to travel there instead of sending a letter to get more details on this job.

Ghast saw the letter and asked if he could come along. I thought about it for a little bit. He had told me before that all he wanted was to be an explorer. I didn’t know what I would be getting into with this mission, so I made sure to show him the letter I got so he could decide for himself. After looking at the letter, Ghast decided that he still wanted to come.

This is the first time I will be working on a mission with a partner. Usually, I’m the type to say, “I work alone,” but that’s not because of some tragic backstory or anything. I just don’t want lazy people to hold me back. I know Ghast isn’t lazy, though, so I don’t mind him tagging along. I’m sure it’ll make the adventure even better!


Day Four: All in the Details

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, Ghast and I traveled to the village where my letter came from. It was late at night by the time we got there, so we just stayed in a motel instead of looking for the people who sent the letter. This morning, we got up and went to a building that the letter was sent from. While there, we found the people who had sent the letter, Dr. Martin and Dr. Shelly. They weren’t medical doctors, though; they were scientists.

I told them that I had gotten their letter, but I explained that I wanted more details before I took on the mission. I wanted to know what I was getting into, which they totally understood. Here’s basically what Dr. Shelly told me.

“Dr. Martin and I are scientists who are studying a tribe that lives in the jungle, about 100 miles away from here. The tribe is made up of a group of primitive villagers. They are so hidden away in the jungle that they don’t know about any modern technology, which is what makes them so fascinating to study. There’s just one problem: the tribe has been running out of food, we know because we have hidden cameras to watch them, and we’re worried that they will die if food is not brought to them quickly. What we want you to do is bring some food to the tribe to save them from starvation. Do you think you can do that?”

I had to take all of what Dr. Shelly said in for a little while. This was one of the craziest things I have ever heard before. I didn’t even know there were still primitive tribes living in the Overworld. I figured that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I told the doctors that I would take on the mission.

Tomorrow I will go back to the same building to collect the food and a map. I am so excited to go on this mission. That’s one of the great things about being an adventurer, it never gets old!


Day Five: Collecting the Supplies

Dear Diary,

I returned to the building today with Ghast to collect all of the supplies I needed for the trip. Ghast stayed outside with Dr. Martin because that’s where all of the food was. He helped the doctor to put the food in chests so it could be transported easier.

While he did that, I went inside of the building to talk to Dr. Shelly. She gave me a map that had the place where the villagers lived marked with a big red X. “The villagers have lost much of their lands due to outsiders cutting down trees, so most of them live in a large stone temple. There is a train station here,” she pointed to an area that was marked with a blue X. “You can get on here and take the train for most of the way. You should only have about a five-mile hike from the last stop on the train to the temple. Do you think you can handle that?”

“I can handle anything,” I told her.

After my talk with Dr. Shelly, I went outside to see if Ghast was done packing up the food, which he was. It took up one large chest. I tried to pick it up, but it was too heavy. Ghast easily put it on the top of his head and carried it back to the motel, though. I was glad to have Ghast by my side. Without him, I would have had to quit the mission already because the chest was too heavy for me.

Tomorrow, we are taking the first train out of the village and heading towards the temple. If we make good time, we should be there before nightfall. Diary, wish me luck.


Day Six: The Jungle Train

Dear Diary,

Well, it was time to hit the road this morning, or I guess I should write, it was time to hit the tracks. Ghast and I had a train to catch if we wanted to make it to the temple before the sun went down. The village we were in had Iron Golems to protect the village from monsters at night, but out in the jungle… well, let me just write that no one knows how many monsters are out there, but I’m sure there’s more than the two that Ghast and I could take on our own.

Ghast carried the food while I led the way to the train station. We hopped aboard and a few minutes later, the train was on its way into the jungle. I had been in the jungle before, but it was always so crazy to see one up close and personal. Every jungle was different, which is probably what makes them so cool. There’s always new types of plants and animals to look at. Sometimes I wonder how wild the Overworld would be if villagers and humans weren’t always cutting down trees and making roads and houses.

I was watching the scenery, taking it all in when suddenly the train made a funny noise. I asked Ghast if he heard it too, and he did. I stood up, as did some of the other passengers on the train. An announcement was read over the loudspeaker by the train conductor. “Please stay calm. The train is dealing with some mechanical complications, so we will be stuck here until help can come to fix it. Passengers should expect a three days’ delay to get to their destination.”

I grumbled when I heard this, and so did most of the other passengers on the train. “Come on Ghast, we need to get out of here. We don’t have time to wait for three days.” I stood up and talked off of the train with Ghast behind me. It looks like we have a lot more than a five-mile hike ahead of us now…


Day Seven: Witch!

Dear Diary,

Ghast and I walked through the jungle all day. Luckily, it was still daytime when the train broke down yesterday. I was able to build a makeshift shelter before the sun went down and the monsters came out. I could hear them walking around in the night. I’m just glad I didn’t add any windows to the shelter. It would have been terrifying to hear and see them…

Anyway, once it was light out again today, Ghast and I left the shelter and started to walk to the temple. We were pretty far away, probably about twenty miles away from it. We probably won’t get to the temple until tomorrow, which is a bummer, but it’s still faster than waiting for the train to be repaired.

While walking through the jungle, I started to hear a funny noise. Funny, as in, it was pretty weird. Not like, “ha ha” funny, even though it did kind of sound like someone was laughing. I wanted to avoid whatever was making the noise, but I couldn’t. Whatever was making the noise was in the same direction as the temple, and I wasn’t about to take a detour and get myself lost by trying to avoid it.

As I got closer, I noticed that it wasn’t just any laughing noise I was hearing, it was a cackling! Ghast and I had come across a witch! I had heard about them before, but I had never actually seen one in real life. I didn’t know what to do at first. I figured out what to do when the witch started to chuck potions at me: fight!

I pulled out a bow and arrow and started shooting. Ghast flew up into the air and followed my lead by shooting lasers at the witch. The witch was smart enough to know that she was no match for us. She ran away before we could do much damage to her.

When she left, Ghast and I continued on our way. I noticed that the witch had dropped some of her potions, so I picked them up and put them into my backpack. You never know when a potion would come in handy.

Well, it’s time to continue on this path. I hope I get to the temple sooner than later. This jungle creeps me out…


Day Eight: To the Temple, Finally

Dear Diary,

Ghast and I survived another night in the jungle without any problems. I made another makeshift shelter to stay in during the night. I heard more monsters than I did the night before. It makes me wonder if there are more creatures closer to the temple or not. I sure hope not.

Speaking of the temple, Ghast and I have finally arrived. It’s pretty late, and the sun is almost down, though. When we got here, we looked around the temple to see if we could see any of the villagers anywhere. Believe me, I looked hard, too. I walked up, down, and around the whole thing without seeing anyone else but Ghast.

Tomorrow Ghast and I are going to explore the inside of the temple to see if we can find anyone. We would have done it today, but it was just too dark outside for something like that. Sadly, there is nothing I can use to make a shelter tonight, so Ghast and I are going to take turns keeping watch. Ghast has the second shift, so I’m going to go guard now. I’ll write more tomorrow.


Day Nine: The Villagers

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning to the bright light of the sun. I didn’t know the sunlight could be so bright through the dense leaves of the jungle trees. I had to rub my eyes because the sun was so bright. When I was finally able to focus again, I noticed that Ghast and I weren’t the only one at the temple anymore. We were surrounded by villagers, all of which had bows and arrows out and aiming at us.

I slowly got up and put my hands up, so that the villagers knew that I wasn’t going to put up a fight. The villagers looked at each other and one of them said something that I couldn’t understand. They were speaking a strange language that seemed to have nothing in common with English. I looked towards Ghast and said, “I think we need to give them the food and just get out of here before they try to attack us.”

He nodded. He moved towards the chest, and the villagers changed their aim from the both of us to just on Ghast. I tried to make a motion that meant to look like everything was okay, but since I can’t even describe this motion well, I’m not sure they understood what it meant either. Half of the villagers moved their aim back to me again.

Ghast opened the chest and pushed the chest towards the villagers. One of the villagers stepped forward, looked in the chest, and then said something in their strange language. A few more villagers stepped forward to look inside of the chest. They talked to each other, and then to the crowd of villagers. I don’t know what they said, but it must have been something good because the villagers put down their weapons.

They picked up the chest and began to carry it inside of their temple. I was ready to leave, but then one of the villagers grabbed my hand, and another grabbed Ghast’s tentacles, and they led us inside the temple. I am writing by torchlight now as we walk. I wonder what this temple will have in store for us…


Day Ten: Inside the Temple

Dear Diary,

This temple is amazing! That’s probably the best way for me to describe it. Sure, I’ve been inside of temples before, but none of them have been as grand as these ones. All of the other temples I have been to have been in ruins, wasting away in other jungles or in the desserts. This temple has some cracks and dents, but for the most part, it seems to be in great condition.

There are paintings on nearly every wall, decorations in all of the rooms, and enough torches to light the way no matter where I go. Speaking of that, the villagers have given Ghast and I free reign of the temple. We can go wherever we want. I was ready to leave yesterday, but after being invited into the temple, I think I want to stay for a while longer. It’s not every day that an adventurer is invited to see something like this. I want to take it all in before I leave.

The villagers have even given Ghast and me a wonderful place to stay. We have our own room within the temple. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually the most elegant room in the whole place. The floors have beautiful purple carpets in them. There are no beds in the room, but there are large comfy pink cushions. They are almost like bean bag chairs, but bigger, and so much more comfortable.

The villagers have also been giving us some great food. I thought they were running out of food, but I guess they still had some to spare. Ghast and I had a weird, but tasty, dark red drink that tasted like a strange tropical fruit. We also had a meal of fish and vegetables, which was weird because we didn’t bring the villagers any fish.

Now it’s night time, and I think I am going to go to sleep soon. It has been nice to stay here. I can’t help but wonder what else this strange temple has to offer. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to stay here for another day or two to check it out… I’ll write all about what I discover tomorrow.


Day Eleven: Drawings on the Wall

Dear Diary,

The villagers wanted to show me something today. They didn’t tell me that, of course, but one of the villagers did grab my hand and started pulling me out of my room and down a long hallway, so I kind of figured that they wanted to show me something.

In about the middle of the hallway, the villager that was leading me around stopped. He held up a torch to the wall, and that’s when I noticed that there were some weird paintings on the wall. I should probably explain better. The paintings were literally painted on the wall, almost like something between cave paintings and hieroglyphics. When I looked closer, I noticed that the characters in the pictures looked familiar…because they looked like Ghast and me.

There were little drawings of a girl that looked like me and a Ghast at the outside of the temple with a big box. A little further down the wall, there were pictures of the two characters at a feast. Then there were pictures of the two in rooms a lot like the ones that Ghast and I were staying in… I stopped looking at the wall when I got to that picture. It was just too creepy.

The creepiest thing was that the pictures looked as old as the temple, so it’s not like the villagers painted them when we got here. I can’t help but wonder if Ghast and I have fulfilled some prophecy by coming here…

No, that can’t be. I can’t fulfill a prophecy. I’m just an average adventurer. I’m just getting ahead of myself. The pictures are just a coincidence. They have to be. Right?


Day Twelve: Living like Royalty

Dear Diary,

Things are getting weird around this place. It’s a good kind of weird, but it’s still weird, nonetheless. The villagers are treating me and Ghast like a queen and a king. It’s a pretty sweet life that we’ve got going on in this place. The villagers aren’t doing so well on food, but they keep making us all of these delicious meals. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. These villagers really do know their way around a kitchen.

Even though all of this is great, I feel kind of guilty for letting the villagers treat me like this. These people don’t even know what a TV is or how to make swords, and yet they are using all of their resources on me when I know what both of those things are. I just feel like I should be the one helping them, instead of them helping me. It’s a really conflicting thing to deal with. On one hand, I wish I could stay here forever. On the other hand, I know I have a duty not to stay here for a long time.

I don’t really know what to do. Ghast seems to love this place. I would feel bad about making him leave. Then again, he agreed to come on this mission with me and to do all of the things that an adventurer does. He must know that all missions, no matter how great, have to come to an end. I hope I can break the news to him. I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow. I hope he takes the news well…


Day Thirteen: Talking to Ghast

Dear Diary,

I was a little nervous about talking to Ghast about wanting to leave the temple…or more like, wanting him to convince me to leave the temple because I like this place too much to leave on my own will. I’m not used to having this feeling since I usually work alone. I hardly ever need to think about other people’s feelings when I’m on a mission. Usually, all I have to focus on are the thoughts and feelings of me, myself, and I; that’s it.

Eventually, I did get around to telling Ghast how I felt about staying at the temple. It felt weird, like I was asking permission to leave, even though I knew I didn’t need anyone’s permission but my own. I wasn’t expecting it, but Ghast told me that he was feeling the same way about staying here. It was weird to hear him say that, but it made me feel better about wanting to leave. I wanted Ghast to have the adventuring experience of a lifetime, and I didn’t want to let him down by leaving a cool temple after just being on a mission for about a week. Luckily, he was more understanding than I thought he would be. I guess he thought it was weird that the villagers were using all of their supplies on us, too.

Anyway, now Ghast and I are packing up our stuff now and getting ready to leave. I just hope we can sneak past the villagers tomorrow so we can get out of here without bothering them. It seems like they have really liked having us here. The last thing I want to do is tick them off. I remember all too well what it was like to have their arrows pointing in my direction, and I would like to avoid that if possible.

Anyway… there’s really no more updates from today, so I guess I will write more tomorrow.


Day Fourteen: What’s Up?

Dear Diary,

My stuff was all packed up and I was ready to leave this morning, but something happened today that change my mind. I can’t really explain what happened. Instead, it feels more like something is going to happen. I have a bad feeling about this that makes my stomach feel like I ate some rotten food or like I’m back in my adventure training classes about to take a test that I didn’t study for.

The temple seemed to have more energy going through it than normal. I don’t mean that there were literally streaks of lightning or anything like that. The villagers in the temple are moving around a lot more than they usually are. They seem like they are panicking about something. I wish we spoke the same language so I could ask them what is going on.

There was no feast today. Maybe they are panicking because they were carelessly wasting their food? Maybe it’s my fault that they were carelessly wasting their food. Of course, it could be something else altogether. After all, I did see someone working quickly on making a ton of arrows. I can’t help but think that they are going to use the arrows for something other than hunting for dinner.

With all of this weirdness going on I feel like it is my duty to stay. These villagers might need my help! I don’t know exactly what they could need my help with, to be honest, but it’s not like I have anything else going on right now. A new mission can wait! I need to stick around to find out what is going on around here.

I told Ghast about wanting to stay, and he seems all up for it. He said he noticed that the villagers were acting strange, so it was nice to know that I wasn’t just imagining things. Tomorrow I hope I can get to the bottom of this. I’ll write more about it once I know what’s going on around here.


Day Fifteen: Dangerous Art

Dear Diary,

I was trying to figure out a way to communicate with the villagers last night, but nothing came to me. This morning, I woke up with a great idea. I remembered the wall art that the villagers showed me when I first got to the temple. I stopped reading the wall after a while because it had started to freak me out, but I knew there was still more to it. Maybe the wall could tell me what was going to happen next, even if the villagers couldn’t.

While the villagers were busy having their afternoon meal, I grabbed a torch and headed down the hallway where the pictures were. Eventually, I found them. I started at the beginning, which was just pictures of villagers building the temple, and then I skipped up to where I last left off, which was a picture of two creatures who looked a lot like me and Ghast chilling in their bedrooms.

The next picture in the line was covered with dust. I pulled my sleeve over my hand and rubbed away the dust. When it was cleared away, I could still see the two figures that looked like me and Ghast. I rubbed away some more dust, and the picture showed that the figure that looked like me was holding a bow and arrow and the Ghast was shooting lasers. Next to the two figures were pictures of a bunch of villagers who looked like they were fighting something.

I had to walk a little further down the hallway and clean up more dust before I could find out what they were fighting. When I was done, I could see clearly that the picture showed Ghast and I leading a battle against an army full of villagers (who were dressed differently than the villagers in the temple).

This was what the villagers were worried about. There was going to be a battle here, assuming that the pictures on the wall were right—and they had been so far. It looks like Ghast and I have to stay here to fight, to save the villagers, and to protect the temple. Diary, wish me luck! I am going to need all of it to make it through this fight!


Day Sixteen: Forgot Something…

Dear Diary,

So, yesterday I mentioned finding the pictures and making a pretty vague plan about saving the whole village and Ghast and whatnot…but the thing is, I never actually got around to telling Ghast about what I found. I figured that I should probably mention something about it, especially since the pictures had him in them too.

Today I told Ghast, “There’s something that I need to show you.” He was confused at first, and he got more confused as I walked down the hallway with all of the pictures in it, and then he was probably the most confused when I showed him the new picture.

“What is this?” He asked me.

I explained to him what I thought the picture was trying to show. I told him that I thought it predicted that we were supposed to be the ones to lead a battle against who or whatever the other tribe was made up of. As I was talking to Ghats about this, he seemed to get really nervous. “Ghast, what’s wrong?” I asked him. He was sweating and he looked shaky too.

“I can’t fight in another war. I just can’t do it.” Ghast started to float down the hallway, heading back towards our room.

I chased after him. Ghast had fought in a war before, so I didn’t know why he couldn’t fight again. Maybe it was because he had already fought in a war that made him unable to fight. Maybe it was all just too much for him. When I finally caught up to him, I asked him what was stopping him from fighting.

“I can’t do it again. War is a terrible thing. Sure, there’s rush that comes with winning a battle, and that lasts for a little while. The hurt that comes with a loss…that doesn’t fade away so quickly.” He zoned out for a little bit, shook his head like a dog shaking water out of its fur, and then looked back at me. “Can we leave tomorrow?” He asked me.

I still felt like I had some duty towards these villagers, but I have a larger sense of duty towards my friend. It looks like we are going home after all. I’ll write more tomorrow.


Day Seventeen: Ghast, Interrupted

Dear Diary,

Ghast and I knew that the villagers wouldn’t take too kindly to us just walking out of the front door since they loved having us here so much. That’s why we made a plan to get out of the temple in the dead of night. By the time the villagers noticed that we had left the temple we would be miles away and hopefully on the train out of there. They wouldn’t be able to catch us even if they tried.

We packed our things and we were ready to go. Everyone else seemed to be asleep. We had planned this for the perfect timing. I tiptoed out of the room while Ghast floated. We made hardly a sound as we roamed through the stone halls of the temple. I picked up a torch from a wall to better guide us as we walked.

Eventually, I found the hallway that led to the entrance of the temple. I had Ghast open the large stone door, as it was too heavy for me to get on my own. Once I was out of the temple, I stood frozen, and not because of the cold night air.

From the top of the temple, I could see about a hundred torches in the distance. The other tribe was already on its way and I could only guess that they were ready to fight. “Ghast, I don’t think we can leave now. We have to stay and fight.”

I thought Ghast was going to try to fight me on this, but all he said was, “I know,” in a sad voice. I felt bad to hear him sound this way, but we both knew that this was bigger than us.

“We have to warn the villagers!” I must have sounded frantic as I said this. I felt frantic, anyway. I rushed back inside of the temple as Ghast slowly closed the stone to the entrance to the temple as he slowly floated behind me.

It looks like we have a battle to fight, whether we want to or not.


Day Eighteen: Preparing to Fight

Dear Diary,

Last night I ran around the temple, yelling as loudly as I could to wake all of the villagers up. I knew the villagers wouldn’t be able to understand me, but I knew I only needed to be loud enough to wake them up to show them the danger that was coming towards them.

The villagers seemed confused when I woke them up, which I guess made sense. I motioned for them to follow me as I headed towards the entrance of the temple. I had Ghast open the door for me again. Once it was open, I pointed to all of the torches. The villagers instantly knew what was going on.

One of the villagers pulled me by the arm. This time it was my turn to be confused. I followed the villager as they lead me down a hallway I hadn’t been down before. It led to a large room filled with bows, arrows, and supplies to make bows and arrows.

The villager that had brought me into the room sat down and started to craft more arrows. She gestured to me and patted the floor next to her. I sat down next to her and started crafting arrows, which made her seem happy.

Since then, I have pretty much been building arrows all day. It looks like we are preparing for a battle now. I just hope I have the strength to survive it.


Day Nineteen: The Beginning of the Battle

Dear Diary,

It was the middle of the night when the banging noises started. It was a dull banging at first, like the sound of someone hammering a nail into a wall. Later, the banging grew louder. It sounding more like trees falling in the forest. When I finally looked outside, I noticed that neither of these things was happening. Instead, the troops that made up the tribal army were marching up to the temple. There were so many of them that their feet stomping on hard ground sounded like an earthquake that could put the temple in ruins. Even though it wasn’t a real earthquake, I had a bad feeling that the army could destroy it just as easily as a natural disaster could.

One of the villagers handed me a bow and a sleeve full of arrows. He then walked down the stairs leading up to the temple door, heading towards the ground to fight. I wish I could be as brave as he was. He knew he might get hurt, but he still walked confidently into battle. I didn’t have the guts to do that. Luckily, I didn’t need to do that either.

There was, what I imagined to be, an elite group of fighters that stood on the top of the temple, all aiming their arrows down at the enemies below, sniping them before they could get near the temple. I decided to join this group. I would be safe from the enemy up there, but I could still help to fight.

Meanwhile, Ghast was floating around the outside of the temple, zapping any enemy that got too close. He looked nervous as he did it, or maybe it was a look of just pure misery instead. Either way, it was clear that Ghast wanted to be anywhere but here.

Today, it didn’t matter how Ghast and I felt. All that mattered was how we fought. Diary, wish us luck. I’ve got some arrows to shoot now and he’s got some lasers to fire. Let’s just hope that we don’t end up getting caught in the crossfire.


Day Twenty: Battle Day Two

Dear Diary,

Well, the battle continues on today and we are…not doing so hot, to be honest. Sure, the temple tribe are great shots, but there just seem to be more of the other tribe. I thought that Ghast might be able to scare some of them away or something, just by looking like a Ghast and all, but it hasn’t seemed to work. Maybe the temple villager thinks he is some sort of all-powerful prophecy player or something. I don’t know. The point is, the other tribe don’t seem to be afraid of him.

I would much rather scare off the enemy than having them all get hurt --or worse-- so I talked to Ghast today about amping up his scaring powers. I told him something like, “Ghast, you need to scare the other tribe. I’m too small to do much, but you’re big and you can shoot lasers. Do you think you can strike some fear into them?” I thought this would make Ghast excited to fight, but it didn’t.

“How am I supposed to strike fear into them without actually striking one of them?” He asked me. “I don’t want to hurt them if I don’t have to.”

“I don’t want you to have to hurt anyone either,” I said. I didn’t really know how to explain what I wanted him to do in a better way. If we wanted to win this battle, then the other tribe was going to have to get hurt. There was no way to get around it. That’s just how war works, whether we liked it or not.

Ghast seemed to know that there was nothing I could say, but he somehow still understood the message I was trying to get across. “Okay, I’ll do it,” was all Ghast said before floating away. He floated to the battlefield while I walked back up the temple to get back to my sniping spot.

I just hope that Ghast can scare those other villagers away. If he can’t…then the temple just might be doomed.


Day Twenty-One: A Forgotten Weapon, Remembered in the Nick of Time

Dear Diary,

I’m writing from the comfort of my beanbag-bed right now. Yesterday, as I was shooting arrows from the top of the temple, I was shot with an arrow from the other tribe. I’m not badly hurt or anything. I only got shot in the arm, so it’s not that bad. After I got shot, the villagers carried me to my room. One of them wrapped my arm up in a bandage. While they were doing that, I looked around through my backpack to see if I have anything that would help the pain. That’s when I found the potions that the witch dropped that I collected weeks ago.

I found a healing potion, and drank it. Sadly, some of it had spilled, so there wasn’t a lot left. I drank what there was. My arm is more or less healed now, but it still hurts. After I was healed, I rummaged through my bag and pulled out more potions. I noticed that there were some more healing potions, but there were also a lot of potions that would be a great weapon in the battle. I yelled Ghast’s name so he would come to me. One of the villagers ran off to get him, so I guess they had learned his name by this point.

When Ghast came into my room I told him all about the potions and I gave them to him. He held each on his tentacle-like arms. “I know what to do,” was all he said before leaving my room.

I didn’t see Ghast again until later in the day. He told me that he threw down potions like there was no tomorrow. Some of the other villagers were hurt, but most of them were just scared by the smoke and sparks that went off when the potions were used. I guess they had never seen anything like it before.

There were still a few fighters left near the temple, but I can’t help but think that they won’t be there for much longer. The battle is all but won now… I’ll write more tomorrow. Now, I need to rest my arm.


Day Twenty-Two: Retreat

Dear Diary,

I slept through most of the battle after healing my arm. Since I didn’t drink a whole potion, it healed my arm part of the way, but I still had some healing to do on my own. It’s almost healed now. It only hurts when I touch it. Still, being sick or injured tends to make a person tired, so I sat out the last battle. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem, not with Ghast on my side, kicking butt as I slept.

When I woke up this morning, I heard a loud shout. Well, it was more like a hundred loud shouts. I hopped up out of my beanbag-bed and ran towards the entrance of the temple. On my way to the entrance, I grabbed a torch on the wall. I didn’t have a weapon on me, but I figured that a torch could do some damage if I needed it to.

When I got to the entrance of the temple I stuck my head outside to see what was going on. I expected to see all of the other villagers running up the steps, ready to attack, but instead, I saw something completely differently. All of the villagers who had attacked the temple were running away, and Ghast was the one chasing them out! I didn’t know he had it in him. Either way, he was the one who saved the day.

Once every last of the other villagers were gone, the temple villagers came back inside of the temple. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I knew a cheer when I heard one. The other villagers had retreated. We won the battle!

Now there’s only one thing to do…celebrate! I’ll write all about it tomorrow!


Day Twenty-Three: Party at the Temple!

Dear Diary,

All is safe in the temple again, and that means it’s time to have a celebration. I have to be honest, I thought that the other villagers might come back and attack with more people, but they never did, so I guess that means that our side really did win. It’s a huge relief, really. I know that Ghast had a hard time fighting and I got hurt, so the last thing I wanted to happen was for us to have to fight again.

Today the only thing I had to fight was my craving for a second chicken. All of the fighting lately made me so hungry. I felt like I could eat a horse, but the temple was clear of horses. The chicken was so good. These villagers really do know how to cook.

I can’t decide if it’s a shame or not that the villagers live out here in the deep jungle, not knowing about all of the technological advancements that exist outside of the jungle. On one hand, they almost ran out of food and they probably would have perished if the scientists didn’t send me into help. On the other hand, other than the food shortage, these people seem to be doing pretty well without technology. I know that I won’t tell anyone about these people, but if one of these villagers wanted to learn about technology, I would help them.

Anyway, now that everyone here is safe, and my stomach is full of delicious food, I think it’s about time that Ghast and I left and went back home, or found a new mission. I think we will head out tomorrow. We’ve had a strange but exciting time here, and now it’s time to have a strange and exciting time somewhere else.

I’ll write more tomorrow.


Day Twenty-Four: Weirdness in the Temple

Dear Diary,

The feast last night was wild, and I slept for about twelve hours afterward because I ate so much. It was like a Thanksgiving feast, only without a weird uncle who ruins the whole thing with a crazy story. I did party and I had my fun, but it was time to return to the real world again and find my next new mission. There was just one problem: the villagers didn’t want us to leave.

I figured that the villagers wouldn’t want us to leave before because the pictures on the wall showed us helping with the battle. Now that the battle was over I figured the villagers would be cool with Ghast and I leaving.

I even went back down to the hallway with all of the pictures in it to see if there was anything else there. Maybe there would be a picture about Ghast and I ruling over the temple like a king and a queen…not like I would actually do that, though. I probably wouldn’t do that… Anyway, I went down there to check, but I didn’t see any more pictures with Ghast or I in it. As far as I knew, there was no reason for the villagers to want or need us to stay, but they did anyway.

I know that they wanted us to stay because today one of the villagers spoke their first words of English since I got here. “You. Stay.”

This wouldn’t have done much to stop me from leaving, but the villagers were holding spears, and I knew they knew how to use them, and I wasn’t about to test their skills. I went back into my room to avoid making them angry.

I still want to get out of here. I just need to figure out how to do it without the villagers noticing me…


Day Twenty-Five: Locked Inside

Dear Diary,

I have been staying in my room since my encounter with the villagers with spears (freshly sharpened spears, I might add). I know that they have been walking around my room. I can hear their footsteps in the hallway. There seemed to be a couple of them walking around the hallway in shifts. I have the timing memorized, and even though I can’t actually see out into the hallway, I still know when the villagers are walking past my room or not.

Once, when I knew the villagers would be away from the room for about ten minutes, I tried to open the door so I could run out of here with Ghast before the villagers could get to us. The only problem was, the door was blocked from the outside. I tried to push it open, but there seemed to be furniture or something equally heavy behind the door, keeping it shut.

“Ghast, do you think you can laser this door open?” I asked him. I didn’t know how strong his lasers were.

“Yeah, I’m sure I could,” Ghast said. He sounded boring and monotone. I gave him a confused look. “I could, but I don’t think I should.” I only gave him a more confused look when he said this. Luckily, he knew how to clear things up for me. “I don’t think I should, right now. We need to plan this carefully.”

Ghast went on to tell me that we should escape at night, and quickly. He told me all about how we should escape how we tried to in the same way that we did before the battle. The only problem was that this time Ghast would need to laser a door open, which would definitely be loud… and would probably draw some unwanted attention towards us.

“We should leave tomorrow night to put our plan into action,” Ghast said.

“I agree,” I said. This place it starting to give me the creeps. The sooner we leave, the better. I’ll write all about our escape once we get out of this place.


Day Twenty-Six: The Great Escape

Dear Diary,

“It’s time to blow this popsicle stand,” I told Ghast.

“What’s a popsicle stand?” Ghast asked me. For a second, I forgot that he was from the Nether and that he’s never had a popsicle before.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll get you a popsicle once we’re out of here. Let’s just get a move on.”

“Okay, stand back,” Ghast said. I stood against the wall opposite of the door. Ghast charged up his laser and then aimed it at the door. The door exploded with the loudest bang that I’ve ever heard. I was sure that the villagers had heard the noise. I could even guess that people a hundred miles away could hear it.

Since the explosion made such a loud noise there was no point in trying to stay quiet. “Run!” I yelled.

I sprinted out of the room and jumped over the exploded pile of wood and stone. Ghast floated quickly behind me. There was also another set of footsteps behind me…or ten. The villagers had heard the explosion as I had expected, and now they were running after us.

I slid across the floor as I tried to run faster than the villagers behind us. As Ghast and I neared the entrance of the temple I saw the door was still closed. We wouldn’t have time to move the door open. “Ghast, blast it!” I yelled. He charged up his laser and blasted the door open…well, blasted it to smithereens.

“Jump on my head!” Ghast yelled. He floated lower to the ground and I hopped on the top of his head. “Hang on!” He yelled. I grabbed onto his head as he floated over the stairs of the temple and into the sky.

As I looked down and back at the temple, I saw the villagers running down the stairs and into the jungle. They didn’t even think to look up. We were out of the clear. “I think it’s time to go home, Ghast.”

“I think so too.” We floated above the trees. The jungle looked so pretty below us, and the stars were so beautiful above. This was one great adventure, but I’m glad that it’s finally come to a close.


Day Twenty-Seven: On the Train Again

Dear Diary,

I fell asleep on Ghast’s head last night as he floated above the forest. When I woke up, I was on a bench at the train station. Ghast had carried me all of the way here, and I couldn’t have been more grateful. I didn’t realize until I was in the sky how tired I really was. All of this excitement had really taken it out on me.

I was glad to finally get back on the train. I would be back home…or well, at least back to my usual spot in the Overworld. I guess I don’t actually have a home. I move around from place to place when I am between jobs.

My plan is to go back to the building where the scientists first hired me for this job. I need to go there to get paid anyway, and they are probably wondering what took me so long. I am sure that I will be able to explain my situation well enough, but I’m not entirely sure if they will want to hire me for another mission, or maybe they will. I did help to save all of the villagers in the temple, after all.

I’m not really sure what I will do once I am back in the city. If there’s one thing that I never get used to, it’s going back to a city after being away on an adventure for so long. At least this time I am not doing it alone. I’ll have Ghast by my side to go through the weird changes with me, so I at least have that to look forward to.

I also have a nap to look forward to…there’s just something about train rides that make me so sleepy…


Day Twenty-Eight: Payday

Dear Diary,

The train arrived in the village early this morning. I rubbed my eyes, collected my stuff, and hopped off of the train. Ghast floated slowly behind me. It seems like he got a little tired while on the train ride too.

Since the scientists didn’t even know that Ghast and I were showing up today, we decided to take thing slow today. There was no reason to rush. Ghast and I decided to go to a little diner for breakfast. I got a stack of pancakes so high that I could hardly see over them. I made sure to order them so that they would be covered with strawberries and whipped cream. I must say, the diner did not disappoint.

Ghast had never been to a human diner before, so he wanted to try a little bit of everything. His plate was full of eggs, hash browns, meat, and even one pancake. We must have sat at the diner for an hour before we finished all of our food. I made sure to pay the bill and I gave the waitress a big tip. She deserved it after carrying all of that food to our table.

After leaving the diner, it was time to head towards the science building to collect my payment for going on the mission. When we got to the building, Dr. Shelly greeted us. The other doctor wasn’t there today. She said, “I don’t need to ask you how the mission went. I saw the whole thing on our cameras.” I had totally forgotten that the scientists had been watching the temple. I would have never guessed that they would have been monitoring our whole mission. I guess I didn’t need to explain anything to her after all, and she didn’t seem to want to ask any questions. She handed me a bag full of diamonds and emeralds. “I hope this covers it.”

I looked in the bag. “I think it does.”

Dr. Shelly thanked Ghast and me for our hard work and we thanked her for paying us. Once we were out of the building, I actually looked at how much we got paid. It was a fair amount, but I could have had so much more money if I had stayed at the temple, but staying in one place isn’t really a part of the adventuring lifestyle. Besides, I would rather have a lifetime full of adventure than a pocket overflowing with gold.

Now… I do need to figure out what my next mission will be, but I owe Ghast a little surprise before I figure that out. I’ll write about it tomorrow.


Day Twenty-Nine: Ghast’s Surprise

Dear Diary,

There wasn’t much to do while Ghast and I were on the train the other day, so while I was on the train, I read over my diary to look back on my adventures. It sounds boring, but there wasn’t much else to do on the train. Anyway, while I was looking through my diary, I remembered that I needed to show Ghast what exactly a popsicle stand was. Usually, I wouldn’t write about a topic this dull, but actually bringing Ghast to the popsicle stand was funnier than I ever thought it would be.

“Ghast, come here. I found something you need to see!” I called to him while we walked around the village today. I didn’t actually find a popsicle stand, but I did find an ice cream cart, which was close enough for me. I turned to the ice cream man. “Two popsicles, please.” I paid the man and took the two popsicles.

“Here, Ghast, try this.” I gave Ghast one of the popsicles. “This is a popsicle. Eat it.” I licked mine to show him how it was done.

“Eat it?! Are you crazy?” He tried to swipe my popsicle away from me, but I made sure to keep it firmly in my hand. I wasn’t going to let this orangey goodness get ruined by the grass.

“What are you doing?” I asked him. Okay, I might have yelled at him.

“Didn’t you say these things blew up? Why would you want to eat it?”

Now I was confused. “What are you talking about?”

“When we first talked, you said, ‘let’s blow this popsicle stand’. Doesn’t that mean they blow up?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him. “The only thing that’s going to explode is your taste buds when you find out how tasty it was.”

Ghast slowly raised the popsicle to his mouth and licked it like he thought it was going to taste like brussel sprouts or something. “Hey, this isn’t that bad!” He shouted. He then tossed the whole thing into his mouth, burped out the stick, and then yelled again, but this time because he got brain-freeze. I have to say, the whole thing was hilarious. I’ll write more tomorrow when something else memorable happens.


Day Thirty: What’s Next?

Dear Diary,

Well, it’s time to move on from this village to find out what my next mission is going to be. I asked Ghast if he liked the mission that we went on together. He said that he liked parts of it, but some parts of the mission were just too intense. I figured that the fighting wasn’t very good for him, so I just asked him what parts he did like. “Spending time with you,” was his answer.

Before now, I had never taken anyone else on a mission with me. I thought I would like working alone better, but I think having Ghast by my side made things better. “Do you want to go with me for my next mission?” I asked him. I don’t know why, but I was a little nervous about what he might say.

“I would love to!” He said. “What’s your next mission?” He asked.

“You should have asked, ‘what’s our next mission?’” I corrected him. Then I thought about a real answer. “I don’t know what our next mission is going to be. Will you help me to find one?” I asked.

Ghast nodded.

Well, it looks like the two of us have an adventure ahead of us. Even though I don’t know what it will be, I am sure it’ll be great!









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Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2017-06-06 04:50:20
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Exploring the Overworld, Book 1: The Jungle Temple Exploring the Overworld, Book 1: The Jungle Temple