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By J.F. Hawkins

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Strange story from an ex-girlfriend

Haunted Hotels

My ex-girlfriend

Now, I’m 27 years old. The story I’m about to tell you happened 3 years ago.

At that time, I had a girlfriend. We had been dating since high school. She was pretty, delightful, and friendly, which is totally different from me. I’m shy and I live in my own little world. We never had any issue caused by the third hand during our relationship. Of course, we did fight on small issues such as eating or doing house chores. However, we never cursed or have a big fight. Oh, I must tell you that we moved in and lived together right after graduation. Our families knew about it and had no problem. We are of the same age. She was just 2 months and 13 days older than me.

One day, I planned to propose to her during our trip out of the town. I decided to drive her to a province in the north with a great atmosphere. We would stay in a nice accommodation surrounded by nature for 3 days and 2 nights. We got there in the afternoon; my girlfriend was tired, and chose to take a nap in the room. I went out to do grocery shopping so we could cook for dinner. When I returned, my girlfriend was not in the room. I wondered “Where is she?”. I thought she was in the bathroom; I went to check, and I couldn’t find here. So I went to ask at the lobby and found my girlfriend sitting there. I asked why she was there and she said that she needed to take a walk. I didn’t think much about that as the ambient there was so nice. Once we finished dinner, we got ready for bed and rest. The first night passed without hassle.

On the second day, we drove around and visited attractions nearby. At dusk, the atmosphere was pleasant with golden sunshine breaking into the flower field. I decided it was time to ask for her hand in this romantic moment. She was in tears and said yes. She hugged me and said how much she loved me. Late that night, we came back to the hotel. We got ready for bed as we were so tired from the long day. I was watching TV while she was chatting with her friends on the phone.

We went to bed around ten. The next morning, my girlfriend told me that she couldn’t sleep well, but she didn’t get into details. I said to her that she could sleep with the girl on our way back home. While I was driving, my girlfriend asked if I remembered the first day when she was sleeping by herself in the room while I went to do groceries. She was asleep when she felt someone opened the room door. She thought it was me, so she went back to sleep. Suddenly she felt a body of someone placed on top of her, so she opened her eyes. She saw a woman sitting on her chest and point at her while saying, “Get out of my room!” My girlfriend was shocked and ran to the lobby.

On the second night, the same woman sat on her chest again and said “Are you challenging me?” then she disappeared. My girlfriend was so scared that she couldn’t sleep, but she didn’t dare to wake me up either. I asked why she did not tell me since the first day so we could move out. I was afraid if something bad happened to her, it wouldn’t pay off the price. She said that she knew I did not believe in this kind of stuff and she might be blamed for being hallucinated. So she decided to keep it shut. I told her that we would make merit for that spirit as soon as we arrived home.

When we arrived home, we were so tired that we didn’t make merit to that spirit. So we planned to do it the next day. But it was too late! I got up and saw my girlfriend slept, but she didn’t wake up when I called her. I went crazy and tried to shout to wake her. But she didn’t make it. I was really sad and lost. Everything was dark.

Then I called an ambulance, and the medic told me that my girlfriend died from suffocation. This made me thought of something extraordinary, but I was not 100% sure because my girlfriend was a healthy woman and she didn’t suffer from cold or anything. How could she suffocate? Didn’t she get enough sleep? I still have this question in my mind.

When I regained my consciousness, I called my girlfriend’s family and let them know. After that, both my family and hers came and asked how it happened. They wondered if we had had a fight before or if my girlfriend felt bad about something. There were so many questions asked, but I couldn’t answer to any of them. I was still shocked and confused about what had just happened. How could an invisible energy cause someone’s death?

We had a 3-day funeral at a temple for my girlfriend, and then we cremated her body (Buddhist ritual). On the first night of the funeral, while the ceremony was going on, I heard someone crying from the speaker. I was so shocked and tried to find out what it was. Both our parents saw me acting strangely and asked what was wrong. I said to them that I had heard a woman sobbing. They tried to console me and said there was nothing and that I might have been overthinking. When the chanting of the monks was over, everything was silent, and I didn’t hear anything. So I thought to myself that I might have been mistaken. Then a monk came to me and said: “Your girlfriend was sitting next to you, but she was crying the whole time.” This made me realize that something supernatural really existed.

On the second night of the funeral, nothing strange happened. Before heading home, my parents asked if I would like to sleep at their place. I turned down the offer as I wanted to go back to my house. When I was getting ready for bed, I started thinking about the noise I heard, the first day I took her out, the day I asked her to marry me and her big smile when she said yes. I suddenly felt sad and lonely. It seemed my life was missing a part of me. So I just said it out that “If you are here, can you come to see me? I really miss you. I still love you.” Then I felt asleep.

On that night, I saw my girlfriend sleeping next to me in my dream, but her face looked so bad. What really scared me was that I saw another woman sitting on top of my girlfriend and said to me “She’s mine!” and jumped over to me.

I was shocked and got up, and it was about 2:00 AM. I felt really scared and worried about my girlfriend. I could hardly sleep. On the next day, I got up and went to prepare for the final day of the funeral. It’s the day we will have the cremation ceremony. When it was time to cremate her body, the same monk came to me and said “If you have anything to tell your girlfriend, please do. She can hear you. She’s with you every day during the ceremony. So I whispered in her ear “I love you. It’s so sad that our time together was short, but at least we got to love each other.” Then the ceremony started.

Once the funeral of my girlfriend was over, I was totally in a bad state that I almost went crazy. I kept myself shut in my room. I didn’t want to see anymore. I kept blaming myself for causing her death. I was like that for about 2 weeks. I called her name every single night, but she didn’t appear for me to see. I somehow dreamed of her every night. The same dream that she was sleeping next to me and another woman was sitting on top of her. I couldn’t stand that anymore, so I went to seek for advice from a monk. He said I could ordinate and dedicate my merit for her so that the spirit would be free. I decided to ordinate for 1 month. I was feeling much better. I shared my loving kindness to the spirit every night and prayed for my girlfriend to be free.

On the first night after I had left my monkhood, I dreamed of my girlfriend. She was in a really beautiful place, and she said to me “I love you. However, I have to go now. Thank you very much for your love for me and for helping me. If I ever reincarnate, please remember my face.” Then she disappeared into the light. When my girlfriend left, I saw the same woman looking at me and said: “Do you want to challenge me?” So I said to her “Why are you doing this to me? What did my girlfriend and I do to you? Why do you have to punish us?” Then she replied: “The two of you came to the place where I died. I was killed because of love, but you both came to make love in the place where I died. I will depart you.” So I told her “There’s no good for you to do this. You will only cause more sins to yourself.” She then said “I don’t care. I will take you too!” After that, I woke up.


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I’m about to tell you happened 3 years ago. One day, I planned to propose to her during our trip out of the town. I decided to drive her to a province in the north with a great atmosphere. We would stay in a nice accommodation surrounded by nature for 3 days and 2 nights.. We got there in the afternoon; my girlfriend was tired, and chose to take a nap in the room. I went out to do grocery shopping so we could cook for dinner. When I returned, my girlfriend was not in the room. I wondered “Where is she?”.

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