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Evolving Your Consciousness


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Evolving your consciousness. Sounds mystical doesn’t it? Or maybe I am talking about improving my knowledge about the physical world? I am not. Before I go any further, I am going to outline the main points of this text below. They are a complete summary of what I am going to say and you only need to read further if you want to.


p<>{color:#000;}. Both physical and nonphysical realities exist

p<>{color:#000;}. We are currently experiencing a physical reality but can also experience a nonphysical

p<>{color:#000;}. Examples of the nonphysical are not common in life but occur frequently enough to be noticed

p<>{color:#000;}. Keep an open mind instead of denying the nonphysical automatically when it happens

p<>{color:#000;}. Living a life of love in this harsh world will also help

p<>{color:#000;}. This is true because I experienced it in life and will detail my story below



So where to start? Let me tell you a little about myself. You can decide if I am worthy of your attention.

I was born an epileptic but it was well-controlled until my university years when it became serious enough that I had to leave Canada (where I had gained citizenship) and return to the United Arab Emirates. I have never been able to hold a job for long since I become unconscious at work so I am completely dependent on my family to survive. Does that make me a freeloader? Maybe. That’s certainly what I used to believe until I learned to love myself better and accept my fate(I don’t believe in predestination). If you are still interested, keep reading.


This text was triggered by insights following Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE. It’s a tough and torturous read(over 1000 pages) but worth it if you are willing to make the effort. In fact, I still haven’t finished the full text. You may instead prefer the huge collection of Youtube videos he has. Many of them can range from 1-2 hours but still easier than the book and full of info.


The world is picking sides in a desperate race to understand the world. But we must not think of this as a battle. Science has chosen the side of the physical and religion has chosen the side of the nonphysical. But both groups are approaching the issue mistakenly. If we, as a single group, can undertake research into both the physical and nonphysical realities, we will evolve our consciousness. If we lose a toy after playing in two fields, chances of finding it again are only 100% if we search in both fields. Research doesn’t always have to be empirical. It can also be subjective. Many of the materialists reading this text will be shaking their heads and saying research always has to be empirical. But how can the physical ever observe the nonphysical? To observe nonphysical realities, you need nonphysical tools. Like your consciousness. And your consciousness can only be experienced by you alone.


I am not expecting you to believe anything I say without self-confirmation. Just be open to both possibilities and chances are pretty good you will find what you are seeking. Unfortunately, human ego has a pretty strong hold on the world right now. People’s fears, insecurities and desires control their minds and close them off to the bigger picture. Tom Campbell has a concept called Uncertainty which states that the nonphysical cannot be manifest at will because that would change the nature of the physical reality. I remember reading a comment on Amazon, by a reader of his books, who said “How convenient” that was. He had obviously had a knee-jerk reaction and made his judgement without waiting for more information. We must strive to be more open-minded. We must also strive to be more loving because love helps us develop our consciousness. More love in this world will make for a better world. I changed my nature by learning to love myself first. If we do not love ourselves, how can we expect to love others? More love also helps to defeat the fear of the ego. I now believe that the only true freedom we have in life is Freedom of Attitude. We can choose how we look at our life. Other freedoms can be given but that also means they can be taken away. Freedom of Attitude can’t. It may not seem like much but since it makes suffering an open choice in life, it may be all we need. That is the main meat of my message. The rest deals with details of the subjective experiences I had that made me realize the nonphysical in my life. You will have a different path but just give it time.


I used to be an atheistic agnostic until I had some strange experiences in my life that got me seeking a better understanding of the world. I called these spiritual experiences but they were not religious in the sense of organized religion. I call them the God Voice, the Aha Moment and the Before Post experiences. I should mention that I also have a history of psychosis and could have dismissed these experiences as such(still not sure, in fact) but believe they were genuine.


In the first, I heard a voice telling me it was God and it passed the following message:


I was One

Then I became Two

Then I was Three

Then I became Many


You may notice how similar this message is to one of the central tenets of Taoism but I had never heard of that philosophy at the time and only came across the message later after much seeking when it surprised me enough to look further. You may ask why God would have passed this message to me and then only validated it much later? Maybe it wasn’t God as we generally hear about but rather my Consciousness giving me a nudge from a nonphysical reality.

In the second, out of the blue, I heard a voice telling me:


The future is uncertain. Just Be.


This one had a physical component also that shocked me and made me have to go lie down. The second sentence confused me and made me spend time searching further(a few months). Considering the message, maybe I should I just have spent time being open minded about my life experience instead of trying to break it down intellectually. The intellect is really useful for understanding the physical, but not for everything, and the physical world is not everything.


As for the third, it was not really spiritual but just strange. I was typing a reply on a message board to someone who I was arguing about the nature of reality, when his reply arrived before I posted my message! When I finally posted it, I included my surprise at the event but it showed up on the board before his reply as was to be expected so he was not surprised. When I questioned him for the details, he thought I had edited the surprise text in afterwards but I know what I saw and did. I took the experience to mean that we can all experience differing subjective realities within this physical reality.


I should also add that today has been a day of insights that involved evolution of my consciousness and before I woke up I had a dream that showed up as a story titled “The Last Days”. It was about two friends, deciding to go out together, and not being able to because something goes wrong. One of them says “I need you because you’re my only friend and you…well, you don’t need me but you seem to like me”. A nonphysical nudge representing my final separation from my ties to the physical? Or just Coincidence? Chance? Anything can be chance but an actual event is more significant. I believe the first since I was keeping an open mind and have now seen the nonphysical manifest in my life. Remember, an open mind is non-violent and harms no one. You are not picking one side or the other, just waiting for more information. That is all.

Evolving Your Consciousness

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Evolving Your Consciousness Evolving Your Consciousness