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Evangelism In Verse



John Lowstreet

copyright 2016 John Lowstreet]

Shakespir Edition

Scripture taken from the New King James Version,]

Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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This book is dedicated to all who seek eternal life.

God has given you a hope of life in Christ Jesus.

May you find Him.


[]Linked Table of Contents

His Loving Touch
Your Very Own Faith
Genuine Faith
Why Not
Jesus Died For You
How Simple It is
The Come As You Are Party
You Really Need Him
What Does the World Need?
Why Not Now
Putting It Off
The Direction of a Life
The Price of Life
A Clean Life
Staying True
The Joy of Joys
The Cross is the Place
Perfect Patience
A Good Fear
What is Truth?
The Procrastinator
The Pawn Shop
Want Power?
The World to Come]



“You were slain and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation”, Revelation 5:9.

“He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth”, Acts 17:26.

“This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come”, Matthew 24:14.

“Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring”, John 10:16.

Christ has placed a high value on each person in the world by purchasing us with His own blood. Moreover, He has also placed a high value on the varieties of human experience. Each culture of mankind is treasured by Him. Every family is important. Every language of mankind will be heard in heaven. The Stone Age cultures of mankind that are fast disappearing from our planet will have representatives in heaven who will demonstrate the applicability of the gospel to their uniqueness. Every other culture or people group of history will be found at the throne of God praising Christ for His redeeming grace as it was applied to them.

Certain First Nation tribes of the eastern seaboard of the United States are probably extinct. But, in early colonial times a Native American named Acpinquid became a minister of the gospel. At his death about sixty tribes memorialized his passing. This means that there are now converts to Christ in heaven representing tribes that no longer exist on earth. They are there in their tribal regalia with their unique contribution to the kingdom of Christ. With them are many others such as the Merkits of Mongolia many of whom were Christian and were martyred by the Mongol ruler, Genghis Khan, in the thirteenth century. These have since been joined by members of the Jivaro tribe of the Amazon which once shrunk human heads as trophies of war, but which now includes active evangelists in its membership. We may suppose that many such triumphs of Christ’s saving grace are unknown to us. The world often either ignores or else deplores the work of Christian evangelism, but it is celebrated in heaven.

Our view of the world and our definition of Christianity may not always fully reconcile with the embracing love of the Savior of mankind. When Jesus Christ expanded the covenants of God anciently made with only Israel, so that those covenants now include the whole world of all nations, He made salvation inclusive. The Apostle Peter put it this way, “God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean”, Acts 10:28, “But in every nation whoever fears God and works righteousness is accepted with Him”, Acts 10:35. The love of Jesus for us means that His purpose for now is not to destroy evil, but to teach and convert us to God. He will not return to destroy all evil until He has finished redeeming all of us of every tribe and tongue and people and nation. He has commissioned us to work with Him to evangelize His world.


His Loving Touch]

The truth of the gospel is saving truth.

The truth of sin leaves you lost.

That you can be saved will need no proof

If you wish to be saved whatever the cost.

Forever is longer than any time.

The time that you have is now.

Your failure to act is folly sublime.

Your turning to Christ is wisdom, I vow.

Nothing you lose by gaining faith.

All you risk by rejecting belief.

An unbeliever will become a wraith,

But receiving Christ’s love is eternal relief.

Prove that there’s nothing beyond this life.

Sure, this world is all you can see.

But you only see part of this world that’s rife

With things that sicken invisibly.

What you wouldn’t know has been revealed

By a God in love with you.

His saving truth is now unsealed.

He will lovingly touch you, and your soul renew.

**]Your Very Own Faith

No one can believe in Jesus for you,

But there is security and liberty in that.

God gives your faith its own just due,

And receives you where you’re at.

“Be it unto you according to your faith.”

Here’s the foundation of your personal miracle.

It’s with you and Jesus and perfectly safe.

No one can place it in another circle.

So go ahead and believe in God.

Put all your trust in only Jesus.

He’s dependably yours and forever solid.

His love gives you faithful reasons.

He’s already completed eternal salvation.

There’s nothing undone that you can’t count on.

He’s alive again, and His Revelation

Informs the whole world of what you stand on.

**]Genuine Faith

There is a faith that’s false.

We dance to the devil’s waltz.

Romanced by a vampire we lose our life.

Instead of Christ’s peace we have Satan’s strife.

But, there is a faith that’s real.

God’s Word was sent to heal.

The weight of sin has broken us down,

But the smile of salvation replaces God’s frown.

So trust in Jesus, my friend.

He’ll bring your pain to an end.

His promise of life is simple and plain.

You’ve nothing to lose and all to gain.

Why Not?]

Once the weight of sin is gone,

And a soul is left with God alone,

The bread of life is the word.

One’s emptiness filled with the Holy Spirit

Is an ocean of love with faith mixed in it

Where the voice of God is heard.

The death of fear removes all doubt.

The birth of hope is an anchor stout.

Our proclamation is salvation averred.

Who would neglect eternal life?

Belief in Christ is the end of strife.

Ignoring God is folly absurd.

No way to explain your risking hell.

Your conscience speaks, and you know full well

You cannot account for salvation deferred.

Come to Christ while there is time.

To stay away is nonsense sublime

A day will come when you are interred.

**]Jesus Died For You

It may seem strange, but it’s genuine fact,

That Jesus, The Lord, did the ultimate act

Of supplying the world what it greatly lacked.

He died for you and rose again.

He washed you clean from all your sin.

He’s calling you away from where you’ve been.

Come to Him and freely give

Your all to Him. The great incentive

Is Jesus wants you to truly live.

**]How Simple It Is

Coming to Christ is an easy trip.

Like a butterfly seeking loves nectar to sip,

We pause in midflight and submissively dip.

Refreshed we pursue a more steadfast course,

And to any who ask we gladly endorse

The kingdom of grace and Christ’s love as our source.

The dawn of true faith brings a springtime of hope

Which warms the cold heart that in darkness did grope

Through paralyzing doubt where none can cope.

But now in the light we plainly see

That the love of Christ will forever be

The fountain of life for you and me.

The Come As You Are Party]

You can’t come to Jesus as you aren’t.

Hypocrisy with Him is never smart.
To try to deceive Him to His face
Is such an insult to His grace.

He will tolerate your sinful strangeness.

He’ll lovingly make your needed changes.
He wisely sees just what to do.
He instantly knows you through and through.

Your problem with sin is on your inside,
And you can only paint your outside.
God already looks beneath your surface.
He’ll restructure you beyond your superfluous.

Only come as you are to Christ.

To Him your sin holds no surprise.
Be secure in His total control.
He’s a holy God with a holy goal.

Fixing yourself is useless toil.

Your car can’t change its dirty oil.
Your baby can’t change its little diaper,
And you can’t change your sinful nature.

Come to Jesus. Be forgiven.

Trust His love. You’ll go to heaven.
Accept that He has accepted you.
His gospel of grace is perfectly true.


You Really Need Him]

Once away from God we seek Him sadly.

The soul of man craves fellowship so badly,

That we turn to anything, desperately, madly.

The insanity of sin has dulled our senses.

We dropped our boundaries and cut our fences.

We’ve no appetite for God starvation evinces.

We live by the word that proceeds from God.

With no spiritual bread to feed us, we plod

Through a life of strangeness where everything’s odd.

It all adds up if you have the pieces.

Nothing makes sense if you’re missing Jesus.

But filled with His love, what could more please us?

**]What Does the World Need?

The world needs Jesus as savior.

To release the grip of terrible sins,

To make us despise the devil’s grins,

And fill our empty places with rest.

The world needs Jesus to come again.

To restore all things that once we lost,

To complete unfinished plans that cost

Too much for us to obtain God’s best.

The world needs God to walk with us.

To explain the wisdom we made confused,

To help us receive what we first refused,

And cause us to be completely blessed.

**]Why Not Now?

There is an end to history, you know.

There’s an end to you as well.

It is important to know where you go.

There is a heaven. There is a hell.

Eternity looms over everybody.

Time has a way of running out.

Procrastination is always shoddy.

It’s time to do away with doubt.

Either you believe in Christ or not.

But putting Him off is useless.

If you don’t believe, you’re all you’ve got.

If you do believe, to not act is truthless.

If you want to tell Him, just say a prayer.

Tell Jesus you love Him. Believe Him; He’s listening.

He loves you, too. He wants to share

The glory of heaven. It’s time for your christening.

So, why not now? His arms are waiting.

You have an appointment. Don’t be late.

How long will you dawdle, doubting, debating?

Eternity yawns; decide your fate.

**]Putting it off

Some things cannot be covered up.

There comes the occasion of truth.

In old age we drain the cup

Filled with the sins of our youth.

Forgiveness is costly, but easy to find.

Dearly purchased, it’s given away.

In concert with wisdom it calls to the blind

To come see Jesus for salvation today.

Like a trip to the dentist we put Him off,

Though He readily went to the cross.

The infection of sin, like a nagging cough,

Is setting us up for a greater loss.

“Come to me”, is your Savior’s call,

“You’ve waited long enough.”

It’s time to be saved from your final fall.

Those consequences are rough.

**]The Direction of a Life

Would you start a trip without a destination?

Or begin a fight without a provocation?

Or salute a flag that stood for no known nation?

Are we born to wander without a useful purpose?

Do we swim beneath and never see the surface?

Must we vaguely die in hopeless, dark obscureness?

We each must have a faithful lamp to enlighten our way.

Jesus is God incarnate, the truth of eternal day.

The Light of the World sends every person a focused ray.

God has not left mankind in perpetual dark.

We each may kindle fire from Jesus’ living spark.

The Holy Spirit calls you in Christ to make your mark.

**]The Price of Life

Everything has a price, you say.

But only Jesus Christ could pay

For the justification of life.

Death is the consequence of sin.

We must account for where we’ve been.

Our lust is how we’re enticed.

We left our God to pursue our way.

We sat to eat, and rose to play.

But, the devil had a knife.

Into our heart he plunged his tool.

Who thinks we’re wise is only a fool.

Our souls are chopped and diced.

To live again is the work of Jesus.

He came to save, but not to please us.

Our holiness is His goal.

We cannot live unless we’re good.

The price He paid was His own blood

To redeem our immortal soul.

**]A Clean Life

The death of death in the cross of Christ

Is the death of sin in you and me.

His breaking free from death to life

Is the rise of righteousness that makes us free.

Believe in Him and that comes to you

Which He brought from heaven’s boundary.

He melted your chains into something new

And forged your freedom in redemptions foundry.

You die to sin then live again

Though ancient corruption had brought you down.

You rise to faith in Christ, your friend,

And escape the shackles that wrapped you round.

Salvation is a glorious thing

To those who understand it’s meaning.

The risen Jesus makes us sing

In a season of life like springtime cleaning.

**]Staying True

Sin is often a bad habit

Kick-started by a minor temptation.

A little scratch with a deep infection,

Left unattended for a cancerous mutation,

Will distort the soul of man.

Salvation is a reset that cleanses the mind.

Being born again instills the true.

More needful is to follow through,

To become accustomed to the new you,

To avoid every trap that you can.

That little scratch will come again.

Insufficient reading and prayer

Is a form of neglect and lack of care.

The straight and narrow will get you there.

Obedience is your best plan.

**]The Joy of Joys

The joy of joys is to know the Lord,

And to be known of Him, the King

His wealth of love, we could not afford.

But it’s free, and so, we sing.

To Him who died and rose again,

Who sits in heaven to bless us,

Who’s coming again as the Lord of men

We lift our praise to Jesus.

Our Father’s joy our hearts will fill.

His Holy Spirit wills it.

The presence of Jesus is with us still.

He promised and fulfills it.

And so we lift our hands and sing

To our Lord who with love receives us.

Our hearts we give, and our gifts we bring

With joy, to praise King Jesus.

**]The Cross is the Place

The cross is the place where Jesus killed sin.

Into the darkness He went

To break the power that imprisoned His kin.

For this God’s Son was sent.

The death of death when the Savior died

Preceded His power to live.

He ascended from earth with God to abide,

Intending, His Spirit, to give.

So take up your cross for this is the place

Alone, where you can find peace.

Let go of your sin, and seek Jesus’ face.

The cross is where your sins cease.

**]Perfect Patience

Patience is capable of perfect work.

The frantic pace of sin interferes.

Laziness appears to cause one to shirk

First duties and sadly become in arrears.

The stately march of the heavenly kingdom

Treads the anthill of worldly busy-ness.

“Rise above this”, is the call of wisdom.

“A patient purpose outweighs the fussy-ness.”

Human thought is bent on frivolity.

Unable to assess what things count most,

People pursue dead ends unworthily,

And then of their folly they strangely boast.

No wonder then that the world is suffering.

A plenteous planet is wasted on trifles.

The potent potential of people is smothering

Beneath the impatience of sin that stifles.

But patience continues to insist on holiness.

That it’s a better way is plain to see.

God did not intend we descend to credulousness.

We hurry on sin’s agenda incredibly.

**]A Good Fear

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of smart.

To run from your sin is to make a fresh start.

To turn to the Lord is to have a new heart.

Save your life today by making a change.

Bring order to your chaos with a rearrange.

Adopt Christ’s wisdom, and abandon the strange.

Sin is not normal. You were made to do right.

Iniquity’s misfits are the victims of blight.

Earth’s epidemic of sick sin is man’s plight.

You can have a clean life through Christ’s cleansing love.

Why die below when you can live above?

You’ve been given The Holy Spirit, God’s heavenly dove.

So come to Jesus. He will wash your feet.

Sit down at His table to drink and to eat.

Be blessed and forgiven. This new life is sweet.

**]What is Truth?

The truth is what you know it to be.

What you suppress is not truth to you.

To confine the truth to what you can see,

Blinds you to that which is more than true.

If you build your life on what you think,

Then what you think is all you get.

What God has said lasts more than a blink.

He’ll open your eyes to what’s more true yet.

So see with your heart; there’s a deeper reason.

The truth is broader than your small canvas.

You can’t dodge God’s truth; to try is treason.

God speaks truth that no lie ever cancels.

The truth is Jesus, God in the flesh.

His being is the Word that God has said.

I’m always with you, within the mesh

Of human truth. I’m wine and bread.

**]The Procrastinator

She waited to check on the lump a little longer.

The slight discomfort began to be stronger.

But, it wasn’t much, she thought.

Fatigued with living the day to day intensity,

She buried the dire in her main propensity

To wait, and the mundane sought.

Tomorrow forever comes another day.

The future brings some other way.

Then she would do what she ought.

The doctor shook her head, and acted stat.

To pray seemed desperate. She wouldn’t do that.

A lump in the throat she caught.

The chaplain came by and inquired discreetly, gently.

She was too busy, incidentally,

And wanted of Jesus, naught.

Eternity is a long time, but can’t wait.

We cannot play around with fate,

Dawdling until it’s too late.

**]The Pawn Shop

All things were started well, but left to us to finish.

We goofed.

Then we sought some way, all things to replenish.

God sent Jesus.

On Golgotha’s hill His blood dissolved our sins.

It is finished.

He borrowed a rock hewn tomb where victory He wins.

He gave the tomb back.

Loaning to Jesus was the best deal Arimethea ever made.

The payback’s eternal.

God pawned His Holy Spirit as an earnest to be paid.

God guarantees it.

**]Want Power?

There is power from Christ you may have at length.

Alliance with Jesus is an infinite resource.
Submission to God is the source of strength.
Rebellion removes from the sinner all recourse.

The name of Christ is the name of a king.

He has absolute power in His domain.
Since God gave Him power over everything,
That all must obey Him is forever plain.

But Jesus loves us and shares with His friends.

Instead of our measly strength we have His.
Where we would leave off, His Holy Spirit begins.
What our weakness is not, His resurrection is.

Humans are strong if compared to another.

Divine strength is incomparably unique.
Claiming more than others is to not have a brother.
The future of false power is uniformly bleak.

The weakness of earth is its tendency to die.

Defeat results from our tendency to sin.
The result of righteousness is the courage to try,
And God makes our struggles result in a win.

He favors the work done in Jesus’ Name.

The believer is guided by His Excellent Spirit.
No matter what obstacles the outcome’s the same.
Your jungle can be Eden; God’s bulldozer can clear it.


Vanity is inexorably vulnerable.

It will be wounded by definition.

It is a weakness as well as a vice.

To be vain is to be easily hurt.

Self-centeredness sets up jealousy.

Craving attention clogs love’s flow.

People withdraw from selfishness.

Starved for love we deflect.

But love has no substitute.

Only Christ can fill our void.

He already gave love’s ultimate.

Now vanity evaporates.

**]The World to Come

The old man dies and is no more.

The new man rises to meet the Lord.

Time passes.

The world decays because it must.

Its’ life’s devoured as famine and sword

Strike the masses.

There’s no more delay, the Angel swore.

God’s blessing comes to all who trust.

Let the feast begin. Open paradise’s door.

There are no more ashes to dust to dust.

**] ~~ The Lord Bless You ~~

**]To come to Jesus Christ, simply begin praying to Him.

Matthew chapter six, verses nine through thirteen

**]About the Author

John Lowstreet has spent his life trying to know God personally and to more deeply understand God. His one quest is to have more experiences with God. John studied the Bible to find God, and as he found Him, grew to love Him. His writings and poems reflect deeply held convictions about the character of God and the importance of Jesus Christ. Christ is not complicated. He is profound, however.

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