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Mambo Banda II


Shakespir Edition


Copyright 2015 Mambo Banda II




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The walls begin rumbling early in the day as people rush to their favorite playing ground after a stressful week. It is an early Friday evening as the walls come to life; you do not have to be far to hear the sound system bully the air with a bass so heavy the surroundings quake. It is a starless night and a full moon is hovering heavily as it gazes down at the dealings of man with a pale yellow look. Music can be heard in the distance as other places open for business; this part of town sleeps during the day and only awakes at night like an owl looking for prey to swallow. Soon cars from all directions begin to lurk the unlit city streets in pursuit of whatever takes their minds of reality. Many of these vehicles make their way to a parking area near the rumbling building, this is not the classiest of places but its notoriety attracts the right sort of people, the type willing to spend money for a good time. Every so often a local celebrity manages to find their way here, and tonight is no exception, because a popular local band is booked.

There is nothing particularly distinctive about the building; architecturally it is not the most attractive thing in the vicinity, it is a plane six sided construction bathed in a coat of violet paint. While the color doesn’t compliment it during the day, at night it creates a different ambiance that peeks ones curiosity, it adds a certain mystique. On the roof are two floodlights that shoot streaks of light up into heavens, and the light is visible for miles like a beacon guiding the lost. Barely visible in the night is a medium sized sign on the front of the building that says ‘Club Zion’ in a very unfamiliar and inapt font, but no one notices it as they head inside, because many are already familiar with the place. A security guard and another man dressed in red overalls screen cars at the entrance of the parking lot and directs them to the appropriate parking spaces. Within the hour the parking area is full and the guards at the gate begin directing people into other directions, many are not happy but they make do with what they can find close by.

A white taxi arrives at the entrance; a guard makes his way to the taxi and a woman steps out of the car. The taxi reverses and is gone within moments, she starts to make her way towards the club, the security guard recognizing her jubilantly greets her and wishes her the best. She walks across the non-graveled car park slowly, she is a wearing a brown coat and red platform heels.

The bouncers welcome her as she enters the club, when she takes her first step past the door the chaotic vibrations from the music diffuse up hers legs. She makes her way to the coat room; she takes her coat off revealing a beautiful black dress that barley reaches her knees. She smiles at the attendant at the counter as she passes her coat and retrieves a collection ticket. The room is crowded as people enjoy themselves; she scans the room before making her way to the back of the club. She keeps looking around and eventfully finds who she’s looking for, they are hard to miss because they are the center of attraction, and everybody in the room is talking about them. She makes her way to their table but she does not get to close, just enough for her to get their attention. The couple acknowledges her presence and invites her over to their table, and she takes a seat.

‘Monica what on earth are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you darling, you should have told me or Donald you were coming.’

‘I am certain we communicated earlier, it was your idea, and you told me I could come and collect my check and take some more pictures of you and Donald.’ Monica adjusts her seating position on the stool, clearly indicating her discomfort at what she is hearing. Donald isn’t part of the conversation, he is too busy having a good time chatting up the waitresses as they pass by, but the disapproving look on his partners face unnerves him; he quickly refocuses himself and converses with Monica.

‘How are you; how did you get here? I didn’t know Patricia invited you to our little gathering.’ Patricia casts an awkward smile and stealthily kicks Donald in the shin to shut him up.

‘Sorry for the miscommunication dear; but I seriously don’t remember having that conversation and as for the pictures we hired some other guy to do it for us today. ’

‘I seriously need that check, it’s been over a month.’

‘I promise to settle my debt soon, please be patient; this is not the right time or place to deal with such matters. Unlike you I have an image to uphold and you seating here with us is not conducive to that, so please if you do not mind.’ Patricia looks around the club at the prying eyes with a devilish smile before giving Monica a cold stare, which is a clear indication that she is no longer welcome at the table. Monica feeling defeated slowly gets up and looks at the couple in disgust, she takes a minute to see if Patricia changes her mind, but Patricia ignores her and starts whispering in the Donald’s ear. Monica enraged pushes herself through the surrounding crowd and makes her way to one of the bars. The bartender walks over to her and greets her and then they briefly talk before he gives her a drink on the house. One of the waitresses spots Monica and sneaks up on her, at first Monica is startled but when she realizes it’s her close friend Faith, she becomes ecstatic and they hug.

‘I didn’t know you were on duty today, I thought you only worked on the weekends.’ Monica whispers in Faiths ear as they embrace, then they both sit by the bar.

‘I’m filling in for someone today, I traded shifts with them, and it’s just for today. Look at you looking so fabulous, is this a special occasion?’

‘No I just came down to see Patricia about some unfinished business; I didn’t want to embarrass her since she’s recently become some sort of celebrity, but that didn’t go as planned.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well she owes me a lot of money and she’s being a bitch about it, she’s been giving me the run around for weeks, she’s got some nerve?’

‘Really, you too? Sister I tell you there is something wrong with that one, she hasn’t paid her tab in months and she comes around here acting like she’s the boss. She behaves like we all didn’t go to the same school, like she’s royalty. When I heard she was coming today I thought the boss was going to throw a tantrum but after having a private meeting with him he caught amnesia, he even let her use the VIP area for free.’ Monica cocks her head back to show her disgust and surprise, she reaches out and takes a sip of beer.

‘She’s still going around with those manners, sleeping around to get what she wants, in this day and age, what about Donald, does he know anything?’

‘Wow you really haven’t been paying attention over the years have you, Patricia never stopped being Patricia. Unlike us she knew exactly what she wanted the moment she saw it, and she must have realized she had to claw and cheat her way to it. Let’s face it, she’s not the brightest or the most talented creature, but she sure has come a long way with her looks and guile. You’re an up and coming artist, I’m a struggling medical student and Patricia chases fame, that’s her occupation. Their relationship is a sham, it is all a show for her adoring fans, but I don’t know if poor Donald is in on the plan.’ Faith leans on her hand and looks back into the club and starts watching Patricia and Donald, and Monica does the same.

‘Look at all them sitting there and staring, what do you think their feeling right now watching those two idiots?’ Monica says.

‘Envy.’ Faith replies.

‘Why envy and not adoration or jealousy?’

‘A while back there was this guy who had a thing for me, one day I got fed up with him stalking me and I accidentally broke his heart. He broke down and started crying, I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do, so I asked him why he was crying. He told me he envied me, he said he envied the way he needed me so much, because I could go on with my life without even thinking about him.’

‘I never thought about it like that but I guess that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it. I don’t like that one bit, we have to do something about that and I am really pissed about not getting my money. I think I have a plan.’ Faith looks at Monica with a puzzled face before questioning her.

‘That came out of the blue.’

‘I don’t know; I think I’m a bit tipsy. Aren’t you tired of her always getting her way, I mean we work so hard and look at us sitting here and watching them like their the center of the world. Let’s start a little scandal, like you said their relationship is a show, we’ll be saving the guy in a twisted way.’ replies Monica.

‘What do you have in mind?’ A huge grin appears on Monica’s face before she signals the bartender to bring them a round off shots. She quickly finishes the remainder of her drink before revealing her plan.

‘I saw some working girls outside, if we can get Donald plastered enough and distract Patricia we can get him to one off the rooms in the back. I’ve got my camera and a number for an infamous journalist. What’s the worst that could happen; it’s probably going to make her even more famous. All we need are pictures of him about to do something; nothing will really happen.’

Faith takes a deep breath as she scrutinizes the bold plan, before she says anything she waits for the bartender. The shots arrive and they each take one before Faith makes up her mind about the whole issue.

‘That’s a very bold plan but I don’t see how we could pull off something like that, I have a better idea, come follow me.’ Faith grabs Monica’s hand and jumps of her stool and walks to the window in the corner of the club; behind it is the clubs DJ. She gets a little pad from her pocket and writes something on it and passes it to him, he reads it quickly and stops the music. The room goes quiet for a moment, people stop dancing. Then he makes an announcement, but before he gets a chance to finish, faith and Monica are already halfway to the bar.

‘Sorry for the interruption ladies and gentlemen but I have just be told that the owner of the white two door Benz needs to meet security outside as soon as possible, someone has vandalized your vehicle, this is a serious issue so can you make your way outside now.’ Before he puts the music back on there is a little commotion at the center of the room. Patricia is causing a scene; she begins shouting at Donald, apparently the car is hers and Donald does not want to escort her outside. After a brief argument she shouts several profanities aimed at Donald before rushing out the club, the people around watch, they are amused and entertained by the whole incident. Monica and Faith seat by the side of the bar laughing hysterically at what is happening, they are very proud of their practical joke, it doesn’t change anything, but the look on Patricia’s face is priceless to them.

About the Author



Mambo Banda II comes from a humble background, he has been writing for over 10 years. He has a bachelor of science, during the day he is a serial entrepreneur, businessman and author. He is fascinated by people and the inner workings of society; he uses fiction to explore these areas, and he uses his experience in life to ground his stories in reality.


Twitter: @MamboTheAuthor

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  • Author: Mambo Banda II
  • Published: 2015-12-15 00:20:12
  • Words: 2589
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