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Emptiness by Caylum Pitout

[+                                                     Chapter 1+]

I wake up in a my bedroom with the sun shining through my curtains and I feel it’s warmth against my face but I can’t enjoy it for long, I jump out of bed and grab my gown off the floor and fling it over my shoulder, but as I take my first step forward I realise the house is really quiet. I put on my shoes and make my way downstairs, no one is in the kitchen, I look at the clock it’s only half past ten but still why would they have gone out at half ten, if it was something important they would have woke me up. Maybe they are out side so I sprint out the door no one’s there , I search the house no one is in their bed. Now I’m getting worried. I go over  to the kitchen and grab some cereal and sit down.

“What could have happened to everyone “ the car is still there so they couldn’t have gone away “ it was time I went to get help. I heard a loud crash in the living room, I crouched down on my knees behind the table, I leaned and grab a wrench from inside the cupboard, and I sneaked around the corner.

Suddenly a hand grabbed me from behind and pulled me to the ground. I saw the intruders face, it was a man. He looked crazy and jumpy as he looked around. “Are you alone “ he asked. The moment I heard those three words I know he was unsteady about me. “Yes” I replied he sat me back up onto my back against the wall. “Do you know what is going here” he said his whole body was shaky and he was getting more agitated by the minute.“no” I replied half in tears. “The world is destroying itself” “ Everything is burning look around you”.  I looked around everything was still normal, this man was really crazy. I pulled my arm away from behind my back and quickly flung myself forward towards where the wrench had fallen, I grabbed it and swung it at the man, it hit him in the temple, he crumbled to the floor and stopped moving. I was shaking I can’t believe what I just did. I need to get out of here. I grabbed a bag and started filling it up with food and water and clothes, I also got changed and went outside.

 I ran next door to see if the neighbour was there, he wasn’t not even his pet dogs were there. I did what I thought I would always do in this situation. I began walking to my friend’s house I was just up the hill when all of a sudden a child ran out of a driveway right behind him was a man ( like the man who was at my house). “Hey over here” I screamed to the child . But the moment the child looked at me the man was on top of him grabbing at the child and dragging him on the ground and fling the wrench at the man but it lands just short of him (give me mercy I got up less than an hour ago) I run straight towards the man and tackle him to the ground and clench my hand around his throat the man’s body relaxes and goes limp. I go over to the boy he’s got a few bumps and bruises but he will be ok . “Do you want to come with me” i said to him “ok but can I find my mommy and daddy first “ he said sadly, I knew I couldn’t let him go look. “I’m unsure if you will find them” “how about you go grab all your favourite toys and sweets and put them in a bag and then you can bring them with”. “Ok” he said with a huge smile on his face. He ran off towards his house, I slowly followed him in and stood at the door less then five minutes later he was back with a bag full to the brim with who knows what . “Ok you ready to head out “  I said kinda knowing he didn’t want to leave . We began walking up the road “so what’s your name” “it’s dean” the child whimpered “nice to meet you dean, wish it could have been under other circumstances” he let out a small laugh I could see he was still uncomfortable and unsure what was going on. We arrived at the gate of my friends house. There was complete silence, not a soul around, we climbed over the gate, (well I climbed over and lifted dean over the gate) . “Watch out” dean yelled. I turned around just in time to see a arrow hit my chest. I hit the ground and then everything went black.

I don’t know how long I was sleeping but all I woke up to was a loud crash and the smell of petrol and I went back into my sleep again.

I woke up, it was quiet and everything was dark i think it was night time. I tried standing up but my headache caused me to sit back down. “Take it slow” said a voice to my left and I turned around to see my friend, he was in a heavy suit of padded armor and had a rifle leaning against the chair. “Where did you get the gear” I said. We recently robbed a house down the road, it was packed with military equipment so we are prepared. “prepared for what” I said worried . “Oh I forgot you were out for a while” he said and with a long deep breath, he continued . “We have been assaulted by these animals which we have been calling wanderers” “they are trying to get into the building and we have been successfully stopping them” . “Ok” I said. This was way worse than I thought. “How many people are here” . “when we were doing our patrols around the area we found a few people and they tagged along with us” . “So there is around 20 people in here and unfortunately around 15 of them have no skill in protecting themselves so it looks like me and you and my other 4 friends have to protect them”. “Ok” said standing up. “We better get moving” .We began walking down the hall . “We were discussing moving out of here last night and I think it might be best if we move closer towards town before too many days past the food supply is shrinking around here and at least in the town there would be a decent amount if we get there fast enough”. Suddenly a siren sounded around the building. “We got to get out  of here” he yelled. we began sprinting down the hallway and through the door. To my left, there was a bow and arrows and to my right was some padded gear’ I grabbed them both. I put my armor on and I put my arrows in the quiver. I was ready. We sprinted out the door there was absolute havoc. These hooded creatures were climbing over the walls and people were running towards the building. Us the “soldiers” all Lined up our weapons and began hammering into the monsters. They sprinted at us. Bullets whizzing past them. I still hadn’t fired a single arrow as I lined it up. The wanderer at the front jump in the air and to come back down on us but as he jumped a arrow flew straight into his skull and he hit the ground…… All was silent. The only sound heard was the corpse slowly hitting the ground and as suddenly as it started. The wanderers retreated . I was so confused . Later that night. I joined the boys in what was apparently “the staff room” . They were celebrating our “victory” and I was the hero today,I had apparently killed their leader! ( which means they won’t be back or for a while at least). So we spent the night chatting about our past story and embarrassments.

 I woke up in the morning to a loud commotion outside my door. Everyone was leaving. “thank you so  much for waking me up” i said. I heard dean’s voice from the other side of the room. “We were planning of waking you up when everyone else was and geared up to go we are all ready to go just need to check that the roads clear”. I’m all good to walk at the front of the pack”,I offered “well let’s head off then”

We began walking down the road and we didn’t confront any wanderers for the first while. and after a few miles we completely forgot that we were on the run from them. there was a complete silence around us and the footsteps of the 20 people had become quite relaxing for all of us. just as i began to fall slave to the tune of the footsteps. “look out ahead!” a boy whispered from behind me. a pack of wanderers was on the road just falling over each other . they looked harmless but we knew of what they were capable of . “lets try go around them”. I commanded. we noticed the conveniently placed road to our left. everyone creeped down so that the wanderers wouldn’t notice us as  we began moving  into the direction of the road. suddenly one of the smaller children tripped and fell into the road he began panicking and yelling and he got the attention of the wanderers who began sprinting  down the road at the few children who were still in the road . “There is a house down the road!”Dean yelled “quick let’s get everyone down there now!”

We all began sprinting down the road and rushed into the house. The last few children were slow runners and the wanderers were catching up. I sprinted into the road and in front of the wanderers to give the kids a chance to get inside. There was no way i was going to get  inside now, it was just me and the wanderers.

[+                                                                                 Chapter two+]

I dreamed of my family, I dreamed of us sitting in our kitchen laughing and talking

But then I woke up.

It was dark and there was a extreme pain where my elbow is I sat up and I felt a cold wall press up against my bare back. What happened to my shirt I still have my pants on I felt on my elbow where the pain was I felt a liquid maybe saliva along my elbow, a bite! It must be…

I tried not to panic but the thought of becoming one of “them” got to me

Suddenly a hand grab my shoulder and pulled me upwards

There was a bright light in my face so I couldn’t see who it was

I felt the butt of a gun hit my temple and I was out cold….


When I woke back up I was in a bright room it wasn’t cold more like room temperature, when my eyes finally adjusted I saw a metal table on my right and a monitor on my left, this looks like a hospital but why am I here.

Suddenly a door on the other side of the room opened and a bunch of masked men came in and suddenly jake walked in he ran over to me and hugged me “so glad your ok”.”where am I” I said “you’re in their hospital ward” he said “why am I here” “you were sick” jake gave a thumbs up to the masked men and they nodded and left the room closing the door behind them. “After you got trapped by the wanderers they stormed our building and rescued us,luckily for you they had the equipment to disinfect your bite or you would have become one of them” I check my elbow but I couldn’t find a bite “how long have I been out” I said “they stormed the building in November…….it is new year today” “they had to put into a coma to slow your pulse rate” we were all worried about you” jake stood up and began to walk towards the door “you can come join us when your done” he said without even turning around I had a odd feeling but I couldn’t tell what it was. I stood up and suddenly had a searing pain in my stomach I lifted my shirt up there were stitches everywhere “Must have been all over my body” I thought. I took a step my legs were very stiff like after a car travel but way worse.

 I began walking towards the door I couldn’t hear any sounds but I wasn’t expecting any either. I stepped out of the doorway there was a long corridor to my left and right. A sign in front of me read “cafeteria” to the left so I decided to begin walking that way. I was in some tracksuit pants and a small yellow tops which fitted me perfectly which was scary.

I reached a doorway which looked like a swivel door I pushed it open to see a cafeteria full of kids all sitting on benches and tables all wearing the exact same closes as me. I saw Jake sitting on the other side of the hall. I walked over to him.

“What’s going on here” I asked “well this is our new home” he whispered. “What!” I yelled. Suddenly all eyes turned to me and I feel a slight unease in the room . “You need to stop running” I heard dean’S voice behind me. I turned around and he was standing right there a few inches from my face. “It’s a new world…..a new type of order” I was starting to get freaked out now “what’s wrong with you guys?”

“What’s wrong with you” they said I turned around and ran towards the door I heard footsteps behind me but I had to keep running, there was two corridors ahead of me, one to my left and one to my right.. I chose right, the footsteps were getting louder behind me and I could practically feel their breaths on my neck but keeped going..

[+                                                                                       Chapter 3+]

After what felt like ages I finally arrived at a exit. panting and wheezing I pushed open the door “what the hell was that” I heard the doors behind me swing open

“Stop right there!” Said Jake. What happened to them I wondered why are they like this. “I need answers first” I yelled out “And I’m not gonna stop running until I get them” He began walking towards me “The worlds not like it used to be, it’s different now, it’s BETTER, There is a new order not a organisation run by some greedy president, only one leader to the make the WORLD a better place but only if everyone joins us” he began speeding up and walking faster. “I don’t want to do this Jake!” I said  “Neither do I” he said he flung a punch towards my head but I was ready and dodged it, I grabbed a rock off the ground that was close to me and flung it towards his head, it hit him in the forehead and his eyes rolled back and he hit the ground. “What have I done I’ve killed my only friend” I ran towards him he wasn’t moving “no no” I stood up and began walking….it’s a new world and I’m gonna have to get used to it…

I will need to build a new world off this one that has been destroyed.

I really need to find some help if i want to get far…..

Where to begin…


[+                                                                                                                                   +]


A world were anyone over the age of 18 disappears, and what is left behind is nothing but a world of emptiness... But what is hiding in the shadows?

  • Author: Caylum Pitout
  • Published: 2017-05-04 15:05:07
  • Words: 2864
Emptiness Emptiness