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Emperor of Jammu-Kashmir as PM now to save UK democracy from CAWMDs Emergency: S







By Ankit Love


Copyright 2016 Ankit Love

Published by Jammu and Kashmir Sovereign Investment Authority Ltd. at Shakespir


Chapter I: An Introduction by His Highness the Emperor (Maharaja) of Jammu and Kashmir


I won 33,861 votes total in the 2016 London mayoral elections. I had made this from nothing, with a political party I had founded just a few months ago in October 2015. I had set up the One Love Party from a 16 bed hostel dorm in Hackney. I had even paid the £150 registration fee to the electoral commission from a student loan I had taken to survive the fall of 2015. The £10,000 deposit to contest the election was even lent to me by my 23 year old volunteer General Secretary, Pax Brown, from practically the entire inheritance he received when his grandmother passed away. Despite being broke I hand now the mandate for my techno-progressive revolution of an electorate larger than the adult populations of Monaco, Liechtenstein or San Marino. I had a nation of techno-progressive revolutionaries behind me now, that believed in the power of technology to improve the human social condition as soon as possible. I had gone from an unknown pauper immigrant, a war time refugee with no family in Britain to the revolutionary Prince of London.


However once before I had lived an actual princely lifestyle. Not long ago my home had been a £16 million red brick mansion in Mayfair across the road from fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s flat. McQueen had hung himself when I made my last visit to Jammu and Kashmir in 2010. Returning back to the mansion from Kashmir my long serving British-Sikh bodyguard informed me of the flashing light scene on our street the day he had died. Just before I had unwittingly inherited all the Imperial titles of the Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir in 2009. After that it seemed the world around me was falling apart. I had lost my fleet of cars. My red Porsche Carrera 4S, the S500 Mercedes-Benz, the yellow Mustang, my formula 4 Renault race car, and the black Mercedes SUV was taken away by the police. It was the “Princess Diaries” in reverse. My Sikh bodyguard had a paralytic stroke in 2013, he had served long and loyally to protect me since 1989 when I had first arrived in Britain as a child to escape terrorist threats. My mother had taken him out off death row from a Jammu and Kashmir prison where he was kept captive. They had accused and tortured by bodyguard without evidence for fighting against the corrupt and unspiritual Indian government for the freedom of the Sikh state of Khalistan. Now everything was now lost. Yes, I was the Emperor but I was broke, homeless and in debt. After the hostel on 29 December, the Day of the Feast of King David, I moved into an impoverished room with no windows or central heating under the railway arches. It was ironic that despite being on the ballot for Mayor, Tower Hamlets council had rejected my registration to vote as my accommodation was not demised for living.


I had grown up all my life in the UK at an American School in secret with the name Love. My mother had given me this name at birth. She had hoped I would be the beacon of peace for our war savaged state. Now I had inherited the war itself. With no choice, I had been born a war lord. It felt I was living the real life tale of Mahabharata. I had been that prince cast away in exile in the depths of the concrete jungle of London austerity. Being so in debt and lost how could I make my claim to the throne known? I had been kept in such secret all my life that my people did not even know they had an Emperor now. While once I had lived like an absolute prince with a champagne life style and an endless supply of women, homes, holidays, designer clothing and cars, now I was left with just one suitcase of belongings that was half stuffed with art.


My family relationships where greatly strained too. My parents still had allegiance with India that was illegally occupying my Sovereign State. My father had told me to not speak about being the Maharaja, but instead comeback and ally with India. He wanted me to take over the political party my mother and him had founded in 1982, a year before I was born. The Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party, this political party had stood up for democracy and survived the fight against terrorism continuously longer than any other entity on Earth. My family had done this throughout the CIA’s Operation Cyclone the most expensive covert operation in human history. Through this the USA had funded and armed extremist mujahideen terrorists in Afghanistan as well as my Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir. This had had put the life of my family fighting for secular values and democracy against the American funded terrorists in grave danger. As a child I had grown up surrounded by a platoon of twenty-two armed guards that protected me and my family. I would play with their bullets and AK47s in front of my father’s office at VP House. His office looked more like a military base with the encampments of our troops on the lawn outside. Our Panthers Party was the most crucial geopolitical party in the fight against terror, firmly lodged in the keystone Kingdom of Jammu where the Hindu and Islamic worlds met. Yet somehow it was ignored by the media, despite my cousin Harsh Dev, now the Chairman of the Panthers Party, a Hindu having served as the education minister of the Muslim majority state. Like my political party here they too were underfunded and ignored despite being the most pure and crucial in the war against terrorism. I wondered what was the root of this discrimination against us? We were the best, loyal and royal fighters for democracy and justice yet we seemed to be the most ignored and poor.


Joining my father’ s political party was out of the question as this would mean I would have to renounce my claim to the throne and support the State of India. I now despised the State of India, which had completely failed. 99.62% of it ’s over 1 billion people earned less than $5 a day and over 600 million people had no access to a toilet. It was like the medieval era.


That madman Gandhi, a Hitler sympathiser, who was against hospitals, doctors, railroads and modernisation that had gotten his perverse wish. His meddling in the political process post the Indian independence meant that he undemocratically gave the Gandhi dynasty an evil grip on the nation. While Sardar Patel had in fact won the democratic nomination to be India’s first PM, Gandhi had Sardar Patel step down to appoint his beloved stooge Nehru the father of Indira Gandhi. Nehru then continued the crooked, corrupt and dictatorial Imperial practices of the Gandhi dynasty by invading my Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir. He did this by a forgery known as the Instrument of Accession 1947 signed for him by Lord Louis Mountbatten. All the while Edwina, Lord Mountbatten’s wife was engaged in a immoral affair with Nehru. This perverse orgy of the Gandhi dynasty deceit and corruption would destroy the trajectory of both mine and their nation that had won independence on the efforts of freedom fighters such as Subhaschandra Bose. But instead the world’s mass media fell prey for the pr stories of Gandhi and his so called peaceful tactics. These gross happenings had left a countless many butchered and beaten for his own aggrandisement and press agenda. This was hideously exemplified when he suggested to the Jewish population to go willingly into the concentration camps of Hitler, who this twisted Gandhi referred to as his “dear friend,” and had written in the print press that future Germans would “honour Hitler as a genius, as a brave man, a matchless organiser and much more.”


This bent and deceiving Gandhi dynasty for their greed and self-inflation destroyed the prospects of our newly born nations. Leaving us poor, unmodernised, backwards and sunk in a feudal era. Harvard fellow Yevgenia Albats revealed that the Gandhi dynasty was being bribed by KGB chief Vickor Chebrikov since the 1970s. The Soviet Union had paid billions of dollars into Swiss accounts of Indira Gandhi’s family including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to promote communist ideologies to our people. With these bribes under a dictatorship in 1971, Indira Gandhi even changed the actual name of the “Republic of India,” inserting the word “Socialist” . It is believed today that the Gandhi family enjoy an illicit wealth of up to $19 billion, while 40% of Indian children under 5 live suffer from malnutrition. A figure far worse than sub-Saharan Africa. Indira Gandhi when once asked about her corrupt ways had blatantly stated, in Cruella de Vil fashion that ‘‘it was a global phenomenon”.


However, her sell out of the Indian state and application Gandhi’s backward values paved a treacherous path for extreme Hindu leaders such as Prime Minister Modi to rise in genocidal fashion as witnessed in the Gujarat genocide of Muslims in 2002. Now it I was left with this great responsibility and burden as the Emperor to bring all these rogue princes to order and justice. Indeed I was at war with them all. After my introduction in Indian mass press through the London elections, I already had the governments scrambling. On the day of the Mayoral election when Newsweek carried my claim to the Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Modi’s government proposed probably the most ridiculous law of censorship in democratic history. After I had made news across the nation as the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Modi’s government passed a law to fine all people and media $15 million that represented the map of Jammu and Kashmir outside of India. If Jammu and Kashmir was such an integral part of India as the government was illegally claiming, why did they need such a draconian censorship law now to suppress the truth? This was war, but it had been war for the last 69 years. In fact this war, was now the oldest war in the world.


My life was a real life game of thrones. Initially though, when I lost everything I had wanted to hang myself. It was hard to go on a pauper once I had been used to the finest brands and luxuries. I was forced to leave a £5 million Belgravia home on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, I woke up in a £15/night hostel bed in a room shared between 12 people. It was a lot to taken in psychologically. On one hand being a penniless orphan in Britain with no family here, yet being an Emperor no one knew about of a forgotten but very real war zone. A war zone that the Nobel peace prize-winning body the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War had said in a 2013 study would “end human civilisation” in a very possible exchange of nukes between India, Pakistan and China.


Was there no support for people like me I thought? Did nobody care? Where were the intelligence agencies or the mass media, surely one of them should have known about me. Would they really allow geopolitically crucial people like me to succumb to such an indignity and fate, when the CIA, Mossad and KGB had invested hundreds of billions in my region? Especially now with all the terror attacks inflicting Europe. Had they really not done their research on me? Perhaps they were not that intelligent after all. Otherwise why would the world be left in such a bellicose state of affairs after decades of their intelligence and media efforts? Really I wondered how could our media and intelligence agencies have missed me? I was the last Emperor, from a Muslim majority state where the SAS and Delta force were sent on the hunt for Bin Laden in 2002. How could they keep us protected from any threat, if they could not understand the value I had offered. Surely I was the key to peace in the Middle East and for the security of the Western world. Then I wondered had anyone even heard of the State of Jammu and Kashmir before? Or the legend that historical Jesus was buried there.


This failure to react urgently by our intelligence agencies and media was abjectly clear after my Mayoral campaign. I had conquered an empire, I was the Sovereign head of a war torn, terror-ridden state twice the size of England with almost 20 million population. I had used the mayoral platform to successfully amplify my claim there, making front page news in Jammu and Kashmir and across India. Not only was I the youngest candidate in the history of the London mayoral elections but beyond that I was now the world’s youngest incumbent Head of State. Really I ranked higher than the Prime Minister in this country. Remember he was only the head of government. At a state dinner I would be seated with higher priority and status. I had a 21 gun salute, that was awarded to the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir by Britain for the brave efforts of our solders in World War I. But yet despite all the history and contemporary value I represented, I was even featured in Vice and Dazed magazine with my policy to legalise Cannabis, yet I was the most ignored candidate in the mayoral elections by the British mass print press. Were they crazy? Even a Polish prince commanded more exposure than me. I was the Emperor, he was just a prince. How could this be? It was only through the excellent efforts and investigations of ITVs Rags Martel who’s interview set off a chain reaction in Jammu-Kashmir landing me the headline in Kashmir Life magazine, “All of a Sudden Kashmir Has A King, Living in Exile,” that I won the first battle.


Perhaps it did not matter in Britain that the 32-year old Emperor of Jammu and Kashmir who was fighting 7 terrorists groups named Love, had appeared out of nowhere on a ballot for the largest direct democratic election in the country with nearly 6 million voters. Now I would say that is quite a story, but then again I am not the mass media, yet. Perhaps they did not even know how connected the histories of Britain and the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir were. They may have not been aware of the fact that the royal army of Jammu-Kashmir had fought for Britain in Palestine in WWI. Or the fact that in WWII the Maharaja had not only lent Britain his royal army again, but also himself personally defended the UK from Hitler by serving as member of Churchill’s British War Cabinet. Now as history would have it, I was the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir defending Britain against an even more deadlier killer than Hitler. My priority issue despite all the terror, drugs, rock and roll and war was the air pollution pandemic.


Surely even if all else was about me was madly ignored, my main cause against the Air Pollution Pandemic should have griped all sane people. After all I was the only one with an immediate solution to these Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction (CAWMDs). 200,000 people in Britain would be killed over the next five years from the CAWMDs crisis. Our children were being condemned to autism and schizophrenia from it. Once again the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir had come to Britain’s rescue. I was the most vocal and doing the most to end the CAWMDs scourge immediately. But somehow once again Jammu and Kashmir was madly forgotten for the determent of all. What was worng with the UK and world at large? Was this what they called democracy, a population governed in ignorance to the point mass murder?


When I was seeking nominations for the Mayoral elections, The Guardian newspaper had rudely turned me away from their offices in Kings Cross. On the day of the election they printed a story mocking my music awarding me the title of “worst rap by a Sun God.” Now, I put on 2Pac, who’s parents too were also involved in a Panthers Party on the other side of the world fighting against discrimination. I played his song, the last line of the first verse captured the entire sentiment, “cause the media is full of dirty tricks, only God can judge me.”

Chapter II: The Problem of the United Kingdom Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction Emergency


The right to breathe fresh air is man’s most fundamental and first human right, however now this first freedom is being criminally violated. 5.5 million people were killed worldwide in 2013 by the Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction (CAWMDs) crisis according to the Global Burden of Disease Study by the University of Washington. Those death count by this Air Pollution Pandemic now eclipses HIV/AIDS and malaria. China and India are the two worst inflicted nations with an estimated death toll of 1.6 million and 1.3 million annually. This most grave and serious issue is not just limited to developing nations. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that the CAWMDs crisis as a “public health emergency” has causes about 600,000 deaths in Europe annually, and costing the economy over £1 trillion. In Great Britain in 2015, the NGO Client Earth won a landmark unanimous judgment by the Supreme Court against the government ordering it’s ministers to take “immediate action” to address the killer criminal levels of CAWMDs. However, the UK government continues to be criminally complacent in tackling this killer issue. It has cut funding to local councils for the cause and is cutting subsidies for photovoltaic electric energy production too. Instead of following Supreme Court orderers the failed British government in February 2016 committed £2 billion to fight malaria abroad. This despite CAWMDs now kills more people internationally than malaria by 1000%. Technology and resources are now readily available to end the CAWMDs crisis immediately, which is costing far more British civilians lives than World War II, during which 67,200 British civilians were killed by Hitler. There is now a compete breakdown of social and market conditions that have given rise to the most wicked yet preventable catastrophe in human history. Technological and monetary policy solutions are clearly available to end the CAWMDs crisis as soon as possible. Why is that we do not implement the means we already have available to end this invisible mass murder of our people that now causes 40,000 deaths in the UK a year, and condemns our children to autism and schizophrenia? We have now entered the breakdown of the democratic process in Britain.


The extent of ignorance in regards to the CAWMDs crisis is so severe that in 2016 discrepancies still existed in calculating the official total death toll from this killer air plague in Britain. In it’s March 2014 update the WHO stated that grave and serious dangers from the CAWMDs crisis are “much more so than was previously understood by scientists.” By the UK official figures of those slowly poisoned to death from the Air Pollution Pandemic was once believed be around 29,000 annually. However, this “official” figure was most convoluted and omitted fatalities from the toxic nitrogen dioxide gas (NO2) in calculations released from diesel vehicles. The government’s scientific advisers now warn when accounting for the NOx gasses that the actual figure is closer to 40,000 deaths annually. It is forecast that by 2021, 200,000 people in Britain will die from this pandemic. Revised figures for London had revealed that 9,416 people perished in the capital due to the CAWMDs crisis in 2010, more than double the previously quoted figure of 3,537.


Beyond the mass murder of those forced to breathe in these fumes, there are further gross conditions of ill-health inflicting the survivors from the toxic gasses of nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone (O3), particulate matter and sulphur dioxide (SO2). These maladies include alzheimer and dementia in the elderly. These fatal gases chillingly impair the lung development of children permanently. Other known ailments linked to CAWMDs are lung cancer and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma. Lab studies released in 2014 by University of Rochester Medical Centre found evidence of a link between autism and schizophrenia in young mice, consistent with correlations observed earlier by a JAMA Psychiatry study of autism in children living by areas of high level traffic-related air pollution. WHO estimates that 80% of those killed in the CAWMDs crisis fall victim to ischaemic heart disease and strokes. 14% of deaths are from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or acute lower respiratory infections and 6% of deaths are attributed to lung cancer.


The majority of CAWMDs released in cities are from transport related exhausts. According to TfL’ s Transport Emission Roadmap 2014 report, 63% of the toxic NOx gases released in London were from transport. Of which the great majority permeate from fossil fuel combustion engine vehicle exhausts. When this figure is added to the 14% produced by non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) combustion exhausts it equates to them contributing the majority 77% of the deadly NOx gasses. While transport makes up 52% of PM10s and 13% are from NRMM making a combined total of 65%. Resuspension of PM10s is also a contributor of CAWMDs making 21% of the killer PM10s emissions. With these detailed studies and the recent Supreme Court judgement against the government, the question beckons why the biggest third-party killer in our society ranks as such low priority in the psychologies of the vast majority of a democracy geared towards preserving fundamental human rights, health and life? Surely the right to breathe clean air must be the number one right and liberty for all.


Only cigarette smoking was attributed to causing more deaths in the UK with an estimated 101,000 killed in 2010. A ban on smoking in public places came into force across all of the UK in 2007. Bans on cigarette marketing began in 1965 with television advertising. The passing of the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002 banned most other sources of tobacco advertising. Despite these legislative action 12,000 people continue to dye annually from second hand smoke. However, in terms of gross third party deaths, the UK CAWMDs emergency can be considered to be a more lethal killer on aggregate with the new estimate of 40,000 people perishing from his invisible chemical plague annually. Thus, one ponders why combustion engine products have not faced legislation curtailing their advertising and promotion in all media sources, especially now when plug-in electric transport alternatives already exist at reasonable costs.


The Greater London Assembly (GLA) continues to purchase diesel-hybrid powered New Routemaster busses costing £355,000 each and returning a fuel efficiency of 6.5 mpg on it’s Route 10. This despite the availability of all electric plug-in double decker busses of which 51 were ordered for £19 million at a uint cost of £ 372,550 each. The difference being a 5% margin above the diesel-hybrid New Routemasters, with operating costs already at parallel or better. After initially denying a study by Kings College, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson in 2014 conceded that Oxford Street statistically ranks as the most polluted street in the world in terms on the killer NOx gasses released by grid lock of the TfL diesel and hybrid busses. While the Mayor and the GLA do understand a need for action they still procrastinate in taking a strong stance against the CAWMDs crisis that is indiscriminately taking the lives of Londoners on mass. Thus, highlighting their mad ignorance on this lethal issue affecting their lives as-well as that of their children. The GLA will only replace all 300 single seater busses with electric or hydrogen powered alternatives by 2020 dismally promising that the 2,000 double decker busses in operation will only be converted to diesel-hybrids by then.


While these actions may reduce deaths to a degree, thousands that could have been saved will continue fall victim to the deadly poisoning by CAWMDs under current plans well into the next decade. One sincerely questions why such delays should be permitted based simply on base price monetary arguments. London’s annual budget is £ 17 billion and approximately 5% of this would cover the costs to replace all busses to electric, and in the long run such an investment would give the city direct savings on higher energy efficiencies produced by the electric busses. The sudden and clear action would also raise awareness of the issue across the media and general population. Most importantly it would directly help save the lives of perhaps over a thousand of it ’s inhabitants over the next few years. 2,300 double decker electric busses at present market prices would equate to £ 856,000,000. This figure may be less with economies of scale if such a large order was actually placed. By crude statistical estimate where 8% of the NOx gasses released from transport are attributed to public busses, this would mean a saving of hundreds of lives in Britain a year, especially considering the high pedestrian foot fall exposed to these CAWMDs from public busses. Of-course this would also mean preventing countless many cases of ill-health ranging from lung cancer to autism in children, giving London major savings in regards to health care costs and lost productivity. The lack of urgent and direct action can be attributed to madness and weak leadership as there would be savings to life, health and finances for the city in ending the CAWMDs emergency.


Such analysis makes the actions of the national government seem even more suspect, considering this year it has committed £2 billion of taxpayer’s money to fight malaria abroad, £1.2 billion towards humanitarian aid in Syria and a further £2 billion to boost intelligence and drone efforts against the insurgency there. Under 100 British citizens have known to have died as consequence of the conflict in Syria, while deaths from imported cases of malaria on British soil stood at 3 in 2014. 584,000 are killed by malaria worldwide annually, compared to 5.5 million by the global CAWMDs emergency. In fact, if the British government’s concern was to truly help those in developing nations and not simply fulfilling a surface populist public relations agenda, it should have set example by breaking out of it’s deadly denial and leading the international community with full force against this Air Pollution Pandemic.


This is not to say that the cause of malaria of which 90% of deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and the humanitarian crisis in Syria are not worthy causes for consideration, however the government ’s priority with limited time and resources in times of austerity should be to maintain the order in securing it’s own citizens lives and the health of it’s children first and foremost on British soil. Especially when 200,000 people are forecast to die in Britain in five years from the escalating CAWMDs emergency. It would be most prudent declaring a war on this massacre by toxic gassing domestically before being drawn into any other foreign conflicts or aid that the nation cannot clearly afford.


Deaths from the CAWMDs crisis are now nearly 10,000% when compared to reported homicides which stood at 515 in 2014, the lowest recorded since 1977. However, by present criminal laws no legislation exists to permit the slow poisoning to death of fellow citizens or to cause them criminal internal damage. Thus all third party deaths in the CAWMDs crisis by such interpretation of the law could be considered as involuntary manslaughter. Of-course when one is made more aware of the facts this degree of the criminal manslaughter increases. This interpretation of the CAWMDs crisis as de facto manslaughter minimum under the present criminal code would completely change the perception of police statistics on homicide, which would actually be the highest since records began. This would make Britain an invisible war zone. With the wide-spread nature of this transgression, those with the most power and responsibility to change the course should be considered to be more criminally culpable for the continuing mass murder of our British subjects.


Monetary argument of higher costs as an obstacle to moving towards electric engines or energy generation from photovoltaic panels are now totally redundant. The WHO estimates the cost to European economies is over £1 trillion annually. It is thus completely apparent that the market system has failed to fully account for the true monetary or social costs of fossil fuels and that the market price point theory of equilibrium has most grossly failed in preventing the largest humanitarian disaster on British soil in modern times. Even more unsettling is that the CAWMDs crisis has been allowed escalate without intervention for such an extend period by all political parties and media outlets. Corporate competition and profits are still valued at criminally inaccurate price points, as it appears that no legislation passed by the central government thus far accurately values costs of fossil fuel energies to the point that no more deaths and illness will result. Such flawed economics have lead to an unfair and uncompetitive market environment where those businesses with ethical and just outlook are in fact unable to be competitive. These fundamental barriers to entry by just players in the market indicate that it is indeed far from free and under the control of criminally inclined oligopolies. Recently highlighted by the scandal of the large European automobile manufacturer Volkswagen found cheating by conspiracy on it’s emissions test results. It’s product resulted in more deaths than expected.


It is however all together strange by a sane psychology that any deaths should be expected or even tolerated in an advanced civilisation, especially considering that there is no scope under any judiciary that permits the slow poisoning to death of any citizen. Even if it is random deaths for enhancing comforts or convenience, this is not legal. Strangely this is what is happening to our citizens through their own ignorance perpetuated by a failed mass media. We have accepted playing a game of Russian roulette with our own lives and that of all others surrounding us including our own offspring. Such tragically ill behaviour from an external perspective could actually be construed to be absolutely mental. Once again highlighting the mass unchecked damage of an archaic market economic system that has been unable to independently find price legal points in avoiding mass murder from post industrial threats to our nation.


As markets are unable to offer true price points valuing human life, this criminal behaviour must be clamped down upon immediately. The damage to health and deaths of the CAWMDs victims is not factored by the pre-industrially evolved human senses. A mother may act with protective instincts towards her baby when encountered by a visual impact or fall threat, yet this instinctive capacity totally fails when managing the invisible toxic gasses from fossil fuel combustion. The mother would put the baby in a child seat to improve safety in a diesel motor vehicle but would not consider the orderless CAWMDs that would effect her child to the point of developing autism or suffering permanent reduced lung capacity. As even being within the confines of a vehicle is not protection from the invisible micro particles of these CAWMDs that penetrate the cabin. Her choice of diesel fuel may even be based on surface fuel economy to help the family make savings at the perceived market price points. Hence, the whole system can be now considered corrupted as it has failed to curtail a preventable and invisible bloodbath inflicting society that bears fundamentalist beliefs and worships a market pricing system unable to see any better than the sum of it’s surface mass. As in this market system where price is set by the summation of all collective psychological judgement pertaining to a good or service, the entire market system is now cannibalising the very societies who believe and had successfully grown by it previously. Adaptation and challenging this belief in the private sector direction of the market to deliver a solution that it has so clearly failed to do, not only shows grave incompetence by our political leaders and law makers but also highlights the dangers of new era of invisible post-industrial threats that we must adapt to detect better and address in order to ensure the survival of our species and civilisation.


Tragically this ignorance equates as a gross denial and shadow de facto acceptance of prices that are producing systematic killings equivalent to some of the most gross genocidal happenings ever recorded in human history. In historical reference this period can already be considered as a dark age of ignorance and the incapacity of a cherished market pricing system to adapt and measure post-industrial threats with one degree of sensory separation. The CAWMDs emergency can thus be paralleled to crude communist attempts to aggressively invoke industrial progress on an agrarian state. Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward,” is believed to have lead to 18-45 million deaths from food depravation in the resulting famine of 1959-61. At present annually 1.6 million are believed to die in China and 600,000 in Europe and millions more are condemned to suffer severe chronic illnesses resulting from the deprivation of clean air. This period of our international post-industrial history will for all intensive purposes be remembered as the famine of clean air. Lost in lieu of perceived industrial comforts derived from an ignorant and at time religious like belief in justifying all decisions based on a now broken and grossly inaccurate market system. All for the prize of hitting growth figures, that clearly in the present situation hold no value but on surface. A state orchestrated shift to clean sources of energy production would not only plug the £54 billion a year annual loss to the British economy and save over a million lives in 25 years, but would also generate real actual fundamental growth for the economy.


The unchecked use of combustion engines in society has grown to be rampant and even revered. Even those who may not own or drive motor vehicles simply by consuming virtuality any product are funding the release of these deadly fossil fuel emissions. This proxy support of murder via fossil fuel combustion is not just limited to delivery vans, rail and trucks where also now viable electric options exist. Shipping and air transport too pose a major CAWMDs threat to our society. In aviation a lack of electric options are blamed by the industry on the US government’s Federal Aviation Authority, which still refuses to adapt an outdated preamble now restraining the development of small electric aircraft. For larger aircraft in need for longer range travel, hydrogen is perhaps the most viable option to eliminate the CAWMDs crisis. Liquid hydrogen has been already the tired and tested fuel of choice for NASA space craft for decades. It’s only known byproduct is water, thus it is believed to be a pollution free fuel. It also serves advantage over kerosene fuel as it weighs three times less, with weight being the major limiting and hence cost incurring factor in aviation transport. However, it hydrogen requires four times more volume to carry than jet fuel. Thus, a transition to hydrogen fuel planes would reduce passenger and cargo capacities with current designs configurations where wings are used to store fuel. But as the fuel is far lighter and with weight being a key factor in aviation costs, adapted designs would reduce costs in the long term. It would be prudent for the government to legislate a position to stimulate a technological development platform where the entire aviation industry could switch to hydrogen as soon as possible. As presently with the erroneously judged price point of fossil fuel burring jets no airline or jet manufacturer could individually do so and remain competitive in generating profits in the current market pricing environment. This price point however as already discussed is now flawed, and requires immediate state intervention to return the economy to a legal equilibrium.


While hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, the present technology to derive fuel from it makes it somewhat more expensive than fossil fuels. One process of creating hydrogen fuels also releases methane, and requires water which in itself is a scarce resource. However, other processes of hydrogen fuel production are also now available which do not release methane can utilise seawater for synthesis. With investment in their systematic development and at economics of scale the cost of hydrogen production could be reduced rapidly. Though by the State perspective the consideration of present surface price point valuations must not be seen as the deciding factor in passing legislation and taking action to encourage the adoption of such non-polluting fuels. As the monetary system is already in breech of legal considerations and Supreme Court orders. A new emergency monetary policy would be the key to this conversion process and create a saving in real terms. Simply a switch to hydrogen fuels would not only save lives and health on a mass scale it would save the British economy £54 billion annually. It is further worth noting that in 2010, the United States EPA stated that for every $1 invested towards clean air a $25 saving resulted to the economy as a whole.


In 2015 the Toyota Mirai was released, a hydrogen powered car. This revolutionary vehicle at the time costed $50 for a full tank of hydrogen in the USA for a driving range of 300 miles, Toyota’s senior VP of North America had claimed that these prices would eventually drop to $30 for a full tank giving better value than deadly CAWMDs releasing compact cars that stood at $35 to fill for the equivalent millage. Electric cars still have better value in terms of energy costs where a Tesla S gives a range of 265 miles for less than a $10 cost to charge. Though hydrogen adoption has other potential longterm advantages in comparison to commodity and environmental concerns revolving around procuring lithium for the batteries of electric vehicles. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program in 2013 cited that batteries applying nickel and cobalt like lithium have the “highest potential for environmental impacts,” and also pose some concern to human health. Lithium also has the logistical issues of needing hours of charging, and until all fossil fuel power generation plants are converted to clean energy, CAWMDs from electric vehicle use will still continue to effect people living near these fossil fuel burning power stations. Another issue worth consideration revolving around lithium batteries is that Great Britain does not have any lithium deposits. In the future other types of battery materials may be utilised as substitutes such as aluminium batteries presently being developed by Stanford University that also promise to cut down charge times exponentially. Lithium is thus a scarce resource with the largest known lithium deposits are in Bolivia and potentially Afghanistan. Bolivia at present is thought be store to half of the world’s known lithium reserves, while Afghanistan could be the “Saudi Arabia of Lithium,” according to a recent Pentagon memo. There are also known reserves in Chile, Argentina, China, Canada, Australia, USA and Zimbabwe.


In Britain, the last time a wholesale central state decision was taken to change the energy supply in transportation was in 1916 by Winston Churchill then the First Lord of the Admiralty. In an effort to modernise the British Navy, Churchill took the decision to switch coal-fired steamships to burn bunker fuel from oil instead. Churchill to secure the energy needs of the Navy that defended the British Empire then moved parliament to purchase the cash strapped Anglo-Persian Oil Company in Iran, which is today known as British Petroleum (BP). Anglo-Persian would then find or acquire oil interests across the Middle East including in Iraq in 1927 and Libya. In both those countries and in Iran, it would subsequently lose these assets in the 1970s under nationalisation by majority supported governments of Arab leaders such as Gaddafi and Saddam. The British government had remained the largest shareholder in BP until 1987. Considering the location of lithium deposits caution and foresight should be applied in transitioning the nation energy systems again a century on.


As the previous change in fuel systems has since left a lingering question to the full intentions of the British armed forces and our American allies continued involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts. With this dark history in mind and over a 100 years on from the governments investment in Anglo-Persian Oil it would be prudent for long term sustainability and for energy independence to focus state efforts on hydrogen as well as electric batty based power. With some further developments and application of economies of scale hydrogen would ultimately be a more secure and sustainable source for transportation energy needs that could be locally produced. Further, refuelling with hydrogen is akin to fossil fuels, all present petrol stations would simply be converted to dispensing hydrogen fuel. While under a focused emergency shift away from fossil fuels, combustion engine of present automobiles could in mass conversions be turned to hydrogen power. Hydrogen would also serve ideally for the elimination of CAWMDs from maritime transport. Hence a hundred years on from Churchill’s decision to change all vessels to use bunker fuel now the government could make another complete transition to hydrogen and other clean sources of energy combined.


Shipping is now known to be one of the most lethal mass malfeasants in the case of the criminal and killer CAWMDs release. One giant container can emit almost the same amount of cancer causing toxins as 50 million cars. Confidential data leaked by maritime industry insiders in 2009 revealed that just 16 of the world’s largest ships emit as much toxic gas as all the cars in the world. That is roughly 760 million cars equivalent of toxic gas. Their capacity to release such mass quantities of killer toxic fumes is a by-product of burning low-grade ship bunker fuel that has 2,000 times the sulphur content of diesel used in European motor vehicles. According to Professor Corbett of marine policy at the University of Delaware, “ship pollution affects the health of communities in coastal and inland regions around the world, yet pollution from ships remains one of the least regulated parts of our global transportation system.” Hybrid solar and liquid natural gas systems have been suggested along with kite sails for ships to reduce emissions. Liquid natural gas (LNG) while reducing emissions somewhat does not completely eradicate the lethal releases of CAWMDs. LNG also adds greenhouse gases such as methane to the atmosphere. In 2009 thought experiments by engineers of the ABB Group’s GREEN cell shipping concept in Oslo, Norway suggested that photovoltaic cell application to the large E-class container ship, Emma Mærsk could yield a 10 MW solar power plant. However, this yield of energy is a fraction of the 80 MW power plant that Emma Mærsk’s current low grade bunker oil burning engines produce. This currently gives the vessel a cruise speed of 25.5 knots. However solar, combined with wind and hydrogen fuel should allow vessels to maintain cursing velocities and completely remove the deadly emissions of CAWMDs in maritime industries.


In the curious case of automobiles enough electric alternatives already exist on the market with 35 different models for sale in the UK in 2015. In certain classes of vehicles these EVs already offer monetary savings on the base price point. Further the government had offered a £5,000 subsidy towards the purchase of the first 50,000 plugin electric since 2011. Despite this by July 2015, 14,000 of these subsidies still remained unclaimed. In light that new car sales hit a record high in the UK of 2.47 million in 2014, this is a dismal situation at a critical juncture in the most significant preventable public health emergency in human history. If the government would have simply banned the sale of all new fossil vehicles in 2011, about 8 million more of these killer machines would have been off the road and of course the public would have been far more aware of the dangers posed to their life and health and that of their children. A regulation along those lines would certainly have encouraged businesses to have developed more electric options. Unfortunately the State is sending the people the wrong signal by taking such mild action on this most grave and scandalous issue. This is thus perpetuating the ignorance of the masses. As fossil fuel combustion engines purchase decisions have clearly not moved rapidly towards electric or hydrogen alternatives at any real pace with current measures. This bottleneck is also further exacerbated by a lack of infrastructure in regards to electric charging stations and hydrogen fuel pumps. But the underlying cause is the skewed psychology of the consumer that has been manipulated by unchecked media, marketing and advertising for decades that have fatally glamourised and sexualised automobiles as symbols of status.


In London the “Low Emission Zone” established in 2008 despite charging heavy polluting vehicles £100 and £200 a day to enter Greater London still failed to create any improvement in regards to the Air Pollution Pandemic. This further supports how majorly off true equilibrium present price points are in regards to the conspicuous and killer criminal use of fossil fuel combustion vehicles. Despite this colossal failing with about 9,500 Londoners dying each year, the government is still procrastinating in even implementing the next stage of road tariffs in it’s “Ultra Low Emission Zone” until 2020. Considering the failings of the “Low Emission Zone” this may be an ineffective and time consuming measure regardless. Meaning deaths from this silent killer would continue to grow for beyond a decade in Britain. Tariffs and subsidies have clearly proved to be completely ineffective to save lives and the health of our citizens, as market prices themselves are based on the sum of the indoctrinated and under informed minds of the masses. Both the government and opposition have compressively failed in understudying the severity and failure of the market system in valuing the products that are releasing these killer CAWMDs. Thus immediate, clear, direct and coordinated emergency intervention is now needed to save hundreds of thousands of lives in Britain, the health of millions and the 54 billion lost annually plunging Britain into a state austerity.


Even though more evidence has surfaced recently in regards to CAWMDs from automobiles, one question still lingers, why advertising restrictions were not brought into place earlier as had been done in 1960s, when cigarette television advertising was banned in the UK? These unchecked marketing campaigns for these killer toxic gas machines have allowed brands to associate large engine automobiles with primitive hormone driven desires for sex and power. Leading car brands are now engrained as the most revered status symbols in mainstream democratic market societies. This vulnerability to manipulation and indoctrination by the media of the masses is what in part prohibits the general population waking up to the invisible dangers for the deadly CAWMDs crisis. The further lure and endearment of automobiles in democratic societies have been culturally intertwined with the notion of liberty, freedom and image through placement in music and film for several decades now. Thus, to break out generations of unchecked psychological conditioning that makes the very dying victims desire and lust for its killer, now requires strong, clear and decisive State led action. However, it appears government leaders are themselves to deeply indoctrinated and weak in their understandings to wake up, rise up and save the lives and mental health of even their own offspring.


This deeply rooted failing of society to curb it’s unhealthy infatuation with automobile culture that still grooms impressionable minds of children, with developing pre-frontal cortex brain regions is evident by comments from Prime Minister David Cameron. In a recent press interview he fondly mentions his 11-year old daughter’s “hunger strike” in a bid to reinstate the host of popular public funded BBC automobile TV show Top Gear. The Prime Minister had hailed Jeremy Clarkson as a “great talent,” despite the fact that he and the BBC show had glamourised killer combustion motor vehicle brands for decades. In an enlightened society where a democratic state’s prime objective is the defence of the realm, most specifically to protect it’s citizens, especially when compounded by a Supreme Court judgement ordering ministers to take “immediate action,” the proper conduct would be to immediately protect the young from such continuing indoctrination by passing legislation to ban the promotion of the these murderous brands that are causing autism, asthma and schizophrenia in our children. As opposed to giving press statement encouraging other parents to continue the killer indoctrination and mental enslavement of their children to killer products.


This of-course should be done along with the ban on advertising of all combustion engine products and associated brand sponsorship of media spectacles including fossil fuel related motor racing activities, the pinnacle of which Formula One still draws 29 million television viewers in Britain. Ignorance of the issue also permeates the very upper echelons of the police force. The chief of London police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe recently spoke jovially in the media defending his purchase of a £65,000, 3.0 litre diesel engined SUV with tax payer’s money. However, at this price point he could have afforded an electric powered Tesla X with better performance, efficiency and no deadly emissions. Sir Hogan-Howe thereby could have set an example as a leader in our justice system for both the public and State. The underpinnings of his choice signify an ignorance breed from a dependence on a failed mass media, that it self is victim to the very failed profit centric economic system that has perpetuated this invisible mass murder in Britain. Society has unfortunately hit such a low point culturally in this affair that even a police chief who holds moral obligation, now continues to be unwittingly responsible for the deaths and ill-health of the very people he has sworn to protect. All this despite a Supreme Court judgment just a few months earlier clearly stating that “the government should be left in no doubt for the need of immediate action” on the CAWMDs issue. The fact that this landmark judgment by the Supreme Court was given such low media and police priority, is an example of how mass media judgement and focus has taken precedence over even judicial systems in our failed democracy. The horror of this sentiment has now been escalated to such a grave precipice, where the flawed mass media agenda even governs the choices of the heads of our security forces and governments to the determent of the all our citizens.


It is evident that price points themselves are now clearly a skewed means of making judgments. Considering the criminal nature of this case, they are the main factor perpetuating the rapidly increasing numbers of those dying from the CAWMDs crisis. Social leaders and celebrated personalities alike themselves have been so severely indoctrinated by the propaganda and status appeal of the killer combustion machines that they continue to glamourise them in the mass media. They revere the very fossil fuel burning vehicles responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people a year in Britain. Thus by the present low levels of awareness and purchase decisions of it’s leaders there is an inwardly social structural problem in remedying the most gross loss of life from third party causes in British history, since the bubonic plagues of 14th and 17th centuries. The mass death and ill-health toll from toxic gasses breed out of ignorance, affects the very people who vote and consume, seemingly unaware of the mass destructive nature of their choices. While their leaders themselves lack an understanding of the issue and are too weak to inconvenience the ignorant majorities that are now inflicted gross self harm and infanticide.


Taking all into account by the appropriate functioning of British democracy it is absolutely clear in the given circumstances by democratic UK law we must implement the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA) to save as many lives as possible and as soon as possible. This is without a shadow of a doubt what the state must do urgently in keeping with our previously passed democratic legislations. By the CCA 2004 emergency regulations can be rushed to remedy the situation by legislative authority under a Minister of the Crown. The WHO has already referred to the CAWMDs crisis a “public health emergency”, and by British legislation this air pollution pandemic clearly meets the definition of “emergency” under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. Qualifying clearly by two separate accounts of section 1 of the law. 1a) “an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place in the United Kingdom” further elaborated in 2a) as “loss of human life,” and 2b) “as human illness or injury.” CAWMDs also qualify as an emergency by section 1b) “an event or situation which threatens serious damage to the environment of a place in the United Kingdom,” and concisely meets the further description provided under section 3a) “contamination of land, water or air with biological, chemical or radio-active matter.”


Her Majesty, the Queen in the given circumstances of the gross failure and criminal negligence of her ministers in reacting to the CAWMDs emergency that is killing her subjects on mass would be justified in immediately invoking the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 or her Royal Prerogative powers to save lives and health of her subjects. Ultimately she appoints the Minister of the Crown. Unfortunately though it would appear that the phycological conditioning of status and it’s association to combustion engine automobiles clouds even the judgement of Her Majesty Elizabeth II and her royal family. They themselves are unable to check the parliament in times of the greatest crisis in British history. As the Queen, her Church and 26 Bishops in the House of Lords too have fallen prey to the mind controlling propaganda of luxury automobile brands, and as of June 2016 no electric vehicle (EV) or hydrogen car is present in her large fleet royal automobiles. Instead the Royal household continues to maintain and operate eight State limousines with powerful fossil fuel combustion engines. The oldest a 1950 Rolls Royce Phantom IV to the most recent acquisitions made in the 21st century. Tragically, instead of evoking an emergency to clear up the criminal plague of ignorance, Her Majesty’s automobiles continue to contribute towards the unjust murder and ill-health of her own subjects and children. His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales, bucking the trend somewhat, did have one of his Aston Martin automobiles converted to burn bio-ethanol in regards to environmental concerns. Unfortunately, while biofuels may potentially reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), they do not necessarily reduce the nefarious nitrogen oxides emissions believed to be responsible for 5,879 deaths in London in a single year according to academics at King’s College, London. Some biodiesel blends actually lead to an increase in the release of this source of CAWMDs. Bio-ethanol also produces acetaldehyde emissions, a gas that in high concentrations can cause dizziness, respiratory depression, convulsions, possibly pulmonary oedema and even death.


This is the most monumental crisis to face Britain, the last comparable in terms of mortality was over 350 years ago. When the civil war in England, coupled with famine and plague collectively from 1642-66 led to a death toll of roughly 500,000 (inclusive of the Cromwellian war in Ireland). That turbulent period of British governance covers two total regime changes with the execution of Charles I and then the fall of Cromwell’s Puritan republic and the return of Charles II in 1660, aged 30 as the King of England. After his return Charles II, disinterred the remains of Oliver Cromwell from Westminster Abbey and beheaded the corpse. Crowell’s skull now rests under the grounds of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge where he was once enrolled as student. One sincerely hopes that such a violent history will not be allowed repeat itself with our failed royal family and HM’s government of the prince who would be Charles III. The ongoing CAWMDs emergency now is even more deadly, and once again poses grave risk to the social harmony of Britain. This may happen when the poorest discover the new scientific studies that reveal their children are most prone to develop autism and schizophrenia as they are more likely to live on busy and polluted streets. This is most unjust compared to the wealthy who can afford to live in greener neighbourhoods, yet simultaneously can afford and own the largest and most polluting fossil fuel combustion vehicles engines.


Thus one wonders why those in power and in media seem so little concerned in prioritising this emergency and taking immediate action to save lives, despite being informed and directed by the scientific evidence, WHO data, economic warnings and even Supreme Court orders. Could a lack of urgency surrounding the invisible genocide by CAWMDs actually be much more deeply rooted in shortfalls of the naturally evolved human senses in assessing post-industrial threats? Human beings and their ancestors have evolved to judge collective threats and appropriate defensive reactions based on their sensory capabilities. These senses that evolved over millions of years have allowed for homo sapiens to thrive on Earth over their known 200,000 years of natural history on this planet. However, the mass threat from the post-industrial CAWMDs crisis only came into existence recently with mass exposure through transportation networks starting with the mass production of Henry Ford’s Model T in 1908. The evolved human senses of sight, smell and taste that can identify predators, poisons and diseases instinctively have now failed to raise alert to these new mass post-industrial threats to our civilisation. Our ability to react to the the CAWMDs emergency is the biggest test for us in modern history unfolding.


Perceived threats of a foreign nature whether physical or ideological take precedence based on the tribal and social natural instincts of homo sapiens. The most visibly gruesome offences and those that are perceived to be greatest in scale are given top priority. In contemporary times this process has been amplified by the mass media to raise awareness of dangers across large and dispersed collective populations that make up a modern nation. At present the media is dominated by stories of war, disease and greed all of some foreign demise or sex. Thus the Zika virus, war and refugees from Syria and Google’s avoidance of tax, or a celebrity ‘olive oil’ threesome were all stories that fatally saturated our media and it’s headlines from reporting on the CAWMDs emergency that was condemning our children to autism. This barbaric focus of the mass media clearly highlights an society incapable to notice and prioritise lethal mass post-industrial threats such as the ongoing domestic CAWMDs crisis. This incompetence ends up costing society exponentially more in terms of human life, suffering and financial costs than any classical outward issues that erroneously continue to dominate news at times of clear and present crisis as there. By this social failure now clear limitations are observable in the homo sapiens’s adaptation and processing of threats in their new post industrial environments. This is a new era of mass threats that we have now abjectly failed to react to and remedy.


The mass media thus bears major responsibility in such circumstances, as in a fair and competitive market those best at assessing and raising awareness of threats should have be in position in the media to highlight them for all society. As in a democracy it is the priorities of the media that drive legislation and State action. This clearly is not happening in regards to the air pollution pandemic. Even the opposition party Labour and it’s leader Jeremy Corbyn has completely failed in raising emphatic alarm, instead being focused on more traditional agendas of visual disarmament and aggressive paradoxical socialism as opposed to raising the flag of this the biggest killer scandal of our time. It appears that to be adopted and promoted on media platforms one needs to serve face value theatrics, rather than factually communicating the now more advanced industrial core issues that plague our crumbling modern State. Fundamentalist belief in the capitalist market systems to correct despite short falls in the post-industrial human evolutionary capacity, still set the accepted monetary rewards for the media and it’s owners. Thus by these outdated market theories the media leaders keep communicating stories that appeal to a similarly outdated human instinctual base behaviour of gory violence and tribal jealousies. Societies are thus unable to adapt to new threats in their environment and communicate them effectively within our current system. It’s as if the mass media have grown an unchecked and mad Caligulasque imperial reach with their incestuous tentacles through the conscious systems of sate and governance, rendering members of parliament and security forces as nothing more than nodding horses on either side of the fence to their prejudices and maligned profits.


While the mass media’s primitive focuses may yield it monetary rewards and profits in the short term, it is it’s failure as the first point of crisis flagging that has resulted in a £54 billion yearly cost to Britain’s economy from the CAWMDs crisis. This figure a mounts to 3.7% of GDP. Further as the media is dependent on price points set by criminally corrupted capitalist markets, instead of leading the call to action to end the CAWMDs crisis it instead profits from advertising media sales to automotive brands most responsible for the mass murder of our people. This ends up being a double edged sword. First the mass media is dependent financially on the carmakers, there by creating a conflict of interest to expose their sponsors, while give media space to promote and glamourise the very product the kills people and condemns our children to ill health. This presents highlights one root of the media’s irresponsibility in investigating and warning the public about the ongoing and deadly air Pollution Pandemic. The absolute failure of the mass media in this regard has created a vicious cycle of ignorance and lack of action. Where the mass media is un-inclined by dependence on a skewed market to raise awareness of CAWMDs, subsequently allowing grave criminal damage to go unchecked. Without awareness and media direction a mass electorate and it’s leaders have proved also proved unable to make right judgements and conduct investigations on their own accord. Thus this democracy has failed on numerous accounts with the system killing it’s people in mass and subjecting them to ignorance in realising their murder all for the savage worship of a market system based on false profits.


There is also the grave and under studied impact of air pollution on animals especially the pets of those living in cities and towns. One recent study that compared canine brains in urban and rural environments found in Mexico City that the “dog’s brains showed increased inflammation and pathology including amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, clumps of proteins that serve as a primary marker for Alzheimer’s disease in humans.”


Chapter III: The solution by the general staff of the United Kingdom defence service personnel and application of Bifurcated Annulus

Derivative Swap Contracts (BADSCs) through the Bank of England

All this travesty and the inability for us to reform the system leads to questioning the intentions of those wishing to enter the political system in the first place. If they are so inclined to follow only popular sentiments propagated by a clearly failed media on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum, what purpose do they serve to defending our children? The State must now take an immediate and direct lead to save the people from themselves. Otherwise in current and historic perspective of this tragedy, the greatest since the English civil war, has left the government vulnerable to a legitimate and sudden regime change in oder to save lives and return democratic value to Britain. While several possibilities exist, the most appropriate democratic means would be by the personnel of the defence staff. Several peaceful coup d’etats have already unfolded in parliamentary commonwealth nations in the 20th and 21st centuries on the basis of far less transgression. In September 2015, in a headline mass media story, a senior British Army general had confirmed this inherent dynamics of checks and balances available in Commonwealth parliamentary democracies stating clearly that the “the general staff would not allow a prime minister to jeopardise the security of this country and I think people would use whatever means possible, fair or foul to prevent that.” The General had continued that “you can’t put a maverick in charge of a country’s security.” Clearly both the PM and he leader of the opposition have shown their lack of understudying of the CAMWDs emergency and their behaviour is not only maverick but and absolute disaster. The government’s compete failure is clear now without a shadow of a doubt. As they have failed to stop the rate of the mad mass murder of our subjects post the April 2015 Supreme Court judgement against prime minister Cameron and his cabinet, in which senior judges had stated “the government should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action to address this issue.” We have entered a volatile state of madding emergency as never known before in British history. Everything and everyone is at absolute risk.


Alan Andrews, the senior advocate of NGO Client Earth, that had won the judgment against the government in April 2016 stated “the government was ordered to produce plans that would get air pollution down to legal limits as soon as possible,” yet despite this “the plans it produced were an insult to the tens of thousands of people being made sick and dying from toxic air. It didn’t consider the strong measures needed to get the worst polluting diesel vehicles out of our town and city centres.” He confirmed that his NGO will be taking the government back to the Supreme Court now for their abject failure for the needed urgent action to protect British lives, child health and democracy, Mr. Andrews added that “the government still can’t be trusted to deal with air pollution.”


Thus a peaceful coup serviced by personnel of the defence forces is the most urgent and secure possible means to enforce the United Kingdom Supreme Court order against a criminally irresponsible government and opposition. This needed intervention sits both culturally and historically within the democratic framework of our Commonwealth parliamentary system, for it is the defence of the realm that precedes all other callings of the state. In the given circumstance for the General staff to ignore the 200,000 people that will be killed in Britain in the next five years from the governments failure to follow explicitly clear Supreme Court orders, would make them then the most criminally culpable neglecting their duty to defend Britain and it’s children. This would be regardless of public opinion that is now show to be controlled by a failed system of mass media.


The heinous actives of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party in World War II lead to the massacre of 62,700 British civilians. The entire British parliamentary and mass media systems criminal failure to address this issue has lead to far more people dying from the UK CAWMDs emergency now in the 21st century. There is an invisible war unfolding in the United Kingdom, this leaves the economic and social stability of the nation prone to a sudden crash. This foul governance must be put to an end now by all means possible to avoid the now very real possibility of the sudden collapse of our nation into to a spiralling anarchy. More evil than even the attacks on the British people by Hitler, is that this Air Pollution Pandemic is condemning new born babies to criminal brain damage where they grow to develop severe psychological conditions such as autism and schizophrenia according to a recent study published in 2014 by the The University of Rochester. While new evidence suggests that pregnant women are more prone to the tragic dangers of stillbirth published in 2016 in the Occupational & Environmental Medicine journal. The capacity of our general staff is now being tested, to see if they are aware of the latest and gravest threats to our democracy and nation today.


CAWMDs as a silent and invisible mass killer defies the pre-industrial evolved human senses. People are unable to readily identify and take the obvious and needed action against a mass atrocity plaguing them and their children. This must be remedied by the mass media, government and defence staff taking an absolutely proactive stance after understanding that there are limitations human sensory evolution in detecting this most grave threat to us all. Another worrying paradigm of the CAWMDs emergency is that so many have been allowed to engage in such gross criminal violation of the law for a such a prolonged period. This despite that the perceived acceptance and denial of mass murder of fellow citizens is already de facto illegal under present legislation. No laws exist in Britain that allow the slow poisoning by gas of men, women, children and the elderly to death and ill-health. The vast majority are unwilling to accept their responsibility in this most serious and ongoing matter, as in the short term it would compromise their lifestyles, levels of convenience and financial position. This is criminally insane. Instead of being governed by the enlightened ideals of democracy, our nation is now but a lazy shell of fascist ignorance and apathetic imperialism breed out of a celebration of greed over nobility.


In a state of emergency as this, considerations of convenience cannot hold sway over the greater good of saving the greatest amount of lives and health of our children. To think otherwise would be mad and those standing in opposition to a zero tolerance of killer emissions can be sectioned in order to test their sanities. Simply fundamental issues such as the silent killings by the CAWMDs emergency regardless of popular belief or votes cannot be considered enough to acquit the very electorate implicated in gross criminal behaviour and responsible for the murder of their fellow citizens. Further as judgments of convenience and lifestyle presently are governed by price point perceptions, which have been grossly corrupted in assessing the true costs of goods and services in the case of CAWMDs, they serve as no defence for the individual or the State’s denial. At a time of austerity, strikes and protests how a £54 billion annual deficit created in the economy goes ignored is maddening. Considering approximately £10 billion a year, is the required sum to bring free university education back to Britain. Clearly the celebration and extremist belief of the supremacy of greed in a capitalist market economic system that’s no longer suitable in measuring post-industrial era threats is squarely to blame. While cutting the tertiary level education for our youth, it has promoted the very greed and ignorance responsible for the CAWMDs emergency that now wrecks havoc on the brains of our children. Society has obviously lost capacity to prioritise and our democracy is no longer functional. Sudden and immediate intervention is now unavoidable.


In legal theory even if one child was inflicted with autism or one innocent was killed as consequence of CAWMDs emergency, the State should by all means available do it’s fullest to deliver justice regardless of any perceived financial costs. However, this CAWMDs tragedy is now taking a colossal toll on the life and health of all our nation’s peoples. This is completely in violation of our criminal code and so must be addressed as the utmost priority by the judiciary and national security staff to stimulate the State into remedial and preventative action. This is indeed now a most serious issue of corruption of the entire civil state system unable to protect itself and it’s people from the CAWMDs mass killings across Britain. This reveals a state of insanity breed from a lack of awareness and an uncompromising fundamentalist belief in failed capitalist markets to govern and deliver justice faster than other means possible. This by any reasonable analysis has now clearly failed. There is a fallacy of belief in these now false markets and false profits that are unable make fair price judgements and allocate resources appropriately to prevent or resolve the CAWMDs emergency. This is certain as demand for the causing agents is still rising and governments are too inclined to satisfy the surface needs of corporations above the lives of their own citizens. And all this despite a clear Supreme Court order to end the CAWMDs emergency immediately. This is in part as the markets themselves are products of the mass psychology of demand based on naturally evolved human hormonal and media directed conscious trajectories that have failed to adequately adapt to the needed national consensus to address this post-industrial CAWMDs emergency through the ballot.


The most appropriate action going forward must be to end as many CAWMDs related deaths and criminal health damage as soon as technologically possible, while mitigating impacts on the labour force to avoid unemployment or inflation. The State upon immediately declaring emergency must ban the sale of all new fossil fuel combustion vehicles. It should work with businesses whose workers will be most affected by such legislation to assist them by providing credit facilities for converting to clean energy systems with a direct monetary policy solution to end all industrial CAWMDs releases as soon as possible. All fossil fuel combustion motor vehicles, trains, planes, road machinery and such must be converted to hydrogen use or replaced by electric alternatives now. The target must not be emission reductions, but instead an absolute end to the release of all sources of CAWMDs. This revolution of clean air must be the focus and priority of the state. Especially as clear and viable alternatives are already present in retail markets. Application of these at a macro level would reduce both the economic deficit and thus the need for austerity measures. The present state of madness must be put to an end for the sanctity and sake of our children and present economic security.


This can be done after a peaceful and largely symbolic coup d’etat conducted by the general staff of the United Kingdom. After which a suitable candidate nominated by the general staff with the appropriate understating of the situation will be elected as the new Prime Minister to restore the functioning of our legislative democratic system. The general staff will give notice to the current Prime Minister that in 3 days he and his cabinet will be replaced for failing to follow Supreme Court orders to save the 200,000 British lives that are to be lost in the next five years and the health of our children that are condemned to autism and schizophrenia. On expiry of the three days notice, accompanied by HM’s tanks, defence service personnel will march to parliament. This largely symbolic gesture is key to fighting the invisible Air Pollution Pandemic. The visuals of tanks and defence force personnel in uniform at Parliament Square in Westminster, would not only make front page news nationally but also internationally leading to similar actions world-wide to save the lives of the 5.5 million people dying annually from this CAWMDs emergency. The public awareness raised about the CAWMDs threat in this dramatic moment would surpass any other in human history. There by changing the psychology and improving the understanding of this crisis for billions of people globally. Raising the awareness of not only the lethal CWAMDs crisis but enabling societies to be far more aware of future invisible post industrial threats. Thus the British defence staff would leverage the very mass media that has ignorantly suppressed this invisible killer, to facilitate a sudden paradigm shift in human consciousness internationally. It would be the proudest moment in British history, reaffirming Britain’s position as leader in thought and action world-wide.


The general staff to show purity in their intent for the defence of the British people would not nominate a member of the defence force as the new Prime Minister. The general staff would instated nominate for this position the leader of the British political party most aware and active on this issue presently. This currently would be Ankit Love, the leader of the One Love Party that stood on this very agenda most vocally and proactively in the 2016 London Mayoral Elections. In his first election Ankit Love won a total of 33,861 first and second preference votes, already exceeding the current Prime Minister David Cameron’s first parliamentary election tally from the Witney constituency in Gloucestershire of 22,153 votes in 2001. The parliament would then under the supervision of the general staff vote for this prime ministerial candidate nominated by them. The new Prime Minister would then immediately restore law and order by invoking the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, as stipulated by this democratic legislation to deal with contamination of the air by chemicals, the new PM would assume service for the defence of the realm as the Minister of the Crown (MC). As the MC he would then urgently draft and pass emergency legislation without any criminal delay. The parliament would stay in session to continue functioning under a new cabinet and deputy PM to continue dealing with other less priority issues of the state. This would allow the the new PM as the MC to focus, along with the general staff, on ending the CAWMDs emergency as expediently as technologically possible in Great Britain.


Applying the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 the Minister of the Crown, would instruct the Bank of England to apply an unconventional monetary policy to generate the needed liquidity for the conversion of all national energy systems to clean sources immediately. This would be akin to quantitative easing used in the 2008 financial market crash. However, instead of simply purchasing securities from the market, the central bank would create a new class of advanced derivative securities. Annulus Derivative Swap Contracts (ADSCs). Unlike vanilla swaps, a fully circular variable rate of interest will characterise these derivative contracts. Interest will be set to the performance of the new clean energy systems and products the corporations would have to adapt under the direction of the Minister of the Crown. In essence generating interest for the bank when revenue is above costs and negative interest if revenue drops below costs. This measure would providing security to all corporations involved and their employees. The ADSCs will further carry the stipulation of inverse proportional executive bonus control. Where by if the ADSCs accrue negative interest executive bonuses would decrease while positive interest would result in increased bonuses for the executive company staff. The Bank of England would exchange the original ADSC with a government created entity, Her Majesty’s National Insurance Corporation of Energy Ltd. (HMNICE). The initial ADSC provided to HMNIC would be under a licence allowing bifurcation of the contract as deemed necessary by the board of directors of HMNICE. The Minister of the Crown will be the Chairman of the board of HMNICE. Bifurcated ADSCs (BADSCs) will be distributed under legislation passed by the MC thorough the CCA 2004 giving HMNICE authority to enter into compulsory exchanges with all companies deemed implicated in the CAWMDs emergency at discretion of the Chairman. This would include but not be limited to transportation and power generation corporations associated with the fossil fuel economy. The BADSCs would stipulate conditions set by the board of HMNICE on the requirements for companies to covert their products or power stations to clean energy systems. These would include automobile companies to immediately seize the sales of all diesel and petrol vehicles, and provide hydrogen and electric alternatives as soon as possible. Aviation related industries including airlines and jet manufactures would also be required to convert to hydrogen or electric propulsion systems. While power stations would have to convert from coal burning to solar, hydrogen, wind, tidal or an alternative clean sources in the shortest time possible, with the financing provided by the BADSCs. HMNICE would also invest in research and development companies and initiatives to accelerate the efficiency of clean sources of energy. Large energy corporations such as British Petroleum would enter into a BADSCs exchange with HMNICE and be directed to produce and distribute hydrogen fuels in lieu of fossil fuels.


The BADSCs will not create any additional inflationary pressure on the economy despite their capacity to incur negative interest as this would be offset against the cost balance equation of the macro shift of the economy from fossil fuel supply to clean energy. As ultimately all BADSCs will be underwritten by the Bank of England through HMNICE macro economic equilibrium will be always maintained by careful judgement and operation under the chairman. As all fossil fuel supply will be replaced by clean sources energy no inflation will occur. The nature of clean energy production would bear the added advantage that all energy would be locally produced in the United Kingdom there by also creating a surplus in the balance of payments. As Britain would be the first nation in the world to adapt to the new means of clean energy production, it would also become a net exporter of energy, with particular focus given to hydrogen fuels led through a renamed BP to British Hydrogen (BH). This would make Britain energy independent for the first time since Winston Churchill took the decision to convert our Navy to bunker fuel from coal. It would also give British businesses the head start in new clean energy markets internationally. This would mean a withdraw of British troops from the Middle East with no need to secure fossil fuel energy supplies. HMNICE would have provided financing to allocate a fair market share of clean energy products to those companies previously dependent on importing oil and gas from forgone and banned fossil fuel assets.


Public and emergency service vehicles would be replaced by electric or hydrogen power immediately through the same BADSCs exchanged with local authorises and councils. People and their children in cities and towns or near heavily polluted carriageways would be provided with masks to protect them from the CAWMDs in the interim through a HMNICE subsidiary. The sate will further absorb directly all costs to convert or replace private motor vehicles to electric or hydrogen through a subsidiary company of HMNICE. This subsidiary the Rapid Transport Conversions Company Ltd. (RTCC) will be given a BADSCs exchange, it will then provide zero interest indefinite loans with a voluntary repayment schedule for private motor vehicles conversions. The theory being that while the PTCC will be almost certainly a loss making subsidiary, no emotional pressure should be placed on the general population for having to convert or replace their vehicles to clean energy. Further the government would be making substantial saving in health costs to the £54 billion lost annually. The macro economy would also experience increased productivity with the population in better physical and mental health.


The RTCC would organise a collective State task force to organise the operation of mass conversions of privately owned motor vehicles to hydrogen. This process would be conducted in collaboration with defence forces led by the general staff to expedite the process in given the exceptional emergency of this crisis. The defence force to defend the 200,000 lives set to be lost in the next five years in Britain will establish automobile conversion check points across the nation funded by the RTCC. Here trained members of the defence forces would set up appointments with civilians in the vicinity and convert their automobiles to either hydrogen or electric. There by saving British lives from the newly converted zero emission vehicles. While simultaneously Through HMNICE and the defence staff all petroleum station business will be refitted with the infrastructure for dispensing hydrogen fuels and offering electric charging in the shortest time scale possible. Converting all 8,677 petrol stations in the UK would cost approximately £6 billion and provide infrastructure for electric and hydrogen vehicles to conveniently re-fuel across the country. The gross value saved to the economy in terms of lives and health will go on to provide an economic surplus at truer market equilibrium levels, that the present criminally corrupted market system has failed to value. Even if a £1 trillion loss was incurred by HMNICE to fight the CAWMDs crisis, over a 30 year term all other things being equal the economy would still enjoy a £540 billion surplus based on CAWMDs costing the British economy £54 billion a year. Of course with the growth of efficiency in energy productions and potential breakthroughs from it’s R&D wing, HMNICE could even generate a profit for the nation while saving the lives of over one million lives in Britain over 25 years.


The core energy issue of electric vehicles still drawing charge from industrial power stations burning fossil fuels must also be addressed. HMNICE will once again with exchange of BADSCs to both new solar power companies and larger energy corporations will direct them to install solar panels on all suitably angled roofs in Great Britain, there by allowing as many people as possible to charge their electric vehicles from home based power plants. Considering the average roof solar system produces 3.5 kW of electricity and 81.4% of dwellings in the UK are not apartment buildings then roughly 18.1 million homes may have roofs available to apply the PV technolog ies too. If 30% of these were suitable that would give about 5.4 million roofs for solar installations. If the average PV system could be pushed to 5kw then an additional 27,000 MW would be added to the solar capacity by this process. In part this addition of clean electrical output could be also used to offset all 10,362 MWe nuclear power capacity in the UK when the final nuclear power plant Sizewell B in Suffolk is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2035.


29.1% of electricity yielded is still from coal and 30.2% from gas which both contribute to the CAWMDs crisis. Here the solution would be a systematic plan to replace all coal power plants with either solar panels, hydrogen power stations or wind turbines. For instance without the need for any further addition of pylon infrastructure the government would through HMNICE work with present sites and energy companies responsible for fossil fuel burning power stations and convert them to clean energy. The DRAX power station in Yorkshire has a capacity of 3,960 MW. Here a conversion to solar would require 19,800 acres to produce the same level of output. The rural placement of the mass CAWMDs releasing power stations would also mean solar panel installations would serve to benefit both the local community health and add value to house prices once the coal burning stations are shut down. Land used for solar power would continue to be used for a number of agricultural purposes including grazing as the panels are installed with separation and elevation on the land. Land for solar panels or to a limited degree wind turbines would be procured through the local energy company once again drawing liquidity from the ADSCs. To cut killer emissions from natural gas as well as many solar panels as possible installed on roofs will be photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) hybrids that provide heating as well as electricity. All other gas based heating appliances will be switched to electric or hydrogen.


HMNICE would then invest in accelerating hydrogen fuel technologies assisting and lending to airlines and manufactures to convert all large commercial aircrafts to hydrogen and smaller crafts to electric or hydrogen. The same would be done across the maritime shipping sector where a combination of hydrogen, solar and kite sail would be applied as soon as possible to end the release of the deadly pollutants around costal areas. In the meantime those living near aviation facilities would be provided with masks, with heavy polluting vessel having to stay at sea a safe distance away from British ports and seaside settlements. They would have to off-load their goods and services at sea to converted large solar cargo ships used to ferry from the port to their sea rendezvous. These solar cargo ferries would also be managed by a subsidiary of HMNICE.


There is also the case of resuspension of particulate matter to address that is not fully related to fossil fuel emissions. These particles are from causes such as tyre sheer, road wear and road side construction dust that can be blown back into the air from drive turbulence or wind. These would be controlled by making use of a multiple strategies. Including dust suppressants such as calcium chloride or polymers and gels, which can chemically bind to road surfaces and absorb the CAWMDs. Legislation requiring automobile manufactures to use enclosed brakes and electrostatic precipitators for filtration would also play a role stoping the particulates from forming in the first place. While one innovative strategy for dealing with resuspension of PM10s would involve accelerating the progress of roadside maintenance drone technologies currently being developed at Leeds University. These drones could then be used for sweeping and vacuuming this micr particulate matter much more throughly then currently feasible.


Maritime and aviation activities prove more difficult to fully legislate due to their offshore nature and global trade. However, as soon as all British registered vessels are converted to hydrogen or electric no craft in non-compliance of Britain’s strict zero emissions legation will be permitted to sail or land in UK territories. So only crafts that pass zero CAWMDs requirements will be permitted to deliver goods, supplies or passengers. Here a full collaboration on the issue with the European Union would seem the most logical course of action. If all European Union states followed the lead of Britain to move all vessels to utilise hydrogen fuels, foreign shipping vessels and their national legislative bodies would be then under immense pressure to follow suit or be denied access to valuable EU markets.


Further if Britain leads by example the entire European Union would follow our plan. A clear, rapid and coordinated stance in the European community would then lead to the rest of the international community following suit. If these strategies would be globally adopted we could save over 60 million lives over a the next decade and save the health hundreds of millions of children that will otherwise be condemned to disease. In these mad times of the evident collapse of economic and moral sensibilities when the first human right of clean air is being deprived to mankind and his children, Britain now has both responsibility and opportunity to lead the entire world in a reformation like which has never been witnessed in human history.


Throughout this emergency through HMNICE the government would reinvent redundant market economic principals devised prior to the advent of CAWMDs threats.The government would return the economy to a truer equilibrium in the smoothest and most sophisticated manner possible. Here instead of simply allowing for entire businesses to shut and for their workforce to go into unemployment, left to the blind market forces that have proved incapable in reallocating resources into sectors of true demand, the government by orchestrating the shift in the mass nature of energy production would monitor and support employment directly too. For instance where it would convert and apply solar to existing power sites it would than assist business operating the pervious CAWMDs generating stations by utilising as much of their existing work force to manage and operate the new solar facility. The same would apply to automobile manufacturing where the extra production needed for a major increase in demand for electric and hydrogen vehicles would be made by the nearest previous industrial match with the State providing bridge training needed for labour to move to new sectors. This should help to reduce redundancies and unemployment from the clean energy revolution orchestrated by HMNICE and bring the nation’s economy and it’s markets back to real economic equilibrium valuing life and health above all. Ideally, this operation would be conducted in a coordinated British lead European community effort to minimise disruption and unemployment in the transition across all the entire EU free marker bloc. However, Great Britain should not wait to reach consensus with the rest of Europe, it must push ahead in saving the lives of it’s citizen with no delay. This is Britain first Sovereign responsibility.


In terms of general economic growth through this energy reformation process, more productivity would be witnessed by the nation. A healthier work force juxtaposed with more efficient and sustainable means of local energy production would stimulate true economic growth. Costs of goods imported by maritime means and aviation travel may rise in the short term, however these too would also be offset by demand for more locally produced goods, that are priced out by cheaper imports presently with prices not reflecting the true costs of CAWMDs released by their shipping and transport. Overall a well coordinated effort would not only be a great unified victory against a common threat to all humanity, saving the lives and health of all, it would also help make a real and positive economic surplus. The associated benefit of success of such emergency action would mark it in history as the most important event of the early 21st century. When the war on CAWMDs is won it would certainly be a moment for the nation to celebrate. A monument would be erected in memorial of the millions of lives lost out of ignorance and inaction. This chapter in British history would serve as grounds to make future generations better aware and prepared of potential new invisible post-industrial threats that are yet to rise. In times of mass humanitarian crisis such as these, the priority must be justice and the saving of millions of lives being lost by all means possible. For in the realms of true justice even one innocent life in an enlightened civilisation should not have a price let alone the mass health of our children.


The deadly CAWMDs emergency now continues to take more lives than any war in British history, including World War II. So why does the State continue to act in a criminally complacent manner in regards to this clear and present danger? Especially when technologies and monetary policies are available to end such a crisis. The United Kingdom Supreme Court has called for “immediate action.” Mass indoctrination by marketing propaganda towards revering the very machines that produce the lethal threats to society have created a fundamental psychological inability for us to act. Further the extremist belief in the market system and money price points to remedy all by the invisible hand have now clearly failed without a shadow of a doubt. This perpetuates an unacceptable situation of an evil dictatorship of greed and ignorance. This is killing our people and destroying the brain and lung development of our children. This is the greatest scandal without a doubt in our history. This coupled with complacency by a blinded Sate is leaving a silent genocide of it’s own citizens by toxic gasses unchecked. Precedent by British values and policy already holds strongly against any regime inflicting mass murder whether or not it enjoys majority support. British support of rebels to recently overthrow the majority supported Libyan leader Gaddafi and the perviously elected President of Iraq, Saddam indicates that by our values justice must be served against even the mandate of popular democracy. If a democracy’s voting decisions are seen to be severely impaired by failure of it’s media and advertising propaganda that consequently leads to the mass murder and illness of it’s citizens the state can no longer be considered a democracy. This is the critical case of the criminal and killer CAWMDs crisis in Britain now. The government must destroy these CAWMDs immediately that are killings our people at a rate like never seen before or it’s very authority to govern legitimately is now open to challenge.


Further the long held 300 years old belief of “greed is good,” has now expired. As the invisible hand has proven to be blind to the new invisible threats posed in the 21st century’s post-industrial environment. We are entering into a new era of human civilisation where a new economic theories and polices based on rapid movement of information sharing and technological evolution need to be adapted by the State rapidly to ensure social harmony, justice and security of the people.




Chapter IV: Extra essay by HH the Emperor of Jammu and Kashmir: Microeconomic analysis of the roots of poverty in India with Korean comparison


Despite being a cradle of civilisation, the question that riddles the mind is: why is India so poor in the 21st century? This question still lingers as the latest Millennium Development Goals report by the UN suggests that one third of the world’s poorest people live in India. Making India home to the most poor people on Earth. While India’ s latest Socioeconomic and Caste Census (SECC) reveals that in rural areas only 10% of the population have salaried jobs and just 3.5% of students graduate. Further dismally, over 600 million people have no access to a toilet and according to the World Bank 99.62% of the population lived on less than $5 dollars a day.

To understand the underlying economic issues it is worth considering another Asian country, South Korea which also gained it’s independence from the Japanese Empire around the time India had from the British Empire in 1947. South Korea’s own neighbour, North Korea too alludes to the potential causes of the abject poverty still rife in many Asian states today. The source of cultural and economic failures seems to rise from the misappropriation of communist and extreme socialist economic principles resulting in decades of harm to the collective phycology of the populace and thus today an incapacity by all political parties to find liberal models to stimulate structural economic growth.


The comparison of India and South Korea is rather telling in terms of economic liberalisation and it’s results. Both republics have been burdened with high military expenditure in their recent histories. South Korea has had to manage decades of constant animosity with it’s neighbour North Korea, while India has had to do so with Pakistan in the war for the Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir. South Korea has a population density of 505/sq.km while India has 385/sq.km. This means South Korea is 31% more populated then India in terms of land resources. India also has the world's second most cultivated land ahead of China and with only the USA having more. India ’ s cultivated land stands at 1,535,063 sq.km where as South Korea has 18,254 sq.km. Which as a ratio to population gives India 788 people / sq.km and South Korea 2,810 people / sq.km. Meaning India has about 350% more cultivated land available per capita then South Korea.


In 1961 India had a GDP per capita of $121.70 a little more then South Korea’s $105.13. However, by 2013 India’s GDP stood at $1,498.87 per capita where as South Korea’s had reached $25,976.95 per capita. One thing that India did and still does differently from South Korea is it’s foreign trade. Oddly India the world’s second most populated nation with 1.2 billion people has the UAE as it’s largest trade partner with a population of just 9 million. While China’s biggest trading partner is the United States, and Russia’s is the European Union.

In 1960 total trade was 11% of GDP for India and 15% for South Korea. India had kept trade around 14% till 1990. South Korea ’ s trade was around 55% of GDP through the 1970s to the 1990s and by 2013 South Korea ’ s foreign trade had reached 103% of GDP based on the back of liberal economic polices. After the collapse of India's main ally the Soviet Union in 1991, India's trade eventually rose from 14% to 53% of GDP in 2013.


Prior to 1991, the Indian government policy was to close the economy. The Indian Rupee could not be converted freely, while foreign imports were restricted by high tariffs and import licensing. Central government planning controlled what sectors would receive investment as opposed to allowing markets to determine the flow of resources. Businesses had to acquire licenses and approval to invest and develop. This could mean satisfying up to 80 agencies prior to approval of a business licence and with the government deciding on what could be produced, it’s price point, quantity and source of capital.


However in 1991, India’s attempted protectionist economy, essentially a Soviet satellite state failed miserably after the collapse of the USSR. The country was facing bankruptcy as it had been dependent on subsidised Soviet oil imports. As a result of a balance of payment crisis, during which India only had two weeks of foreign reserves left, the country urgently sought assistance from the IMF (International Monitory Fund). In order to receive a bailout, India was forced by the IMF to make market economic reforms. The then minister of finance, Manmohan Singh who had been one of the key architects of India’s failed extreme socialist economic structure was forced to comply with the IMF’s conditions prior to receiving the bailout and thus a program of economic liberation started in which trade tariffs were lowered, government monopolies were broken and the private sector and market competition started to find it’s beginnings.


Yet the pace of economic reforms and privatisation is still excruciatingly slow, and the country still suffers from a debacle of extreme socialist bureaucracy and a central command styled economy. Indian politicians regardless of affiliation till date lack a modern understanding of market economics and business polices as they themselves had been subject to the extreme socialist state controlled media for decades. Even under the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) that rose to political power in 2014 and lean towards a more market oriented stance, economic reforms have been painfully slow. With the BJP’s focus more centred on the religious issue of Hindu nationalism rather then the economic growth. The lack of any political party in India genuinely focused on market economics stems from section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 that requires all political parties India to adhere to only socialist economic policies. by this law it is illegal for any political party to promote any economic theory other than socialism.


The decades of soviet styled planning of domestic trade and agriculture and foreign investment restrictions continues till date. And this soviet legacy and political paralysis to modernise is perhaps the foremost cause of India’ s mass poverty. The negative impacts of such can be witnessed most evidently by the 2012 report that found 40% of children under 5 in India suffer from malnutrition. With child malnutrition levels twice as high as sub-Saharan Africa the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had called it a “national shame”, though he himself had been responsible for the government’s quasi-communist design of the economy since the 1972 when he was India’s Chief Economic Advisor. This is a travesty and highlights the long term incapacity of Indian economic planners considering that the nation has the world’s second highest total of cultivated land, and that India’s per capita arable land is roughly comparable to that of Italy or Germany.


India had become a vicious cycle of erroneous economic and cultural policies forced by a well meaning yet corrupt leadership on an illiterate majority resulting in the self deprival of the elites themselves in terms of exposure to competitive economic and cultural theories. Simply they believed their own hype. With the failure of the political and legislative system stifling competitive economic policies in the past, there is a simple political opportunity that exists in India today. All political parties lack a real focus on competing economic policies required for the alleviation of poverty, and so leaves the playing field open for any organisation to shift it’s focus more towards promoting a market oriented economy over sectarian issues. Perhaps even the original extreme socialist Congress Party have an opportunity to realign themselves as New Labour had done so under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown altering Clause IV of it’s constitution to endorse market economics and going on to win the British General Election in 1997, 2001 and 2005.


Yet perhaps the greatest issue with India’s introverted economics is the impediment posed to cross cultural exchanges and the dissemination of new ideas, arts and technologies that once had enriched this region and the world at large along the ancient silk and spice trade routes.


Chapter V: About the Author


Ankit Love is the founder of Ankit Love Productions, an award winning production company with work featured on TV, radio, print and at film festivals around the world. Including MTV USA, VoA China and the Cannes Film Festival. He has won a Sliver Lei at the Honolulu Film Awards and a Bronze Palm at the Mexico International Film Festival. His videos have received millions of views online. His facebook page has over 160,000 followers.


He was trained by the California Institute of the Arts (CIA) and has a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in their advanced Shakespearean acting program.


He is the Emperor of the Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir in exile.


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Emperor of Jammu-Kashmir as PM now to save UK democracy from CAWMDs Emergency: S

Ankit Love is an in debt and homeless music artist. He was recently coronated as the Emperor of Jammu and Kashmir in exile. As the leader of the One Love Party he received 33,861 votes in the 2016 London mayoral elections for his stance against the Air Pollution Pandemic. Ankit Love has labeled this crisis the biggest killer scandal in British history as the Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction (CAWMDs) emergency. 200,000 people in Britain are forecast to be killed by the CAWMDs emergency in the next five years while children are condemned to autism and schizophrenia. Ankit Love has the solution for the immediate adoption of clean sources of energy production through an innovative new monetary policy he invented.

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Emperor of Jammu-Kashmir as PM now to save UK democracy from CAWMDs Emergency: S Emperor of Jammu-Kashmir as PM now to save UK democracy from CAWMDs Emergency: S