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Email List Blueprint:

How to Build an Email List and Never Worry about Traffic



I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the book, “Email List Blueprint: How to Build an Email List and Stop Worry about Traffic”.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start and expand your own email marketing.

Suppose you started a business and it is going very well. Then you notice that advertising on the typical radio, newspaper, or television is not enough. So you start to look for another avenue and hear people talking about email marketing and how it’s a very effective strategy for marketing. You’re lost. You’re new to the online marketing scene and you do not know what to do. So, you browse for books about online marketing or even specifically, email marketing, and you come across this book. Well, you’re in luck! This book is a guide for marketers who want to expand their horizons and enter the world of online marketing specifically, email marketing. In this book, you will go over the basics of online marketing and will be given strategies on how to build an email list that grows.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1:

Getting Started with Email Marketing

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The Internet is a vast space of information waiting to be explored. It is a virtual world that reaches a wide reader base. It is convenient because it gives people access to a large part of the world.

Think about it in business terms, what better way to advertise your growing business than to do it in a place where virtually anyone, anywhere can access it? Many marketers have thought about it but lacked the knowledge on how to utilize the internet. So here’s a great tip: email marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise business online.

Email marketing

In its simplest sense, email marketing is utilizing email and the internet to expand your business to the world. It is an effective marketing channel on the internet. You can use it to promote your business, to interact with your clients, to sell your product or service, and to make money.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing is a term used to describe all marketing forms that go straight to the customer. It does not pass through traditional advertising channels such as newspaper, television, and radio.

Email marketing, when properly utilized, can increase sales. However, you will need to learn its basics and some helpful strategies to make it work. In addition, learning the basics of email marketing will give you the ideas to make and personalize your own. Finally, a simple but effective email marketing strategy goes a long way.

Why Use It?

Still thinking about why you should use email marketing? Then think about this:

1) Email marketing is being utilized by a large variety of individuals or groups.

These individuals or groups can be small business owners, large business owners, website owners, bloggers, and so on. Anyone can use it because of its low-cost. Also, it is easy to create because of the many website offering help in email marketing creation. Moreover, it is easy to analyze your progress through tracking software. Finally, it is easy to share to prospects and other marketers in the same line of business.

2) Email is flexible.

It can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can use it to drive more traffic to your website, to promote other offers, to build a relationship with your existing customers, to sell your products and to introduce new products or projects.

3) Your marketing is directly delivered to your client!

You can build solid relationships with people and, at the same time, expand your business.

You can also target the people who are actually looking for products or services related to your business. It is easy to arrange and deliver to a target audience.

The best part of this is that you can have subscribers and customers from all over the world!

Getting started

The first thing to do is to look for an email marketing software that will let you collect email addresses, send messages, create an autoresponder, and get statistics. There are two categories of email marketing software: the self-hosted and the hosted.

Self-hosted software is better recommended for people with technical skills. To use self-hosted software people need to download and install the software themselves. On the other hand, hosted software is used by many because the company itself will host the software for them.

Use the software to design your email lists and messages.

The next thing you need to do is to get subscribers. Once you get your subscribers, work on to convert them into customers.

There are too many advertisements posted in the internet and too much traffic to notice everything. Even if your business is the best out there, it will seldom be noticed if you make bad choices in advertising. Many people even use email marketing to spam people to make money out of it. These situations often lead people to mistake genuine email marketing for spamming. Write content that will make your readers believe that your product or service is reliable.

To actually start, you would need to prepare a list of the email addresses of your customers and prospects. More importantly, you need to ask permission from them for you to send email about your products or services and other offers.

After you get your subscribers, your prospects, you need to build relationships with them. Centering on the growing size of your email list alone is not enough. Make sure to have good relationships with your clientele. Once you neglect your relationship with them, they will start to ignore you. To build good relationships, start by sending top quality content.

Finally, promote your products, posts, and other offers. You could send a promotional message every two or three content messages to maintain their interests.

This is only the start. As you read the succeeding chapters, you will guided to steps in building an email list that would make your business flourish and grow.

Chapter 2

Creating a High Converting Squeeze Page

Conversion of site visitors into paying customers can be a really tricky. How do you solve that problem? It’s simple; create a squeeze page that is interesting enough that it would capture the eyes of your visitors.

Here are some simple strategies in creating a high converting squeeze page: (You don’t have to put everything listed below. Choose only the most appropriate.)

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Know your target audience and choose a topic that would catch their attention.

Stop being traditional with all those “sign up and get a free eBook” page topics.

Use a topic that your target readers will actually want to know about. Write a topic that would make your target readers happy.

Remember: If you want to market your business, make creative headlines but be straightforward.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. The simplest way to get a subscriber is to offer something valuable for free.

Generosity goes a long way, especially in business.

You can ask people to subscribe or opt-in with the added promise of giveaways like a free eBook, merchandise or exclusive access to special links related to the product or service you are marketing.

You can also mention that you will give more freebies once your subscriber converts to a customer and buys your product or service.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Description or information in a squeeze page should be short.

Make your sentences simple and easy to understand.

People usually get bored and tired of reading very complex sentences. Don’t make them suffer with long-winded sentences and overly complicated terminology that even you yourself would not understand.

Simpler messages can become more meaningful and effective especially when your readers are busy with their jobs.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Don’t put too much information in your squeeze page.

Your squeeze page should only contain the most relevant and interesting details of your product or service.

Too much information will only distract your visitors and discourage them from reading the whole page. Over loading your readers with information all at the same time can turn away potential ‘converts’.

Place information gaps to stimulate your readers’ curiosity to learn more about your product and continue to read on. Eventually, it could lead them to join your email list.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Include an actual image of your product or service.

Many people prefer visuals to accompany what they read. Images tell your readers that your product or service is real and that it can be theirs if they subscribe. Basically, the image you put summarizes what you can offer your customers.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Include an awesome video that gives value to your product and fill in the information gaps in the description.

Including a video presentation about your product can increase the motivation of your readers to convert to customers.

In your video, aside from more information, you can include real-life case studies proving that your product is worth their attention.

3-8 minutes are enough for your video as it is neither too short nor too long. A 1-2 minute video would not give enough information to your audience while an 8+ minute video would very much likely bore your audience and exit your page.

To make the most out of your video, add an opt-in form just below your video.

Nonetheless, you may omit the video on your squeeze page if you think that your product does not need any additional information in video form.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Put social sharing buttons to increase traffic and social proof.

Putting social sharing buttons (e.g. Facebook, twitter, or Google+) will give your visitors an impression of a high-value page.

One important thing to consider is to make your social sharing buttons smaller than your opt-in form. Better yet, put them at the bottom. Remember that your main purpose is to grow your email list, not your social media. Your email list is more important and effective than social media profiles.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Use color to liven up your page.

Well, who wants a black and white page or a dull page with little to no color? Be careful to choose colors that are related to your company and your product or service. Research for possible themes that go well with your market.

For the most important parts of your page like your subscribe buttons or opt-in forms, use buttons, links and colors that don’t blend with your design to make them stand out and more suggestible to be clicked.

9) Don’t forget to put your opt-in form.

Remember, you are looking for possible customers and you want to remind them to opt-in. So place two opt-in forms simply because it will get your readers to notice the forms thus, more subscriptions.

For page visitors who will want to subscribe, consider displaying your subscription buttons or opt-in forms in two spots: on top of your sidebar and at the bottom of single posts. These two spots can be easily spotted and are convenient to the reader. The spot at the bottom of the single post is particularly favorable as it gives your prospects something to do after being convinced with your content.

10) Write clear call to actions.

Sometimes, your reader simply needs an instruction telling them what to do next with your squeeze page. Write a clear call to action.

Be specific when you give a call to action. For example, use “click the play button” instead of “watch the video”. The more specific your call to action is, the bigger the possibility of your reader following the instruction.

Chapter 3

Building an Unstoppable Traffic and High Converting Funnel

Unstoppable traffic and high converting funnel

Are you dreaming of an unstoppable traffic? Have customers popping out here and there willing and very ready to buy your product or service? Then you need to be positive and confident in yourself and in your product or service.

Email marketing has to be done in the right way.

Each email you send should contain one of the following:

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. information of who you are as a marketer;

Tell something about yourself as a marketer. Make them familiar of you as a person. These will help your subscribers find favorable human qualities in you. Show your subscribers that you, as a person, would like to help them by using the products or services that you offer.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. reasons as to why they have to buy your product or service;

Convince your subscribers, your prospects, that your product or service is important and reliable. Do this by showing them case studies and testimonials from other people.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. prompts for them to buy more, encouragements for them to choose your other products or services; and

Your main goal is to sell your products. Do not forget to put promotional ads and other buttons that suggest your subscribers to buy your product or service.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. statements that convince can your subscribers that you want them to continue be your customers.

Build your relationships with your subscribers and customers. To do this, you can simply make use of personalized autoresponders when they open your emails or reply to them. Let your customers know that you care and want to help them using your product or service.

Here are other methods that can help you build your traffic and have high converting funnel:

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Solo ads

Solo ads are email messages with more than one ad in it delivered to a specific list of people. This list contains subscribers who agreed to be emailed with additional offers from other marketers. They are called double opt-in subscribers because they not only subscribe to one marketer but also have access to another marketer.

As a marketer or business person, you can use solo ads to help you grow your email list by establishing a partnership with other marketers similar to your business. It is an opportunity for both marketers to sell the chance to advertise in each other’s email list.

In this business, there are sellers of solo ads who use special tools or to build high converting funnel. Their tools can be used to track everything. You can buy solo ads to widen your list. If you want to buy solo ads, you will need to have the same or almost similar funnel.

There are two links to every solo ad: the main product or service link and the other link to a different product or service.

To illustrate, under the main link there is another link that is wrapped in a rotator. When someone buys 100 clicks, the tracking software will automatically fill up one order and then after that fill up another order. On top of that, if a person clicks more than 1 time, the tracking software you use will automatically use a different monetization method in all solo ad model business (e.g. redirecting clicks to affiliate offers).

By selling traffic from your own email list for solo ads, you can buy more traffic to your own email list.

Additionally, if someone clicks more than 1 time you can fill up an order for a click banking partner.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Click banking

Once you have gathered a small list of people in your email list, you can a go to a marketer with your list and offer a partnership.

Click banking is a partnership between 2 people where both individuals will agree to send clicks to each other in turns. This means that one partner will send the clicks first. Then after the clicks are sent, the other partner, in turn, will send his clicks.

For example, one person who has a smaller list sends 100 clicks to his or her partner and then in turn, the partner sends 100 clicks to him or her.

It is very similar to solo ad but prolonged and more flexible. You will be surprised by how fast your list grows!

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Broadcasts

Broadcasts are emails you deliver to all the people in your email list. You can send 2 emails each day to your subscribers.

Broadcast emails usually contain promotional offers, newsletters, and easy to read content about your product or service.

Promotional emails are simply emails that you send daily or weekly containing an offer that you are selling to your list. Promotional emails remind your subscribers about your products or services.

Newsletters are usually sent on a specific schedule, once or twice a week. It can include valuable information, a link to valuable information, or even a promotional email expertly disguised as a newsletter. Newsletters can help build your relationship with your subscribers.

Easy to read content about your business can be sent daily or weekly. These easy to read contents may come from your own website or blog post or from blog posts of other people from all over the internet.

Use everything you can use for your traffic and funnel

Make use of solo ads, make use of click banking, and regularly broadcast emails to your list. Do it all because the only thing it can do to your business is to expand it. The people you can gather to view your pages, the more likely you increase your traffic and have a high converting funnel.

Look for a lot of click banking partners to work with you. Particularly, choose people who have similar business to yours.

At the same time sell solo ads to accumulate money. Once you have earned enough, use the money to rebuild your traffic. Do this over and over and your list will grow with it. You will have access to more people in more countries around the world.

Making use of wrapped rotators in follow ups and broadcasts will speed up the process. Consequently, it could help you build your email list very quickly and conveniently.

Chapter 4

Delivering traffic

To get more customers, marketers do whatever they can to reach a wide audience. In email marketing, if traffic is low, it means that the advertising is dying because less people see the squeeze pages or many people unsubscribe. This is a very scary thought. As far as the marketer is concerned, he or she is in dire need of a really heavy traffic.


Traffic, in terms of electronic marketing, is the number of times a page is visited in a day.

Traffic is good for your product or service’s publicity. Having traffic means your page is getting attention. The more hits you have on your page, the more people you get who might be interested in what you offer.

How to deliver traffic

You can’t deliver traffic by yourself.

Make use of the available resources in the internet. Use special tools to help you deliver traffic. Explore and visit websites that help people start their email marketing.

An example of a special tool that you can use is qualityclickcontrol.com. According to the website, it is the “number 1 Solo Ad, Affiliate, & CPA Marketers click tracking solution on the internet today”.

Other websites are also open to marketers. Don’t be afraid to explore. Carefully look over the various websites that you can use to expand your email list. Read reviews about those sites and carefully weigh the pros and cons once you use a particular website.

In addition, choose websites that can redirect traffic to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England. More likely than not, the people in those countries are going to buy your products online. The reason why they are more likely to buy is because they have more experience in buying things online where as other countries are still starting in the online business. Having traffic in those countries can be a really valuable asset. It will definitely help your email list grow. However, it is not wise to neglect prospects from other countries. The more countries you have represented in your email list, the better your chances of getting more traffic.

Furthermore, when you create a solo ad business you would be able to track how many clicks you want to sell or swap. You can also observe the percentage of people from those countries mentioned above who have access to your page.

Chapter 5

Building an Email List

Building your email list can never be stressed enough. It is the most important aspect of your email marketing. Once you have an access to an email address, you are given permission to communicate with them however you want. You are given the freedom to talk to people and build good business relationships with them. Finally, you can you your list to acquire more email to add to your list.

Here are some things you need in order to build an email list:

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Prepare your email marketing content.

You may either write the content yourself or hire a copywriter to do it.

Your content needs to be well-written and interesting enough to keep your readers subscribing. Moreover, include in your email an “email a friend” button and other social sharing buttons to encourage your readers to share your emails to their friends and family.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. You don’t need to do everything manually. Make use of an autoresponder.

An auotresponder is a program that responds to email. For example, autoresponder replies with an email saying “thank you for your email” or it can be something more complex like a pre-written email to be sent to a subscriber. Search the internet and look for an autoresponder that has a very good deliverability rate with thousands of subscribers. Autoresponders will make email marketing easier to handle specially when your email list starts to expand.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. A lot of information in the internet can distract people.

Make your emails noticeable. Be it your words, your images, your videos, or your color themes. Take note of every detail. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects, “Am I getting interested with what this person is sending me?” or “Will I want to buy the product or service for myself?” Ask these questions and let it guide you into making better email contents.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Use tracking software to determine where your subscribers are from or what kinds of devices they are using.

The idea is to track people from where they are and send them different offers according to their location and available devices.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Send different emails to mobile devices and desktops or laptops.

Sometimes programs only work on desktops or laptops so make sure to send something different applicable for mobile devices.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. You don’t have to do everything by yourself.

A lot of websites are open and free to be used for your email marketing needs. Also, there are a lot of squeeze pages that you can make online with the help of websites like www.leadpages.net . If you don’t have much time, there are countless templates that you can use for your own squeeze pages. Make sure to choose templates that would help attract more prospects to your email list.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Technology is rapidly growing. Things are changing every time.

It is the 21st century where many things are made in the virtual world. It is a vast space of information. Use technology to its fullest to make your email list grow.

Look for different software, programs, or websites that can help you make and improve your email marketing. Explore and do surveys. Find out what makes things interesting and enjoyable. The world is an ever changing place and things that used to be popular or interesting quickly become impasse. The decisions you make can very well grow or destroy your email list.

Chapter 6

Making a Solo Ad Business Model

Making a solo ad business model is very easy to do. You just have to get started.

Invest your money or time

To get started, you need to build up your email list.

If you have enough money to invest then it’s very easy to build up your list. You don’t need to give too much time and effort using free methods. Investing money is the fastest way to build your email list. But you can do the alternative. Spend your time to convince your subscribers to click your emails and have them spread information about your products or services.

Use tracking software

By using special set ups in tracking software, sellers can redirect clicks to your list for selling.

All you have to do is to email your list and you can earn money.

For example, if you get 100 clicks to your email, you can earn $40. If you send two emails a day to those 100, you can earn up to $80. Just for 200 clicks a day, you can earn up to $2,400 per month!

With the money you earn, you can invest in more solo ads. You start to deliver twice as much as your previous number and make twice the amount of money. Later on as you earn more; you can sell more quantities of solo ads with good quality.

With this, you will see the growth of your email list. Only you can stop this model business!

The best part of it all is that…

Basically, you are already earning even before you sell your products or services.

Imagine, how much more money would you earn once you consider everything: your solo ads, your products or services, and some additional avenue streams taken from affiliate offers.


Thank you again for downloading this book!

I hope this book was able to help you to understand the basics of email marketing and how to build your own email list for your growing business.

The next step is to apply the steps and strategies found in this book. This book can help you start your email marketing and expand your business through the internet. Happy emailing!

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I am appreciate for purchasing this ebook and putting your trust in me. As a valued customer, I just wanted to let you know I have special free list building bonus gift for you to download.

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