Elsas Tale A Good Troll

Elsas Fairytale

A Good Troll

By Thomas Krantz

Once upon a time…

In a country far away there were two kingdoms. Since ancient times they had been fighting for power over a lush farmland. The peasants had to cultivate the land for the royal families and often did not have food for themselves.

One day, the princess went to the woods and met the prince from the other kingdom. After they talked, they noticed that they liked each other.

“I want to marry you,” said the prince, “We can become king and queen over a common country without war.”

When the princess’s mother, who was a witch, found this out she swung her magic wand and turned the prince into a frog. The frog prince quickly jumped into the woods and hid in a pond with other frogs.

The princess looks throughout the forest for the frog prince, but when she finds him and kisses him, he becomes a troll. He explains to her, that as a frog, he listened to the villagers when they fetched their water.

“You must understand, my dear princess, that the peasants are being treated badly by our parents. We eat and drink in abundance, but the peasants starve.”

“What are you going to do?”, Asks the princess.

“I will take from the rich and give to the poor.”

“Let me talk to our parents.” Said the princess “Maybe they listen to me.”

The princess arranges a meeting between the two kings and begins to talk about what the prince said.

“We do not care about the peasants. We just want their crops.”, Says the kings.

“If you do not let the peasants share and eat, we will burn down the fields.” Says the princess firmly.

“But then we will all starve.” The king’s answer frightfully.

“The peasants are used to starving, but not you.” The princess replies triumphantly, “You will be sick and weak. Your will lose your power and the kingdom will break.”

“Okay.” Replies the kings. “You and the prince will get the kingdom only if you promise us that we can eat and drink.”

The princess ran out into the woods and looked up her good troll. When he learned this, the enchantment broke down and he once again became a prince.

And all peasants were allowed to share equally all that they cultivated.

Then they all lived happily in coexistence.

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Elsas Tale A Good Troll

  • ISBN: 9781370729685
  • Author: Thomas Krantz
  • Published: 2017-05-12 23:35:08
  • Words: 410
Elsas Tale A Good Troll Elsas Tale A Good Troll