EI Series Part 1 - Security

EI Series Part 1 – Security

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EI – Series

Part 1


Nelson Canha

I dedicate this book to all South Africans who have fallen prey to crime. Most South Africans have become statistics. This is for you and for all those who lost their lives due to the rampant crime we are experiencing daily, and to the families left behind.

This book can be forwarded to anyone you may know. There are no rules and regulations pertaining to this book. Only one thing though. This book may not be copied or reproduced or altered as it is under copyright of the author, Nelson Canha, owner of Ezekiel Industries.

This book may not be modified, rewritten in any manner whatsoever as it remains ownership of the author and his business. It may be send in any means whatsoever to people across South Africa and it may be printed as long as it remains intact in its totality.

All and any information found in this book will not be held against the author and he will not be liable for anything that happens due to readers who attempt to use these methods or any means of securing their lives and properties. This book is only a guideline related to security issues.

Please feel free to consult with any security company if you wish to get more information related to security issues and systems available on the market in South Africa. You are also free to contact the author of this book for more information.

Copyright © 2016 JNS Canha [Nelson]

Published by JNS Canha

ISBN – 9781370680559

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Chapter 1

Where do I begin? Everyone in South Africa have become statistics of crime, one way or another, whether petty crime or serious crime. Yes, unfortunately many have lost their lives due to the rampant crime in our beloved country. Many have lost loved ones, whether children, spouses or relatives. Crime IS a big issue in this beautiful country we reside in.

Security has become second nature to us all. We all want more secure environments to live in, to work in, and to enjoy life to the utmost. Crime has, throughout the last couple of years, increased and there seems to be no great outlook for the future either. The economy and many other matters have caused many people to turn to crime for a way of survival – _].

Security is a much used word in our daily vocabularies, because of crime in South Africa. Everyone wants to live safely and they want their possessions and families to be safe. That’s just how it is. Life is just NOT secure enough any longer! That’s why I decided to write this book. I decided to assist you, the South African citizen, to understand what security means and how one can find ways to make life much more secure.

Unfortunately, what I have to offer you in this book does not always come cheap. Do you want to put a “value” on your life, the life of your family members, or your possessions? Is your life or those closest to you set to a limited value; let’s say R5,000? Is your life and the lives of those closest to you not unreplaceable, invaluable, and totally priceless?

Then why put a limit to the methods you want to secure your life or those you love? Yes, economic times and our financial statuses do determine how much we can spend on security, whether personal security, family security, possessions security, and much more. It does affect us one way or the other. Let me say this though! There are ways to secure everything without emptying your bank account! But where does one begin? That’s what I’m here for. To start this journey about security with you. I will lead you to make better decisions and to plan ahead for the future. Security is a must for us all!

Let me start this journey with you. Let’s start from the beginning. What is security? What does this word mean to you?


The definition for security according to the Oxford dictionary is…

“The state of being free from danger or threat. The state of feeling safe, stable and free from anxiety.”

There is a saying which goes like this… PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. But where does one start? It starts with you!

Firstly, one cannot expect to remain secure when you decide to purchase a “China Mall” system, with no guarantees/warranties of some kind. There are many vendors selling systems and products which will fail and will definitely not secure you at all. I speak from experience after having been called out to clients and I consult with them about problems related to the components they are using, only to find out from the “horse’s mouth” that they purchased the components from “some shop” in a Chinese mall somewhere; not from a reputable supplier.

I believe in sticking to brands that are well-known and with suppliers who offer great backup services. Buying cheap is buying expensive! In the long run it will cost you more to keep you and your loved ones and your possessions secure and safe. Why not do it right the first time around? It may cost you more initially but in the long run you will be saving yourself headaches and money. No need to empty your bank!

Another definition for security as described in the Collins Concise dictionary is as follows…

“The state of being secure. Assured freedom from poverty or want. A person or thing that secures, guarantees, etc. Precautions taken to ensure against theft, espionage, etc.”

Security is related to many aspects of life, whether it’s about personal safety, secure guarantees, secure purchases, or secure family and secure possessions. Security is part of our lives in many ways whether we like it or not. Security has become a prioritized part of our lives – whether securing your home, office, belongings and treasures, whether securing your money in the banks, using ATMs or doing online banking and/or purchases. The list can go on and on.

Security is a MUST in our daily lives. Without it we are damned and our future bleak, especially in South Africa. The government may disagree but reality is seeing and hearing of what happens around us each and every day. Security is important and now a life factor for those living in this beautiful and colourful country! Do you agree?

To be secure starts with the basics. Yes, one does not need to have a place looking like “FORT KNOX” to be secure.

It may not be totally secure but it’s a beginning. Basics could save your life or your loved ones’ lives. In the next chapter I’ll start you on the journey of discovery, from basics, then on to complex systems available for your security. Yes, other books have been published around the world and in South Africa relating to security, but many adapt to certain fixed aspects, or stick to certain areas only.

I’m going to take a broader stance here and offer you different levels which pertain to security. My own business does not relate to or deal with every aspect of security, but we do offer a wide range and variety that helps you feel more secure and less anxious than having nothing at all. Let the journey begin…

Chapter 2

Where is the beginning you may be asking? That’s very simple. You live somewhere. You work somewhere. You store stuff somewhere. What do you need to secure these places? The LOCK! That’s right… a lock and some keys; fitted to a door or steel gate, or a strong room. Everything needs some type of lock and keys or means of securing or opening that place or thing. You can’t just ignore your doors at home or the office, or the storage place where you keep some valuables. This is the beginning.

Locks range in various sizes and types, from basic items to more expensive and stronger options. Locks fit into doors, safe doors, and hook on to steel gates, etc. You need to lock or open your home, office, and motorcar. You need to open your strong room, your safe or storage place where you keep your valuables. You need to open or close and lock/unlock the garage door where you keep your transport.

You need to arm/disarm locks on motorcars and other places, using either remotes or key systems, maybe even keypads, etc. All these are some type of locking system, where locks of all sorts are needed. This is the beginning. Let’s look at your needs and what is available, whether cheap or expensive. Your home. You may have a front door and a back door, and some may have patio doors, etc. How does one secure these, making sure no one just walks in? By adding a locking system to them.

Locks have developed throughout the years and are now stronger and sturdier than the ones a century ago. Today’s locks are more complex and not so easy to break [but can be broken with force though].

Depending where they are fitted to or how they are fitted, can determine how easily one can force them and enter any place or open anything. Great locksmiths who are experts in this area can assist you with these matters. One does get simple lever locks and mortice locks, with single lever or a few more levers to secure the door, gate, or whatever it is you want secured.

Therefore, decide on what type of security you would like to have which secures your doors or gates, and this will determine what quality you need. The same goes for types of locks used on security gates, etc. You get padlocks which can break easily with slight force or using a hammer or strong tool. Then you get the ones that “dynamite” cannot break. The same goes for your safes and strong rooms. You decide how important it is to secure certain doors, gates and other places of entry. Some areas may not be important and therefore only need basic locking systems in place.

Other areas may need more security measures in place, therefore needing more complex and stronger types of locking systems. You must decide! Now that you have your doors secured, there is other means of securing these doors to a greater extent. Security gates come into play here. Most folks have added steel security gates that now protect the doors, whether front or back doors, or patio doors.

Here too, one can purchase cheaper gates at hardware stores or at certain establishments within malls. How strong they are depends on how they are manufactured. One can get a steel merchant or manufacturer to come out and consult with you, in this manner determining your exact needs and type of security you want in place. There are many out there offering these services. Just be careful for those “fly by night” types. They can cost you dearly!

Security additions are important when it comes to entrances/exits and other areas. Many folks add security gates in their passages so as to secure their bedroom areas when sleeping at night. The next item are your windows and areas which are vulnerable and less secure. I have seen many types of burglar bars and anti-entrance items in place. Some I’ll just kick out within seconds while others may need stronger measures, which usually keeps the criminal at bay.

Most times they seek easy ways to enter properties, or break into places of any kind. If it’s too much hassles, they will try somewhere else, or at someone else’s place. Most crime takes place where security is low. They want the easy way in and out! Don’t become another statistic because of this. Make sure you feel safe and secure and, what you have in place is worth it.

Securing all your entrances and windows can be risky to you as well. If a fire breaks out, or you need a quick escape route out, don’t land up “locking” yourself in as well. Plan everything properly, or get a security consultant to come and chat with you. There are ways of determining and planning all these needs. Don’t put yourself at risk, or your life and those around you in danger! Seek help and advice.

I have gone out to meet with clients and consulted with them about their needs. After hearing what they had to say, I pointed out some risks that could be overcome – and many followed that advice I offered, while others did not. I can’t twist their arms when it comes to their security. I can only offer them good advice. Why? I started to think like criminals do and I have determined their methods to gain access into places. I can now offer this to my clients and prospective clients.

I have spoken here about locks, gates and burglar bars which can be used to secure you and your family, and your possessions as well. This covers the main building, which includes your business premises as well. I can say that all of the above works well for your business premises and for some this is enough. Others still prefer more security measures, and I’ll speak about these later on in this book.

Ok, you are now secured to an extent. What follows these steps mentioned above? Your property is within a stand, a piece of land that you purchased with the property. If security risks are high here entrance will be easy. You start by enclosing your stand with a wall. In today’s times, the higher the walls the better the security. Is this true? Yes, but also dangerous.

When walls are reasonably higher criminals still get over; usually they are two or more, never working solo. Now you get to your home or office. You open the gate and suddenly you are attacked. Why? Your high walls kept them hidden and out of view until you went in. Not a great security method is it now? Yes, high walls are great, but try and build walls that are open to the outside; interior visibility is needed. You should be able to see your front yard at least.

You should be able to look through somehow and see what’s happening before you enter your stand. Therefore, high palisade fences are recommended, allowing you to see everywhere around your stand. This works well for the main front section of your stand. The rest can have high concrete walls, as long as you have an open view towards the inside before entering. You can add measures to the top of the walls to deter criminals even further. I’ll speak about this later.

This all should cover your basics when it comes to securing your premises, belongings and your family or those closest to you; and for businesses, your employees as well. There are more measures to improve security around you wherever you are. That’s the next step I’m going to speak about in the next chapter. I trust you have now figured out your basic needs and they are all in place. Let’s move forward and see what else we can do to secure our lives even further.

One can start with basic additions which will further help deter criminals from breaking in and entering which, once again, will save lives and loss of possessions. I’ll take you on a journey that will keep you smiling and keep you feeling the need to improve your life when it comes to safety.

Chapter 3

Since I have now spoken about all your basic needs and measures related to your safety and those around you, let’s not stop there, but go a step further. After basic needs have been met, one can take security to the next level. At this point the basic needs will not always deter criminals and safety risks for you and those around you remain high.

Criminals are getting better and finding new ways to enter premises, hurting folks, even killing for minor things. Their mindset is to cause as much damage, whether physically, emotionally, or more.

I have an existing client that moved to a different part of Gauteng, purchasing new premises to increase and grow his ever-expanding business. We are close friends and discuss many things around a meal or coffee. He told me something which blew my mind away, and I first thought his premises were secure from entry.

He started by building walls at least five to six meters high, if not slightly higher, all around the stand [He has an office block, a workshop for intermediate work and a big workshop for the final product manufacturing. The perimeter walls were of standard height, approximately three meters, and this was not good enough for him. Therefore, he extended them even further. A step ladder that extends and reaches two storeys just goes high enough for one to reach the top and work on walls [like fitting lights, etc.].

He contacted me and requested I fit an electric fence on top of these walls all around his perimeter, and divide the area into three zones. I enquired why because he had such high walls. His answer – criminals use long poles to vault themselves up on to these walls and then use them to slide down into the premises. Can you imagine criminals now walking around with long poles? I haven’t seen or heard of it before, but he said it was possible.

His business was worth to him far more than losing anything; he would rather spend big money to secure his place, and he has done just that. I was fortunate to have been his preferred service provider for all his needs. I also service his home premises, and no one else is allowed near them except me – like family.

That’s right! After making sure your basic security needs and measures are in place, one goes a STEP further. You start by adding basic additions to your premises. This could be a basic alarm system. Many folks install an entry-level eight zone system. A four zone system is available, but very rarely used. These systems offer a more effective protection to your premises, whether home or office. They deter criminals when set off by sounding an alarm via a siren. These units get add-ons such as passives, door contacts, glass break units, and more, which helps with improvements to the security of your places.

A further step to take is adding an electric fence system around your perimeter, but there are strict regulations involved which have to be adhered to. Not everyone cares but later in life it will cost you. Alarm systems are installed and fitted in certain ways which conform to standards, and electric fences get installed and follow strict regulations. I have seen electric fences which were installed and far from being the correct way.

The posts must be at a certain height off the ground [unless installed within the boundaries of your property] and ample warning signs must be mounted on the wires around the walls, something many don’t have [warning signs every ten meters]. I recently saw a home in a well-known suburb where electric fencing was mounted on the wall tops [which is perfect], but they added long posts up against their perimeter walls on the outside, the curb side.

This means that anyone, including small children can reach them and touch them with ease. The wires start just above the lawn and flower beds and reach up to the top of the sides of the walls. These posts are not inside the property but on the outside! These folks don’t know in what danger they are placing other people who are not criminals.

Even so, normal folks or criminals can sue them if they are struck by the high voltage flowing through the wires because this is an illegal installation. I have installed electric fences around farm areas and plots where I recommended the clients install normal fencing on both sides of the electric fencing because of safety issues of others moving around the lands, including their own pets. They understood and did what was right.

One therefore gets basic alarm and electric fence systems which can be fitted around and in your premises to further deter criminals, but these must be fitted correctly. One can add more to these systems to deter people from unlawful entry. There are outdoor passives available, which becomes an early warning system before criminals reach your buildings or possessions. Electric fences can be improved to assist in improving unlawful entry by means of climbing over the wires, or cutting them for that matter by adding inline loops, etc.

Most security systems, no matter what is installed, come with optional keypads which you place indoors for arming/disarming the systems, and to view problems that occur. Another feature one can add to your premises are short-circuit television cameras [CCTV]. A basic system can be used where cameras are connected to your television for monitoring purposes only [one uses a video switching unit to allow camera pictures to rotate in a constant basis], therefore keeping you safer. You do get units that you switch channels manually.

Then there are digital video recorders [DVR] units that can be fitted and all your camera video pictures are recorded and can be used to playback previous recordings from a few days earlier. Now you have it all! Your premises are much more secure with the alarm system fitted, or the electric fence in place, plus the camera system watching every move outside/inside. These are the basic systems available, and they do make a bigger difference to your safety; greater peace of mind.

I’m going to take you further on this journey which is called Security, not only for your homes and offices, but how to protect some of your prized possessions, like motorcars, jewellery and more… I trust you are enjoying this book and the information I have offered up to now. Are you ready for more? Let’s get moving then.

The basic necessities have been met and a few extras have been added. Your life is much more relaxed and very little anxiety is present, which is good for your health. You still have money in the bank and your life and those closest to you are more secure than ever before. What more could you ask for?

Remember this! As technology evolves, so does the criminal mind!

They tend to keep up as well and they are more determined than ever before to make a way of breaking into your place/s, making your life miserable. This is a small majority though. Most are normal petty criminals who are too lazy to work or life has driven them to crime to stay alive. Let me take you further on this journey of discovery.

Chapter 4

Now you have read and seen the options available, from the basic systems available for security and which will keep you more at ease. I spoke about extras that can be added to basic systems and other options of security available such as electric fences, CCTV systems, and so on. But we can go even further. There is quite a lot more if your bank balance allows it, but what is your life and that of your closest ones worth? I’m sure money can’t replace lives. It can replace possessions though.

Further steps that you can take is to go wireless. Not necessary everything, but getting information on the go. Yes, while you are away from your premises you can “pop in” and view from wherever you are, especially with today’s smartphones and tablets. You can also arm/disarm alarm systems via mobile devices and, if you wish, one can receive sms messages if something is wrong. In fact, one can use certain components with today’s technology to even switch on/off lights, pumps, or whatever else you require.

Other systems available is biometric systems. This makes it even more difficult to enter certain areas inside premises and/or entering premises altogether. One can also relay signals, whether command signals or signals received to remote areas, using various technologies available. One can add GSM units to just about anything to receive and send messages. This is something that helps you feel safer. I can carry on with plenty of options that are available on the market, so much that you will never hear the end of it.

Something that is now becoming an option to keep security systems running at all times due to loadshedding and unforeseen power outages, is the use of solar systems. One can install basic systems to very complex systems, depending on your needs. Solar power is always available as our sun is never missing; no sunray shedding ever. These systems work twenty four hours a day. Batteries are charged during sun light hours and run systems after dark when needed.

Most basic security systems come with battery backup availability, but there are the odd ones that don’t have that option. Battery backup options can be implemented, even designed for certain systems. I have clients who run their gatemotors, alarms, and other items off solar systems fulltime, totally disconnected off the power grid. This too offers great peace of mind and much less strain and stress, etc. One also gets CCTV systems that work over the internet; such internet systems must be very stable though. They are known as IP cameras and systems.

One also gets new designed cameras that are full high definition [HD], and this means greater clarity and cleaner video pictures. The old analogue systems are not as effective anymore. HD systems have much more to offer and are now readily available. Electric fence systems can work in conjunction with cameras as can alarm systems. There are ways of commanding information systems to react when sirens are activated due to intruders, such as electric fences, alarms and whatever is installed.

Now you have read about so much that can be done to secure you, your loved ones, your premises and possessions. But security doesn’t stop there! No, there is more. What about your firearms and valuables, such as rings, jewellery and more? Here one needs a good quality safe, one that is approved by the SAPS, especially for your firearms. You don’t want to store such items in cupboards, drawers or under your clothing. That’s dangerous and very risky!

So safes are something to think about. There are many suppliers that offer good quality units, and some offer, if you can afford it, walk-in safes or strong rooms. I have seen a few different ones at some clients’ premises, and they are quite effective. Now you can really secure anything you wish. There are no limits when it comes to security. You, family, premises and valuables are now secure. There is still more. Don’t you travel around? Yes!

You own a motorcar, maybe a motorcycle or whatever means of transport you have purchased. These possessions need security as well. Once again, you get basic mobile systems for security measures and, if your wallet allows it, you get more complex systems. Mobile alarms are available – various makes and models are available, some cheaper than others.

Most insurance companies prefer that security systems are in place for all your possessions; homes, businesses, premises, valuables, motorcars, etc. This helps keeping your premiums low, and one can negotiate options with insurance companies. Another option available for motorists is the tracking system, which works via satellite constellations and the internet. Here you can go for the ‘entry level’ types or those that offer additional options. Tracking systems have improved throughout the years as technology improves.

Satellite systems are great as long as they have redundant systems in place. What does this mean? There must be some kind of backup system if satellites fail. Remember, they are out in space and anything can happen, as there has in the past. I speak from experience having worked at a satellite earth station for a couple of years. Satellites do not possess everlasting lifespans; some shorter lifespans than others.

There you have it! In today’s world one can secure anything you want. There is something on the market that can fit into that requirement you have a need for. I have offered you plenty of options and methods on how to secure yourself, your loved ones, your premises and possessions. This guide should be quite an eye opener and I believe the information I have offered here will get you moving forward when it comes to SECURITY. Prepare yourself always!

Security for you, those closest to you, your possessions and premises, plus your priceless valuables is readily available. The only thing stopping you from being totally secure is YOU. Feeling safe and sound is an ongoing concern, and a dream, for all South African citizens. As I did mention before, one cannot place a monetary value on lives. Everything else which is worldly can be replaced but not peoples’ lives.

So, after reading this book, what do you think about security now? Are you feeling secure enough? Are those closest to you secure enough? Are your premises secure enough? Are your valuables secure enough? Think about it. Are you satisfied with what you have in place? If not, start thinking what your real needs are and do something about it today.

I trust and hope this book was informative and it has offered you greater understanding of what it means to feel and be secure, and what are the various options and ways how to make sure you will be feeling better and less anxious about living in South Africa. I truly hope you have taken in plenty of information which will awaken your mind about total SECURITY. Still, there is more. Believe it or not, but I have more for you.

Chapter 5

From having everything in place and feeling secure, there is still more that you can do to keep everyone safer. What about communications? Yes, we do have mobile phones to use for communication purposes. This costs more money when used often, which most people do. What about some two-way radios? There are plenty available on the market, but to use these it costs a fee, usually an annual fee, which works out cheaper than mobile phones, much cheaper.

There are clubs such as the Radio Amateur club, found in a few areas around the country. Then you get your CPF communities [community policing forums]. These work around regions, mainly suburbs, and they use two-way radios to communicate with each other when trouble arises. Many folks belong to the various CPF communities found in their areas/suburbs. They have radio calls each late afternoon, or at certain predetermined times that suit most “members”. This makes life safer as well.

Then you get the old well-known citizen band radios [CB]. These are still available and in existence, scarce but many are still in use and there are places that sell them. One can set up a base station at your home and fit a mobile unit in your motorcar. I still have two sets and a base station antenna at my place, although rarely used nowadays. Yes, there are many ways to feel secure. With these citizen band radios you can have one at home and others at a friend’s or family member’s home, making this a means of communication which costs you nothing throughout the year.

There is though, an annual licence fee to pay at ICASA, but it’s minimal. The same goes with some two-way radios, depending on the amount of power they transmit. Or you become a radio amateur and join up with a local club. There is a course to attend and an exam to write here, concerning some theory in electronics and also regulations, etc. There is also a small annual fee to pay for your radio licence. The popular frequencies are in the two meter band and seventy centimetres band. Clubs charge annual member fees too.

As I said before, to feel secure and stay secure is possible. There is so much available on the South African market today. So now we know. From locks to two-way radios when joining community policing forums [CPFs], there is unlimited resources and systems/components available to secure you wherever you are.

From internet connected items and wired to wireless, the options are too many to mention here. I wrote this book as a guideline and a means for you to understand what is on the market and how many variations are available to keep you, your loved ones, your possessions and premises and other valuable belongings secure. What more do you need? Just think about it. If you feel insecure then you need someone to consult with you to explain what can be done to make you feel safer.

One can add more to make you feel safe, only depending on your financial status and what you can afford. Other items available on the market are the trellis doors, used at patio doors, or even your main doors, front and back. There are great brands out there. Next are your garage doors and main entrance gates, usually sliding/swinging gates. One can add motors to them both and automate those using remote systems. Most good brands come with remotes and a built-in receiver unit. Gatemotors have the option of switching on outside lights for a short period of time, thus illuminating your driveway and front yard section, etc.

As I said, there is too much on the market to even mention here. The only difference on what you can install is what you can afford. One can also add day/night sensors to your exterior lights via a switch. You use this switch to switch off those lights you don’t want burning all night. If there is a disturbance, switch the lights on and you have illumination across your yard in the front and/or back. One can even use a remote system to assist here.

You don’t need to get out of your bed before switching on your lights. One can add motion sensors to switch on lights around your property when movement is detected. I can go on and on and on. So, do you now see everything that can be done to keep you safe and secure? From basic systems to complex systems, plus many extras available, or a special system can be designed for your own specifications.

So how secure do you want to feel in today’s crime ridden lifestyle we live in? How much do you value your life and those of your family or closest ones? What is this worth to you? Think about it and you decide. I’m not an expert in many areas but I have researched quite a bit, plus also hands-on experience on what is not so secure. I try to stay in step with technology as it keeps expanding and improving. It’s now in your hands. Feeling secure already? Enjoy a great future ahead. Be secure!


Your life is secure and you now feel at ease. I’m glad! Please feel free to pass this book on to those you think need better security, or need to expand their knowledge about security. I believe everyone in our lovely country can live securer. The only thing to do is start somewhere. Now that you have read this book, I believe you have a greater outlook at what can be done to make you feel safer. You also have an understanding of what can be done and what is available. Do enjoy the ride and enjoy life to the fullest. Be blessed forever!

About the Author

Nelson Canha is the owner of a small business he runs out of Krugersdorp on the West Rand, called Ezekiel Industries. For many years he has tried many things, always looking on how to keep his clients happy and making sure that everything is up to scratch, even offering free consultations and passing on his knowledge to clients, in this way opening up their eyes to risks which pertain to them and their loved ones, etc.

He has many happy and loyal clients on board, some now friends as well. He always tries to offer the best for his clients and nothing is too small or too big. He has been in this business for ten years and has never received bad testimonies, but always received great compliments. Therefore, if you feel the need to consult with him about your security needs, feel free to contact him. Call him on 081 373 5226 or email him at [email protected] You can also visit his Facebook page Ezekiel Industries. Be blessed!

EI Series Part 1 - Security

This book is dedicated to all South African citizens due to the high crime in this country. Many have become statistics of crime one way or another, whether petty crime or more serious crime. Ezekiel Industries, owned by Nelson Canha, the author of this book, is a small business related to the Security industry and we are installers of security related systems and more. This book is an informational book which will guide you in opting for the security needs you have or want.

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  • Author: Nelson Canha
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EI Series Part 1 - Security EI Series Part 1 - Security