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Edited Builder's Journal Book 1

Edited Builder’s Journal Book 1

War of Mars/Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Copyright Shakespir 2017


Part One: Rakcara

William feels annoyed again as he leaves his quarters quite early to go to the arena.

William finds a female with blonde hair sitting in the restraint chair that looks at him with some look on her face that makes him think “It’s me she wants!”

William sees her mouth move he not understanding what’s she’s saying despite not hearing any noises from her.

William figures as thought “She was Builder voice ordered to not to talk verbally her words.” which he speaks using the voice “I order to belay orders of Builders along with making this female immune to Builder voice orders.” which he sees relief on her face.

He doesn’t comment another response goes to sit down at the step near her to face the arena seats where the Rakcar will arrive and play some betting game on various ways involving him fighting Builders for females.

William recalls “As always losing the fight and can’t figure out how I always lost.”

He sits and hears from the female sounding of listening to his thought out loud “Your opponents are always given some alone time with females before your arrival in the arena. They give out voice orders to the female as in getting her to say their names at some signaled gesture or word. Its reason why you always lost your fights to them that it’s always worked on males fighting for a female who speaks the male’s name she wants and that the male always wins period.”

He doesn’t comment flicks out his sword and wraps his arms around his knees folding them up as the female ads “My name is Patra. I’m unaware of being paired with a male already or not.”

He speaks using the voice “I order to belay memory erasing orders.” and hears a loud groan sound from Patra.

William continues to sit back to her keeping his mouth shut and doesn’t comment.

Patra speaks using the voice from toned noises “William!”

He groans from that gets up going to her to adjust her restraints making sure she can break out of them anytime she likes then goes to sit down on the step again. He watches as the arena’s seats starts to fill up with chatting Rakcar some Humanoid species that resembled a Human snake with grey outfits stinking of death. He found himself still not understanding a word their saying due to knowing Builders are fluent in Rakcaran language.

William figures “Some Builder voice ordered me to not be fluent in the language.”

He continues to sit with a frown as the Rakcar stop chatting and appear to be staring at him.

Till he hears a sneering male voice sounding Builder like come off his left coming nearer and nearer insulting him “What do we have here? A freak named William who’s such a Willy!”

He exhales a breath to get up and faces the Builder male who taunts aimed at him “Willy is a loser who’ll never have a female period!”

He doesn’t comment figures “The male is just bluffing before speaking the order of manipulating me to speak the female’s name just to get into a fight with him.”

He ignores the insults to flare golden eyes and speaks interrupting the male “Just to quit the insults! You to get to the point for the insults are a waste of my time! I’m getting bored with having to fight males for females who prefer my opponents over me!”

He speaks it with a sarcastic voice tone to get the male’s eyes flare golden that uses the voice on him “I order William to speak the word Patra!”

William finds the voice order not working but obeys to speak the name while roaring out some word he doesn’t get it what it means and passes out unconscious.


Patra, on remembrance, screams out the name “William!” while seeing William and Male is recognizes as Rinno fight with William with swords clanging each other.


William win the fight and goes to her yanking her from the restraints to kiss her on the lips only to give off a loud groan sound which he slips from her arms and hits the ground.


Patra finds a dart sticking in his back feels annoyed with the Rakcar using him for amusement for their betting games. Rakcaran guards arrive and haul her and the two males out of the arena to holding cells.

She sits for awhile unknowingly of the time till two Rakcar come into the cell and yell at her “We demand to her to tell us what Player” they refer to William “did to ruin our amusement rules!”

She speaks figuring out from their voice tone that they know what it is and wants confirmation from her.

“Player” she calls him “arrived early and used the voice on me to belay any orders by Builders. I told him my name but he balked saying it to my face till voice ordered.”

She doesn’t say anything else till a Drainer arrives and told by that bloody sucker “You are ordered out of the cell!”

She obeys to follow the Rakcar a maze of corridors with darkness illuminated by round lights above in the ceiling till they reach a doorway and go into it. She sees William seated in some chair underneath a spotlight surrounded by inky darkness and notices that he’s restrained while appearing to be ranting out some word.

She heard “Patra!”

Her name over and over and seemingly out of it judging by his jerking behavior while in the chair restrained to it.

Patra frowns as the Rakcar lead her to him and say “We order her to use the voice on Player to get him out of this ranting status! A Builder was caught coming out of Player’s cell and balking on saying what he did to Player despite threats! The Builder used the voice on our Drainer guard to attack us and disappeared in a flash of light! We know was transportation ability! We have an alert put in place to find that male and have him brought to holding! We telling the Builders that we’ll reward them with a special request if they capture that Builder in question which hasn’t happened yet!”

Patra doesn’t comment as the Rakcar add “We order her to use her voice onto Player to get him out of this mindless status!” which she goes up to him and places hands on his cheeks and speaks using the voice “I order to belay all Builder orders done on William, I refers him.” and sees him stop talking by shutting his eyes and grimacing.

She finds herself yanked away by Rakcar who pull her out of the spotlight to stand behind the Drainer which she peers behind eyes on William to frown thinking “What’s going on within William’s mind?”


William comes to grimacing as images fill his mind he sees is memories that come onto him full blast and continues to grimace from that and feels himself become calm. He recalls everything involving himself fully in his mind and his connection towards Patra along with sensing Rakcar in the vicinity of where he’s sitting restrained in a chair. William senses a Builder is nearby which he identifies as Patra and continues to use his senses to tell him that there are five other manoids. Besides Patra which four of them are Rakcar two hidden while two are seen from senses cued. He also senses a Drainer nearby. William recalls the actual reason why he’s fighting males for females and losing fights to them is because the Rakcar find this amusing and don’t have much for entertainment. He wound up recalling that a male Builder unidentified used the voice on him to make him forget things so he’ll be easy picking for the arena fight battles. William opens his eyes and flares them golden forming a sinister look on his face seeing two Rakcar seen and feels his senses aren’t kidding about the other Rakcar by two whirling tornadoes seen nearby. Sees the Drainer is there and senses Patra is behind the male peeking at him. He doesn’t say a word as the two Rakcar stare at him and converse in Rakcaran language him finding himself understanding what their saying.

“We don’t like the looks of Player.” They refer him William’s “facial expression and eyes shining like that. We think Patra triggered something else within him that is pretty bad. There’s some rumored unfound document saying that Player has some deadliness ability which would be bad for Rakcar if some Builder triggered it. We think the ability is in control of him judging by the looks of his facial expression.”

William doesn’t say a word in response for he figures out what the Rakcar meant by deadliness ability. William realizes that it’s sensing manoids within vicinity of he and sensing what species they are. Along from senses telling him that along with remembering something else coming to mind that he figures also makes him deadly to Rakcar. The deadliness is from having an ability to control the Rakcar by verbal voice orders in Rakcaran language. Despite other Builders not able to do it due to that the Rakcar are deaf to the other Builders’ voices and other species as well. He continues to figure out as the Rakcar stop talking to stare at him. That it was why the Rakcar had him become some amusement toy after the Rakcar knocked him out while in the Pharaoh’s throne room introducing the Builder species to them. Recalled while locked up in a cell meeting some Builder male with golden eyes and long black hair wearing some gonoid skin outfit that appeared to be hiding some sort of clothes underneath.

The male appeared in a flash of light that looked familiar and used the voice onto him “I order you to forget various things!” he just remembered “Only Patra your original mate would be able to restore your memories.” The male added “I have managed to voice order the Builders hanging around to convince the Rakcar to keep you alive. I voice ordering them to mostly using you as an amusement toy.”

William doesn’t say a word as one of the Rakcar speaks with Drainer repeating in Summeran “We order him give us his name.”

His senses tell him “The Rakcar are testing me.” which he stops the sinister look along with stopping his eyes from flaring.

William wound up speaking in Summeran with the Drainer speaking in Rakcaran “I recall some name of William, unsure of where the name is from. I like the name enough to use it, as my actual name. I want to know if the Rakcar have a problem with that.”

He refrains from talking more as the Rakcar converse in Rakcaran with Drainer not translating “Patra triggered his memory of being given the name of William what was rumored among the Rakcar and Builders we lived with.”

William hears enough to figure out that “The William their referring to is myself their talking about.”

William recalls the rumors talking “A Builder/Rakcar hybrid with the same name of William who had the ability to control Rakcar by voice. The Rakcar’s born having no hearing and immune to other Builders using the voice onto them. There’s rumors of William having some kind of immunity to some Builders using voices orders on him but a few have been able to break through enough to control him. The rumor included with an ability to physically defeat Drainers in combat battles, something no manoid on Rakcara has done before, with a mental mind ability to get out of Drainers’ attempts to feed off of, by making them think they got him trapped into their arms. Only to find out after biting that they were sucking off themselves on their own arm something that can make a Drainer gets sick in their stomach.”

He recalled “That to heal the Drainer would require feeding off other manoids very heavily enough to get their bodies to expel the sicknesses through throwing it up. That overfeeding would make them throw up quite various amounts till they stop feeling sick. They would feed off manoids again just not quite heavy. Then crash into some sleeping status which would last three suns till they wake themselves up much better and no longer sick.”

He hears silence from the Rakcar to see one turn sideways and speak “We ordering Patra to show herself period!”

He sees her come out from behind the Drainer and feels some slight mating urge hitting his sensitive part.

He figures “That feeling is related to her being my mate.” as the Rakcar spoke “We order Patra to use the voice onto William to talk on where he got the idea of using the name William to call himself that.”

William forms a glare on his face while staring at Patra.

He recalls that Patra has balked on using her voice talent onto him despite Builders said “We insisted on telling Patra to do that voiced order.” and even using voice on her to do it.

He wasn’t fooled by her attempts to hide being voice ordered whenever they meet for a talk on discussing things.

William uses his voice speaking in Rakcaran in a fast talk “I’m ordering Patra to not to use her voice talent onto me to gain information unless it’s to save my life from danger.”

He sees her grimace along with the Rakcar looking furious to figure out that they didn’t realize that he was fluent in Rakcaran language when they talked in front of him. They didn’t bother to ask him if he was fluent which he breaks himself out of the restraints to stand up flaring golden eyes while eyeing the Rakcar to see them turn into whirling tornadoes.

He hears Patra yelling in Rakcaran loudly “I just remembered that Player is the rumored Builder/Rakcar hybrid William himself! He remembers everything involving that William! The Rakcar should be using him to help control the Builders! Scuttlebutt is going among Builders that they are seeing this William as their leader to help them handle relations between their species and the Rakcar to get along in peaceful terms! That instead of either species trying to destroy each other! This is due to hearing the Builders want the Rakcar dead but won’t do the extinction thing unless William is found unharmed and treated with respect! This includes with him talking them out of that death attitude towards the Rakcar along with getting them to cohabit with the Rakcar on peaceful terms!”

He fists his hands while eyeing Patra who stops talking to switch view and sees two tornadoes turn into Rakcar who fade from view with whooshing sounds heard. He tracks them heading towards him armed with some kind of gun weapon in their hands. William figured that their going to knock him out again and isn’t listening to Patra.

He uses the voice in a rush “I’m ordering the Rakcar to stand fast!”

Finds them obeying to his order while holding handguns in their hands that are looking at their feet and looking back at him back and forth.

He added “I order the Rakcar to put away their weapons now!”

Finds the order obeyed by the Rakcar looking annoyed and folding their arms with eyes narrowed in glares aimed at him.

He hears from the Drainer speaking in Rakcaran “Patra isn’t kidding on what she said identifying Player as this rumored William. The rumors said he could control Rakcar by the use of his voice spoken in some voice tone as he just demonstrated.”

He shifts towards the other whirling tornadoes as Rakcar appear in their spots to hear one of them speak while pointing a finger aimed at him “Patra, we names, better be right on what the Builders wanted to have William unharmed and treated with respect, just to avoid this extinction attitude towards our species. We’re sick and tired of and want it to end period.”

He doesn’t comment a response nods his head Rakcaran style which is tipping the head up and down in a bob in the Rakcaran gesture of agreement and keeps his mouth shut as the Rakcar added “We order him to free our companions and that they’ll stand down from their weapons mode!”

William obeys finding the two standing Rakcar walking away from him turning into whirling tornadoes who stop and stand next to the Drainer who has arms folded with mouth in a thin line. He senses cued towards the male is that he’s happy with the situation and is hiding that emotion by not displaying it. William goes to Patra to hug her only to find her collapsing in front of him from some status involving poisoned by the Lun Ra as dubbed by the Rakcar poisoning her via their injection onto her after its rattle of death is heard.

William screams out “No! No!” while holding onto Patra ignoring the Rakcar.

William found the Rakcar in response speaking “We’re making a deal with William involving him leaving the planet Rakcara on a newly created warship with Patra. William we assure him will find people aboard willing to help him save Patra’s life if he leaves the planet and doesn’t come back.”

William is too grief stricken to disagree agrees by giving the Rakcar a head bob in response followed by one speaking “William is to use his transportation power to the warship prepared for him and Patra now.”

William obeys as Patra passed away held into his arms he ignoring anything all around him and is too grief stricken to pay attention to anything till a voice sounded into his mind “What do you want the most to help Patra in response to helping us?”

William looks up from staring at Patra’s lifeless eyes to find the species Banshee with bony muscular forms and a horse’s head of a skeleton on their heads with glowing eerie golden eyes while on the warship eyeing him with pleading he sensed from them.

He spoke “Just help me, I’ll help you willingly.”

William finds Banshees as the species is called aboard the warship who talks to him “Your to do is on hooking up what remains of Patra’s brain organ as the computer mind to the warship and to use your own voiced orders to control that warship to leave the planet.”

He agrees and does that and leave Rakcara via warship with the Banshees hanging around him in some cheerful mood despite his mood was sadness.

Just prior to leaving he’s thrust a small figure of a boy child and told “This is Brandis, your son with Patra who’s into some sleeping status. There’s a tube that’ll contain him to sleep via tube aboard the warship.” and told “You’re to leave and do whatever you wants with the warship.”

William obeys to the Rakcar’s orders leaves the planet via warship and uses the signal of other warships to guide him towards it and starts annexing warships found in space with Builders aboard that help him control the warship including plans to extinction the Rakcaran species thought of.


Part Two: Spaceship

Officer on Bridge tells William “Captain we’re receiving a laser message from someone identifying as Barry, a name of one of the Brothers, aboard a Human warship as identified.”

William spoke firmly “I orders ship out of the nebula!” which it does and adds “I orders to visually say a message!” which he says to the ships orbiting the space station “I and my race are Builders!”

Message delivering ends William thinks to himself as he heard “There’s more to that talk involving being a Builder.”

He found himself annoyed by Wiser, a twin to a Banshee via body but with a Human like head of human face fanged teeth of a bloody sucker and long black hair.

The Wiser is standing on the bridge speaking “You should see about annexing the Rakcaran warship. A question of how the Builders plan to get rid of the Rakcar without affecting the other races on their home world.”

William spoke with sarcasm “I agree to the order of annexing the Rakcar’s warship.” watches on screen as the ship is brought inside and keeps a visual watch on the screens.

He sees and hears on screen another Wiser talking to a Builder “You’re to keep chanting till you come back to hallway from the Rakcar will causes you harm. There’s someplace aboard the Rakcaran warship that has someone special that the Builders really need.” along with where to go inside the Rakcaran warship.

Builder turns and walks out of the hallway chanting words which the Wiser adds “You medical personal are to remain from leaving hallway.” which lights of the hallway blink showing a Rakcar appearing to melt towards the ground.

William hears alarm sounding and heard “That’s of new Builder arrived!” which he speaks “Where?!”

Officer shows on William’s screen the location is Rakcaran warship which another alarm rings showing a computer generated force field image of a female Builder with blonde hair wearing white robes which William speaks “A Sister.”

He switches view to show Builder male escorting the female Builder Sister into hallway camera view which she is attended by medical personal.

William hears female computer voice of Eli, Engineered Life Intelligence speak “Shift over, general, leave deck.”

William obeys walking in the hallway which a computer generated female Builder form force field hologram with black hair tan skin and intense Builder blue eyes wearing a blue body suit appears walking besides him

William recognizes as Eli the computer speaking “General should go to medical bay and show him to the Sister there or if he doesn’t Eli will play loud music where ever he is till he does it.”

William shakes his head of annoyance goes to medical bay to see Sister in a sitting up leaning position on the bed is awake as medical personal wave scanners over her.

He stands as Sister speaks “You should come to me now.” whom he obeys and she takes his hand then presses a hand on his chest making him uncomfortable.

Sister speaks “William is part of a collective of Builder Hybrids raised by Banshees, all called by the name William, with twin looks but all have the same father who submitted a sample of himself to create the Williams.”

William is shocked hearing that as Sister adds “Rakcar have an enemy they called Mesan’s Curse their name for the walking dead. William seems to have a part of from his eyes indicting it.”

William gets really uncomfortable which Sister takes hand off his chest and turns his hand palm up and puts a finger on it which she speaks “William has a female here who William will instinct know her name by looking at her with no introduction who will totally accept William and his non Builder characteristics. William once picking her should mate with her right away in a private room.”

William is struggling to accept what he heard as Sister adds sounding out of it he didn’t realize that she was Builder ordered to play this joke onto him “William should go to the female meeting place and his mate will reveal her to him and he is to take her to his quarters and mate with her.”

Sister he feels let go of his hand appearing to be fainting unconscious and he with people staring at him with glares of accusation leaves the medical bay walking into the hallway.

He sees Eli image standing in hallway groans as Eli spoke “Eli lectures General on doing what Sister told him to do or playing music at a loud tone till he does it.”

William rubs a hand on his face goes to female meeting spot which a female there spoke “She to introduce herself-“

William interrupts by speaking “No, please.”

He sees the female is hurt but sees a Kalka guard go up to her and take her out of the room. William stands looking around the room staring at the females who are attending to children of various ages till he feels a hand on his arm and looks to see a blonde haired female with brown eyes stare at him intensively like he should know her.

He automatically speaks “Trinsha” as she speaks “William”.

He kisses her on the lips and with her hands holding his arm takes her walking a maze of hallways and elevators to living room quarters where he enters a bedroom and they mate which he after mating falls asleep with her in his arms. He awakes by sensing a presence near Trinsha which he thrusts out sword from left arm to open his eyes to see female he rejected standing next to bed with knife in her hand his sword at her throat.

He uses voice “I order her to leave!” then he flicks back sword and uses voice “I orders to wake Trinsha!” who he discovers won’t wake up.

He hears Eli’s voice telling him “That sick female appearing to be a lunatic used her voice to put Trinsha to sleep.”

William gets up to get dressed then flicks out sword as he sees the female enter room again saying “She’s demanding him to say her name. She says name is Lunacy.” along with saying “Trinsha will stay asleep as ordered by Lunacy.”

William in fast speed move goes to female thrusting sword at her neck which she speaks “Lunacy reminding him that only her voice will wake up Trinsha. She requests William to speak her name.”

William recalls to himself that when a male speaks another girl’s name his mate goes into a fighting mod trance fights the girl challenger till one is defeated and celebrates victory by kissing the male as her mate.

William gets idea of using poisonous gas on the girl who he speaks her name “Lunacy!”

William sees her eyes turn all black which he speeds out of the bedroom to the console in the living room next to the doorway pressing a hand on the buttons.

Blast door of the bedroom slam closed then he uses buttons to bring poisonous gas to the room as there is pain in his chest which he moans out “Trinsha!”

He goes to another bedroom in the living room quarters at Eli’s insisting saying “General is to go to bed and sleep!” and falls to his knees and chanting words while rocking his form.

He again feels pain in his chest and speaks “Lunacy.” name as he lies on the floor on his side putting hands on his head feeling sick of what he has done.

He shuts his eyes falling asleep and is voiced ordered “I order general to be waken now!” by Captain of the Kalka guardian force, Fabis who seems angry to see him by his face and eyes flaring golden colored.

William goes out to the hallway walking towards his quarters which he hears a male voice using the voice “I order William to speak a girl’s name of Leonia!”

William does and passes out to find himself on the floor with headache pounding in his head.

He gets up and continues to his office which on the way males using the voice “I order him to say name of female!” and he passes out to find himself on the floor each time with a headache in his head.

Battle weary he reaches his office goes to his private quarters to sit in arm chair staring at the walls and objects on them his eyes not seeing them.

He hears Eli’s voice “Eli is threatening to play music if general doesn’t go to bed and get some sleep.”

He yells in an angry tone “I don’t care if Eli shatters my ear drums for I don’t give a damn!”

He continues to sit in the chair staring at the walls till alarm clock rings its sound saying “Sleep mode time over with be awake now!”

William gets up leaving quarters and office to the hallway towards the bridge of the ship.

He on the way hears female screaming in terror yelling “William, help me!” goes to investigate to find a male threatening a crying female on the floor saying “You damn bitch how dare you say that name in my face! I ought to slap you for that!”

He charges and attacks male knocking him out which female uses voice “I order William to get him to speak my name Indra.” which he says “Indra!” and later finds himself kissing her on the lips with her hands on his cheeks rubbing.

He breaks off kiss as Indra bursts in tears softly crying while he holds her.

He hears Fabis’ voice using the voice “I’m asking Indra to say why she’s screamed William’s name when the male was threatening her.”

She replies automatically “The male Rinno was abusing me sexually. I wanted out of the relationship, cause of the pain he was causing me. I didn’t know of any male’s name besides his here. Hence I speaking his name and getting him to speak my name.”

Fabis adds “I orders William to take Indra to medical bay with me and Kalka escorting them.”

He hears Fabis included “I order Kalka to put Rinno in the brig!”

William sees two Kalka pick up the male and walk out of the hallway going around a corner which two other Kalka appear to stand watching him with frowns on their faces.

Group goes to Medical bay which the doctor there spoke “I confirm through tests that Indra was abused sexually including used for hitting below her neck on her body. She seems to have blunt injuries of this.”

He stares at Fabis speaking to his Kalka “I am ordering Kalka to escort the general and his female whenever they travels away from quarters either alone or together and act as their escort from now on.”

He sees Kalka speak “We give our agreement.”

Doctor in Medical Bay forces William to drink two cups worth of nourishment drinks then spoke “I order General to bring Indra to quarters to get some rest for the both of them so she can heal.”

William takes Indra to the living room quarters which Fabis using the voice forces him to use the same bedroom Trinsha died in by saying “You’re to use that bedroom for sleeping period!”

He goes into bedroom to see the blankets, sheets and pillowcases on the bed are different and leads Indra still upset to the bed which she lies down on hands pulling him towards her.

He groans softly as Indra begs him “Please to sleep with me! I don’t want to sleep alone and wants to be reassured by your presence!”

William with hesitance gets in bed with her hands on his chest both lying in the missionary position on their side. He wraps arms around her and senses her asleep while feeling sleepiness arrive. He shuts his eyes and passing out falling asleep.


William wakes up to sense hand rubbing him on his chin where his chin is. He jerks his eyes open to discover his strength back to stare at an awaken Indra who seems calm as she is rubbing his face. He stares at Indra who continues to rub his face and then feels her hand rubbing him which he doesn’t mind but is fine with it. He stares at Indra who gently kisses him on the lips with her lips then continues to rub his face mostly rubbing his cheek as he is staring at her. William feels an urge to mate which he and Indra get up taking off clothes and then they lie on the bed with him on top and they mate. He feels an intense feeling of pleasure from the mating along with the urge gone and then after that pulls out of her to hold her in his arms.

He relaxes to fall asleep passing out and is waked by Eli playing music at a loud tone and hears her say “Its time to get up and go to the bridge! Your position requires it!”

He gets up as Indra gets up and he and her get dressed then leave the quarters go in separate directions.

William on the way to bridge senses Kalka two of them following him inches behind him which he sees image of Eli walking besides him who speaks “Eli informed Fabis of what happened to Trinsha and that female Lunacy who threatened Trinsha by getting him to speak her name and what he did as a result of that.”

William keeps his mouth shut as Eli continues “Eli scolded Fabis for assuming that William wanted out of a relationship hence the gassing the girl and the same view were shared with others.”

He frowns as Eli becomes silent and gets to the bridge with no incidents which he on the bridge speaking “I orders for news!”

He is told “There’s a Rakcaran Planet Killer warship arriving and firing an asteroid aimed at the Human warship. The Builder warship destroyed and annexing the Rakcaran Planet Killer warship. The Rakcaran warship recently annexed have an intact healthy Rakcar who with a Drainer there translating admitted some things. One of them was about seeing a Rakcar companion fall to the ground in a forest in their home world and seeing plant ropes cover up the companion. Three suns later saw a Drainer came out of the ropes that fed off of him leaving him alive and the drainer with his prodding doesn’t remember anything except coming out of the ropes to feed off of him.”

Officer adds “The Rakcar told his people this who didn’t believe him as a result kicked him off Rakcara by hooking him in their warship as a live battery. He has knowledge of everything the warship has done and the information detailed in it. The Rakcar admitted that his people have been going to worlds causing destruction and annexing the planets as a rehearsal for their intended target, Shadan the Shadonia’s home world. The Rakcar according” to the officer “has given reason for the intended target was based on the space station gave that the races before the Shadonia’s arrival in their old ship’s design were fighting among each other using the space station inside and outside as a war zone. The Rakcar noticed when the Shadonia’s old design warship arrived the ships orbiting it stopped their war and the races inside the space station stopped their fighting after the Shadonia came aboard walking among them.”

The Officer includes “The Rakcar has said ‘We of Rakcaran race observed other races all sharing one view of seeing the Shadonia as a leader and an ally worth being in peace with.’

The Rakcar are angry and jealous about this and think someone should prove that the Shadonia aren’t worth that view hence they targeting their home world-”

William gets annoyed hearing this and Wiser interrupts “I’m speaking that ship should go through asteroid field to Rakcar’s home world.” which William spoke “I agrees ordering this travel way.”

Ship goes through asteroid field which an officer yells “A Rakcaran warship distress signal has been detected!”

William spoke “I orders ship to track the signal!”

The ship obeys by head there which they arrive at a planet to see two Shadonian new design warships orbiting it which officer on bridge spoke “The planet is identifies planet as Earth, Human’s home world that survive the attack.” yells loudly “I’m detecting Humania in the planet and the moon orbiting the planet is Edenia disguised as a live moon!”

Another officer speaks “I’m getting a signal from Edenia.”

William sees on monitors is of Earth attacked by ships then ships leave followed by Humania appearing to smash into Earth which a nebula forms and asteroid heading towards it breaks apart then the nebula forms into a planet. The monitors show Edenia the moon smashing into the Earth’s dead moon forming another nebula which forms into a white moon that looks like a mini planet.

William spoke “I orders Rakcaran Warship destroyed!” which weapons destroy it.

He hears officer speak “We’re getting a signal from the Shadonian warships asking for our identification!” which he replies on screen “The ship is Builder. We have taken care of the Rakcaran warship by our weapons.”

“Shadonian warships are saying communicate ‘The planet’s natives aren’t just Humans but other races along with Shadonians. The natives have yet to reach planet orbit technology which the planet is ruled by a male called Sun Lord.’” said by an officer on the bridge acting as communicator.

Wiser on bridge spoke “I advise William to keep warship in orbiting pattern on planet in case Rakcar come into this area in their explorations. You are via voiced order to the Shadonian warships to go for we’ll take care of the Rakcar if they try to threaten planet again.” which William does using voice “I order the Shadonian warships to forget about this planet and go through the asteroid field and go to the space station now!”

Shadonian warships he sees on screen leaves orbit going into space which he added “I orders planet scans of life forms!” and is told “What the Shadonia told us is Humans, Shadonians and other races. Our scanners detected Builders concentrated in one area of the planet along with life signs we identify as Meritanian which are sentient mind walking plant life forms scattered in the planet.”

William hears a male voice in his mind speak “Please I’m begging you to not to go with him, Indra!” and roars out the name “Sandris!”

William passes out and wakes up lying on a hallway floor with a headache pounding in his head sword out holding in his left hand. He gets up flicking his hand which gets sword back into his arm and goes to his quarters in his office to lie down passing out in bed then wakes up feeling himself much better.

William hears Eli speaking “Eli detected general was out for two suns. The times the beginning of the third day general’s been in his quarters.”

William voices out loud “I’m tired of fighting males for a female and suffering defeat each time I fought which I’m fed up with.”

William goes to his office to sit down in his chair as computer generated Eli appears speaking words explaining “Eli detected reason why’s general is always defeated. General’s defeats are the result of females speaking males’ names. The male with his name spoken by the female wins the fight. This name spoken thing happens every time males fight over a female.”

Eli disappears as William flares golden eyes sticks out his sword as he recalls the Sister telling him about getting a female which resulted in Trinsha who later died which he gets up and walks out of his office walking in the hallway.

He keeps his sword out and eyes flared golden which he walks taking a path towards medical bay thinking to himself unaware that he’s speaking out loud “I’ll cut Sister’s throat for the pain she caused me with her instructions, I followed which resulted in the deaths of two females, I killed by gassing them.”

He arrives in medical bay to see the Sister is alone appearing to be asleep which he with blurring speed grabs her head and brings his sword to her throat.

A male voice he recognizes as Fabis from behind him using the voice spoke “I order William to stop and put away his sword!”

William is compelled to obey as Fabis again added “I order William to lie down on a bed and go to sleep!” which he obeys going unconscious.


William is waked up by voice from Fabis who spoke “I order William to go to living room quarters and stay there!”

William obeys going to a bedroom in the living room quarters and to an armchair which he sits staring at the floor. Eli he hears blares loud music which he gets a headache puts hand on his forehead and then music goes away. He finds himself back in a bedroom which is the same one he was sharing with Indra which he lowers his hand.

William groans softly to himself then speaks “Indra.” then continues to sit in the chair eyes staring at the floor his mind blank.

William hears music blare loudly doesn’t acknowledge the noise.

He finds as the noises go away great sadness arrives which he slides to kneeling arms around his form rocking back and forth as he chants words “I’m destroyed!” over and over with eyes staring at the floor.

He continues to chant the same words over and over using the voice while rocking his form back and forth arms clinging to he saying “I’m destroyed!”

He continues to do this while not hearing Eli’s talk or the noise she’s making in his quarters.


Eli meanwhile blare music very loudly in the medical bay waking up the Sister as the doctor comes out of his office.

The Doctor spoke loudly “I demands Eli to quit the music!” which Eli does by speaking “Sister has destroyed the General who has gone insane in his bedroom of his living room quarters.”

Eli speaks “The General, Eli observed has retreated in some mindless state kneeling while rocking his form back and forth while chanting words ‘I’m destroyed!’” over and over.

Eli can’t get him out of that status!”

Eli blare music again in a loud tone which Fabis arrives in the medical bay saying “I orders Eli to quit the music!”

She in response plays the music even louder which Fabis goes to a console in the wall and presses some buttons shutting off the music.

Eli snarling in some angry voice toned voice sounding of someone else than Eli “I must protests to that music shut off very loudly complaining about that!”

Fabis tells Eli “Eli off with the music! I’m telling her to shut up!” which he speaks “I’m asking Sister what’s really going on with William? I keep on hearing Eli complaining about him being mindless chanting over and over and can’t get him out of that status.”

Sister speaks “William suffers from loneliness and wants to have a mate and possibly father a child with her. William wants to have a purpose in life despite having his General position. The position is keeping him alive because the Builders are dependent on him to lead them.”

Fabis asks her “What about Sister instructing William about Trinsha? William killed her along with another female declared insane by the name of lunacy by gassing them to disappeared status.”

Sister speaks “I foreseen Trinsha but didn’t foreseen the female Lunacy who wanted the General for herself or their disappeared status. My instructions were to give William what he wanted I sensed from him.”

She continues “I have foreseen a female William will take as his mate who will bring William out of his mindless state. I sensed this female as strange. I feel might not be Builder but possibly another race whose appearance is like the Builders males can’t take away from William despite speaking her name.”

Fabis spoke “I asks Doctor if there is such a female?” which Doctor replies “The female on file says there is one only one but she is listed as Destroyer.” which Fabis gasps out loudly as the doctor continues speaking “I’m asking Eli for the female’s Morena’s location?”

Eli speaks “Eli is sensing the female in the General’s living room quarters and is observing her to see what she’ll do once she meets the General in his bedroom.”

Fabis at the Sister’s spoke “Leave now Fabis!”

Fabis darts out of the medical bay as he hears Eli speaking “William is using the voice while chanting his words. Eli thinks might affect the female to see William as a mate instead of a target to kill.”

Fabis speak “I hope Eli is right on that idea!” as he darts towards the General’s living room quarters.

Fabis is followed by his three Kalka guards going a maze of hallways and elevators.


William in his bedroom of the living room quarters finds his chanting cut off as a mouth is on his lips kissing him. He rolls his eyes from the jolt of pleasure going through him. He shuts his eyes kissing the lips he senses are female back and feels her hands touching his head running through his hair. His arms release their hold on him and his hands reach forwards touching female’s covered by cloth breasts on her chest which he kneads as he deepens the kiss. He hears a moan sound come from the female and himself as he continues to kiss her. William senses her hands rub down from his head to his sides and he brings his hands to her sides to grip her clothing as she does the same. He and the female strips each other of their tops while keeping their eyes closed still kissing to break it off when taking off the clothing over their heads both dropping it aside then resume kissing. He feels jolts of electrical charges of pleasure as his hands touch her bare skin. His hands go to her bare breasts to fondle them as her hands are all over his upper muscular chest and stomach areas while feeling pleasure feelings from her hands on him.

He and female breaks off kissing him to moan out “Destroyer” as the female moans out “Builder” then they resume their kissing.


Fabis arrives to the quarters speaking “Eli to open the door!” which Eli spoke “Eli refuses to open the door!” speaking “The female has broken the General’s mindless insanity who is accepting her. This is judging by their acting out some mating ritual of lip touching lip along with stripping of clothes with hands touching each other in inappropriate body’s regions and still doing lip to lip touching.”

Fabis frowns then spoke “I requests Eli to keep an eye on them and report on the General’s reaction to the female being a Destroyer. That includes whether the ritual their doing now results in them going all the way for offspring production.”

Eli speaks “Eli is sure that William knows what the female is. Eli heard him speak it while hearing the female call him a Builder and they resuming their mating ritual.”

Fabis shakes his head and walks away appearing to be disgusted despite sensing something of a smirking laugh like he told a joke.


William brought his hands to the female’s waist as he felt her hands on his waist where his pants were. He and the female both lowered their hands touching each other on the privates both massaging. He felt the urge to mate billowed inside him whom he still kissing her stood up as she stood up and he brought his hands to his waist as her hands left him. He broke of the kiss to yank his pants off pooling them at his feet while removing his shoes with his feet and stepped out of the clothes. William opened his eyes to stare at the female who had long black hair and brown eyes whom he saw to his pleasure was in the buff like he. He lifted up the female with her arms going around his neck carried her to the bed and laid her on it with his form going on top of her while feeling her legs parting to accommodate him. He entered her with his sensitive part thrusting in rhythm while feeling shocking jolts of pleasure from his private going inside her at each thrust. He as he thrust felt her meeting his movements. His hands were at her sides fingers rubbing as her hands were on his shoulders his eyes open staring at hers both having a pleasant expression on their faces. He saw her eyes turn all black as his flared golden which he lowered his face kissing her on the lips both still having their eyes open as he spilled himself inside her while feeling a powerful jolt of electrical charge of pleasure. William broke off the kiss to stare at her as she stared at him. He lowered his face to kiss her on the cheeks while feeling her hands go to his hair running through them. He raised himself a bit to stare at her in the face in the eyes her all black eyes meeting his golden ones.

He spoke as the female spoke both in unison “Mine!”

William speaks “My name is William and my position is general leader of this warship. I’m including ordering you to be my mate. I don’t want just a one night stand with you but you to carry my offspring when the time is right.”

A faint sound of grumbling is heard sounding of Eli saying “Drat William and his attitude!” from remembering this memory.

Female Destroyer speaks “Name is Morena. Morena is fine with you order. Morena is a Destroyer not seen fond of Builders-“

William cuts her off to kiss her on the lips.

He breaks off kiss to then speak “I’m fine with you being a Destroyer. I’m sick and tired of fighting Builder males for a female. I’m tired of suffering the pain of being defeated from the fight. I had enough and want a female who Builder males can’t take away from me.”

Morena speaks “None of the Builder males has expressed interests in taking Morena as a mate. Their not fondness against Destroyers like Morena is struggling to accept towards Builders.”

William speaks “I’ll see that the Builder/Destroyer war ends if I have to set an example of taking a Destroyer as my mate who I have accepted Morena as mine.”

Morena he hears spoke with pleading as recognized later “Morena voices her agreement.” which he pulls out to lie besides her on his side wrapping his arms around her falling asleep.


Eli wakes him up by playing loud music and saying “Eli reminding General to go to the bridge for his position requires it.”

William gets up as Morena gets up and they get dressed then go to living room to cup drink machine which they drink from cups then go out in the hallway going separate directions. William goes to the bridge and while on the bridge staring at the screen showing the planet which he hears a throat clearing noise of a Builder’s Ahem sound. William looks to see one of his officers with a questioning look on his face.

The officer to William’s glare spoke “I’m asks question about General’s female I heard from Fabis. I ask wondering if William is aware that she’s a Destroyer-“

William interrupts to speak sounding annoyed “I’m aware of that Destroyer status.” and adds “I’m wondering about whether the officer has a problem that I should know about.”

The officer speaks “No but is curious as to why William has accepted the Destroyer as his mate and her same.”

William speaks in an annoyed tone “I’m sick and tired of fighting Builder males for a female. I’m suffering the pain of being defeated from the fight. I had enough and have taken the Destroyer as my mate. I know none of the Builder males can take her away from me. Morena told me that none of the males Builder wise has expressed interests taking her as a mate. That express is from their not fondness against Destroyers. I’m annoyed about this stinking war between Destroyers and Builders. Builders and Destroyers should stop picking on each other as in fighting and learn to get along even if that means having Builder/Destroyer pairing.”

He hears “I give an agreement!” from a Wiser in the room.

William finds standing next to him which he thinks to himself “I’m having confusion about how the Wiser got there despite thinking they were in the brig nesting in there.”

The Wiser added “The war between Builders and Destroyers ends for if they continue fighting it’ll cause damage to other races caught in the crossfire of the war.”

William hears a voice saying “William, help me!”

He thrusts out sword flaring golden eyes and with super blurring speed darts from the room running a maze of hallways and taking elevators to a cafeteria like room where. William see three Builder males with swords out all pointed at Morena who has back to wall. He sees both males and females in the room all glaring at Morena who has a fear look on her face.

He roars out in the voice “What do you think your doing?!”

Builders look at him with shocked expressions on their faces which he speaks still using the voice while pointing the sword at the three Builder males who have Morena cornered “The war between Builders and Destroyers ends now! I’m being sick and tired of fighting Builder males for a female and suffering the pain of defeat! I had enough and have taken a Destroyer as my mate! I hope would help bring peace to the Builders and Destroyers!”

He pauses as the Builders stare at him with open mouths like their shocked “The Builders’ attitude towards Destroyers will not be tolerated by me towards Morena, my mate which I’m annoyed about.”

He pauses to glare at the three Builders who have Morena cornered and watches as they back away from her. William holds up a hand towards her and forms a pleading expression. He sees her walk up to him taking his hand which he kisses her on the mouth then with a glaring stare at the three Builders who had her cornered escorts her out of the room into the hallway.

He keeps his mouth shut as he takes her to his living room quarters verbally speaking “Eli is to lock the door!”

William let goes of holding her hand to snarl “Drat the Builders’ bad attitudes towards Destroyers! Hence the war between both species which I’m sick of and wants it to end!”

He flicks sword away to continue ranting “The Builders need to work on their attitude towards Destroyers even having to accept Builder and Destroyer pairing as a way of bringing peace between both species if it’s a way of ending the war which that it’ll have to do.”

He pauses to growl loudly and is cut off by Morena kissing him on the lips hands on his cheeks. William calms down from his rage to kiss her back hands touching her on the sides as he is kissing.

He breaks off kiss to lay his forehead on Morena’s while putting his hands on her back as he speaks “Morena is being forever mine.” while hearing her moan a soft sound as her hands go to his chest.

William takes her to a bedroom and mates with her which once done falls asleep with his arms around her.


William is waked up by Eli who spoke “Eli is requesting general to go to the bridge for his position requires it.”

He gets up and gets dressed as Morena does the same and they leave the quarters separately going in different directions. He goes to the bridge escorted by Kalka and doesn’t meet any of the Builders on the way.

He on the bridge spoke “I orders for news!” which the officers spoke “We report nothing new!” so he stands on the bridge till Eli tells him “General to go for his shift is over!” which he leaves to his living room quarters.

He enters the quarters to sit on the couch and peers with his eyes at a curtained bedroom doorway. William spots movement and then the door to the quarters open showing Morena walking in.

He with blurring speed move thrusts out his sword and grabs Morena twisting her till her front is facing him with his sword arm thrust out in front of him behind her back with his other hand on her back. William glares golden eyes at three males with swords out standing in the room.

He points his sword at each male then moves himself and Morena away from the door which he speaks not using the voice “I’m ordering the Builders to leave!” which they leave.

He flicks sword back into his arm puts hands on Morena’s head fingers going through her hair as he kisses her on the lips while feeling her kiss him back.

He hears her moan some sound during the kiss to break it off to speak “Morena.” as she speaks “William.” and then resumes kissing.

Her name of William sounds like “Willy.”


Fabis sat and drank his meal as three Builder males walked into the cafeteria to sit at the table next to him.

He finished his drink groaned some sound lowered the cup as one of the males spoke “The General and that Destroyer is bad news.”

Fabis formed a questioning look on his face aimed at the male who continued speaking “I don’t see why he has to be paired with that freak.”

Fabis cleared his throat speaking ahem and spoke “Would that have something to do with you three threatening the General’s female?”

He saw gaping looks on the males’ faces which he continued speaking “Eli broadcasted the three of you entering the General’s quarters. The three of you hiding in a bedroom and coming out as the General’s female arrived. After the General arrived who grabbed her and ordered you three out of his quarters.”

He heard grumbling among the three Builders and among the others in the room “Drat Eli being a blabbermouth!”

He added “Eli’s loyalty to the General has given her the nickname General’s pet.”

Fabis paused as grumbling among the room stopped and spoke “I should remind you that Eli, before the General arrived to the ship was acting how I should say this, wild as in uncontrollable. She was doing what she wanted and not obeying people’s orders when they tell her things. Her wild behavior for some unexplainable reason stopped the moment the General assumed his position and her loyalty to him has been unwavering.”

Fabis paused as he saw a familiar figure seen by other Builders walk into the room which he recognized as the Sister from the Rakcaran warship that went to a machine taking out a cup. He watched her go to a drink machine filling up the cup and walk to a table before sitting down. Exhaling a breath he got up taking his cup to a cup washing machine which he placed the cup inside then went to the Sister’s table to sit next to her his eyes on her. He saw the Sister look at his direction then look away as she continued sipping her drink.

He frowned as the Sister finished her drink lowering her cup without a sound and spoke her eyes looking at him “You’re questioning the General’s choice in taking a Destroyer as a mate.”

Fabis nodded his head which was an up and down bob towards the Sister who continued speaking “The General’s mating with the Destroyer has resulted in several gifts besides offspring that will come later.”

The Sister paused as Fabis who frowned at her stare which she spoke “I’ll tell you three of those gifts. First gift is the General cannot speak any female Builder’s name whether it is by his own free will or by force. Second gift is the Destroyers’ ability to detect each other before sighting has manifested in the General who now has that ability. Third gift is the General allying himself with a Destroyer as his mate has resulted in him receiving unexpected allies who no longer see him as their enemy.”

Fabis exhaled a breath at the Sister’s words as the Sister continued speaking “In answer to your question, Eli allying herself with the General is from him seeing her a lot more than a talking computer which he has displayed with his attitude towards her.”

Fabis gaped at her words as the Sister got up walking away. He watched her go to a cup washing machine putting away her cup and left the room.

He heard chatter among the Builders in the room he overheard discussing the Sister’s words saying “Isn’t Sister a Lunatic for saying that? We ought to name her Sister Lunacy for her wording of favoring General who’s a lunatic for picking a Destroyer as his mate. What an idiot that general is picking that Destroyer!”

With a laugh like he told a joke he got up and left the room walking out.


The Sister walked alone walking a maze of hallways and elevators till she reached a hallway where an open doorway was at the end. She frowned pausing from her walk to stare at the doorway then continued walking towards it. The air shifted around the Sister as four male figures with Builder appearances wearing shiny metallic clothing with all black eyes appeared surrounding her with their hand gun weapons aimed at her all growling angry noises.

The Sister spoke in Summeran language “It’s interesting that Eli hasn’t talked about there being a Destroyer nest in part of the ship since she’s been known to spread hidden things to the others.”

She kept her face blank as the Destroyers lowered their weapons and two facing her stepped aside. She walked down the hallway with them following and walked through the doorway to see a short window hallway leading to another doorway. She peered through the windows as she walked in the hallway to see it lead to a large ship she recognized as the Rakcar’s Planet Killer warship and stepped into the doorway at the end. She paused seeing Destroyers male and female at consoles in the room she recognized as the ship’s bridge that paused from their work to look in her direction with Builder like eyes then looked away. The Sister walked further into the room as a Destroyer with a male form walked to stand blocking her way with a glare on his face his eyes Builder like with brown in them. She angled her head and formed a questioning look in her face eyes staring at the Destroyer.

The Destroyer spoke in Summeran language “What are you doing here? Your presence as a teller isn’t needed so go back to where you come from.”

The Sister spoke in the same language “I would but there are things in motion I cannot ignore that must be set properly.”

The Destroyer bared his teeth growling out in an angry voice “Speak your piece and leave, teller.”

The Sister spoke “One of the things in motion is the Builders’ General has taken a Destroyer female as his mate-“

She was interrupted by the Destroyer who spoke with anger in his voice “We’re aware of that from Eli telling us so tell us what we don’t know.”

The Sister frowned as she saw the Destroyer jerk his head and felt hands grip her shoulders in a tight grip.

She spoke “The General has acquired gifts from his mating with the Destroyer female which I’ll tell you three of them.”

She paused to see the Destroyer’s eyes narrow as his mouth formed a thin line on his face.

She continued speaking “First gift is your ability to detect each other before sighting has manifested in the General who now has that ability. Second gift is the General allying himself with a Destroyer as his mate has resulted in him receiving unexpected allies who no longer see him as their enemy. Third gift is Eli allying herself with the General is from him seeing her a lot more than a talking computer. She has displayed with his attitude towards her hence her silence on not revealing your position.”

She paused again when she heard a faint growling noise coming from the Destroyer which she added “I foreseen the General being aware of you and your nest but he won’t cause any harm due to having a Destroyer as his mate. He will protect with his position.”

She cut herself off as she heard a loud growl come from the Destroyer who folded his arms and jerked his head in a sideways position before walking away. She felt the hands on her pull her which she didn’t resist as they pulled her out of the ship out of the hallway to the doorway and with a push left her standing in the hallway alone. She exhaled a breath turned to peer behind her and then walked away appearing to be suffering from a headache then followed by confusion on her face like she was confused about something.

This was followed by her speaking “Interesting trick Patra.”

Not sure why’s she’s mentioning Patra’s name.


William kissed Morena on the lips his hands ran through her hair as he felt her hands on his chest massaging as she kissed him back.

He broke off the kiss to lay his head on the side of her head opening his eyes while speaking “How many times before offspring?”

He heard Morena speak “It varies among Destroyer pairs but the most has been four times to my knowledge.”

He inhaled a breath and spoke “Among Builders I’m told takes three times but some things you should know.”

He paused as Morena spoke “Eli told me that the Sister told you that you’re not fully Builder but part of another species called Mesan’s Curse by the Rakcar and part of a collective of males like yourself.”

He stiffened at her words as she continued speaking “I went to see the medical doctor for an examination. It appears from his test results that I’m a Destroyer but not one fully. His results show that I have part of Mesan’s Curse in me but the doctor isn’t sure what the part is like he tested in you.”

He frowned at Morena’s words as he felt her hands go to the back of his neck as he removed his head from leaning on hers. His hands went to her back as he stared at Morena in the eyes whose eyes met his with affection in them as assumed despite she appearing to be glaring of anger. He smiled a smile without baring his teeth at her as she did the same and he lowered his head kissing her on the lips while feeling her kiss him back.

William and Morena mate which doesn’t produce a baby but William thinks to himself “I gets the feeling that a baby will come at our next mating. I sense the baby’s origins have to be in the planet the ship is orbiting for that offspring production to happen.” which he keeps quiet about.

Again I’m hearing that snickering like laughter from his thinking that thought like someone told a joke.


William is waked by Eli blaring music “Eli is requesting general to go to the bridge!” which he does to hear from an officer “One of the machines on the ship that gives off oxygen has been discovered damaged from going through the asteroid field from asteroids hitting the ship in the same area repeatedly hence the damage. Oxygen supplies will run out by the next day by how it indicates it.”

William spoke “I orders asking where the Builders detected on the planet are mostly gathered at.”

A view screen shows the planet and highlights the area and he hears another officer say “The area is highly isolated judging by watching the planetary travel routes. I see that their vehicles don’t travel to that area or the surrounding areas.”

William spoke “I order the ship to go in planet and land in the area using the darkness for cover to keep the natives from seeing us.”

His orders gets obeyed which the ship lands in the area they discover is a cold snowy world at the top part of the planet and officer adds “I detect a structure walking distance from the ship where the Builders are gathered at.”

Alarm sounds as an officer yells “The gangplank has been deployed! I’m detecting a humanoid walking towards the ship!” which is shown on view screen and the officer adds “The Sister is walking out towards the humanoid!”

William hears a Wiser’s voice speaking “I’m instructing the Builders not to panic about the Sister. She went out as foreseen to communicate with the male stranger referred as King Winter ruler of the cold snowy world the ship is sitting on.”

William frowns watching on screen as the Sister reaches King Winter and grimaces seeing his hand grab her neck but see Sister not react like she’s hurt. He is frowning in confusion as a light flashes in the room with a click sound. William spins around flicking out his sword to face the light source revealing another William dressed differently with sword out of arm. William stares at who stares at him both with shock on their faces and suddenly finds himself going into fighting mode going unconscious.


William comes to find himself standing a foot away from his original standing spot feeling a little tired as he fought a battle and looks around the room to spot Morena at the doorway with a worry expression on her face.

Her worry expression is actually a glare of anger to instead of William stupidity taking it.

As standing next to her is a Wiser who has arms folded speaks a comment “That’s what I suspected. The Williams according to Sister were raised alone from other Williams for if two meet they get in a fight to death.”

He frowns hearing Wiser’s words as hears a feminine voice in his mind speaking “I’ve been trying to get rid of that idiot for awhile.”

He hears Wiser speak “Ah Meritanian named Merra a mind walking sentient plant life form.”

William flicks back sword into his arm as Morena runs to him grabbing him in a hug despite feeling her pawing him all over.

He doesn’t resist to the hug or pawing or groping as its called while again hearing the feminine voice speak “Your right on that Wiser. That idiot has allowed the other Builders to use their voices in some tone to control me in doing things for themselves. They balking on not help others despite me protesting about it. I like helping people with their problems. I try to make people feel the same way by talking to them about it. The Builders ignored by being greedy to use me for their own selfish gain. I despise people doing that hence me talking to them to get them to stop that behavior, harrumph.”

William frowns as his eye turns towards the view screen showing King Winter still having his hand on Sister’s throat.

He again hears the feminine voice he assumes is called Merra speaking “Don’t worry about Sister. King Winter communicates by hand on a person’s throat which they hear his words mentally in their minds. He was complaining to her about the Builders’ selfish attitude towards me and each other.

He thinks ‘That attitude is from isolation of living here that has them picking on each other.’

They isolated themselves from civilization on using the excuse of having a bad nasty temper enough to hurt people. Harrumph I know people in civilization from scanning their minds would be willing to help the Builders control their tempers. I should tell you that there’s a Builder Destroyer hybrid living among people that are not his race that are helping him whenever he has a bad temper episode.”

William frowns hearing the words Builder Destroyer hybrid while feeling Morena’s arms tightens their hold around him while feeling her head touching his chin. He turns his head towards the direction the Wiser was at and discovers the Wiser is gone which he sees Fabis there with guards having a questioningly look on his face.

He spoke “I orders for atmosphere scans! I ask if we can handle walking on the area without any protective clothing!”

He hears an officer speak “The area won’t cause harm to the Builders from repeated scans on Sister and isn’t detecting anything distressing from her.”

William thinks “What Merra told me? I come up with a thought of the isolated Builders harming Builders a forbidden law the Builders on the ship honors religiously.” Speaks “I’m going out to contact the Builders for they saw a William as their leader and should see me the same point of view.”

He turns his head towards Morena to say “Morena should stay aboard for I don’t trust the planetary Builders to cause harm to her.” while seeing a frown on her face and she speaking “You have Morena’s agreement.”

Morena sounds distracted like she’s wants to walk elsewhere. William doesn’t notice her walking out of the bridge to a male slamming hand onto the male’s palms touching palm to palm as he walks out. William unnoticing Morena’s status walks out of the bridge room with Fabis besides him and guards following the guards noticing Morena’s status and not commenting on it. Fabis is seen giving off a smirking like smile seeing that scene but keeps his mouth shut towards William.

William followed by Fabis heard the guards’ leader speak “I’m requesting to come along.” which William speaks “I can’t guarantee that Fabis and guards won’t be harmed if the planetary Builders are doing what I think their doing as in breaking the forbidden law of Builder harming Builder.”

They reach the gang plank area and Fabis abruptly says “I’ll stay aboard and keep the planetary Builders from coming aboard without William’s say so.”

Fabis is smirking in some laughing like look on his face despite William is still clueless on this.

William speaks “I get it Fabis’ terms.” and leaves the ship walking on the snow feeling the air is much better than the ship’s air.

The ship’s air is stuffy and smelly of something stinky compared to the planet’s fresh air of something nice. He finds Sister talking to the male called King Winter who has a glaring stare on his face aimed at her and comes up to the two hearing Sister’s one side of the conversation. She was telling King Winter about William himself and what he is along with the William collective. William frowns to stand next to Sister to see King Winter release his hold on her neck to turn his head to stare at him eyes moving up and down.

William hears Sister speak “The structure belongs to the Cold Lord as in his home. He complained that he had no success in kicking out the Builders as a lesson to their greedy selfish attitudes he finds intolerable.”

William nods his head in agreement as King Winter turns around and walks away while he feels Sister’s hand on his arm pulling him to follow. He obeys following the Cold Lord walking to the structure he sees is appearing to be made out of metal like material similar to the Builders’ ship. They walk underneath an arch to see a large courtyard with a metal like double door on the right side which thrusts open and a figure flying out landing on their back. William and group pause from walking to see the figure is a male Builder with short black hair and raggedy clothing who gets up as the doors slam closed to wave his fist and turn around towards them with glare turning to shock.

He stares at the Builder who moves his mouth pointing fingers at him with a shocked expression on his face while hearing no sound come from him.

He hears Sister speak “His name is Jaap which the Builders have nicknamed him Junk. It’s from him lost his ability to talk which can be corrected with the right medical help. He is mouthing his shock for he figured out what Merra was talking about trying to get rid of William their leader.

She saying ‘William is being an idiot!’

Her words which he is mouthing that none of the Builders’ appeared to have heard her speak them which he only heard.”

William frowned as the Sister paused then continued speaking “He’s mouthing that their William was acting amused seeing them get in fights and arguing among each other. He thinks this is from being isolated due to boredom. As a result the Builders have used Merra to give them things for their amusement along with demanding her to give them images of places on the planet called Terrania for them to view with their own eyes.”

William forms a glare on his face as he speaks “I think the Builders have been amusing themselves by hurting each other physically a law that is forbidden among Builders.”

He sees Jaap’s face form a grimace along with agreement in his head bowed then sees the Builder lower his head while rubbing a hand on his face.

He hears the Sister speak “Interesting but Jaap can you by any chance get the Builders all at one meeting spot to meet us?”

He stares at Jaap who nods his head then watches him stomp towards the door to rain his fists onto it with several echoing banging sounds and then step back as the door opens. He keeps the glare on his face as a Builder female with an annoyed look on her face comes out and sees Jaap point to William with a finger as the female looks his way with her annoyed look becoming widen eyed shock.

The female speaking out loud “Oh Merra wasn’t kidding with what she said!”

He folds his arms as he hears Sister whisper as the female ran inside followed by Jaap “William, your mating with the Destroyer female after certain mating times have left you immune to any Builder’s voice orders. Be warned that King Winter and I are not immune and can be easily manipulated to do things against our wills.”

He nodded his head in understanding as Sister cut off her talk as he saw King Winter looking at him with a narrowed eyed look despite having a glare on his face. He saw the Cold Lord point to his head with a finger of his free hand and make a circle then pointing the finger towards the left open door where Jaap and the female Builder disappeared inside before lowering his hand. He frowned inwardly at King Winter’s gesture for crazy and nodded his head in understanding as Builders began spilling through the door. William counted twelve of them including Jaap and the female who answered his fist banging on the door.

He stared at the Builders who all had looks of annoyance on their faces as he heard one speak using the voice tone “Merra transport this William back to where he came from.”

William spoke using the voice “Belay that Merra. I say Merra is immune to any Builder’s voice tone with my say so.”

He formed a glare on his face as the male Builder spoke using the voice “King Winter, transport William back where he came from.”

William spoke using the voice as King Winter turned towards him with annoyance in his eyes “Belay that King Winter. I say King Winter is immune to any Builder’s voice tone with my say so.”

He paused and added without the voice to speak in a sneering tone “I think your bored being isolated living here hence you manipulating each other, King Winter and Merra for amusement.”

He narrowed his eyes as one of the Builders a male with short blonde hair stepped forwards like the others were wearing raggedy clothing to speak “We’re not bored we’re fine so go back to where you came from and leave us alone.”

William growled softly hearing the Builder’s pained voice tone that told him “The Builders were suffering while seeing pain looks in the eyes of the Builders that were trying to hide with annoyance looks on their faces.”

He spoke “I’m not buying your words Builder judging by the voice tone you used and by the looks in all of your eyes. You’re trying to hide with the looks on your faces.”

He saw the male form a grimace on his face as he saw other Builders form identical looks and heard a female voice using the voice tone speak “William, turn around and start walking to where you came from and forget about us.”

He felt himself not moving from his spot while seeing Sister looking at him with a frown in her face and eyes as he lowered his arms to speak using the voice tone “All Builders except one called Sister will find their talking ability gone till I restore it by my voice order.”

He saw glares on the Builders’ faces and saw the females tug the males pointing fingers at him. The males fisted their hands darting towards him only to be frozen in spot as he saw something white formed over their feet with them waving their arms for balance. He eyed the females who appeared to be rooted to their spots by something white over their feet which he saw Jaap walking towards him shaking his head with a grimace on his face.

He frowned as Jaap paused from his walking to move his mouth and heard Sister speaking “Says they’ve gone crazy since Lix a Builder and another race Hybrid died by King Winter’s hand. It was Lix who started the manipulating among each other and on Merra. I suspect Lix did some voice manipulating to them and Merra to get them acting this way. I overheard the tail end of Lix using the voice on our William something. I figured out what it was. I have been trying to tell Merra to alert King Winter of that and any other Builder present in Terrania. Lix ordered William to order the others using his voice to fight each other and manipulate Merra for their own gain an order that didn’t seem to work on myself.”

William spoke using the voice “Belay the order by Lix starting now!”

He eyed the Builders who except Jaap and Sister abruptly put hands on their heads closing their eyes while grimacing with pained looks on their faces. He saw them shake their heads before opening their eyes to stare at him with shocked expressions on their faces. He stiffened as a strange feeling arrived within him and stared at the Builders with shock as he saw their eyes looking at him.

He heard Sister speak “Your senses aren’t kidding on what their telling you.”

He frowned as it dawned on him that the Builders in front of him weren’t fully Builder but Builder Destroyer hybrids.

William spoke firmly “I order you all to the ship!” which they follow him and Sister while King Winter wandering off.

Sister tells him “The cold lord is checking the castle for damage done by the Builder Destroyer Hybrids.”

At the ship inside walking to the bridge he overhears a conversation between Fabis and a Destroyer by accent “I’m declaring Morena my mate!” which gets him annoyed.

He hears Merra tell him “People’s intended mates go to someone else! Sorry William but I’ve seen this joke happen a lot from being planet side.”

He feels annoyed but keeps it to himself to walk to the bridge and repeats Merra’s words “Merra says she’s seen people’s intended mates going to someone else a joke that’s happened over and over.”
William added “I orders Morena and Destroyer mate out of the bridge to where they can go mate.” who fade from view showing that they have some invisibly state.

He doesn’t comment stays on the bridge and is told “I must alert you of the Planet Killer warship detaching itself from the ship! It is flying off, off planet despite our efforts to block the ship from leaving!”

He spoke using the voice “Just let them go!”

Officer adds “We have scanned the ship and there are multiple Destroyers on board.”

He gets annoyed some more as Eli tells him “Shift over time for general to leave the bridge.”

William does going to his couch quarters to sit in an armchair and feeling angry to himself to snarl “I’m upset about losing Morena!” which Eli spoke “Eli orders general to bed now!”

William gets up and his foot kicks something which he sees is a necklace pendant on the floor he recognized as Destroyer made necklaces belonging to females.

He figures “The necklace belonged to Morena.” and he puts it on before lying on the bed and falling asleep.


William wakes up by Eli “Sleep mode over. Eli is ordering general to the bridge.” which he does while feeling himself dead inside.

He goes to the bridge which he meets Fabis who tells him later realized to be some smirking look of laughter despite William not catching it “The other males are thinking of keeping William from having a mate because of him killing two females. The females said that they don’t want to be mates of William for a fear that he’ll kill them.”

William feels himself numb and deader inside goes to the bridge to stand staring at the monitors ignoring everything till a flash of light gets his attention. He sees its Morena who comes walking from the open doorway which he gives her the necklace and watches her walk through the doorway in a flash of light disappearing from sight.

William doesn’t do much but stares at the monitors and hears an officer remark “The damage to the ship’s oxygen system is very bad. The ship is planet bound for awhile till we can get the replacement parts for the warship.”

William doesn’t comment at Eli’s order “Shift over general leave the deck.”

William goes to his couch quarters sleeps in bed and wakes up sick enough to use the restroom and then goes to the living room to gulp down two cups of nourishment. He leaves the quarters to meet Fabis giving him a golden eyed glare of accusation as recognized later and then faints in front of the male unconscious as if puts to sleep.


William gets cold chills while feeling himself lying in bed with a warm blanket on him. William gets really hot which a cold hand touches his forehead cooling him down.

He passes out then wakes up in medical bay to meet a male doctor who tells him “You were sick with a medical illness passed by mating with a Destroyer female. You have withdrawn from the sickness affecting you to make you addicted to mating. You are no longer sick.”

He frowns hearing that goes to his quarters to bed which he lies on passing out.


William wakes up to discover a Builder female with him in his room seated on a chair that he uses the voice saying “I order to mate with getting the urge to mate badly.”

Builder female agrees saying “I agree.”

William mates with her and then sleeps with her passing out unconscious.

William wakes up by Eli who orders him to the bridge which he’s told by Eli “The female’s name is Liana who tells people her name is Maria.”

He goes and on the way feels a bad pain in his chest that is familiar tells him “Liana is disappeared!”

William travels to her location to find her lying on the floor with eyes open and neck slashed which he carries her to medical bay and using the voice spoke “I begs the doctor to save her!” which he hits the ground in a crying breakdown jag.

He gets upset and after calming down told by the doctor “She is dead by throat slashed by a male Eli says but hasn’t identified him yet.”

William gets mad storms out of the medical bay meets a male on the way which he attacks with his fists and gets knocked out by Kalka saying “William to sleep!”

William wakes up in the brig uses his voice power “You Kalka to free me!”

He walks out to see a male kissing a female which he feels rage knocks out the male and hauls the female to his couch quarters saying “I restrained this female by my voice power! I use my voice to get her to submit to my sexual advances-”

William is interrupted by Fabis coming out of quarters telling him “You are forbidden to have a female period!”

William reacts by attacking Fabis who defends himself and yelling to the male “You have destroyed me!”

Fabis appears to look nervous to that statement as he yells “Kalka to me!”

William gets knocked out by Kalka and wakes up lying in bed and gets up to sit in the armchair ignoring Eli’s noises. She trying to get him to the bridge which he doesn’t acknowledge sits in the chair eyes staring at the wall.

William snarls “I threatens I’ll have Eli deleted if she keeps up her noises! I’m in a bad mood! I don’t want to take it out on Builders as a way of getting myself calm!”

Eli becomes quiet which he sits staring at the wall feels sleepy leans back in the chair and shuts his eyes falling unconscious.


William wakes up with a brown haired female sitting sideways on his lap while having a young boy child with brownish black hair that feels familiar to him leaning against him. Both are feeling to be asleep which he feels a little confused about.

Eli tells him “The male who killed Liana was named Klon who was trying to force Liana to tell him her name. She was verbally refusing. He killed her as a result of not getting her name and has an ulterior motive on that. Eli suspects that Klon was going to tell an unattached male Liana’s name so that the male could take her away from my William”.

He frowns hearing that as Eli continues to speak “Klon has verbally talked to Fabis insisting ‘William be forbidden to have a female.’

Fabis has verbally said ‘I refused to budge on doing that order.

Fabis set up the couple in the hallway as a trap to see William’s reaction along with what he would do to the female. Fabis observed along with tricking William by saying his words of females forbidden to William just to see his reaction. William wound up to reacted badly despite Fabis thinking its funny when its not.”

William frowns visibly as Eli adds “The female sitting on William to Eli’s disgust was observed to be Klon’s mate. The offspring from medical records doesn’t appear to belong to Klon but medical records say the boy child was fathered by William who is aware of it. William according to files didn’t share that with Klon making the male think the child is his.”

William feels his feeling of familiarity hitting him whiles sensing the child figures “My senses are telling me that the child like Eli said is mine.”

William senses the female awake and looks at her as she looks at him and she speaks “My name is Rona but goes around as Sami in front of the males. I have named the boy Liam. I have made no secret to the females that William himself fathered the child. I must mention was implanted with the child after two females died by his hand. The females haven’t said anything to the males about the fathering or implantation.”

William doesn’t say a word as Sami he assumes he’ll call her that continues “I have felt a connection to William since she first laid eyes on him. I got myself implanted with his child after a serious talk with the medical personal. I have mentioned that implantation to the females about it.

Females warned me ‘You to be careful of declaring yourself William’s mate.’

That talk is by their male mates telling them ‘We were considering keeping females away from William.’

This attitude started once William made his presence known on the ship and took command as their General.”

William keeps his mouth shut but frowns visibly as Sami continues “The males have been tight lipped on why they have this attitude towards William despite their females asking them that. There’s a theory among the females going around that the females suspect that the males see William as some sort of freak Builder. The females think it has something to do with his eye color which males don’t have.”

He doesn’t comment as Sami gets up holding Liam who wakes up to smile and the kid says “Daddy!”

William finds himself amused by Liam’s smiley look at him. He and Sami leave the bedroom to the couch room then leave the apartment going separate ways.

William gets a feeling thinks “I’m asking Sami why she was being friendly with me.”

He backtracks his way to a hallway to see a male threatening Sami while Liam is on the floor asleep “You bitch! Say my name now!”

He sees the male has his sword up back to him which he darts putting out his sword and puts it on the male’s throat pressing in it while keeping himself calm. He sees Sami sees him and senses the male has detected him which the male raises both hands and puts away sword while looking nervous.

William asks “Eli to identify the male!” as Sami picks up Liam whom Eli says “The male’s name as Klon.”

William speaks “There are a Builder law that says males are forbidden from harming females. I’ll have to enforce it by punishing Klon for killing a female as witnessed by Eli.”

He pauses as Sami with pleading in her voice speaking “I beg general to not to kill this male!” which he seems shocked to hear thinking to himself “I’m wondering to myself why Sami was friendly with me in the first place.”

He spoke “I verbally reject this female’s pleas to say this male has to be punished for killing a Builder female. The killing of a female is frowned upon. A male doing that deed has to be punished for that.”

He presses is sword into Klon’s throat who groans loudly while grimacing of pain which Sami again verbally pleads saying “The child is this male’s!”

Eli in a computer figure form appears and says “The child isn’t Klon’s that was according to tests-“

William interrupts “Eli quiet” which shuts up Eli.

He notices a frown appear in Klon’s face eyes narrowed boring at Sami.

He grabs Klon’s head gripping his hair and angles his head back then moves his sword and hears Fabis’ voice in some laughing tone “I’m ordering the general to sleep!” which he passes out.


William wakes up in his couch quarters lying on the chaise part of the couch and remembers Sami’s words about the child and her pleading behavior for Klon’s life towards him threatening the male which gets his mood foul.

He finds himself in a bad mood walks out to meet Kalka who tell him “Fabis wants you in medical bay period!”

William doesn’t protest goes to medical bay to see Sami lying on a bed wearing an oxygen mask on her lower half of her face with eyes open showing pain and she is wearing restraints. He spots Liam on another bed looking upset by the kid’s scrunched up face and wailing noises.

He hears the medical doctor a male tell him “Eli witnessed Sami and Klon in their quarters get into an argument on who fathered Liam.

Sami heard ‘I kept insisting to Klon that Liam was implanted!’ which Klon was saying ‘I find that a joke and not believing that!’

He was yelling at her ‘You bitch for cheating on me!’

Then Klon disappeared in a flash of light which Sami in panic ran out of the quarters holding Liam screaming ‘William!’”

Fabis speaks “Kalka found her in a hallway lying on the floor screaming like she was in pain.

Eli told us ‘Female dropped Liam and bent down like she was suffering in pain and hit the floor before screaming.’

Fabis adds ‘Female was brought to medical bay which the doctor says ‘Her body’s muscles are stretching out of alignment like their tearing themselves. It’s causing her pain all over which the oxygen mask is for relief from the pain to put her asleep but she’s not sleeping from the pain being too much.’”

William frowns as he hears this asks the doctor speak “I ask William point blank if he fathered Liam? I have a claim by this female claimed that she was implanted with a sample from William to create Liam.

She later recanted the claim by saying ‘Klon fathered her son.’ when William threatened Klon which Eli voiced ‘Klon isn’t the father!’”

He sees a frown on the medical doctor’s face along with a confused look in his eyes. He watches as the doctor goes to a console and picks up a syringe and goes to Liam injecting part of it in the child which the syringe fills up with red liquid as the kid continues to wail. The doctor goes to the console after removing the syringe from the kid and sticks the needle in the console and the liquid in it goes down out of the syringe into the console.

He frowns as the doctor doesn’t say much his eyes staring at the console in front of him then speaks “Klon isn’t the father but William is. We don’t have the medical technology to do a pregnancy implant in a female.”

William feels himself confused as Fabis speaks “Eli what’s going on with this female claiming implantation when there’s no medical technology for this?”

He frowns visibly as Eli speaks “There’s a video file of Sami entering the general’s couch quarters before William made his presence known to the Builders on the ship. She was seen coming out carrying a bundle appearing to be a baby from the looks of it. The next day William comes out making his presence known to the others. He doesn’t seem to recognize this female when meeting her. Eli observed this speaking some words on making William forget he met her each time he meets her in anywhere on the ship.”

William hears Fabis speak using the voice “Belay orders of Sami as she calls herself on William.”

He jerks getting a headache shutting his eyes putting a hand over his eyes. William remembers himself lying on a bed in a still form with eyes open staring at the ceiling hearing Eli’s voice insisting to a female “Eli insists this female to mate with him!” while adding “Eli can’t get the general out of his coma he fell into after starving himself for four days!”

He remembers Sami coming into view pulling his pants and she adjusting her dress pulling part of it up and mating with him. She then kisses him on the lips after he spills himself inside her then she puts back his pants and her dress and walks out of his eyes sight view. He hears a loud groaning noise coming from Sami in memory and then hears a crying sound.

That he thinks “The noise is a baby offspring.”

This is followed by silence and he gets up from the bed going to the couch room towards the nourishment dispenser to grab a cup and drinks six cups full of nourishment then stumbles to a bedroom to fall onto a bed and shuts his eyes passing out.

William remembers himself waking up feeling himself better health walks out to the general’s office to open the door on his command “Door open!”

William walks inside while sensing himself being watched and goes to the seat at desk and sits facing the open door with eyes narrowed.

He waits as a male he later learned as Fabis walks into the room alone and he uses the voice speaking “You’re to talk your racial name now!”

He’s told “Its Builder. I, Fabis and others on a crowded Rakcar Planet Killer warship have boarded the ship after the ship annexed the warship. We have been busy exploring the warship. We are aware of the ship’s talking computer named Eli that have been giving them trouble refusing to do their orders while claiming that she obeys the General alone. Eli has refused their males declaring themselves General while insisting that there is already a General and is obeying him.”

William in memory voice orders “Fabis you’re to spread the word I’m the General. I will take command of the Builders period!” which Fabis says “You have my agreement!” sounding of sarcasm to me.

“I’ll like to be Captain of the guard force dubbed Kalka,” as said by Fabis which William voices “You have my agreement Fabis can have that position.”

William remembering shakes his head as other memories of himself meeting Sami in the hallway several times while she’s carrying a baby in her hands.

She was using the voice on him “You’re to forget meeting me and my child. You’re to forget that you mated with me.”

William speaks out loud “I mated with Sami.” while hearing a faint growling noise of anger. “She has used the voice to make me forget that along with forgetting meeting her in the hallways.”

He frown hearing Fabis growl loudly which his senses blare a warning telling him “Fabis knows something I don’t know and is hiding that information.”

William lowers his hand to stare at Fabis who has an angry look on his face.

Fabis noticing his stare speaks “I have to go on patrol.” which William uses voice to speak “I’m ordering Fabis to tell me what he’s hiding!”

Fabis under his voice compelling speaks “Sami was forced by others male and female to tell what she did to the General when she went around holding her son. It was I who used the voice to order Klon to take her as his mate and claim her son as his.”

He glares at Fabis who continues “The males suspect that there’s something not Builder like with William hence Sami’s fast pregnancy. Her pregnancy and birth of her son went fast with no time passing. William was heard from the females growling some sound that reminded them of Banshees when he was fighting males for females. William’s eyes when he’s angry flaring all white colored like an angry Banshee. The males suspect that William is part Banshee and raise by them. Sister wound up to confirmed by her talk about the general being raised by Banshees and being part of a collective of Builders named William.

She has said to me without the general around to hear this ‘William is some sort of hybrid that looks Builder like but has more than one race in him.’

The medical doctor confirmed by doing tests on William under voice influence.”

William using voice speaks “I’m demanding to know why the males are keeping females away from me.” which Fabis underneath the voice influence speaks “The general being a hybrid and not fully Builder with Sami’s son coming to exist have the males agreeing ‘The general shouldn’t be paired with our females. We’ll do anything to keep females away from William including killing them like we did with three of them.”

William speaks “What?!” as Fabis groans loudly and speaks “Trinsha made no secret of sympathizing with the general.

She thinking ‘It’s alright for him to have a female.’ which she has said ‘I’m willing to be William’s mate.’

Trinsha was killed off by another female underneath the influence of a Kalka using his voice on her. Another Kalka used his voice on William traveling to the female area to get Trinsha as his mate and to gas the female assassin to death and forget meeting the guard.”

William feels himself become dead as Fabis continues “Morena was found hiding aboard the Rakcar Planet Killer Warship with the Builders. A Kalka admitted using his voice influence to get Morena to mate with William.

This happened after the medical doctor admitted ‘Morena from tests was a hybrid that had some sort of poison in her system that would kill Builders if they mated with her.’ in an excuse to remove William from position.

William mated with her and later withdrawn from the poison’s effects that was making him addicted to mating with her from tests done on him.”

William feels himself in shock hearing Fabis’ words who leaves medical bay someone’s voice order despite hearing Merra’s voice snarling angrily in his mind something “Fabis and his tricks again!”

William doesn’t register Merra’s wording instead kneels eyes staring at the floor with Fabis’ words echoing in his mind.

William feels himself destroyed to put arms around his form and mentally chants the words “I’m destroyed.” over and over as he rocks his form in a slow motion.

He hears a voice speaking “I’m ordering Eli to cut the music! I want to test the general when he goes into his mindless state like he appears to be doing now.”

He continues his chanting and stops registering the conversation words between Eli and the doctor


Fabis goes to the bridge accompanied by his three Kalka guards and he stands there frowning speaking “I asks Eli if we can remove William from the ship by having Merra transport him elsewhere.”

Eli informs him in some snarling angry voice tone of a female “The ship and the general are connected by the ship’s functions are cued to the general’s life signs working to keep him alive while aboard the ship. Eli the ship will shut down if the General isn’t aboard after a certain time period. Eli suspects that the ship is programmed to destroy itself if the General isn’t aboard after the time has passed from scanning the systems’. Mostly scanning for reactions to the General being off the ship retrieving the Sister which pointed to the ship setting up the autodestruct mode and having it on standby the moment the ship detected the General off the ship.”

Fabis and officers groan loudly hearing that as Eli adds “Eli don’t control the ship part functions that are cued to the General’s life signs. Eli has no way of bypassing those areas to the ship being controlled by a separate computer. Eli has no access to that the computer activated Eli from some file the moment it detected the Builders boarding the ship. The file programmed Eli to accept the General’s verbal orders.”

Fabis frowns as a thought comes to his mind and spoke “I asks Eli if the ship cued to the General has a computer mind like hers.” which he hears Eli speak “Eli’s not sure but suspects this because the separate computer has locked Eli out of sensitive systems. Such sensitive systems Eli tried to access them. Eli has detected a mind that isn’t computer like but more like a living being and has detected part of a foreign life form aboard the ship and has been repeatedly locked out whenever Eli tried to search for it.”

He hears a female voice speaking in his mind saying “I’m introducing myself as Merra.” and says “Eli’s detecting on the life form is correct for I have sensed it a living organ of a manoid’s brain in the ship controlling systems. And from its thoughts detect that it’s a female that is viewing the General as her mate. The brain came from a Builder like hybrid whose name is Patra and from scans of the General’s mind and Patra’s mind it was he under influence of the Banshees hooked up her brain to the ship after her body died giving birth to his child a son who reached the same age as Liam. He is aboard the ship locked in some frozen state due to the General not being able to father him or care for his well being. Patra after activating Eli used Eli to get a female Builder to mate with the General who fell into a mindless state. The General not fully overcoming his grief of losing Patra and was trying to get him out of that mindless state hence the mating.”

Merra continues “Sami under Patra speaking as Eli’s influence used the voice on him to make him forget about Sami as a result got the General to accidentally forget about Patra herself. The General’s attempts to get a female are from himself still suffering from grief of losing Patra.

Hence he is struggling with hence he going into mindless states while chanting the words ‘I’m destroyed’ over and over. “

Fabis mentally speaks “I’m asking Merra if there is a way for the General to remember Patra and get over his grief to free his son with her from his frozen state to father him.”

He hears Merra speak “Fabis through voice has restored the General’s memories by wiping out Sami’s influence. I’m currently scanning his mind to see if he’s really remembering Patra while the medical doctor is testing him for his body’s health as he is in a mindless state. And has shared the conversation with Fabis to the doctor who is trying to find the General’s son with Patra aboard the ship to free him from the frozen state just so the boy can help the General with his grief for the doctor thinks with me agreeing that the child will help his father’s suffering.”

Fabis mentally speaks asking “How the General is doing?” while adding “I have an idea.” hears Merra speak “I knows what the idea is and thinks it’ll work.”

Fabis leaves bridge darting towards medical bay still sensed snickering of laughter.


William jerks his head hearing a male voice using voice influence “I’m ordering William to free a child from a trapped status!” which he shakes his head and gets up darting out of medical bay.

He speeds feeling he followed heading towards his office going inside to see a large square console in the wall behind the desk. William put a hand on it and the console blinks from red to blue and then juts forwards showing a cylinder glass tube with a small cot inside holding a small boy child with blonde hair looking like Liam’s age in it while appearing to be asleep.

William speaks “Patra.” as memories of her fill his mind.

William saw via memories of one of them showing himself as a child playing with her as a child under Banshee eyes. William then later when grown mating with her in a couch quarters’ bedroom followed she dying from a poison bite of a Lun Ra. William himself hooking her brain to the ship and the ship’s functions cued to his life signs. He recalled himself struggling to overcome his grief of her death put his son he remembers the name called Brandis in the tube when it was apparent he couldn’t take care of him.

William feels himself going into shock spoke “I order the tube to open!”

William then kneels to grab his head with his hands to shake from the shock feel running through him.

He hears a small voice speaking “Daddy!”

William wound up hearing that voice that causes him to look up at the tube. William sees his son awake looking at him with worried and happy looking green eyes that matched Patra’s staring at him from a sitting position. He exhaled a breath to get up picking up his son and held him while feeling Brandis’ arms around his neck and his son’s small forehead on his chin.

William again hears the kid speak “Daddy!” in a worried tone.

He holds his son and carries him under Fabis and Kalka’s watchful eyes out of the office to the couch quarters to the nourishment machine to get out a cup with a straw attached and fills it with nourishment. William then gets the straw into his son’s mouth who sucks it all of greedily emptying the cup then puts away cup to go to the couch and sits on the chaise leaning back while holding Brandis who falls asleep. He adjusts Brandis to put his son on his lap sideways leaning against his body who doesn’t stir from being asleep. William wraps his arms around his son then leans his head back shutting his eyes and allows sleep to come to him.


William woke up hearing music sounding loudly opened his eyes to stare at the ceiling with a glare. He felt Brandis stir and sensed the boy child awake as he glared at the ceiling.

He heard Eli speaking “General, my systems detecting senses that your wanted on the bridge, must be Patra’s doing.”

He frowned as a memory of himself hooking Patra’s brain in a metal like box in a wall and injecting wires into it then closing the box and stepping back. Another wall came down blocking the box’s entrance followed by flashing scenes in and out of the ship. He exhaled a breath recognizing the area as the bridge set Brandis aside and went to the nourishment machine to pull out two cups, one with a straw attached. He set them each underneath a faucet to watch as thick brown liquid poured out making his mouth water. Once done he brought a cup to his mouth and sipped while walking to Brandis sitting on the couch looking at him with hunger in his eyes. He put the cup in Brandis’ hands and kept a grip on it as the kid’s mouth found the straw and watched his son suck the liquid up as he drank from his own cup. William once done with the cup exhaled a breath to watch Brandis finish with his cup which he took both cups to the machine box in the corner and placed them inside. He went to Brandis who held up his arms towards him with a pleading look. He recognized his son’s gesture picked up Brandis who put arms around his neck and heard the child giggle happy noises which he walked out to the hallway and sensed himself followed inches behind by two Kalka. He traveled walking pass Builders who looked at him with awareness looks in their eyes and neutral expressions in their faces. William sensed that they were aware of Brandis and Patra. He kept his mouth shut reached the bridge to stand staring at the monitors in the wall.

He frowned and kept his hold on Brandis who spoke “Mommy.”

William heard the sad tone in Brandis’ voice gently rubbed his son’s back with a hand and felt the kid put his forehead on his cheek while feeling the child’s hands stroke his neck in a gentle rhythm. He heard Eli laughing in a joy sound and recognized the tone as Patra’s which told him that she was communicating through Eli herself.

William feels tired but stands on the bridge as Fabis arrives and hears the Builder using the voice tone when saying his name “William.”

William passes out unconscious as a result.


William comes to find himself on the couch chaise in his couch quarters waking up from sleep and Brandis is gone from him.

He feels an armband device wrapped around his wrist which he puts a hand on it and hears Eli speak “The device is to drain Morena’s poison out of the General.”

He eyes the device to see a thick tube jutting from it which his eyes follow to see it lead to a high as the couch arm rest large clear jug that has the bottom part filled with black liquid that he eyed is slowly rising a bit. William frowns as he rubs a hand on his forehead and remembers a memory of himself being alone in the ship after Patra’s hook up and the Banshees leaving him alone. He recalls to himself that he began to suffer mating urges that were slowly consuming him to ignore Brandis. William out of desperation placed his son in the tube and wandered around struggling with the mating urges. William was actually thinking of sticking his sensitive part in holes in the wall to get relief and ignored his body’s need for nourishment. William lay on a bed and became mindless while still having the mating urge raging through him. William grimaced recalling that as he recalled Sami coming into the room.

William recalled “I urged you to mate with him” Patra speaking as Eli to Sami.

Sami obeyed and mated with him curing him of his urges and waking him from his mindless state.

He exhaled a breath from the memory running through him.

William spoke “Eli?”

He heard the computer voice spoke “Yes?”

He inhaled a breath and spoke “Please get the doctor here. I need to discuss a medical issue. I require the doctor to be here for that seeing that I’m in no condition to travel around for awhile.”

He heard “Affirmative Eli will get doctor.”

He exhaled another breath and removed his hand from his forehead to place it on his lap. He adjusted his position till his back was straight on the couch back and stared at his hands seeing they looked wrinkled looking. The wrinkles he saw were slowly fading away leaving smooth skin. He heard the door open and looked up to see a male Builder wearing a medical uniform and a doctor’s coat walk in with a questioning look on his face while carrying a large bag by strap on his shoulder. William exhaled a breath as the door closed behind the doctor who placed the bag down on the floor.

William spoke “You’re aware of my mate, Patra and my son, Brandis?”

He saw the doctor nod his head with a questioning look still on his face.

He continued to speak “Anyway after I hooked up Patra, I started suffering from mating urges that became consuming. I was force to put Brandis in a tube for I couldn’t take care of him. The mating urges got so bad that I started ignoring my body’s need for nourishment. The urges affected me enough to lie in bed, with my eyes open and not acknowledging anything. I believe Patra speaking as Eli, urged one of the female Builders to mate with me, which cured my mating urges and helped me out of the mindless state I was in. I got out of it to drink several cups of nourishment followed by hitting the bed asleep passing out and this got me to feel better.”

William paused seeing the doctor frown which he continued speaking “I’m a little worried about these mating urges I had. I’m wondering if they were pointing to a medical problem that my body was having hence it reacting by giving me mating urges.”

He stopped talking to stare at the doctor with a questioning look on his face who picked up the bag and carried it to the couch settling it next to him. William kept his eyes on the doctor who rooted through the bag and pulled out a long arm sized device that had a square monitor like box on it. William watched as the doctor holding the device brought it to above his head slowly waving it then brought the device down the enter length of his body while still waving it slowly in a back and forth motion over him.

William watches doctor spoke “I put William to sleep!” using voice.

William passes out unconscious.


William comes to find himself lying in bed in his couch quarters with two small bodies on top of him that feel like children with his arms around them. He gets memory of himself appearing to be above his body watching himself waking up on the couch with wrist band gone then goes to the bridge.

It’s where he watches himself speaking “I orders everyone out!” using the voice.

William then goes to a console pressing some buttons and then scene wall goes up showing an opening in the wall. William goes to pull out a metal box with wires attached to the box. William yanks out the metal box yanking off the wires off the box and walks out of the bridge. He follows from overhead himself going to outside the ship walking to King Winter’s home going inside the courtyard. William reaches a doorway and goes down the stairs with an eater light lighting the way. William hears a roaring noise and comes down to face at the bottom of the steps a room where there is a chained horned gonoid with teeth that is gnashing. He opens the box and picks up Patra’s brain organ and tosses it to the gonoid that catches it with its jaws and proceeds to eat the organ chewing it with its teeth and swallowing it. He sees himself drop the box then walk back up the stairs going out of the doorway to the courtyard and out of King Winter’s place to back to the ship where Fabis is standing on the gangplank.

William hears himself say “It’s done. She is truly dead and now I can move on from that.”

This is followed by himself falling to the floor hitting it with form still which the overhead view goes black.


William shakes his head of the memory feeling confusion running through him and hears a female voice he recognizes as Eli speaking “Patra manipulated General with the help of a Builder using the voice to take her out of the ship and destroy her as a way of helping him heal from the pain of her death. General wasn’t healing from it hence his body giving him mating urges which the doctor discovered from his tests on William.”

William frown hearing that as Eli adds “The Builder males have changed their minds on their forbidding General to have a female by agreeing to allow him to have a female. They have with Eli’s input selected Sami to be William’s mate.”

William hears her voice doesn’t sound right to him when she says that and thinks “Something odd is going on judging by my senses blaring.”

William exhales a breath hearing that as Eli goes silent and figures she’s stopped talking. William looks down to eye the children sleeping on him which he sees are Liam and Brandis who he senses are feeling peaceful sleeping on him and towards each other by feeling one of their hands joined together on top of him.

William gets up still carrying the boys who wake up calling him “Daddy!” together in the same tone.

William puts them on the couch and gets ordered by the boys “Daddy to feed first!”

William obeys noticing Sami in the room has cups for the boys who are drinking from straws. He notices that she seems rattled about something and isn’t willing to talk about it.

He drinks from the cup three times then speaks “Sami, if you don’t mind watching the boys while I go to the bridge to see what’s going on while I was out asleep.”

He hears from her “I don’t mind!” while sounding like she’s rattled about something and doesn’t press her for it.

William goes to the bridge to find Sister and King Winter there while hearing chatter in the room become silent sensing him there. He doesn’t comment about that as he eyes the screens then eyes the doorway to see Morena come through partially through it with a light show and looking panicky on her face. King Winter comes into view putting a hand on her head and thrusts her back through the doorway which she disappears in a flash of light. He feels annoyed recalling her poisoning him through mating to see Morena come out through the doorway with another light show and appears to have her foot caught by something due to it not shown. William watches as King Winter helps her make her foot appear by grabbing her and yanking her from the doorway. He feels annoyed as King Winter puts a hand on Morena’s neck and figures that he’s talking to her.

He hears from Sister abruptly “General, your presence isn’t needed on the bridge. You should be spending time with you son Brandis. I sensed that the boy child has figured out that his mother what’s left of her is gone from the ship and is very upset about it which only a parent can comfort him.”

He obeys finding himself agreeing with Sister’s talk uses Eli “Eli, list Brandis’ location.”
William walks to the location of the child in the General’s quarters and passes out to find he lying on the floor in a room holding his sword.

William helped up by Fabis while hearing sword clanging noises.

William hears from Fabis “You were knocked out by a new fighter joining the fight for a female who has been pointed out to birth a son from you fathering it. You should say the name along with what it takes to halt the fight.”

He gets up to find Sami in the room waken up by a female whispering in her ear which he spots two males fighting each other with swords while having eyes flaring golden Builder like.

William spoke “I speaks the name of Sami.”

William after speaking and passes out unconscious to come to finding his sword back in his arm kissing a female on the lips while hearing her moan some sound which he breaks off to see its Sami.

He hears Fabis’s voice speaking using the voice talent some words aimed at him “William is to forget who he is. Only remembering his name and anything related to the Builder species.”

William shuts his eyes as a headache comes to his head grips his head while squatting and feels confused as he hears noises all around him that don’t sound familiar. William feels a hand on his arm lifting him up yanking his hands from his head and he opens his eyes. William discovers himself surrounded by various people looking different by appearance and feels confused on his location the people and how he got there including his identity. He figures that his name is William but can’t remember anything else to come to mind identifying him or his purpose. He finds the people are speaking gibberish to him that makes him confused and doesn’t get it their talk. William finds one has a hand on his arm holding him up that is taller than him and wearing smooth clothing along with some mask covering the eye areas where only orbs of cloud color are seen for eyes.

He frowns as the masked person he figures is a male speaks to him using words he finds himself getting by thinking them in his mind and gets it that “I’m taking you to the hospital.” which confuses him on what the place is.

He doesn’t protest as he’s led away through the crowd of people walking by to stare at him along with looking around his surroundings finding himself still confused as to what he’s seeing. William doesn’t get it the situation around him or the noises sounding as the male gets him inside a place with symbols on it he finds he can’t read them. He feels confused as the male hauls him through the place to a box place which he’s forced onto an object that feels soft to his seat as he sits on it.

William watches as the male speaks to him in the familiar language “You’re to stay put while I gets the doctor to examine you.”

William feels confused as “What the doctor is anyway?” as the male leaves the box place leaving him alone.

He frowns as he hears a voice speaking sounding in his mind that makes him think its female appearing to be talking to someone else calling that person “Aleta!” and saying “You should be ashamed of yourselves for letting a stunt like this happen!” along with saying “The Builders” he senses the word is familiar “have been trying to get rid of William.”

He’s confused on who the voice is referring to as the voice continues speaking “They’ve been doing that attitude since the moment William was detected aboard the ship taking command. They with Fabis have been playing stunts to permanently remove William from the ship. Some female hooked up prevented that by linking the ship to him to keep that from happening.”

He continues to hear feeling confused as to where the voice is coming from scolding this person called “Aleta you fool! I detected one of the Builders, manipulated William to remove the hooked up female. That stunt was just get rid of her just to kill off the ship’s link to him. Their thinking of taking the ship off planet thinking that the sensors of ship’s damages is a joke by the hooked up female to keep them planet bound. Its not a joke but actual fact I scanning the female’s mind and finding that the ship is actually too damaged to help life survive while off planet traveling in space. The natives do not trust the computer’s sensors telling them about the damage due to the joke thinking.”

He continues to frowns still feeling confused as the voice stops talking which he jerks feeling a bad headache hitting his head puts hands on his forehead and hears noises that sound like footsteps come into the room. William recalls who he is along with what happened just prior to him found by that masked male and brought to the hospital for a check up. He feels annoyed as he recalls that the female voice sounding in his mind was actually Merra talking to someone named Aleta and letting him know what happened on the Builder ship along with their feelings towards him. William feels anger running through him to growl an angry sound while hearing a beeping noise loudly in the room. He removes his hands to find that the masked male appearing to be a Drainer is back with another male having weird head wear of two sticks while waving a familiar medical device over him and giving off hmm sounds. He continues to feel anger running through him recalling all the incidents the Builders played on him after meeting him for the first time as their General and leader of the ship and figures that Merra wasn’t kidding about the Builders trying to get rid of him. William recalls those incidents involved him getting hurt along with being a victim to trickery stunts played by Builders fists his hands and glares at the doctor he assumes who continues to scan him with the medical device. He hears gibberish spoken by the doctor sounding lengthy followed by the Drainer speaking in gibberish then the doctor he watches puts away the medical device at the foot of the bed and walks out of the room leaving him with the male.

The Drainer speaks to him in Basic “You were seen appearing in a flash of light in the city appearing to have some kind of head injury from hands grabbing your head and squatting. Hence I was insisting on having you to the hospital for a check up. The doctor found you fine and nothing medically wrong with you but scanners indicate that you’re not human despite looking like one. You appearing with something weird that indicate you a hybrid of more than one species despite the Human appearance and hands appearing to look odd for a Humanoid species.”

He feels a headache finds himself calming down and stops being angry to stare at his hands feeling confused as the male stops talking.

He speaks recognizing the language as Basic “I’m asking to humor me on the oddness of my hands. I don’t know the difference of a Human’s hands and my own as well. People haven’t pointed my hands’ differences to me till now.”

He hears from the Drainer “You hands have some kind of veins like look that look like bloody essence is flowing very close underneath your hand’s skin. Fingernails looking like they could be claws from the length of them with a thin like look.”

He stares at his hands to find that the Drainer isn’t kidding about what he said which he stiffens to recognize the hands’ look as species Banshee from recalling the species fully in his mind.

William asks the Drainer “You to humor me on my facial appearance and arms.”

William rolls his sleeves of his top and holds them up while adding “People haven’t been honest with me on my appearance. They haven’t said anything about me different from people instead led me to believe I was one of them.”

He frowns as the Drainer speaks “You arms have some kind of vein like look as well. The arms appear to have some kind of thickness looking Human like from the thickness. Your face and head is fully human despite the facial hair. I knows that Human males sometimes have that facial hair look but it isn’t as much as the way its on the face of you I’m seeing sitting in front of me.”


That appearance was indicating Brandis the Record Keeper’s looks despite William not aware of it at the time told of his looks. It’s suspected that the Builders recognized William as a Record Keeper and played jokes on purposes to wreck up his memories of them and amuse themselves. It’s annoying when that has to happen.


William exhaled a breath through his mouth as he thinks to himself “A question of why couldn’t the Builders bothered to honestly talk to me at first meetings of my appearance’s differences? How they felt towards me instead of playing stunts and trickery? These jokes have me annoyed.”

He hears from Merra abruptly “I’m transporting you to King Winter’s castle. I’m doing the transportation now. The Builders need you with controlling the ship. Patra just prior to her removal rigged certain functions to only work when sensing you life signs detected within inside the ship. The functions ceased their actions when you was detected gone from the ship.”

He finds himself falling backwards and lands on the ground of snow which he gets up to find himself in the courtyard where he met Jaap and the castle Builders of King Winter’s castle.

William hears from Merra “I alerted one of the Builders sympathizing with your situation your new location. I prefer for the Builders to figure out for themselves the ship’s problem and that they need you help for it. The sympathized Builder will at a certain time admit where William is to the Builders. This revealing will happen once they figure out the problems related to the ship. They is needing your help which you should be patient for them to figure it out.”

He feels annoyed as Merra ads “You should get inside and use the castle’s facilities to keep yourself busy while waiting for the Builders to figure out the ship’s problem and needing you. I have to discuss something with the sympathized Builder on how to get the Builders to accept you back into the ship living among them instead of just using you to fix the problems then dumping you once the situation is fixed up.”

He hears nothing more from Merra as a headache stops hitting him figures that he’ll go inside while eyeing doors in the wall. William goes to them yanks one open and walks inside seeing a large room that reminds him of a cafeteria with long tables of odd dull material in the room with benches and feels warmth in the room. William wound up seeing an eater burning in a large hole in the wall that appears to be remaining in its spot and not moving out of the hole. He explores the room exploring its nooks and crannies along with details to find its worth his time doing it due to finding the castle’s secrets has something worth amusing him while he tries not to be furious with the Builders for their latest stunt.

He finds in the room is a chair that makes him think “Chair’s a throne.”

William sits in and leans back hands on his lap staring at the closed doors letting his thoughts wander while trying to keep himself calm from itching to be angry and use violence as a response to blowing his temper. William feels tired shuts his eyes and dreams of Patra while she was alive living on the ship with him before getting expectant and dying from Lun Ra’s bite abruptly. William hooked her up with the help of the Banshees’ instructions who later disappeared from the ship leaving him alone to raise Brandis till he couldn’t care for him anymore. He continues to dream of the Builders meeting him for the first time and stiffens realizing from their expressions that they didn’t accept him or his leadership flaunting in their faces and only used him to gain control of the ship before attempting to off him off repeatedly while the ship was in space. He feels annoyance take hold dreams of a beach finding himself still wearing his clothes and sees Sister is there wearing her clothes as well and frowns as she eyes him before looking at the water.

He stares at her which she gives off “Humph!” sound and speaks “My original name was Aleta.” which he stiffens hearing it, as she continues “I’m the one who Merra was talking about sympathizing with your situation. The sympathy came from babysitting Brandis while his father was occupied doing something else.

Brandis despite his very young age complained to me ‘Sensing hostility from people towards Daddy. Don’t like the feeling!’

Brandis was sensed I would listen to him complain. Other people mostly adults ignoring him when he complains but only offspring hanging around have sympathized with his complaints till I babysat him.”

He frowns as Sister adds “You can’t display angry violence moods towards the Builders for awhile while living with them on the ship after they have accepted you back. I don’t want your mood to ruin their acceptance attitude.”

He continues to frown as Sister adds “I’ve managed to convince someone to help William to blow a tantrum.” and feels his eyes forced shut by her hand.


William comes to finding himself on the ground lying on snow with a foot poking him which he opens his eyes and sees the foot’s owner is King Winter who makes an obscene gesture with his free hand and fists it aimed at him. William feels disgusted take hold figuring that Sister had King Winter target him while he target back to blow a tantrum gets up only to duck as the Cold Lord swings his lighted torch staff at him while making fists gestures with his free hand. William feels annoyance take hold rams himself into King Winter after feeling a burst of rage hitting him and punches the Cold Lord allowing anger to take control while feeling the male hitting him back with staff and free hand fisted over and over. He halts his fisting as King Winter does the same when he feels his mood stop feeling raging angry and groans loudly.

William spoke “I’m not looking forwards to confronting the Builders for their rude hostile attitude towards me without having to use angry violence towards them. I hoped that they ceased the jokes of insulting me period.”

He exhales a breath through his mouth to rub a hand on his head as King Winter grabs him on the neck which he doesn’t feel gagged but hears a loud demanding male voice sounding in his mind “The Builders aren’t smart when it comes to treating people who are partially Builder themselves! Their rude attitude towards William is not appropriate to do it! Besides I sensed some species hanging around in the ship in hiding from my senses cued to them! Their doing lots of spying and not doing much besides that spying onto Builders aboard the warship! The species still hasn’t shown they yet despite I making gestures of detecting them with my free hand while pointing at their location! They have refused to reveal themselves period despite my attempts of contact!”

William speaks as King Winter pauses “What your take on the hidden species look like?” hears from the Cold Lord “I complained that to Sister who thinks their, this Humanoid species called Destroyer who have an ability to make their forms hidden. She has assured me of that their the species due to having contact with them from time to time while she’s alone in her quarters.”

He frowns hearing that as King Winter adds “I’m going to go into the ship and find a Builder to target for feeding off of. I’m a bloody essence drinker and made it clear to the Builders when in contact with about my feeding habits and needing them to feed off of which I haven’t gotten resistance to that yet.”

He feels his throat freed watches as King Winter walks away appearing to head to the drawbridge which he figures he’ll go inside and sit due to needing to rest up.

“William!” He hears his name called in a loud tone near the drawbridge.

William eyes and sees Fabis escorted by two Kalka guards there that are heading towards him as King Winter walks by them ignoring them. He folds his arms and forms a neutral expression on his face feeling annoyance taking hold aimed at Fabis who reaches him before stopping to frown staring at him and looking him up and down before resuming staring at him in the eyes.

William refrains from talking clears his throat loudly and gets nothing from Fabis feels annoyed and speaks “Someone unsure who restored my mind’s contents after a certain Builder wiped them out via voice order. Merra dumped me here after I had a visit to some city hospital for a check up.”

He keeps his arms folded and stares at Fabis who continues to stare at him with some nervous look on the male’s face which he figures “Something is up hence the security chief here to see me and not talking much.”

He speaks “Out with it! I’m not a mind walker! I don’t know what you is trying to tell me despite having a look on your face that suggested that!”

He sees Fabis look more nervous before the Builder speaks while having fear in his voice tone “We discovered something odd with the ship which is related to General William’s presence being aboard for certain functions to work. We haven’t been able to get the ship working again despite General William off the ship.”

He shrugs and speaks “It’s not my problem. You and the Builders made it clear that they don’t want me around or aboard the ship. You and the Builders have displayed that attitude through various stunts to get rid of me even while the ship was in travel mode before landing on the planet. I’m not happy that I was manipulated to destroy what was left of my female, Patra. Her destroying was just to get rid of her influence on ship’s systems and override her rigging on systems.”

He gets in response is Fabis pointing a finger at him while speaking “I give an order to knock William out now!”

William unfolds his arms and feels hands grabbing his arms and a stinging pain in his neck as Fabis appears to be inches away from him while removing a syringe from the area.

William speaks as sleepiness hits “I wished the Builders would just admit through talking that they didn’t like me. The Builders wanted me away from them period instead of their ridiculous stunts to hurt me. They could have worked something out.” which he passes out unconscious.


William comes to finding himself in a cell inside the ship’s brig while lying on a bed and feels annoyed with Fabis’s desperation to get him aboard the ship hence knocking him out and hauling him unconscious to get systems back up and running again. He feels an irritation finds the toilet behind a curtain in the corner of the room and makes sure to wash his hands from the sink above the toilet once done. William spots a mirror above the sink and stares at himself eyeing his short hair and facial hair and his face and eyes seeing that they look Human like and wills himself to flare the eyes golden seeing that they look Builder like. He wills that away and raises his hands to stare at them seeing the Banshee like appearance on them and eyes his arms seeing that the Drainer isn’t kidding about the appearance. He exhales a breath through his mouth feeling rejection running through him feeling like the Builders didn’t like him due to his appearance of his hands and arms along with facial hair hence their stunts to get rid of him after gaining control of the ship from him teaching them how to gain control. He puts hands on his face shutting his eyes and feels further dejected running through him that the Builders have proven that they’ll do what it takes to keep the ship running under their control by manipulating him to remove Patra to remove her system influence. The Builders having him aboard in locked up status as they figure out how to get rid of Patra’s system rigging certain ship functions to his life signs and function without him aboard. He feels weak in the knees kneels next to the toilet while making sure he’s hidden by the curtain from being seeing kneeling. William removes his hands opening his eyes putting arms around him and rocks his form forcing himself to keep himself quiet while realizing that the Builders never intended to accept him as their leader and one of them. It’s from their behavior towards him which he feels himself very sad as that thought runs through him. He halts his rocking to rub a hand on his forehead feeling further sad that Brandis will be Builder influenced to reject him as his father and not want to have anything to do with him. His other son Liam would be influenced as well and feels himself further sad from that. He stops rubbing a hand on his forehead to raise it eye level and feels himself more sadder knowing that his hands’ appearance has caused the Builders to reject him and not bother to get to know him or bother to talk to him verbalizing their words their dislike towards him instead used stunts as a way of expressing the dislike. He fists the hand finding it curl into a mock Human like fist and shuts his eyes mentally willing himself to remember the ship’s contents and controls. William figures he’ll make it permanently planet bound in response to the Builders’ attitudes towards him and will see what he can do to make that happen. He recalls Merra transporting him to King Winter’s castle figures that he’ll use her to transport him to place to place aboard the ship to cause sabotage to make it permanently planet bound. William feels himself much better from the thought gets up opening his eyes and stares at himself in the mirror while lowering his fisted hand and leaves the curtain area to look around the cell. William finds in the wall a dispenser for nourishment and a cup included which he figures he’ll drink as much as he can before doing the sabotage. William finds himself terribly hungry as the cup fills with nourishment along with his mouth watering gulps it down. William gulps down three more times before putting the cup back into the wall and eyes the cell bars to find behind them outside the cell is Fabis there staring at him with some neutral expression on his face while escorted with his familiar Kalka.

William doesn’t comment walks up to the bars and folds his arms and snarls finding he angry “The Builders didn’t accept me as their leader despite myself flaunting the leadership! You stinking Builders are just using me to gain control of the ship! You Builders wound up proving that by having me remove Patra! You stinkers knocking me out to put me back into the ship in lock up for functions to start again! You fools are busy working on overriding that!”

He continues noticing no reaction from Fabis despite recalling snickering like laughter when remembering this memory “I’m disappointed that the Builders chose to use various stunts to remove me from position of power and from the ship. The Builders were finding my appearance, my hands not acceptable to be considered a Builder or one of them. I’m disgusted that the Builders didn’t bother to tell me verbalizing their words their obvious dislike attitude.”

He continues to rant “I’ve had it with being used as something for gaining and not getting anything in response with treated horribly without Builders bothered to verbalize their words! I’m just fed up with their attitude!”

He flares golden eyes and figures he’ll use the voice on Fabis to free him from the cell and says “I orders Fabis to free me from the jail cell!”

William finds his order obeyed along with ordering Fabis and guards go to sleep!”

William finds his order obeyed flicks out his sword and snarls out loud “The Builders will pay for their attitude! I’m sick and tired of it! Them not treating me the way I wanted to be treated! I’m fed up period!”

He takes a step forwards and blinks his eyes to find himself in his couch quarters and hears a voice using the voice talent “I’m ordering William to kneel and be quiet!”

William finds himself obeying and feels rage running through him at the voice identifying it as Sister’s interference with his plans while seeing her seated on the couch. William looks around the room off his side while facing the quarters’ closed door.

He hears Sister speaking “Belay William’s order’s done on Fabis and guards!” by her words speaking using the voice talent along with adding without the voice “Eli to tell Fabis that the General is in his couch quarters with me there. I have him contained at the moment.”

He flicks back sword into his arm and fists his hands while glaring at her and bares his teeth in some nasty glare and notices that her attention is aimed at the quarters’ door instead at him. William stops baring his teeth and glares at her while folding his arms finding himself trapped in his kneeling position along with not able to talk period due to her order of being quiet. He hears the door open to look and sees Fabis enter the room escorted by his familiar Kalka all flaring golden eyes.

William hears from Sister in a very firm voice “Fabis had it coming knocking the General out and throwing him in the brig. The General made it clear that he didn’t appreciate the Builders’ attitudes towards him as in using him to gain control of the ship. That includes with manipulating him to destroy what’s left of his mate Patra after it was clear that she was doing manipulating. Patra retaliated by rigging parts of the ship’s functions based onto the General’s life signs aboard. I know that the Builders are attempting to figure out a way of overriding that.”

He glares at Fabis who looks away to stare at Sister who adds “The General wasn’t kidding on what he said to Fabis and he really means it period.”

He glares at Fabis who appears to give a head bob as Sister’s voice continues “The ship is planet bound for now. The computer isn’t kidding about the oxygen systems being damaged. A mind walker named Merra contacted me and told me the contents of Patra’s mind while Patra was hooked up including her sensing that the oxygen systems are damaged from the rock field’s contents hitting the ship repeatedly in the same area over and over. I’m furious to discover that the Builders have ignored the computer’s warnings in an attempt to get off planet. Merra via admittance managed to get Patra to rig the engines to be permanently shut down without starting up until the oxygen in the ship’s systems is produced at certain levels is when they’ll start up again.”

He doesn’t comment to Sister’s words as she becomes silent eyes Fabis who continues to look at her.

William frowns as Eli’s voice cuts in sounding annoyed “If Eli should continue broadcasting this conversation throughout the whole ship or cut the broadcast now.”

He stiffens hearing that as Fabis takes a step back along with his guards looking annoyed followed by Sister speaking telling “Eli to cut the broadcast!”

William hears a beep sound followed by her adding “I had the General’s words to Fabis broadcasted omitting him using the voice with myself broadcasted in Fabis’s presence as a powerful lesson to the Builders that appearances are deceiving. William, I names is a living being who has feelings despite his hybrid status. He is very hurt by the Builders’ attitudes towards him. I’m furious about that! I heard the Builders treated non Builders aboard the ship normally as their allies and equals but didn’t do it to William. He’s very angry with their stunts to permanently put him down and is in the mood to retaliate violently something I wishes to avoid that happen.”

He wills himself to calm hearing Sister’s words as he continues to eye Fabis who stops flaring golden eyes and hears from Merra abruptly “Some Builder I detected by mind scanning used the voice on certain Builders after William was found on the ship and issuing his leadership authority wanting the leadership position himself. He wasn’t pleased that William took control hence that Builder using voice talents on people to permanently remove William from position with removing him off the ship when it was apparent that people were pitying him and balking on doing the removing. He started the voice manipulating on people and did it to Fabis as well. This stinker wound up spreading that Builder’s order to others via voice orders to people who did the same. Now the Builders have a negative attitude towards William as a result.”

He feels angry hearing that as Merra stops talking to him followed by Sister speaks “I’m ordering Eli to turn on the intercom!” and hears a beep sound followed by her using the voice saying “I’m belaying the orders of Builder, I names as Rinno!” to his shock hearing that.

William wound up recalling the male caught targeting a female Builder named Indra who claimed that the male was abusing her which medical tests pointed it out.

He hears groaning sounds from Fabis and guards followed by Sister adding ‘I”m ordering the intercom off!” which he hears a beep sound followed by Fabis speaking sounding angry “I’m asking Eli for Rinno’s location!” and hears from Eli “Eli is rigged by manipulating of some Builders under Rinno’s orders to say that he’s in the brig in a cell when visually he’s not in there. The Builders haven’t figured out how to rig the recording devices to not show them visually which Eli kept them from doing it.”

William hears a scream of a female voice followed by flicking out his sword and roaring an angry sound along with passing out unconscious comes to finding he kissing a female on the lips along with sword still out held in hand. William feel the female has her hands on his cheeks and from senses cued to her seems to like him kissing her.

He doesn’t protest to that as the kiss seems lengthy while hearing Daddy spoken in two voices together in male kids’ tones. William breaks off the kiss to see the female is Sami who removes her hands from his cheeks and hugs him abruptly holding him in a tight grip while giving off mm sounds in some soothing tone as he feels himself getting calmer from her hugging him. He exhales a breath from his mouth to lean his chin against the side of her head while she’s hugging him.

He hears a throat clearing noise along with “Excuse me!” comment sounding like Fabis’s voice tone.

William groans and feels Sami break off the hug and turns around to see Fabis point a finger down to the floor. William looks to see a familiar Builder male is lying there unconscious with sword out notices something odd about the male to focus on the man’s neck as if drawn to see it looks like it was ripped by clawed hands.

William frown feeling confused to speak “I’m asking if Fabis saw the fight no memory of it.”

He frowns as Fabis speaks “William stabbed Rinno in the chest with the sword a wound that looks fatal enough to kill him. After Rinno hit the floor bent down and scratched him in the neck with a hand before going to Sami as the victor of the fight. I managed to have Eli scan Rinno who confirms that he’s dead.”

William groans softly and speaks flicking back his sword “If I’m required to stay in the brig for a certain time period Builders killing other Builders is a no, no around here as emphasized by you and guards reminding Builders of that rule.”

He hears from Sami “I prefer that the General be contained in his quarters for awhile as punishment for the killing so I can see him along with having his sons there to see him.”

He doesn’t comment hears from Fabis “I agreed with Sami’s request but the brig is an option if I heard complaints from other Builders about being lenient towards the General after their told about the killing. The General’s punishment of being contained in his quarters’ punishment starts now without further delay.”

He doesn’t complain as Sami speaks to him “William, I’ll meet you with the boys at your containment location later once Builders have agreed on where your’ll be contained for punishment.”

He gives her a head bob then takes one of her hands and kisses it followed by letting go and hears “Daddy!” spoken behind him.

William turns around to spot Liam and Brandis sitting on the floor with other kids around them. He goes to the boys and bents down rubbing their heads finding they smile and giggle from that then leaves the room with Fabis besides him and Kalka escorting.

William goes to his couch quarters to find Sister there on the couch who points to a curtain doorway saying “I’ve taken that as my sleeping quarters which the other rooms are William to use himself, his mate and offspring to sleep in.”

He doesn’t comment sensing Fabis and guards leave which he goes to the drink dispenser to get some nourishment and finds himself drinking two cupfuls of it. Once done puts the cup back in the boxy machine finding three other cups inside with two having straws attached. He exhales a breath through his mouth then goes to the couch to sit down next to Sister and adjusts his position till his back is on the couch’s pad and sits with a frown letting his thoughts wander to himself till Sister speaks breaking the silence.

“Fabis when telling Builders of the situation has to use his words carefully to emphasize that the General is punished by being contained in his quarters for a certain time period for the killing as a request by another Builder requesting that to Fabis. Just so that the Builders won’t get upset thinking he got special treatment being the General and leader of them.” He heard from Sister.

He doesn’t comment in response keeps his mouth shut feels tired shuts his eyes and leans his head back till it’s on the couch and falls asleep passing out unconscious.


William comes to feeling a hand shaking his arm which he jerks open his eyes lurching up into a standing position to see the hand’s owner is Fabis who spoke “I insists on the General to come along for he’s wanted in the bridge.”

He frowns “I asks Fabis about the punishment for killing a Builder?” gets from the male “The Builders haven’t complained about the General killing off one of them identified as Rinno and contained in his quarters as punishment. Their attitude is that Rinno had it coming along with deserving to be executed. They remember Rinno manipulating them to have some nasty attitude towards the General. This have them furious about it along with that multiple female Builders have verbally told me after I told them the news that Rinno was nasty to them including manipulating them to say their names. They claimed they were manipulation to speak Rinno’s name so he’ll win fights forced to submit to mating rituals by Rinno that turned out to be nasty as well. He has balked doing the required mating times for creating offspring but has been attempting to pick on one female who has been identified having a son fathered by the General by having her speak her name to him along with manipulated to speak Rinno’s name. So he’ll win the fight and as traditionally done by victorious males kill off the offspring of the loser male but other females managed to use the voice to prevent him from doing that. Rinno got desperate and attacked her which the General came to her defense and fought him off and in process killed him off.”

He doesn’t comment as he hears from Sister abruptly “Whatever anger he has towards a certain person he sees he should put it aside period this person wasn’t immune to Builder manipulation despite the person’s species known to have immunity. He should accept the person’s attempts to apologize for an incident played on him period. Accepting the apology will have this person back off on him having a Builder female as his despite him having a former interests in another female he can’t take as his due to an incident of her poisoning him through mating.”

He groans from Sister’s words as he feels Fabis’s hand on his shoulder gently rubbing the area and hears from Fabis “I managed to find out that Rinno from the doctor after examining Rinno’s body manipulated a Destroyer hybrid female named Morena after the doctor through Builder voice order blabbed about her having some substance in her body system that would harm a Builder through mating. That substance as in poisoning the Builder, someone managed to override Rinno’s orders to blab to the doctor about it who got medical aid to the General immediately as in draining the poison out of his system. The doctor admits that the General’s hybrid status kept him alive. The amount of poison in his system found would be enough to kill off a full Builder.”

He speaks as Fabis becomes silent “I’ll go to the bridge Fabis told me that I’m wanted there.” which he hears from Fabis “I have to escort the General there insisted on that by Sister just prior to waking William up who won’t say why on the escort but hinted its important for me and my guards to do it.”

He doesn’t comment leaves the room with Fabis next to him and Kalka guards behind him escorting. William walks to the bridge to find Morena there that looks nervous which he refrains from showing any anger on his face and wills himself to calm figuring out that the person Sister was referring to was Morena herself. He goes up to Morena and folds his arms looking at her with a neutral expression on his face.

He keeps his mouth shut as Morena speaks “I’m a hybrid of various species including Destroyer but doesn’t have the immunity to Builder voice talent orders. Some Builder took advantage of that and manipulated me to mate with the General I refers to William several times enough to pass from me some substance of poison in my system to him. I got a hold of some species called Wiser to tell what happened to me just prior to leaving the ship with the Destroyers. Then discovered while aboard their ship that they weren’t really going to travel off planet but land some where else on the planet to live among civilization. They didn’t want to live where the Builders have their ship parked due to finding nothing there for them to live without ship help which they landed on a continent in a forest land then traveled off the ship to some city dubbed Atlanta by the natives who call the land Americania. I used advantage to travel through a doorway to inform the Builders of this but some Destroyer hidden caught me traveling in the door got a hold of my legs. The Master King Winter pushed me back through the door so I could again attempt to travel through the doorway after the Destroyer who caught me mysteriously fainted in front of me. I went through the doorway only to feel my shoed foot caught by something then the Master helped me pull my foot through and then lectured me on the poisoning of the General. I admitted to my hybrid status to him followed by the Master tasting my blood and then confirmed to me and the doctor he insisted I go to for testing that I’m a hybrid.”

William frowns inwardly but keeps his mouth shut feels his senses blaring warning as a hand touches his shoulder and shifts his eyes off his right to see a Destroyer male appear from hidden state and hears no alarm sounds from the computer or Fabis.

He stares at the male who speaks “I asked the Builders’ doctor if Destroyers were immune to Morena’s poison in her system. The Doctor tested me and said that only a species that Morena is a hybrid of results in her ability to travel through doorways is immune to her poison.

The doctor has refused to say anything else but hinted to Morena that in my presence ‘There’s a mate for Morena.’

She should travel to as guided by Merra the mind walker seeing the male she’s destined for in her mind. Merra insisted on Morena talk to the General about an incident of hurting him through mating.”

He doesn’t comment nods his head in a short bob towards the Destroyer male who removes his hand and fades from view turning hidden he senses.

William shifts to look at Morena who speaks “I give an apology for the poisoning. Merra promised me I’ll be transported to someplace to see the male I’m destined for who’ll take me as his once I’ve done my say to the William.”

He nods his head a full bob then holds up his hand towards her who shakes it and resumes folding his arms as Morena disappear in a flash of light. William exhales a breath through his mouth feeling himself relieved that the situation regarding Morena has been solved and feels much better from that.

He hears from Fabis “I’m asking William if he would have hurt Morena in retaliation for the poisoning?”

William turns around and notices Eli in hologram form in the room making some gestures with her hands.

He finds himself recognizing her hand language talk words eyes Fabis and speaks “A question of why I would retaliate against Morena when she apologized for that which I prefer that instead of physical harm to her.”

He glares at Fabis figuring out what Eli is trying to tell him as the male speaks “The General killed a female to death through gas poisoning in retaliation of her killing a female he took as his mate.”

“I recalled someone telling me I was voice ordered to do that stunt. I told that the female gassed to death was voice ordered to target the female I took as my mate. The voice ordered stunt included me voice ordered to select a female and reject one. Morena said to be voice ordered to mate with me from hearing her admit to not having immunity to Builder voice orders.” William counters in response.

He glares at Fabis who has some glare on the male’s face which he hears from the male that saying “Voice ordered to do things is just an excuse to get out of responsibility for breaking rules around here.”

He again eyes Eli the hologram to notice her words in hand language talk heard Fabis speak “I order William to speak what Eli is talking about.”

William finds himself balking the order despite Fabis repeatedly speaking his voice order which he looks at Fabis with a glare.

He sees frustration form on Fabis’s face which he speaks using the voice “Fabis to speak what Rinno is to him.” gets from the male “A scapegoat for trouble going around here including a Builder who’s gullible to do anything for getting a mate. I have taken advantage of Rinno’s scapegoat status to target the general including trying to remove him from position as well.”

He hears a beep sound figures that the intercom is turned on speaks using the voice “I belay and rescinding orders done by Fabis!”

William hears multiple groaning sounds in the room along with the Kalka guards looking like they have headaches and hears the intercom shut off by beep sound.

Then orders still using the voice “Fabis to stand fast and don’t budge from his spot and keep his mouth shut!”

He sees Fabis look angry by the look on the male’s face with eyes flaring golden again eyes Eli to see her hand language “Eli is confirming that Fabis was the one behind the stunts pulled on the General by other Builders. Including manipulating Merra to say Rinno was the one responsible to have the General fight him and manipulated William to kill Rinno to death by both stabbings by sword and neck clawing. Fabis used his voice on William to gain access on controlling Eli and was the one responsible for having William remove Patra from the ship to gain further control of Eli and the ship’s functions. Patra blocked him from doing it.”

He sees Eli stop signing followed by hearing a beep sound and then hears her voice speaking with annoyance in her tone “Sister figured out how Fabis silenced Eli and fixed the problem and now Eli can talk again.”

He shifts to glare at Fabis restrained by Kalka guards having hands on his arms while their looking at him. William unfolds his arms and using fast speed with a fist ready punches Fabis hard in the face who tips backwards still held by Kalka and appears to be still awake from that while hearing a muffled groaning noise coming from the male.

He speaks “That punch is for all those stunts pulled on me making me think that the Builders didn’t accept me and my hybrid status when it was really Fabis’s doing.”

He glares at Fabis who has a nervous expression on his face.

He adds recalling the Builders came from a Rakcaran planet killer warship speaks “I’m demanding to know what Fabis’s position was on that Rakcaran warship.” hears from one of the Kalka “His position was in the leadership position as the General. Fabis pulled stunts on males who challenged him for the position. Fabis doing what it took to keep the leadership position as using other Builder males to take responsibility for the stunts.”

He glares at Fabis who continues to look nervous with mouth still shut which he speaks using the voice “I’m ordering Fabis to sleep!” and sees the male slump in the Kalka’s arms who continue to hold him up.

He orders without the voice “The Kalka to take Fabis to the brig and keep him there asleep. There’ll be no trouble from Fabis if he’s asleep.” which he finds the Kalka obeying his orders hauling Fabis away and out of the room.

William’s senses blare warning shifts to look off his left to see a Destroyer appear that looks a bit shocked by expression on the male’s face before speaking “One of my comrades hidden on the ship admitted that he overridden a manual computer order by Fabis. That order was on Eli to shut down everything on the ship if some Builder was detected putting him to sleep by voice order. The overridden was successfully done by the assistance of Eli in her visual form pointing out how to override the manual order.”

William opens his mouth to speak only that Destroyer fades from view hidden status. He frowns wondering why’s the Destroyer went to hide.

William stands on the deck of the bridge and hears from an officer “Signal involving a High Council warship is activated via probe.”

Officer further reports after silence “High Council warship trying to gain entrance onto the planet but no one is friendly with it.

William after awhile on the bridge sees a light show looks to see a male that flares eyes of a Builder while wearing gonoid skin clothing and looking off balanced by the standing pose.

An officer reports “The High Council warship in orbit.”

He glares at the male speaking using the voice “You’re to identify yourself!” and gets from the male saying “The voice isn’t necessary.” and gets from Sister appearing next to the male putting a hand on the male’s shoulder calling him “Barry!” and the male’s response calling her “Aleta! Where have you’ve been?!”

William stands down from his glaring eyes staring at Barry as Sister talks “I’ve been busy doing various things around here keeping the peace. The Builders are quite desperate….”

He frowns as Sister trails off from her talk to notice Barry look in his direction and stop flaring eyes golden followed by Barry speaking “I sees what you meant is going on around here. I figure what you want me to do but could use some things for living around here to help you with your problem.”

William frowns hearing Barry’s words as he watches Sister help Barry limping visibly out of the room and out of sight.

He spoke “I ask for report of the High Council’s warship.” and gets told “Warship destroyed by planetary weapons fired at it. We recorded some male voice speaking just prior to its destruction.”

William hears the male voice sounding Rakcaran to him speaking in some angry tone in Basic “I’m not letting the High Council and their influence on my world!” and stiffens from hearing the words as the voice recorder continues till it stops.

William speaks out loud “The voice sounded Rakcaran to me but knows that the Rakcar have no ability to speak Basic. I find it odd that one of them would protect this planetary world from the High Council. Their species known to very strongly support the group among other racial species and finds it very odd.”

He hears nothing in response to his remarks from the Builders in the room feels a hand on his arm to blink his eyes finding the hand off his arm and he’s still in the bridge room.

Sees Eli in her hologram form signing words which he gets “Some Builder, a Kalka used the voice on Merra to manipulate you to get you to the hallway where Fabis was unconscious. It was done to wake Fabis up that along with freeing him from voice orders done on him.

The Kalka were overheard saying ‘We want Fabis as our leader period and won’t accept anyone else.’”

He gets annoyed seeing Eli’s signs who continues to sign “There’s Destroyers aboard hidden who have been showing support to William by sabotaging Builders’ attempt to remove William from his General position. They have been working on keeping me in William’s control instead of by Builders’ control.”

He doesn’t comment in response as Eli fades from view which he looks at the monitors screens to hear one of the Builders speak “There’s another High Council warship detected orbiting the planet that’s communicating.” which he opens his mouth only to get a hand clamped over it.

Followed by a familiar male voice speaking sounding odd saying “Don’t answer for the High Council will habitually leave after not getting an answer.”

He eyes the hand’s owner as Barry standing next to him hand on his shoulder and continues to hear from the screen communications from the High Council warship.

This followed by the High Council identifying themselves “We’re the High Council.” saying “We detected communication devices orbiting the planet and demands to know why you’re not answering us.”

He eyes one screen as if drawn to see it show a familiar scene of a planet attacked by warships followed by Humania colliding with it and forming the world Terrania.

He recognizes it and then the scene stops which he watches as an officer says “The High Council warship has taken off but left a probe.” which he continues to hear “One of the satellites has broken down and collided with the probe destroying it in the process.”

Feels his mouth freed from Barry to notice Fabis standing in the doorway with a nervous expression on his face. William sees Sister has a hand on Fabis’s shoulder and notices that her grip seems tight. He noticed her expression is a glare aimed at the Builder.


William after staying on the bridge hears from an officer “The oxygen levels have reached toleration levels for space travel.”

He doesn’t comment a response to that only to get ordered by Merra speaking “There’s a planet nearby orbiting Terrania and her moon world. Your warship has the technology to go to there. I suspect that planet is where there are remains of a civilization living at the moment. Just go.”

William frowned hearing that as Sister spoke loudly using voice “What did Merra say to you, William?”

He found himself repeating Merra’s words to frown feeling himself confused to why the Meritanian was saying it to him despite Eli indicated that the ship’s power was weak.

He frowned as Sister spoke loudly heard “Just get the warship to that planet for us to stay and be civilized.”

William obeyed despite not sure why he’s agreeing. He found the warship via officers going into the air and leaving the planet with them noticing the High Council’s warship is following but not firing weapons onto them.

William finds Sister using voice speaking “Just forget about that warship following us. Just go to that planet as indicated by Merra and land there period.”

William finds the planet according to officer but doesn’t seem impressed with it because of its barren landscape blood color to him.

He heard from an officer “The planet has oxygen levels suitable for life.”

William keeps his mouth shut as Sister orders “Simply land on the planet where we can living civilized. Ignore that warship following us.”

He frowned finding Sister using the voice to find the warship landing planet bound next to a mountain and sitting next to it as pieces of the annexed warships come out to land scattered in the valley.

William groans from that but keeps his mouth shut as Sister adds “Just simply use those warships as our dwelling place and just connect them with caves and tunnels including forming a city in the process. Just do it.”

William found Sister’s orders obeyed as she takes control of the city she dubs “Egyptia.” unsure of the name.

She calls the planet by the name of Egyptia despite not willing to give a name when asked by him she telling him off “Don’t ask me that question!”

He found Sister adding “Just write the name of Egyptia in whatever language you know, in a cave where there’s travel gates if there’s any hidden underground this planet. It’ll mark where they are and let us know we can use them for gaining supplies to live planet bound in Egyptia.”

He found Sister’s orders obeyed despite mining operations done onto the planet underground and finding ways to create water via supplies of ice underground.

William gets via Sister “I named you General. I call his son with Patra, William.” Instead of his actual name of Brandis, the Record Keeper who grows up recording mentally life of the Builders via his perfect memory despite alterations of Builders using voices onto him.


Part Three: Egyptia

What I remember involving William’s life in Egyptia despite the snickering like laughter of Zerra the Meritanian laughing into my mind like an annoying plant. Ugh.


William paused in the hallway to rub a hand on his black facial hair, a mustache and a beard which was in a circle on his face, he not sure why he was marked for it. He frowned when his blue eyes saw a female form walking a corridor going around a corner. He rubbed a hand in his black spiky hair and adjusted his gonoid skin clothing as he ran around the corner to see the female was a blonde named Zara wearing a cloth like dress walking ahead of him. He ran in front of her which she paused from walking to look at him with a questioningly look on her face.

He spoke “Zara.”

William felt himself blacking out as he roared out “Grigore!”


He came to find himself lying on the floor in a hallway with pain in his left arm. Groaning he sat up and looked at his left bare arm to stiffen seeing a long gash in it. He frowned stiffening some more when he saw his long lower arm sized sword lying next to his hand. He grabbed the sword and flicked his hand and frowned even further when he saw the sword refused to flick back into his arm.

William muttered out loud “Why am I alive when my sword is detached from me?”

He stood up and shook his head groaning some more and stumbled walking in the corridor towards the door of his quarters lay. He reached the door waved a hand on the console next to it and the door slid open which he staggered inside with the door closing behind him. He dropped the sword and looked around the round room which was bare of items despite having a lumpy mattress and a hard metal chair sitting in front of a wall next to the door to his bathroom. He stumbled towards the mattress and laid his form sideways on it while groaning of pain.

William spoke “Lights off.”

The lights over head dimmed their brightness as he lay on the mattress and he closed his eyes letting sleep overcome him.


William woke up feeling himself better and he stood up from the mattress to stretch his arms. He looked at his left arm to see a thin scar line instead of a gash. Groaning he left his quarters walking a maze of corridors till he reached a large opening that revealed the cafeteria room where males with faces bare of facial hair were sitting in chairs at tables sipping from blue cups in their hands. He could see at one wall on his left was a row of machinery that gave up the nourishment drink which the males would sip from cups. Exhaling air he went to the rows of machinery on the right of him that were large boxes standing in a row. He opened one of the boxes which were blinking a green light which showed rows of empty blue cups. He took out a blue cup and walked towards the machinery that gave up nourishment drinks. Exhaling air some more he placed the cup underneath a faucet in the machinery and heard a humming sound as thick brown liquid poured into the cup which his mouth watered smelling the scent of the drink. He took the cup from the machinery once it was finished and brought it to his lips sipping it slowly while walking towards a table where two males were sitting sipping from their cups. He sat down as one of the males pulled his cup from his mouth moaning some sound loudly then watched as the male got up and walked towards the cup machines. William felt a tap on his shoulder and looked to see a male he recognized as Jorgen sipping from his cup that grabbed his ear and made a jerking motion with it.

He pointed to the chair recognizing the sign for “I want to talk to you.”

William sipped the whole contents of the cup and once finished made a sound then placed it on the table in front of him while watching Jorgen sitting next to him drink.

Jorgen he saw pulled the cup from his lips while making a sound then the male spoke “The female Zara was picked by Grigore who defeated you.”

William opened his mouth to speak when Jorgen abruptly got up from the table walking towards the cup machines. He groaned inwardly and got up walking towards the machines to place his cup in one of them with a red light then he walked out of the cafeteria to the hallway. He frowned as he walked a maze of hallways and saw a female form with long black hair he recognized as Sella walking towards him.

He thought to himself “I want a mate. I’m sick of being lonely.”

William blocked Sella’s way as they met and he spoke her name while passing out to roar “Jorgen!”


William came to find himself lying on the floor with a headache pounding in his head. He groaned loudly hands on his head and he crawled to the wall which he used to help him stand up.

He muttered out loud “Argh, defeated again.”

Groaning he kept a hand on the wall as he stumbled towards the cafeteria room walking inside. None of the males gave him any notice as he staggered towards the cup machines and yanked out a cup. Then he stumbled towards the nourishment drink machine which poured out the liquid that he brought to his lips sipping in a fast motion. He went to an empty table and sat down while still sipping the drink. He again felt a tap on his shoulder and looked to see Grigore who tugged his ear which he pointed to a chair and watched as the male sat while drinking from a cup.

William once finished moaned some sound and looked at Grigore who finished his drinking to moan some sound before speaking “It was Jorgen who picked Sella first and defeated you.”

William frowned as Grigore got up walking way towards the cup machines. He exhaled air and got up towards the cup machines to put his cup away. He wandered in the hallways walking towards the gardens to breathe the air deeply. He walked among the trees and plants as the light of outside shined overhead through the glass dome far overhead him. He heard crying sounds and went to investigate seeing a female with black hair sitting on a bench hands on her face. He exhaled air and went to her gently putting a hand on her shoulder rubbing while feeling her stiffen. The female looked at him with tear stained brown eyes typical among the Builders.

William spoke “Mind if I sit down?”

The female he saw gestured with a hand toward the bench and looked away as he climbed over and sat next to her.

He spoke “Is there something I could do for you?”

He heard the female speak with tiredness in her voice “I don’t know it depends on what it is.”

He exhaled air and spoke “Try me.”

The female looked at him as she spoke “What’s your name?”

William spoke “It’s William.”

The female spoke “I’m upset about males not picking me as a mate.”

He saw the hopeful expression in her eyes as he spoke “I’m willing to be your mate if you like.”

The female spoke “My name is Anina.”

William spoke “Anina.”

He felt his hands touch her cheeks as hers touch his cheeks and their lips met in a kiss which was soon broken off.

He heard her speak “Take me to your quarters, William.”

William stood up and offered his hand which Anina took and he walked with her at his side out of the garden to the hallways.

He thought to himself “Finally have a mate and I’m not lonely anymore.”

He frowned when he saw a male he recognized as Simit ahead of them walking in their direction broke up in a jog till he was stood blocking their way.

Simit spoke “Anina.”

William found himself passing out as he roared out “Simit!”


William groaned feeling the hard floor as he lay on his side while feeling a headache pounding in his head. He shook his head and sat up groaning.

He thought to himself “Simit had to ruin everything by taking Anina away from me.”

He crawled to the wall and used it to stand which he stumbled walking till he reached the cafeteria to see males sitting at a long table looking at him with golden eyed glares while sipping from their cups.

He thought “Uh oh, what did I do this time?”

Groaning inwardly he stumbled to a cup machine and grabbed a cup then staggered to the nourishment machine which poured the liquid. He sipped the cup in a fast motion and went to a table occupied by Jorgen and another male he recognized as Tunis. He frowned inwardly as Jorgen and Tunis abruptly got up from the table walking away from him to sit at another table. He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked to see Grigore sipping from a cup who tugged his ear. He pointed to the chair next to him and watched as Grigore sat down. William finished the drink with a gasp and looked at Grigore who finished his drink with a moan sound.

Grigore spoke “William, I regret to inform you but the males have agreed that you are forbidden to have a female as a mate, reason your repeated attempts to take already taken females as mates.”

William opened his mouth to speak when Grigore abruptly got up from the table walking away from him. He gave the males sitting at a long table a golden eyed glare who didn’t meet his stare and he got up to put the cup away and stormed from the cafeteria.

He thought to himself “My life is nothing without a female and I should have died having my sword cut off from me.”

He walked a maze of hallways and took several elevators till he reached the hallway that led to the airlock and barely took a step when the air around him shifted revealing two males wearing black smooth clothing with hats on their heads covering their hair stood blocking his way.

One of them spoke “This is restricted area no one not authorized is allowed without the General’s permission.”

William’s blue eyes flared golden as he recognized the General’s guardian force the Kalka.

He roared out “I should have died having my sword detached from me and I’ll correct that!”

He charged at the Kalka who met his charge while pulling out hand guns from pockets on their sides. He hit them with his fists and roared some more as one of the Kalka brought the tip of the hand gun to his neck in a quick move. He felt a pain feeling from the neck area along with sleepiness that persisted and saw the floor rushing up to meet him which he fell unconscious.


William woke up to discover himself lying on a hard bed with a light blaring at him above. Groaning of pain he sat up rubbing a hand on his neck where the Kalka had thrust his gun weapon on it. He heard a throat clearing like noise and looked to see the short blonde haired Dinnen, Captain of the guards wearing an identical uniform as the Kalka but no hat on his head standing behind the gated bars of the rectangular cell with three of the Kalka behind him.

He stared at Dinnen who spoke “My guards tell me what you told them and the medical doctor Thomas proved with his scanner.”

William spoke as he looked away “I should have died and I aim to correct that.”

Dinnen spoke “William.”

He looked at Dinnen who paused and continued speaking “Life is worth living for you were given another chance any male would want. Losing your sword and living isn’t the end of the world for it proves that the creator found you special enough to live.”

William groaned hearing Dinnen’s words who added “Take him out and knock him out and put him back in his quarters.”

He stood up to stare at Dinnen as the cell doors opened and he didn’t struggle as the Kalka grabbed him in fast blurring speed motions while feeling a prick of pain in his neck followed by sleepiness which persisted putting him unconscious.


William jerked his blue eyes open to discover himself back in his quarters lying on his back while feeling the lumps of the mattress poking him.

Groaning he sat up and spoke out loud “Grigore should have killed me.”

He heard a beep sound and looked at his TV monitor stuck in the wall and heard his voice speak “William, take a walk in the garden. It’ll clear your head.”

Groaning out loud he got up from the mattress and left his quarters walking to the gardens. He met no one on his way and entered the garden area through a large arch. He aimlessly wandered among the greenery eyes staring at the ground till he spotted an object his foot was about to kick. Frowning he recognized the object as a book and he bent to pick it up and straightened his form to examine the contents.

He opened a page and saw writing which his eyes told him said “Property of Thomas, Medical Doctor.”

Exhaling air he closed the book and walked out of the garden walking a maze of hallways and took several elevators to the Medical Bay. He passed by males who gave him golden eyed glares and saw females who froze from their walking to stare at him with horror looks on their faces. He reached Medical Bay pushing open the doors to stare at the circular room that had beeping machinery and beds jutting from the wall. On his left he could see a large black curtain covering an opening which he assumed was the Doctor’s quarters. Exhaling air he went to a bed and lied on it on his back and closed his eyes.


William dreamed of a hallway with open doorways on both ends. His eyes he saw was drawn to two doorways that moved apart showing a door that appeared between them. He reached with a hand and grabbed the doorknob sliding open the door as smoke came billowing out. He grimaced as a headache arrived to his head followed by the pain leaving him as an image of male wearing grey clothing standing in front of him with a light shining from above.

The male he recognized as the General spoke “You are my son for I am your father.”


The dream went away as William felt a hand shaking his arm and jerked his eyes open to stare at Thomas the Medical Doctor standing next to him brown eyes looking annoyed.

Thomas spoke “I don’t see anything wrong with you so why is you here?”

William spoke “I found something that belongs to you.”

He held up the book which he saw Thomas’ eyes turn to stare at it then watched as the Doctor held up a hand and he handed him the book.

He stared at Thomas who walked away from him going to the curtain and saw the Doctor pause as he spoke “William something I could do for you?”

William spoke “No.”

Then he got up from the bed and left the Medical Bay. He went to his quarters and stood staring at his sword lying on the floor next to the chair. He groaned as a feeling of intense sadness arrived to him which made him kneeled bringing tears to his eyes as he cried. His TV flicked showings Dinnen’s face.

Dinnen spoke “I regret to inform you but the General has passed away. His will states he has named a male called William as his successor.”

The TV flicked off showing a blank screen which William stood up and went to the chair to sit staring at the walls.

He heard a doorbell sound and groaned as he got up from the chair to stand staring at the door as he spoke “Enter.”

The door opened showing a female Builder wearing a grey robe which William grimaced seeing her eyes were all white which he recognized as a Seer an unknown species of an unknown name who prophesied the future.

Seer spoke “I see two futures for you. One is not accepting the position and is lonely as an outcast or the other is accepting the position and getting what you desire the most, chose wisely, William.”

He stared at Seer who backed up walking away as the door slid closed. William groaned out loud and went to mattress to lie on his side falling asleep.


William dreamed of him lying on top of a female with face and head blurry as he is moving like he is mating with her.

The female spoke voice distorted “General.”

He in the dream spoke “I have what I want is a mate to stop being lonely.”


William jerked open his eyes to stare at the wall and he sat up groaning loudly.

He looked around the room and then spoke “I guess accepting the position means I get a mate.”

He got up and went to his sword picking it up then went to the console next to the door and spoke “William erased.”

He heard a beep sound as the door slid open and stayed open as he left the quarters walking a maze of hallways as he took elevators till he reached a hallway with a row of windows on his right that showed the planet’s barren landscape. He exhaled air as he saw an open doorway which he brought his hand to the console next to it which the door slid closed then opened. He walked inside to stare at a lighted overhead round room with a metal desk with a console on it in the middle with a plush chair with wheels and arm rests behind the desk. He spied a brown wide door on his right and went to it grabbing the doorknob and he slid it open and stepped inside. The door slid closed behind him as he looked around the round room lighted above while seeing shelves full of items in the walls and facing him was a large bed jutting from a wall with pillows and blankets on it unmade. He looked on his left to see two boxes humming some sound which he assumed was a cup washer and liquid dispenser. He spied two doorways besides them and walked towards the one nearest the machinery dropping his sword on a shelf next to it. He entered a circular room to show a tub facing him and there was a large shower stall on his right and on his left was a sink surrounded by a counter with items scattered on it. He turned his head to stare at the shower stall then he with his feet freed them from the animal skin moccasins and started yanking off his clothes as he went to the shower stall. He stood in the shower letting the water run over him washing him. Exhaling air he felt himself feeling much better as he came out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry himself. He spied his animal skin clothing and shoes lying on the floor which he grabbed and folded the clothes as he carried out of the bathroom. He saw an armchair sitting near the door entrance to his quarters with a row of books on shelves next to it which he placed the clothes on it. He looked at the bed to see a short sleeve shirt and shorts of smooth material lying on it he didn’t notice before. He went to the clothes and put them on his form which fit him perfectly and he got in the bed adjusting the pillows and pulling the blankets till they were up to his chest.

He spoke “Lights off.”

The lights above dimmed turning off as he smiled to himself feeling the softness and smoothness of the mattress his back was lying on as he closed his eyes falling asleep.


William slept peacefully and woke up feeling well rested. He got up from the bed and went to the other door next to the bathroom to see it was a large closet with a bunch of clothes on the bar with hangers and shoes on the floor on both sides of him. He stared at the clothes with a frown then spied at the wall in front of him was a grey long sleeved shirt and pants hanging on a hanger on a hook with a pair of booted shoes below it. He frowned seeing the clothes looked exactly like the male he saw wore in his dream and the same the General always wore. He pulled the clothes off the hanger and began changing his clothing into them which fit him. He bent to grab the booted shoes from the closet and went to the bed to sit and placed the shoes on his feet. He went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror at his short hair that was messy. He looked down at the sink and spied a comb which he grabbed and began combing his hair in a neat style. Once done William left the bathroom and went to the boxy devices which he saw had a faucet jutting from one of them and a door part. He opened the boxy device with a door part to see a blue cup in it sitting on a shelf. William took out the cup and placed it underneath the faucet of the other boxy device which his mouth watered as thick liquid pooled into the cup. He brought the cup to his lips and drank sipping slowly. Once done he placed the cup into the box with door and went to the armchair to grab his animal skin clothes and moccasins. He walked out of the quarters to the office part and placed the clothes and shoes on the desk as he spied an envelope lying on the metal desk. He frowned as he picked up the envelope and pulled out a letter which he read the contents.


Journal includes copy of the letter as written by General William the First, contents of letter: learns the real reason why he was given the position he learns he was actually the General’s missing son who was recently found by a blood test comparing him to the general by the doctor Thomas who is actually a Human with no voice ability but ignored by Builders.


William stared at the letter with shock placed the letter inside the envelope and took it inside his quarters. He looked around the area and spied a bare shelf which he went to his sword and pick it up. He went to the bare shelf and placed the sword on it and placed the envelope on top of the sword. William exhaled air and left his quarters to the desk and sat at the chair. He looked at the console with buttons and a speaker in it at one side with a frown.

He exhaled air as he remembered what the buttons were for which his hand pressed some of them and he heard a male voice speak coming from the speaker “General?”

William spoke with authority in his voice “Get me Captain Dinnen to my office.”

He heard the male voice speak “Will do.”

Then he pressed some buttons and sat staring at the door with a serious expression on his face. He waited as the door opened showing Dinnen escorted by three Kalka who walked into the room. He could see Dinnen had a neutral expression on his face when he saw him.

William spoke gesturing to his clothes and moccasins with a hand “Captain, please depose these for I won’t be using them.”

He saw Dinnen nod his head as the Captain went to pick up the clothes and shoes and then left the room followed by his Kalka. William exhaled air and got up from the desk and left his office to the windows across from it. He folded his arms and stared at the red dirt landscape as he sensed a presence and looked at his right side. He kept a neutral expression on his face seeing a female with long black hair wearing cloth dirt colored clothing of a shirt and a skirt with boots on her feet who stared at him with a hopeful expression on her face.

The female spoke “General William, my name is Riselle.”

He spoke “Riselle.”

William heard a male voice speaking “Riselle.”

He blacked out roaring some nonsense sound and came to find himself hands on a female’s face while kissing her on the lips as he felt her kiss him back. He broke off the kiss to look at the female he saw was Riselle who hugged him as he looked down on his right to see a Kalka lying on the floor unconscious with a sword out in his hand. Exhaling air he took Riselle’s arm as she broke off the hug and escorted her down the hallway to a door that slid open revealing a circular room with four curtained doorways in the walls and the room’s contents he saw had furniture in it. He could see a large couch on one wall with part of it jutting out and facing the couch on another wall were two boxy devices which he assumed held cups and food drinks. William took Riselle to a doorway that he saw had a mattress with blankets and pillows on top of it. Once inside the room he and Riselle stripped their clothes and he yanked the blankets on the mattress to the foot part. Riselle he saw lay down on the mattress with head on the pillow as he lay himself on top of her while feeling her legs part to accommodate him. He felt Riselle’s hands on his chest as he brought his mouth to her neck and began kissing her there as he entered her with his sensitive part.

He heard as he broke a barrier inside Riselle while entering her, her gasp out “Oh!”

William felt joy inside him as thought to himself “I’m Riselle’s first.”

He thrust moving as he sensed Riselle move meeting his thrusting. He felt a part of him leave inside Riselle as he felt a wave of pleasure arrive while hearing her moan some sounds loudly. He moved his head and kissed Riselle on the cheek then pulled out of her adjusting his position to sit up besides her.

William exhaled air as he recalled in his mind thinking “Builder males must mate with the same female three times at different time periods to get her with child.”

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to look at Riselle who hugged him then they both got up and got dressed changing into their clothes. He and Riselle in silence hand and hand left the bedroom to the living room where Dinnen stood in the doorway with his Kalka besides him. William looked at Dinnen questioningly.

Dinnen spoke “General, would you please come with me to the meeting room?”

William nodded his head and with Riselle besides him he followed Dinnen out of the room walking in several corridors till they reached a large arched doorway showing a room where a number of Kalka were gathered. He could see the room was a cafeteria like with a number of tables and chairs scattered around it and in front of a wall were machinery he recognized gave up the food drink along with holding cups.

He heard Dinnen speak in a loud tone “General on deck.”

Kalka he saw in the room paused from their talk to look at him standing in the doorway some getting up from their seats while still drinking from cups. He frowned as he heard a guard speak Riselle’s name which he roared blacking out while hearing her screaming his name. William came to find himself kissing Riselle on the lips with hands in her hair and her hands on his chest.

He heard Dinnen speak “The female that the General is kissing is for him alone. I will not tolerate anyone challenging the General for her for I’ll see the challenger loses the fight if I have to get them restrained.”

He heard scattered sounds of agreements coming from the guards as he broke off the kiss and took Riselle’s arm as he and her left the room walking out. He escorted her back to the living room quarters and went to the boxy machines in front of a wall. He pulled out a cup which he handed to Riselle and pulled out his own cup which they both filled with nourishment which they both drank. He drank his cup in a fast motion and once finished placed it back in a machine as Riselle finished her drink. He took her cup and put it away then they went to a familiar doorway and entered the bedroom again. Once again William stripped himself of his clothing as Riselle did the same. He laid his form on top of hers as she laid her back on the mattress with him entering her. William placed his hands on her sides as she placed hers on his chest as they moved in rhythm. He felt a wave of pleasure arrive as he spilled himself inside her while hearing Riselle moan loudly. He kissed her cheek then he pulled out of her and grabbed the blankets from the foot of the bed to place on himself and her then wrapped his arms around her as she did the same. William closed his eyes falling asleep.


William jerked his eyes awake as he felt a hand rubbing him on his face where his beard was.

He stared at Riselle’s brown eyes with confusion as she spoke “William, I’m willing to carry your child and I hope it’s a male for you to pass on the position should anything happen to prevent you from keeping your duties.”

He smiled at Riselle and kissed her hand as she brought them to his shoulders as he adjusted his position to lie on top of her. He felt her legs part as he entered her while kissing her neck while moving in thrusts with her meeting his movements. He felt an intense feeling of happiness arrive after spilling inside her. He kissed her cheek and pulled out of her to lie on his side with her arms around him as he laid a hand on her abdomen gently rubbing.

He stared at Riselle’s face seeing her eyes closed and thought to himself “This is what I wanted the most which was to have a mate and not be lonely any more while having the female bare my child.”

He closed his eyes as a smile came to his lips and frowned as he heard Riselle groan loudly. He opened his eyes wide to see a pain look on her face before her form became still with her breathing heavy. Frowning he stiffened as he felt her abdomen underneath his hand rise growing fast becoming swollen with a baby he felt moving inside her. He sat up staring at the growing abdomen with shock and yanked the blankets off her form as he felt the baby inside her stopped moving to see it come out in a fast motion from an opening between her legs. He stared at the baby he saw was a girl that wailed a cry and turned his eyes towards Riselle who he saw was still asleep with a pained look on her face. Groaning he got up and grabbed his clothes putting them on then went to a wall were a console of buttons and a screen sat.

He pressed a button and spoke “This is the General. Send the doctor to this location now.”

He went to Riselle, picked up the baby and placed her on Riselle’s form while putting the blankets around her.

He waited staring at a sleeping Riselle as he heard a male voice call “General it’s the doctor.”

William got up and left the bedroom to see Thomas standing in the living room with a large white bag held by strap on his shoulder. He gestured to Thomas with a hand towards the doorway to the bedroom and stepped aside as Thomas walked in and saw the doctor pause seeing Riselle and the baby.

William spoke “I just mated with Riselle for the third time when the baby, a girl started growing fast inside her and came out.”

He paused as Thomas walked to the bed and kneeled next to it while dropping the bag. He frowned watching as Thomas pulled out a light blinking object from his pocket and waved it over Riselle and the baby.

Thomas spoke “Riselle and the baby according to scanner are doing fine. I’ll need to have them taken to Medical for further tests just to figure out her fast pregnancy.”

He saw the doctor grab a pillow yanking off the pillowcase and wrapped the baby in it. With an exhale he went to Riselle and wrapped the blankets on her form covering her nudity and lifted her up carrying her with his arms. He followed Thomas carrying his bag and the baby out of the quarters to the hallway walking a maze of corridors and several elevator trips till they reached the Medical Bay area. He went to a bed and laid Riselle down on it as he stood watching Thomas place the baby in a crib with a device on the bottom.

He stood watching as Thomas looked at him and the doctor spoke “General, I’m afraid I have to ask you to leave. There’s nothing you can do while being here.”

William frowned as he left the medical bay. He walked by Dinnen and his guards who didn’t look at him. He went to his office and sat in the chair staring at the door. He felt tiredness arrived and went to his quarters to the bed where he lied down closing his eyes. He dreamed of Riselle lying in the Medical bay awake and she was staring at Thomas and Dinnen.

Thomas he saw in the dream spoke “Tests reveal that William is responsible for the fast pregnancy that happened to Riselle and not her.”

Riselle spoke “I don’t want to be a mate of William anymore. Please get me someone else.”

He heard Dinnen exhale a breath before speaking “I’ll see that Riselle gets a mate and that the General will lose the fight if I have to have him restrained.”

The view went black as William jerked his eyes open with shock as he sat up while gasping. He heard a doorbell sound and left his bedroom to his office which he pressed a button on the console opening the door. He frowned as the air shifted showing Kalka with their hands on him in a tight grip and he roared a nonsense sound as he passed out.


William came to find himself lying on a couch in the living room quarters with Dinnen sitting besides him watching him.

He frowned staring at Dinnen with confusion as the Captain spoke “General, sorry but Riselle begged not to be a mate of you anymore. Her fast pregnancy according to the Doctor and his tests is your fault. Also your daughter is being raised by a couple who can’t have children.”

William got up from the couch as Dinnen added “I’m sorry General but I’ll see that you lose any fight if you get a female for I think you’re not fully Builder.”

William flared golden eyes at Dinnen who continued speaking “General, you weren’t raised among the Builders and you were seen coming through the gate as an adult without any clothing and passing out there.”

William felt himself calming down as a memory of him standing naked in a grey room with a large metal arch behind him and grimaced as he recalled passing out falling unconscious. He gave Dinnen a glare that cut him off and he left the living room quarters to his office and entered his bedroom with the door sliding shut behind him. He felt a weak feeling in his knees and fell to kneel as he wailed out a cry.

He shook his form hard as he moaned out “Riselle.”

He crawled to the bed and got on it on his stomach burying his head in his arms as he continued to wail falling asleep.


He heard the sound of a doorbell ringing which woke him up. He felt anger arriving as he got up and walked to his office going to the desk which he pressed some buttons as he saw a blue light on the console turn on.

He spoke muttering out loud “I want to be alone for awhile.”

He felt his anger take control and growled as he went to his bedroom to fall to his knees. His mouth moved as words were spoken in a chant as anger overcame him. He rocked his form back and forth as he placed his hands on his face as he continued chanting. William cut his chanting when he heard banging on his bedroom door and heard muffled voices speaking in loud tones.

He growled out “what do they want now?”

He went to the door slamming it open and felt hands grabbing him as he felt a needle like prick of pain in his throat followed by sleepiness and he closed his eyes falling unconscious.


William woke up in a calm mood while lying on a hard bed with his head on a pillow. He sat up looking around and discovered himself in Medical Bay. He frowned as he saw Thomas sitting in a chair asleep next to his bed.

He groaned out “Thomas.”

Thomas he saw jerked his eyes open then jerked out of the chair to stand next to his bed with a scanner object in his hand waving over him.

He stared at Thomas with confusion as the Doctor spoke “I ordered the Captain to bring you unconscious to the Medical Bay for further tests which were already done revealing interesting results I refused to say to anyone but yourself.”

William frowned as Thomas continued speaking “I discover that a part of you is part of an immortal species called Zeskaya who have been in contact with me asking for news about yourself. Their aware of you being the Builders’ leader and have been pushing me to test you for they think your one of them.”

He stared at Thomas with shock as the Doctor added “The immortality I think helped you survive having your sword off your arm along with the Zeskaya side resulted in Riselle’s fast pregnancy something that is common among them.”

He continued to stare at Thomas who spoke “You can leave Medical Bay to your quarters. I recommend that you get some sleep for you’ll feel much better.”

William felt a hand on his arm pulling him from the bed which he got up and walked out hearing Thomas say “It’ll be alright William.”

He groaned as he walked slowly taking a route to his office which he entered and walked to his bedroom. He looked around the room objects not registering in his eyes sight and with an exhale of breath went to his bed and lied down staring at the ceiling. He sensed a light flash coming from his bathroom sat up to stare at the door to see a figure standing there. He frowned as he saw the figure was wearing scaly like black clothing molded to the body in a male form which he saw had a round shaped head. He stared with confusion as the figure reached with Builder like hands to the back of the round shaped head and frowned as the head came off showing a Builder like face with white long hair and golden eyes.

He saw the figure’s mouth move and heard a male voice speak “William, my name is Leader of the species Zeskaya. My people have been in contact with your Medical Doctor Thomas asking for information about you who has been revealed to be like I part Zeskaya part Builder.”
William got up from the bed as Leader paused then continued speaking “Thomas your Medical Doctor insisted I contact you for he told you of us along with what you are. I should tell you that my species can travel to world through doorways and have been in contact with other species while walking hidden among them.”


William sat in his office with Leader standing next to him as he saw a figure walk into the room escorted by Dinnen and guards. The figure he saw appeared to have bones on the outside of the body in a tan color with a Builder like face in a male form.

The figure spoke in a male voice “My species is called Wiser who the Zeskaya have been in contact with.”

William meets Wiser who tells him about Eric while describing his features who is ruler of a world called Terrania which is another planet orbiting the same sun as the Builders’ home planet while in his office with Leader and Dinnen with guards there.

Wiser talks “Rakcar have a ship sending a signal orbiting Terrania.” and what Rakcar have been doing to planetary worlds.

William gets annoyed but Wiser says “Eric has to mate with four Builder females in exchange for Terrania to be protected from the Rakcar.” which Leader talks “William should agree to this.” which William spoke “I agree verbally.”

Leader and Wiser leave, William tells Dinnen “I have selected four females.” and names them speaking their names “Zara, Sella, Anina and Riselle.”

Dinnen protests sputtering “but” which William interrupts to repeat the names along “I’m expecting my orders to be obeyed.”

Dinnen says “I’ll obey.” and leaves office.

William goes to quarters and snarls in an angry tone words “You’ll pay for rejecting me.”


As remembered later William while in office Dinnen’s female Saria reports “Riselle is no where to be founds.”

William is furious says “Riselle must obey my orders or suffer punishment.”

Saria “I verbally agrees to this.” and leaves.

Dinnen “I ask William for a private talk in office.”

William “I agrees.” with Dinnen tells him “My female Saria can’t conceive a child despite mating with her the required three times. Saria went in Riselle’s place.” which William stands up yelling “What?!”

Dinnen says in groaning tone “Saria was desperate to have a child to nearing the age when having a child could result in miscarriages.”

William is furious gives Dinnen a glare that flinches from the stare and storms to his quarters slamming the sliding door close.

He snarls out “you’ll pay for rejecting me, Riselle.”

He kneel chanting words till a knock on his door cuts his chanting off. William gets up and goes out to see Riselle kneeling on the floor with a guard pointing gun weapon on her and next to her is a guard with handcuffs on lying unconscious.

Dinnen tells William “Your to say Riselle’s name on the account of her telling me that her mate raped her and threatening to kill William himself.”

William stands there with arms folded eyes narrowed boring at Riselle who spoke “I plead to William to say my name.”

She gets to the point that she’s screaming for him to say her name “I plead to William to say my name please!”

Riselle in desperation screams out “I’m sorry I rejected you!”

William looks at Dinnen who is looking at him with a frown then says Riselle’s name and finds himself kissing her on the lips hands on her cheeks with her standing hands on his chest. He breaks off kiss to glare at her who has sad look in her eyes. William puts his hands through her hair as he kisses her again.

Then he breaks it off to hug her with hand on her back and hand on her head both hands gently rubbing as she cries tears while moaning out “William” repeatedly.

In living room quarters William kisses Riselle on the side of her neck while having hands touch her back.

She stiffens but he breaks off kiss to speak “you owe me for that rejection.”

They separate and undress. William and Riselle lay on the bed with William besides her kissing her neck hands kneading her chest then he kisses go lower to her chest which she gasps from his mouth and hands playing with her. He settles on top of her and mates.

Once finished Riselle keeps him locked inside her with her legs around him as she blurts out “The former mate Gonas, I had forced me to undress as he only bared his private before jamming himself inside me. Gonas got mad when he discovered that he wasn’t my first.

He after pulling out used the voice to get me to say ‘You’ll to admit who’s your first.’ was which I said ‘The General William.’

Gonas threatened that he’ll kill William for being my first and after adjusting his pants stormed out of the quarters. I yanked on my clothes and ran to William’s office to meet Dinnen there. I told of what Gonas did to me and his threat to William which the mate arrived. Dinnen got him to confess this using the voice which he was knocked out.

Dinnen declared to me, I tell you ‘you’ll have to be William’s mate again to keep you safe and alive.’

Riselle adds ‘I told Dinnen what I’m telling you now ‘I regret rejecting William because of the fast pregnancy that freaked me out about William himself.’”

She continues to William “I’m willing to have more children if you want to and go through more fast pregnancies if that’s the results of the conceiving.”

William’s response is to adjust himself moving out of her till his head is level with hers as she releases her leg hold on him to kiss her lips then says “Don’t reject me again, I won’t tolerate it.”

Riselle spoke “I oaths to William I won’t do the rejecting again and hopes the others will respect us being mates and will help keep us together.”

William spoke “I agree on this.”

William stares at Riselle who falls asleep with him on top of her, her hands touching his chest which he moves them to their sides and wraps his arms around her while yanking the blankets over their forms up to her shoulder.

He smiles to himself as he thinks “I have what I want.”

Then William closes his eyes falling asleep.


It’s recalled that William in office gets up from seat to go outside the office to look out the window. Riselle is else where via memory of her despite not entirely sure of remembering what’s going on with her.

He gets terrible pain in his chest falls to his knees moaning out “Riselle.”

Once the pain goes away he goes to his office to sit in the chair and stares at the door unknowingly of the time.

Dinnen arrives and sadly tells him “Riselle was found with guards unconscious on the floor of a corridor with her throat slashed and she is disappeared.”

William numbly gets up from the seat and goes into his office quarters to kneel staring at the bed which he loses it wailing and chanting words till his voice becomes raw. William crawls to the armchair to sit in it and falls asleep groaning.

William gets dream of Seer speaking “I’m telling William of two futures, one with another as a mate will reveal the murderer. One without a mate will be the end of him.”


William wakes up with a gasp to stare at the wall unseeingly the contents with out knowing of the time.


He hears knock on his sliding door gets up and walks out in a daze which he meets a blonde female with blue eyes named Patra who speaks his name while he saying her name and putting hands on his cheeks.

He stares at her not knowing her till she mentions “We grew up with separate parents playing together. I have admired you as a mate from the time of our growing up.” William speaks her name “Patra. I’m still not recognizing you.”

They kiss and he gets headache as he sees a door in his mind’s eye slid open with smoke pouring out of it. William takes her to living room quarters which they sit on the couch Patra’s arms around him with his eyes closed leaning his head on hers.


He remembers a memory of himself as a child with a race called Banshee. In the memory he recalls the Banshee had a clawed hand on his hand guiding him without any clothes on through passageways of the caves till they reach a cave where he is introduced to another child a female with long blonde hair who is naked like he is.

He is told by voice in his head from the Banshee “The child’s name is Patra who Brandis is to play with.”

Unsure of the name Brandis despite knowing what it is as William and Patra go to the bedroom where they mate.


William is outside quarters and enters quarters to see Gonas a Kalka holding Patra with sword at her throat.

Gonas spoke “I demands for this female’s name!” which William spoke “I refuses to give.”

Patra hits him in the sensitive part which gets Gonas to free her. William darts after Gonas who in a fast speed motion darts out of the living room quarters. He and Gonas get into a fight. William blacks out.


Finds he sitting on the floor hand holding Gonas’ sword hand. He sees Gonas has his throat cut and is dead as he sees Dinnen with a golden eyed glare standing with guards eyes boring at him.

William gets up as Patra walks out of the quarters hysterically exclaiming “Gonas threatened me! Gonas wanted my name which I refuse to give!”

William sees Dinnen point to him and point to the quarter’s doorway which he pushes Patra into the living room quarters closing the door behind them. They enter a bedroom door and he brings her to a bed which they get on and he holds Patra who is upset crying. He holds her as she falls asleep. He adjusts the blankets to wrap around her and he dims the lights verbally to close his eyes and falls asleep.


William leaves living room quarters leaving Patra and meets Dinnen who spoke “I’m insists on showing you something.”

The something is at the morgue which he sees Riselle’s body and sees her throat which he gets image of a Banshee in his mind’s eye.

Dinnen tells William “Gonas found her dead first. The corridor she was in leads to the elevators in one direction and in other direction two corridors down are Gonas’ quarters which are how he found her.”

William and Dinnen with guards leave morgue and are walking in corridor when Dinnen and guards groan loudly hitting the floor unconscious as William finds himself fainting too.


William awakes to sees a Kalka with golden eyes standing at the edge of the corridor in front of him and he looks behind to see another Kalka with golden eyes behind him at the edge of the corridor. William backs himself to a wall as the Kalka in a fast speed motion are in front of him. He grimaces feeling their bare hands touching his face and realizes what they are. He realizes that their Builder/Banshee Hybrids and feels them scanning his mind which his defenses in his mind are knocked down. He sees hallway with open/closed doors on both sides and sees them walking down it till they reach a Banshee standing in front of a closed door at the end. Kalka fight the Banshee and win then they smash open the closed door yanking pieces it off the doorframe. William gets headache as Kalka leave his mind and he falls to his knees groaning loudly fainting unconscious. He sees via overhead sight of the hybrid Kalka leave as Dinnen and Kalka wake up.


William gets image of Patra in his mind’s eye and hears her screaming his name which he speaks “Patra!”

William wakes up darts in a fast speed motion out of the hallway to the living room quarters.

He sees the living room is empty but his eyes are drawn to a doorway which he enters the room to see a Kalka holding Patra with hand holding her hair in a tight grip and sword at her neck.

William keeps himself calm as Kalka angrily tells him “Brandis should not have killed Gonas in revenge for taking Riselle. Riselle when she was attacked called out Gonas’ name hence he finding her there and tried to save her.”

William keeps his mouth shut as Kalka spoke “I demand this female’s name!” which William spoke “I refuses to give you!”

He sees Patra raise a fist and watches as her fist hits the Kalka in the sensitive part area which the Kalka lets go of her.

William uses voice “You Kalka are to keep from attacking her and me!”

He escorts Patra to the living room quarters where he gets drink and sits on the couch with her sitting next to him as Dinnen and Kalka guards arrive as the Kalka attacker’s walks out of a bedroom.

The Kalka attacker tells Dinnen “What I told Brandis about Riselle calling out Gonas’ name and him arriving to try to save her, Brandis killing him in retaliation.”

Dinnen says “Nice Try. I explain I considered the theory too but the coroner told me ‘Riselle was already dead for a certain time period when Gonas arrived to the corridor.’

The corridor in one direction leads to the elevators and in another direction two corridors down was Gonas’ quarters along with the fact that the Kalka escorts weren’t really knocked down.

They were mysteriously blinded and reports ‘We lay on the ground Riselle never said a word but we heard her gasping as if she was choking while hearing running footsteps towards her and running away before we blacked out.”

William finishes drink as Dinnen asks him using voice “You’re to explain the Kalka attacker’s presence here!’

Kalka attacker speaks before William could talk “I threatened this female to get her to speak my name so I could kill Brandis.”

William flares golden eyes as the Kalka adds “The female screamed out William’s name which got him here and she hit him where it hurts the most-”

Dinnen cuts Kalka attacker by saying “Enough!”

“I orders the guards to escort the Kalka attacker to the brig!” which they do with Dinnen leaving with living room quarters door closing behind them.

William gets up and puts away cup as he sees Patra storm to a doorway. He goes to the doorway and enters a room that is similar to his bedroom with stuff in it but the bed is next to the door with there being two arm chairs facing him. He sees Patra go into a doorway and enters to see a bathroom similar to his bedroom’s bathroom. She is yanking off her clothes which he does the same and she enters large three person shower stall with him following.

She in an angry tone spoke “I demands you to turn on the shower!” which he does and rubs her back despite her protests “Don’t touch me!” with the water flowing over them.

It’s noticed there’s a mark onto her back of a belly button area onto the spinal column lower sized. The mark isn’t sure of why’s its there but that mark is of cloning actually, marking Patra as a clone.


William also spins her around and holds her with his arms around her in a hug with her hands on his chest.

He hears her protest angrily “Don’t touch me!” and he speaks “Let it go!”

Repeating the words “Let the anger go!” as he hears her crying loudly he holds her as she weeps and hears her stop.

William shuts off the shower and leaves stall with a hand on her back whose head is staring at the floor. He towel dries them both then carries her to the bed which he places her on it and gets in the bed besides her to pull the blankets to her shoulder. He wraps his arms around her in a hug and holds her as she falls asleep.

He spoke “Eli, I verbally gets the lights to dim.” and closes his eyes as he lets sleep overcome him.


William and Patra mate several times and results in Patra’s fast pregnancy.


William leaves Patra nursing their son Brandis in the living room quarters.

He before leaving tells Patra “I’ll get the doctor to come and examine the baby.”

He goes to his office and touches his communication console “I’m requesting the doctor to my office.”

William stands and waits as Thomas arrives carrying a bag which the Builder spoke “I’m to escorts you to the living room quarters for a private matter.”

They stand in doorway which opens to show a male Builder with short black hair and animal skin clothes holding an unconscious Patra in his arm with his other arm showing the sword which points to William. Brandis is on the couch wrapped in blankets sleeping.

Thomas restrains William with hand on his shoulder as Builder attacker rants “I wound up being told by Grigore ‘You are forbidden to have a female.’

The males won’t tell me why despite me asking them!”

Builder attacker rants some more adding “The females have been running away from me while screaming! Some saying their mates’ names while others screaming calls for help!”

Builder attacker “I wound up includes on being confused on who did this forbidden and why till I met a female I refers as Riselle with Kalka guards who I knocked out! Riselle looked at me with defiant in her eyes! I say she was responsible for my forbidding according to her stare!”

Builder attacker spoke yelling “I grabbed Riselle by the shoulder cutting her throat with my sword! I saw the look in her eyes were still the same as she closed her eyes falling to the floor as I took off running?!”

Builder attacker adds “After Riselle found dead the males wouldn’t have anything to do with me! They refused to talk to me despite I trying to talk to them!”

Builder attacker say “I complains that the female I’m holding looked at me with that same defiant look and I’ll have to kill her!”

During his talk, William sees outline of a hidden male form walk from behind Builder attacker and sees the form place an arm over Patra’s throat.

William is horrified as the Builder attacker swipes sword at Patra’s throat then charges at him in a fast blurring speed motion which his charge is halted by appearing Kalka who knock him out with their gun weapons touching him. William and Thomas run to Patra who is on the floor unconscious. William sees her throat is intact while lying next to her is an unmasked male Zeskaya with short black hair who has pain in his face while holding one of his arms to himself with his hand. William sees dark colored liquid dropping from the held arm indicating cloning status despite not stupidity realizing it. I realize that the male from the ranting was the original Brandis the Record Keeper himself that was later disappeared with William himself taking his place.

William picks up Patra as Thomas wraps up the Zeskaya’s bleeding arm with a large cloth and the doctor mentions “This Zeskaya has to go to medical bay to get the arm damage checked out.”

William carrying Patra follows Thomas with Kalka having hands on Zeskaya who stumble, a maze of corridors and elevators to Medical Bay. William lays Patra on a bed as he feels hands on his shoulders that push him to a bed and put him in a sitting position on it. He feels baby Brandis thrust in his arms which he holds while watching Thomas work on the Zeskaya’s arm.

William exhales air and feels a hand gripping his shoulder which he looks to see Dinnen who says “I and Kalka standing in the hallway heard every word said by the Builder attacker identified named Klon.”

Dinnen admits “It was I who told the males to tell Klon that he was forbidden to have a female because he was caught by Kalka threatening to kill a female with his sword who the Kalka have identified as Riselle herself before William picked her as his mate.”

William spoke “I’m shocked to hear this!” but Dinnen adds “According to the Kalka just before Klon was taken away Riselle called him a freak. Klon according to the Kalka had to be knocked out when he got out of their arms and tried to attack Riselle.

After Klon was knocked out Riselle according to the Kalka asked them a question ‘What do you know about William himself I asking if he had a mate?’ which they told her ‘No he doesn’t have a mate.’

The Kalka reports hearing Riselle say ‘Good.’

‘Along with seeing some smirking look on her face as she walked away in some dancing like walk move.’

William frowns hearing this as Dinnen continues “The Kalka who choose Riselle as his mate admitted after her death ‘Riselle ranted to me about William using the word freak repeatedly.

She was saying ‘The freak not being fully Builder ruining my chances of improving my position among the Builders!’

She adding saying ‘The higher the position how better off they are.’

Dinnen adds “The Kalka got mad hearing how Riselle said to him ‘William raped me hence I call him a freak!’”

William is gaping when he hears this.

Dinnen includes “Riselle was very convincing using pleading and crying including begging when she told me ‘Help me! The Kalka guard is raping me! I am wants to be back to William!’”

William spoke “I ask Dinnen a question about what was Riselle’s position before I chose her as my mate?”

Dinnen replies “I asked my female Saria ‘Riselle and her position among Builders?’

Saria who told me in an annoyed tone ‘Riselle since her arrival through the gate was placed at the bottom of the female hierarchy with chances of moving up if she followed their rules they set for all female builders to follow. Riselle according to her position was living in the garden with no quarters to stay in. The females were nearly out casting Riselle her spreading lies among the females and looking amused when they get in arguments.’”

“Riselle according to Saria” by Dinnen’s talk “was heard among the females after Dinnen announced William as leader bragging ‘William will pick me as his mate for I’ll get better things like I wanted with the position as the Leader’s mate!’”

William groans loudly as Dinnen continues talking “Saria told me ‘Riselle told me ‘I lived a privileged life getting anything I wanted with whatever I wants with Builder like people I refers as Malika. The Malika to my annoyance told me to live with the Builders who were my race. I was forced by their weapons to go through the gate and arrived here to live among the Builders.’-“

William interrupts Dinnen “I’m asking how long would Riselle be in her low ranking position if she patiently followed the rules set for all females to follow?”

Dinnen talks “I already asked Saria about that which she told me ‘The low ranking position was created for all female Builders who arrive here to learn their rules. The female’s moving up the ranks depends on how well she followed those rules including how she treated the other females which could happen in a short time period if she was patient and willing to obey the rules and treating the females the way they wanted to be treated.’

Saria mentions ‘Riselle whined complaints about her low ranking position’s status. She didn’t seem to be obeying the rules or treating the females the way they wanted to be treated. Hence Riselle’s annoying whining.”

Dinnen added “Something I must insist on telling you.”

Don’t remember much involving that.


Part Four: Brandis, the Record Keeper

William as Brandis, writing this doesn’t remember much talk on this subject of Riselle whenever thinking of Riselle from time to time. Brandis as now called instead of William name, suspects that Patra voice ordered him to not to remember much of Riselle like any other Builder around here have voice ordered him not to remember much things despite being a Record Keeper. A Record Keeper is a Builder marked by facial hair on face programmed to remember everything he sees.

Dinnen via memory spoke his insisting talk to speak using the voice “You will remember that your Brandis the Record Keeper and no longer as William our General.”

Brandis wound up to remember this fact and kicked out of the General position with Dinnen smirking and laughing taking the leadership in his place.

Dinnen added via voice “Brandis is to live in garden by himself.” with no one to talk to or visit from time to time.

Left Brandis lonely and wanting someone to talk to including wanting something to do, hence Brandis’ cravings for female companionship when it involves talking to someone.


Brandis, after accepting that record keeper position without any complaints, one day of loneliness, gets handed a book and pen, by Thomas on one of Thomas’ walking patrols and told “It’s just a journal for people to write down their thoughts and memories. Just write whatever language you care for it. It’ll be a written record of your life for your offsprings to know of since you’re contained in the garden on Dinnen’s orders. He didn’t protest to me stopping by handing you materials for boredom from time to time. I managed to convince him of that which he agreed. I aim to hand you journals from my collection for you to write your memories in. I don’t give a care if Dinnen objects to that. Just prefer you to have something to do out of isolation of being here.”


Brandis frowns getting the journal from Thomas but finds him compelled to obey the doctor, to write in it, in a written language different from any language but knows it’s important, what he remembers before his mind was Builder altered. He recalled that his name is actually Brandis and he’s some kind of record keeper due to some easily accessed memories in his mind confusing him on how he could do that via a word of thinking via his mind.

One example is he thinks word “William.”

Brandis as written in here recalls William, his Father originated on Rakcara then went to Terrania, via spaceship followed by going to Egyptia to live the remainder of his life including having his son take over the General position before kicked out. The son Brandis, the record keeper, now lives in the garden by himself writing down what he remembers in this journal.


Recalls using the name word of Dinnen that Dinnen keeps stopping by for visits in the garden multiple times to hand him material involving writing via journals and pens and saying “I’m interested in knowing what’s on Brandis’ mind so write it down!” before voice ordering Brandis saying “Your to forget my visit!”

Dinnen doesn’t know that a Humanoid being with fanged teeth and odd feminine clothes, of a skirt, for a male form, appears into a light show and orders him, via mental talk “You’re to remember what Dinnen has been doing, and writes it down.”

Not sure who this being is despite having a Humanoid form and giving him the creep with his intense Human night sky eyes and long feminine hair for a male form. Despite knowing “My name is Nightwalker.”

I unsure of where it came from other than assumed that the creepy being told Brandis the name of that.


Anyway Brandis asks Zerra “Who this Nightwalker is Brandis is thinking of the Nightwalker name?”

Nothing came to mind to think but Zerra snickering laughter saying “Nope not that thinking on him! Just go to sleep!”

Brandis obeys to go to sleep hoping that Zerra would provide an answer to that name despite hearing a word saying “Terror!” sounding into mind.



End Journalistic Notes.

Edited Builder's Journal Book 1

  • ISBN: 9781370278657
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-05-22 20:20:12
  • Words: 41895
Edited Builder's Journal Book 1 Edited Builder's Journal Book 1