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Dotty the Spotty Dog


Dotty the Happy Dog

By Arnie Lightning

Arnie Lightning Books


Smashwords Edition

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Table of Contents


Leap of Faith

Love at First Bite

El Mariachi

Come Sail Away

Flip Flop

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[] Leap of Faith

Dogs are by and large a pretty happy species, I think you’ll find. Unlike any other creature they evolved specifically to be companions to another species called “humans.”

The human animal is much dumber than dogs, and generally a lot less likable and pleasant, but both people and puppies are much better together than we are alone.

To make almost any dog out-of-his-mind happy, all you really have to do is come home at some point. That’s really it. You don’t even have to be on time. No matter when you get back, dogs are always so happy to see you they’d throw a parade if they could. Which, it should be noted, would almost certainly be the cutest parade of all time.

But while most dogs are very cheerful by their nature, there is one dog that is probably the happiest dog in the entire world. Her name is Dotty, and she is a Dalmatian.

But Dotty isn’t happy because her person comes home; in fact, she has no person, and no home. Dotty was born on a cruise ship and, sadly, when she was only a few hours old, she was thrown overboard by a terrible hurricane!

She washed up on a small island off the coast of Africa days later, shivering, hungry, and with no memory of her life before the incident.

Luckily, she was taken in and raised by a very kind duck named Stacy.

Dotty grew up as one of their own, quacking, spending her days paddling around in ponds, eating leafy greens like grass, lettuce and Swiss chard. She knows from staring into the reflective water of the pond that she looks different than her friends, with her white coat and dark black spots, but she believes herself to be a duck, just like her mom and friends.

Try as she might, though, Dotty the Dalmatian has not been able to crack the whole flying thing. While her friends and family zip through the air with the greatest of ease, Dotty has been entirely grounded her whole life.

She could swim as well as any of her fellow ducks, and she could shout out a quack that would shake the trees, but a duck should be able to fly!

This didn’t make her sad, though, she loved her life way too much to be sad. It just made her determined.

Dotty was smart, and she realized that one of the key differences in herself and the other ducks was that they had feathers while she had fur. So whenever one of her friends lost a feather, just like you or I losing a strand of hair, Dotty would collect it and save it.

After a few months of this she had hundreds and hundreds of feathers saved up. She stuck them to herself with the stickiest clay she could find, climbed to the top of the waterfall overlooking the pond and took a great leap!

She flapped and she flapped and she flapped and, wouldn’t you know, she shot down toward the water like a stone! Because even with feathers glued to them, dogs cannot fly.

When Dotty popped back up to the surface of the pond her mom swooped down and said, “Dot, honey, I’m so sorry it didn’t work. You didn’t fly.”

But Dotty is the happiest dog in the world, and she said, “I’m not! I didn’t fail, mom, I just found another way that doesn’t work. It’s not important that I didn’t fly today. What matters is that I will tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. I won’t give up! Because I’m a duck! And ducks don’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’.”

Stacy smiled at her adopted daughter, proud as a waterfowl has ever been, and said, “I think you are the wisest duck I have ever known.”

With that she gave Dotty a peck on the cheek, and the little Dalmatian got back to work designing a new way to fly.

[] Love at First Bite

After being thrown overboard on a cruise ship while she was only a few hours old, Dottie the happiest dog in the world was raised as a duck on a tropical island off the coast of Africa.

She has never seen another dog and, though she is a Dalmatian by birth, she absolutely believes herself to be a waterfowl. She just thinks she’s kind of odd looking and slow to learn how to fly.

But the waters surrounding that tiny island must have been strangely rough, because only a few years after Dotty washed up, there was another shipwreck off the coast, and Dotty met, for the very first time, another dog.

The storm came out of nowhere, as tropical storms are want to do, and the tiny ship carrying Loony the Cocker Spaniel, Jiffy the cat, and Skeeter, the Parakeet was tossed around like a paper bag in the wind, until it shattered on the rocky shore of Dotty’s island.

Dotty heard the crash from miles away and immediately sprinted toward the noise; afraid someone might be in trouble.

When she arrived at the scene, she found the boat splintered into pieces and the animals knocked unconscious under the debris.

The young Dalmatian was in peak physical condition from years of jungle living, and she sprang into action! She tore the heavy wood from the injured animals, bandaged their wounds with pieces of the ship’s sail that she tore in her mighty jaws, and lastly, using pieces of the ship’s mast to make a stretcher, she dragged them to safety next to her favorite freshwater pond.

While they slept, Dotty collected fresh fruits and vegetables from the lush rain forest so they would have food and drink when they awoke.

Loony woke up first, and despite the fact that the young cocker spaniel is categorically out of his tiny puppy mind, Dotty fell instantly in love with him! And somehow she knew the bat-poop crazy spaniel loved her too.

It was at that moment, though, that Numa, a great lioness and Dotty’s most feared enemy sprang forth out of the bushes!

Numa was not cruel or evil; she just looked at the four young animals the way you or I might look at a nice, melty piece of fresh pizza. She was hungry and this was lunch.

In all her years, Dottie had dealt with Numa in only one way: she ran away quacking at the top of her lungs and jumped into the nearest, deepest water she could find, because it was well known on the island that lions hated to get wet.

Numa was already circling between Dotty and the pond, though. There was no way the Dalmatian could get to the safety of the water before being grabbed by the great huntresses mighty jaws!

And then something happened that had never happened before: someone stood up to the lion.

Loony got right in her face and said, “You want to get crazy, kitty? Let’s get nuts!” he then started barking and yelling and rolling around like a madman. Which he was. He was, as I said, totally crazy.

When Loony started chewing on the very confused lion’s tail she decided there were easier ways to get lunch and retreated into the forest!

And the happiest dog in the world was happier than ever before! Because someone loved her enough to chew on a lion.

[] El Mariachi

Cats are made for jungles. Or maybe it’s the other way around. So after crash landing onto a strange island off the coast of Africa, Jiffy the kitten adapted to her new life on the tropical isle quickly. She hunted mice and things in the underbrush, climbed trees, and scratched her claws into absolutely everything without anyone complaining. She was, for all intents and purposes, in feline heaven.

One day, though, she bit off more than she could chew. Quite literally. She tried to eat a gorilla. It did not go well for her.

She was small, even by house cat standards. She was orange with black stripes, and she was oddly spherical giving her a look more like a basketball than a ferocious beast, but she believed herself to be utterly fierce and completely unstoppable.

So Jiffy stalked her prey for hours. He was a six hundred pound gorilla called Jeff the not-very-nice, because he was, in fact, not very nice. And when his guard was down – because he was taking a nap – Jiffy attacked furiously. She clamped her fangs as hard as she could upon his big toe and chewed with all her might!

Jeff the not-very-nice awoke to the sight of a kitten trying to eat him and laughed a deep gorilla laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

He then casually grabbed her up and said, “Hello tiny lion. You’ll make an excellent stew.” Then he carried her off toward his home where he planned to cook and devour her!

Skeeter the parakeet was flying by, happened to see the situation, and ran to tell his friends Loony, the psychotic cocker spaniel and Dotty the Dalmatian – who was quite sane but did believe herself to be a duck.

After hearing what had happened they all agreed they needed to help Jiffy, and they needed to do so preferably before she was gobbled up by an unkind gorilla.

Loony suggested they should eat the primate before he could eat the cat. Because the best defense is a good offense and also he was a little hungry. Dotty asked how he planned to eat a six hundred pound monster and Loony said, “The same way I eat everything else: one bite at a time.”

And while, from a philosophical standpoint that seemed quite deep to Dotty, taking a more pragmatic view made it seem like a truly efficient way to be killed until they were dead.

Dotty had lived her entire life on the island. She had known Jeff almost as long as she had known her own mother. And she knew that Jeff the not-very-nice gorilla had one weakness. He HATED mariachi music.

So Dotty, Loony, and Skeeter borrowed some sombreros and guitars from a trio of helpful mariachi penguins and marched straight into Jeff’s tree house singing “Des Colores” because it was the only Spanish language song any of them knew.

They looked absurd, had no clue how to play their instruments, and sang off-key, but they sang loudly and bravely. “De colores, de colores se visten los campos en la primavera!”

It was close enough to mariachi for Jeff the not-very-nice to run screaming from his own home before they finished the first verse.

The impromptu band then freed their friend Jiffy and made their way home, still playing their instruments, and still singing off-key.

But it was beautiful all the same, because the song they sang was friendship.

[] Come Sail Away

Once upon a time, four young pets were stranded on a tropical island off the coast of Africa.

Dotty the Dalmatian had lived her entire life there, and was very happy living freely in the jungle. She knew no other existence and, in fact, did not even know she was a dog. She fully believed herself to be a duck, because she had been raised by a kind waterfowl as one of their own.

Jiffy the cat, Skeeter the parakeet, and Loony the insane Cocker Spaniel were quite new to the island though. And while Jiffy had adjusted to jungle living quite well, Loony and Skeeter still longed to return to their homes in the United States where they were cared for and things did not try to eat them all day every day, as seemed to be the case on that beautiful but deadly isle.

One day, while the four friends were playing on the beach, building sandcastles and body surfing in the waves, they spotted an ocean liner moving through the sea a few miles off shore.

This was their chance to be rescued!

Dotty who loved the island would even be willing to leave it, she said, to be with Loony, whom she loved very much despite the fact that he was out of his mind.

At first the animals just jumped up and down shouting and waving their arms and wings to try to get the attention of someone on the ship, but it was no use. They were much too far away.

So Loony decided to set a fire to signal the boat. Loony had set lots of things on fire in his days, but never on purpose, and without a single opposable thumb between the four of them creating a blazing inferno was easier said than done.

With the boat moving farther and farther away, Skeeter looked at the others and said, “I can fly that far!”

Skeeter and never flown more than a few hundred yards at a time in his life, having been raised in a small suburban home, but he was brave and kind. He said he would fly out there, tell the captain they needed help and come back with a boat.

It seemed like a solid plan, so everyone endorsed it. And Skeeter flew off over the open water.

He flapped his wings harder and longer than he ever had! He got exhausted with still a mile to go to reach the ship, but he knew his friends were counting on him and he refused to give up.

When he finally landed on the deck he collapsed, but he knew he wasn’t done yet. He still had to alert the crew.

He found someone in uniform and squawked his little heart out, but the crewman just looked at her like she was crazy.

Skeeter found another sailor and another, but clearly none of these silly humans had taken the time to learn to speak “Bird.” They couldn’t understand a single squeak.

And the island was getting farther and farther away every minute.

Eventually he was faced with a terrible decision. He was homeward bound. He could stay on the ship, safe and with a belly full of cruise food until it rolled back into Miami harbor. But that would mean abandoning his friends who might need him.

It was a terrible decision, but not really a hard one. Without a second thought Skeeter took to the skies once more, flapping his bone-tired wings back toward the island.

If the first journey was difficult to manage, this one was almost impossible. But he steeled his heart and refused to give in to his burning, aching muscles.

He landed back on the beach a little more than an hour after he had left. The other animals asked if there was a boat coming and Skeeter said, “Not this time. They only had third class accommodations available. We’ll catch the next one.”

The other three seemed to understand, they hugged their tuckered out buddy and made him dinner. If they were stranded on that island forever then so be it. They had each other, and having great friends, well, that’s about as good as life gets, even if monsters do try to eat you from time to time.

[] Flip Flop

While lying in the sand one day, Loony the Cocker Spaniel saw something extremely strange: a six-foot tall hot dog walking down the shore, bun and all.

Loony had been marooned on this tropical island off the coast of Africa a few weeks before this incident, along with his friends Jiffy the cat and Skeeter the parakeet. In his time on the island he had seen some strange things and he had done some strange things, but the sight of a hot dog wiener standing two meters tall and strolling along the beach seemed to him to take the cake.

Loony was, it should be said, completely insane. He was born that way and he’s sort of fine with it. His friends don’t mind his craziness either, so it’s really no big deal. But he had to question whether or not he was actually seeing what he thought he was seeing, or if it was some sort of hallucination.

It wouldn’t be the first time Loony had seen things that weren’t there. He once ate an entire pillow believing it was a giant marshmallow, and was known to have long philosophical discussions with an imaginary rabbit that he claimed lived in his nose.

So Loony called out to Skeeter, who promptly flew out of the jungle to see the dog.

“What’s up?” Skeeter asked.

“Look over there, please,” Loony said pointing toward the enormous sausage, “and tell me what you see.”

Skeeter turned, looked, and his eyes went saucer-wide. “Holy moley!” he shouted. “That’s a huge hot dog!”

“Oh good,” Loony said. “You see it, too.”

“Traditionally hot dogs do not walk. What do you think it’s doing here?” Skeeter asked.

“I don’t know,” Loony answered, “but I’m definitely going to eat it!”

“No! Wait!” Skeeter yelled. “We need to find out where it came from. There may be more to this story.”

Loony was not pleased with this idea, because he really wanted to eat a few dozen square feet of sausage, but more than that he wanted to be a good friend, so he agreed.

Dotty the Dalmatian and Jiffy the cat joined them and, from a safe distance, they followed the walking hot dog along the sands.

After about a half hour of this they came to something far, far more shocking to their little animal eyes than even a gigantic wiener: they saw a swimming pool. And beyond that they saw a fountain spraying water in every color of the rainbow. And beyond that was a huge building made of glass and concrete. And there were people everywhere!

This was a deserted island. Dotty had lived there her whole life and never seen a single person, now the place was lousy with them. The giant hot dog was a man who worked at the resort wearing a silly costume.

Skeeter found a brochure sitting on one of the tables and read from it. “This is a resort called “Flip Flops. They just built it last week!”

“Civilization!” Loony screamed. He couldn’t believe it. They didn’t make it home, but home came to them! They could be fed again! And walked, and play frisbee.

They were all excited beyond measure, except for Dotty who seemed sad.

“What’s wrong, Dot?” Loony asked.

“That’s your world,” she answered. “You belong there. But I don’t. I belong in the jungle with the other ducks.

“But it’s just like home!” Jiffy said.

“It looks like home to you,” Dotty answered. “To me it looks like a cage.” And with that Dotty walked back into the jungle.

Loony called after her saying he would visit every day. Jiffy and Skeeter agreed they would come see her all the time as well. But if Dotty even heard them, she didn’t answer. She just kept walking.

Skeeter, Jiffy, and Loony made their way toward the main building. They found a kind bellhop who took them in and gave them food.

The resort’s manager adopted Jiffy, Skeeter became something of a mascot and was put in a lovely birdcage in the main lobby, and Loony went to live with the groundskeeper whose name was Tom.

And for the next week or so the three animals lived almost exactly the way they always had, kept as pets by nice men and women. They were safe, warm, and never hungry.

So why, Loony wondered, were they all so miserable all the time?

Jiffy was the one to figure it out. She snuck out of her room one night and found her way down to Skeeter’s cage. “We’re not pets,” Jiffy said. “Not anymore. We found the wild things inside of us and we can’t go back.”

“YES!” Skeeter agreed very loudly. “Now get me out of here!”

Jiffy picked the lock of Skeeter’s cage with one of his long, unclipped claws and they went to find Loony.

The crazy Cocker Spaniel was leashed to a tree outside his master’s house, a full bowl of food next to him and untouched.

“We’re doing a prison break,” Jiffy said. “You in?”

“Oh thank goodness!” Loony said. “Yes. Let’s go!”

With another flash of those long, wild claws Jiffy sliced through Loony’s leash and the three friends sprinted off into the jungle.

They knew the forest well by this point and it took them only a few hours to track Dotty down. They found her floating in her favorite pond, weeping. But at the sight of her friends her sobbing turned to tears of joy. “You guys came to visit!” she said, so happy to see them she couldn’t believe it.

“No,” Loony said. “We came to live in the wilderness again. If you’ll have us.”

Dotty didn’t need words to answer them; she just hugged her friends close and knew that all four of them were happier than they had ever been in their lives.

And so the four animals lived, wild, free, and together. Happily ever after.

~ ~ ~

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[] About the Author

Arnie Lightning is a dreamer. He believes that everyone should dream big and not be afraid to take chances to make their dreams come true. Arnie enjoys writing, reading, doodling, and traveling. In his free time, he likes to play video games and run. Arnie lives in Mississippi where he graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.

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Follow the adventures of Dotty the happy dog. Dotty is always happy despite some unfortunate events in her life. Dotty was in a shipwreck and washed up on an island. Find out what happens next! This is an excellent storybook for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story. -5 fun short stories for kids -Short story chapter book with pictures -Perfect for a bedtime story for kids -Excellent for early and beginner readers -Big and cute illustrations for early and younger readers This book is great for quick bedtime story or to be read aloud with friends and family! Kids and children can practice their reading skills or have a parent read it aloud. This special story includes lessons and morals about about caring and love. Story & Activity List: -Your Gift -Leap of Faith -Love at First Bite -El Mariachi -Come Sail Away -Flip Flop -About the Author -Funny Jokes for Kids Best-Selling Children's Book Author, Arnie Lightning Arnie Lightning is a best-selling children's book author with a straightforward goal. He wants his work to create a positive impact in the lives of others through children's books. Learning morals, lessons, and good character can start at a young age. Arnie's books reflect this. By providing a comfortable and entertaining environment, learning can be a fun activity! Scroll up and click 'buy' to spend some quality time with your child!

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Dotty the Spotty Dog Dotty the Spotty Dog