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Dorm Tramps. Volume 1: Promo Girls


Dorm Tramps



A Short Story Series



Vol. 1: Promo Girls



Written by J. Bango



Shakespir Edition



Dorm Tramps. Vol. 1: Promo Girls.

Copyright © 2015 by David Schoenhofen.

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Published by D. Schoenhofen. Please contact [email protected]


Note: Some minor language and sexual innuendoes. Not erotica.





Sadie and Jenna are roommates on campus who tend to take some aspects of their life a little too seriously. Being young and somewhat naïve, does little to inhibit their confidence, however. That’s the positive side of naiveté; one isn’t aware of any shortcomings. Verbal blunders, over-exaggeration and an excessively high perception of themselves, isn’t something they attempt to hide from family or friends. In fact, you’d probably be looked at as crazed or inept if questioning them on such things.

A part-time job interweaves itself into a busy itinerary of class and an already over-scheduled sex life here within. The girls manage to muster up unending energy day after day, as only those living on their own for the first time can. To them, it’s just another season in “The Life,” and juggling hot guys while attempting to flee dorm living is par for the course.

This short romp takes you on a one-week ride, in the midst of a first year semester and is nothing short of being filled with quirky fun. If you long for the days of pool parties and late night sleep overs on the fly, welcome back. If you haven’t been there yet, here’s a taste maybe, of what to look forward to. In between studying, of course. Be forewarned: These two ladies and the eighth floor have a distinct and subjective way of interpreting the concept of study sessions.


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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: A week in the Life

Chapter 2: Dorm Exodus: Dreams of Luxury

Chapter 3: Patience and Rewards

Chapter 4: Meetings of Great Minds: Clothing Optional

Chapter 5: Knowing Your Place at the Head of the Table

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[] Chapter 1[
**]A week in the Life


“Did you have sex with him, Sadie?”

“What? How would I? I went home with you.”

“Oh, and our dorm is a safe zone for your vagina? Please. How long have I known you?”

“It was a pool party, Jenna. He was cute and had a great body. What’s the sense in going to those shin-digs if I’m not going to shop around?”

“Yeah…well, your boy-toy is certainly into hands-on shopping. That freak manhandled you as if he’d mount your lounge and photo bomb you from the front. No camera required.”

“It was a massage. Nothing more.”

“Uhhh…yeah. Massages usually begin with the shoulders, not your upper thighs and lower belly. From what I saw, he covered the space in between as well. You whore.”

“Whatever. I’m not a whore, Jenna. I was just getting to know him. It’s called socializing for your information. You know, making the most of my collegiate experience; building a lifetime of relationships.”

“Oh, is that what we’re calling public displays of foreplay now? And, stop quoting that blurb from campus orientation. You were building an orgasm in front of two hundred other horny and half-in-the-bag students. Nothing else.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“The problem is that he didn’t introduce me to any of his hot and grabby friends. I spent an hour listening to bitches asking me if I could get them a job repping with us. Totally lame bullshit on Saturday.

“Sorry, tramp. You need to be more assertive. I destroy my bitch welcome mat the second my bikini hits this bod. You talk to everyone. That’s your problem.”

“That’s called life, Sadie.”

“Well, change that shit up. Technically, it’s called work by the way. When a fine ass guy’s hands are on me, I’m off the clock.”

“I can’t believe my best friend is such a nasty girl. You put a towel down on my car seats from now on.”

“Jenna…if I’m nasty…”

“Don’t even try it, Sadie. You had sex with him, didn’t you? Where did you two sneak…the clubhouse! He followed you in the clubhouse, you nasty little…”

“Hey, I needed to use the restroom. We only talked…about my schedule.”

“Sadie, you don’t even know your schedule. I have to tell you what to load in your book bag every morning before we leave the dorm. And, if you’re telling me you had sex in a public bathroom, I’m not being your friend anymore.”

“Okay, that’s gross, Jenna. I don’t even pee in those bathrooms if I have half a chance of making it home. I certainly wouldn’t have sex in someone else’s bathroom.”

“You better not be saying you’re doing that in ours either, Sadie.”


“Gross! I’m moving out.”

Sadie and I have been best friends since high school. It’s there, that we decided on a college and it being a must to shack up as a team. We’ve done everything together as long as I can remember and any other option just wouldn’t do. You know—the badass, multi-level apartment with the most contempo furniture available. A total chick pad for those of our high caliber and in the most popular circles—who adore entertaining with spur of the moment cocktail parties. That was the dream anyway.

Yeah, we ended up in the dorms. Unfortunately, our parents wouldn’t float the bill for either of us unless supervised in a so-called secure setting. Something about us not being entirely responsible for our age and ignorant to the challenges of real life. I argued that I had a day planner that I stuck to when my social schedule allowed and Sadie, she held up the pepper spray on her keychain. Apparently, we still came up short on their lame-ass requirements, and only given monthly checks on one condition; we remained in the prison-like residence for freshman and sophomore years. An opt-out was available if we rented said bachelorette pad on our own, which meant part-time jobs. That complicated matters even more so when a sneaky back door addendum was added about keeping our grades up.

Grades, smades. Each of us are straight A and grade A, both on exam day and poolside respectively. The ultimate 4.0’s in mind and the perfectly toned, nineteen-year-old bodies. Packages highly sought after, even though we ignored guys who didn’t fit our very strict bedroom access list. Fortunately, and quite purposely, Sadie and I spent long hours researching exactly where we could attend a University that didn’t allow bad looking people. Rigorous reporting by way of the annual Playboy and Cosmo listing of pretty people schools led us to Tempe. YouTube also lent to many a pajama night, where we scavenged through vids of sick pool parties and six pack abs.

“I really like this logo and the color schemes much better,” I said, changing the subject.

“I know. Pretty much all my booty shorts go with their shirts.”

“Don’t forget accessorizing. I can go modern hippie to mad fabulous, depending upon my whim of the day.”

“Sport’s drink fabulous?”

“Jenna, I am fabulous no matter what the call of duty.”

“We…chick. We.”

“Sorry, my bad. We are fabulous. By the way, I’m really liking the exposed strings of your panties, Jenna. The white pops between the color of your shorts and your tan. Good call.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I don’t see yours. Can I assume you went camel toe commando again? Like Thursday night.”

“Nope. I’m strapped in. In fashion hindsight, I think it was maybe a little too brazen and 80’s flashback.”

“No kidding. That was probably your mom’s style before you were even born. Chicks advertised back in historical times.”

“Can we leave my mother’s vag out of this convo, Jenna? My advertisement was purely coincidently. Although, I did score a record number of phone numbers. Best three hours I’ve had in a while, as far as potential afterhours muscle goes.”

“Just keep their muscle off my vanity. And, stop scouring the bathroom we share with your behind. The idea is for me to get clean when I go in there.”

“Okay, seriously Jenna, what am I supposed to do when you’re sleeping five feet away from me?”

“I don’t know. Have your dad send a tent or something.”

“A tent. Yeah, ‘Dad, I need a soundproof tent because Jenna is too lazy to knock on a hot neighbors door and fill her own bed.’ No thank you. The ‘responsibility’ lecture on Thanksgiving and Christmas is more than I can stomach as is.”

“Well, at least put a towel down, Sadie. I keep saying it…towel.”

“I tried that. Fail.”

“How so?”

“I slid off the vanity and almost cracked my head open on the toilet. Totally jacked up the mood, not to mention my trademark Sadie rhythm.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake. You and your…okay, wait. Immediate 911. Where do we park? We’re supposed to be all access here. Don’t these people understand the hugeness of the promo girls showing up to their gig? Like, where’s our valet or manager escort?”

“Rookies, Jenna. It’s going to be one of those nights.”

“Well, I’m demanding more money for this gig when I talk to our district manager. We’re professionals.”

It’s true that Sadie and I are highly sought after veterans in the field of sports drink promotion. Six months of working for the best of the best—Rock Star, Red Bull and currently, a new and skyrocketing line known as Geisha Fuel. Sure, we thought about becoming reps for liquor brands, but again with the irritating restraints. Both of us can easily purchase liquor locally from this one store in particular. It’s simply a matter of wearing miniskirts or micro-dresses when the college boys operate the registers during evening hours. The law in general, apparently doesn’t appreciate a great set of legs, however, and becoming a Malibu or Sailor Jerry girl was temporarily put on hold.

Neither Sadie nor I could care less either way. We are already legends in the industry and the sugar-power swag lines our fridge at all times. It’s also a good way to check out clubs that normally, we wouldn’t be able to get into. That means older guys and a greater advantage of meeting more established dating material. Our phones ring to the point of having to skip to voicemail as is, but since hooking up with new careers, men with their own apartments are part of the equation. Highly desirable for women such as Sadie and myself. Obviously, we’re a little more mature than the typical freshman—being raised in environments that fostered strength in character.

I guess what I’m saying, is that we learned early on that being so popular and desirable is simply one of those things we are destined to shoulder. The chosen are born into it, similar to Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. Beyoncé, Kylie and Kendall, Sadie and me; to mention a few of the fewest. The best advice I can give to others who might not be navigating such a road so successfully is patience. Patience with those around you who don’t understand the life. Constantly, answering questions about being pretty and having to die for bodies—dating the best-looking guys always, even having the job every girl wants in college—it gets to be slightly monotonous at times. We’re probably as close to royalty as anyone can get, albeit a college campus.

The parents try to play it off as a mere stepping-stone, yet they do give encouragement. I, for one, know my mom and dad are holding back the compliments, however. Attempting to thwart off the big head I might get. Something along those lines, I suppose. It’s a parent’s duty to keep their kid level headed. It’s also totally hilarious, but I play along and Sadie says she has to do the same with her rents. Deep down though, I know the wonder of how we pull it off time and again just boggles their minds. They have to be flabbergasted as I create the magic at every turn. Again, even where they are concerned, patience. When I leave the house or get off a call with them, you better believe they’re high-fiving each other and taking credit for the way Sadie and I throw strikes—all day, every day, as far back as middle school.


Two hours into the gig.


“Jenna, I’m out of hats, keychains and stickers. Holy crap! What a night so far. When the crowd ramped up, things really got hectic for a while.”

“I still have half a box of T-shirts left.”

“Maybe the guy who has his hands around your bare waist is holding you back from actually being on the floor. Aren’t you the girl who disciplined me on the drive here for the very same behavior?”

“At least I’m not calling it a massage.”

“What are you calling it?

“Letting him probe every inch of my everything that’s exposed in this outfit. Sadly, he hasn’t made any moves to uncover more.”

“Jenna wants you to undress her in the middle of the bar. Who’s your friend by the way?”

“Sorry, bad manners. Sadie, this is Neil. He’s a personal banker at Chase. They are probably making him a VP next year.”

“No way. That’s huge.”

“Hi Sadie. Nice to meet you. Hey, I was just asking Jenna about what time you girls are finishing up tonight. My roommate and I are probably going to cut out soon and head back to the house. You girls are welcome to join us. Maybe, enjoy cocktails in the hot tub.”

“Oh…well, who’s your roommate?”

“He is…that guy in the blue shirt at the end of the bar. Brown hair, tats on his forearms…talking to a few other friends.”


“What do think, Sadie?”

“Ummm, yeah, I could meet him.”

“Let me run and get him. Be right back.”

“Hang on a minute, Neil. What does he do? How old is he?”

“Commercial real estate agent. And, he’s twenty-five.”

“Okay. That’s cool. Where do you guys live?”

“We share a house only a few blocks away. Here in Scottsdale.”

“Nice. Oh, crap. Wait another minute. I just thought of something. Jenna, what about the car?”

“She’s right, Neil. We have the Geisha Fuel Mini-Cooper. It’s our responsibility for the weekend.”

“Exactly. People see the logo on the sides of the car and the giant Geisha Fuel can on the roof, and they freak.”

“Ummm…that’s a new one. Well, let me think. Uhhh, listen ladies, the neighborhood is very safe. But, if it makes you feel any better, you can park it in our garage for the night.”


“That would really be a big help. If someone were to steal that car, it’s our asses, Neil.”

“I…I understand your concern, ladies. Not a problem. I’ll go get James so you two can get acquainted. Be right back.”

I have to admit, Sadie approaches the job as serious as I do. As if, we don’t have enough to deal with. Class, homework, daily workouts and of course, social obligations at the Rec Center where it’s expected that we make an appearance several times a week. There are also various lunches and shopping dates with other friends, not to forget the unending invites to parties when the weekend hits. Sometimes, being the face of a company after dark can be a bit overwhelming.

“Wow, sex in bed for you tonight. Do you remember how?”

“Shut up, Jenna. No one’s having sex until you dump these shirts. F.Y.I., I don’t have a suit with me to go hot tubbing. You know that, right?”

“Neither do I. It won’t be the first time, Sadie. Besides, we are not going there merely to chit-chat.”

“True. Better to make it undeniably clear that it’s a go as soon as we get in the door. It becomes tedious having to talk about myself after such a long day.”

“I know. They are going to want to know all about us though. Everyone always does.”

“Just stay positive. Once we lose the clothing, guys always stop talking. Hope for the best. It’s all we can do.”

Both of us took handfuls of shirts from the box and began draping them across shoulders passing by. It wasn’t the traditional procedure, but spending another hour or more orienting club-goers to the benefits of the latest energy drink, was more than the current situation allowed for. It was also sloppy presentation and silently, both of us were ashamed at our behavior I think. Worse yet, God help us if a company spotter was in the building and evaluating our now laxed performance. Getting busted in that way could evolve into a reprimand or even a write-up—the consequences being a demotion from handling the hottest clubs and events. We didn’t say a word, but I knew she was cringing inside as I was.

“Excuse me. Hi girls. I’m Yvonne.”


“Hi Yvonne.”

“Listen, can I ask how or where I need to go to apply for a job?”

“You mean as a promo girl?”

“Yes. I’m in school and I need something that pays well. Part-time. Studying and all, you know.”

“Well, you are pretty enough. I’m Sadie by the way.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Anyway, being hot isn’t the only requirement to do this job well.”

“She’s right, Yvonne. It’s not for everyone, being in this kind of position.”

“Ummm…don’t you girls just hand out hats and stuff?”

“Now, you see. That right there. That is not at all the kind of attitude we’re looking for at Geisha Fuel.”

As I said before, patience is something Sadie and I have had to interweave in our daily encounters. Some don’t get it and one can’t jump all over them for the shortcomings they possess. It’s probably fair to say that we have assumed the charge of guiding others when the opportunity is tossed in our laps. Girls such as us, feel we owe this small gift of giving back to those not quite up to speed. Good karma and all. Those with potential and blessed with good genes as we were—often require baby steps and we fully understand.

“What Sadie is trying to say, is that being a promo girl, it’s…you are the front line of marketing for the company’s product. Nothing else can possibly supersede it.”

“Jenna is spot on. When you show up at clubs, you are Geisha Fuel and everyone remembers you at the grocery store. And, let’s not forget the pressure. Remember last weekend, Jenna?”

“Haaa! Oh my God! Sadie and I worked a promo at the Sun’s game. Inside the entrance lobby. I thought I knew what being slammed was, but that night changed everything.”

“Ummm…well, yeah. Thanks for the info, girls.”

“No problem whatsoever. Jenna and I have tons of girls who ask us the same questions constantly.”

“Okay, then. Hey, can I have T-shirt…before I run away?”

“Absolutely! And, don’t forget to tell your friends about us.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll tell them. Whether or not they’ll believe me, that’s another story altogether.”

By the time Yvonne disappeared from sight, Sadie’s ass was in James’ hands and the smile on her face said we didn’t have to go back to the Dorms tonight. Older and professional hot guys were about to ravish us to pieces in a secluded hot tub. We will be able to engage in anything, all night long, while enjoying the freedom of moaning or even screaming in private bedrooms. Exactly as it should be and one of the many motivations for operation Luxury Apartment living. The sooner the better. Promotion is our ticket to paradise and nothing will detour us, now that we are anchored in a stellar and rising new company. The perks—they come to us, night after generous night, like candy to a baby. Muscle to a vanity, in Sadie’s case.

[] Chapter 2[
**]Dorm Exodus: Dreams of Luxury


Tiffany sat waiting for us in our floor lounge area. The second the elevator doors opened, her arms flung themselves in the air, followed by her tapping at the watch on her wrist. This usually didn’t happen, because even if Sadie and I hooked up on a Friday night, we were always home by ten the next morning. Currently, it was approaching one in the afternoon and she was none too happy with us. Busted schedules and all.

“You tramps are still in your work gear and it’s after noon. Where was your gig, Tucson?”

“Hi Tiff, doll.”

“We were at breakfast, Tiff.”

Breakfast. Thanks for inviting me.”

“It wasn’t our call. Our dates took us.”

“What guy springs for breakfast? Off campus I’m assuming.”

“You assume correct. Jenna and I hooked up with real men last night.”

“That’s right, Miss Tiffany. Twenty-five year old men. With careers and a house.

“Don’t forget stamina, Jenna.”

Tiffany was totally falling down the jealousy well fast. She couldn’t hold eye contact any longer and Sadie jabbed me lightly with her elbow. Both of us stood in front of her, silently waiting for her counter-reaction. The girl simply could not stomach our tales of triumph when we presented them.

She dug her own sexual grave, in my opinion, though. We offered several times to recommend her to our district manager. Tiffany decided that work wasn’t something she wanted any part of, as long as her parents upgraded her BMW every season. Fine by us of course; but if you snooze, you lose.

“Well, I’m sure I’ll here all about at Target…where we are supposed to be already, ladies.”

“What if we skip Target today? We have pool parties at the Vue and Grigio.”

“Jenna, I want to go to Grigio. I love that place. Plus, we can take the tour again and everyone in the building will see us in our bathing suits.”

“Good call, roomie. Let’s wear heels this time too.”

“Hey, hey! Target. We have to go to Target.”

“Why Tiff?”

“Because we go every Saturday, Sadie.”

“That’s what I mean. Why can’t we skip one?”

“Uhhhh, excuse me. Because, I need cotton balls amongst other necessities.”

“Tiff, you buy a bag of cotton balls every Saturday. How does any girl go through that many?”

“Okay, time out. What in God’s name happened to you two last night? You hook up and suddenly Target is under attack?”

“That has nothing to do with it.”

“No kidding, Tiff. Jenna and I always hook up. Why don’t you just stockpile a dozen bags and be done with it for a while?”

“Because, I’ll…we…will be going to Target again next Saturday. I can do this all day long, you guys. It’s your pool time too that’s suffering.”

Sadie and looked at one another and quickly realized that it was a no-win situation. Tiffany also lives on the same floor and is tightly knit into our immediate social circle. One of the governing board members you might say. If we upset her, the week ahead would undeniable be pure hell, as she constantly reminded us that she couldn’t work on her nails or remove make-up properly.

“Let’s just change and get it done, Jenna.”

“Okay. You’re right. We don’t want Tiff here having the wrong lipstick for today’s beer pong players.”

“Indeed. Her eighteen-year-old penis prospects would be sorely disappointed. I also hear boys think it’s cool when you show up with a party size bag of Doritos, so they can stuff their faces before trying to make out with you. F.Y.I. You might want to add that to your Target list.”

We smiled and waved as we walked past her on our way to our room. Tiff crossed her legs again and pretended to flip through the current issue of Vogue. She also flipped us off, which just proves that she’s stuck in brooding mode. Probably, due to the fact that she had to hook up with some guy last night who insisted on doing shots and an hour’s worth of cannonballs at some random apartment complex pool. Hang out with children and you will act like a child, is what Sadie always says. She’s good with those life comparisons having read “The Art of War” twice. I never could keep up with philosophy in the way she does, although I do hang a nice patchouli scent in my car. I’m also a member in a candle of the month club, which I think says something for being spiritually open-minded.

“You bitches are cocky.”

“Cocky has nothing to do with it. Does it, Sadie?”

“I agree. We have simply chosen to date on another level, Tiffany.”

Oh, really. And, your legs spread differently on that level? Do tell.”


Half-past Target.


Shopping turned into being a good call in the end. Tiffany’s whining yielded a fresh batch of bikini wear and the early spring line was sure to save us from the ultimate pool embarrassment. Most of the other girls had probably hit the racks in prior days, undoubtedly wearing the latest and greatest. Flesh teasers, as Sadie called them. We almost missed the boat and shown up looking foolish. If Tiff hadn’t been camping out for us in the lobby, the plan was to skip straight to Grigio. A near tragedy neatly diverted by way of credit card, and yes, our friends constant quest for toiletries.

It’s probably the one bad aspect of working nights toward the end of the week and over the weekend. You tend to want to bypass some of the rudimentary and no-brainer items in an otherwise mainstream schedule. Our now, out of date suits, would have not only embarrassed us, but also lumped us in the same category as the not well-to-do women. Completely unacceptable. I’m not sure why that type would be on this campus anyway, other than the whole equal opportunity for the world rhetoric, which is popular these days. Fine with us though. It makes our circle stand out that much more. As if, we needed propping up.

The cool thing about us is our tolerance and respect for those around us. Some chicks on campus, for example, tend to come across as quite snobbish. Luckily, our confidence and general respect of all people has never come close to piling us into that category. We’re an enigma you might say; being perfect and compassionate all at once. I can’t help but laugh at Sadie, as she continues to wonder how people flock to and aspire to be like we are at every turn. Don’t be fooled, she gets it. She’s merely playing the humble model type.

We filled our baskets with several new and miniature ensembles, those allowing the mixing and matching of both colors, as well as solids and patterns, which we all like. Last year was so drab, with tops and bottoms having to be the same, not to mention them being much too rich in the quantity of material used. They were satisfactory for girls on the more robust size—in lieu of the parka they should be wearing poolside, however, unjust for bods such as our own. Freedom for hotness was back in town and left nothing in the imagination file. Tiff remarked that the ice age against skin was finally over and we all high-fived without laughing. There simply wasn’t anything humorous about that crap.

Maybe an hour or so later, the three of us changed in Grigio’s parking lot. The walk to the elevator leading up to the pool was long, considering we did wear heels after all. Whistles from gawking male hotties, both in the lot and hanging over the balconies in front of us came frantically. It’s the usual welcome we receive and the accommodating waves on our part were nothing more than standard operating procedure.

“Thank God we went early for our waxes this week, you guys.”

“I just thought of that, Sadie. How does this suit look on me in the sun?”

“Amazing. You’ll have hands on you the minute we get upstairs.”

“I hope your right.”

“So, the plan is, we stay out of the pool for as long as possible. Find an open spot to stand, high traffic. Everyone needs to see us as soon as we walk in. Tiff, Jenna and I have a gig tonight, so work fast.”

“Copy that. It never takes long, once they see this ass. I’ll be locked into a hookup in twenty minutes.”

“Good deal. I want something different today, Jenna. Muscle.”

“Stop calling it that.”

“No, I mean full package muscle.”

“Okay, now you’re talking, Sadie. I’m not sure how that differs from what we usually take back to the dorms, but…”

“I want bigger, Jenna. It’s here, I can feel it.”

We stepped out of the elevator that opened to the pool deck. The thumping music was the first to hit us, followed by a few seconds of visually taking in the jammed crowd of oiled up students. Our friend Brian waved to us immediately, standing only ten feet to the right.

“I’m telling you girls, I can smell it.”

“Her radar is overloading, Tiff. She’s always right.”

“I know. We are going to score so hard. Keep sniffing, Sadie. Lead the way.”

We made a pit stop next to Brian who was already ordering us drinks at the bar. For the record: this particular bar layout being as good a high profile location as it gets. Eyes began darting in our direction while we settled in briefly and waited for them to come for us. Unfortunately, with each sexy and graceful step we took, that smell approach took a nosedive and risked the entire operation.

“Brian, what in the world is that horrid odor?”

“It’s coming from the river next to the complex. The news said, they had to open the damn in the mountains after that storm rolled through a few days ago.”

“And, no one had the wherewithal to drop some deodorizer in it?”

“I don’t think that’s possible, Sadie.”

“Brian, I’m a 4.0 student in organic chemistry. Please don’t tell me that a simple defunking of water is not possible.”

“What, some random guy is going to ride up and down the river and drop in freshness tablets so your day can smell good?

“Why not? Sadie and I do it regularly in our toilet.”

“Yeah, but the river is not a toilet, Jenna.”

“It certainly smells like one! Anyway…let’s talk about something else. It’s making me nauseous. Are there any good people here, Brian?”

“Describe good people.”

“Those who don’t drive cars with bumper stickers of a favorite sports team plastered across the rear window. Those people.”

“Well, what kind of car do you drive, Jenna?”

“A BMW, of course.”

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

“All three of you chicks have Beamers.”

No…all three of us have BMW’s, Brian.”

“Same thing, Tiff.”

“It most certainly is not the same thing, unless you don’t own a BMW.”

Brian rolled his eyes at us, as he tends to do from time to time. He pretends to tire of us, but we know better. He always comes our way when we see him at a party, which is pretty often. To be honest, he and I hooked up in the past and I think he would like to have this back if given the chance. I’ve moved on, however. Giving credit where credit is due, I have to admit that he is not the typical silly boy. At least, Brian acts mature and doesn’t try to impress girls such as us. Still, there are times when I think of how terribly difficult it must be for him to see me after we’ve been intimate. I mean, it must be hard on the guy—to miss being with a woman like me. He handles it as well as he can though. I often see him collecting phone numbers from hotties at these events, but let’s face it; having sex with them is an empty fulfillment at best. Poor guy.

“You know, you girls might want to curb your judging of others a little. Just a suggestion.”

“Okay, hang on there, slick. We do not judge. We are far too sophisticated for such things.”

“Thank you, Sadie.”

“Brian, what’s wrong with you? Short of proper and premium man choice, we are nothing more than animals in a broken reproductive chain.”

“And you’re planning on reproducing here today, Jenna?”

“What Jenna is saying, Brian, is that women have an innate instruction booklet embedded within our genes.”

“Sadie is correct. Men have no such thing available to them. We, however, are always searching out our equals, those being appropriate mating potentials. For example, I could never have sex with someone who isn’t as good looking as I am.”

“Her program would blow up.”

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Sadie and Jenna. It’s precisely why abortion has become so out of control.”

“Exactly. Thankfully, vibrators have progressed by leaps and bounds with regards to realism, as well as power and stimulation effects. Hopefully, we can reduce those rates.

“You see, Brian, we are not as shallow as you assume us to be. All of us genuinely care about societal issues.”

He took a moment or three to study each of our faces individually. Now, the judgement shoe was on the other foot. That’s the figurative good news. Literally, his choice in sandal color and style was inappropriate for the trunks he wore, but I let it go; hoping he was getting the big picture here. We schooled him, but with patience. Our male friend learned a thing or two about the more advanced college woman today and his own jumping to false conclusions. Another success story in the bag.

“Uhhh…oh my God. Yeah, listen, I’m going to go stand by the keg for a while, girls. Maybe, the rest of the afternoon.”

“Mind your consumption, sweetie.”

“She’s right, Brian. You don’t want the responsibility of a genetically inadequate mistake nine months from now.”

“I couldn’t have said it better, Sadie. The child of a skank will grow up to be unemployed and create more unattractive people. You don’t want to bear that burden later in life, sweetie. You’re much too good looking for that.”

I watched him walk away and off into the dense crowd of bikini-clad coeds. He will be okay. Sometimes, in an environment such as this, it’s easy to let your guard down and forget to remain true to yourself. Reminders to stay on track from friends such as us is what friendship is all about. It also made me understand how rewarding charity work is. Sure, Sadie and I have discussed the giving back idealism we live by as I’ve mentioned; however, as time goes by, I see that it really is a calling in life for us. On cue, I smiled and thought of how proud my parents would be.

A few minutes later, I refocused to my immediate group where Sadie and Tiffany had both acquired football players. The girls looked so tiny in their arms, but the smiles on their own faces helped light this sunny day. One by one, each of them straddled their dates, as they were being picked up and carried off to the pool. Good genetic call. Kind of sad, on the other hand, that Brian didn’t hang out an extra two minutes. This was the icing on the cake exactly, to drive our point home with him. As luck would have it, and it always does in our zone, a third came for me. Rule number one on the list was in play hard: A quality hook-up does not require being sought out; it finds you, by way of nature’s good looks. No exceptions ever.

[] Chapter 3[
**]Patience and Rewards


Obligations are a bitch. Sadie and I had to get home, shower and grab some dinner in order to make the nine o’clock arrival time at Axis. Our second promo there in a month, so we were well aware of how packed it would be by ten. Working a club such as it is, meant that we would be running in high gear all night long. The amount of giveaways was slated as double the norm. Both of us were well aware that a gig like this was comparable to the likes of the Super bowl in football, and tomorrow—we would pay the price. Sore feet and mental overload is an understatement. Again, if you want to roll with the big dogs, there is a price to be paid.

Before leaving the pool deck at Grigio, we exchanged cell digits with our athletes. The plan was a hookup around midnight at the dorm. There isn’t any problem getting them in, seeing as how they’re students, yet Sadie and I had to be present to go below and physically sign the guys into the building. These are the kind of nail-biter nights we deal with. To be fair, no one ever said that driving in the fast lane was easy. If you want Cosmopolitan, the clock spins fast and challenges you. The rewards are definitely worth it though. Both of us acquired muscle that would satisfy until sunrise.

We ran into our friend Brandy while toweling off. Most Saturdays she hangs out with us, but today, we hadn’t seen her until now. No big surprise, she went to Target early in the week and wore a fabulous new suit as we did. The girl always dressed impeccably and it’s the very reason we began talking to her at the beginning of the year. She is also well known for accessorizing like a well-oiled machine. Skin that glows and fails to display a pore anywhere—a bod that beckons fine men to plead for her attention—she was a candidate drafted into the circle on day one.

“Ladies, where have you been?”

“Hi Brandy!”


“You’re all leaving?”

“Yeah, Jenna and I have a promo tonight.”

“Oh, wow. Cool. Red Bull still?”

“No! Didn’t we tell you? We’re with Geisha Fuel now.”

“Holy crap! No, you didn’t tell me. How do you forget something so huge?”

“Sorry, sweetie. We’ve been so busy lately. You really need to transfer to our floor, Brand. What are you on, three?”

“Yeah, three sucks.”

“It does. You need to get your butt up to eight with us.”

“Sadie’s right, Brandy. However, we don’t plan on being there past this year.”

“Where are you girls off to?”

“Maybe here. We’re still looking at our options.”

“Yeah, Jenna and I want Luxury apartment living for sure. Now that we have careers we can easily afford it.”

“Man, I need to do the same thing.”

“We can totally hook you up with a job if you want to promo.”

“Seriously? Yeah…that would be badass you guys. Screw the dorms. My parents think I’m incapable of locking my own door at night.”

“Trust, we feel your pain. Nice suit, by the way.”

“Thanks. You too. All of you. And see…shit, you wore heels. I’m a total trailer tramp. Look, flip-flops. Target though.”

“You’re totally safe then. Don’t worry.”

Our dates for later in the evening walked by at that point and leaned in to kiss each of us goodbye. They were on their way out too and made one last stop to make sure we were down for meeting after work. Brandy stood next to us smiling and maybe a little bummed that she hadn’t found us earlier. Something in her face said her own digits she pulled in didn’t fall so much in the same category. After they disappeared in the elevator, she let out a sigh that pretty much confirmed second place.

“Are those what I think they are?”

“Football players.”

“What the hell! I want a football player, Sadie.”

“Awww, poor baby. I’ll ask tonight if they have a friend. Will you be around?”

“Hell yes, I’ll be around. Where are you meeting them?”

“The dorms. After work. Netflix and chill.”

“Oh my God. You girls are getting laid so good. Seriously, don’t forget me. I’ll go blind date. I haven’t seen one guy on that team I wouldn’t do.”

“I’ll send my guy a text on the ride back.”

“Thanks, Sadie. I’m totally transferring to the eighth floor, no matter who I have to room with.”

“Room with me, Brand. My roommate hates me.”

“Are you playing with me, Tiff?”

“I’m dead serious. Tonight, might just be the straw that breaks here back and throws her over the edge. For some reason, she gets pissed over having to see my naked men walk around our room. Total snob.”

“Not, eighth floor material.”

“Jenna’s right on the money. They need a better system for room assignments. I mean we’re not cavewomen. You can’t just throw people together and expect them to automatically get along.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth, Sadie. You have to account for fashion sense, men, getting laid frequently, etcetera. I don’t get it, but some chicks just choose to isolate themselves from life.”

“That is exactly why the Amish broke free. Now look at them. Driving around in horse and buggies and having to share their muscle with ten other women. Talk about messed up.”

“Muscle?” Tiff asked.

“Don’t listen to her. She makes up her own Urban Dictionary as she goes along. The girl who leaves traces of her DNA on every surface of my room.”

“I’m merely more carefree with my naked escapades.”

“See what I mean girls. Carefree equals lazy ass whore.”

“Screw you, Jenna,” she said, smiling and leaning forward to playfully bite at one of my nipples.

“Ladies, do you mind? Here’s an idea, Brand. Your roommate sounds like mine. Feel me?”

“A switch?”

“A clean as a whistle switch.”

“I am so down and I’ll totally do you one better.”

“What’s that?”

“Any night you want to swap partners mid-stream, simply yell ‘tag.’”

“Brandy, you have no idea how hard I’m loving you right now.”

“Let’s talk to them when we get home and seal this deal.”

Sadie and I smiled at one another, being thrilled that this kind of issue was, well—never an issue for us. We arrived on the buddy system and trust me when I say, having twice the wardrobe to choose from at any given moment, and never running out of condoms makes for a relaxed home life.

“I love you roomy.”

“Love you back, Jenna.”

“Enough to delete vanity sex?”

“Ummm yeah, sometimes love hurts sweetie.”


Training the clueless.


The manager of Axis greeted us as soon as we entered the club. We expected no less with this being a premier attraction in Scottsdale. The bigger names tended to be more focused when having such a huge following by club-goers. This was also an advertised event. A joint effort between our company and a new line of rum. He was thrilled to see Sadie and me and after some small talk, invited us to stick around and party upstairs in the VIP room when we finished the presentation. On the house of course.

Most nights we accepted such offers. Both of us always carried an emergency clothing bag in the Mini, complete with micro-dresses and heels. Tonight wasn’t doable though. Meeting up with the guys later wasn’t the main issue at hand either. That could easily be postponed for an hour or two. They had one goal tonight and Sadie and I were it. No, the real unexpected glitch was that our district manager sent two new trainees to tag alongside us. Sadie brought up a good point worth mentioning. Her hypothesis being that corporate decided to throw newbies to the wolves on their debut event now. An innovative weed-out program in all probability. Whatever the case, having eyes in back of our head as well as managing the gig, meant functioning in forth gear all night.

“Welcome to Baptism by fire, ladies. I’m Sadie and this is Jenna.”

“Hey. I’m Bree.”

“I’m Heather. What time are we out of here?”

“Ummm…around eleven. Why? You have plans?”

“Yeah. I’m meeting my boyfriend at a party.”

“Well, you girls might want to focus on the task at hand for the next several hours. Sadie and I will handle the brunt of the crowd, but taking advantage of this opportunity would be wise.”

“Jenna’s advice is worthy of following, ladies. Watch and learn. You won’t have help on your next outing.”

They looked at us as if we were speaking another language. I had an unsettled feeling about these two already and clearly cooperate had their reservations also. Thus, sending them to Sadie and me for the evaluation call we would probably receive tomorrow. Man, the last thing I want to do is crush someone’s resume. I’ll do my best to support and encourage Bree and Heather tonight, but I don’t have the ability to hand them dedication. The girls would have to dig deep and find the passion within. It’s called being an adult and some students simply aren’t ready and willing at their age. I tried to hide the fact that I was currently shaking my head in despair as Bree spoke up.

“You girls take this kind of seriously, huh.”

“Haaaaa! You just wait until ten o’clock rolls around, Bree. When those doors usher in swarms of customers and potential Geisha Fuel buyers, you’ll understand what it’s like going to war.”

“You’re comparing this to war?” Bree asked.

Really, you guys, we’re half naked here. Besides, they told us at the office, just to hand out the gear and urge people to try the product at the bar. The blurb is only like ten seconds long.”

“Heather, that’s true. These people are hungry for info though. You are the front line sales pitch that will create product followers of a lifetime.”

“Well said, Jenna. You’ll see it in their eyes, girls. Being a rep is more than looking hot and dumping free gear. We owe them the extra effort.”

“It’s exactly what makes Sadie and I the elite and sent to the best clubs week after week. Haven’t you wondered why you were designated to train with us?”

“Yeah, I’m wondering alright. Listen, how about Heather and I work the bar downstairs?”

“Ummm…well, what do think, Sadie?”

“I like the initiative. Okay, but here, program my cell number. If you two find yourself getting buried, call me. I’ll set to vibrate.”

Both girls left instantly and hauled their boxes downstairs to set-up at one end of the bar. Sadie and I laughed as quietly as we could, not wanting to come across as rude.

“They’re not the brightest candidates we’ve seen, are they?”

“No, they aren’t. Hired on looks alone. Someone at corporate clearly dropped the ball.”

“You know, Jenna, I’m almost glad I won’t be close by and have to hear them stutter when asked about the ingredients of the product.”

“Or how it can enhance one’s lifestyle.”

“Right! ‘Just hand out the gear.’ Oh my God!”


Late night treats.


Brandy and Tiff were already in the main lobby and signing in their equipment for the night ahead. Despite the tall ceilings in the main lobby area, it took you aback somewhat as to just how big these guys were. Big and yummy with rock hard flesh bulging from underneath T-shirts. I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach. Sadie remarked that it might be gas when I mentioned it in a whisper. That took the smile from face, because we stopped for Thai food before hitting the gig and now I was worried. There weren’t any urges to relieve, but in retrospect, a quick stop at Subway probably would have been the safer bet. Usually, that can be kept under wraps until the following day. My anxiety of having to excuse myself during foreplay and whatnot was written all over me and Sadie played it for all it’s worth. The shameful and instigating bitch that she was in times such as these. Scoring is never the problem. However, entertaining fine ass athletes isn’t an everyday occurrence, even for us. The last thing you want with a first chance hook-up in the athletic circle is to be blacklisted—due to unwise Asian cuisine choices hours beforehand, and a foul smelling interruption. Gross, yes, but totally worth the reminder value to all chicks in our position.

“Is anything percolating, sweetie?”

“Shut up, Sadie. Don’t inspire or jinx me. Besides, you went to town on the extra spicy as usually. I hope your glass house has good ventilation and plenty of fragrance candles.”

“No need,” she said, confidently. “I have a gut like an iron trap.”

“You better. If size is any indication of the packages these boys are carrying, your trap is about to be rattled into next year.”

She and I took the first elevator up alone and hurried to change and primp. Our own dates were already in route and it wouldn’t be long before we returned to the lobby. Sadie shouted to Janie that we would see her in a few minutes. A cute blonde girl who worked weekend shift at the main desk. Floor eight girls knew her well by now, most having to check random guys in at all hour of the night. She never said anything about it and merely handled all transactions as if they were being scanned in the checkout lane at the grocery story. In reality, they were, of course. Late night sustenance, similar to a Taco Bell run. This was better though. No regrets in the morning with the same amount of gluttonous pleasure. A girl wouldn’t be bound by guilt either and have to put extra gym time in come Monday.

Nope, the “Sluts of the Eighth,” as we called ourselves, made trip after trip and everyone had become friends with Janie. She smiled instantly when seeing any of us and I think we all came to adopt her as a sister by this point. Ever the soldier, she never asked what was in bags, that were obviously filled with liquor, and even complaints of weed odors were neatly discarded. Having a good connection with her is fab. The guardian of dorm access could crush your world in a nano-second and I can only imagine how horrible it might be.

Sadie’s phone rang, singing out a new ringtone she downloaded a few days ago by that band Maserati. Older stuff from high school, but we still jammed to it in the Mini on our way to gigs. It amped us up then and did so now, as I felt the tingling rush between my legs.

“There are four of them here,” she said, after finishing the brief conversation.

“Wait…what? Brandy and Tiff just signed their guys in.”

“There are two extra, Jenna.”

“Are you saying that four college football players are waiting in the lobby for me?”

“No, Miss Greedy Pants. Two for you and two for me.”

“I have no pants, Sadie.” I smiled and lifted the tank top that covered my butt. Most of it anyway. She laughed as I flashed her and found that I was very ready to go. My underwear was one more thing for a guy to have to deal with, considering how long it took for them to undress their own shit as it was. I liked to minimize constraints were I could.

“You’re a nasty girl, Jenna.”

Please. Like you’re wearing any.”

“I am.”


“Because, I have to go downstairs and sign these guys in. You really would take all four of them given half the chance, wouldn’t you?”

“Let it not be said that I don’t have school spirit.”

The two of us shared the wall mirror in the bathroom and made last minute touchups to our make-up. In five minutes or so, four very large and good-looking athletes will be in our room. All cheerleaders had been given the night off, after us girls made our appearance at the pool party earlier. A good score, yet no surprise.

“Your parents would be so proud of you, Jenna.”

“Hey, my parents started this ball rolling in middle school. When they harped on me incessantly about getting into a good college and viable program of study.”

“And, tag-teaming football players is that program?”

“You’re damn right it is. I’ve been preparing for this for years,” I re-affirmed.

“I know you have, slut. You’ve never been one to go home to a cup of tea and masturbating quietly in her room.”

“Please, you should talk, Sadie. Go get those guys already.”

“I am, right now. Hey, how are we going to fit them all in here?”

“Uhhh…I don’t know. That is a problem, isn’t. They’re so eff’n big.”

“Maybe we can store two in the floor’s lobby area. You know, rotate them in and out.”

“I like the way you think, nasty girl.”

“It’s a gift. Now go fetch my dinner already. I’ll be a shriveled up sophomore by the time you get back.”

She applied a final coating of her lip-gloss and screwed the cap shut. Years of dating college guys while still in high school had made this routine relaxed and expected for us. Just another heavenly night in academics and intramurals.

“Don’t be silly, Jenna. Nothing could ever be less than perfect on us. Look.”

“So true. Don’t forget that tomorrow we hook up with Brad and what’s his name at their dorm.”

“I know. I love going there. Sex in that coed shower on their floor drives me crazy.”

“Sadie, you guys might want to try closing the shower stall door this time. Someone is going to rat you out one of these days.”

“No way, Jenna. What’s the sense in going there if people won’t see us having sex?”

“Such a slut.”

“I know.” She smiled deviously, while double-checking to see that her nipples were showing in the tight tank she wore. “What can I say; it’s one more thing I excel at. The good Lord knows I try.”

“So does half of campus.”

“Hey, you know what I want, Jenna?”

“Directions to the elevator?”


“Sadie, you can’t walk two feet without finding a mirror in this room.”

“No, I mean those big square mirrors. Remind me to buy those at Target next weekend.”

“For what?”

“To watch, of course.”

“You watch me have sex in the bed next to you almost every night. How are mirrors fitting into the equation? Is this some kind of fractal math experiment that allows you to see ten of me and whomever, riding each other into a sweaty mess?”

“Not you, dumbass. Me! I want to watch myself getting laid for a change.”

“You’ll love it.” I turned to her and smiled, lowering a hand and taking hold of her firm and lush ass cheek. “You look so sexy and erotic when you’re working. Especially, when driving or on all fours.”

“God, I can only imagine. Anyway, I want to plaster the entire wall next to my bed.”

“I’ll help you. Anything to keep your naked ass off our make-up area.”

“Spoken by the girl who hasn’t let go of my perfect ten butt yet. Okay, I’ll be back with the goods. Prepare to board the football team.”

[] Chapter 4[
**]Meetings of Great Minds: Clothing Optional


Four days later.


Matt and D.L., the original linebacker and free safety, respectively; the players we met at Grigio’s pool—decided to zero in on us the morning after our first date night. Both asked to see us again and that was fine with Sadie and me. One thing did rise to the surface rather quickly that had to be squashed. They began calling us during the diner hour and we all ended up eating out on several of the nights that followed. Neither one of us are stingy, but it was getting expensive. Football players can pack away the chow and it was costing us girls a small fortune. You heard right, us.

We were quick to learn what we didn’t know previously, being the new equivalent of Football Wives. College athletes aren’t allowed to work so therefor, most have no money. Some stupid rule by the NC double something or other. Supposedly, it’s a huge no-no and athletes can go to athlete jail as well as getting busted down to plain old student. From what we were told, sports on campus has big time spotters just as those of us in the business world do.

Anyway, she and I talked about it and realized that something had to change. Working isn’t a task we strolled into by choice. The money being earned and saved had to be banked solely for luxury apartment living, not feeding large boyfriends. After some serious thought, the solution was arrived at that we wouldn’t answer the phone for them anymore until after the ten o’clock hour. Our men would have to find a buffet somewhere on the cheap or simply revert back to used up cheerleaders. Neither sounded appetizing in my mind; however, not my problem. Choose food over a sleepover with a gorgeous and pleasure giving girl—you’re and idiot and not worthy.

Needless to say, they took the point quickly and chose to follow their libido as opposed to their stomachs. The four of us now walked through campus together, before splitting off on our way to class.

“Jenna…do you see what I see?”

“What? You mean that hot guy with the girl wearing an over-sized camo T-shirt?” It’s horrible.”

“Not that. The table. Under the tree next to the Student Union Building.”

“Is that…is that a Geisha Fuel banner?”

“Yeah, it is. Let’s go.”

“What about the hot guy? Should we rescue him?”

“Later, Jenna.”

“If it’s not too late. Sleeping with a girl dressed so poorly…”


We B-lined past the library and zeroed in our companies set-up. Both of us were confused. Sure, we had class, but an event of this size was crazy. In my mind, thoughts of a missed text or phone call requesting us to work made me panic. Making matters more confusing was seeing Heather and Bree standing around the table full of coolers they had with them.

“Girls…what’s…what’s going on?”

“Hey Sadie…Jenna. Wanna can of Fuel?”

“Ummm…sure. Yeah, whatever,” Sadie muttered.

“So, how are you girls managing?”

“Fine, Jenna. We hold out a can as students walk by and they take it. Go figure, huh.”

“And, you two are here alone? I mean there are tens of thousands of students on campus right now.”

“Yeah, well we don’t have ten thousand cans with us. When they’re gone, we bail, Sadie.”

“I just can’t believe you’re here by yourselves. I hope you have campus approval to park the mini here.”

“Of course we do, Jenna. Everything was all worked out before we arrived. You girls seriously need to chill on this repping shit. It’s not rocket science.”

“Yeah, Bree, until a spotter shows up and busts you down to working dive bars and pizza joints.”

“Okay…whatever. Here, shove a few more of these cans in your packs so I can go home and lay out by the pool.”

“Heather, I hope for you sake you value your position more than Bree does.”

“I certainly do. My position will not be at the pool, however. I…am going home to screw my boyfriend’s brains out. Open your pack.”


3:30 P.M. dorm meeting (eighth floor, private).


The bi-weekly meeting was open to both men and women of our floor, but the guys quickly scattered when they saw us assembling in the lobby. It’s the only time, day or night, that some girl, any girl—wasn’t being hit on for an invite to a private study session behind closed doors. If you ask me, they had it ass backwards. What better an opportunity to size up all the fine ass on our floor for potential rendezvous’? I mean that from both the male and female perspective too.

It’s kind of sad in a way that this twenty-minute get together was usually more in line with a sorority bitch session. Needless to say, I’m not very fond of something that usually amounts to nothing more than re-confirming Brandy’s status as chairperson. This encroached upon study time and then bumped gym time forward on these days. Bashing my schedule around is never cool and I’m always ready to get on with it and avoid the niceties, in light of getting the hell out. Thankfully, Brandy had sex with her next-door neighbor at this time of day and didn’t dilly-dally through the process. His girlfriend has a late afternoon lab that ends at five, so she plowed through the itinerary with the zest of a cat in heat.

“Okay, okay…moving forward. Tick-tock ladies. Next order of business is one of several duplicate complaints. Apparently, used condoms have been showing up in common area trash cans or simply tossed on the floor. Not acceptable, I agree.”

“That’s effing sick,” Tiff blurted out.

“Yes, it most certainly is. Any suggestions?”

“Everyone has trash cans in their rooms. Why can’t each girl take responsibility for disposing of said trash? It’s a dorm granted, but we don’t want to see it turn into the side parking lot of a Circle K.”

“Sadie, who’s to say it’s not one or two or a bunch of the guys that live right here in the dorm?”

“Good point, Nila,” I said, interrupting.

“I’d like to propose a solution, Brandy.”

“Okay, Mara. Which is?”

“If you see something, say something?”

“Wasn’t that proposed by some politician on the news a while back?” I asked.

“Exactly. So?”

“I don’t think it worked.”

Nila looked towards Brandy who stood before us at the lounge counter in the kitchenette area, pouring a cup of coffee and adding her flavored cream. She always did this before ending the meeting so I began to gather my things.

“I’d like to propose Nila’s Law. If you see some idiot dropping a used up condom, kick him in the balls. Word travels fast around here. If one jerkoff goes to the hospital with inflamed nads, we’ll never have to see that crap again.”

The group of us erupted in mellow, yet approving cheers and smiles, even though it was a shot in the dark at best. Seriously, no nasty pun intended. The entire concept being discussed was nasty and this is what I’m spending my time with instead of Biology homework and/or getting bent over by one of my after class playthings in the building.

“Okay, girls, settle down. I think both are good ideas. Let’s keep it clean whatever it takes. I support both resolutions, including an info letter to be placed on each door of our floor. Violators will be physically prosecuted and punished on-site. No jury necessary. All in favor?”


After a few more quick and even more mundane topics were reeled through— an announcement about the change dispenser in the laundry room being out of order, and rumors of a surprise room inspection forthcoming; girls scattered in all directions. Sadie stretched out on the couch we had been sitting on and sang some tune that sounded vaguely familiar, while I prepped coffee’s to go. I noticed some dude roll past, looking in towards us and then doubling back for a second take in her direction.


“Yes, tis I. Oooh! You’re cute. Hey, I do know you.”

“Yeah, Eric. We met in the elevator…a couple of times.”

“We did more than that, didn’t we?”

He began laughing casually as he turned and walked in the sitting area of the lounge. Sadie didn’t waste any time teasing him. She was hungry and spotted a mid-afternoon snack. I could tell; by both the smile on her face and the way in which her eyes locked on him. Rubbing her bare thighs together like a horny cricket was kind of a dead giveaway too. I’m not sure if Eric was reading what I was, but to his credit, his pursuit still had a forward motion to it.

“Did we have sex?”

“Uhhh…yeah, we did. You don’t remember? Either times?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe. You don’t live on this floor; that much I know.”

“No, I don’t. My friend does. I come up to visit from time to time. That’s how we met. On both occasions.”

“Well, what was my state of mind…during those occasions?”

“She’s asking whether or not she was hammered?” I chimed in.

“Hard to say. I’ve never been around you otherwise, Sadie. Just for…you know.”

“Yeah? Well, come sit next to me.”

“Cream, Sadie?”

“That depends. If he brought a condom. Do you have a condom, Mister Elevator Predator? We punish for improper disposal around here now, by the way. You’ll be receiving the update shortly.”

“I do,” he said, sitting next to her and looking a little confused over the last remark. In general, however, none of Sadie’s rapid-fire gibberish seemed to faze him and he saw his opening. She draped her leg over his lap when he nestled in beside her and then placed his hand high up on her thigh. “I think your friend meant your coffee though.”

“Yes to both of you. Cream me! Everyone!”

I looked over the counter and watched her back arch as Eric caressed her with both hands. Not a minute into it and her tiny shorts were being taken away. Two coffees for me and a generous, albeit attacking hand, making its way inside my roommates panties. Sadie had reusable tools popping out of all corners, wherever she landed. As far as Jenna was concerned—my study session was late, the mandatory bi-monthly floor meeting was over and I caught the beginning of Sadie’s rant firing up again as I walked towards our room—that of not having mirrors on her wall.


Pre-gym and late night prep.


Sundown or slutset, call it what you will. After two hours of listening to Sadie getting railed in the background of our room, and me studying for a quiz on the interaction of Sodium, potassium and calcium; I noticed the sun fading away through the blinds. Eric and her exchanged cell numbers when finishing three rounds and I could tell by how fast she imputed him, that he was filed away in her daily use screen. The quick access folder; for her mom, her pharmacist and several hotties used most often for naked time throughout the week. Her impromptu run-in with Eric, based on a two-night-stand she had no previous recollection of, fattened that list to her liking.

She reached low to pull her G-string through her feet when the door closed behind him as he left for the day. Two satisfied freshmen, at least for a few hours. No amount of pleasure is long remembered in people our age.

“Eric seems nice. Nice ass, I mean. Amongst other things.”

“You noticed, huh, Jenna?”

“I did. Very nice.”

“I know. I can’t believe I didn’t remember him.”

“One of the nights in question was afterhours at that club we promo’d out by Kierland Commons. I remember you wore a mini-dress and it was barely covering you by the time we reached our floor.”

“Yeah, see, I usually don’t forget fun nights like that, Jenna. I wish I had my mirrors already. No girl should have to enjoy a good doggie run without being able to watch it.”

“You looked great, Sadie. If that makes you feel any better, which I know it doesn’t. Want to go to Target before hitting the gym?”

“Seriously? You mean a secret trip without Tiff?”

“Sure. Hide the bag in my car though. If she sees us come back here with even the smell of that store on us…”

“Good call. We better not even touch any of the clothing there.”

Mom’s ringtone rang out from my own phone that sat next to me on the desk. Nothing unusual, although it was close to the dinner hour for them. An odd time for her to reach out and meant that she forgot to ask me something last night. This would be pertaining to charges on my credit card or acknowledgement of flight plans for a Thanksgiving that was almost a year away.”

“Jenna, it’s Mom.”

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi, Mrs. Taylor!”

“Hello Sadie. Jenna, your father wants to know about this Cabo itinerary you sent him.”

“Ahhh! Spring break, Mom. We have to book a room and our flights soon. You don’t want your daughter shacking up in some dingy excuse of a hotel.”

“Or a motel, Mrs. Taylor.”

“Oh my God, don’t say that Sadie. Why would say something like that?”

“I…I was just trying to express the gravity of the situation, Jenna. Don’t spas.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere motel, that’s for sure.”

Girls…girls, stay with me here. Focus, will you please. Jenna, how are grades this semester?”

“As high as the ceiling goes, mother. As always.”

And…we’re dating football players too, Mrs. Taylor. Currently, anyway. Who knows what will be on next week’s schedule. Oh! Crap. I forgot, Jenna. This weekend’s gig schedule posted earlier. I printed it out.”

Both of walked to the bulletin board next to our workstations and surveyed the new weeks events for ourselves. Mom came with us via speakerphone, but kind of fell by the wayside in the moments confusion.

“Oh, man. Look what they’ve done to us, Jenna. Just look it this.”

“I know. This is what happens when you reach the pinnacle of service and professional excellence.”

“It’s our own fault, Sadie. We have no one else to blame.”

“I know. Into the fire again.”

“Girls? Girls!”

“Oh, sorry Mom. We’re here. This is our world.”

“Well, what kind of football players are in this world?”

“Big ones!”

“Yes…I’m sure of it, Sadie dear. I was referring to what level?”

“Our level, Mom.”

“Still not telling me much, Jenna. College or professional?”

“College, of course.”

“Well, don’t say it as though I’m some sort of simpleton. I can never be too sure with you two. And Sadie, what do mean by currently?”

“Mrs. Taylor, your daughter and I continually have a plethora of hot and firm options open to us. It’s hard to know what will happen from week to week.”

“Yes, I’m just saying, ladies, you don’t have to entertain your options with the entire city all in one semester.”

“Mom, Sadie and I are not whores.”

“Hey! Jenna, give us a little credit here. Geeze.”

“Okay, you be quiet.

“Alright, enough already. Jenna, I’ll approve your trip with your father, but keep those grades up. And, wear protection young lady.”

“Mother, if I am one thing in life, responsible and tenacious are it.”

“That’s two things.”

“Shut up, Sadie.”

“Yes, well, tenacity has no problem entertaining pregnancy or a venereal disease. Your mother isn’t quite as tolerant, young lady.”

“She’s telling you to open a book and close your legs. My mom says the same thing. I simply assure her that with my type A and multi-tasking personality, I can easily handle all comers, including the books.”

“Thank you…for the play by play.”

“See there, Mrs. Taylor, ‘play by play.’ We’re football wives! Currently.”

[] Chapter 5[
**]Knowing Your Place at the Head of the Table


Sadie was still hard at work when our beefy toys showed up. D.L. was quickly sucked into helping her and forced to peel away sticky paper that yours truly gave up on about fifteen minutes ago. It proved to be the best decision I made all day, considering Matt and I were already naked and close to being joined at the hip, literally.

Originally, I offered water or a Fuel from our mini-fridge as big hands from behind swallowed me up. My tight, cotton tank traveling high over my breasts and stopping short of my armpits to expose all of me in our room. Sadie continued to apply the mirrored squares in what was beginning to look like our funhouse of psychosexual deviance meets a prehistoric disco lounge. Her panties were also down around her knees as she knelt on the bed. I couldn’t be sure and honestly, I wasn’t paying all that much attention, but I couldn’t decipher whether she was smiling at the new décor or D.L., who was guiltlessly kissing her lower tummy and beyond. Probably both, only don’t ask me to put them in order as far as importance goes.

“You girls shouldn’t drink that crap, Jenna.”

“Why not?”

“Those energy drinks wreak havoc on your system. Terrible stuff.”

“It’s okay. I’m young. I can get away with it.”

“You keep sucking them down and six months from now you’ll look and feel forty.”

“Do I look or feel old ass to you, big man?”

“No…no, you definitely don’t.”

“Then come and get some nineteen, baby.”

Neil and James had left several messages over the last few days on both our phones. Obviously, they had a high desire to hook-up again, but the existing situation was much better. Sadie and I aren’t quick to discard men who could be useful to us in the future though. One has to think ahead for rainy days and the unseen. The wording can be a bit tricky, but we have mastered putting the male half of our species on hold and keeping them interested. A simple explanation of being bogged down in research papers, followed up with the occasional and unprovoked “Miss you” text, kept any and all grade A penis in stock. A bikini or lingerie attachment every so often also keeps the “Out of sight, out of mind” possibility at bay. They were not going anywhere other than the Sadie and Jenna back burner for now.

Brandy and Tiffany also seemed to secure their athletes. Brandy’s went so far as to request a monogamous status with her. The relationship was locked down in less than a week and we all joked that we needed her secrets of sex. Otherwise, now dubbed, “Brandy’s world of Kama Sutra.” In all seriousness, she’s a true to life keeper if ever there is one. A beautiful and captivating girl with big blue eyes and long, flowing, brunette hair. The bod, of course, was off the hook; but that smile and open demeanor drew in every person she met, and made them fall madly into infatuation. It’s no surprise that her man, who could have any girl on campus, realized he struck gold and would do no better.

Tiffany is also the furthest from a slacker in the looks department. With her, however, someone with backbone need only apply. She is in your face and doesn’t waste words very often. Not a bitch by any means. A strong chick is more to the point with little tolerance for games. The girl has no problem with calling anyone out on his or her bullshit, even if that means making you look like a complete fool in front of others. Likewise, when she takes a shine to you, count on her being the first to volunteer for your trip to hell and back. There isn’t a thing one can ask in that light that she won’t do for you. Word on the street is that she also gives the best blowjobs known to mankind and appreciates a solid and frequent back door love affair.

It was right around then that Matt undressed me. Sadie and D.L. were laughing about something that enticed me into looking over at the wall again. Watching her trying to stand on her bed and finish the new, reflective mosaic— while tripping over the panties caught around her ankles, was beyond stupid.

“What about you, Jenna? Ever date an athlete?”

“Ummm, not on this campus, but yes. There was also the time when we had two pro’s from Seattle in the bag…”

Oh, Jenna. Not this again.”

“Well, you screwed up, Sadie. I have the option of telling this story forever.”

“What happened?” Matt asked.

“Sadie and I were at lunch somewhere and these two absolutely huge and handsome men waved us to their table on our way out. Everything was going well and we were all going to leave together.”

“What happened?”

“Sadie’s big mouth let on that we were seniors in high school.”

“Hey!” She interrupted turning and pointing at me. “They tricked me.”

“Being asked what you do for a living is a trick?”


“What do you girls do for a living? Oh, I’m on the yearbook committee and was voted Prom Queen last month.”

Matt and D.L. looked at her and laughed playfully. Me, still not so much. It’s an open wound that pusses up occasionally and stabs that part of me that houses stink memories. I’m not accustomed to losing, especially when it’s not my doing. I keep telling her that less is more when providing info, and granted; she’s gotten better. The chick does tend to love a good bragging, however.

“Well, what was I supposed to say Jenna? They asked.”

“I know. I also know that brain surgeon or social genius doesn’t apply.”

“Okay, just for that, you can’t share my mirrors. There is a wall right here, Jenna.” she mimed with her hand. “The wall of non-reflection. Deal with it.”

The banter subsided and Matt picked me up and laid me flat on my bed. Sadie returned to tripping over herself rather than simply removing the panties. As I was saying, sometimes the girl’s resolve with things could be baffling.

“I think the important question here, Mathew, is have you ever had a promo girl?”

“You know, Jenna…I don’t think so.”

“Ahhhhh, a virgin! You here that, Sadie? We have promo virgins on our hands.”

“I love virgins. So corruptible.”

“Matt, I hope you realize how lucky you are. You just graduated from sloppy cheerleaders.”

“We know, Jenna. You girls are insanely hot. A little kooky at times, but you’re fun too.”

“I heard mostly compliments in there so you’re safe. The size of your uni-muscle allows for certain verbal discrepancies to be overlooked. How about we play hide and seek with it now, sweetie. Right about…there. Straight in to the goal line, Mister.”

“Yeah, I play defense.”

“You just made and interception, Matt. Go! Fireworks are waiting impatiently.”


Friday. After last class.


The end of the week appearance at the Rec accomplished two things. One, it gave everyone another chance to see and probably fantasize about us. Two, we could get a good bronzing in before the gig tonight. Both are duties we always take to heart and perform diligently, no matter how tight the schedule.

“How do I look in this suit?”

“Amazing. What there is of it anyway, Jenna.”

“That’s why I bought it. Let this bod do the work.”

“A bold and sexy statement you are, I must say. Hey Jenna, why is it that Geisha Fuel doesn’t have a calendar? You know, like Hooters or Sports Illustrated. Of us bikini-hot employees.”

“I don’t know. It’s a young company yet.”

“Or maybe, no one has thought of it.”


“We should mention it to the District Manager.”

“Sure, I guess. Couldn’t hurt. Why the sudden interest, Sadie? Are you thinking you and me?”

“Of course. Who better to portray July and August?”

“Why those two months?”

“Hot and sizzling, of course. No one cares about December and January, except people who ski and board. And, they aren’t thinking about hot chicks in bathing suits because they’re freezing their asses off on a mountain somewhere.”

“True. I never understood that winter thing.”

“You mean snow over tropical islands?” She added. “And, beaches loaded up with hot guys.”

“And, their clean shaven…everything. Oooooh! That just gave me chills. Let’s get out of this locker room and go shopping already.”

“You’re in a mood today,”

“I’m always in the mood. The thought of a hot guy leaning into my backside with that muscle, as you refer to it, while oiling me up…”

“Okay, I get it. Don’t start me down this path.”

“Then come help me find someone. I’m totally dragging the lucky winner inside this locker room.”

“Yeah right, Jenna. I’m sure.”

“Watch me. Sadie, think about it. No one is ever in here other than to walk straight through to the pool or exit again. All I have to do is take him over to the shower area.”

“I see you’ve given this some thought, slut.”

“Every time we come to the Rec. Screw pissing around. I’m getting pummeled in the shower by a gorgeous, random, guy today.”

“Jenna, you are a slut. I’m only sorry I didn’t think of it first.”

We headed to the exit, following the strong smell of chlorine that led the way. Sunshine, music and hundreds of students presented before us; chicks laying in lounges chairs and guys milling about everywhere, while a water volleyball game was in the works. A typical afternoon here for those not yet privy to either ghetto or luxury apartment living. Once outside and standing on the pool deck, we stopped again to get our bearings and attempt to locate Brandy and Tiffany.

“Not to beat a dead horse, Jenna; but do you ever wonder if we’re majoring in the right fields?”

“What do mean?”

“The calendar idea, for example. Aside from all the other brainstorming genius we seem to come up with all day, every day.”

“Go on.”

“I’m just saying, maybe marketing is our calling.”

“You know Sadie; you do make a highly valid point. We are extremely business adept.”

“Maybe, we should talk to our parents about it and re-evaluate.”

“It is still at an early stage and now would be the time to do so. It’s funny you mention it. Sitting in front of a microscope for the next…like…forever; is totally a lame and sad outlook.”

“Agreed. Besides, life in a lab isn’t going to allow for affairs with co-workers, or lunches with hot clients in four star hotel bedroom suites.”

“Okay, now you just made me hate my major. Thanks, Sadie. If I’m not naked with my legs wrapped around some guy in that shower in ten minutes, I will be thoroughly pissed.”

It took several minutes of wading through the sea of mostly gorgeous bodies to find Tiff and Brandy. Both, lotioned and already glistening to the delight of horny onlookers. This should be a slam-dunk for my little project as they managed to camp us out in the middle of sexy guy land. The girls stood out like sore thumbs, or in this case, gorgeous vaginas that were barely covered and ready to break out.

Sadie and I usually noticed the same things when entering a situation. This explains her dropping off from conversation as I did. What I mean is that the large group of men surrounding the girls were all solo and without female companionship. Either we stumbled across a gay racquetball club, or these potential uni-muscles were girlfriend free for the afternoon. Most of them ceased in their chatter of sports and who did the most shots last night, so I assume no one was running off for a court time today. All attention diverted to the two of us when we closed in on our friends. Tiff, even though having her eyes closed on her lounge, instinctively reached for her bag that saved two chairs for us.

“Thank you, thank you.”

“Jenna, where have…ohhhhh, nice suit, chick,” she said, shading her eyes.”


“Hey…Jenna, Sadie…Tiff and I were just talking. Look how many of these girls have tats here.”

“I know,” I said. “Almost everyone.”

“Well, I for one am never going down that road. Aside from the occasionally temporary.”

“Me neither, Brand. You stand out more without them these days.”

“Truth, sexy!”

I spotted my target almost immediately. He already had me in his sights and didn’t make any effort to look away. For that matter, he made it a point to check me out overtly and slowly from head to toe. I held his gaze, of course, while spreading my towel over the chair, making sure to bend forward and allow the assets to take a good hold of his prying eyes.

Today was no day for drawn out games. I panned the pool and found the lifeguards sitting high in their command post chairs, as they should be. None, looking anywhere but down to the water of the massive pool. Easy money. I turned to stud boy and waived him towards me with my index finger. Seconds later, we stood toe to toe. Close—but not quite what I had in mind. Patience.

“Hi, I’m Jenna.”

“Hey, Jenna. Scott

“Scott, do you mind if I check on something real quick?”

“Uhhh, no, I…”

We paused our conversation long enough for me to reach down and gauge the situation, the only way I knew how in a large crowd. I couldn’t very well ask him to disrobe and I wasn’t about to take the walk before being satisfied that I would be satisfied. If you catch my drift.

“Jenna, what…oh my God, what in the hell,” Tiff remarked. She appeared to be a little surprised by my boldness, although I don’t know why. This is college, not a board meeting in some stuffy high rise.


“Well, I have to know, Sadie.”


“Wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, he’s way hot. So, what’s the verdict?”

“It’s a go. Scott, do you like spontaneity and taking chances?”

“She wants to know how big your balls are, Scott. Those in your head. The two in her hand don’t count.”

“Sadie, I’ve got this. Scott?”

I removed my heels and took him by the hand. Brandy and Tiff had no idea what was going on. Sadie would take care of that before he and I were halfway to the locker room though.

Once inside, we hurried towards the dividing wall and took a quick left into the locker rooms open shower. Just as I thought, piece of cake. The two of us stripped down and took turns at twisting water nozzles on to the spray position. Eventually, I pulled him towards me when he spoke up again.

“Don’t worry; I won’t say anything to my friends when we go back out.”

“Scott, I don’t care what you say to your friends…or your girlfriend for that matter. I’m Jenna by the way. Now, pick me up and press us against this wall. The rest should be self-explanatory and will hopefully last more than two pitiful minutes.


8:00 P.M—one hour to doors open.


Sadie stood on the inside ledge of the mini, wiping clean the big Geisha Fuel can on the roof, while I gassed us up. She couldn’t tolerate a dust covered and grimy looking can. No spotter on Earth could ever nick our reputation of having a pristine company vehicle at all times. I admire her passionate attention to details before we hit the road to a gig. Everyone else at the station simply admired how good her ass looked in the tiny shorts as she leaned forward.

“Do you smell that, Sadie?”

“I do. I hate the smell of gas.”

“No, not that.”

“What then?”

“They’re out there.”

“Who’s out there?”

“Fresh and new Geisha Fuel initiates. Lifers of the best energy drink on the market.”

“You’re excited for tonight, Jenna. You always get this, this gleam in your eye. It’s almost as if they sparkle. You creep.”

“Whatever,” I said, laughing. “You get the same way.”

“I know. Hey, how about we hand out some Fuel samples before we leave?”

“Do we have enough?”

“We do. An entire case left over from the last gig.”

“Nice. Let’s do it. See, this what pumps me up. Meeting the crowd and watching how they revere us.” I looked around as I returned the pump handle to its receptacle and felt the light inside of me brighten. “Just think, Sadie…someday we’ll tell our kids about this. Imagine the looks on their faces when they listen to how cool our lives were.”

“Yeah…were. It will all end someday, Jenna.”

“Hey, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t get sucked down that dark tunnel. We have a gig and I’m depending on you. The customers expect to see beautiful and cheerful Sadie; one of the top promo girls in the country.”

“You’re right, Jenna.” She stepped down off the mini and took a deep breath before popping the trunk. “Let’s do this. Any hot guys around?”

“Funny you should ask. They just pulled in. Look, pump seven. Attack.”

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Dorm Tramps. Volume 1: Promo Girls

Sadie and Jenna are roommates on campus who tend to take some aspects of their life a little too seriously. Being young and somewhat naïve, does little to inhibit their confidence, however. That’s the positive side of naivete; one isn’t aware of any shortcomings. Verbal blunders, over-exaggeration and an excessively high perception of themselves isn’t something they attempt to hide from family or friends. In fact, you’d probably be looked at as crazed or inept if questioning them on such things. A part-time job interweaves itself into a busy itinerary of class and an already over-scheduled sex life here within. The girls manage to muster up unending energy day after day, as only those living on their own for the first time can. To them, it’s just another season in “The Life” and juggling hot guys while attempting to flee dorm living is par for the course. This short romp takes you on a one-week ride, in the midst of a first year semester and is nothing short of being filled with quirky fun. If you long for the days of pool parties and late night sleep overs on the fly, welcome back. If you haven’t been there yet, here’s a taste maybe, of what to look forward to. In between studying, of course. Be forewarned: These two ladies and the eighth floor have a distinct and subjective way of interpreting the concept of study sessions.

  • ISBN: 9781310532016
  • Author: J. Bango
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Dorm Tramps. Volume 1: Promo Girls Dorm Tramps. Volume 1: Promo Girls