Don’t Be Evil: A Financial Analysis of Google

Don’t Be Evil

An Analysis of Google

















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Don’t Be Evil: An Analysis of Google by Blake Stone. Published by Brithe Publishing, LLC.


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Table of Contents


Appendix A – Porter’s 5 Forces

Appendix B – SWOT Analysis

Appendix C – Environmental Scan

Appendix D – Value Chain Analysis

Appendix E – BCG Model Matrix


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Don’t Be Evil: A Financial Analysis of Google

Don't Be Evil: A Financial Analysis of Google Google is the overwhelming market leader when it comes to search engines. However, there are two IT companies with a higher growth rate than Google. Baidu and Yandex reported a humble $2.3B and $622.2M, respectively, in revenue for 2011, merely a grain of sand to Googles $37.9B of revenue in the same year. Still it is noteworthy that Baidu grew 85% year over year, Yandex achieved 65% growth, while Google achieved just 44% in international growth. This ebook examines the financials and competitive environment that Google has endured to move from a noun to a verb signifying “to search.

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Don’t Be Evil: A Financial Analysis of Google Don’t Be Evil: A Financial Analysis of Google