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Do Not Tell Anyone

Do Not Tell Anyone





By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is completely fictitious story. If you find any resemblance with any character living or dead with the protagonist of the story, it is nothing but a coincidence only. Hope my readers will like the story.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Bhadreshwar


Bhadreshwar lost his father when he was hardly five years. His father was crushed by a speeding truck when he was carrying some firewood on a push-cart. In those days, getting compensation from rich truck owners was a herculean task. Bhadreshwar’s mother also did not get any substantial compensation from the truck owner as the police submitted their report favouring the driver of the truck. Court declared that the truck driver was not at fault in the accident and therefore, only a token compensation of few thousand rupees was awarded to Bhadreshwar’s mother. That small amount was also snatched away by her in laws.

After that incident, he along with his mother was brought by his maternal grandfather to their home as the financial condition of Bhadreshwar’s father was not good. Moreover, after death of his father, the rest of the family members of his father started mistreating his mother.

Though life of Bhadreshwar and his mother was not comfortable in their grandfather’s home, somehow they were happy. Unfortunately, their happiness also did not last long. When Bhadreshwar was ten, his mother died due to a sudden illness. Thus, Bhadreshwar became an orphan, dependent solely on maternal uncle’s sweet will.

Chapter II: My Classmate


Bhadreshwar became my classmate when we came to high school in 1970 after leaving our respective primary schools up to class III. Bhadreshwar was my classmate till I passed out my tenth examination and subsequently joined Cotton College. He also passed his tenth examination with a third Division and joined a local college. In due course of time, he faded away from my memory chip.

However, in a recent visit to my hometown, I accidentally met Bhadreshwar at the bus stand. He looked much older than his age, 50. He is a small time businessman now. He was not able to get a Government job (only for which a village boy vie in India). After few years of searching for a Government job, he opened a shop of readymade garments. Being a small town, his business has never flourished. However, he can manage his family with his meagre income. Now his elder son also joined a private job in Guwahati.

We talked for few minutes on our family matters. As we were going to depart, he asked me, ‘Are you keeping the secret with you?’

‘Yeah. Do not worry. I shall never divulge that to anyone.’ I assured him. He smiled to me on my assurance and then left the place.

When he left, I told to myself, ‘He told me about his secret, but I did not tell him my secret even today; even after three decades.’

Chapter III: Banalata, Aunt of Bhadreshwar


Banalata was the wife of Bansi, maternal uncle of Bhadreshwar. She was married to Bansi when Bhadreshwar was eleven year old. Bansi was working in a town around five hundred KM away from his hometown. For the initial two years, Banalata was with Bansi in that town. In due course of time, they were blessed with a son. After birth of their child, Bansi kept his wife with his parent. Though Banalata did not like the new arrangement, she was forced to stay back with her in laws.

There was lot of fight between Banalata and Bansi, whenever Bansi used to visit home in the subsequent years. Rest of the time, she used to fight with her in laws. Bhadreswar was also not spared by Banalata.

Bhadreshwar’s staying with the family itself was an eyesore for Banalata. Feeding Bhadreshwar from her husband’s income was also a major issue for her.

But one day, everything has changed for Banalata.

Chapter IV: The Unholy Relation


On that day, when Bhadreshwar reached home from school, he found nobody was around. Then he remembered that there was a marriage ceremony of a distant relative in the next village. After changing his school uniform, he wore a dhoti and took some leftover food from the kitchen.

It was in the month of April and climate of Assam was hot and humid. As he lied on the bed for taking a nap, he quickly went into a deep sleep.

Banalata, keeping her son with his grandparent, came back home to give fodder to the cattle. As she entered to the house, she saw Bhadreshwar was sleeping. On the very sight of Bhadreshwar sleeping, she became very angry. She approached him with an intention to hit him for doing nothing.

As she approached him, she realised Bhadreshwar was no more a kid. His presence and her husband’s long absence from her life can be used in her favour. She came to a decision what the society she belongs to, does not permit.

Banalata initiated the unholy relation with her nephew which was reciprocated by Bhadreshwar after overcoming initial hesitation from his side.

Life became happier for Bhadreshwar and Banalata since then. From that day, for the next few years, she and Bhadreshwar became equal partners of an unholy nexus. I do not know whether the relation is still going on or not.

Chapter V: The Secret


There is a saying, ‘Unless you tell someone your secret, you are feeling a pain in your stomach.’

Bhadreshwar was also feeling a pain in his stomach to divulge his secret to someone. But he had a fear; if his secret was out, he would be thrown out of his home.

There was a myth in the village, a studious and intelligent student does not know about silly real things of life, etc. In our class, I was the most studious student and therefore, all the classmates of mine thought I did not know anything about silly real things of life following the prevailing misconception. Therefore, Bhadreshwar thought he would tell me about his unholy nexus with his aunt.

One day he told me, ‘If you do not tell anyone, I shall share one secret with you.’

‘Ok, I shall not tell anyone.’ I assured him.

But he wants something more from me. He said, ‘If you tell this anyone, your mother will die. I am telling you this from my own tragic experience. I broke my promise once and I lost my mother for ever.’

He tried to frighten me before divulging his secret before me. As I promised in my mother’s name, he told everything about his unholy nexus with his aunt.

His description was with so minute detail, without seeing her aunt, probably I could have told someone pinpointing her black spot on her thigh which was always under her garments.

Chapter VI: The Top Secret


As promised, due to fear of losing my own mother, I never divulged about Bhadreshwar and his aunt’s darker side to anyone, even after I lost my mother few years ago.

Even after death of my mother why I have not divulged the secret about Bhadreshwar and his aunt? It is simple, because there was another top secret relating to me.

When I was in college, during my summer vacation one day while I was passing through the village of Bhadreshwar, I visited his house without informing him. Incidentally on that day, except Banalata, none was present at their home.

That was the first time, I saw the lady about whom I heard from Bhadreshwar few years ago. When I met her on that day, she was wearing a red sari with sleeveless blouse which was matching her colour. At that time, she might be around thirty five and looked very attractive with an awesome figure.

I asked her for a glass of water. While she was giving water, I intentionally touched her hand, I told her with a mischievous smile, ‘I am lucky to meet you Aunty. I heard many things about you from Bhadreshwar.’

It was quite evident from her facial expression that my statement shook her mentally. She stammered, ‘What he was saying about me?’

‘He always praises you. He always praises you for your kindness in looking after him.’ I lied.

‘Oh, I thought he was saying something else!’ She heaved a sigh.

This time, as a young man of twenty, I tried my luck, ‘Yes aunty, he said something more about you; but he took my promise not to tell anyone; otherwise my mother will die. Therefore, I cannot tell anything to anybody about those silly talks; even to you also. ’

At my answer, her face became visibly red. I then made my intention very clear to her by saying, ‘Bhadreshwar was lying about you many times; he said you are beautiful. But I found that, you are extremely beautiful and extremely attractive. I do not know, having a black spot on your thigh, how beautiful would be your legs!’

Then whole world stopped for me. Next one hour was mine; probably God has given me that one hour just to fulfil desire of a twenty year old youth in me.

That was the top secret, I did not divulge to anyone till today. Bhadreshwar thinks till today, I am keeping his secret with me. He is right in one sense, I have not divulged his secret to anyone except with his partner in his social crime.

Or I am the fool to believe that, she has not told Bhadreshwar about that one hour of my stay in his home?

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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Do Not Tell Anyone

Then whole world stopped for me. Next one hour was mine; probably God has given me that one hour just to fulfil my desire. That was the top secret, I did not divulge to anyone till today. Bhadreshwar thinks till today, I am keeping his secret with me. He is right in one sense, I have not divulged his secret to anyone except with his partner in his crime. Or I am the fool to believe that, she has not told Bhadreshwar about that one hour of my stay in his home?

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  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-04-08 08:05:27
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Do Not Tell Anyone Do Not Tell Anyone