Divine Communication

Divine Communication

by Den Warren – 2017

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I am writing this because I believe that the world almost totally misunderstands religion and the nature of God. There are so many questions that people have, and so many wrong ideas. Even though God and religion is the most important thing a person can consider during their lifetime, many choose to ignore it all together. They stay away from the subject of religion because they misunderstand everything about it, and because of what someone else has said. There is also a main reason why people have been deceived which I will explain later.

So I am attempting to clear up some of this misunderstanding in a short essay here. No one on Earth knows everything. But I may know a lot more than you do about it. You may want to ask me, “What makes you think you can understand God. Do you have a direct line to Him?” Well . . . yes, in a way. But I don’t hold some mystical sacred key that requires you to go through me. This knowledge is available to anyone who wants it. So let me explain how you can get it.

Let’s start with some things that perhaps you can believe in.

God existed before time. He is perfect in all ways. This has to be true in order for Him to create the cosmos. God would not blunder in making His creation, or settle for something less than what He originally wanted, because He is God. Everything may not be perfect to us, but everything that happens all fits into his master plan. If we are honest and truly open minded, we know He is there. We know that He exists because of the evidence His Creation gives us.

Don’t you think it is reasonable that God would love His own creation? He does, and that includes us humans most of all. It is reasonable that God would want His creation to love Him back. God gave us the ability to have our own free will. He gave us the ability to make a choice. He wants us to love and worship Him. If this is true, then in turn it makes sense that He would somehow provide us with the knowledge to understand Him; And the best way for us to live; And how to get to His Heaven to be with Him.

I contend that He did do all of that. He gave us his Holy Word the Bible, and He even sent His perfect Son, Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death on the Cross for all of our Sins. That way, the imperfect sinful nature in all of us could be paid for, as long as we accept Jesus’ payment so we can enter His perfect Heaven.

So why go through all of the trouble of having people live and die on earth? Why not just make people in Heaven to be with God? All I can say is that he did that already. He made the Angels in Heaven. He made Lucifer. He gave them the will to make a choice, and a third of the angels decided to follow Lucifer in rebellion against God. The fallen angels became demons and in the end, Lucifer (Satan) knows that his time is short and he will lose. So God made the Lake of Fire for Satan and all of the fallen Angels to spend eternity. God’s will is that no man would go into the Lake of Fire, but those who do not believe will spend an eternity of spiritual death in that unthinkably horrible place that no one wants to talk about. Don’t think of Hell as a convivial place where all of the unforgiven sinners can enjoy each others’ company.

Satan knows he is already beaten. His only remaining tactic of inflicting harm on God, his Creator, is to take as many humans with him into the Lake of fire. So Satan will use any means possible to make man fail. Some of his ways are subtle. Satan wants you to think that anything to do with religion is boring and just mythological. So boring and ridiculous that is becomes accepted by many that it is just a joke. Satan tricks people into creating and following false religions. That way, it will make Christianity look like just one of many irrational beliefs.

Satan wants you to think that God is trying to control and manipulate you. Satan wants you to believe that true freedom comes with sin, when in fact; it is the other way around. Sin brings slavery to the sin and pain from the effects of the sin. God, on the other hand, provides the Bible as a type of owner’s manual; giving us beneficial direction on what to do, direct from the manufacturer.

If you think that the Bible is a fake or some kind of ambitious scam, do you have any facts or evidence to support such an idea? Have you ever picked up a copy of it? Are you willing to let others decide your eternal destination for you without checking yourself? You ever hear of “blind leading the blind”? Doesn’t that scare you the least little bit? Don’t you think investigating such a serious issue is worth at least a little of your time while you are on this earth?

God gave us the Bible so we CAN know the truth. He has done everything a perfect God could do to help us. But that is not all he did. His divine communication plan goes both ways. He also gave us the ability to pray. He can hear your every thought. If you have not received Jesus as your Savior from sin, the only prayer God wants to hear from you is that you do accept Jesus, and that you do want to go to God’s Heaven and not the Lake of Fire. Even if you only have enough faith to ask God for more faith to believe, He will honor that prayer. Please at least do that.

I only write this because I, Den Warren, care for your soul. There is absolutely no money in it for me or anyone else. I could be out enjoying myself doing something else, but that would be sinful, knowing I should be helping others in desperate need.

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Divine Communication

I am writing this because I believe that the world almost totally misunderstands religion and the nature of God. There are so many questions that people have, and so many wrong ideas. Even though God and religion is the most important thing a person can consider during their lifetime, many choose to ignore it all together.

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Divine Communication Divine Communication