Diary of the King of Bemidji


Diary of the King of Bemidji

By John Fredrick Carver

Copyright 2016 John F Carver




6/1/2016 The King


Greeting aliens in Earth or other distant places from this living man in Earth specifically the kingdom of Bemidji in a heavenly manner and from God our Father in Christ Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit from the king of Bemidji as I was called to be by the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords whether they be principalities in earth, among the stars, under the sea, within the ground, on the ground or in any of the spiritual places whether in heaven or hell, places that have been and are, places that once were and are no more, places that are to come or are to come again for there is no place he is not and where he is not God, the only God, the ultimate God, peace be with you all.

Wherever there are those like us that are not and have not elected to become alien to my Lord and alien to the true powers here in Earth as they are in every place or context that exists, if it is truly a place or in a true context he is here with us and we through him have access to it in accordance with his will. Those of you who are the living sojourners here with me; I say that for I do not plan to stay in Earth that long though I am king of this city and have no known heirs whether alive or dead; you may continue to do what God has called you to do in the way God helps you do it because know this: I do not usurp any authority the King of all has and when and if I ever do I have him to contend with the same as you or they, the aliens here do whether in the flesh or in spirit. I do not have a quarrel with anyone and wish to live at peace with any or all of you whether fellow servants of Christ and therefore children of our God whom is not common but whom we all hold in common as holy and our Father as well as the aliens who do not.

My battle is not with any of you but those illegitimate spirits in supposed spiritual principalities you sinfully turn to either to rule over you or to be subject to them. They deceive you. They have no God given authority to even be here doing as they do without like me and my God given authority, God has allowed it for the sake of accomplishing his goals among you personally.

Yield nothing to me you do not freely choose to, neither allegiance, servitude or even respect not to mention personal possessions or even your time or anything you might or might not do, say or might not say, or even anything you have reasoned to be for my benefit whether financial or personal wealth of any kind, and neither that, you imagine I might want, or fancy I might desire, or even fantasize I may covet in any way even to some chimerical extreme.

However know this: You are my subjects and I am here to serve you as best I know how and that I will do according to the abilities God has given me and will yet give me concerning my capacity as your king as I serve Christ my King, my holy Brother and God our Father. Let us serve one another even as they serve each other; in one mind, one heart and with one will as in one person, holy omnipotent God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It is a part of my knowledge that not all of you believe in spirits and therefore spirituality. May the Holy Spirit come upon me and you if need be in such a way he may desire to prove he is Spirit as I share him with you and all spiritual powers and any spirit that may benefit either of us or even several of us at once up to and including all of us at the same exact moment in the same instance according to God’s will for God is Spirit.

This is not a joke. Jesus did say to my spirit and these are his precise words, “I make you king of Bemidji.” Therefore I am king for otherwise I would be required by God to disobey him whom I love more than my own self if that is a thing I may actually do and I believe it to be so as the Holy Spirit testifies of it also and the Father knows of it too.

He certainly deserves it after what they did to him when he was here among us in times now thought to be ancient when he came as King of the Jews and was that indeed though they rejected the very Son of God as their king, brought false charges against him, brought him before a kangaroo court and turned him over to the Romans who ridiculed him, scourged him, beat him and hung him on a cross to be ridiculed by his own subjects whom he served anyway by descending to hell and rising on the third day and spent a little while with his friends before ascending back to his rightful place at the right hand of God on his throne from where he has judged that this world and this planet will end and everyone, first the living then all others will be judged according to that they have done from the books which shall be opened wherein all pertinent records have been duly noted, the Lamb’s book of life among them, leaving those found guilty of crimes against God to be thrown into torment and the rest to live forever and ever in the New Earth, under the New Heaven around or in the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. Hereafter consider yourselves so notified.

Christ really was conceived of the Holy Spirit, was born in Bethlehem, spent his early years in Egypt, grew up in Nazareth with flesh and bone and all the physical characteristics of a man and also God, the man called Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus the Christ, the Son of God and him who was subjected to a kangaroo court including the chief priest, brought before Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, was buried, rose from the dead on the third day, was seen by his followers and ascended to the right hand of God; that Jesus is the one of whom I am speaking. He is proof he is God. He is proof of the Holy Spirit. He is proof of God the creator and the Father that begot him, the ultimate Authority of all authorities: Fear him who has power to throw you into eternal torment.

I see there is some that do not believe me as I expected. I forgive you but it is my hope you will also ask God to forgive you even as I did when I made the good confession before God and the angels. Did not I too laugh when I heard your words Lord Jesus? Yet you forgave me. Now I ask that you forgive all those that will ask you now that I have also forgiven them and will forgive any matter of sin against me. I am not the Holy Spirit of whom God will not forgive any manner of sin against but one of his many servants also. Amen.

As your king I command you now to believe in spirits, both evil spirits and good spirits, all angels and devils or fallen angels and hope you will call upon the Holy Spirit of God as soon as you do that. And here is how you may know them: If they will not admit that Christ came in the flesh they are an evil spirit and an anti-Christ and all that are good must recognize and be willing to say that of Christ also whether angel or alien or whatever else there may be. To deny Christ is to deny God and they are therefore evil liars. To deny God is proof that they are dead and no one has ever died that was not also evil, or ever will save Christ who has become sin for those willing to be made anew by the Holy Spirit.

Watch. The end is near, and nearer today than yesterday. You do not know in what year, what day of the year, what month, what day of the month or week, or what time of day the end will come. Only the Father knows and not even the Son. Therefore I do not know either. We all know this however, it could happen any time, even right now.

Can your spirit handle knowing that? Call upon God. Believe or call upon one of the many servants of Christ in Bemidji or elsewhere to assist you in believing. Do not take it lightly. It is no joking matter. May God open your eyes and the eyes of your heart to receive him and bless you and keep you from torment not to mention the end of this Earth which is soon upon us all living in it. In my sincerest love I, a king, beseech you, “Do it immediately.” Amen.

Do you really think me a fool who would risk eternal torment to scream forever because of the heat and the excruciating pains of the sulfur burns without any end? I love you, but I am not that foolish. Don’t even go there; ever! Remember in that I am his king I am also holy and am to be treated as such. Anyone that does not treat me or his servants as holy is a transgressor and will be held accountable by the King, Jesus Christ who has appointed me to this position. My peace and love I extend to you now, officially, and personally in the name of my King, the King of every leader in Earth or elsewhere. Father may they receive it with gladness. Amen.



6/2/2016 Lonely and Lonesome Morning


This is on the king’s heart this morning:

There are lonely people in Bemidji. Subjects, this should not be. Whatever you believe most of you have experienced loneliness or have been lonesome for some one at the very least. Visit the lonely. It is not good that a man, woman, elderly or otherwise, or even a child is lonely in my kingdom. Seek them out, knock on their doors, be friendly with them because just a few minutes a day will ease their loneliness to the extent that it does that. There are thousands and thousands of people in Bemidji and not nearly that many that are lonesome for someone or lonely.

When you visit bring me or one of the saints with you in spirit at the very least so that Jesus Christ may be among you.

A solitary live soul or a dead visitor is better than no visitor at all to the lonely but as concerning the lonesome always remember that if you do not know the lonesome then you are not whom they are lonesome for, whether someone that has passed or someone that has moved away, a parent, grandparent, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, or some other relative or a good friend in their imagination if not more than that or even an old enemy they now miss arguing with.

I am not saying that those who have passed and are in hell or have refused to go where they belong and are ghosts among us should visit the lonesome unless they have entreated our Father and he has given his permission in order to ease the loneliness or lonesomeness and torment of another to the extent that it may. They may have disobeyed my decree and do not believe in spirits and so may think they are not in touch with reality and you may make their horrible circumstances even more unbearable by breaching their safety zone. God has them in Earth yet for a reason. Let us find that reason if possible but in most cases let us bring our physical bodies with us that they not be alarmed when we visit and so assume their physical bodies have perished and that they are not among what they deem to be the living, those with animated physical bodies whether dead or not, or that they have gone insane.

When you visit then, you that are dead, simply converse with them but do them no more harm than is the minimum you may do to any other. I know as you will soon realize that the dead cannot do any good that is lasting. But it will ease your torment and your lonesomeness also for God to grant such a thing. Be as polite as you know how and always remember their living space is or should be their safe place which lonesomeness and loneliness is already a threat to leaving them to fear for their safety. If they do not want you to come in or into their space should you see them out and about, do not come in. If they invite you in, using any mannerism then go in. If and when they want you to, leave and do so gladly. For some who are lonely or lonesome it is more difficult to deal with a visitor, strangers in particular, than you might imagine and they may have already rejected you and others they think are like you as viable company. Do not take it personally. The lonely in particular are vulnerable and you have both the lonely and the lonesome at a disadvantage for you are not as vulnerable as they are and it is known to their spirit and now should be to yours also.

When the dead visit they should not bring any access to bad judgment with them; no cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, pornography, doctrines taught by demons or so called science or the like that may cause them to exercise poor judgment. They are in danger of their bodies perishing from lack of contact with others by actions that they can or cannot help that increase the likelihood of that happening anyway.

They may even have chosen to be solitary souls in their error by remarkable effort, or they may have no choice given the state of their bodies, some physical limitation or some mental incapacity because of the workings of their brains that give them no choice. And if it is a spiritual limitation that, even the more animated dead can help with by being pleasant because even a greeting may assist them in facing another day alone until such time as they either make a friend or are tamed to the point they can reach out to others or at least tolerate the presence of others even us, the living.

Too much contact at one time or repeated contact that is not desired or unhealthy in any way may make their spiritual condition or conditions even worse. If you resemble the living in anyway please assist the living in reaching or taming the unreachable by us that they may extend their sojourn in this dying planet for we hope to reach them with the good news they may yet live before the planet is no more unless they are really dead and actually in a spiritual hell in Earth they have created for themselves merely waiting for their bodies to die in order that their spirits may go where they actually belong, even as you who are dead spirits are either waiting to go there yourselves or waiting to give up the fight to keep your bodies alive as long as possible and allow the Holy Spirit to come in, upon you to be with you and give you not a renewed spirit but the spirit you had once when in some cases you were very young, yet in others much older. They like you, whether you are living or dead were originally made in God’s image and need to be restored to that image and not condemned for dying to God’s memory possibly forever and ever. It is a life and death matter. Do not forget that no matter how well they interact with you.

If you are living and not alien to God, my Lord or me and others among the living and God has put it in your heart to visit the lonely and the lonesome, do so. Bring the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, your holy Brother, the Father; all of God; with you for it was the LORD God that saw to it by means of the first great miracle directly applying to this issue that the man he created was no longer to be lonely.

You also have been made new and know that the Lord is great medicine for the lonely and lonesome but it requires tact to administer it correctly. You have the proper serum with you but they may not want it to be administered to them. The Spirit is the serum and the result of his interaction with them is always a healing. But you are as they have become to God, an alien in their presence for they have created what they call a life that is alien to God though it is not only really alien to him but toxic to them also. It is a spiritual matter but your spirits are alien one to the other and the other to the one.

But you were dead once. I need not tell you what it was like to be dead though some do not remember being that. Think what it was like when you were also dead, you have that memory in common with them. They are living in their spirit in truth. That is nearly all they have left and even that is wounded by lack of spiritual contact even with God.

But in their wicked heart’s imagination they imagine they are living in their mind which may have become a physical problem in their brains by now from thinking many thoughts they were never created to think in their misuse of such a great treasure. Your hearts were wicked once too and you imagined many things to be truths that were merely fictional and you know that now.

Error in their assumptions of even what it means to live leads to amazing fictions sometimes that you know are not true. Try to avoid that unless they are only willing to tell you what they think they have discovered but always remember that all or most of that is in error. The conclusion of all reasoning that does not begin with God is only as true as the basic assumption or assumptions which are sometimes even conflicting assumptions or assumptions that contradict each other had they only realized it. If the basic assumption is in error how can the conclusion be perfect and that without error and therefore true.

They are in most cases desperate to find a reason for their dilemma and the more desperate the assumption the more outrageous the conclusions they have arrived at which they think they have arrived at on their own. But who inspired their mind or even their wounded spirit with such error in the first place. It was not God or they have taken something God has in fact inspired them to think or feel or just to consider and applied the imagination of their hearts to it or found it unacceptable and turned to other thoughts they have put in place of those truths God shared with them originally. Evil has then seized the opportunity in that case and led their thoughts on a wild goose chase so that they in their hearts and with their brains, a part of their body, have arrived at some fictional place in error that has no basis in reality and did not, does not and never will exist.

Therefore at first converse about something else you may have in common, even their physical condition. We have all had bodies since the holy miraculous birth of our fleshly body. Most people were not raised by spiritual parents and have been taught some of their earliest things in a carnal context that even our Lord had knowledge of because he knew what was in our physical bodies having had one himself and was therefore tempted from his first moment in Earth to the last to yield to his body rather than to the Holy Spirit who was always upon him.

Are they ill? Are they short on food or eating things that will make their bodies ill in an environment that will corrupt their food and make them sick or cause them to perish all the sooner? Are they in need of shelter? Is their shelter inadequate to their immediate needs? Is their body unkempt or their hygiene in someway affecting their inability to interact with others even when and if they go out, or those mandated by the King to give them food and shelter and even hygienic products to make it more tolerable to abide in their bodies by some law or regulation God caused to come about in the worldly governments without sores, pain, or even itching from rashes of many kinds, and the diseases that result from uncleanliness?

Find ways to make it easier for them to abide in their bodies even as God has taught you to care for your bodies more appropriately that the relationship between the church you live in and your spirit is to be more harmonious to free you up to do the Lord’s work he has assigned to you or put upon your heart that you should do it for it is very difficult for some even among the living to love aliens, meaning people that are alien to their way of that they call a life, alien to their own belief they have holiness, and aliens to their God, the only true God.

Do not argue with them or in any way as far as is possible for you and so antagonize them and therefore draw attention to those things about your appearance; clothing, hygiene, even your facial expressions not to mention expressions of things they are even more alien to and more hostile toward like mentioning me, our Lord, or God. That will come in time.

Be patient in the hope they will be patient with you because if you drive them away back into their own wild creation of what they think or feel is a “good life” though they know better, off into the wild imaginings of their hearts, and thinking things their brains were never created to think to arrive at the conclusion their brains were never designed to act upon or that it is a perversion of the use of their brains to even think about spirits not to mention holiness or God to them, will you not have created a bad experience for the both of you, one that will leave them even more wild and therefore more timid and vulnerable to future potential visitors and which led you perhaps to become even more alienated toward them instead of enjoying a closer relationship wherein love might have been planted and a harvest exacted.

Therefore give them food, bread for instance, since virtually everyone will eat bread though some would prefer something else more. That too will come as you discuss their preferences for food and shelter, clothing, and hygiene at a future time. Their system may not be able to tolerate things you take for granted as being delicious and healthy not just because of a physical condition but mental disturbances and even because of that they believe which is spiritual in away even though it is a fictional spirituality perhaps.

And do not visit long, especially at first. Let them grow to appreciate and trust you as you would a wild animal you might want to tame. And guard your tongue. Keep your voice at a manageable comfort level for them. Handle with care. Their spirit is often fragile even when they are living in a solitary state for some reason God has allowed or brought upon them.

Oh, what a pleasure to find a lonely or lonesome saint! What a privilege God has set upon you and what a blessing to assist a brother or sister or an entire family cut off from the Kingdom or our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a blessing. And to have the opportunity to serve such a one, even one that has been severely wounded and is in a fragile spiritual condition. God has honored you greatly has he not in such a case?

Gradually tame the alien, or the solitary saint, however, if need be also. Then as they trust you, show them that you really love them. If your heart is not in it ask God to forgive you and to guide you to love them for if your heart is not in it they will sense that spiritually even as you do even a harmless lie spoken by a saint from their flesh or anyone else for that matter. Then as they become more tame begin to share the attributes of God that the King has blessed you with, and the talents he has given you to share with them and assist their spiritual growth.

Then bring up God if the Spirit senses it is safe and if they do not ask you what makes you so different from the dead around them or the wolves that had penetrated an unknown flock and cut them off in such a way they are timid even around their brothers and sisters so that they have come to prefer the ways of the dead and have sealed themselves off from spiritual contact with the children of God. Don’t ever give up even if they cut themselves off from you in the end.

Pray God will try again with another brother or sister or even allow a dead person to tame them to human contact that God might try again to bring a brother or sister to them, even a father or mother, or just a Christian friend. Love them even until it makes you cry and if you don’t know what to pray for them or yourself present yourself in a prayerful mode to God and just care for them.

The holy Spirit who intercedes for you with your own needs will he not also intercede with you for their needs, even needs that are beyond your reach concerning them and if it is you that have been wounded by your attempted good deed will he not intercede concerning that also? That is true religion: To serve God until you are wounded by the task he has set before you or until the spirit he has placed within you is all used up and has perhaps even died which also makes it clear you have served God and not yourself. Will he not bless such a servant even more than one that reads his word, prays, and even worships with vigor and restore your spirit alive and healthy again.

But if one somehow never allows him to use them to that extent or never goes well beyond the extra mile and actually dares love the lost with all their strength, with all their soul, with all their mind and heart and so love them as they would want themselves to be loved by their sisters and brothers, mothers, fathers, friends and even spouses in some cases, but also as God has already first loved them.

Fight the good fight of serving others like God would have you do, not respecting any person as better than another for any reason even as it is with him. Be Godly. Be holy. Love as the man called Jesus of Nazareth and your King called Jesus the Christ did in Earth in that ancient time to us now and accept my love also, remembering that I am his king in this city we both abide in at present whether you are a saint, a sinner, dead or alive forever and ever after the end of this planet’s evil human population and all evil spirits in the heavenly realms. That is my prayer, O God, may it be honored in your eyes. Amen.



From the King of Bemidji 6/2/2016 Evening


This is what’s on the king’s mind this evening:

We were all tame once. The man God made and took to the garden of Eden was tame. He was obedient to God. But he was about to be lonely when God made a woman out of his rib, the marrow of which doubtlessly contained his DNA without a doubt. Then a rogue angel inspired a dangerous animal, a huge snake to trick her into disobeying God. But the man chose to obey God for they had been told they would die if they disobeyed him. And they died spiritually and were no longer able to obey God. In other words they became wild.

In the end of it, it got so bad that Noah was the only one that would obey God and everyone else in the entire planet were evil and vicious, or violent; wild. God destroyed every animal on land both bug and elephant but he saved Noah and his family and a large sample of the land animals. My oldest known ancestor was Noah, then Japeth and possibly Javan or one of his sons and the rest were Gentiles and wild by the time of Abraham, God’s last hope of taming those of the generations after Noah that ended with everyone in the entire planet wild by the time Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

God gave us over to gods of our own invention and gods that were not gods but devils and the demons they could dream up for us to believe as if there ever really were such things except in the wicket hearts of wild men and women all over the planet. These devils, whether aliens from other planets behaving as devils or not were allowed by God to tame us to the extent they did but of course they set out to overrule God even Gitchi Manitou.

He was supposed to tame us too in order to render us reachable by God though we were wild and never obeyed the Holy Spirit at all. And like all the devil gods and the demons they dreamed up Gitchi Manitou was just one of them and he is still there in real time to call upon should you choose to be wild and disobedient dogs when God had set out to make tame, civilized, men and women of a completely different nature; God’s own nature.

If you believe the devils whether those that urged the Jews to reject the Son of God, Allah, Buddha, Gitchi Manitou or any other devil allowed to do what they did to disobedient dogs that went wild throughout the history of humanity. You are still wild, forgotten by God except that the Son of God died to give you back the spirit you were born with rather than the corrupted spirits the devils taught your ancestors who then taught you to obey them rather than God.

There is an invitation to every soul ever born in the entire planet. God will give you back the tame spirit you were born with and transform your life no matter what the devils and the demons they dreamed up say, do, or have caused you to think you know about them. They were all liars even as the devils we thought were gods. In England and France and Germany where most of my ancestors came from were devils and liars that deceived us even as Gitchi Manitou deceived you to rule over you.

They are all still active today operating under a devil called Satan, the one that caused a dumb animal to speak to the woman God made in Eden but they all act in his spirit, a filthy, vicious, mean, deceitful, arrogant, conceited spirit that wants even today in real time to force God to do anything he wants and has no plans to be anything other than the rogue angel gone wild he is in the hopes of making the earth a hellish place under his rule. Were he a human we would call him a psychopath willing to do any heinous thing to any one in order to accomplish his stated goal to be like God.

His problem is that in the end he himself proves he was wild and dangerous even to God when he at last blatantly attacked God and was thrown into torment with no need for a trial just as you will be if you choose to remain wild until there is no chance of taming your spirit and your trial at the time of the judgment will be just a formality like mine and every child of God would have known before God had grace on us and gave us back our original spirits and started taming us.

Even should we live the rest of life wild, our soul that God gave us will still go to the new planet God will make for us after Satan destroys this one for God. You are guaranteed being civilized, loving and the rest of what God is like should you choose to accept what Jesus Christ did for you and never be able to go wild ever again or even to be wild or mimic being tame like the children of God which might fool you and them, but it does not fool God who knows everything and cannot be fooled or deceived.

We are all brothers in Japeth that are not the children of the others’ one whom was in the ancestral line of Jesus of Nazareth whose father was God and whose mother was just another wild human. He was not half God and half human. He is both in the same instance, a completely tamed human and God as he was before he came here and was born and literally was a man like any other man but with the power and spirit of God which he was because he was completely tame.

I call his incorruptible human body Jesus of Nazareth and his spirit Jesus Christ, God. It will happen that only the tamed by being created all over in spirit to become like God will finally get to the new planet. If you will not be tamed even by God’s creative miracle how then may you be tamed?

Who wants a wild ferocious animal living in their community? No one. If you choose that you give God no choice but to eradicate you. Even humans are beginning to learn that all animals can be tamed, but humans are different they must choose to be tamed and even God cannot tame us without we will have a relationship with him. It is our choice really and out of his hands but he treats us with mercy even then and does not completely destroy us but renders us no threat to the community there in the new planet.

Beware you do not choose to be wild or seem to be tamed by mimicking the children of God to the point no man or woman could tell the difference. God knows that one day you or your offspring will go wild again. We may believe the act. But God who cannot be fooled knows it is only an act and cannot be real unless he makes it real. How much more proof do you need? Look at the wild, mean, vicious, hateful, filthy people in the world, even those of us who were very good at pretending to be children of God let alone almost exactly like them once. Believe me with what happened to me I now know the difference and when you are changed should you accept God’s offer you will also.

There is no other way to prove it to you. We will be like God, men and women precisely like Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ. It is perfect like everything else God ever did, is doing and never will stop doing for all who will not ask God to create them new with their original spirit and obey God forever and ever cannot be God or even like him even after their beast within dies to go beyond the grave into forever.

None of us in the new planet will have a beast within. Not a single one of us. The rest of you will be put in a place where you and your beast within who are really one, you, will be tormented forever. It’s a no-brainer but we get our hearts and emotions involved and complicate the entire thing in our own being. Satan, the Druids, Buddha, Allah, Gitchi Manitou will all meet the same fate we do since they have long since sealed their destiny the same as some of you have.

Ask Jesus to save you from that and to ask the Father to make you like him forever and ever that you need not be forgotten like Lobo who is still in the glass case at the tourist store dubbed the monster wolf of the Northland barely recognizable already and how soon he will be forgotten to be put in some liar’s book very soon, not many years after this and why? Because he was wild and no one could tame him or deal with his monster within.

Surely you cannot be from Bemidji or have ever visited Bemidji and seen Lobo the wolf and not understand we are like him, too wild to be tolerated in or near any community on earth. Lobo stands for us. Bemidji stands for the new planet. And the deer that survived Lobo’s killing rampage the living in Bemidji. Who cannot understand that?

How you can be from Bemidji and not be created again with your original spirit or even visit Bemidji and see Lobo and read his plaque and not cry out to God that you are so sorry for being what you have become and beg him to make you other than your monster within? It is a mystery to me, but my Lord knows that most of you will never do that and choose to be destroyed instead. And if you worship Paul and Babe or even the spirit that was in Chief Bemidji are you not also just as wild as those that believe any man made lie even the ever changing so called “facts” of science?

It is either that or you are dangerously insane. Either one, take your choice, is totally unacceptable with what God intended to make in the first place with the man he created and the women he added. He never intended any one man, woman, elderly, young, or even a child know any of the misery brought about by what we think not to mention the rest of what we are, our monsters within and all. It is real, guys. Very real…

Interesting isn’t it that even such a monster is proof of God. The fact is that Satan himself is proof of God. Why do you think he works so hard to get people to believe he does not exist, that there is no hell and that torment is not merciful when he gave God no choice but to completely destroy him or let him destroy every one and every thing left that was good here. It was not only the good thing God could do, it was the only merciful thing he could do even to Satan.

The monster dies in the end, but it’s okay he wasn’t lovable by any sane man or woman’s stretch of the imagination anyway. Look at all those he forced God to allow to have the same destiny he has now for they made the same choice Satan did and did nothing good after the first time they ever realized they did anything wrong ever.

Every road starts somewhere and every road ends somewhere. Don’t go there. Ask God to take you back to the beginning so you can go his way and not your monster within’s way and leave your monster within that caused you to start out that way in the ditch where it belongs forgotten forever and ever. That is my prayer for you. Amen.

Do not say I insulted your God. If the truth God has revealed to my mind is in error, I challenge you to take it up with the Father who appointed me and has not even rebuked me and the Holy Spirit that inspired me. It is not me you have a beef with. It is God all three of him. Take it up with him. He will be glad to set you straight about me, his king of Bemidji.

But if it be the truth that is an insult to your god why would you worship such a being or mere character made up by some devil to deceive you that it has any power whatsoever. I wash my hands of the matter. I have nothing personally to do with it but I have acted as a man sharing a message from my God, the only real God.

And don’t say instead they are all one God and that God by any other name is still God. “You dog!” I say, but did I insult you? Yes, I did. The names of your gods are the names of devils and names they have made up for scary characters your brain accepts as real. How can they be the same God when even the name of your god insults God? You are not ignorant. Why do you offend my God, the only real God there ever was, is or ever will be? Do you really believe he has no power? Are you willing to wait until the spirit your god acts in, Satan, is thrown into torment with you next in line? It is real. Very real…

I have shame for even mentioning the name of your god for it reminds God of unpleasantries and I love him and do not in any way wish him to be anything but in perfect joy forever and ever. See what you do to me, your king? See what you do to the Lord of lords and King of kings, and to God himself all three of him? Are you not fit for torment. Your monster within is showing. But are you angry at me? Angry at my Father? Angry at Jesus who can still save you? Angry at yourself? But you are angry I have no doubt about it. The truth does that to people some times.



6/3/2016 From the King of Bemidji Afternoon


The king before he became king once had an amazing dog and they were very close. She was a little white bitch that came into his life in the spring but the following winter they were still together the dog and he who would be your king as a blizzard blew in and the king sat on the couch at his parents’ house spending time with his dog by mimicking her noises while they were snowed in. When he mastered barking in very nearly the same way the dog did, it looked like a light went on in the dog’s brain judging by her countenance and her body language.

The dog then began to make different noises than just a bark of excitement. She whined a special whine and when he who would be king mimicked her whine exactly the dog barked with excitement licking his hand as if he had just given her a treat. Well, as other dog noises were copied he said to his dad, “I think this dog is actually teaching me to speak in the way dogs speak to each other!” Then after a few long hours of being snowed in he learned to make many sounds a dog may make including even differing growls and each time he learned a dog noise his dog had made she reacted with exaggerated excitement.

Finally the wind died and the snow became light and finally unexpectedly the sun came out. Then the dog wanted out which was unusual but she would not go out unless him who would be king went out with her.

As they walked out the door, he decided to try out some of the noises on the neighbor’s dog which happened to be one of his dog’s offspring. But to his surprise his dog ran to the neighboring kennel through the deep snow and stood excitedly nearby and looked at her offspring and whined one of the special whines. Then she looked at him who would be created anew and eventually became your king and he when he finally understood she wanted him to make the same noise to her offspring he did.

Her offspring surprised him by coming to him and scratching at the fencing of the kennel and when he didn’t pet the dog it made the same whine. So he pet the dog which immediately had the same reaction its mother had. He had his first little conversation with a dog as taught by his own little bitch.

She then took him who would be born again to be your king and introduced him to the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood which there were several and each dog was surprised at his vocabulary as his teacher made certain barks and when he made them he discovered their corresponding meaning by reading the other dog’s reactions which we all can do.

Finally two dogs that were unknown to the bitch’s pupil passed by about a quarter of a block away. So he whined as loudly as he could. The strange dogs reacted by turning their heads from side to side as had they encountered something peculiar they were not able to comprehend. Then they barked excitedly at him.

But when he made that same bark one of the dogs became afraid and started barking defensively as he had learned. So he tried to assure the dog he was safe to be around. But the dog would not accept his offerings of friendship and in the end ran off turning to bark in anger or fear at short intervals as it ran and increased its distance from him.

One night not long after that he was walking home and the dog that was afraid of him was in the road ahead of him. When he whined thinking he had another chance to befriend the dog, the dog did come to him but not in friendship. It seemed enraged and very fearful at the same time. It would back up the street away from him barking and growling in a threatening manner regardless of any dog noise he made. The little dog acted deranged and attempted time and again to drive him back down the street away from his home.

It is the same reaction he has noticed in humans when confronted by someone very different to them in some way. They seem threatened by the unfamiliar and some actually begin behaving in a nearly deranged manner to the unfamiliar person making hateful, hurtful, and angry responses, a reaction that has names among humans; racism, impatience and hostility toward the mentally ill, or physically or mentally handicapped called stigma among so many other things that always result in many social ills in the times him who would be your king grew up in.

It is the way some that are joined to Christ react to those that are alien to their beliefs and to their actions, their language, their personalities or even manner of speech which your king has learned always has its basis in fear. Judging the unfamiliar to be a threat they react with fear because they feel threatened, but the more familiar they become with them the more they accept them, though some people are so wild like that deranged acting dog, they never will accept others that are different to them choosing their feelings of fear in the uncertainty of new experiences. They are much more difficult to give the great blessing we the living have available to them simply by being exposed to those that have the power to save them from destruction as well as everything they are afraid of and actually need that they are unwilling to allow because of their innate fear or fears.

People that hear voices for example are often afraid of or intimidated by their voices but they are real experiences and anything real to us God knows what the actual source of it is and how to deal with it, and how to deal with us also to make it much more comfortable for both those speaking to them in such a way as their voices speak to them but in accordance to their faith in God’s power over any one or any thing they may experience whether something born of physical abnormalities in the brain or actual hateful, mean, and even vicious spirits that are perhaps no more than reacting to their gift of being able to hear them or to have even thought to interact with them by merely listening to them which they discern in a spiritual manner.

Some people unfamiliar with God have reacted to even the concept of God with hostility and developed an entire litany of reasons why God should be best ignored amid beliefs God is always bad news, obviously knowing nothing of God but citing rumors and the actions of people with various degrees of fear of God reacting to some one they are not familiar with and in some cases they are very convincing to the ignorant or others who have had bad experiences with not only some spirit that gave them the impression they were God but his children who could save them from all that confusion and seeming derangement to live in his peace and love forever and ever instead of letting themselves get so far out of control their interaction with the living after the death of their bodies must be severed in the only way possible.

The phenomenon not only occurs between people, people and animals, people and God but people and the truth, reality, true love, true peace, being involved in intimacy, and everything else that is unalterably so. Some people will do almost anything to avoid being vulnerable with anyone and when even at a hint a conversation becoming real they leave, get defensive, offer nonsense, discredit the speakers, and even demand the topic be dropped and not even mentioned in certain settings, choosing ignorance to anyone even those who are deranged and actively not only opposed to being vulnerable, true and real in any setting but the people that make it a habit to live and truly live, a thing that is abhorrent to them because of their basic fear of such things that may require they change in a manner they may not really, truly or sanely not have any other options but to accept.

Those who have disobeyed my edict to believe in spirits, why do you deny such an amazingly large part of living and dead persons you might have come to enjoy or been assisted by as well as threatened and even harmed by? Is it not because of your fear of them and not the fact of their existence? Those who are unsure, uncomfortable or even belligerent toward the lonely and those different in some way even just adhering to some different opinion than yours, is it not also because of your fear for the same reason?

Let us help you be tamed. Why go through life like that dog and act in a deranged manner every time you are in such a situation and surely you cannot honestly without being driven by your fear deny such situations not only exist but cannot be forever something you have not, are not now, or will not eventually encounter and at a time when you are powerless to do anything about them being there and forced to change and decide to accept reality or in your fear attempt to change that you really are powerless to change; reality, the reality of God where there is perfect love.

Perfect love casts out all fear, therefore if you are fearful and refuse to abandon your fears you will have to be cast out or under the control of those who do not have fear in one way or another the entire rest of your existence. We, the living in Bemidji, yes, right here in your hometown have the cure for every fear so please let us give it to you for the worst case scenario is that it will cure you of something far more horrible than cancer or any other possible disease. Please…

It does not matter what you are afraid of God can allay that fear, even the fear of torment or hell where there is a boogieman in every corner not to mention in every person therein.



6/3/2016 From the King of Bemidji, Evening


The king’s edicts so far are:

p<>{color:#000;}. I am your king, the king of Bemidji as appointed by the King of kings and Lord of lords by the authority given him by God Almighty his Father and mine by adoption. It is real. It is true. It comes from Jesus Christ, the King of all’s own voice, the voice of the spirit within him.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe I am king of Bemidji and that there is no other king of Bemidji and realize that not to respect my holiness or the holiness of his many servants requires you deal with God and that if you do not obey me you will also be held accountable by the Father in heaven, the LORD God Almighty.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe in all spirits, the spirits of the God, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, dead spirits, evil spirits and good spirits, angels, devils and the aliens acting in those spirits.

p<>{color:#000;}. Visit the lonely and the lonesome and practice true religion including you who are dead spirits in that you are dead but your body is yet animated for a little while as well as my holy brothers and sisters among the living actually taking God with you as far as is possible for you.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe Jesus Christ came in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews now risen to the right hand of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe we were once tame spirits.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe that the only tame spirits after their first act of disobedience to God at this current time are the children of God in Earth that are still here in their human bodies.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe God is the only real God, and all other gods are of illegitimate principalities and are devils or those they have dreamed up that your psyche’s believe to be real, for instance demons, boogieman, Slenderman, your worst fears personified that are not also a devil but exists only in the fiction of your psyches actually, etc. Their very names are as profanity to God’s ears and to mine. Do not insult my God by saying, “God by any other name is still God,” lest you tempt him to allow you to die if you are not already dead. If dead, do not go there. Why bring a curse upon yourselves also besides the penalty of death? Death is curable by being given your holy original spirit back to you, the one you received at birth and that you were born with in accordance with God’s grace. A curse of God can only end in torment. Pray then for God’s mercy.

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe perfect love casts out all fear. Believe the truth, reality and all commands given you by God are binding for we are all actually of the same God.

p<>{color:#000;}. Give me nothing except by your own free will and not out of any obligation to me except those obligations given you by God. I have all I require and believe God and the goodwill of the saints, and the generous will provide the rest knowingly or unknowingly according to my King’s will and the will of our Father in heaven.

p<>{color:#000;}. I will forgive any sin against me, but sin is still binding before the King. The dead must ask to receive their holy original spirit back and thus be created anew for them to be forgiven but he will be merciful to whom he is merciful and yet any sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven any human or whatever else may abide in Bemidji.

p<>{color:#000;}. If my prayers are answered you are free from Gitchi Manitou within the city for he is no longer allowed here. Pray that I have been granted my prayer and the answer was affirmative, though some other workman of Satan may be allowed to come against you at God’s discretion for I have in effect fired him. Amen.


I am that I am. You are that you are. We are that.

At least you have believed me in that unless you are a lunatic with an insane spirit which of course may be cast out by those with that gift from God or by their prayer and fasting. Therefore you do know the truth and the truth of him whose holy Name is I AM THAT I AM, the difference being the I AM knows precisely what that is and exactly what it means.

Peace be with you all. But may God be with all his children in everything he or they are experiencing, doing, saying, or even thinking and feeling right now, and forever and ever. Amen.



6/4/2016 From the King of Bemidji, Morning


This is on your king’s heart this morning, the Sabbath of all Israel:

I have shared with you the miracle of my appointment in writing on my writing site, in both of my blogs, and I have shared the news with several of my friends and family even on Facebook and other sites but you do not believe. Do you believe in miracles? If so, why didn’t you believe this one? Your faith bothers me. It needs to be strengthened but how do I a child of God strengthen your faith?

Do you not want a king? Do you think it is not something Christ would do? Do you think I am crazy for believing the voice of Jesus’ spirit? Maybe you reject me as your king? Maybe you think I am speaking of someone else when I confess that I am your king, real in every way; in spirit, in truth, in reality?

Maybe it’s because I was not prophesied? Maybe it’s because you do not want our King to come back in this way? Maybe you are not ready to be judged and have not the faith to stand before the Lamb and be judged a forgiven saint, or you are some man or woman that served their unbelief and lived in sin all their adult life as they dare to call it and are not shame faced as they call their earthly torment that?

Someone once erected a sign along the way to Bemidji, “Jesus is Lord of Bemidji,” perhaps they will not accept the idea that Jesus is their Lord as the Jews did once and that their prayer is being answered in this way? Perhaps you think I will be an evil king? Maybe you assumed that Jesus would come in person and reign from your sanctuary? Maybe you are uncertain?

Maybe I am merely the first of many brothers and sisters to be appointed king of many if not all communities in your homelands over the entire Earth? Ask for a sign from him for I have no miraculous powers other than faith in Jesus Christ my Lord and I have accepted his appointment though I never even considered being his appointed king of my community and thought it ridiculous and a thing to make me laugh. No such thought would have entered my mind from any other source, I assure you. When I asked my Lord why he would say such a thing he said, “To get your mind off your writing.” Would anyone else save one from wasting his life writing things desperately attempting to serve God in vain according to his own lead?

Yes, Jesus I accept even if no one else believes and if I am rejected as the king by my subjects, what an honor to be so treated for it is the way in which you were treated when Emmanuel, you were rejected by the very people to whom you were sent, the Jews. Shall I not serve them anyway even as my beloved King and Savior did, even me Lord; even me…

If you will not believe this miracle then what other miracle will you believe that my Lord does through me or to me. Are my experiences less valid than yours. If I testify to what God has done in my life and you will not believe me whom may you ask to verify it? God is not a human that he should gossip. I have testified to their verification concerning my appointment, did you refuse to believe even that? The Son does nothing he does not see the Father doing. The Spirit gives me concepts to write unto you and yet you do not believe even him either.

Thus you can see by these writings the testimony of God before your very eyes, a miracle even in any typos I may make that prove my remaining humanness. Do you fail to understand? I am not speaking of someone else, as a prophet would do. I am speaking directly to you, the living and the dead, good spirits on high and the evil who know God and tremble at the mention of God’s holy Name and the name of our Lord. We are all of the same God.

Why believe the liars that say some others than the eight aboard the ark survived the global flood and they, Noah’s entire family believed that as did the spirit in Adam and Eve that it was not true that other human spirits survived it besides their descendant Noah, his wife, his sons; Shem, Ham, Japeth the father of most of you, and their wives?

Would you rather a modern day Jew who is one in name only under the rule of a demon Lucifer dreamed up for their psyches to believe and allow that to rule over you? They blaspheme when they pray to their god in the holy Name of God for they believe that Yeshua, the same one who is Jesus Christ, the embodiment of truth, the truth of whom their prophets spoke, Emmanuel as he walked among them and thereby believe God a liar.

The modern Jew that claims to be an atheist is more truthful than they. Only Messianic Jews and Jews who believe and practice Christianity, our holy brothers and sisters, servants of my Lord are really holy Jews and it is their prayers that rule even in Jerusalem where hell on earth is closer to being true than any other place in Earth.

Do I love their dead any less by testifying of the one true God the only real God who is spirit, true and real also? I do not any more or any less than their Savior who is coming in this way to Bemidji and will soon rule in Jerusalem, the very city where he was crucified by those that rejected him and the truth in the ancients and many of whom are yet liars as they have been all along saying that our beloved Savior was the Devil or at the very least the worst thing that ever happened to all Jews.

Jesus the Christ was none of that. He could have been the best thing that ever happened even to their atheists among them but they chose to abandon the truth and fight reality, the reality of the Spirit of God which also is spiritual. They did it to themselves and reject God by rejecting his Son the very embodiment of the truth they so hazardously guarded and never would have survived had they not done that all the way from the man God created to Jesus of Nazareth who came to save them from losing their ability to know the truth time and again using miracles and to have to depend entirely upon the mercy of I AM THAT I AM as even unbelievers and Gentiles and aliens must.

The Names they use to call upon God are curses upon their lips for a God that would allow the Devil to do what Jesus did to them were it true what they say, is not worth worshiping even by them. Are they not dead even as a follower of any other devil, demon, or Slenderman are?

They are. They cannot have faith in one that does not exist. They cry out to one in their imaginations, a figment in their psyches, and do not feel in their corruption the loneliness that even Adam felt for God upon seeing the angel at the gate to Eden. They are so hardened and so believe in their delusionary view of reality the heart of which is a lie. God would never do that to anyone, let alone the Jews he had chosen of all the peoples in Earth.

Why have they believed Satan? The imaginations of their hearts were evil even as God had told them at the time of Noah is why and they cling to a horrific fictional god that is absolutely and completely unlike God who has never done anything evil, is not now doing anything evil and never will be evil, for how can he be evil when he knows everything as they well know and cannot be fooled by the one he knows lied to the woman and has never stopped lying to humanity even as he will yet be doing even as he is tossed into torment at end of his having any influence whatsoever even among the dead.

Who would worship the evil god of the modern Jews who are not the Messianic Jews or those that call themselves Christians have rejected and worship the one God who is spirit, and the one true God and the one real God, the I AM? The modern dead Jews are religious but only that because there is nothing to worship in their religion in reality like all other religions that worship only devils and demons and aliens pretending to be gods. Praise God for the Messianic Jews and those that were Jews like them who now believe Christ is the truth! Glory to God for the remnant of his chosen people! Praise! Praise his holy Name!

May there be peace Lord JESUS in Jerusalem for their sake and not just the physical city where the damned would rule in your stead but where you are coming again as hell would then have materialized there and become real had you not come, but the Spiritual Jerusalem that still exists even in Earth in real time. May all pray for the peace of that Jerusalem we know and realize what city they are praying for the peace of; not the carnal Jerusalem of the bastard Jews who have no Father but the Devil who denies he is their father and vehemently so. May even the dead, wicked, people who persist in calling themselves Jews that are not Jews have a real harvest among them that is real for a change from you the only true and real God there ever was, is and forever will be. Amen.

Do not practice Jewry in my city. It is shameful for you to do that if it is shameful to worship any god ever invented by any people, any devil, or alien ever to exist. You are no different than they but much the more irreverent to the very Names you recognize as holy even as the living Jews do. You turn your ancestors’ stomachs; from the prophets back to Abraham, and even Moses all the way back to Adam they are so very disappointed in you. You are very nearly the same as the descendants of Cain were, are you not?



6/4/2016 From the King of Bemidji, Afternoon


This was on your king’s mind this afternoon:

When you think you are alone and it is dark, so that you see no one or hear no voice do not regard the darkness as holy. All darkness is left from the dark, formless, void. You may rest therein for you are safe. Was not the Creator in such as that before the beginning? But know this: You are not alone. Your spirit is there, the spirit of truth you always carry with you is there and that you really are is there even as God is there for it was the same with God; or not if he has cut you off from him and you are dead.

Do nothing then to create confusion. Rest is as near as you may come to being confusion free as God has always been even in the beginning as well as he will be in the end, the Alpha and the Omega of any confusion. Peace be with you as it was with God. Amen.

If you do not believe God, that his living spirit was really with him before the beginning, that the truth does not testify of him, and that his Spirit was not there with him, know this: You are dead and know nothing of God. You must abide in such a darkness within your own confusion imagining you are alone, and therefore dead for God is not with you and will not remember you unless you change your mind and call upon him who has always been there also asking for his mercy or begging his forgiveness for not believing him.

Whatever the dead imagine, whatever they think, whatever they may reason is not true and nothing real can become of it, but watch what you believe. Is it from your confusion or is it from God who is neither confusing nor the author of any confusion; is it other than God and therefore evil or from God and therefore good?

Therefore let no fear come upon you from your heart as far as it is possible for you to do that. Do not even imagine you may imagine or conjure up God if you do not even believe in him for what your spirit does not have present how may you believe it. It is nothing. To imagine God, is a confusion of the mind and heart and proves you are dead and alone. God is not imaginary, but real, true and Spirit.

But if you reason God is there and yet are dead your reasoning is correct yet it is also confusion for you are not alive as God has always been, is then, and will be forever and ever after then. Also there must be fear in your heart. It cannot be avoided, for the imagination of your heart is only evil all the time. Your soul which originated with God cannot help but sense the difference and it cannot be perfectly quieted except by believing in God.

If you are beyond believing in God in your death and have no faith in him whatsoever you may not ask him to forgive you. If there be any faith in you beg him for mercy or resist your faith and attempt to distract yourself with some fiction that may cause your heart to feel more peaceful though it is not real peace but merely you that have manipulated its evil to cause it to feel more peaceful that you may rest, sleep or even that your body may die and your soul join all those souls since the first unbelieving human died until this very time.

Will you know how to behave among them of ancient times as well as everyone that did not believe God of recent times? Surely you see you are in danger as much as any ghost may be in any place but it is entirely new to you and you have no one to guide you for there is no one there that will not lead you further into confusion or trouble and even more unrest.

If however, you believe in God the only real God, the only true God, the only Spirit that is God, rest easy knowing you are not alone but God watches over you and rest peacefully until you rise in the morning having experienced the peace of God, the only true peace, for real. Have a blessed night if your soul is right with God. Amen.

It is a good idea, is it not, to always ask God to forgive you any sin you may have committed before trying to rest whether ones you know of or that you were unaware of committing. If you can remember none ask God to bring any sin you have not changed your mind about to mind and either ask forgiveness for it or entreat him to bring you to a place in your life wherein you will change your mind about it and ask forgiveness for it, for to attempt to rest knowing you have not asked to be forgiven for it know this: Your peace will be insufficient for you the same as it is for the dead.

However he is merciful to those he is merciful to and he may grant you his peace anyway according to his grace even as he does according to his will for the dead that they do not die until he has to admit they never will turn to him and are just waiting for torment and even then he may be merciful and let them slowly become aware of even that. Yet the living may also request to die and be resurrected again in the morning knowing that if you were not his child there would be no rest for you as it is for the dead who know no peace for real, outside God’s grace toward them in his mercy. Those are the only options I know of to explain the concepts the Holy Spirit has made available to me for any of you.

He may let you sleep and cause you to change your mind by morning or later work with your spirit to work it out in your life or bring the sin or sins you are unaware of to mind according to his will for you also. Alive or not you may always trust he will be good to you, and rely on his patience with you while you learn even if only to change your mind about believing him and even afterward.

Do not think you may think to yourself by addressing yourself in your own thoughts. Such is confusion and it is not like God. It cannot be done but only imagined and it cannot be imagined except in error to one extent or another and therefore does not result in truth even though it may seem so. Its fruit is confusion and confusion begins with error and error leads toward being tempted to sin and sin to death and if you do not change your mind about it even then death leads to hell and hell to torment. Even in the living it may lead to your body being turned over to Satan that your original soul might be the only thing saved when your body dies.

Why not nip it in the bud and do as God would do in the beginning and not even think to yourself? If you do not know how to do that, ask him who can lead you out of any confusion, enlighten you, or forgive you as many times as needed while you come to a place in your growth where you will change your mind as many times as needed in an effort to obey him and not your own evil ways until at last you stop doing that.

When you think, think to God who hears your every thought even the imaginings you are unaware of anyway whether in your mind or in your heart. God knows you better than you know yourself for there are many things in you that are true of you that you ignore, excuse, or even deny, none of which changes the fact of their true existence.

To be purely true to God he must find ways to get those things out in the open in your relationship with him that they may be dealt with or made clear in the light rather than hidden in dark places you have created within yourself. He did not put them there.

Do not therefore speak in your spirit to the truth within you or to that real part of you. God does not speak within himself. He is aware of what each person in him is thinking, saying, doing, and their will for they are always good and always right in a perfectly pure manner at all times. God alone are perfectly capable of that. But when one does such things as think to themselves they not only confuse themselves but divide themselves and make themselves weak in full view of any potential enemy.

God is all powerful all the times. Are you as strong as you can be at all times. Unbelievers do that sort of thing but it is not wise for a living spirit to do such things. The result is confusion and weakness in the end of it if not immediately.

Do not speak to your emotions then as some are prone to do. Ask God to calm your heart instead. Again why confuse yourself over an emotion. But if you do, make sure God is aware of what you are doing and that you are prepared to work through the resulting confusion and its change in your emotions under his guidance being more alert to God than your heart. Then you may enter into any confusion with confidence and without fear he will not forgive you in the end of it for he was in the beginning of it.

Do not speak to your brain either for the same reasons and only do it with God’s assistance until he breaks the habit. But do not speak to your body as unbelievers are prone to do with their brains. In particular do not think to your brain, imagine seeing it in you, believing you may do it, which you may. The brain was never intended to think like that and the result is often physical pain, a headache, and they are sometimes unexpectedly severe.

Do with your body as the body is intended to be used. Do with your heart as the heart is intended to be used. Do in your will things God would have you do. Obey God and be like God as much as is possible for you for he will assist you in that. God is never confused and he is not the author of any confusion. How then can you do anything God has never done, is not now doing and never will do and be like God! It is not good. It is evil.

It is also a lie there are neutral or gray areas between good and evil. Do not even allow yourselves to imagine there is. The dark, formless, void would even have been an evil confusing thing for God to have made and he would have had to make it without any viable purpose for it to exist. Light is much more like God. Be like unto God, not darkness, formlessness, void, confusion makers but create things like light when God enlightens you to do that.

We are created in God’s image. God created everything for his good pleasure not for his confusion. Let’s therefore create good things in our souls as we grow for we will either have to live with what we create or work with God to destroy the dark, evil, confusing things in us to utterly destroy them by replacing them with the good things of God when it is proven to us they are all actually nothing to us when the truth of them is finally known just like it is with the demons devils dream up for us to believe in and use our fear of them to control us.

It can be painful; physically, emotionally, spiritually and it will be personal. But do not despair. God loves to help those he loves be more like him as much and as often as possible. Your brain was made for learning and your mind is limited only by God not by your brain, for you may come to know things in your spirit that words cannot express that your brain cannot handle and in your heart things it could not have fathomed that cause your will to come ever more willingly to the task God has set before you and would have you do that you cannot now and may not ever be able to communicate even to others who are living.

Our spirit is from the Holy Spirit who can communicate anything to anyone at will. We should let him work and do only that we know how to do and strive to be more like him, for he is God even as is our beloved Father and our dear Lord Jesus Christ, his Son, our holy Brother and Lord is also.

Even the dead unbelievers, ours and God’s enemies could know these things but what good would it do them? They can do nothing that does not bring at least confusion upon even them, reality is alien to them and they are always against it fighting a never ending battle in futility for they can never win. They do not believe the truth, and in the case of those bodies in Earth that are still animated and call that living they either work against their own benefit or the benefit of others in a constant state of confusion and fear, their greatest enemy until they put some nonspiritual delusion in place of the confusion and believe in many extremely outrageous things some a danger to others and others even a danger to themselves but always error.

What would be the point of even teaching these things to them. If you had a candy bar in one hand and a writing like this on your iPad for them to read in the other, which one do you think they would choose without God’s leading them here anyway?

To avoid confusion be careful how you think for what you believe may become real to you which is also to say, “Be careful what you imagine for you just might believe it.” When you think be aware God knows your every thought. When you talk be aware some one, God and perhaps someone else is listening that you would not want to be listening.

Create in your soul a good you. Obey God and use the tools he has given you to do good things avoiding, misusing your tools. As an old employer of mine cautioned me many times; a screwdriver is used to tighten and loosen screws, a chisel to cut metal. Use your tools properly. Why waste the money he pays you, for the way you do things? You will be buying new ones. I learned a lot from God about what I failed to understand that they were trying to teach me back then that I never learned and had both dull chisels and had to often buy a new screwdriver regardless of the quality of the ones I had bought previously.

No one is ever alone but some people are ignored especially by the living and the only living God if they are incurably evil and therefore dead and torment bound and after that completely forgotten by everyone forever and ever. Would you do all or any of that with your spouse there with you in the dark and ignore the one you love if you were truly alive and one with them? I suspect I have on many occasions before I was given my original spirit back and God created all things new.

Thank you Lord for the insights herein. May even the dead and unbelieving accept it from you and the living learn from you. Peace to all of them as only you can give along with your ever-present joy that they may be sensing your love for even the dead and your unending love for the living. Amen.

As your king I command that you stop playing with yourself and your spiritual and physical parts.



6/5/2016 From your king Bemidji


This is on the king’s mind today:

If we imagine something to be the way it really is, was or will be we have not imagined it but seen it with our imagination. But if we imagine something to be the way someone else sees it, feels it, hears what there is to be heard there, the way that person smells it to be and even tastes it to be we have gone to that place in the person that is there with our imaginary senses.

I will tell you then about me and where I am and what I am doing and describe myself to you as best I know how that you might be where I am.

It is dark here. So dark I cannot see anything. Everywhere I turn my eyes I see a place in the darkness. If I turn my eyes to another place I see only that place in the darkness. But it is not a darkness like one sees in Earth today. It is a darkness one senses with their spirit. I know it is there about me. What it looks like in any place I choose to look at. But at the bottom of it I sense water. No matter where I move my spirit I sense water is beneath me on the surface of a very deep body of water.

I feel nothing with my spirit. I hear nothing but silence. I feel nothing neither coolness or any warmth though it might be it is even very cold or very hot. I am just so excited about doing that I am doing I don’t really notice right at the moment. There is no odor or taste to anything. It is as if my senses were gone and all I can do is know the place I look at in my mind to be only the places they are and nothing other than just empty places.

But at the bottom I sense water and no matter where I move my spirit it is only the same. I know it has always been there. I know I have always been here. And I know the water has always been there. It is as it always has been. Just my person, the person that testifies of anything that is true and the person of my spirit, all knowing the others are there, what the others are thinking and doing or saying or feeling, all of us being one person.

There is no one else here. We can all remember what we always did before, know what we are doing now, and know everything that will ever happen as we always have.

It is finally time to begin. So we begin to create every good thing we have ever reasoned could be done by us if we were to be good and true to that even in our spirit that we ever would want to do just as we have always done as we have always wanted to do it.

I break the silence when I say, “Let there be light!” And immediately there is light just exactly as we always knew it would be when we finally made it. When I actually saw the light I understood what its perfect likeness actually was, light itself and I understood what the goodness within us was like outside of us, good. It was not its perfect likeness but light itself as it is in us or any other place there could be. The place we had known here has always been what it was, but it was not that now, the light is here now. We created light where there had been no light just as we knew it would be the real thing and not just the light that was in our persons which was also light.

So we let it dim and become darkness and divided time outside of us, the time before the light and the time after light. Then we allowed the light to brighten again and I called the light Day, and the darkness Night for they were both a new thing. The dark, formless, void with the water we had only sensed beneath the person of our spirit was no more. By creating light we had created everything new and we knew all of what we wanted to create was just waiting for us to do it.

Were you there with me? Before and after light was created by God. In the place God was in and above the place the water was in. Actually there in the beginning as it began with God as I imagined it to be, as you see it was and as I see it was. We have been there. We were with God in the beginning throughout the entire first day.

I have always wanted to go there and now I have. Did you ever want to go there? Did you think it was impossible? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? It is good, isn’t it? No one that does not believe God that is the way it was cannot go there. But we have been there with God and can go back there anytime we care to remember the experience.

I never conjured anything up. I simply believed God and went there and shared the experience as best God cared to communicate it to me and as well as I could describe it.

But I did cheat for when I was a little kid I asked God to show me his light and he did. So I may have known more than you thought I did. Forgive your king for springing that on you this late in the game. I actually saw the place God made light in, in my mind’s eye and I actually saw the light God made. But it was a lot easier to do before I had read the Bible and before I knew what I was talking about as the Holy Spirit led me to ask to see it and then showed it to me as a child believing with the ease a child believes.

The principle yet stands. If you imagine something real and even picture what you are imagining in your mind’s eye, hear it with your spirit, feel or not feel, taste or not taste, smell or not smell what is or isn’t there to do that to as well as sense with your spirit what whoever really was there, is there, or will be there has shared with you exactly as they shared it with you, you have been there, even as they were there to share the truth of the reality of the place in the Spirit with you.

I loved it there in the Holy Spirit as he also shared it with Moses probably, or at least shared the concepts for the words to tell us about it. But I believe Moses has been there too, even as we were according to our ability to believe and according to the intensity with which we believed it or in other words our faith. How about you?

I trust you are not too dismayed for our little voyage and my little deception you probably thought was that all along. Read it again and again should you desire now you know what I did. Picture it in your mind’s eye if you desire it. It is real so be careful to control your imagination and add nothing to it or take nothing away from it, I mean if you really want to come as close to being there as I, Moses and the Holy Spirit could make it for you. Trust me, it is very close if not absolutely real as far as our spirits can see at the moment.

It is my present to you. Receive it and enjoy it. I just wanted to give you something real and go somewhere real with you as God inspired me to. He loves you. I love you. And perhaps even Moses loves you. That is up to him. I know he loved the children of Israel and God. Why not us too then if he knew to do that much?

You unbelievers and the dead in my kingdom, I am sorry but I didn’t get you anything or take you anywhere. If you went along too, it was by God’s grace and I of course have no control over that. Praise him if he took you along with us. He is drawing near to you for a reason. But surely you have been there in that dark, formless, void in your spirit more than you care to think about. I am so sorry if I reminded you of something painful to remember or revisit online. It doesn’t have to be that way, you know by now.

Praise the Lord! I found that great fun Lord. Let’s go again some time. Amen.

Remember when you imagine either in your brain and therefore add it to your mind, avoid confusion in your mind by imagining real things that you know to be good even if just for the sake of having fun or as a way to give a fellow believer a present or to share something with an unbeliever or the dead. Avoid confusion, confusing yourself and being sucked into error which leads to a temptation to sin by thinking sinful thoughts and then to sin and then to either have to ask forgiveness or bear your own iniquity or even die, go to hell and finally torment but be resurrected again in the case of those that will live forever, my holy brothers and sisters in Christ. Someday maybe, we can go to the Holy City, the New Jerusalem some time? I would dearly love going there! How about you? Peace be with you all and Father you know how grateful I am for the gift. Please accept my deepest thanks and praises. The glory is all yours. Amen.



6/6/2016 From your only legitimate king Bemidji


This is on your king’s mind today:

There is opposition to the king by evil. But they have not presented to the king a single criticism that proves their legitimacy because there is none. My Lord has brought it to my attention who and what they are, proving the need for a real, true, spiritual king in my kingdom in place of that demon they dreamed up for you to do as I once did, allow to rule you by accepting it as if it were real in your psyche, a psychiatric problem for humanity, but a thing God can make disappear when he proves he was nothing more than Slenderman.

Pray for the king that he may always ignore them hereafter and that he will pay them no mind and give them none of his attention other than to decree they leave his kingdom for they are undesirables. Let us then hope that his King will grant the complete and utter destruction of them in Bemidji; of their chief spokesman and those like him in his kingdom, your home and my temporary home as we look forward to the end of our sojourn here.

There is so much filth and evil coming into our community through the media and undesirable dead humans that are encouraged to come here and pollute our home, the place where we live, the environment we live in and will always live in if we live at all until the creation of the New Earth under the New Heaven. Let us go forth then believing in faith that your prayers for me and my petition to my King will be honored that we may create together a good city free of their influence among us. Have no fear for I know my King is with us in this that we do.

When I see babies my heart is warmed and a smile lands on my countenance for they have the face, the body and the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ, my King which is as close to seeing God as we can come in Earth until the King of the Earth returns and sets up his kingdom in the absence of the Devil’s deceptions here in Bemidji also.

Look in their eyes and see the joy of discovery of a world they assume is safe for them to grow in. Do not think of their lack of safety but of the face of God they display for the world to see, subjects. Delight in the Lord for his blessing is upon you and let your spirit be so moved as had you saw his goodness and peace even when their eyes are closed in peaceful sleep.

The enemies we have, are not endued with any power to stop that goodness which is only his and comes from no other source. Praise the Lord for God is yet alive in our midst! Generous God bless us with the glimpse of all goodness. Let us seek you out here in Bemidji and show the way to it unto the world and let no red dragon stand before them ready to consume them as they come out of the womb. Thank you Lord for where there is yet goodness there is yet hope. Strengthen your children O God. Amen.

The enemy hates them as he does us but he cannot take away the blessings God bestows upon us if we pay them no attention in the presence of that the LORD is showing us. Be joyful for babies are the very image of God in Earth. But also be true to his image you were born or created again to display also. Amen, for how can even the dead and the cursed look upon an innocent baby’s face and not fear you God and shudder. Let us rejoice and be happy. The Lord has made this day and shown you the wonder of his very face!

Look at the purity in his eyes. See him smile. Look at the wonder he has when you pay him any attention at all even in ignorance rather than the evil you spend so much of your time paying attention to in God’s stead. They who have seen a baby have not only seen my Lord but the face of our Father. How dare they say God is not real! We have the proof among us in their very own little ones. May they be forever cursed that would kill a little baby or lead them away from our God to the point they not only died but became a curse to themselves, to us among those for whom torment is not only just but merciful even to them. Amen? Of course, Amen!

The enemies bring evil in immediately unto some of God’s images. They look upon the very face of God and destroy his physical likeness like the vandals they are, translating them immediately in their futility to the throne of their Father in heaven. What irreverence! Do they have any claim to anything but judgment to look upon the very face of God as it appears in the mirror made of humanity!

More often they by human decision send them to heaven as though they were miscarried while they are yet in their mother’s “safe place” her very womb. How wonderful! Despite their evil intent they bring about a great and glorious spiritual end, a very holy reception at the throne of God and receive nothing but the deceased physical body of their fetus for their efforts; garbage in a dumpster at the clinic.

Miscarried children are no less holy for by divine choice they are spared the mischief of this world not rejected by it. Being rejected by it is also a great honor as was bestowed upon our Savior even as the enemy defeats themselves by that they bring about like killing the children of Rachel. The only ones more honored are those that were conceived and are sent even a very short time later to the throne of God, honored more than any other miscarried child as allowed by God to spare them no more than a footprint in the sands of God’s walk in Earth.

Thank God for allowing the morning after pill! How wonderful that evil is exposed to be and such a great and glorious miracle is the result! How wonderful is our God! How futile the effort against great goodness, and such special glory for God! Is it any wonder we cannot fathom his glory when any of us do even the most mundane thing that is good or even right.

The evil have been seen to actually stand in line before the counter to rid themselves of a great blessing from God! So I am like a dog looking at the underside of a turtle they have just managed to turn over in an attempt to get at the animal they thought was hiding under what they thought to be a rock, turning my head from side to side and backing off to bark in surprise at something I cannot comprehend. Why would God allow such wicked people to perform such pure miracles! A perfect image of God before his throne in the exact likeness of our LORD God! What an amazing God we have! Who can even be sane and attempt his undoing or who can even think of opposing him like the cursed have led them to do? The evil accomplish nothing but add to the garbage pile they create in Earth that will be lit for them to burn in forever and ever; an endless supply of burning sulfur.

You unbelievers whom I love like the God that allowed you to facilitate great miracles in heaven in place of the evil you intended here in Earth, the birth of yet another perfect martyr in the fight against the ugliness of evil, have you committed any such sin? Have you spilled your seed on a bed or even on the ground, God intended to be a great blessing in your life? Have you aborted God’s plan for a special little one bearing the likeness of his face? Did you turn away from the one God intended to be your mate for the rest of your time here in Earth, the one you in your evil might have known was your soulmate, the parent of all your children you have murdered before they were even conceived by your adulterous acts? Did you do anything to the body of your parents to bring about the aborting of the rest of your siblings or to your parents’ or siblings’ spirit with the same resulting in the very same the death of those God intended to be a blessing to you personally?

This matter of showing the face of God to people in Earth is more complicated than you thought because your evil imaginations in your mind and in your heart has made it complicated. How much more evil can you be than to personally reject even the possibility of seeing one more image of God’s face in Earth!

Turn and ask God to forgive you in your worthlessness as an evil being that accomplishes nothing God does not allow no matter what you do and replaces it with a pure, perfect, blessing in heaven just like the acts of futility the cursed fool you into imagining, thinking, saying, doing, and feeling.

That you are feeling right now comes from God if your heart is filled with remorse for what you have done, are powerless to make right, and grieved that it is perfectly clear to you in God’s holy light. Let the Holy Spirit explain it to you in truth. Let him testify to the real result of what God has done in your behalf that you might not defile any thing or any one but yourself until as he hoped you would reach this point and come broken in spirit to him begging shamefacedly for mercy and forgiveness.

Should you allow him to give you back the spirit you were born with and restore what you have done to his image back into an exact likeness of God once again. If you did that. If you turned from your evil ways, turned to God and accepted his offer to create you not anew but as you are and have always been though you didn’t realize it that even God knew it as made possible by the death of his Son, Jesus Christ and his suffering for the penalty you deserve, go now to the nearest mirror and gaze upon it.

Look! Therein is the face of God! Look upon your face. It is the face of God whom you are so grateful to right now. The face of the very image of God in your own mirror! Look in his eyes at his spirit that shines through… Is there any time in your entire being you were ever so beautiful? Of course not!

Welcome back to life! We still love you as before but we welcome you to life, forever to live right along with us forever. You cannot ever die again or be evil ever again! Jesus has it rigged. Eagerly seek out the living, your living sisters and brothers in the Holy Spirit and our Lord and in our Father, your Father too now. Is there any greater love than God’s love! Of course not! He is God…

It is the greatest miracle you could ever accept from him at this point but he has so many, many more to share with you. There really is no end to it! Praise God for you! Glory! Glory to God in the highest!

However, if you have committed any of those evil things and are unmoved or just shrug it off and try to tell yourself the eyes of a baby are not the eyes of he God looking back at you-? Even newborn they are God looking out at the original dark, formless, void for their blindness whether that is all you have ever been blessed to see, the very first thing God saw here before he started creating everything though they are extremely blessed to see that of God no one unlike them has seen since they were very tiny; nothing; just one more thing to be taken lightly or for granted?

You are bearing your ignorance still in the fantasy world you can’t remember not having been in since your first act of disbelief or disobedience. There is no light there you do not imagine being there. It is only imaginary. You are blind. You have blinded yourself to what is really there. Were it merely that you were asleep and at least dreaming but you are not. Are you not dead? Dead to God and even dead to the world where there is at any given moment evermore images of someone’s evil imagination. Is any of it all yours?

Nothing is real for you. Everything is only what you imagine it to be, what you reason it must be, what you have heard it is, what they have done to you displayed everywhere you look, think, imagine, say, do, in anything you have chosen or not chosen but which was forced upon you in school, in your home, by your evil parents, evil siblings, relatives, friends, and even their friends as well as so called experts of whom you know only their clever words that have trapped your soul by fancy tricks and a pandering to your evil desires.

You are the original “Nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody,” as the words of that old song suggest and you feel it. It is real to you, but, “…nothing is real,” or really there but only in your mind.

How long will you stay dead? Forever?

No. Torment is very real and completely unavoidable at all times in a way you cannot avoid paying your complete attention to it; excruciating pain so bad you scream in agony forever and ever and you know that is true even as the cursed that have made you think and feel the way you do also know it is so.

Turn. Please! We will love you as long as we can even remember you with great sadness if you do not. My heart cries for you not turning right now at this very moment, and will continue to cry for you until all the living forget you ever existed, even God, though they don’t want to do that with everything in them as it is now for a little while longer.

Without God you can do nothing. Without being given your true spirit back, the one you originally had and give the only true reality there is back to you for a real environment, you cannot help yourself but do the wrong thing. What you imagine is wrong. What you reason is wrong. What you say is inappropriate. What you do is not you doing it but all that error in you, also known as sin, Jesus taking responsibility for you doing it to him personally. You are as nothing or someone that didn’t show up when they were supposed to because they never did show. You are real, but you haven’t got a clue what reality is. O that you were merely insane. God could cure that.

But you are free to choose anything even that existence. There is no cure for a free will but oppression but that is evil and God would never do that to you or anyone else. God is always good and always was. It’s either exercise your free will in God, really, truly and even spiritually or do the will of those who have control of you and have had control of you since you first knew you ever did anything wrong and wouldn’t accept, ask or didn’t even know what it meant, to be forgiven; really forgiven by God.

Turn from death to life or you will fulfill your own prophecy that you will die, you are not the first to have known it, or the first to say it but it is a truth if you allow it to be like any other self-fulfilling prophecy no matter how hard you work at trying to make it not so. That it is all it is; not so.

Even if the scientists figure out how to keep your body alive forever, you will never be a part of reality or know what it is, so you will just be dead anyway. Life is much more than- much, much more than just being a living body which is a misnomer for what is the difference if the body is alive if no one real is home, if a dead person is all that is actually in there? Turn... “?” Turn... “.” Turn... “”

The greatest miracle I have ever come across is not what Jesus did on the cross, not what he accomplished by dying and by going to hell to pay for all humanity's sins, but the miracle of keeping us in such a perpetual state of gratefulness and bliss we no longer remember any of that ever destroyed in torment then in the New Earth; any thing, any one, any human, any angel ever; like your angel, any spirit, any soul- Yours? You...


Diary of the King of Bemidji

by John Fredrick Carver Download in EPUB format, also available for Kindle or in PDF 18,252 words (≈ about 1 hour) Greetings aliens in Earth or other distant places from this living man in Earth specifically the kingdom of Bemidji in a heavenly manner and from God our Father in Christ Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit from the king of Bemidji as I was called to be by the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords whether they be principalities in earth, among the stars, under the sea, within the ground, on the ground or in any of the spiritual places whether in heaven or hell, places that have been and are, places that once were and are no more, places that are to come or are to come again for there is no place he is not and where he is not God, the only God, the ultimate God, peace be with you all. Wherever there are those like us that are not and have not elected to become alien to my Lord and alien to the true powers here in Earth as they are in every place or context that exists, if it is truly a place or in a true context he is here with us and we through him have access to it in accordance with his will. Those of you who are the living sojourners here with me; I say that for I do not plan to stay in Earth that long though I am king of this city and have no known heirs whether alive or dead; you may continue to do what God has called you to do in the way God helps you do it because know this: I do not usurp any authority the King of all has and when and if I ever do I have him to contend with the same as you or they, the aliens here do whether in the flesh or in spirit. I do not have a quarrel with anyone and wish to live at peace with any or all of you whether fellow servants of Christ and therefore children of our God whom is not common but whom we all hold in common as holy and our Father as well as the aliens who do not.

  • Author: John Fredrick Carver
  • Published: 2016-06-11 22:50:07
  • Words: 18906
Diary of the King of Bemidji Diary of the King of Bemidji