Diary of Mischievous Steve, Book 1: Mr. Pigman


Diary of Mischievous Steve, Book 1: Mr. Pigman

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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The creature

Chapter 2: A slimy adventure

Chapter 3: Unworlding

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Chapter 1: The creature

Day 1

The boys sniggered as they watched the old woman enter her house. Immediately an unpleasant sound followed by a pierced shriek was heard and the same woman came running out distraught.


The boys could hardly contain their laughter. She was covered in a sloppy mixture of fish, potato, melon, mushroom soup and Notch knows what else. The boys had taken the first items they could find and put them in the woman’s dispenser. As she had entered her door she had stepped on a plate which had activated all the food to be thrown at her, causing her to be presently dressed in the most disgusting combination of smells and appearances.

They loved this. They couldn’t get enough of it. They would go around the town pranking the first person they could find. It was Theo who normally thought up the ideas and it was Stevie who was the bravest and put them into practice. The others would occasionally help, but they were mostly there for the fun and laughs. The times they had been scolded by all the Minecraftians of the village were uncountable, but they still continued.

That day was spent playing tricks on the richer side of the town, where houses built with oak and brick dominated the area. The boys were from the poorer side, meaning they took special delight in harassing the rich. When they got back from their day of pestering, each of them went back to their houses and agreed to meet the following day.

Stevie was the one with the strictest parents, and there hadn’t been an evening where he hadn’t been grounded or scolded. Yet, he still managed to escape his punishments and continue the pranking delight.


Day 2

Today’s plan was to visit one of the most reputable farmers of the town and trouble his entire farm. The group also loved farms because of the large amount of prank possibilities that appeared. They started with the pigs. Pigs are noisy, big and dirty, perfect to annoy a farmer. As usual, Stevie jumped over the fence first and looked around the property to make sure no one was about. It was 8 pm and the family was retiring to bed. He checked where the pigs were and noticed they were all kept in a small field surrounded by a fence.

‘All clear!’ Stevie beckoned the others to follow him.

They opened the fence gate and tried pushing the pigs towards the exit. They made a lot of noise but no one came from the farmer’s house. As five of the boys were trying to push the pigs out, Stevie noticed a light coming from a little hut on the other side of the field.

‘I’ll be right back, just noticed some weird light. I bet you it’s some magical stuff’

‘Steve you gotta help us do this’ Tim stopped him

‘I’ll be 5 seconds’ He ran past Tim and reached the door of the little hut. It was made of a nice brick and had a thatched roof. The little wooden door was closed but let out enough light through the cracks to be noticed.

He took a breath and mustered as much courage as he could. ‘Now ain’t the time to despair, Stevie’ He whispered to himself.

He opened the door and heard a little squeal. It was a pig. Stevie exhaled in relief. He closed the door and kneeled towards the little pig. He grabbed it between his arms and left the little hut. Suddenly, the pig popped out of his arm and fell to the ground. It was missing two legs. Without notice, the pig started growing two arms and was getting taller and bigger. Stevie, shocked and frightened to death started walking backwards. The pig was slowly turning himself into… a zombie? It didn’t look like a zombie though. Stevie gasped in realisation.

‘ZOMBIEPIGMAN!!!!’ He screamed and waved at the others to follow him. Soon all the six boys were screaming and howling, running away from the creature. They had left the pigs in a hurry, which were now scattered across the farm.

Stevie rushed to his nice cosy house, panting and sweating. This had definitely been the scariest prank of them all. He had never seen a zombie pigman in his life, but he was pretty sure that the creature he had seen was indeed one, he recognised it from fairy tales and myths which circulated round Minecraftia. The boys had dispersed to their houses without another word, too scared to even look behind. Only Stevie had seen that Zombie pigman, but they were all just as scared.

Stevie went to bed trembling and terrified that night. All they had wanted to do was play an innocent joke, and instead they got the fright of their lives. What if they had been pranked? What if it had just been a zombie pigman in disguise? Stevie suddenly grew angry at that thought. Obviously, zombie pigmen didn’t exist, it was just a really good disguise. Stevie went to sleep with the determination of going back to that farm and seeing if the zombie pigman was really there.

Chapter 2: A slimy adventure

Day 5

‘You serious about this Stevie?’ Pommy asked him. The gang of boys had positioned themselves on a field just outside the farmer’s property.

‘Yeah of course. Zombie pigman don’t exist, don’t be stupid.’ Stevie rolled his eyes.

His mind was set on discovering the truth. His dark brown hair flowing in the wind. His light blue eyes peering at the hut in the distance. He was wearing baggy dark blue trousers and a light blue t-shirt. His dark skin made the colors stand out. Yes, he was old enough to fight back, to be the fearless one, after all he was the oldest of the group. He had a wooden axe with him just in case something surprised him.

With a wave Stevie was off. He wanted to be seen brave in front of the others, but in fact, he had a hard time believing he was. He kept repeating to himself it was just a disguise and that zombie pigman didn’t exist, yet he couldn’t get the uneasy feeling away.

The little hut was still there, intact. Stevie could now see how small it was in the daylight. Although it looked cosy and undisturbed, Stevie knew what was in it was the opposite of that.

He looked around to make sure no farmers were. It was roughly 6 pm, the perfectly square sun was setting, making the whole landscape very calm and relaxing. He could see his friends down the on the other end of the field. They looked nervous. Stevie was tempted to scream just to scare them off.

‘What little wusses they are’ he chuckled to himself. This gave him a confidence boost; he definitely was the brave one of the group.

He closed his eyes, and without thinking twice, opened the wooden door.

Nothing happened. He stood still, scared to open his eyes. He carefully opened one. Then he opened both. Then he screamed and slowly backed away. The zombie pigman was still there. Stevie was glued to the ground. He couldn’t move, his eyes wide like saucers.

‘I mean no harm’, it was talking. The zombie pigman was talking. ‘I’m sorry if I scare you, kind Minecraftian, I don’t mean to.’

Stevie swallowed hard. What was going on? A zombie pigman? Talking? This was unnatural.

‘I- I should go’ Stevie slowly took more footsteps backwards.

‘Please, don’t. All I want to do is find my place here. I am a lost Pigman and I need help in this Underworld.’ Stevie couldn’t believe it. Pigman? Underworld? He relaxed a bit when he realized the creature didn’t seem menacing. It got out of the hut and sat on grassy field. Distinct pig noises could be heard in the distance.

‘Pigman? I thought you were a Zombie pigman? I think you have the wrong place sir, there isn’t any Underworld here’ Stevie was getting curious, but didn’t have enough courage to get nearer to the peculiar creature.

‘Ah, I see. Zombie pigman is kind of a pejorative term. A bit offensive, might I add.’ It looked up at Stevie. ‘We have zombie blood, but we are not proud of that. Zombies are ugly and dumb creatures, who deserve what happened to them.’

‘W-what happened to them?’

‘Well they were banned from our world of course. Serves them right I say’ the pigman’s golden sword rested on the ground near him. Stevie was amazed at its brightness and how it gleamed in the soft light of the sinking sun. The pigman was indeed half zombie and half pig. Its right half had a green and grey colour, with a black eye and ribs showing. However, the left side was pink with a few touches of green. He was wearing a brown kilt and had green and pink legs. It was going to take long for Stevie to get used to this look.

‘Ohh ok…’ His voice trailed off ‘What are you doing here then?’

‘I’m not sure. I really didn’t mean to scare you the other night. I don’t really know how things work here. I’m just a lonely traveller.’ He stared off into the distance. It was getting a bit awkward for Stevie, he didn’t know what to say or what to do. He noticed that all his friends had disappeared. The pigman wasn’t even that scary now that he could see it properly.

‘So… Mr Pigman, what are you going to do?’ The pigman seemed distracted. It was nearly night time and Stevie knew he had to go home. All on his own, he was much more vulnerable to monsters and Notch knows what else out there. Suddenly, the pigman jumped up and ran towards the nearby woods. There was a weird crunching sound, extra-terrestrial. There was a swoosh, a bang and a loud humming. Then the pigman reappeared and got back to his spot.

“Enders. Won’t leave anyone alone. Stevie was too startled to say anything.

‘Umm. Mr Pigman I’m going to go if that’s ok. It’s getting dark and I need to get home.’

‘Yes, Minecraftian. Come back soon. I need more information.’ Stevie just glanced at him and ran home. He avoided any dark areas and sprinted if he heard a slight groan. His heart was pounding in his chest when he arrived, glad to be in his well-protected house.


Day 7

It had been two days since the incident. Stevie still hadn’t gotten over it. He had told his friends the pig had disappeared, and acted like there had been nothing. He decided to forget about it for the moment. Today was slime-hunting day and he didn’t want to be distracted.

Theo, Pommy, Tim, Eliah, Zeta and Stevie were out in the woods hunting for the slimiest slimes of all. They had taken some wooden pickaxes and axes from their farms and were down by the river. They were just gawking at a squid who was swimming around the pool area when out of nowhere, a tiny slime appeared on the other side of the riverbank.

‘Guys, guys look!’ shouted Zeta. They crossed the river and started chasing the slime. It bounced further and further into the woods.

‘We gotta get this slime, guys!’ Theo was already panting. The distinctive slime noise could be heard less and less into the distance. They eventually all stopped in a little clearing.

‘Since when are slimes so fast?’ Eliah asked, his hands on his knees gasping for air.

‘They’re getting clever, I betcha’ remarked Tim.

Just as they were catching their breath, they heard a squelching noise.

‘It’s back, I can hear it!’ exclaimed Stevie all excited.

They readied themselves for the slime to appear. What they didn’t expect however, was a huge hoard of slimes bouncing towards them. These were the biggest slimes the boys had ever seen. The slimes were coming in from all sides.

‘What on Notch’s beard is going on?’ Pommy screamed hysterically.

‘Guys, we can do this! Slimes don’t harm too much. It’s our time to be heroes!’ Stevie got on the outside of the huddled group and started hacking a big slime. Of course, the slime then split into separate pieces and started attacking again. Steve was enjoying this too much. He swivelled round from side to side slashing out with his axe wherever he could. Soon, all the Minecraftians were fighting hard at the slimes.

Eliah split one slime with his pickaxe and kicked another one all the while he was being attacked by a third one. Theo came to his rescue and they continued fighting like soldiers.

Soon, only tiny blobs of slime were left. They were finished off quickly and the boys sat down on the slimy grass of the woods.

‘That was… pretty fun actually’ Stevie smiled. They felt like heroes, defending their town from the scary slimes.

‘Good work guys. Can’t feel my toes but apart from that I’m fine’ Zeta was grinning.

‘Yeah I’m feeling pretty hungry’ they all nodded. On the way back they discussed how exciting it would be to spread their adventures. Stevie couldn’t stop thinking if this was somehow linked to the Mr Pigman. He decided he would go visit him tomorrow.

Chapter 3: Unworlding

Day 8

First thing in the morning Stevie ran to the farm. He ran to the edge of the field to discover stone and hay spread out where the hut used to be. Stevie gasped. The hut had been completely destroyed. By the looks of it, someone had hammered it down with a pickaxe. On his way here he hadn’t noticed the absence of noisy snorts and oinks. The pigs had also disappeared. Would they maybe be with Mr. Pigman?

‘Oi! Get out of here! You the idiot who stole my pigs? Huh?’

A plump little farmer started walking towards him. He had a farmer’s hat on and was wearing a boiler’s suit. Stevie quickly turned around and ran into the woods.

‘Boy! You gonna regret that you will! Come back here or I’ll feed you to the dogs when I catch ya!’

Stevie ignored him and sprinted as fast as he could. He hated this forest. Going in it was against all his Minecraftian instincts. Hopefully the pigman would be around here.

After 15 minutes of exploring the forest he decided to give up. The forest was dark, and guess what liked the dark? Mobs. He was a bit lost but he knew the direction of his house was west, so the sun would be moving that way.

He could just see a few light patches in the distance and yelled triumphantly. He had found it! Just then a rough arm grabbed him by the wrist and jerked him into a bush.

‘Stop yelling Minecraftian. The woods are not safe for this.’ It was Mr. Pigman. With a sigh of relief Stevie got out of the bushes and said to him:

‘Mr. Pigman! I’m so glad I found you! What happened to your hut? Why did you run away? How did you find me?’ He noticed the pigs trying to catch up with the pigman who had obviously just been sprinting.

‘Please, please, not so may questions!’ the pigman held out his hand. ‘It does not matter what happened to me. I am afraid I cannot stay here much longer; there is danger in this place. I must go back, although I’m not sure how. Do you know where I could find a portal?’

‘Mr. Pigman! You cannot leave yet! I have so much to tell you. I don’t know where the portal is, but guess what happened to us yesterday?’ the pigman just looked at him. ‘the weirdest thing happened to us, we were out slime hunting when huge slimes started attacking us, bigger than we had ever seen! The boys and I were strong enough to fight them off, but for Notch’s sake it wasn’t easy! They were – ‘

‘What did you say?’ The pigman suddenly grabbed the boy’s arm and looked at him straight in the eyes.

‘W-well um that the huge slimes were attacking us but we actually did a pretty-‘

‘That is very interesting indeed Minecraftian. Huge slimes don’t exist in your world am I right?’ Mr. Pigman interrupted him for a second time.

‘I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong, what are you suggesting Mr. Pigman?’

‘Huge slimes exist in my world however. They must be teleporting here! And how would they do that?’ The pigman looked at Stevie in excitement.

‘I’m not sure I don’t know much about slimes Mr. Pigman’

‘Through a portal of course! Show me where these huge slimes were little Minecraftian’

The pigman looked so happy and excited Stevie didn’t dare protest. Quickly they both ran towards the woods Stevie and his friends had been exploring just yesterday. They ran on the outskirts of the town, not wanting to cause a disturbance. The pigman could run fast, faster than Stevie who had a hard time catching up with him. The pigs behind them had long given up and were just wondering around. The golden sword of the pigman was swinging with each step he took, so close to his legs it could chop them off. Stevie felt unprotected without a weapon, and stole a pickaxe on the back of someone’s shed. He would give it back as soon as he returned from… Notch knows where he was going to return from, he preferred not to think about it.

‘This is it, the woods.’ They had arrived at the riverbank with Stevie panting and the pigman coolly observing his surroundings, not acting as if he had sprinted for 10 minutes straight.

‘Hmmm are you sure about this?’

‘We found the huge slimes deeper inside the forest in a clearing, do you want to go there?’

‘I think that would be better, we don’t have chance of getting them here’

After half an hour of walking around the forest looking for the clearing, they finally found it. However, there was nothing, just a clearing, and no slimes of any size. They sat on the stones in the middle and decided to wait.

‘Well we might as well wait Mr. Pigman, they’ll eventually come to us’ the pigman was cleaning his sword.

‘Yes, I agree, but always be on your guard.’

Stevie lied down on the stone and looked up into the sky. What a weird day it had been. He trusted the pigman with his life, so he didn’t feel too scared. He closed his eyes and inhaled the aroma of the nearby flowers. His thoughts were wandering as he contemplated taking some back for his Mamma. It would do her some good. He could hear the soft sound of the pigman’s cloth rubbing the sword. He heard a weird klink and opened his eyes. He gasped and screamed.

‘SLIME!!!!!!!! SLIMES ARE HERE!!’ he had opened his eyes to the sight of a huge slime ready to attack.

Without a moment of hesitation Mr. Pigman got onto his feet and sliced the slime. Stevie scrambled up and started fighting against the smaller slimes which had resulted from the big slime. Just when they had finished with that slime, more came to them from a little path leading into the clearing. Stevie looked at the pigman ready for any instructions.

‘Minecraftian, I am afraid we must follow that path and fight the slimes off. They must be coming from the portal.’ Stevie nodded and focused on the path ahead of him. ‘Let’s go!’ The pigman shouted and off they went.

Stevie fought off as many slimes as he could as he trailed behind his companion who was very agile indeed. There seemed to be a never-ending supply of slimes. He would chop one in half and out came smaller ones, and then from these came even smaller ones. It was endless and Stevie’s arm was hurting badly.

‘We’re here!’ Mr. Pigman was shouting excitedly. He had slime all over him and his sword was glinting in the sun. Stevie guessed he looked the same. Then he noticed the “portal” his companion was leaning against. It was a huge door made of a black rock as the structure, and with a purple halo in the middle. It emitted a very eerie and creepy noise and the halo kept shifting in the sun’s light.

‘Come on, Minecraftian! More slimes will be coming!’ Just as he said that a slime appeared out of the portal. Stevie gasped. It was not a common slime. It had dark skin and had yellow eyes. It transformed into a green normal slime and immediately attacked the pigman. With one slice it was dead.

‘Hurry up! We have to get out of here! Get into the portal!’ Mr. Pigman grabbed the boy and they both jumped in before another slime could get to them.

Stevie was stunned. The second he got in touch with the purple halo, everything started spinning out of control, he was going to faint. Images of dark slimes and other creatures appeared and disappeared. With what breath was left of him, he started screaming.

‘Minecraftian! Do not draw attention to us!’ Stevie was squeezing his eyes shut. He opened them slowly and saw the snout of the green and pink face of his friend. He suddenly felt very hot.

‘Why is it so hot in here?’ He got up and looked around. His eyes were wide with terror. This was indeed the creepiest place he had ever been to.

‘This is my home, Minecraftian.’ He seemed to say it nostalgically, as if he missed it. Who could miss such a place? They were currently situated on some dark red rock on top of what seemed to be a lava lake. Everywhere he looked, there was lava. This type of red rock took up all the space, even the sky. There were mountains and mountains of this dark red rock surrounded by waterfalls and lakes of lava. It was truly the sight of hell. What scared Stevie the most was the screams. It was a high pitched and blood-curling scream. He could see monsters moving in the distance, not sure if they were alive or dead. He moved around a bit and could see completely different creatures fighting against each other. Every now and then a huge high-pitched scream would erupt and a creature would fall to the ground.

‘M-Mr. Pigman… w-what is this p-place?’ The pigman had been observing the Minecraftian take in his surroundings.

‘Alas, I am not proud of my home. It used to be so much better than it is now. Only hatred, violence and torture reign this place nowadays.’ He looked melancholic as he stared into a lava lake. ‘However’ He straightened up and looked at Steve ‘we must not stray, let’s get to work!’

Stevie looked at him confused, but his companion was already heading towards another dark area. What Stevie also hated about this place was the darkness. It surrounded him no matter where and it had a light red glow on it making it even creepier. They were speed walking towards what seemed to be the structure of a castle. Stevie was following his friend by the sparkle of his sword. They arrived at the entrance.

‘I have never been to this castle, since I’m not sure where we teleported, but castles are homes for us pigmen. Minecraftian please be very alert, for any beast could appear out of nowhere’ He trotted on.

This didn’t put Stevie at ease. He felt like there was a creature at every corner. There were so many corridors and stairs, he wondered if they would find their way back. He saw red plants growing on the underside of stairs and he swore he heard a few groans and moans as they were passing different entrances. He preferred not to know what there was here.

They arrived at a huge gate door.

‘This must be the entrance’ the pigman whispered to himself. He pushed it quickly and prepared his sword for attack.

‘Who is there?’ A low, grumbling voice came from a corner of the room. It was so dark Stevie couldn’t see anything.

‘It is I, Gole from Pandlandia!’ Mr. Pigman bellowed. Stevie realized that his companion actually had a name.

‘Why! A citizen from Pandlandia is always welcome here in these hard and dark times!’ The grumbling voice was approaching and a creature approached. An absolute clone of the pigman Stevie knew.

‘Please may you be kind enough to tell us where we are?’ Gole was talking to the approaching pigman. It suddenly noticed Stevie and stopped.

‘What is this creature which accompanies you, Gole of Pandlandia?’

‘Ignore him, he is of no harm’ Gole replied. ‘Where are we situated?’

‘We are at the heart of the battle, in Netem. Only Notch can help us now’, the pigman seemed to accept Stevie and now had a solemn look on his face.

‘Perfect! I need to talk to the blaze of this building!’

‘Right away, pigman, I will lead you to it.’ Stevie followed both pigmen to the top of tower which radiated a bright yellow and smoky light.

‘I will leave you to it’ the pigman toggled his sword and left Gole and Stevie in the presence of this light. Stevie was wondering what was going on. He wondered where he was, where his friends were, where his family was. He had no idea what time it was, and if they would be looking for him in his world. He was starting to panic. Could he really trust ‘Gole’? Was he going to sacrifice him, kill him or give him away? He had no idea. However, this was adventure, and he had always like adventure. He told himself to suck it up, and wait until this was over. It would be a cool story to tell his friends, he would be forever regarded as the adventurous and exciting Minecraftian of his town. He smiled at that thought.

‘Oh kind Blaze! Please talk to us of the situation at war!’ Gole started talking to the supposed blaze.

The light brightened even more and a very peculiar creature appeared. It had yellow extremities with smoke rising from it. It kept swiveling around and moving upwards and sideways. The fierce look it had was intimidating and Stevie felt like hiding behind the pigman. It even talked.

‘Pigman! Nothing will help us! We are doomed for eternity! Not even a common Steve could help us!’

At the mention of this name Stevie perked up. How could a common Steve help them?

‘That is exactly what I thought, oh Blaze. And so I brought one.’ Gole sounded triumphant. He looked at me and pushed gently towards the blaze. It approached him and Stevie felt suffocated from the intense heat radiating off him.

‘That is great, Pigman, however, as I said, not even a common Steve could help.’

‘I am aware, oh Blaze, but we can always try.’ The blaze seemed grave and somber.

‘I guess we have nothing to lose, the Minecraftian of course will not be able to survive the power.’ Stevie felt confused and the intense heat was straining him even more.

‘Minecraftian’ The blaze seemed to look at him ‘step on this rare quartz ore brick’ Stevie looked from Gole to the blaze, unsure of what to do. Gole nodded and because the poor Minecraftian had no energy to think, he walked towards the brick on the edge of the tower. He stepped on it. Nothing happened.

‘I knew it would be of no use. The powers of the evil are too great.’ The blaze through a ball of a fire in anger. Stevie jumped in fright and dropped his pickaxe.

Everything suddenly stopped. There were no more screams, no more groans, no more lava noises. Just silence. The two creatures in front of Stevie were frozen. Then with a huge crackling noise, the ceiling erupted. There were even more screams and screeches as the dark red blocks on top of them seemed to crack open and fall to the ground. The blaze and the pigman were both shrieking and moving uncontrollably. It seemed like the excerpt from a nightmare. Stevie wanted to curl into a ball and go back to his warm home in Minecraftia. Why had he agreed to go with Gole? Why was he always trying to be brave? Why was he always seeking adventure? This was too much. He blocked his ears with his hands and lay on the floor, hoping he wouldn’t suffer when he died. It was the third time since he had met the pigman that he was squeezing his eyes shut in horror.

‘Minecraftian! Wake up from your slumber!’ Stevie opened his eyes slowly. He felt groggy and exhausted. He looked up and saw the sun. The beautiful, square sun. The sun? Where was he? Was he back at home? He got up quickly and looked around. He was indeed not at home. But he felt like he recognized the place. He realized he was on a stone castle, similar to the one he had been when the sky was crushing down.

‘Minecraftian’ Stevie looked at the pigman, suddenly aware of him. He didn’t look like himself, he looked… pinker.

‘Mr. Pigman… what happened?’ Gole looked at him and attempted to smile.

‘Look around you, son’ He looked again. That’s when he noticed it. He was in exactly the same place. Just, it wasn’t hell. The dark red rocks which used to cover every square mile of the place was replaced with dirt, grass, sand. The lava was now water. There were even trees and flowers. It looked so beautiful, so much like his own world. It made him realize how much he should cherish the world he lived in. There were peaceful creatures wandering around the fields and mountains, some he had never seen in his life.

‘You have saved us, young man’ the pigman seemed so happy, Stevie smiled at him.

‘I’m not sure what I did to be honest’

‘Either it was your pickaxe or it is you, but when it touched the quartz ore, we were unleashed from the grasp of the Nether, and we now live in peace. I am no longer part zombie. The great Blaze is no longer under the control of its fire, it is now a peaceful creature living in water. On behalf of the Nether population, we wish to thank you for your heroic battle. I must go and attend my own town to see how different and beautiful it is. Before we part, however, I wish to know your name, so I can tell everyone who our amazing hero is.’

Stevie was dumbfounded; he didn’t feel like he had really made a heroic gesture. Not wanting to displease the pigman, he replied.

‘Of course, Mr. Pigman, my name is Steve, but my friends call me Stevie’ the pigman suddenly stopped smiling.

‘Steve? Steve as in the son of Notch?’ He looked at him as if he had just fallen from the sky. The young boy wasn’t sure what to answer.

‘I-I think it’s quite unlikely for me to be the son of the true Notch’

‘That explains why you survived the Unworlding. You are the son of Notch, you freed us’ Stevie was the one looking at him dumbfounded. Son of Notch? Was this pigman crazy?

‘You wait until we tell the Grand Oath about this’, the pigman’s eyes glinted with excitement. The adventure had obviously not yet ended for Stevie. His expectations for the future were suddenly torn up, making light to his new destiny.







About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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Diary of Mischievous Steve, Book 1: Mr. Pigman

GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Book 1: Mr. Pigman Stevie the Minecraftian lives a normal life in his little town and spends his time pranking the inhabitants with his group of friends. What he does not expect is to discover a creature he wasn’t sure existed until one night out doing his tricks. They become unlikely friends and Stevie is curious about what brings him in his world. The group of friends have an unexpected adventure which leads Stevie back to this creature. Could it have more meaning? Stevie wants to find out. The creature leads him through all kind of places and beings, which the Minecraftian could not even start to try and imagine. He unearths dark and scary places of his innocent world and travels to unknown and mysterious sites. Not only does he realize how big the world is, but how insignificant his life is in the chaos of nature. Through explorations and adventures, Stevie discovers what is really happening on the other side of the world and his place in it. Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • ISBN: 9781310309571
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2015-09-11 13:00:12
  • Words: 6401
Diary of Mischievous Steve, Book 1: Mr. Pigman Diary of Mischievous Steve, Book 1: Mr. Pigman