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Diary of a Powerful Wither, Book 1: A Lost Past



Diary of a Powerful Wither, Book 1: A Lost Past


Copyright 2016 Mark Mulle

Published by Mark Mulle at Shakespir





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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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The Diary of a Wither

Day 1

I woke up today.

I feel… dizzy. My head hurt, and I did not have a single clue why. All I knew is that I was inside a deep and dark cave, without remembering anything about myself. Well, at least I remember who I am – I am the Wither.

But other than that, nothing. I don’t remember where I live, what I used to do, or anything else. I feel lost and clueless. This is a horrible sensation, why am I completely disconnected from this world? What lead me to this situation?

This is weird… I should go out and seek for help. Maybe someone could point me to the right direction.


Day 2

I left the dark cave. It took me a few minutes to get used to the sunlight again. I wonder how much time I spent inside that place… But that does not matter now. I need to find answers about myself. What happened with me? Why was I inside that cave? And most important, why am I hurt?

I feel like I was involved in a battle of some sorts. But why? I don’t like to fight… In fact, I despise this idea. But again, I’m losing focus here. I need to find someone and ask for help. Well, this is a big forest so I should just keep walking.

Day 3

After walking for a day, I reached a small village. But the people there seemed to be scared of me. I tried to talk to them, but they immediately fled the village screaming like crazy. Calm down! I just want some help! But no, they didn’t even listen to me.

They simply stopped doing whatever they were doing, their daily chores and other stuff, and ran away from me. I know I don’t look normal like other creatures, but that’s a bit of overreaction.

This is a small village with only 4 houses, and most of the inhabitants left in this road’s direction. I suppose this road leads to a bigger village or even a city? Maybe I can find the help I need in that place.

Day 4

I followed the road for some time before reaching another village. This one was bigger than the previous, but it was still a small village. Upon seeing me, the inhabitants grabbed spears and swords, and started threatening me.

- “See?! I told you! That Wither came to our village yesterday!” One of the humans said.

- “Dear god. I can’t believe my eyes. Someone pinch me please!” Said the other.

- “No time for pinches. Grab your weapons, everyone! We need to deal with this deadly monster!” A third one said.

- “But honey, we can’t kill the Wither! You know our weapons are pointless!” A woman said.

- “I am aware, my dear. But we need to keep this creature occupied until the Warrior gets here! And I will do that, no matter what it takes! Now send someone to call for the Warrior; your days of destruction are over, monster!”

I was completely lost. They threatened me like a beast, a demon. And all I wanted was some piece of information.

- “E-Excuse me.” I said.

They all stopped. They looked at me with a surprised expression on their face.

- “This… This thing can talk?” The man with the spear said.

- “Uh, yeah. Anyway, sorry for causing so much trouble to all of you, but I’m here to ask for some information. That is all.”

- “Information? What do you want to know?” The man said.

- “I want to know about myself. I want to know who I am, and what I am doing here. I woke up inside a cave, and my head hurts. Something really bad happened but I can’t remember what.”

- “You… You need to leave this village. Right now.” The man said.

- “Uh… Alright. Sorry again.” They didn’t answered my questions, and they seemed really worried about something so I decided to leave.

I should continue searching for other villages now. Maybe I can find one where they can help me.


Day 5

Today I was about to continue with my journey to recover my memory when three men from the previous village came to me. They were armed to their teeth with spears and swords.

- “Creature… We can answer some of your questions if you promise to not hurt us and leave this place forever.” The man said.

- “Alright, sounds good. I won’t attack you, I swear. I really hate fights.”

- “You… You hate fights. This is unbelievable to hear from a monster like you.” The other man said.

- “Well, trust me. I don’t like the idea of fighting.”

- “Okay Wither. I don’t know what you are up to, or even if you are planning to do something against the Warrior Stevenson, but I know he will kill you easily with his mighty sword.”

- “Uh, what? I’m not planning anything! And who is this Warrior you are talking about?”

- “Sigh. He really lost all his memory.” One of the man said.

- “But what if this is a trap?” The other said. “He could be planning something terrible!”

- “It does not matter. You know Stevenson can handle him.”

- “Hmm, guys? I’m still here.” I said. “Can you help me? Who am I, and where am I?”

- “Ugh. Alright Wither, we will answer your questions… Well, you are a Wither.”

- “I know that.” I said. “What else? Where do I live?”

- “I don’t know. No one knows where Withers live, because you were created by a mysterious group of players.”

- “What? Created?”

- “Yes. There’s a group of griefers in this world whose only purpose is to spawn Withers like you to destroy everything.”

- “But… I hate to destroy things! I would never…”

- “Well, but you did. I don’t know how you lost your memory, but you brought chaos and mayhem upon our world. That is why you are not welcome here. Now please, go. If you seek more answers, keep following the road and you’ll eventually reach the city. The Warrior Stevenson, who is the only person in the world who killed a Wither, lives there.”

- “I… I can’t believe this. I was a mindless monster before losing my memory?! I can’t even conceive the idea of destroying things out of pleasure… Sorry again. I shall leave now, and thanks for the help.”

I am on my way to this city they talked about. It’s hard to believe I caused so much trouble for this world, but I should redeem myself with these nice people. Somehow…


Day 6

I kept following the road to the big city. On my way, I found a few small villages and the reaction was always the same. The humans would hide and run away from my presence. Was I really that bad and abominable? Shame on me!

I need to ask this Warrior about my past, but at the same time I’m worried about his reaction. The humans said this Warrior is the only person who has ever defeated a Wither. I don’t think he will be very receptive upon seeing me inside his city… Especially after everything I’ve allegedly done to this world.

Day 7

Today I arrived in a big city. This was not even close to a village, with tens of high buildings all over the place. A truly masterpiece of the modern world! But sadly, many buildings were destroyed because of the fire, and others were torn to pieces. Only a few buildings were left behind this chaotic destruction. Was I the one who caused all this? I don’t remember! But if I did it, they won’t forgive me anytime soon.

I reached the front gate and there was a guard on duty. I approached him to ask about the Warrior, but when he saw me, he almost fainted.

- “T-Th-The… The… THE WITHER!” He screamed, and ran inside the city. The front gate was immediately closed, and an alert was issued.

- “Alert – All citizens, please return to your houses. This is a level 9 threat – summoning all fighters to the front gate.” A voice could be heard.

Well, I was not expecting to get a warm welcome or anything, but this was a bit too much. Afraid of what could happen, I hid in the forest nearby and waited for all of the heat to cool off.

Darn it… This is not going to be easy. Being treated as a monster everywhere you go is really tough.

Day 8

On the following day, I could see the city from the forest, and it was calmer now. The citizens were in peace again, but the front gate had been heavily reinforced. Instead of a single guard, there were over 30 now with swords, bows and everything else.

I really needed to go talk with the Warrior. I knew that was a very dangerous choice, and those humans were angry with me, with a good reason. They could attack me at any moment, but it was a risk I had to take.

I left the forest and calmly walked towards the front gate. When the guards saw me, they surrounded me and said:

- “Keep the Wither on sight! Don’t let him go!” One of them said.

- “Oh hey guys. I’d like to talk to the Warrior, does he live here?”

The guards stared at each other. I think talking Withers are not common here.

- “What do you seek with the greatest Warrior of all times, sir Stevenson?”

- “I just want to ask him a couple of questions, I promise. I am not here to destroy nor cause any trouble for you.”

- “We don’t trust Withers. But we will grant your wish – we’ll inform the Warrior of your visit. I am sure he will be more than glad to come here and defeat you right away.”

One of the guards went into the city and called for the Warrior. He came to us a few minutes later. The Warrior possessed a great Diamond armor and he had a long, shiny sword in his right hand.

- “You really have some guts, don’t you.” He said. “After destroying my city and being defeated in battle by me, you think you have the right to show your face here again?”

- “Mister Warrior, please forgive me for the actions of past me. You see, I completely lost my memory and I need some help.”

- “Lost your memory, heh? I should’ve killed you when I had the chance! But with two Withers on the same battle… I didn’t have many opportunities to do so.”

- “Two Withers? Are you saying I fought against you along another Wither?”

- “That’s right. And I defeated you both.”

- “Maybe… Maybe this other Wither knows more about me. Do you know where he is?”

- “After the battle, you two fled like little girls. I don’t remember much because it was a rainy night, but to be honest I don’t care at all. Now, enough chit chat. Just give me one good reason to not end what I started in our battle.” And the Warrior raised his shiny sword in the air.

- “I… Well… I will be honest, sir.” I said. “I don’t have one. I woke up in a cave, completely clueless about my own life. After searching for help, I saw many humans fleeing from my mere presence, scared to death of me. And this saddens me a lot, because I can’t imagine myself causing so much problem for others. That’s why I came here to you, to ask for forgiveness and to clarify my past. But I understand your decision, and you have the right to do that.”

- “Eh.” The Warrior shifted his sword. “I don’t know what happened with you Wither, but it doesn’t seem like the same creature I fought against that day. I will tell you what – I will keep you alive. And that’s because I have a very good reason to do so: if we manage to recover your memory, maybe we can find out more about the group of griefers who created you.”

- “I see. Well, if we do recover my memory, I’ll be glad to help you!”

- “Even if, at some point, we have to defeat this group?”

- “Yes. If they are creating Withers like me simply to destroy things, I will stop them.”

- “You don’t sound like a Wither, at all. And that is not because you’re the first talking Wither I see in my life. Now come on in, I want you to meet our King.”

The Warrior and his army took me inside the city. They want me to meet up with the King for whatever reason, but hey. At least I got their trust, and now I will do my best to not disappoint anyone. They are my best chance to recover my memory.


Day 9

I spent the whole day in a small farm by the walls. There was a stable there big enough to accommodate my big body, and the Warrior paid the farmer a small fee to let me rest there. They’re also keeping the army by the farm, to make sure I don’t go rampant attacking the city. Haha, they don’t trust me that much after all. But hey, I think I’d do the same if a menacing creature decided to knock by my door one day asking for forgiveness. What a crazy situation…

Anyway, the King is a busy person and they’re arranging a meeting with me. The Warrior Stevenson wants to consult the King and ask for permission to do something, I don’t know what. Stevenson hasn’t told me much about his plans.


Day 10

Today I was resting by the farm as usual, when the Warrior Stevenson came to me.

- “Wither! Get ready. The King is coming here.” He said.

- “What? Coming here? But why?”

- “Well… He does not want you inside the castle. Anyway, get prepared because he is very angry.”

Not much time later, the King showed up with his loyal army.

- “Stevenson, what is the meaning of this?!” The King said. “You gave shelter to this monster? The same monster that destroyed our city? Are you out of your mind!”

- “Your Majesty King Brunney, please calm down.” He said. “Trust me, this Wither is not like the others. He can talk, and there is more: he is not here to attack us. He has asked me to help him recover his memory.” Stevenson said.

- “Yes, sir! I’m sorry for everything, but I am not here to fight.” I said.

- “Ahn? A Wither that can talk? And what crazy talk is that, he lost his memory and you are going to help him recover it?” The King said.

- “Yes Your Majesty. Think about it: he lost his memory in our last fight. Somehow, he is peaceful now and wants to recover his memory. If he does, he might lead us to the group of griefers who created those Withers. You just have to let me go visit Astronov, Your Majesty. I’m requesting permission to go to the mage’s shack.”

- “Stevenson, stop with this nonsense right away!” The King said. “This is by far the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever come up with. Help the Wither regain his memory to find the group of griefers? No, I won’t allow you to go visit Astronov.”

- “But Your Majesty, who knows what they might be up to? They haven’t spawned any Withers since I defeated those the last time, maybe they’ve ran out of materials or something. What if they come back with more? We need to find them!”

- “Stop.” The King said. “The group of griefers is not our problem now. We have other priorities, remember??” The King pointed at the scorched buildings. “And what if this ‘trusty’ Wither of yours decides to betray you?”

- “He is not that dumb, Majesty. You know this beauty right here can easily put them down at any time.” He said, holding the sword.

- “It doesn’t matter. Stop fiddling around with this Wither. The King of the northern cities had issued countless alerts of Wither attacks, you should lend them a hand instead of wasting your time like this. Now take this monster out of here and defeat it for good.”

- “But…”

- “No ifs, buts or maybes. If you ever step inside the Forbidden Forest to visit Astronov, I will have you removed from this kingdom. Do you understand?”

- “Yes, Your Majesty.”

The King left the farm with his loyal army.

- “King Brunney will not cooperate… I guess we will have to do things our own way.” The Warrior said.

- “What do you mean?” I said.

- “Come on, let’s go. We’ve got to pay Astronov a visit.”

- “But if you disobey your King, aren’t you going to get in trouble?”

- “I don’t take orders, not even from Kings. I am the greatest Warrior that has ever set foot on this land, the King is not in a position to demote me or remove me from this city. Let’s go.”

- “Sir, what about us?” The other guards said.

- “You stay here. I don’t want to involve anyone else in this. The King will be furious when he finds out, so just pretend you didn’t see anything.”

- “Are you sure sir?”

- “Yes, I will be alright. Don’t worry.”

The Warrior and I left the city. I don’t know what he intends to do now, but I trust him. I am sure he will find a way to recover my memory.



Day 11

We’re on the road now, heading to a place where the Warrior Stevenson believes we can find some help for our quest. He hasn’t told me where we are going, and I’m not going to ask right now. I don’t want to sound impatient.

Besides, he seems to knows what he is doing. He is always so confident and full of himself, I wish I was like that. Well, who knows. Maybe I was like that back in the days when I ate villages for breakfast? What a horrid past…

Well, no matter how bad or ugly my real past is, I want to remember everything. I’d rather have an ugly truth than a pretty lie. And I will use this knowledge to fix what the Withers destroyed in this world: the human’s trust for them.


Day 12

Today we reached our destination. It was a small cabin by a big river.

- “Here we are.”

- “Uh? Where?” I asked.

- “This is the place where my trustworthy assistant lives. Dock is his name.”

The Warrior knocked on the door. A man opened it, and the Warrior greeted him.

- “Dock! Long time no see. I know you’re on vacation but I need your help more than ever.”

- “Well, I see.” Dock said. “You’ve knocked on my door with a Wither by your side, it must be a big emergency.”

- “Uhn… Aren’t you scared or impressed with my presence?” I said.

- “Oh and look at that. He can talk. I’ll tell you Stevenson, one of these days you’ll come here with the moon tied up to your horse.”

- “Dock is as loyal as loyalty can get.” The Warrior said. “He doesn’t care about the situation or the case, he is always willing to help me. If I come visit him with a Wither by my side, he knows he can trust you.”

- “Wow, now that’s loyalty.” I said.

- “Anyway Dock, we need to pay Astronov a visit.”

- “The mage? But why?”

- “We need to recover the Wither’s memory. He lost it during our fight. He has come to the good side now, and he wants to help us find and defeat the group of griefes who created the Withers in the first place. King Burnney is against this plan and he’s probably going to demote me from Grandpedia, but I don’t care. This group of griefers must pay.”

Dock stared at the sky for a few seconds.

- “Alright, sounds fair. Let’s go.”

He grabbed a few weapons and left the cabin.

- “And that’s why you’re the best, Dock – practical as always.”

- “Exactly. Being practical is vital for a fighter.” Dock said.

- “Let’s get going, boys. We’ve got a long road ahead of us.” The Warrior said.

Now we have one more person helping us, I’m feeling even more confident in this quest.


Day 13

Today during our trip I asked Stevenson where we were headed.

- “Stevenson, may I ask who exactly this Astronov is?”

- “He is a great wizard with amazing powers and skills, I am sure he knows a way to recover your memory.” Stevenson said.

- “Problem is, Astronov lives in the Forbidden Forest.” Dock said. “No living creature steps on those parts if they’ve got some sense inside their head.”

- “The Forbidden Forest is one of the worst places in this server. Luckily, Dock and I have some experience exploring that area. It’s never easy, but we can get the job done.” The Warrior said.

- “But, why would Astronov live in a place like that”? I asked him.

- “Oh, you know mages.” Dock said. “Always trying to look cool and weird at the same time. He can get rare ingredients in the forest, and it’s also a good place to hide from other players. If he lived in a city, he’d have players knocking on his door, asking for potions and enchantments and whatnot every day.”

- “Exactly. Only the select few who can reach his old shack safe and sound have the right to ask for such things.”

- “Well… It makes sense. Kind of.” I said. “But aren’t you not even a bit worried with the forest?”

- “Not really, we know the way in and we also have you. Withers are tough and strong creatures, you know that right?” Stevenson said. “You can help us take down the enemies.”

- “I hope I can…” I said.

So Astronov is the name of the Wizard who can help me recover my memory. But can he do that even for a Wither?


Day 14

Today we continued travelling past the roads. We’ve reached a vast swamp and Stevenson said we’re not far from the Forbidden Forest’s entrance. They both have sharp swords and big bows ready to face the creatures from the forest, but what am I going to do?

I know I’m a Wither who’s supposed to know how to destroy things and fight against others, but I don’t like to do that. It’s almost like my personality tells me to do the opposite. But when the right time comes, I suppose I won’t have any choices. I will have to protect both of them and myself from whatever comes in our way.


Day 15

Stevenson and Dock said we’re only one day from the Forbidden Forest. We walked all day and stopped next to a big oak tree to sleep for the night. I wanted to ask Stevenson some questions about our fight.

- “Mr. Stevenson…” I said.

- “Yeah?”

- “Uh… Sorry for bothering. I just… You know, I just want to know if you could describe our battle in details. I know it’s not a good thing to talk about, but I was really curious. And maybe this could help me remember something…”

- “Of course. Well, it was a rainy night like I said the other day. The small villages had been attacked the week prior to that day, and Dock was taking care of them. The city had the same faith: The Wither came, attacked the buildings and the people in the city. The guards protected everyone and I dragged the monster’s attention to the front gate, far from everyone else.

We clashed against each other, and my trusty Moon Sword protected me from all attacks. We fought for many minutes which felt like hours, and I managed to hit the creature on the head with a heavy blow. But suddenly, another Wither came about. The second Wither stared at me with a confused look in his eyes, and he walked towards me. I calmly approached him and when I was close, I rushed behind him and did the same, hitting the monster on the head. Both Withers were heavily hurt and they fled the area, in opposite directions. I tried to follow but both escaped through the woods.”

- “I… I am one of the two Withers.” I said.

- “Very likely. You have a wound on your head, and you lost your memory because of that. I bet it was caused by my sword here.”

- “Oh my gosh. Really sorry for everything, sir. And regardless of all my actions, you are here helping me. Sorry for asking, but… Aren’t you mad at me?”

- “Yes, I am.” He said. “I am really mad for everything you did to the cities. Nevertheless, something changed when you lost your memory. You do not sound like a Wither. Well, a Wither would never come to the Warrior who hurt him to ask for forgiveness, I can tell you that. Besides, more important than just getting some petty revenge against you, is to find the group of griefers. So if you are no longer bad and are willing to destroy this group with us, I think you also deserve another chance with our people.”

- “Thank you very much. It means a lot to me. I promise I will do my best to help you find them.”

I am much more relieved now. It’s good to know Stevenson trusts me after all.

Day 16

Today we finally got to the Forbidden Forest’s entrance. Several danger signs were scattered all over the place, warning all trespassers of the imminent danger ahead of them.

- “Here we are.” Dock said. “Let’s go then.”

- “Yeah, we’re in” The Warrior said.

We entered the forest. It was a dark and creepy forest, with fallen trees and cobwebs everywhere. The sunlight could not penetrate through the leaves from the roofed trees, and they had to keep a torch in hand to lit up the place.

- “Watch your step, guys.” Dock said.

As we walked deeper into the forest, the scenario got worse. The ground now was a muddy swamp, filled with black water and mushrooms. We were inside the forest for a couple of hours, and had not found any monsters.

- “Before we run into any trouble, what kind of monsters live here?” I asked them.

- “Killer Bunnies, Vampire Bats, Charged Creepers, Zombie Villagers, Enraged Witches, Feral Wolves… all the lot.” Dock said.

- “The worst of the creatures from this world spawn here altogether. It’s a bad place for a picnic, if you ask me.” Stevenson said.

Immediately after finishing his phrase, a horde of Zombie Villagers woke up from its deep slumber. They raised from the muddy water and attacked the group.

- “Let’s slice ‘em all!” Said Stevenson.

They both jumped on the Zombies with their swords and defeated the horde. More kept spawning from the muddy water, reaching their dirt hands from the ground and grabbing the human’s feet.

- “Argh. I think it’s time to leave.” Stevenson said.

- “Good idea” Dock said.

We ran away from the area, in an attempt to lose the horde. But it was too late to run away, because they could easily track us down. Not much farther into the forest, we ran into a dead end completely blocked out with vines.

- “Well, this place was not blocked before.” Stevenson said.

- “It’s alright. It’s not like we can’t kill a few Zombies.” Dock said.

When the Zombies approached, they defeated them. But there were more coming, and they would not stop. I felt useless for not helping the two. I hated to engage in battles, but this was the best opportunity to show off my loyalty. When more Zombies spawned, I attacked them with my claws. The creatures perished within seconds.

- “Nice one, Wither!” Stevenson said. “Although unusual for a Wither to use its claws to attack, it was very effective.”

- “Unusual?” I said.

- “Yeah. Withers usually spit fire balls, remember?”

- “Actually I didn’t remember that… I will give it a try.”

I focused on the incoming Zombies and spit at them. A powerful fire ball came out of my mouth at an amazing speed, exploding upon the impact against the zombies and killing most of them in the blast’s radius.

- “Now that’s what we are talking about.” Dock said.

- “Nice one, Wither. We’ve got rid of the Zombies.”

After our battle, we found a calm place to stay the night. Well not exactly calm, because this creepy environment doesn’t let us have any peace of mind inside this forest, but it’s a place good enough to build a small hut for the night. We’re continuing tomorrow.


Day 17

Today we continued our journey through the Forbidden Forest.

- “I was thinking.” I said. “You both described this place as ‘one of the most dangerous places in the world’. Are there other places like this or even worse?” I said.

- “Yes, unfortunately.” Stevenson said. “The world out there is full of adventures, but also filled with terrible places. It’s our duty as fighters to explore those areas and protect the common citizens.”

A pack of Feral Wolves came up right in front of us. These deadly creatures were unlike the regular Wolves, because they would attack anyone in sight without thinking twice.

- “Here comes trouble.” Dock said.

The Feral Wolves attacked and Stevenson sliced them with his shiny Moon Sword. Dock grabbed his bow and fired a few arrows at the pack. Only two Wolves remained, so Stevenson charged against them and defeated the monsters.

- “Rotten Meat? Really? I was expecting a better drop from these Wolves…” Stevenson said.

- “Well, it’s your lucky day… Or not.” Dock said.

When we looked back, we saw a pack of Killer Rabbits coming right at us. There were dozens of them. I spitted my fire balls and killed many Rabbits. The remaining ones continued rushing at us. Dock killed some with his arrows and Stevenson sliced the rest.

- “We’re forming a nice group.” Dock said.

- “Never thought I’d be partnering up with a monster I once fought against.” Stevenson said.

- “And I can understand why hehe” I said.

Throughout the day, we ran into many more creatures, but the wizard’s shack is not far now.


Day 18

After another night in the Forbidden Forest, we walked for many more hours to finally reach the wizard Astronov’s shack. It was an old place made out of wood, and it seemed abandoned. Stevenson knocked on the door, which was followed by the sound of footsteps coming from the shack. When the door was opened, we saw an eerily old figure coming out of it, wearing a long black cloak and a pointy hat.

- “If it isn’t Stevenson and his loyal assistant. Welcome again! But oh my… Is this what I think it is?” The wizard said.

- “Yes Astronov, this is a Wither in flesh and bones. Or whatever they’re made of…” Dock said.

- “Astronov, we need your help. This Wither here has lost its memory during a fight and we need to recover it.”

- “Recover his memory? But why? The mage said.

- “His memory is the key to find the group of griefers. We need to destroy that group before things get worse.”

-“ But the Wither… Isn’t he a hostile creature?”

- “I am not sir, you can trust me!” I said.

- “Wow, he can talk!” The wizard said.

- This one is different. Maybe he changed after getting hit on the head, who knows. But right now, we need something to recover his memory.” Stevenson said.

- “Alright. I will be glad to help. After all, you’ve proven your valor by crossing the Forbidden Forest in one piece so I should at least give you that. But unfortunately the potion you seek is not with me.”

- “So there is a potion for it?” Dock said.

- “Yes, there is. I can brew it. But there’s a catch…”

- “And what is it?” Stevenson said.

- “Well… I know this sounds crazy, but… The potion to restore the memory is crafted with a Wither’s heart.” Astronov said.

- “A what?” I said.

- “That is right. The potion requires the heart of a Wither. This is a rare item you can obtain upon defeating a Wither. Stevenson, I know you have defeated a few Withers in your career as a Warrior, maybe you can spare a heart or two with me?” Astronov said.

- “I don’t have any sir, sorry.” The Warrior said.

- “That’s really bad. Sorry for not being able to help, but I need the heart for this potion.” Astronov said.

- “Okay. I know what we can do now; we’ve heard reports of other Withers attacking a few villages to the North, maybe we can go there and kill one or two creatures and grab their hearts for the potion.” Stevenson said.

- “Sounds like a plan.” Dock said.

- “Well if you could do that, it would be marvelous.” Astronov said. “But for now please come in, take a rest before going out again.”

So this is a crazy idea. We need to kill a Wither to get its heart and restore another Wither’s memory?! What are the odds!


Day 19

After resting in the wizard’s house, we had to return to our search. Instead of going all the way through the forest again, Astronov had a great teleportation splash potion in hands.

- “Here, take this with you. When you get the heart, use this potion and you’ll be teleported to my shack.”

- “Thanks for everything.” Stevenson said.

Astronov threw one on the ground and we were teleported right to the Forest’s entrance.

- “Wow, now that was fast!” I said.

- “Yeah, Astronov always does that. It’s really tough to get to his house, but his hospitality and amazing skills as a wizard really pays off. Now let’s get going, we need to find a Wither.” Stevenson said.

Dock stared at me and laughed.

- “Well, Another Wither!” Stevenson said.

- “I know, I’m just joking. So to the North it is, then.”

Now we are heading to the North, where many reports of Wither attacks have been issued.


Day 20

On our way to the city of the North, I talked with Stevenson and Dock about their fights against Withers.

- “I know you fought against two Withers in the city Stevenson, but did you defeat any others?”

- “No. The only Withers I have ever fought against were you two. At the time, I think you were the only Withers in the world.”

- “I see. But how do you know about the group of griefers?”

- “A week prior to the attack, the King received a letter. It was written by this group, and they threatened the city. They call themselves The Night Crows, and they’re griefers who want to destroy all cities and villages.”

- “That’s horrible… Why do players enjoy destroying other’s property instead of building their own?”

- “No one knows why but we will find out. With my Moon Sword, there’s no threat big enough for me.”

- “You call it Moon Sword, but why does it have that name?”

- “This sword was forged by a great warrior who lived in this server many years ago. Some people say he forged it with the debris from a meteor, thus the sword being called Moon Sword. It did not come from the moon, but it is made of a material from space. This sword is said to defeat any living creatures, no matter how big or strong they are. It has being passed from generations, and I received it from my father. Regular swords and bows can hurt Withers, but it would take hundreds of hits to actually defeat one. The Moon Sword can slay the monster with one good hit to the heart.”

- “That is impressive. That is why you are such a valuable Warrior for the city of Grandpedia, right?”

- “Exactly. But I’m afraid the King doesn’t think like that… We’ve been having some arguments lately, and he seems to disapprove every action I take.”

- “Why don’t you go live in another city?”

- “My family lives in Grandpedia. I don’t want to leave them behind, I want to stay there and protect not only them but also the good citizens of the city who have always worked so hard to keep the city blooming.”

- “That is a very good reason. Don’t worry, I am sure the King Brunney will think twice when we return with the group of griefers gone for good!” I said.

- “I hope you are right, Wither.”


Day 21

As we traveled by the dirt roads, we passed by several small villages in our way. In all villages, the same scene happened: scared villagers running around, hiding from me and screaming in despair. The Warrior Stevenson even tried to explain to them what was going on, but they would not listen.

Eventually, we decided to just pass by the villages and keep walking. The inhabitants wouldn’t listen to our explanations, and we could not waste any more time to reach the city of the north.

Day 22

Today, we had an unexpected event on our way to the city of the north – a small village was set ablaze and the villagers needed help!

- “Come on, we’ve got to help them” Stevenson said.

The Warrior and his Assistant rushed to the houses and saved the people trapped inside. Other villagers helped them in their quest. Some people got buckets filled with water and poured it over the flames, but the fire was spreading too fast.

- “We can’t put out the fire at that rate.” Dock said.

- “Wither, use your strong lungs to help us here.” Stevenson said.

- “Uh? How?”

- “Instead of spitting fire balls, just take a deep breath and blow air against the fire.”

I did what Stevenson said, and a strong air current came out of my mouth, fast enough to put out a great portion of the fire.

- “Great! Now do the same over those other houses.”

I continued blowing the houses and putting out the fire. Stevenson and Dock saved the remaining villagers trapped in the other houses. We managed to save everyone just in time!

- “Great work, guys.” Stevenson said.

- “I… I can’t thank you all enough.” One of the villagers said. “I would never imagine we would be saved by a Wither…”

- “Glad to help, sir.” I said.

- “What caused the fire in the first place?” Stevenson said.

- “It was… a Wither.” The villager said.

- “ Where is this Wither?”

- “We don’t know. He came about, attacked the village and left.”

- “Okay, thank you. Come on, we’ve got to hurry. We can’t let this Wither reach Portenworth!” Stevenson said.


Day 23

We continued travelling to the city of the north, Portenworth.

- “I knew we should’ve tamed some horses before going out on this trip.” Stevenson said.

- “Well, we can do that later. But we need to reach Portenworth and fast” Dock said.

Before we could continue, I felt a sudden and strong headache. I had to stop to take a breath because the pain was indescribable.

- “Wither, are you alright?” Stevenson said.

- “Ugh… I’m… I’m fine. I’m just… with a terrible headache…”

The pain was gone like it came – in a matter of seconds.

- “Oh, it’s gone. I don’t know what happened… Maybe it’s a side effect of my memory loss?”

- “Probably. If you’ve recovered now, we should get going.” Dock said.

- “Right, let’s go” I said.

I don’t know what caused this headache, but this does not matter now. No one knows what this creature could do against a major city like Portenworth, maybe it will have the same faith as Grandpedia, except they don’t have a strong Warrior with a powerful sword like Stevenson to protect them – the results could be even worse.

Day 24

We finally reached Portenworth, and amazingly the city was intact. No signs of attacks, nothing.

“You two stay here and I will check things out.” Stevenson said.

We stayed outside the city, far from the entrance to avoid dragging attention. No one knows their reaction upon seeing a Wither on their front gate.

Stevenson returned an hour later with a representative from Portenworth.

- “Wither and Dock, this is the Prince of Portenworth, Ezekiel.”

- “Good Lord! I can’t believe… You were telling me the truth after all!” the Prince said. “What a magnificent beast! And to think you tamed the creature? You really are the greatest of all Warriors!”

- “I did not tame anyone. The Wither is helping us because he wants to.” Stevenson said. “Anyway, we need your help Prince. The King Maxwell, your father, is a very wise and old person. I don’t want to scare him with the Wither, and I don’t know his reaction when he sees him.”

- “I understand. I don’t think my father will be as receptive as I am, to be honest.” The Prince said. “That said, what do you need help with? It’s always a pleasure to lend a hand to the Warrior who has fought for Portenworth before.”

- “We are looking for a Wither.”

The Prince stared at me and then back to the Warrior.

- “No, ANOTHER Wither! We need to kill a Wither and grab its heart to craft a potion. This potion will be used to restore this Wither’s memory, and find the group of griefers who is behind the attacks.”

- “Well, I don’t know where you can find another Wither but my father received a letter from that group of griefers.”

- “The Night Crows?” Dock said.

- “Yes, them. They said the city is in grave danger. But that was a week ago, and nothing has happened yet.”

- “We saved a small village yesterday from a Wither attack. We suspect this creature might be coming this way.”

- “Really? I should inform my father, then. What about you?”

- “Tell the King I am here to protect the city. And don’t mention this Wither here.”

- “Alright, I agree. He should not hear about a pacific Wither standing by his city… I’m sure he would get crazy.”

The Prince left to the city.

- “Now, let’s set up camp here and keep the city on watch.” Stevenson said.

Day 25

We waited by the city of Portenworth for a Wither attack. The Prince Ezekiel alerted the King and the other guards of the incoming attack, and they prepared the entire army to defend the city’s entrance.

From our camp, we could clearly see the reinforcements everywhere, ready for a battle against the monster.

- “Gee, I would not like to go there right now.” I said.

- “Hah, don’t worry. The Prince has not said anything about your presence.”

- “How can be you so sure?” I said.

- “I’ve lived and served this city many years ago. The Prince and I were friends. What other Princes would risk their lives and talk with a Wither like you without any guards?”

- “Uhn, I guess you’re right.”

- “If the Wither shows up and we kill it, what next?” I said.

- “We take the heart and teleport to Astronov using the potion.” Dock said.

- “No, I mean… What if the inhabitants decide to get rid of me too?”

- “Ah, they won’t. In the case of a fight between you two, I will explain to them the situation.”

- “I honestly think they won’t listen” I said.

- “In that case, we run.” Dock said.

I guess you are right, Dock. Running is my best chance in this scenario…


Day 26

I was asleep when I heard screams coming from the outside. I immediately left the big shack built by Dock and I saw the front gate on fire. An attack!

I returned to the shack to alert Stevenson and Dock, but they were already gone. They left the shack without calling me, maybe because they did not want me to show up and cause even more confusion for the inhabitants.

I watched the city from the distance. From my location, I could see the front gate completely on fire and many guards trying to put it out. I could not find Stevenson nor Dock… Where did they go?

Minutes later, a loud roar could be heard coming from the sky. The guards grabbed their bows and started shooting up. But what were they shooting at? I could not see anything! And suddenly, the monster appeared. A Wither came down from the sky and crushed the front gate. The monster is here!

He hovered over the area and the guards continued shooting arrows at him. The arrows proved to be useless, as they were not causing any damage. The Wither spit fire balls at the guards, and they were forced to retreat within the city’s walls.

But then, someone came from the wall and jumped on the Wither. It was Stevenson! He grabbed the Moon Sword and slashed the Wither. The monster screamed and charged against him.

Before the Wither could get to him, a flaming arrow hit it in the eye. The Wither screamed again and lost balance, falling on the ground. Dock was on the wall with his bow in hands.

Stevenson approached the monster and he was about to deliver the final blow with his mighty sword, but the Wither spit a fire ball at him. He dodged the attack and fell down. The Wither recovered his position and attacked Dock. He managed to escape the attacks, but the fire balls completely destroyed part of the wall.

The Wither charged against Stevenson again and hit him, throwing him back a few feet. After that, the Wither retreated and escaped to the forest next to the city.

Stevenson and Dock returned to the camp.

- “Wither, we’ve got to go. The other Wither escaped, and we need your help to defeat it.”

- “Uh, alright. Sorry for not helping you out there.”

- “Don’t worry, you’ve caused more problems for the city. King Maxwell is not very fond of Withers. Let’s go” Dock said.

We followed the Wither’s trail, and we should kill it before it flees.

Day 27

We chased the Wither through the woods. The monster had left a trail of destruction, with trees on fire and blocks of dirt destroyed on the ground.

- “It sure is a destruction machine” Dock said.

- “Withers are extremely dangerous when they’re in this state. Luckily our friend here has gained some consciousness.” Stevenson said.

- “Well, maybe we can get some reason in his head if you hit him like you did with me!” I said.

- “Hah, I won’t risk anything this time.”

We searched everywhere but we did not find the monster. At some point, there was nothing else to follow, and the forest was intact. We didn’t have a clue of where the Wither had gone, so we had to think on a new plan.

Day 28

Continuing with our search, we wanted to make sure the Wither was still alive before returning to Portenworth. Many hours later, it was time to give up and return to the city. Stevenson wanted to talk with the Prince and alert him of the Wither’s escape.

But something greatly unexpected happened – a fire ball came from behind and passed by us, almost hitting Dock. The fire ball hit a big tree and it caught on fire.

When we looked back, we saw the Wither bleeding. The monster was hurt, but still wanted to attack us.

- “Look at that! The monster returns after running away like a little girl.” Stevenson said.

- “You… You are a miserable creature…” The other Wither said.

- “What? You can talk too?” I said.

- “You are so dumb… Every single Wither can talk…”

- “This one right here is the first I’ve ever seen do that.” Dock said.

- “Withers don’t waste their TIME talking with pesky HUMANS like you! We were born to DESTROY, DESTROY!”

- “Shut up, Wither. What do you want here?”

- “You should not have been created, you stupid Wither.” He said. “You have betrayed our group… Betrayed us!”

- “Be… trayed?” I said. “I… I don’t know what you are talking about.”

- “YES YOU DO! STOP PRETENDING TO BE INNOCENT!” And the Wither attacked me. I defended myself, pushing him back.

- “Wither, stop with this nonsense! Now tell us, where is the group of griefers who created you?” Stevenson said.

- “You will never know. NEVER! I will recover from my wounds and I’ll get back to destroy every single human city!”

- “That’s something we won’t allow!” I said, and I spit a fire ball at the Wither. The fire ball exploded on him, and he fell on the ground.

- “TRAITOR!” He screamed.

- “This is over!” Stevenson said, hitting the Wither with his sword. The Wither perished and dropped an item, the Wither heart.

- “Finally, a Wither heart.” Dock said. “Let’s go inform the Prince and then we can go to Astronov.”

- “Traitor… I betrayed the group… What did he mean with that?” I said.

- “Maybe it’s because you are now helping the humans, but who knows. Let’s go, we’ve got to return to Portenworth.”

Betrayal… I still don’t understand what the Wither meant with that word.

Day 29

We returned to Portenworth and Stevenson and Dock informed the Prince Ezekiel of their victory over the Wither. For their brave actions, they were rewarded with many prizes and goods, and they were even invited for a special dinner with the King Maxwell.

Of course, I was not there. They told me everything after returning to the camp. The inhabitants of Portenworth still don’t know of my existence, except for the Prince. We think it’s better this way, until we can find a way to destroy the group of griefers. After doing so, I will do my best to also recover the human’s confidence in my race, the Withers.

Withers don’t have to be bad or destroy everything… I am sure we can also live peacefully and use our great powers for good. And I am sure we are one step closer to that goal, with the Wither heart in hands! Tomorrow, we are taking it to Astronov and he will brew us the potion for my memory loss.


Day 30

Today we packed up and left the camp. We needed to get rid of all traces of our camp in that area, we did not want the citizens of Portenworth to find the camp later and assume someone had been sneaking on them.

After packing up with food and supplies, Stevenson grabbed the potion he was given by Astronov and we all reunited in a circle.

- “Alright guys, here we go!” He said, throwing the potion on the ground.

Just like Astronov told us, the potion teleported us straight to his shack. The front door was open, so we didn’t even know before entering the old hut.

- “Astronov! We are back with the Wither heart. Can you please brew the potion now?” Stevenson said.

But nothing. No one replied, and there was no one inside the shack.

- “Weird… Maybe he is outside, picking up ingredients for his potions?” I said.

- “You two, over here.” Dock said.

He pointed at a small table in the middle of the shack. On the table, there was a note handwritten with some sort of red ink.

- “Let me read it.” Stevenson grabbed the note.


Whatever you are doing, stop in this exact moment. We know what you are up to, and we do not want anyone following us. For your own safety, don’t take any further steps in our direction or things will get bad really soon. We’ve taken the wizard Astronov as a warning. He will be our hostage until we make sure you are no longer on our tail.

If you wish to

The objectives of our group are no one’s business other than our own. We are an independent organization and we seek justice against this rotten world where the monarchies prevail over the simple people.

We are the Night Crows.

- “They kidnapped Astronov!” Stevenson said after reading the note out loud.

- “They’re really smart…” Dock said.

- “What are we going to do?” I said. “We need to save Astronov. He should not be responsible for this!”

- “Yes, we will have to find him.” Stevenson said. “This group is the most secret organization in this world, who knows where they reside. But I am sure we will find a way.”

Stevenson grabbed one of the teleportation potions on the table and we returned to the Forbidden Forest’s entrance with the note in hands.

Day 31

Now we need to find a way to locate Astronov and rescue him from the group of griefers. Poor wizard, it was not even his fault and he had to pay for our actions! It’s one more reason for us to save him.

Stevenson has an idea of what we can do next to locate the group, but he hasn’t clarified what exactly he has in mind. Nevertheless, I’ll always be by his side; I am with these two brave warriors until the very end. We will find the group of griefers, rescue Astronov and put an end to their destructive plans. This world will be peaceful again, and with the help from a Wither! Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

I know I can change the way people see the Withers… From a deadly monster to a peaceful being which is capable of great feats. I will work hard on this objective, and I will change the world for the better.

About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Known as one of the most terrifying creatures from the Minecraft world, the Wither is one of the two bosses available in the game, capable of destroying everything within its sight using powerful fire balls with a blast radius bigger than a TNT’s. Despite this destructive nature, one Wither is different from the others has appeared in this world. He woke up in a dark cave, without remembering anything from his past. He lost his memory and his head hurts. The Wither doesn’t know what happened or what he did to get hurt, and now he is on a quest to find answers about himself. What happened with his past? Who is he? And why does everyone in the world despises and hates him so much? The Wither wishes to not only recover his memory, but also to change how humans react with him. He is seeking out help from other players to find a solution for his memory loss, but achieving this goal will be much harder than he expected. Read more on The Diary of a Powerful Wither – Book 1 to learn more of the Wither’s plans and join him in this great adventure across the Minecraft world, where many secrets and dangers await. Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • ISBN: 9781310017155
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2016-01-08 09:20:11
  • Words: 10285
Diary of a Powerful Wither, Book 1: A Lost Past Diary of a Powerful Wither, Book 1: A Lost Past