Diary of a Minecraft Zombie (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Mine


Diary of a Minecraft Zombie


(Book 3)



The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Minecraft Zombie Kid

[] Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Wednesday – Day 1

Thursday – Day 2

Friday – Day 3

Saturday – Day 4

Sunday – Day 5

Monday – Day 6

Tuesday – Day 7

Wednesday – Day 8

Thursday – Day 9

Friday – Day 10

Saturday – Day 11

Sunday – Day 12

Monday – Day 13

Tuesday – Day 14

Wednesday – Day 15

Thursday – Day 16

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[] Wednesday – Day 1

I still remember the first time I left my cave. The moon shone through the window, in the front door of the cave, illuminating the space inside. I caught a glimpse of the light and thought of leaving that instant. I looked over to my parents who were asleep and then, when I knew I could get away with it, I left. All in the first night, I discovered the remains of a human and his diary; that diary is now full of all the adventures I have had up until now. I keep it with me and read back through. If I hadn’t left our cave I never would have met Bones or Alex, but our planet may have not been destroyed and Bones may still be alive …

The desperation in Alex’s face as he pleaded to the humans, to leave the monsters alone, is something I see whenever I look at him. If not for him, my parents and I may have been shot when coming into contact with the humans. All monsters could have been hunted down, and killed, if Alex didn’t work on forming an alliance (well, it’s more of a truce). I’m happy to have him here with us. He was the one who first mentioned The Nether.

I don’t blame him for how it turned out – how was he to know The Nether was filled with creatures far stronger than us? If I remember correctly, he called it human curiosity (then corrected himself by just calling it curiosity, as monsters can feel the same as humans). We were all curious as to what was through The Nether and the stories were enticing. All that time spent preparing, to go beyond our peaceful world, resulted in fighting for our lives the moment we entered the portal to The Nether.

We spent our days there in a pocket in the ground which we had dug, to stay safe from the zombie pig-men, who swung their swords and laughed at our attempts to hurt them. Then there were the sky squids: they shot their waste over the entire land of The Nether. For some reason the enemies within The Nether didn’t attack us monsters at first, that was until Bones fired an arrow into one of the zombie pig-men, only to save us and allow us to reenter our original world.

Coming back through The Nether portal, without destroying it behind us, proved to be a huge mistake as the enemies followed us. They swept our world of its riches – the mountains, the seas, the animals, and our buildings – leaving only the resources underground. Alex, Bones, and I managed to escape underground for a while, until the zombie pig-men found us in the main human settlement and almost ended our lives. It’s lucky we didn’t destroy the portal after the enemies came through, because the lost humans came through shortly after.

They were towering beasts of men in the armor they wore. Armor which had been created by layering diamond armor with the soil of The Nether, and dipping it in the fiery sea (crazy, I know). A battle between us and the enemies form The Nether began, with Bones firing his bow and Alex wielding his diamond sword and wearing his diamond armor. I called out to my allies, to warn them of any dangers, during the battle. Eventually we won. The humans revealed themselves to be all men. The leader’s name is Jonah and two others whose names I still haven’t learned (they are with Alex and I now).

As we were recovering from the attack, and rebuilding our world, something was on my mind, the matter of my parents being missing. They didn’t follow us through the portal to The Nether (they stayed in our original world). Bones and I found them deep in the caves below, as Alex and the other humans were building a spacecraft. My parents were feral, due to not having fed their urge to bite into flesh in a while, but I soon solved that by giving them meat. It turns out the monsters had become infected by the remains of the enemies, from The Nether, which had rotted away in the water supply. They chased us down, and would have killed us if it wasn’t for Bones.

He lured the rabid monsters to him, firing arrows to pin down any who continued to chase us, and was struck by the group of them. The strange thing is the monsters left him alone after seconds and then, seconds after the monsters turned back to us, a blue light shot out of Bones’ body. Alex and I went back to collect Bones’ body then was chased into the spacecraft as it took off, by the monsters.

My parents were saved but they haven’t been the same since. We are currently on a different planet. Space was fascinating. We are adjusting well here – it’s probably not too far to say this planet is better than the last (if not for the memories created there).

Time for me to go to sleep.

[] Thursday – Day 2

I awoke to the sun burning down on my skin which was flaking. I reached over to a bottle and knocked back as much water as my stomach could hold. I looked to see the cave door open. Led on my back, on the tall grass, whilst covering my eyes from the sun, I rolled toward the cave door. The grass felt like a newly made carpet – soft to the touch. I rose onto my knees then onto my feet. Walking into my cave, I remember how grateful I was to be able to walk around in the day, on this planet, without being completely vaporized. I entered the cave door to see the inside was empty, a half eaten piece of cattle and two water bottles were in the place of my parents. Where had they gone?

I exited the cave, shutting the door behind me, and walked toward the few buildings, which had been erected upon arrival to the new world. The sun beat down on me harder, so I used my hand as shelter for my eyes and face. The sun was surrounded by crimson; the color of the sky was almost the only thing that was different in this world (and the only thing which kept me safe from bursting into flames). I walked from our cave to the wooden building in a few minutes. Jonah walked out, looked around, until he spotted me, and then approached me with a smile. “Brains, how you are?” I looked at his hands, which were cut, then to his face which still sported a smile, “I’m fine. Have you seen Alex?” Jonah’s smile dropped as he wiped his hands together, creating more dust in the air, “he’s in the building next to the one I just came from,” he placed his hand on my shoulder, “you can talk to me about anything at any time, but I understand you and Alex were closer to Bones than any of us.”

I nodded and forced a smile which settled back to a frown pretty quickly. “Thanks Jonah. It’s not that I don’t like you. It’s just-” Jonah cut in: “I understand.” He tapped me on the back then walked toward the forest, where I could hear the sound of wood being chopped. I walked into the building Jonah had directed me to and spotted Alex on a chair. He jumped up when he saw me and embraced me in a hug. “Brains, it’s great to see you,” he pushed me back whilst still holding my shoulders, “what’s wrong?”

I had started crying. Alex, Bones, and I were a close group, so to have him welcome me with such enthusiasm… it felt good to have a friend. “I miss him so much.” I blubbered, as I pushed my head against Alex and wept. He held me, rubbing my back, “it will be okay in the end.” I wasn’t sure I believed that (and what was ‘the end’? Was it death?) but I felt too weak to question him so cried until my throat become hoarse. “What are you up to at the moment anyway?” I managed to say as I wiped the tears away. “I was just having lunch before getting back to work. Want to come with me?”

“Sure.” With that Alex wiped the grease, from the meat, off his hands and led me through the forest to meet up with Jonah, and the other humans, who was hacking away at the trees and yelling with each swing. “The bark on these trees is much tougher than the ones from home.” The other two humans were sat down, under the shade of a tree, with their axes to one side, passing a bottle of water between them and breathing heavily. Jonah dropped the tip of his axe to the ground and leaned on the hilt. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand, whilst sweat dripped down the muscles on his arms. He caught his breath like the other humans. Alex pointed at Jonah’s axe. “May I?” Jonah passed it to him with a grin on his face. Alex pulled back the axe so much that I thought his torso would snap and then swung at the tree with a grunt. “You’re right.”

Jonah took the axe back and hacked at the spot he had been focusing on, a few more times, until the tree fell. “That’ll have to do for today. Refining this wood, into planks, will be enough to build another house with the planks we already have.” The two humans who were taking, what seemed to be, a never ending break, rose and left once they heard Jonah had said the work day was over. “We’re getting there,” Alex said to Jonah as we walked back to the wooden houses, with their arms around each other’s shoulder. Since when did they become the best of friends?

I waved them goodbye and made my way back to the cave. My parents were led on their rocks asleep, even though the sun was still beaming outside. I shut the door, as to keep the light out, and that’s when I started writing today’s entry. I think I’ll sleep now too. Jonah said something about eating a bit later than usual, so sleeping now would make sure I’m able to stay awake.

I wonder if I should bring Bones to the meal. I still keep his remains in a sack next to my rock.

[] Friday – Day 3

The moon glistened on top of the water, of a lake not too far from where we had made our settlement. The breeze brushed against my face as I closed my eyes. I remember when I first met Bones: He saved me from the attacks of the humans; he gave me my name; he offered to teach me how to talk… He’s the reason my parents and I are still alive. He always wanted to help, but that kindness got him killed. In what world is that fair? I strengthened my grip on the sack, which contained Bones’ remains, as I gritted my teeth. “Damn it!” I whispered under my breath. I miss him so much; I miss his humor and how he wouldn’t back down from an injustice. I miss his home, which he tried to make as human as possible, and his pet spider. That’s when my eyes shot open and my mouth became ajar. I gasped at the thought of never hearing the full story of where he came from (of how he was able to talk and had memories of another life).

I gasped as I felt a hand on my shoulder, from behind, and my spine chilled all the way up to the back of my head. A thud to the side drew my attention. I was glad to see it was only Alex. “I miss him too. Truth is: I haven’t faced him being gone.” I was about to speak but saw a lot of hurt in Alex’s face, as he looked out onto the lake, so decided to let him speak more, as I continued to look out at the lake with him. “He was the closest thing I had to a brother, if I’m being honest. He always had our back. I wish I let him know how much I appreciated him whilst I had the chance.” I had to reply to that: “Maybe I’m not the best person to be giving advice, but you can’t say that. You didn’t know when he would be gone. I’m sure he knew how you felt through your actions. I blame myself for his death so I know how you feel.”

“Hey,” Alex took his hand from my shoulder and tuned my body to be facing him, “look at me,” he stared into my eyes without blinking, “you cannot blame yourself for his death, Bones would have done the same for any of us. It was just the way he was.” I nodded as he spoke. He turned back to the lake, “I can’t make you feel as if it wasn’t your fault, but I need you to at least hear that it wasn’t… because it wasn’t, okay?” I thought about that for a second. The only reasonable response was: “Thank you Alex.” I pulled the sack, filled with Bones’ remains, in front of Alex’s eyes. “I’ve been overly attached to this. I was thinking we could throw it in the river?”

Alex rubbed his chin. “That could be good for closure, but what if you regret it? You can’t get it back and it will haunt you. Why don’t you wait until you’re absolutely sure?” I smiled as tears formed in my eyes, “it is nice having you around to bounce my thoughts off,” I looked to the floor, “my parents have been acting strange ever since we left home.”

“That reminds me,” Alex stood up, “food is almost ready. Let’s talk on the way.” I was happy to. In the short walk from the lake to the settlement, he listened to me without interrupting once.

It is good to have a friend as reliable as Alex.

[] Saturday – Day 4

Last night we ate around a fire and discussed the new world we had landed on, some time ago now. Jonah passed the meat around and we all took a piece, except from my parents who threw theirs to the ground. Jonah brought up something which I found offensive at first: “This planet has turned out to be even better than home,” he took a bite of his pork, “no monsters means not having to fight our way through the caves just to get resources.” He chewed his meat then suddenly froze. “I didn’t mean that in a bad way Brains. Even on our home planet, you didn’t interact with the monsters much – it is less of a hassle trying to keep them away without harming them.” After he explained it like that, I found it hard to argue. The monsters back home weren’t able to speak and barely interacted with my parents or me. It would have been nice to see some of our kind, but I wasn’t losing sleep over it.

“It’s nice to not have to fight for resources in general,” Alex added, “no other humans means not having to split our haul between a large group; I used to get next to nothing when there was at least ten of us.” He was talking about the first humans I met, the ones who fired at me and thought lowly of my kind, the ones lost in The Nether. The other two humans spoke for the first time since we landed here (or at least the first time I had heard them speak): “I don’t miss the original group all that much,” one of them said then the other continued, “I feel the same, they were hateful beyond reason,” they looked to me, “we’ve been around you for a while now and we’ve come to the conclusion that you’re alright.”

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. “Thank you. I wondered why you rarely spoke when I was around. I’m glad to learn it wasn’t because you hated me.” They nodded at me then went back to conversing between themselves, further away from the fire than the rest of us. Jonah swallowed the last of his food, “they barely speak to us either,” he wiped his hands on his legs, “I think you’ve become more capable of talking than those two put together.” Alex nursed his food in his hands as he blew on it, “you’ve progressed extremely well Brains. I never thought I’d hear you speaking in full sentences, let alone without having to take deep breaths in between every word.”

“It took me a long time, but it’s so much easier to talk than write. Another benefit is not allowing my thoughts to circulate, which used to drive me crazy.” I clasped my hands together, placed them between my legs, and looked down at the floor. Alex must have caught on, because he moved to sit next to me and tapped me on the back, “the thoughts of Bones will stop soon. I had them in the beginning.” Jonah wasn’t just all muscles – I doubt he overheard but he read the situation perfectly, “Bones was a good man and a great fighter. I’ve lost men before and it isn’t easy. It doesn’t become easier with time either, but you learn to process the emotions faster.” I kept eye contact with the ground and managed a nod.

“We better save that meat for another time.” Jonah bent down, to pick up the meat my parents had thrown to the ground, which was met with my parents lunging forward in an attempt to bite his hands. I jumped up and ran in front of them, “what are you doing?” I could hear the grit in my own voice, “you didn’t eat the meat so why are you trying to bite our friend?” My parents didn’t answer with words or moans or gestures. They lunged forward at me and bit down. Luckily I was expecting it (their faces reminded me of the time I found them in the cave when they hadn’t had meat for days). “This isn’t related to the urge all zombies have. They have been like this since we left…” I couldn’t make sense of it.

We ended up restraining my parents and locking them away in the spacecraft. Jonah said he’d throw meat inside weekly (he said we have enough cattle to breed enough food for all of us, including my parents). If Bones’ death wasn’t haunting me enough, now I have to worry about my parents becoming completely feral. I’ve moved into Alex’s house, next to where Jonah and the other two live, and he’s about to show me to my room.

I hope my parents will be okay.

[] Sunday – Day 5

Waking up in Alex’s house was surprisingly more comfortable, and peaceful, than in my cave. The bed didn’t dig into my back, like my rock often does, and noises of snoring didn’t echo throughout the entire house, unlike in my cave, because Alex and I had walls separating us (not that I know if Alex snores or not). If it weren’t for my parents then I would really consider building my own home and living in it. The sun shine passed through the window and onto my bed, warming my body. It was nice to be able to enjoy the heat of the sun without bursting into flames, another perk of the new world.

A knock at my door, when opened, turned out to be Alex fully clothed in his armor and with his sword at his side. “Morning,” he said it then left the door open as he walked out of my doorway. I got up and followed Alex to the front door where he welcomed Jonah in. Alex held out his arms which prompted Jonah to throw his arms around Alex, quickly tap his back with both hands, and then move away. Their chests bumped together during the second short hug. I had never seen this sort of behavior between humans before, let alone Jonah and Alex (two people I thought were hardly friends). They laughed with each other. “What was that?” I asked.

“We humans would call it a man hug.” Jonah turned his attention back to Alex as they walked into a different room whilst talking and laughing. I stood at the front door contemplating whether I should follow them, go back to the room I stayed in, or leave all together. What was this new feeling? It seemed to be a mix between anger and fear, with the addition of a lump in my throat which usually only happened when I was sad. I clenched my fists, cheeks ablaze, and left the room to save myself from tearing up or blowing up in their faces. I moved toward the spacecraft where the other two humans were laying on the deck, allowing the sun to beam over them.

“Where are you going Brains?” They asked, almost in unison, as I brushed past them into the main control room of the spacecraft. I dumped myself into the pilot chair and spun around. Although my vision became blurred, I still managed to make out the image of the pair of humans shrugging off my silence. I saw the inside of the ship multiple times, but still didn’t recognize anything once I had stopped spinning. I heard my parents grunting and growling behind a locked door to the right of the pilot chair. I looked out the front window, of the vehicle, to see the grass meet with the red layered sky. I rested on the dashboard of the spacecraft, as I tried to wrap my head around what had just happened.

Was I jealous of Alex and Jonah? When did they become close? Why did I go to the spacecraft and spin around? Was it because I was bored or was it a way to blow off steam? All I knew is in that moment I had never missed Bones more; my parents were becoming less and less recognizable, as the days passed by, and Alex seemed to have a new best friend. The other two humans were as close as twins so I didn’t want to get in the way of that – not that I could anyway.

All the thoughts circulating made me oblivious to the beeps of the spacecraft. I caught sight of one, of the pair, of humans who were sun bathing before, hitting controls with his hands, much sooner than hearing the beeps. Once my attention had been brought into the present moment, I realized the beep was urgent, as it pierced my ear drums enough for me to stick my fingers in my ears. The human escorted me by the arm out of the spacecraft. “That’s better. We can hear each other out here.”

He looked between me and his friend. “Listen, that noise is the spacecraft detecting unnatural environmental behavior.” I looked to his friend whose mouth slowly opened wide, along with his eyes, and then looked back to the bearer of bad news, “what does that mean?” The human looked more serious than when he was fighting off the zombie pig-men, “it means we could face an unknown threat worse than The Nether; it means we might not be alone on this planet after all.”

Upon hearing that, I turned and broke into a limp as I attempted to sprint in the direction of Alex and Jonah. Thoughts of their friendship stabbed into my mind, but my desire for their safety was stronger. I kept doing the zombie version of a sprint all the way into Alex’s home. “We need you both at the spacecraft, right now.” Their laughs slowly stopped and Alex spoke, “what’s wrong?” I shook my head left to right as I caught my breath, “we may not be alone on this planet.” They looked to each other sternly and then bolted out of the door together.

I wish I could run as fast as they did.

[] Monday – Day 6

I felt the ground rumble as if a million creepers were contained within the core of the new planet. It was as if the creepers had begun exploding since we arrived here, only to make an impact now. That’s the only way I can describe it. I wasn’t sure if something really was within the planet, or if it was just a simple earthquake. Whatever it was, the planet’s surface didn’t react well; the grass and trees pulled up from the soil, the water entered the skies, and the mines caved in deeper with all the diamond, redstone, and cobblestone sinking into the planet’s core. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The world was both being pulled into space and imploding. “We have to take off!” I heard Jonah scream as he pulled me into the spacecraft, away from the ramp, away from looking out at the new planet.

Jonah strapped into the driver’s seat. The other two humans sat at the back whilst Alex and I sat in front of them. I looked to the door my parents were behind as I gripped the armrests of my seats. The rumble of the earth resonated into the entire spacecraft, causing our seats to shudder. “Here we go!” Jonah screamed and pushed the lever forward to take off. As the spacecraft rose, the rumbling became softer, but only for a second, because we were sucked into space just as fast as the rest of the planet’s surface. Jonah leveled the spacecraft, after it barrel rolled multiple times, making one of the two other humans throw up, and then sped away from the dying planet. I looked back, out of an airtight window, to see the planet explode into a thousand pieces.

“What in the Ender Man was that?” I said, as I looked to Alex whose eyes were closed whilst he griped his armrests hard. I looked forward, shut my eyes, and breathed in slowly, then out even slower, until we made it far out into space. The shockwave from the exploding planet shook the spacecraft which pushed us further away. We leveled out and pushed through space slowly, in a direction anywhere away from what was to be our new home. Our hope of a better world had been crushed… or more accurately: blown into smithereens.

Jonah placed the ship on autopilot and unbuckled his safety belt and started to walk around. The other two humans continued to chat away, like they always do, with their safety belts still fastened. Alex opened his eyes and loosened his grip on the armrests. “We’re flying steady now?” Jonah walked past, “Yes,” and then shoved his hands and face up against the back window, “I can’t believe what just happened.” Alex got up from his seat, “the planet simply erupted?” I hobbled toward the pair and pushed in between them, “it was more than that… it looked like it was being pulled apart and caving in at the same time.”

The banging on the metal door, the door my parents were concealed behind, stopped our thoughts and turned our attention to how bad of a state they were in.

[] Tuesday – Day 7

Jonah pulled his hands from the back window and dashed over to the door my parents were locked behind. He put his ear up to the door. It was as if my parents knew, because the banging turned from an aggressive knock into a full blown attack. Punching, scratching, screaming, and a low guttural noise, only zombies could manage, told me they weren’t themselves. My suspicions had been true. They had gone feral. It was different from when they hadn’t eaten meat for days (when I found them underground). We had tried to give them meat but they refused it. I believe they were changing into what the zombies on our home planet were like (the ones infected by the water due to the carcasses of the enemies of The Nether). I like to think all zombies start out sane and friendly, until they go too long without contact with one another. That’s when they attack humans. The infected monsters are different and this is what my parents were acting like.

“I think they became infected like the other monsters back home.” I said, to Jonah and to Alex who were in talks of their own. They stopped talking as soon as I finished my sentence and turned to me. “We think so too,” Jonah said, and Alex added: “We are wondering why they would have such a delayed reaction.” That hadn’t crossed my mind. Clearly when Bones had died, the infected monsters chased my parents and me. If my parents were infected at that point in time, then they would have joined the mob of the infected. “Maybe they only drank the infected water just before leaving our home planet?” Jonah and Alex considered my reasoning for a moment – Jonah paced and Alex tilted his head to me and his eyes to the door. “That still doesn’t explain why they appeared to be absent, when travelling here, but then aggressive once we had spent some time on the planet.” Jonah said, whilst continuing to pace.

Alex clicked his fingers, his face jumping to attention. “What if this is a reaction to the planet.” I shook my head, trying to make sense of that, “What do you mean?” Alex’s reply overlapped my last word, “What if they sensed the destruction of the planet and this is their way of warning us.” Jonah laughed quite condescendingly: “That’s a bit of a stretch,” then his tone grew serious, “whatever the reason, our main priority is keeping them locked in there,” he pointed to the door then walked up to me, “but keeping them alive and safe also.” He placed a hand on me. I smiled. He nodded and made his way back to the driver’s seat. I heard the click of his safety belt. I took my seat next to Alex who was strapped in with his eyes closed and his hand in his lap.

“It’s nice to have another adult friend, since Bones being gone, and being human makes it easier to get along with him.” I looked to Alex whose eyes were still closed as he spoke. “That was a little random.” I said, as I forced a casual tone. Alex opened his eyes and looked to me with a croaked smile on his face. “I’ve noticed…” I looked down as I felt my cheeks redden. “I’ve never had friends before you and Bones. I’ve never felt jealousy before, I’ve read about it, from the human library we used to have back home, but all the reading on the emotion didn’t prepare me for how it actually feels.” I heard the shakiness in voice as I finished my sentence. Alex smiled, as he blushed slightly, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “We’re still the best of friends, okay? I won’t pick Jonah over you or vice versa. I hope we can all become close in time.” I nodded, “I hope so too,” then looked forward, smiling, as I enjoyed the buzz of the spacecraft.

“Come here, everyone.” Jonah yelled, but with less aggression than when fleeing the self-destructing planet. “Look,” he pointed to the screen, the one which had detected the signal coming from the core of the destroyed planet. “It’s the same signal?” I asked, as I shoved my face toward the screen. “Yes,” one of the other humans confirmed, “but it doesn’t seem to be hostile.”

“Whether this means our home is about to explode or not, I think we’d regret not finding out. We managed to escape it once, I’m sure we can do it again.” No one protested as Jonah pushed the lever of the spacecraft in the direction of our home.

[] Wednesday – Day 8

The landing was steady except from the final bump onto the surface of the planet, which would have rocked us out of our seats if we hadn’t been strapped in. Jonah rose instantly, rushed to the ramp, which acted as the main door, and pushed the button to lower it. He hopped between feet, with the biggest smile I had seen on his face, and waved his hands at the slowness of the ramp lowering, “I’m going to mine so much diamond”. As soon as the ramp hit the ground, his face dropped as did the rest of ours. He punched the power button, but wasn’t quick enough to stop the rouge monsters from entering the spacecraft. They swarmed in, the zombies clawing, the skeletons swiping, and the creepers sizzling, threatening to explode in our faces.

Alex ran to Jonah’s aid as soon as he had seen the rouge monsters. They kicked and kicked, until most of the monsters had fallen back, and returned the ramp to be the door. The only problem was there were still some of the monsters in the ship. I remember the next few seconds as if they played out in slow motion: Jonah screamed for Alex to hold the monsters back (two skeletons, a zombie, and a creeper). Jonah grabbed me under his arm, pushed through the door where my parents had been kept, and kicked my parents back. The other two humans followed. Alex kept pushing the skeletons and zombie into the creeper to stop it from exploding. Once Jonah was sure he could stop my parents from ripping us to pieces, he screamed for Alex to enter the room with us: “Alex, run as fast as you can to us. We need the creeper to explode, but not until you are with us.”

Alex ran, shut the door just as the creeper was to explode, and then wrapped his arms around the entire group. The door acted as a shield as we rode the explosion out of the spacecraft (the part we were in broke off and fell to the floor). I winced at the sight of my parents being the first to hit the side of ship. The group of us shot into the air, peaked, and then darted for the ground. The rest of us landed on my parents. I quickly rose to make sure they were still alive, thankfully they were. We didn’t have much time to collect ourselves because the rest of the swarm, the ones we successfully locked out, was now chasing us.

I hadn’t travelled around the entirety of our home planet, but I knew we weren’t anywhere near our old cave or settlement, because the area we were in looked almost untouched (trees, flowers, and a mountain still looked of health). My excitement, from the hope of being able to rebuild, was quickly shot down by the deafening screams of the mob of monsters. The last thing I remember was the sight of Jonah holding my parents’ heads, one in each hand, as they attempted to bite him, whilst he kicked back at the mob. Alex was on the frontline, keeping the monsters from overwhelming our group, whereas the other two humans were torn between running, to the wreckage of the spacecraft (I assume to save the technology and stop all their time having built it going to waste), and saving alive.

As the commotion filled my vision, I heard a voice calling from behind. It tickled my ear into submission, making me turn and step in the direction of its persuasion. The voice had a luring familiarity; I think that’s why I was able to abandon my friends, who were fighting for their lives, and walk. I walked for a few minutes, strangely not attracting the attention of the rouge monsters, until I met with a blue light. My eyes shot open, I knew what the light was, and I ran for the spacecraft. I sorted through the burned scraps of metal and leather seats, which were still on fire, to collect the sack that contained Bones’ remains, which was strangely untouched.

As I gripped the top of the sack, my body was sucked back toward the sound of the voice, and my eyes were covered with the blue light as I entered backwards into another realm …

[] Thursday – Day 9

I had entered a place of tranquility; the existence here was blue light and a feeling of peace. The blue light surrounded my entire body. Walking was like walking through water, but I could still breathe. My thoughts became slower, easier to understand, and I could even stop them if I wished. I felt safe and as if I could spend the rest of my life here. All my worries, and even all my hopes and dreams, vanished. The voice I had heard before was clearer and I knew exactly who it was. I still had to be sure though. “Is that really you?” Tears filled my eyes and I let out a laugh of overwhelming joy. “It has to be you!”

“Brains,” the voice called back, “the world is restless. I need you to restore our home back to its previous state.” I jumped up and down as I spun around, laughing and crying and screaming: “Bones! It really is you. I can’t believe it. You’re alive? How did you bring me here? More importantly, how are you here?” The voice sounded deeper than before but just as creaky as I would expect from Bones. “Brains, I need you to listen. I cannot return until the world is restored.” I shook my head, breathed in, and choked on my first word. “Wh… What? I don’t understand. How the hell are you still alive?” Bones’ creaky voice turned into a growl. “If you don’t listen then I won’t be alive for much longer and neither will the rest of you.”

I held back tears as my voice broke. “Okay, I’m sorry. I am just ecstatic to learn you’re alive. I’ve missed you so much.” His voice returned to its calm state, “No, I’m sorry for snapping. Listen, when you arrived here how did you feel?” I answered in a split second, “the only way to describe it is at peace, but now I’m a little upset.” Bones replied: “It’s because this part of the realm is me. This realm, the realm of light, is where I came from. This is a place where I can be at peace. When I snapped your mood changed, you understand?” I nodded, “yes.” He continued to talk, “well, imagine if that peaceful state could be spread across the entire planet.” I sat on the floor of the realm, which was merely more elusive, blue light, “that would be nice but it wouldn’t solve the infected monsters.”

“But it would. I have enough energy to calm the minds of the monsters, at least back to their original state. They would still attack the humans.” I stood up, “so how do we spread your energy across the planet?” Bones spoke as if he knew I’d ask that question, “I can see you still have my remains. Go to where I was killed, the blue light will be there, and lay my bones on the ground. I will do the rest.” I grabbed the sack containing his remains, “how will I get there.”

“I can help you with that, but you better hurry before the rest of the group is overrun.” I needed to know how, “But…” I began, but Bones interrupted: “Trust me…” With that, I was sent back into the real world with a flash.

[] Friday – Day 10

The sound of the real world hit me like a gong being smashed right in my ears. My head became dizzy, making me fall sideways, so I put an arm out to break my fall. Once I regained enough strength to stand, I covered my ears with my hands and started to hobble towards my group of friends. The infected monsters turned their attention to me, away from the group, who were pushing them back so well, and charged in between me and my friends. They ran as fast as they always did, but then stopped and stared. I looked back at them and froze on the spot, then began to step forward slowly. “Brains don’t!” Alex screamed, clearly concerned for me. I continued to step slowly toward them until I was face to face with the mob; their faces appeared to be holding in years of anguish yet their bodies didn’t move.

I couldn’t stop my smile from becoming open mouthed and the joy I felt in that moment provoked a laugh. “Thank you Bones.” He didn’t reply, but I’m sure it was him. I pushed past the monsters without a single one lunging for me. They made noises of aggression but none tried anything. To say I wasn’t nervous would be a lie – I trusted Bones but my body had learned to react differently to being around the infected monsters. Memories of my parents almost being killed flooded my mind, and then the image of Bones’ death followed. I heard the snap of fingers in my head which brought me back to a peaceful mindset. Bones really was looking after me.

“What is he doing?” Jonah asked, still with my parents in a headlock, in either arm, whilst looking to Alex who replied with: “I don’t know, but he spoke of Bones…” Then they simply watched as I passed the crowd and entered the nearest hole in the ground (the nearest cave opening). “Alex, come here. The rest stay.” The words came from my mouth but didn’t cross my mind – it was Bones. Alex listened and joined me in the cave opening. “Dig down,” my body turned to face the group again, “stay there, as long as you keep eye contact with the mob they won’t hurt you.” Alex had begun digging. We fell into the depths below, one cobblestone block at a time. “But what if…” I heard Jonah begin, but didn’t hear the ending of his sentence as Alex and I had fallen.

He chipped away at the last block below our feet, which happened to be the roof of a tall cave, sending us toward the cave floor at speed. We landed on a cloud of blue light. Bones had us in his care. “Grab my hands Alex.” He listened and within a split second we were flitting through the cave at a speed unknown to man.

[] Saturday – Day 11

We arrived at the place where Bones had died. The journey felt like I was merely an observer, watching my body being propelling forward by the force of Bones (I want to say he was controlling the force but the force was him). My legs slowed until coming to a halt, where I felt the impact of the speed we had travelled at. My leg muscles screamed out for me to rest, upon which I fell to the floor. Alex’s feet obscured my view of the cave and then he fell too. “Sorry for the toll the flitting has taken on your bodies,” Bones’ voice echoed throughout the cave, “but if we don’t do this fast then the infected may snap back to being hostile.” His voice was now coming from the exact spot where he had perished, instead of inside my head or from my mouth. The blue light had returned.

“Place my bones below the light…” I crawled to be under the light, with the sack in one hand. Alex got to his knees halfway and took my hand to pull me to the light. He could have picked up the sack, and carried it there himself, but I believe he wanted us to do it together, because Bones had meant a lot to us both. I placed my arm on Alex’s shoulder and pushed down so that my body raised, and then I rested my knees on the ground. I used my knees as feet to move right above the light. I placed an arm bone down. Alex went into the bag and placed a rib down. We each picked out a piece of Bones, one at a time, and placed it under the light, until we had reconstructed Bones’ body completely; he was all there, only lifeless.

Bones yelled, which became louder and went on for some time, then the blue light suddenly splashed over his remains. Bones’ jaw opened. His fingers twitched. His feet wiggled and then he sat up. He turned his head to the side, to click his jaw, but by then I had already jumped on top of him. “Bones!” I had my arm around him, rolling around on the gravel of the cave, as he pushed against me and cackled. After a while he said: “okay, okay, let’s get going.” I can’t describe how good it was to hear the creak of his voice again, the same creak that had shocked me the first time I met him. Resurrection was unheard of but Bones had managed it.

I let him go and stood with him as we walked over to Alex who was smiling. “It’s great to see you friend.” Alex hugged Bones. He put his arms around Bones, slowly, and then squeezed. Bones tapped Alex on the back, as a way of ended the hug, but Alex continued to hold him. I saw Alex’s eyes well up, so I ran into them both and wrapped my arms over Bones and around Alex. “The trio back together again.” I heard the excitement in my own voice which made me even happier; I wanted to cry of both happiness and sorrow.

“Let’s sort the monsters out before we get all sentimental. There may not be a world left otherwise.” Bones led the way out of the cave and onto the ground above.

[] Sunday – Day 12

Bones led the way as he ran toward the group, to where the monsters had become agitated again. Jonah smiled as soon as he turned his head to the sight of Bones, who nodded and croaked out a chuffed laugh (Bones usually acted cool about things but he was happier than a child at Christmas). He walked up to Jonah, took my parents from him, put them in a headlock himself, and charged through the monsters. The infected monsters swarmed Bones. I screamed for my friend’s life, but he called back, “it is different this time Brains,” and then curled up into a ball with his face on the ground. The swarm covered every part of him, swiping and biting. Some of the creepers even exploded, killing some of the zombies and blowing the skeletons to bits, but then it happened …

The blue light, which had been surrounding Bones ever since we revived him, exploded from where he lay and shot past the monsters, us, and into the horizon, probably around the entire planet. The moment the light came in contact with anything, it became peaceful; the monsters appeared to be experiencing the same tranquility I did when entering that other realm. The dying flowers, and destroyed mountains, in the distance, grew and repaired back to their former beauty. Bones stood in the sea of monsters with an arm around each of my parents. My parents’ eyes went from raged induced bloodshot back to lazy, and their arms relaxed by their sides. When they saw me, they hobbled in my direction.

They were late to react because I was already limping towards them faster than they were hobbling to me. I dived on top of them, much like with Bones, and hugged them both as we rolled around in the grass. My mother groaned as she squeezed me back whilst my father growled as he pushed off slightly. I was starting to think the males in any species are the ones to act cool when they feel any deep emotion (Alex, Bones, and now my father). I could see it in my father’s eyes: he was ecstatic to be back to his normal self. We rose, still hugging, and walked over to the group, in arms. The group – Alex, Jonah, the other two, and now Bones – formed a chain of their own and wrapped around us. The second we were all together, holding one another, happier than we’ve ever been in our lives, that second felt like we were literally one person.

An arrow flew over our heads, breaking the moment. I turned to see the skeletons had gone back to shooting their arrows at Alex and the other humans. We broke apart. The zombies started hobbling toward the humans and the creepers threatened to explode only when in contact with human skin first.Alex picked a hole in the wall of a cave, ushered us all through, and then sealed it back up behind us, shutting out the monsters along with any moonlight.

[] Monday – Day 13

“So that was you?” Alex asked, as I sat to the side smiling. My parents were in a corner sharing a piece of meat whilst rubbing noses (that was new to me but I was happy enough with them being normal again). Jonah was waving his hands and yelling at the other two humans, in a separate corner, but he had a grin on his face so I assume it was a friendly debate. Bones cackled, leaning back and slapping his knee, “yes. I knew where you had gone because you took my bones with you.” Alex shook his head aggressively, side to side, “you destroyed an entire planet?” Bones nodded as he picked up his bow and restrung it. I moved to be sat next to Alex. “Why did you destroy the planet?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Bones plucked his bow then put it down. “I wanted saving and I wanted to save you. The cattle you had wasn’t enough.” Alex stood up with a creased brow, “no, that’s insane. You had the power to erupt an entire planet? An entire planet!” I hadn’t seen Alex worked up like this before; it was like his brain just couldn’t process what he had heard, so his brain was throwing a fit and he was just along for the ride. Bones stood up, clasped his hands together, and then pulled them apart and did his best impression of the sound of an explosion. He collapsed back down on the floor in laughter. Alex smiled, but only for a split second, then sat down and looked to the ground with vacant eyes.

“Seriously though Bones how did you do it?” I wanted to know as much as Alex, but it didn’t feel as urgent because I was simply happy to have everyone here. Bones’ face grew serious: “You remember being in the realm of light?” I nodded. Bones continued. “That wasn’t all me. That was the afterlife. I was human before. I made a deal with the Gods to be reincarnated but they would only give me a skeleton’s form.” My eyes grew wide, as my eyebrows raised, and my mouth slowly opened, “there’s an afterlife?” Alex went back to looking at Bones. We both waited for a reply. “If I tell you more,” Bones began, then exhaled and inhaled, “I’ll die. That was a condition. Heck, I might have said too much already,” he stood, “the power of the realm of light can bring anyone to peace but it can also destroy worlds.”

Bones walked to the door of the cave. “I’m going for a walk.” He shut the door just as he finished his sentence. I’m guessing he didn’t want anyone to follow him. Alex and I looked at each other for, what must have been, five whole seconds before exploding in excitement. “I can’t believe there’s more than this.” I said, shaking Alex by the arms. He blurted out his say before I had finished: “This world is wonderful but I’m excited to see what comes after. There’s no rush!” We shook each other, smiling, which made me feel human.

If we weren’t careful, my parents and I actually may end up being mistaken for humans and be chased by the other monsters.

[] Tuesday – Day 14

When I first left my cave the moon was out in full. It shone through the cave door, calling for me to explore the world outside. Many nights before I ignored the temptation, but curiosity built up inside me until I felt like I would burst into flames. I met Bones, I learned of the human and monster rivalry, and I found this diary (I say this diary but I’m probably on my third one by now). I learned of diamond and bow and arrows and spaceships. It’s been a crazy year or so.

If anything, our planet has been through the most: The Nether bleeding through from the portal to destroy the planet’s livelihood; the monsters of the planet going rouge, making it practically uninhabitable; the beauty, which enticed me to wonder, being restored. The Nether was the worst place to be. It was just dull sand and a sea of fire and darkness, filled with creatures that didn’t care if they lived or died, let alone you… Going to a new planet was fun in the beginning, but then it all became too much with Bones missing and my parents turning rouge. Man did I miss Bones… I still can’t begin to fathom that he was the one to destroy that planet.

Looking back to the past is nostalgic but also terrifying. I like how things are now and wouldn’t want it to change ever again. Alex is a wonderful person, especially when I think about how he tried to get the other humans to see the monsters as less of a threat (see us as allies and maybe even friends). It didn’t work for some. I’m not glad those close-minded humans were lost in The Nether, but it is easier without them. We have Jonah and the two smart ones and Alex, to me there are enough humans. Then there’s Bones: a one of a kind talking skeleton who can destroy planets and bring about world peace, apparently. As long as we have Bones around, I’m sure we’ll be safe. My parents are learning to talk more and I’m so happy they aren’t infected. Then there’s me… Talking without excessive breath taking is a big achievement for a zombie, but the other zombies wouldn’t understand.

Yes, the world is back to how it was before I left my cave, all my family and friends alive and well, and there’s plenty for us to be getting on with… Life is good (more than good: life is great).

I hope to keep writing in my diary but time spent doing this is time I could be exploring – I don’t think we’ve discovered even one quarter of the world yet.

[] Wednesday – Day 15

The arrow cut through the air and impaled the pig, which began to flee upon receiving word of its death sentence. It charged in circles then anywhere away from us. Bones placed the end of another arrow on his bow, pulled back, cocked his head slightly to the side, and then let it go. The pig dropped to the floor. “It’s nice to have everything back to the way it was.” Bones collected the meat. Alex was swinging his sword through the air, calling distance away from Bones and me. “It’s good to know we won’t go hungry anytime soon.” Alex yelled, and then continued to practice his moves.

Bones and I entered the house. He put the pork in the furnace and I went upstairs to my room. I took out my wooden sword to match the wooden armor I already had on (Bones said if I wore armor outside, and kept my head down, I wouldn’t burn up in the sun). Diamond armor was too heavy to wear constantly so was taking a toll on my body. Bones said we should start with wooden and build up from there. I exited my room, past my parents who were sleeping (on a bed for the first time), and down the ladder and out the door. Bones was stood looking out over the land. I tapped him on the back, lightly, with my sword, which made him turn aggressively and ready an arrow to my face.

For a moment I saw the anger in Bones’ face which must pop up every time he uses his bow. I had never been so thankful to have him as a friend and on our side – imagine if he were evil! He relaxed once he saw me and gave me a quick hug (if skeletons could bush…) “Let’s go.” Bones led the way out into the forest. We passed Jonah and the other two humans fishing and collecting sand. They told me they’d show me how to make the sand into glass one day. Bones and I pushed through a large forest area, out into open land. There was a small building in the distance in the middle of an empty grass patch.

“This is my new home.” Bones walked through the door, as I stood in the grass patch with my eyes closed, and then called me over. I opened my eyes and entered his home. “Bones, I sometimes still feel at peace,” I sat on a chair and looked around his home, “just like when we were in the realm of light together.” Bones looked through his chest, turned on the furnace, and shifted a painting back to being straight, before sitting in the chair opposite me. “Those who have been exposed to the light will feel it for as long as they live,” he leaned forward, “you just have to be still. Sometimes that drives people crazy.”

He jumped up and started to walk upstairs. “Get some rest. When the moon comes up, we’ll be going outside.”

“What for?” I followed him up the stairs.

[] Thursday – Day 16

A knock at the door, three times, woke Bones and I. He rushed downstairs as I equipped my armor and sheathed my sword and axe. Alex burst through the door, with his sword in hand, and then slammed it behind him. More knocks at the door, but this time at the hands of a pair of zombies. “It wasn’t the easiest task, getting here, but it sure was easier than anything we’ve done in the past.” Alex hunched over as he breathed in and out, quickly, the air escaping him. Bones reached out a hand. “Did you bring the map?” Alex passed a map to Bones who took it, looked it over, and turned back to Alex. “Just to warn you: this may become a lot harder than our past adventures.”

Alex lifted his torso to be straight. “I can see that,” he crossed his arms whilst stroking his chin with one hand, “it would be much easier if we could kill them.” I walked to be face to face with Alex. “Kill who?” He answered before I had finished, “the monsters. Hasn’t Bones told you? We’re going to try something risky tonight.” I turned to Bones who picked up his bow then joined Alex and I to make a triangle. “We’re going to see how long we can survive, in the wilderness, with only a map and a few tools.”

“For obvious reasons, we can’t kill the monsters and you need me here.” Alex blurted out, “without me the monsters wouldn’t attack.” I thought about that for a second, “that sounds like a lot of fun, because I’m not in danger, but I don’t like the thought of putting you in danger Alex.” He laughed. “We have Bones, and I can handle myself if things get out of hand.” I didn’t like his answer because doing this puts us in a position where we may have to kill some monsters to survive. I was sure we’d be okay, and I didn’t want to ruin us being together again, so I trusted them enough to not harm any monsters unless absolutely necessary.

Bones collected some necessities into a bag and waited near the door. Alex had already begun cutting up trees for wood. They said we’d venture out away from Bones’ house and the main group. Alex has told the others what we’re doing and to come look for us if we don’t return in three days.

I’m upstairs in Bones’ house writing this last entry. The book is coming to an end so I’ll leave it here; if anything happens to us then at least the group, or whoever else finds this, will be able to read over our experiences.

Here’s to another adventure…

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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Mine Diary of a Minecraft Zombie (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Mine