Diary of a Minecraft Zombie (Book 2): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Mine


Diary of a Minecraft Zombie


(Book 2)



The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Minecraft Zombie Kid


[]Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Saturday – Day 1

Sunday – Day 2

Monday – Day 3

Tuesday – Day 4

Wednesday – Day 5

Thursday – Day 6

Friday – Day 7

Saturday – Day 8

Sunday – Day 9

Monday – Day 10

Tuesday – Day 11

Wednesday – Day 12

Thursday – Day 13

Friday – Day 14

Saturday – Day 15

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[]Saturday – Day 1

So much has happened since I last wrote – almost too much to fit in. As you know the enemies from The Nether invaded our land. One of the humans came rushing through the portal followed by one of the zombie pig-men. Bones, Alex, and I were sat on the soft grass between my home (a cave) and the portal. At first we were shocked that a human had escaped and that he trespassed into my home without saying a word. I was about to set things straight with him, to tell him that he isn’t allowed to roam where he wants, but that’s when one of the pig-men blasted through the portal.

It looked down to us sitting beneath the moon and drooled as its eyes widened with gluttony; it licked around its mouth, lifted its white sword, and then charged for us. Bones rose, yanked his bow from his back, and aimed at the pig-man between what misshaped eyes it had. Alex pulled his sword from his waist, placed his strong foot forward, so he was standing sideways, and pointed the sword at the pig-man. Alex called out, “stop, we can solve this with words, we could learn to live together.” Bones turned an eye to Alex as if to say: “what are you thinking?” and then released his arrow into the pig-man’s head.

It continued charged without blinking. I walked backwards toward my cave door. Alex lunged forward, impaling the pig-man in the neck. Again, the thing kept on charging. A smile formed on its face; it was like our attacks were as weak as a tickle. The pig-man charged all the way up to the handle of Alex’s sword, meaning the sharp end stuck out the back of its neck, and snarled in his face, spewing saliva all over Alex’s armor. Alex screamed and pushed all his weight down towards the ground. Bones reacted instantly by pinning the pig-man’s hands and feet with arrows.

Bones then fired multiple arrows into the pig-man’s head and body. It still wriggled around as if we were lightly touching it on its funny bone. Alex turned around with a blank stare, grabbed me as he walked past, and then signaled for Bones to follow. Bones listened but not without protest: “What are you doing? We can kill it. We need to destroy the portal before more come through.”

That’s went we heard the sound (Alex must have seen the ripple before us because our eyes were focused on the pig-man). I looked back, as Alex dragged me through our cave door, to see more pig-men come through the portal. I pointed for Bones to look, which made him go quiet, and then slammed the cave door behind us. We immediately pushed every sturdy object, in the cave, in front of the door in order to block it.

We hurried through the back entrance of the cave just in time for the pig-men to bash down the front door.


[]Sunday – Day 2

I could hear them bashing their way around my cave – my home – and drooling, probably at the thought of catching one of us hiding. Alex dragged me down the makeshift steps, made from the cobblestone, and along the pathway we had created when we first ventured down here. Bones followed closely behind with his bow and arrow pointed at where the pig-men could appear. The door to the back entrance of my home sprung free from the hinges, almost hitting us. Three pig-men came through, scanned the surrounding area, looked down to spot us, and then charged for us whilst screeching.

Bones pull back his good arm then released his grip on an arrow to immediately retrieve another and do the same. He preformed this action without falter – he must have shot so many arrows that it had become second nature to him. Bones managed to hit most of them on target, whilst keeping pace with Alex and I, but it didn’t stop the pig-men, let alone slow them down. They swept through the vaster cave, swinging at anything and everything, until it was in ruins.

Alex pulled me through into one of the pathways we made, some time back, and sealed it up behind us, with pieces of cobblestone he still had in his carry bag. I landed bottom first onto the ground as he released me. I turned around to see Alex quicken his pace as he continued to walk through the path. Bones grabbed my collar, pulled upwards, so that my feet were just slightly off the ground, and then dropped me to be standing. I turned to see Bones almost caught up with Alex. I hobbled as fast as my twisted legs could take me and pushed out a sound as loud as my hollow stomach muscles could manage: “Wait.”

As I drug myself to the sight of Alex and Bones, I noticed they were not moving anymore. They were digging down. Even my damaged eardrums could hear the pig-men hacking at the rock which Alex had used to seal us in. Somehow I knew what they were doing before they said a word. I skipped to be next to my friends, who had dug a space in the floor of the cave, and ended up falling on my face into the hole. Bones jumped down, along with Alex, and then they sealed up the gap they had created.

Alex collapsed onto his knees as he covered his mouth. His eyes weren’t as open as they usually are and I could hear him breathing rapidly through his nose onto his hand. Bones slowly lowered himself to the ground and stiffened up his body. Alex turned to me with his eyes and I nodded then led on the ground to allow my muscles to relax.

The stomping feet of the pig-men echoed into the space we had created in the cave. Their snarling passed over us so closely that I almost shrieked out of panic. Alex covered my mouth with his other hand. His eyes met mine as to say ‘it’ll be over soon’ whilst I tried to look apologetic; if I had made a noise then we’d most likely be goners by now.

Their drool hit the rock above us as they passed. Their footsteps became quieter and more distant. Alex removed his hands from mine and his own mouth whilst Bones allowed his body to come back to life, into a more relaxed state, and I tensed my muscles to sit up.

Alex placed a hand on each of our shoulders, looked from me to Bones, nodded at each of us, and then said: “We better wait here for a little longer… we don’t want to surface only to be cut down by those creatures.”


[]Monday – Day 3

My eyes opened to the sound of rock being picked apart and the sight of Alex swinging at the roof. Bones was sat in the spot he was before with his bow unsheathed. He pulled out a piece of string from the pouch on his front, which I had only just noticed, and tore the loose and stained piece from his bow, then replaced it with the new piece. He pulled the freshly fitted string back and then released it to make a twang sound. I assume that meant it was in good order as he placed it on his back. By the time this had been done Alex had made a hole in the roof (which was actually the floor once we surfaced).

The pig-men were nowhere to be seen but the result of them passing through this tunnel was a mystery only to a blind man – the walls had been hacked down, random holes in the floor and ceiling ran along the entire tunnel, and it appeared as if more had came through, not just the previous three, with some branching off into different directions, as new tunnels had been formed off from this one.

Alex moved ahead of Bones and me. He pushed his palm toward us, to signal us to stay a little back, and placed a finger on his lips. He legs took wider lunges, as if he was stepping over traps, and he placed his feet down without making a sound. He moved to one side of the tunnel and placed his ear against the wall. After a few seconds, he moved to the opposite wall and did the same. By this time Bones and I had caught up with him. He turned to us and whispered: “Do you remember this tunnel?” I didn’t notice before, because my mind had been racing to get away from the pig-men, and it was only when Bones said: “It’s the tunnel where we first met you and the other humans,” that I realised where we were.

“Yes,” Alex whispered further, “we will take it up to the human settlement but be on the lookout for any dangers,” he turned, took one step, then looked back to us, “and be as quite as you possibly can.” If people could have seen us… we must have looked like snails, but I doubt they would have laughed if they knew our reasoning behind moving so painfully slow. I took comfort in it – I felt like we were moving at a relaxed pace for a zombie as it made me feel like they were experiencing the pains of being one of the undead. Seeing two of my role models walking so slowly, it reminded me of my parents. It made me happy for a split second then the realization of my parents being missing hit me.

Although the thoughts and feelings, which came with my parents being missing, were hard to dump from my mind, I didn’t have a choice as this was a matter of survival. Luckily, we didn’t cross the path of any of the pig-men (or other monsters for that matter). I think not seeing either spoke for itself… the pig-men had most likely killed the monsters down here.

We reached the end of the tunnel and climbed up the ladders into a hatch at the bottom of a building. We pushed through into an enormous wooden building with torches, and chests, and pieces of armor resting out across tables, which were next to stoves and wall decorations. I marveled at the vibrancy of the place. Is this how the humans lived?

Then Bones turned to me, as a hand on my shoulder, and led me to the front window, the one opposite to where Alex was stood. Bones led me to the other window. I looked out to see the sky engulfed in the redness of The Nether with the flying squids expelling waste over the green pastures and the pig-men demolishing mountains with their swords and biting into the wildlife.

Our beautiful homeland had been destroyed by the creatures of The Nether realm and my parents were somewhere in the mess.


[]Tuesday – Day 4

Alex sat in one of the four chairs which were placed close to each other. Bones and I joined him. I moved a chair, with Bones’ help, and then shifted my chair to face the other two, so that we were in a triangle able to one another’s faces. Alex’s head dropped as he rested his hands in his lap. Bones looked past me with his head tilted up (he was probably looking at the various paintings placed all over the walls). I looked to the window to see a glimmer of flames and the movements of the enemies which had plagued our once peaceful land.

“I’ll be the first to say it,” I turned my attention to Bones who had started talking, “what are we going to do?” He moved his eyes from mine to Alex, who looked up at the wall. Alex didn’t break his stare from the wall: “There’s nothing we can do…” I looked up at Alex, who didn’t blink as I gazed into his eyes, and then looked to Bones, who appeared to be as worried as I felt, “what do you mean? We can’t simply give up; we can’t just roll over and accept death.” Alex turned to Bones with his cheek muscles bulging out and his fists now clenched in his lap, “they are destroying everything we have to survive and thrive in this world and then they’re going to come for us.” Bones’ jaw opened with a creak then closed again. Where had Alex’s optimism gone? This was the human who was willing to risk his life to defend the monsters and now he was just giving up…

“No,” I pushed myself up from the chair and looked down to Alex, dead in the eyes. Alex opened his mouth but I spoke before he could, “No!” Alex looked down but placed his hands on my arms and said, “Look, there’s nothing…” I cut in, “No!” As I loudly moaned my word of defiance another time, the door swung open. In the doorway stood what must have been ten pig-men. Time seemed to freeze as each of us turned our heads to the drooling, sadists in the doorway. Each of the pig-men responded with a smile then trudged towards us with their swords already swinging and hitting the furniture.

All the muscles in my face dropped to look even droopier than before. Bones took out his bow and pulled back an arrow whereas Alex pulled his sword from his back and readied it. The pig-men stepped towards us (I was surprised they didn’t run) with their swords softly swaying side to side. I almost expected them to laugh; it was as if they knew they had us in an impossible situation – one which we couldn’t win. Then I remember they aren’t smart so they probably didn’t think that deeply.

If I had died in that situation, I wouldn’t be writing this now. However, let me tell you that if there was ever a time where I feared for my life most, this would be it. Bones and Alex sidestepped towards each other until their shoulders met whilst I stopped behind the pair with my eyes still as wide as my open mouth. Bones fired the first arrow. It hit against one of the pig-men’s shoulders, pinging off then bouncing upon impact with the ground. For the first time in all the time I’ve known Bones, I placed my hand on his shoulder to feel him shaking – he hadn’t put enough force into releasing the arrow.

Realizing Alex was our last hope, I looked to him to see the tip of his sword wobbling along with his hand. He kept switching hands to wipe them on his trouser legs. It wasn’t until I touched his shoulder that I felt him sweating more than when digging the tunnels to the bottoms of the earth. As my grip on my friends’ shoulders tightened, the pig-men came close enough to smell our fear and for us to feel their breath. I winced as the front pig-man lifted his sword, with the ones behind mirroring his action, and I’m sure Bones and Alex did the same.

I was aware of my eyes being shut longer than it would have taken the front pig-man to swing downwards and end us… That’s when we felt the ground rumble. The vibration shook from the soles of my feet up into my head just in time to hear the ripples of the portal to The Nether.

The images of the pig-men raising their swords, and some other figures outside the window, seemed to be playing in slow motion as we waiting for our inevitable end.


[]Wednesday – Day 5

A figure, which looked human in body, but appeared to be a bigger animal in the armor it was wearing, fleeted past the window. The pig-men raised their swords against a broken Alex and Bones and a petrified me. The figure fleeted twice more past the window then we heard the sound of bones crunching only to see the beast like figures charging through the back of the pig-men. There were three of these figures. Alex, Bones, and I charged further back into the room. My foot brushed over the hatch we had entered through… I looked down and sighed (we could have used that to escape instead of freezing up to receive death).

However, that didn’t matter anymore as the beasts were pushing through the pig-men like they were sacks of rye. One of them charged through the group of pig-men, knocking them over, making them lose grip of their swords, and looked down to us. I couldn’t believe what the figures turned out to be… it was the humans!

They looked so different, so strong. The human, who had been leading the charge, nodded at us when he saw who and what we were, then dived on top of the pig-men, with his two other friends, and punched and clawed until they were defeated. The buffed up humans stood over the pig-men’s bodies. The lead human picked up one of the pig-men’s swords and stung at the wall then smiled at the hole he had created: “This swings better and hits harder than anything we’ve made in the past. I’m keeping this.” The other two picked up a sword of their own.

Alex walked to be face to face with the lead human, looked him in the eyes, and then embraced him with a hug, “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.” Alex pulled away to look the lead human up and down, “what happened? How are you so strong and what have you got on?” The lead human was eyeing his new sword as he spoke, “it’s a long story, one I may not be able to tell if we don’t take back our lands,” he turned to his friends, “let’s get out there and fight for our world.” The other two humans punched their fists upwards, still holding their newly claimed swords, grunted, then charged out the door.

The lead human looked back to us, “are you going to join us?” Bones raised his chest and tilted his head up then pushed past the juggernaut of a man, with his bow readied. Alex gripped the handle of his sword as he clenched his teeth and followed Bones out.

The human looked to me, “and what about you.” My lip wobbled, along with my hands, but then I spoke, “okay.” I walked out of the house and took my place behind Bones and Alex. The lead human brushed past us, ran toward a group of pig-men, and started slashing them into the ground. The pig-men’s counter attacks bounced off the strange looking armor. In one sideways swipe the human floored three pig-men at once. Alex impaled one, stopping it from striking the human. They exchanged a nod. I opened my mouth to yell but Bones’ arrow beat me to it; a pig-man nearly took out Alex.

They were relentless.

The battle continued for what seemed like hours. There were so many little fights within the broader battle, all trying to grab my attention. I looked at each human for a second to ensure they were all still alive. I called out to warn of any dangers – it was all I could do. I’m not exactly the strongest of creatures. Sadly, we lost some more of the humans that had come through The Nether during the fight.

Our infected world had become cleansed with the help of the buffed up humans. The pig-men’s corpses rotted quickly into the ground and the sky squids were shot down from the sky, leaving their bodies on fresh grass. Some even destroyed mountains as they fell.

Bones, Alex, the remaining humans, and I stood together as we gazed over our lands and toward the horizon to see the sight of victory. It didn’t look that way though because we had lost so much and our home was still in ruins. At least now we had a chance to rebuild.


[]Thursday – Day 6

We sat around a fire, inside of the home the humans had built before entering The Nether. The lead human (whose name is Jonah) took off the unique armor to reveal his normal sized arms albeit muscular. Most of the bulk had come from the size of the armor and not from Jonah’s physique. Alex was the first to speak up about it, “where did you get that armor?” Jonah sat down with his bowl full of fish and passed it around the group, “we made it in The Nether.” We each took a piece of fish and passed the bowl. I looked into the dead fish’s eyes and then placed it on the floor (with my parents missing I didn’t feel the urge to bite or feed. I had never experienced this before so it felt rather strange).

“How did you manage to make it,” Bones questioned. The other two humans looked at Bones, and I, still with some uncertainty but didn’t voice their opinions or act hostile. I believe it is because we had helped them win the battle or maybe it was simply because, apart from Jonah, we were the only company they had left.

Jonah held his piece of fish over the fire, “you remember the ground we ran along once entering The Nether?” Alex nodded as he took a bite from his almost burnt piece of fish, “that pasty stuff?” Jonah took his fish from the fire, as he passed it to his other hand, and shook the hand that had been over the fire then put his fingers in his mouth and winced, “yes, well who knew rubbing that paste on our diamond armor and dipping it into the sea of fire would create an even stronger set.”

Bones cackled, his head flinging backwards, as he played with his piece of fish (of course he couldn’t eat it but I think he liked to pretend). “That’s the most counterintuitive thing I’ve ever heard. How did you find it out?” Bones looked between the humans, who didn’t meet his gaze, until settling on Jonah.

One of the other humans coughed, “we were running from the man pigs, or whatever you’d call them, and I slipped. My armor became covered in the pasty stuff then I hung over the edge of the earth. The back of my armor dipped into the fire which surrounded us. If Jonah hadn’t pulled me up I probably wouldn’t be here to tell you this. Anyway, I turned my back to one of those man pigs which swiped at me. My armor had hardened to barely receive a scratch from the attack.”

The up until now quieter human settled back into conversation with his friend. “After that we all jumped at the opportunity to forge our own set of unbreakable armor,” he paused and waved his hand, “well we haven’t found anything that can break through it thus far.” Bones leaned back and placed the back of his skull on his finger bones, “that’s quite a story.”

Alex had just finished devouring his piece of fish, “so what is our plan of action now.” Jonah bit a chunk from his fish, “I’m unsure but we need to rebuild what we had.” That’s when my brain shot into action and I began to stomp the ground. Alex looked at me in disbelief, as did Bones, but surprisingly Jonah listened: he approached me on his knees, as to be head level with him, and asked: “What is it?” I made my best mime of digging, upon which Alex snapped his fingers, “the underground is most likely still preserved… we just have to deal with the monsters.” I shook my head at that but Alex assured me he meant work around the monsters not harm them.

I couldn’t help thinking they may have all been wiped out and maybe my parents were part of them.


[]Friday – Day 7

Jonah climbed through the hatch on the floor of the house with a bag full of cobblestone, which he passed to one of the other two remaining humans. I saw Jonah disappear immediately back down the passage to the undergrounds. Alex was outside helping the other two humans build settlements. I wonder why they were doing it; it’s not like more humans would be arriving any time soon – there were no females to make that happen. Then I remembered how our world used to look and how crushing it was to see it in ruins. Bones was down with Jonah to keep any of the monsters from attacking him (Jonah had taken off his unbreakable armor – that’s what we all started to call it – because it was too heavy for mining).

That left me all alone in the house to let my thoughts bounce around. Let me tell you: that isn’t the best of ideas when your parents are missing. I couldn’t stop thinking about where they were, if they were still alive and, if they were safe, if they were breathing at all. Usually I’d talk to Bones or Alex about how I’m feeling and if something is a good idea before I go through with it, but they weren’t around and the impulse to explore was too strong – just like that day I first left our cave.

I travelled down the hatch in the hope of finding my parents. I feared passing Jonah or Bones along the way but I hope they’d understand why I was travelling on my own. Besides, it wasn’t as if any monsters would attack me and the enemies from The Nether realm had been wiped out.

Thankfully I didn’t cross paths with anyone I knew. I saw some fellow zombies, a group of spiders, the odd creeper here and there and even an ender man (although ender men are monsters they still creep me out). I smiled as I walked past each and every monster. Some didn’t react at all whereas others paused and looked at me. I was happy to see other monsters had survived, it gave me hope.

I know now that I searched for hours, as Bones and Alex had been worried and looking for me, but at the time it felt like thirty minutes or so. Through all the tunnels and dead ends and holes.

I decided to rest on a rock under a waterfall in darkness. The sound of the water hitting the rocks was smoothing so I closed my eyes. The heat of the lava on the opposite side of the deep cavern kept me at a pleasant temperature. I rested my head, like being back in our cave, and imagined being with my parents. The smile which followed was one of pure joy, but it quickly dropped into a droopy frown as a tear fell from my cheek and hit against the floor formed from rock. I wiped my face, to clear my vision, and that’s when I saw a small standalone building. It must have been only ten feet tall and not very long or wide. It had gaps in the front for the windows and door where light flickered out, so I decided to travel towards it.

The closer I got the more the lights flickered through the holes in the makeshift home of stone and onto my eyes which I covered. I peeked through the gaps in my hands, in order to make my way towards the door of the building without tripping into the lava. I passed under the torches and into the doorway then into a dimly lit room. The moment I saw it wasn’t empty, and who was in there, was when I skip in excitement. My parents were safe.

My mother grunted and pointed her head sideways at me which made my father turn around. I swung my arms around my father’s shoulders who wrapped his around my chest. I pushed my head into his chest and closed my eyes as my lips moved upwards into a smile. That’s when I heard a groan. I moved my head backwards to see my father’s eyes wide and his mouth open and I felt his hands digging into my back. I pushed my hands against his chest, but I wasn’t strong enough to stop him from biting into my arm, despite how frail he had become (I didn’t have time to process how withered they looked; it was as if the bite jolted me back into reality).

Tears bubbled up and sat on the bottom of my eyes. Even now I’m unsure if it was due to the pain of the bite or the feeling of rejection. I reactively grabbed the fish from my pocket, from the time around the fire with the humans, and threw it to the ground, upon which my parents dove on top of it and pulled it to pieces with their teeth – their craws scratched against the floor as they consumed the meat. Once they had swallowed they turned to me. I hobbled backwards, ready with the intention to bolt if they still attacked, and waited. They approached me, looked me in the eyes, sniffed around me, and then embraced me in a hug.

As I felt the warmth of my parents, both on my skin and inside my heart, I contemplated the event which had just played out. What if they had killed me? Is that how a zombie changes when the urge to bite becomes too strong? They didn’t even recognize me …

I brushed my head against my parents as a way of overwhelming my thoughts with their presence. They were alive and that is all that mattered.


[]Saturday – Day 8

Since finding my parents, and reintroducing them into the group, things have changed so much. I can talk quite fluently now – enough to string sentences together (Alex has been teaching me and I’ve been picking up mouth movements and pronunciation from Bones, Jonah, and the others). My parents look at me in shock when I’m about to talk to them as if I were human. I hope to be able to teach them someday, but maybe getting them into writing is a better starting place. It does take quite a lot of energy to push the words out, so I have to take a breath between each one, but I make sure to stop talking as much when I feel worn out.

The humans have been breeding food. It’s fascinating to see actually. They rounded up the few remaining cows and pigs and kept each different type of animal in separate areas (surrounding by fences). After some time, out pops a smaller version of the animal from the bigger one – it was my first time seeing it so I don’t know how to explain it better than that. The cows eat the grass but the pigs get restless without meat. We ended up… well… the humans see it as less of a hassle, and a way of preserving resources, to use those pigs as food straight away. They always save a little for us to nibble on to keep the urges satisfied (I told them about the condition of my parents when I found them and they were kind about it – Jonah made it clear to the other humans that it was part of our needs to be given some meat each week).

Jonah is the nicest human I’ve met, apart from Alex of course.

The rivers and seas were filled with pollution from The Nether; the sky squids shot a lot of their waste into it and some even collapsed into the seas in the battle. The humans are still trying to clear most of it out, but we’re able to get fresh water from the waterfalls in the caves and, when we are unable to venture underground, from boiling the water from the fresher parts of the seas. Then there’s the work being done to rebuild the mountains. Jonah says: “that’s the hardest part of this entire rejuvenation.” That was a big word for me to handle. He said it means to restore.

We’re surviving …

I almost forgot about Bones’ new pet spider! I took him down to where I found my parents, to collect whatever they had gathered (which wasn’t much), but he found the contrast between the running waterfall and the bubbling lava to be something, so decided to stay for a while. We spent the better part of an hour sitting on the rocks, barely talking, as the water brushed against us and then we sat closer enough to the lava to dry off without getting burned.

As we sat with the heat warming our faces, I noticed a shadow in the corner of my eye upon which I turned instantly. A spider had crawled onto Bones’ shoulder. He went to grab it – his face looked like he was going to throw it to the ground rather than stroke it – but the spider crawled into his ribcage. If Bones could cry I believe he would of then. He hugged his chest, as to hug the spider, and tilted his head down. He must have been remembering his old spider that had been left behind in The Nether.

Alex has chosen to sleep in the same room as the other humans. Bones has a small den of his own, which he has already decorated with paintings, and my parents and I live just below the humans (we dug out a cave in the rock underneath the humans’ house). My parents like it this way and so do I, it reminds us of our old cave.

I’ve spoke of everything that has happened since the pig-men and sky squids invaded our world, but I’m sure I won’t be able to stop writing about future happenings. Until then …


[]Sunday – Day 9

When I woke I looked around our new cave to see it empty of my parents. I quickly travelled to the surface. I crossed Alex on the way. “They need more resources…” he moved into our cave – going down the hatch required passing through our cave – and aimed for the tunnel which led deeper. I responded with: “For… what?” (I still had to take breaths between words). The last I saw of Alex, that morning, was his head disappearing into the tunnel. The sound of his reply told me he was half way down the tunnel, but I didn’t hear what he actually said.

I made my way out of the main human house to the sight of the three remaining humans, frantically moving between a pile of metal and whatever it was they were building. Jonah turned, noticing me, and gave me a wink as he placed a hand on my shoulder. “How’re feeling Brains? I’m happy to see your parents are safe.” I nodded to thank him and then asked, “what… are… you… building?” Each word took a big gulp of air, in order for me to push out enough sound, so I think Jonah understood why I didn’t verbally respond to his question.

“This,” he took his hand from my shoulder and then pointed both towards their creation, “is going to be our way to a better future.” Jonah smiled as he stared at it. I looked up to pieces of metal which had been merged together, and which were resting on a square of brick, to hold it off the ground, then looked to Jonah, who turned to me as if he knew I’d have more questions, “What do you think?”

“What… actually… is it?” Those last two words were short enough to push out in one breath. Jonah’s smile looked more like a grin this time, as if he had been waiting for, and was pleased with, my question. “That, my friend, is the beginnings of a spacecraft.” That was a new word even to my now developed tongue, “spacecraft?” Jonah placed his arm fully around my shoulder and led me towards the creation. “I’ve only read about it in books, but the stories speak of building a vehicle which shoots up into the sky,” he signed with his hands as I followed them with my eyes, “this floats in the sea around our world – they call that sea: space.”

My eyes widened and followed his hands up until I became distracted by the glimmer of the sun against the metal of their, in-progress, spacecraft, “so… where… has… Alex… gone?”

“He’s gone to get the vital ingredient…” Jonah winked at me as if to say he knew how storybook he sounded. I couldn’t help but give into his storytelling, “which… is?” Again Jonah smiled as he turned to face me, “if I told you I’d be ruining the magic of the surprise,” he looked to the sky as he rubbed a hand over his beard, “heck, I don’t even know if it will work.” I thought about shooting off this world as I looked around, “we are… rebuilding,” I looked to our main building, “why… would… we leave?”

Jonah dropped to one knee in order to look at me face level – he wasn’t just strong, he was very tall too – “Think of this as human curiosity,” he minced, “sorry, I meant just curiosity. It can also just be our plan B.” I nodded, smiled lopsidedly, and then walked toward the human building and into our cave.

My parents were back and resting on their rock. Bones was back at his, with his spider, of course Alex was underground and the humans were busy. I retired to my rock and sighed. I rested my body and head and shut my eyes.

Wow… swimming in the sea of space on a spacecraft sure did sound fascinating.


[]Monday – Day 10

I opened my mouth, “Hello…” My parents opened their mouths, my father was the first to attempt the word, “H…” he made a long ‘h’ sound, expelling all his air then he growled and punched the ground just hard enough to leave a bruise. I placed my hand on him as I remembered how patient Alex had been with me, “it’s… okay…” then looked over to my mother, who gave the word a try, “Hel…” she started the word perfectly, but held the ‘e’ for too long and the ‘l’ rolled off her tongue – the full word just escaping her. She huffed which made me hug her; my father was one to let out his frustration when he felt it whereas mother let it build up until she exploded.

I tried a couple more times with them, resulting in some improvement, then wrote the word down on paper and gave it to them, so they could keep practicing whilst I went outside. I made my way into the human household, via the tunnel, to see the two other humans eating and laughing. They fell silent when they saw me. I nodded, which resulted in nods back, and then I left to the sound of more laughing (I hope it wasn’t at my expense). I passed Jonah who was merging more metal to the spacecraft in order to widen it. “Where’s… Alex?” I asked as he continued to wield a fresh piece of metal to the rest of the ship, without looking up, “as far as I know he’s still underground collecting the resources to get this thing running.”

I walked further away from the human base, further away from Jonah, as I called back, “okay,” and then disappeared into the few trees which had started growing. Emerging on the other side of the trees, I moved towards the sight of Bones’ wooden home. I stopped at the door and lifted my hand to knock it against the wood. The door opened just as I swung my hand forward so I ended up hitting Bones in the face. He cackled and then gestured me in as I apologized over and over. “It’s okay Brains. It was probably my fault for opening the door, but I don’t like being unsure of what, or who, is approaching my home.”

I collapsed into one of the chairs, crimson in color and woven together with wool. “You’ve… already… made this… place… look like… home.” He sat opposite me and leaned back, “Yes, I wanted it to feel like we had never left,” he paused and looked up through the piece of glass he had installed in his ceiling, “your speech really is coming along; you never used to be able to say more than one word in one breath.” I smiled into a laugh, “hopefully… I’ll be… speaking… in full… sentences… soon.” His spider rose onto its legs, from sleeping in the corner, and then darted up the chair and onto Bones’ arm, who stroked his boney fingers over his spider’s body. It purred as it settled into Bones’ lap. I couldn’t help but smile at my friend’s new found comfort.

My eyes travelled above Bone’s head to see a painting which I knew I had seen before. “You… were… able to… save that… painting?” He looked to me then turned his head around almost without needing to turn his body, “oh, that. I have her imprinted in here.” He tapped his skull which I found funny because he didn’t have a brain, but I didn’t mention it. “Who is… that if… I may… ask?” I looked to my lap as his head jerked back, seeming as though my words were a punch to the face, “I’ll tell you one day, when I’m strong enough, all about my past life.”

I smiled and nodded then rose, “I should… get back… to my… parents.” Bones rose, pushing his spider off his lap, “would you like to build a smaller house, before you leave, next to mine?” I looked up to him, “of course, it can be just like old times.”


[]Tuesday – Day 11

I threw my fishing rod over the side of the boat, almost dropping it in the water as my fingers struggled to handle the momentum. Bones grabbed me with one hand, as he used the other to hold his rod, which was still in the water even after twenty minutes of being left out, to stop me from falling. “This is taking forever. We used to be able to catch fish almost instantly.” I pulled my rod back slightly and tightened my grip on the pole, “I… remember… the days… when my… father… would just… use his… hands.” Bones nodded at my words. Alex turned the wheel of his rod fast enough to rock the boat back and forth, “Hey, this is supposed to be a relaxing outing,” he lifted his rod to reveal a block of black sludge on the hook, “but that isn’t normal,” his previous sentence was overtaken by his surprise.

“What is… that?” It smelled foul even by a zombie’s standards. Bones pulled his rod in and stood. “It’s the waste from the sky squids. Hmm… it could even be a chunk out of its body. They did collapse into our seas after all.” I pulled my rod into the boat and stood also, “is that… why it’s… harder… to find… fish… away… from our… home?” Alex threw his line out once more, after picking the waste from it, “we’ll find some fish eventually. If we don’t we can at least enjoy the remaining hours of the sun being out.” Alex looked out across the small sea, the sun hitting the ripples where his hook landed. Bones and I sat and dropped our rods to the bottom of the boat. I sat with my head in hands whilst Bones leaned back and rested his legs over the side of the boat. Alex turned to us, opened his mouth to speak, but then something splashed out of the water.

It was an ordinary squid, of our world, but it burst from the sea and into our boat. Its tentacles latched around my leg and it spewed its ink everywhere. I didn’t have the strength to pull my leg free, so Bones held the squid down whilst Alex pried it off. Alex held it up to his face. “Its eyes are red and foam is oozing out of the thing.” He tossed it back into the sea. “Maybe it isn’t safe to fish here after all.” Alex pulled his rod into the boat, took his seat, and started to row us back to shore. Bones took his feet off the side of the boat and helped to row, “That squid may have acted weird but that’s no reason to end our trip early.” Alex laughed, “I thought you wanted to leave?”

“I want everyone to be happy. If you wanted to stay I was willing to.” I looked at Bones, who came across as sincere, then to Alex, “Me… too…” Alex looked out to sea. I looked to the shore. Bones dipped his head toward the floor of the boat and let out a groan. “My arms are aching.” I heard Alex reply, “But you don’t have muscles.” Bones cackled, “It’s complicated …”

“Guys… take a… look to… shore.” I pointed. I knew when they had seen what I had seen because they both gasped. What must have been around eight monsters were waiting for us at shore, aggressively moving with red eyes and ooze covered faces and bodies. Alex and Bones turned the boat to land somewhere else without exchanging a word.


[]Wednesday – Day 12

The group formulated in the main human building. All of us: Me, Bones, Alex, Jonah, my parents, and the other two humans. Jonah was the first to speak, “It’s lovely to see you all. As you may know we seem to be the last sane creatures on this planet, apart from the cattle and the fish closer to us.” He looked to me and smiled then looked to Bones, Alex, and the others one by one, smiling at us all individually. “We shouldn’t travel too far out. As stubborn as I was to fish, I don’t think it’s safe to leave our settlement or the surrounding area.” Alex looked only to Jonah when he spoke. The room feel silent as the two other humans looked at each other and nodded, my parents hugged each other, and Bones and I observed Alex and Jonah talking quietly. Bones turned to me, “what do you think about that?” I turned to the sound of his voice and looked through the holes in his skull, where his eyes should have been, “it’s a… good… measure… to have… in place… but I… feel like… I’ll get… bored.” I allowed my shoulders to drop from the weight of my arms.

“Jonah,” Bones croaked, “can we go underground?” Jonah stopped speaking with Alex, “I don’t see why not… just don’t go too deep.” Bones nodded then grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. I saw my parents disappear down the small door on the floor, presumably to go home, whereas Alex stayed speaking with Jonah as the other two humans sat and had a conversation of their own. “Where… are we… going?” I thought I’d ask Bones even though I had no choice in the matter. “I’m going to find you a pet spider.” He released me as if he knew I wouldn’t protest the idea. “That… would be… wonderful… my own… pet.” I wondered if my parents would allow it, but I figured we may not find one so there was no point crushing Bones’ excitement.

Bones walked ahead until we came to a crater in the ground, not far from our main base. I walked to be level with Bones and looked down. The ladder on the side of the brick was cut off by the blackness of the hole. “Why… not… just… take the… safe way?” Bones lowered himself onto the ladder and then I did the same. We slowly shuffled toward ground level. “I didn’t want your parents to ask questions before we found you a spider.” I stopped to look down at Bones who stopped once he noticed I wasn’t moving, “what’s wrong?” I smiled and continued to move down, “are you… in my… head?” He cackled then jumped from the ladder, his bones making a crunching noise against the ground of the cave. I lowered myself onto the floor slowly.

We quickly came to the place where I had found my parents and where we had come before to find Bones’ spider. Bones mined through some rock on the side of the stream of lava. The muffled sound of running water became clear once the first piece of cobblestone was removed. Bones moved through the gap, which was a little raised from the ground, and then helped me up through it. I stopped. I fell back against the wall. “Mum… Dad…” I yelled to my parents who were surrounded by a swarm of monsters (just like the swarm on the shore from yesterday). Bones turned, spotted the swarm, and my parents amidst, and then took out his bow to immediately start firing arrows.

He moved faster than I had ever seen a skeleton move. Each arrow connected, without fail, with a monster’s head or body (either pinning them to the ground or dropping them to floor where they failed to rise again). It was quite a beautiful sight actually. I marveled at Bones wiping out the threat of the rouge monsters whilst saving my parents in the process. I kind of felt bad for the rouge zombies, as they are part of my species, but I cared more about my parent’s safety because they weren’t trying to harm anyone.

Bones cleared a path for my parents. He waved his hand to tell them to move and then half a second later he was releasing another arrow into a creeper’s feet – so it stopped instead of exploding. It appeared to be the smart thing at the time… until Bones became trapped. He had just landed after jumping in the air and firing three arrows before his feet hit the ground. This gave my parents time to hobble over to me.

They were safe.

Unfortunately when Bones landed, the remaining monsters swarmed all around him. He swung his bow, knocking some back, and used an arrow to pierce their skulls. He was pulling the arrow out from the head of a zombie when it became stuck. This is when the remaining monsters pounced on him. I gasped in horror, limped closer to him, and then stopped. What could we do? My parents and I weren’t strong enough to help him. I simply stood still and stared in the direction of where Bones had been overrun.

After a minute or so, a bright blue light released from his body. The monsters instantly turned and started chasing us. We easily escaped through the hole. However, it took the three of us to seal the gap back up with the cobblestone. We had to crush a zombie hand which clawed at us through the gap.

Bones was gone …

I didn’t think of it at the time but that blue light must have been how he was able to talk, walk, and everything else. He dissolved into the air and I was powerless to save him.

If I had been less useless, Bones would still be here.


[]Thursday – Day 13

As my head rested on my rock, I saw Alex in a sideways view as he walked through the gap to the side of the ladder, coming from the main human house. “Jonah told me to come get you… He said you’d want to see the special ingredient.” I raised my head, looked at him in portrait, and then allowed my head to hit back down onto the rock. It hurt enough for droll to fall from my mouth. Alex’s face jumped, his hands reached out, and he came running over. “Are you okay Brains?” He pushed a hand between my head and the rock, lifted my head up, and looked at the rock. He lowered it back down gently and then sat on the floor to be eye level. “What’s wrong?”

My eyes darted anywhere but Alex’s eyes as I said: “He’s…” I took a death breath, “dead,” and then let it all out in one long sigh. Alex’s face jumped again but slower this time and his expression rose for longer. “What…” he was the one taking breaths between his words now, “…what happened?” I sat up on my rock. I looked over to my parents, who were still resting on theirs, and then looked to Alex, who didn’t look away from my vacant stare. “He… saved us,” a tear hit the floor, “he… saved us,” more tears poured from my eyes and onto the floor, “he… saved us!” I yelled, making my lip wobble. Alex rushed in to hug me. I tried to wriggle out of it and started to slap him on the back.

“I know,” he breathed, “I know it’s hard but don’t you go rejecting me at a time like this.” I pushed my face onto his shoulder and sobbed. I had never lost anyone before. Bones was a parent figure to me. Amongst the crying I thought about the good times with Bones: He had been the first person I met when I first ventured out into the world; he had shown me how to build a house; he made me laugh and always had my back. I thought about my parents being gone and couldn’t for the life of me imagine it hurting more than this (maybe the same but not more so).

I truly loved Bones as a friend. “I can’t… believe… he’s gone.” Alex held me tighter. “He was loyal… and I wish he was still with us.” I felt Alex’s head on my shoulder now. I heard him sniff back tears but eventually he let them flow. We sat there for some time weeping until my face and stomach hurt. I coughed out the last remaining tears then let Alex go and pulled away to lay my head on my rock.

He stood. I stared past him at the wall. He turned his back to me, “Come up when you’re able. Jonah says he needs to speak with the entire group.” I let his words swim into my ear without truly hearing them.

My focus engaged, “What?” By the time I replied to Alex he was already gone. I don’t want to know how long I was unaware of my surroundings for.

Bones …


[]Friday – Day 14

Jonah paced back and forth as he rubbed his chin and looked out the windows and to the hatch on the floor. We had placed a chest over the hatch and in front of the door. Jonah stopped pacing. “We have to leave.” I limped toward him. He put his arm out, aiming for my shoulder, but I slapped it away, upon which he backed up and crossed his arms with a frown. “Bones is… dead and… I don’t… want to… just leave… his body.” I felt a hand on my shoulder from behind so turned to see Alex staring past me, at Jonah. “We can’t just leave his body to rot. We need to give him a proper burial.” Jonah unfolded his arms as his head turned to the other two humans. “His body has probably been demolished by the rouge monsters…” The other two humans nodded at him then continued to talk amongst themselves.

“That’s… not true… they… killed him… then left… his body… on the… floor.” I limped closer to Jonah who kept his arms crossed and moved his eyes to the floor. I felt like he was trying to avoid the situation, “Bones… was my… friend… our friend.” He looked up to me, after resting his arms to his sides, and then spoke, all the while blinking. “I’m sorry it happened but we will end up the same if we don’t leave this planet. The spacecraft is ready; we can leave right now.” Jonah turned to the other two humans and nodded, which resulted in them moving the chest from the front door and manning the spacecraft.

“What are they doing?” – Alex was in his face now too. Jonah’s blinking stopped when he turned to Alex, “relax, they are doing a full test. We will leave tomorrow or as soon as the monsters start to overrun us. We would very much like you to join us.” Jonah turned toward the door, after staring Alex down, who didn’t reply, and saluted us before closing the door to the house.

I limped to my parents. “What… do you… want to do?” They pointed to the hatch and both said: “Hello…” the best they could. I forced a smile, “that’s not… what that… word means… but I… understand.” Alex pushed the chest away from the hatch. We made our way down to our cave. Alex placed his armor on and held his sword. I picked up a bag and flung it over my shoulder (it wasn’t the nicest way to retrieve Bones’ body but it’s all we could do).

“You ready to go?” Alex called, standing at the exit of our cave. I turned around to see my parents placing their possessions in sacks. “What are… you doing?” They dragged their bags past me and through Alex, who moved out of their way, and started to climb the ladder back to the surface. I dropped my sack and told Alex to wait.

Back in the main human house, I caught up with my parents. “Where… are you… going?” They turned, pointed to the spacecraft, through the open door, and said: “Hello…” again, the best they could. “Is that… what you… want?” I clenched my teeth and fists at the same time, “after Bones… died… saving you.” My parents weren’t acting their usual selves. They walked out of the door before I could say any more. I saw Jonah welcome them into the spacecraft. Jonah saw me from a distance, pointed to the sun, as to say it was getting late, and then jumped into the spacecraft.

Alex and I had the choice of staying on this dying planet to retrieve Bones’ body or join the only other ‘life forms’, we had meaningful relationships with, on a promising new world. Even staying in the spacecraft would be an improvement. If it wasn’t the infected seas, it was the rouge monsters threatening to invade us in our sleep, or the risk of running out of cattle.

I used the ladder to get back into the cave. I thought about what to tell Alex: Should we stay to retrieve Bones’ body or leave whilst we still had the chance?


[]Saturday – Day 15

Alex lit the Redstone which fueled the takeoff for the spacecraft (that was the special ingredient: Redstone). At the time I didn’t really even notice. I looked out of the window, straight past the illuminated crimson of the Redstone, and into the human base, specifically at the hatch. I gripped my sack tighter. I opened it and gave it a shake. A clanking noise reassured me that we had retrieved Bones’ body. I sighed then reached out to the side of where I was sitting. My parents were still strapped in but they were acting strange. They kept looking at each other and doing their best attempts of saying: “Hello.”

Jonah was flying this thing with Alex in the passenger seat incase anything went wrong. The two other humans were in the back chatting as usual. Again, at the time, I was too consumed by thoughts of Bones to care, but I wish I had spoken to them more.

It’s not a big deal now though because I’ll have plenty of time to learn about who they are on our new planet. Yes, we landed on the closet planet to ours. The takeoff was steep and brain rattling but we made it.

The planet we’re on resembles our old one before it was destroyed. Mountains and seas and the opportunity to build houses and mine underground for resources are all qualities I enjoyed about our old planet, so I’m happy to have them here. There are slight differences but nothing too peculiar. We haven’t found any monsters or cattle yet. Luckily, we brought some with us. I hope they can breed like normal on this planet.

There is so much exploring to do that I may not be able to write for a while. It’s not like anyone else has read this thing yet. However, I hope I will be able to leave it behind one day.

I dedicate this to Bones.

Until next time.


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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie (Book 2): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Mine Diary of a Minecraft Zombie (Book 2): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Mine