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Diary of a Fallen Angel


















“The Dream Weaver: Diary of a Fallen”

Written by: DeMaster A. Thomas

10/23/2008 5:42:30 PM



I am Nethaleo. I was created star eight of Nibiru. My gift is to enchant, delight, and inspire. My life with my sister, Nanna, and brother, Ninurta, was good at the time of creation. We breathed in the Tiamait and bliss was the bread of life. My father, Enlil, was the morning star. I remember the day he took us to the birth of the first sun, the Heavenly hosts were gathered together; their wings raised high, eyes glowing, singing in perfect harmony: the song of the morning. My father spent almost every waking hour preparing this gift for the Son. He said it would be the praise of the Most High, the first and only begotten Son of Elo and Queen of Heaven, Asherah. Elo was the thirteenth creation of Tiamait, the Alpha and Omega: the Infinite One.


My siblings and I practiced the Alleluia star after star to prepare for the grand gala. And finally it came. Yehoshua was born. The Elders were most pleased and they kept their promise to Elo, to give dominion over a third of all that is and all that is not. His Son, Yehoshua, was to follow in His Father’s path as Prince of all that His Father possessed. Although I was created in perfection, knowledge was still limited to me. Sometimes when I stayed with my grandfather Anu and grandmother Antu, I would sneak away down to the rivers of belief where dreams to come were revealed. It was childish, I know. But I was so curious. One star late, my friends, Natalie, Neftali, and I, went down to the rivers to see if the dreams would reveal the next creation of Elo and Yehoshua. Elo is Infinite Divinity. Elo was created by Tiamait to procreate and multiply all things known and unknown, seen and unseen. But Elo is limited. Only Tiamait has the ability to take away any creation in existence as well as manipulate the essence of time. Sometimes, Elo would have to go before the Elders for permission to create something. You see, once something is created, it can never die, only be transformed.


With all that Elo had made, the multi-verses and everything in them, the Heavenly hosts, countless in number, all beings known and unknown, including my family and me, it was still not enough. Elo longed for more. Before long, the time had come. Elo announced that a new creation was to come. A creation so grand that it would be the likes of nothing created since the creation of our kind. My father said that could not be. After all, we were the greatest creation and Elo loved us unconditionally, he said Elo would never make anything to replace us. And we believed him. The Infinite Divinity is Creator, Provider, All giving and All knowing—the Voice of the Elders and the only begotten Son of Tiamait. Never was there reason to doubt or deny anything that Elo said to be true. Before the host of my grandparents’ bloodline, there was a host that was created in countless abundance, but my grandfather said that we possessed something very special that they did not have. We possessed free will. Grandfather Anu told me that this was a very special gift that we must honor, cherish, and uphold as it was pleasing to Elo and it was good. I, like all the others of my kind, did as we were asked. We had free will and chose to love, honor, and adore all that is and all that is not.



It would soon come to pass that we would create the gratia super naturam and the summa theologica. The immortante biblia taught us every aspect and corner of known intelligence ranging from but not limited to mathematics, sciences, astronomy, communications, technology, advanced telepathy, excelled aeronautics, bio-metaphysics, and engineering. In this time, there was only one form of communication-there was no such existence as dialect or language. All knowledge was over-stood, not understood. Absolute knowledge, however, belonged only to Elo. No other being including the Son of All That Is possesses absolute knowledge. Content with what we had learned of all things known, we chose to never question the Infinite Divinity of what had passed, what was, and what was to come.


Several Ma would pass and the rivers of belief had been permanently moved for quite some time now. No one knew of Elo’s next creation anymore. We watched as galaxy after galaxy came and went, solar system after solar system was birthed and died. And then in one star it all changed. I cannot say I ever saw Enlil so excited. A superior gala was had and it was more authority at one gathering that I had seen since the birth of Prince. It was a festival like none we had ever been a part of. Arch-hosts, celestial hosts, metaphysical beings, and physical beings, all gathered at the Festival of the Prince to reveal the next creation into permanent existence. They were the guests of honor; little did the metaphysical beings know. All of Elo’s court was present for the revealing of the new age. My friends and I watched on in questionable wonder, as no one knew what was to come.


Prince Yehoshua took center throne and silence fell as the custom goes. He raised his left hand and revealed the birth of a new galaxy. The new galaxy was to be called Via Lactea. The Via Lactea was to be a gift to the guests of honor, the metaphysical beings. The metaphysical beings were multiplying in number and would soon inhabit a third of the Heavens with its counterparts and predecessors. There was so much celebration and it was good. My father, Enlil, my uncle, Enki, my father’s cousin, Marduk, and several others in our host, were called forward to be a part of this wondrous creation. Lord Elo loved my father the most before Yehoshua was born or at least it seemed at times. He often looked at Elo as his bloodline father, instead of papa Anu. This made papa Anu sad at times, but Anu said that father Enlil knew not of the limit of his emotions and was only a child lead by them. It was not long before my father’s emotions would get the best of him.


I remember after a long star, Arch-host Gabriel and father Enlil walked into the common area, yelling and shouting to one another. I was not sure of what they were discussing, and it did not matter that I could hear; they continued. Gabriel told my father,

‘You cannot do this, Lucifer! What will become of such that turns their face away from the Sun, but to burn like fire?’

‘You see how He looks at them? With such deep admiration, such love! This love is ours and ours alone. It is not of the metaphysical beings nature to know of such. They are only pure energy, nothing more. They know not of the Son and of the Infinite Divinity. It is not their place.’

‘Lucifer. Please. Listen to what you are saying. Where does this come from? You are adored equal to all. Your beauty is strength to all of your kind. Your knowledge is unsurpassable to that of a metaphysical.’

‘While this is true Gabriel, I fear something different in Lord Elo. Prince Yehoshua speaks of the great Trinity. What is this! What is this Trinity? And why does knowledge not flow abundantly of such to the beings alike! You tell me this!’

It was about this time Arch-host Michael entered and interrupted. ‘Gabriel. You know of such we are not to speak. Indeed we have the will of the Most High, set above the hosts of the Heavens, but we have also chosen to love and honor truth and will not be faltered in any way.’


With a sudden and forceful grip, I was fiercely snatched back and away from the discussion and immediately taken out of range to hear. I looked to see the large shadow of quiet strength and a humbling, belittling, humility fell upon me. It was the Arch-host Raphael, intimidating but sweet in nature. He took my ability to communicate away and looked at me with soft flames in his eyes and put his hand over his mouth. With the voice of his heart to mine, without speaking, his words fell heavily into my mind.

‘Fear not of what is to come. If you are wise, you will not go when your father goes.’

And in an instant, they were all gone. I will never forget that moment. It was the first and only encounter of the highest-ranking officers of the Most High within reach of touch. I was grateful. I tried to share what happened with my brother and sister, but they did not believe. They said that nothing was to happen to our father as he is the star of the morning and he is loved above all others. Oh how I wish I could convince them something was the matter. Neftali and Natalie also knew there was something going on, but said their families are not speaking of it. Word was spreading; rumors of anarchy among the angelic hosts. And quietly I kept the secret; my father was at the heart of it all.


Five Ga had passed, and the Via Lactea solar system was complete. Father Enlil and I spent a few stars together now that the project was finished. We shared warm thoughts of the usual…Love, existence, eternity, peace, and music was his favorite subjects. With all the beauty in Heaven, his smile would light our way as we walked. He was so alluring. So comforting. This was the Lucifer I knew. He was more than a general and soldier. He was more than a creator’s assistant, he was more than a biophysics engineer, and he was more than a leader. That star, he was none of those things; he was just -- my dad.


Yehoshua announced the completion of his father’s works and called another gathering of all to behold the next revealing. He said that for the first time in creation there would be a being of dual capacity; a being like no other. A being that will carry existence into the next astrobiological utopia. Elo spoke. All of Heaven fell in silence. Lord Elo announced that they have worked on creating a being that would be a combination of all of us. Part metaphysical; part physical, with the likeness and abilities we possess. The new solar system would be the plane of a habitable planet; this planet has been curiously and intricately designed to sustain countless forms of life. There have been only a limited number of such to survive before this one. It was not doubted that it would soon come to pass. Lord Elo was perfect in every way and we loved, honored, and cherished the Prince Yehoshua alike.


The firmaments were made, and it was good. The planets were made, and it was good. The ability to sustain life was finished, and it was good. Creatures of the air, land, and sea were made, all things, by Elo. All the while, my father and his soldiers were meeting consistently every millennium, plotting, planning, scheming, and speaking of anarchy. This was known to be of such, but never done in Heaven. It was an abomination. No creation dared turn away from the face of the Sun except to be engulfed in the fire never to return. Tiamait told this to Elo, Elo told this to Yehoshua, Yehoshua told this to us and so it was accepted to be absolute truth. No creation dare force the wrath of the Lord. Yet in the whispers, secrets were born and sadly, painfully, the brainchild was my father, whom I loved, but hurt to look upon.




The star had come and trial after trial of finding a suitable housing for the metaphysical being was complete. We watched on as several versions were created and destroyed up to this point. Elo was a perfectionist as Elo was perfection and only created perfection. Lord Elo was without error—without mistake. We knew the revealing would be awesome and of great wonder and amazement. Prince Yehoshua spoke, and silence fell.

Let us make them in our own image. So shall it be.’

And it was done. Whatever the Lord spoke into reality, it came to be. Elo lifted his right hand and all the metaphysical beings began to weep uncontrollably. And in an instant, the elements of the Heavens and earth came together to form the new being. Prince Yehoshua called upon the first of their kind and said, ‘remember this always. Surely you were created in love. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. I give to you the greatest gift my father gave to me.’

And in an instant, Lord Elo took the metaphysical being into his mouth and kissed the lips of the empty shell made from stardust and earthly elements and in less than an instant; the first being of your kind was born. The resounding voices of the hosts filled the Halls of Souls as the Arch-hosts looked on in amazement and joy. We all cried in honor, love, and admiration of the new son of Elo. Elo spoke, and silence fell.

You shall be called Adam as you are the first of yours.’


Adam. This was our brother, a part of our own being—a part of our own experience in existence. And it was good. You were not like that of the Neanderthal before you. You did not descend from apes or monkeys. There was no natural evolution starting with a big bang. It was actually a small bang, clashing and meshing of microcosmic cellular structures, which formed the core of the earth and everything in it and around it. Every complex detail down to the microbial was purposefully, specifically designed and placed into the life cycle. And then came you. You possessed something special. Something sacred. Something no other creation on earth possessed until now. You possessed the raw, pure, unique energy of the Creator. You were thinking beings, like us, with the ability to experience thought and emotion. You were also immortal and abundant in knowledge.


My father and his army had been plotting against the metaphysical beings since before your completion and it was only a matter of time before they would execute their plan of anarchy against Lord Elo. In the beginning, Elo spent most of the stars with the first being of your kind. Together, they gave name to everything on earth that Elo created. One by one he brought every creature before Adam to give a name. Adam was placed in an earthly state of innocent bliss. It was ultimate happiness. The land was plentiful in resources and rich with milk and honey. Gaia provided her child with nourishment, maintenance, and upkeep of the organic biodegradable suit that housed the energy within. But like all beings before Adam, his abilities were limited.


While you were abundant indeed, you were limited in knowledge, like those of my kind. There was a river of belief on Earth just as there was in Heaven many Ga ago. All the knowledge Adam and the others of your kind possessed was given to you directly from Elo. Adam knew not of the capacity. Prince Yehoshua personally and intimately engaged with the metaphysical beings and with each Ma that passed in Heaven, a day passed on earth and countless hosts of metaphysical beings were given the gift of life through the Prince and the Lord. It was just as my father said it would be. Surely, they appeared to love them more than us. But it was not true. This was what my father wanted others to believe so that he would not lose his good name with the soldiers and the other hosts. But the high ranks knew of my father’s planning and reported all they knew to the Most High. So without hesitation, Elo placed Cherubim to surround all points of your earthly dwelling. The original home of the first humans was as long as the river of belief, measuring four thousand one hundred and fifty miles.


Cherub Pishon guarded the northern most point, cherub Gihon guarded the southern most point, while cherub Tigris guarded the eastern most point and cherub Euphrates guarded the western most point. While cherubim were most certainly strong and protective, they were not as cunning as Lucifer. I just stood by as my father continued to plot against Prince Yehoshua and Lord Elo. It was an outrage and a far cry from anything ever witnessed before. When Elo was not present, my father would enter the Earth and walk among the thinking beings of Adam. Lucifer possessed the ability to transform and manipulate his exterior appearance. You were limited indeed. You could communicate with all living creatures of the Earth, but could not transform your flesh, shape shift or even fly for that matter. And my father knew it. He knows everything about you from the moment you were created to the moment your kind was placed on Earth.


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Diary of a Fallen Angel

An angel fallen from Heaven escapes Hell to save humans from the Anti-Christ and the Apocalypse. Based on the chronicles of a diary found in the Alaskan mountains, it has been studied by theologians and scholars and alike and to this day, it is uncontested if the information contained is truth, fiction or a frightening awakening combination of both. Either way, it will make you rethink your own humanity and the world as we know it.

  • Author: DeMaster Thomas
  • Published: 2016-07-01 04:20:27
  • Words: 32325
Diary of a Fallen Angel Diary of a Fallen Angel