Diary of a Crafty Archer, Book 1: Mysterious Disappearances




Diary of a Crafty Archer, Book 1: Mysterious Disappearances

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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







Table of Contents

Day 1 – Monday


Day 2 – Tuesday


Day 3 – Wednesday

Day 4 – Thursday

Day 5 – Friday

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Day 1 – Monday

School is over for the day. I got in trouble, however, and I have to stay thirty minutes late. My punishment is writing in this journal. It was given to us a week ago. We were supposed to write down everything we did in class but I sort of forgot to write in it. I didn’t mean to! But I’ve been so busy. See, Jason found this secret cave at the edge of the village and I just forgot to write in it. We were making plans to go explore it. But we can’t let our parents know or we’ll get in big trouble.

My teacher, Miss Ivy, says that no one actually reads these journals. It is just supposed to be a way to practice our writing skills. So, I guess I can write about the cave we found while I wait to be allowed to go home.

Jason normally goes exploring. He gets in trouble more than I do. Our parents are very protective and don’t think we should be going outside the limits of the village. But Jason and I are almost of age and will be able to leave the village if we want soon. Mom hates the idea of us leaving already. I don’t know if I am actually going to go right away. But it is tempting when I think about finishing school and setting out into the unknown with my best friend.

Anyway, Jason found some cave near the beach. There was a big storm a few days ago. I mean, it was massive. The storm that rolled in was probably the biggest storm I had ever seen in my entire life. My parents and I huddled in one of our rooms and waited for it to end.

When it finally did, some of the village had gotten ruined. Three people went missing. We haven’t found them yet. I didn’t know any of them personally but it is still weird that people from our very own village went missing.

Anyway, Jason and I signed up to help look for them. We were sent to look around the beach. The beach was full of old debris that had come up from the ocean. All sorts of strange objects had washed up. It looked like things from different civilizations had appeared.

Jason crossed a hill near the beach and that was when he had lost his footing. I watched him. He was there one second and gone the next! I had run over to see where he had gone and almost fell in myself. The ground had opened up. I guess it had shifted somehow in the storm.

Anyway, there was a cave in the side of the hill now. Jason had lost his footing and had fallen and hit the floor of the cave. He was sitting in the mouth of the cave, looking at it wide-eyed. I scampered down to get to him.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“I’m okay. Hey, Lara, have you seen anything like this before?”

I looked into the entrance of the cave with him. It was dark. We couldn’t hear anything from it either. It just seemed like the quickest way to the end of the world. But there was something else too – I could feel it very faintly. It was like a soft wind was coming out of the cave. Was I imagining it? I was going to ask Jason if he felt the wind as well when someone shouted down at us.

“You two alright?”

I looked over and saw that it was Old Matthew. He’s ancient. The oldest person in our village by far. No way he’d be able to get down to the cave. The hill was too steep.

“We’re okay!” I shouted back at him.

I helped Jason get to his feet. He brushed the dirt of his jeans and we climbed back up the hill. Once we got to the top, Old Matthew looked at the cave.

“Is that new?”

“I think so,” I told him, “I don’t remember it being there before. Must have opened when that storm rolled through.”

“I guess so,” Old Matthew answered and then looked us over, “Come on, you two. No use hanging around caves.”

We haven’t been able to go back since but I know Jason is itching to explore it. Once we were alone, I asked if he felt the wind too and he said that he had!

Something is definitely down there. I can feel it!


Mom was not pleased at all I got in trouble at school today. I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just hard to pay attention when I’m thinking of other things I can go do – like explore that cave, for instance.

Dad was out in the fields later so mom was making dinner. She was banging pots and pans around. That’s how I knew she was angry with me.

“I swear on the Nether, Lara, I just don’t understand why you can’t sit still and behave.” She said as she started to grill the pork chops.

“I try to, mom. Really, I do.”

“You have your head in the clouds. You’re going to be considered an adult soon. Then what are you going to do? You can’t be thinking you can run off and explore all the time.”

“There are lots of adventurers out there.”

“Lara, please,” Mom said to me, “Stop being silly.”

She thinks I’m being silly but I swear I’m not. I’m not trying to be difficult either. Mom thinks I read books of adventuring too much and I have my head in the clouds. But I just know that exploring is going to be my thing. I can feel it. Does that sound silly? I just know if I head out into the world, I could find some great and wonderful new things. Things that people have thought were lost to us!

The missing villagers have my parents on edge. I understand they just want me to be safe. I don’t want to cause them any worry or concern. But it is so hard when all you want to do is explore!


Day 2 – Tuesday

A storm is whipping through the village right now. I am in my room, writing in this by candlelight. Jason is over. He had come over for extra tutoring lessons from my dad when the storm kicked up.

It came out of nowhere! It really did. One second, Jason was being tutored and I was painting a picture of our farm lands. The next second, I stopped, my brush in the air, as I saw dark clouds billowing towards us. They were coming from the beach.

“Where is mom?” I asked my dad.

I must have sounded funny because dad looked up and out the window. He saw the storm clouds instantly and went off shouting for my mom to get inside. I swear, I have never been so afraid. Even Jason was up and trying to run out to help dad get mom inside. I just stood there, stuck. I couldn’t stop staring at this giant storm rolling in, out of nowhere, and I was terrified mom was going to get stuck in it.

At the last possible second, mom got into the house. Jason shut the door behind her. That was when the storm hit. It felt as if it shook the entire house to its core. I dropped the paint brush, snapping out of my fog. Jason grabbed my arm and tugged me towards my parents.

We quickly began to board up the windows. Since we had done this last storm, the process was a lot faster. This time we had everything sealed up in minutes. All we’ve been doing since is waiting it out. Mom and dad are in the other room. Their heads are bent together and they are whispering things.

Jason came over shortly after everything was boarded up to speak to me.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied.

“You totally froze back there,” He said, “I mean, it was like someone glued you to the floor.”

He was right. I had gotten stuck. The fear of my mom being stuck out there had left me frozen. I looked away, embarrassed.

“I got scared,” I mumbled, “So I just…”

“Hey,” Jason replied and looked at me, “It’s okay to get scared, Lara. Are you kidding? I’d be scared too if my mom had been out there while some giant, scary storm rolled in.”

“I still should have helped,” I said, “Instead, I just stood there. How can I say I want to explore and then when danger comes, I just stand there?”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I’m fine,” I mumbled, feeling silly, “It won’t happen again.”

While I appreciated how nice Jason was being, I still feel bad for freezing like that. When it comes to danger, I won’t lock up again. I will make sure I help.


It feels as if this storm will never stop. The rain sounds as if a waterfall is being poured directly on our house. We had some minor flooding in the kitchen but dad and I were able to stop the leak. Mom gave us all left over pork chops and milk for dinner.

Out of boredom, I spent some time cleaning up dad’s old armor and weapons. It is supposed to be a chore of mine, although I guess I am a little lazy about it. As I sat in the corner and cleaned off his diamond armor, I admired the way the light hit in the candle light.

“I haven’t used that armor in years.” Dad said, sitting next to me.

“It’s really pretty,” I reply and hit it with my knuckle, “And strong.”

“The strongest armor you can get. I don’t fit in it now anymore. Might fit you though.”

“Really?” I asked, now curious.

“The cut is mostly the same. Might be a little big on you but we can adjust it. Why don’t you try it on? Not like there is anything else to do right now.”

“What, really?”

When he nodded his head, I jumped to my feet and picked up the diamond armor. I had secretly been dying to try on dad’s old diamond armor for ages. He helped me get it on and I moved around in it.

“A little big here. Understandable since I had this as a teenage boy and you’re a girl.” He said, pinching my cheek.

Jason came out of the other room and saw me in the armor, “Looks good on you.”

“Do I look scary?” I asked, teasing him.

Jason laughed at me. I moved around the room in it, getting used to it. Dad took measurements and scribbled them down on a sheet of paper. The armor was heavy. I wasn’t use to it. I had my own leather armor that I had made myself. But this armor was heavy on defense. I liked the way it felt. I was sure I could get used to it.

When I got out of the armor, I ran my fingers over it. Somehow, the fact it was my father’s, made it more special to me.

Now I am supposed to be sleeping. But the storm is still raging. It is unsettling, as if it is angry at someone and is lashing out. Jason is snoring across the room. He has no trouble falling asleep in any situation.

I am going to try to sleep now. Hopefully, the storm will stop and everything will be okay tomorrow.

Day 3 – Wednesday

I had a dream last night.

In it, I was walking towards the beach. I could hear someone in the cave calling out to me. They wanted me to come see them. The village was engulfed by the storm but somehow, just around me, it didn’t touch me. It was as if I had a big bubble around me, keeping me safe.

I walked across the village, ignoring the storm. The voice from the cave turned into multiple voices. They were calling my name. I had to get to them. I had to hurry –

Suddenly, I was awake. I was staring up at Jason’s face.

“Geez!” I exclaimed, sitting up and almost hitting his head with mine, “What are you doing?”

“You were making strange noises in your sleep. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“The storm finished. Apparently, more people went missing. Come on.”

Jason was off before I could ask him for more information. I found myself sitting in bed, thinking over the dream. It had felt so real. I know that sounds silly. It’s a dream. Clearly, they aren’t real. But the way the voices sounded – it really felt as if they were all calling to me from the cave.

I pushed the dream from my mind. If Jason knew I was giving any serious thoughts to dreams, he’d make fun of me. I showered, dressed and went out into the living room. Only mom was there.

“Jason and your father went down to the village square to try to help,” Mom said to me when she saw my face, “You should eat before you go.”

“I didn’t say I was going to go.”

Mom gave me a look, “I knew you, Lara.”

I sat down at the kitchen table and ate my food. I tried to eat slowly. Mom pressed her hand against my forehead.

“Are you okay?” She asked me.

“I’m fine. I didn’t sleep well. I had dreams.”

Mom sat down across from me. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail and she was playing with a bracelet around her wrist. The gesture was so familiar that it made me feel a bit better. The dream faded to the background for a little bit.

“Jason said some people have gone missing,” I said to her, “Is that true?”

“Yes. Four people this time. Gone in the storm.”

“Do you think –” I hesitated, “Do you think the storm is taking people?”

Mom’s eyebrows went up in surprise, “The storm is taking people?”

“Or there is something in the storm,” I went on quickly, “Like, monsters. Taking people.”

“The people were all outside when the storm hit,” Mom said thoughtfully, “I don’t know, Lara. Seems farfetched but…”

“How else would people be vanishing?” I finished for her, suddenly excited by my idea.

“Finish eating first.” Mom said sternly, knowing I wanted to take off to meet up with dad and Jason.

I finished eating quickly and took off. As soon as I stepped outside, I stopped. The ground was so full of water from the storms that it felt as if I had stepped onto a giant sponge. I squished my feet around for a few moments before I set off.

My family lives on a hill. All the farmers live up here. The hill flattens out and we have plenty of farmland. Mom was born in this village. My dad had been a traveling merchant when he found her here. He gave up being a merchant and settled down here to marry her. Mom taught him everything she knew about farming. Sometimes I ask dad about the world outside the village. I imagine it to be very large and full of adventure.

I could see instantly as I went down the hill that the village had suffered some damage from the force of the storms. The baker’s shop had a sunken roof that people were trying to repair. Old Matthew was shouting at someone as they tried to fix the well in the middle of the village. A few people were replacing windows.

Everyone seemed mostly centered in the village square. I could tell instantly people were bickering about what to do next. I saw Jason and dad on the edge of the crowd. They were talking to small group of people who weren’t involved in the fighting. As I got closer, I heard them talking about sending out search and rescue teams. The group of people fighting were fighting loudly about the storms and what was causing people to go missing.

“Hey, you’re here,” Jason said when he saw me, “We’re trying to organize rescue teams.”

“How many people are missing? Mom said it was like four people.”

Jason nodded, rattling off four names of people I didn’t know too well. I jutted my chin out to the direction of the fighting crowd.

“What’s going on there?” I asked.

Jason sighed, “They’re just fighting about what caused people to go missing instead of actually working to go find the people who went missing.”

“What do they think it is?” I asked.

Dad spoke up then, “They think the storm is snatching people. Old Matthew has everyone convinced it’s this legend of Ender Dragon, where the dragon sends in all this crazy weather to snatch people up and take them to the End.”

“People are believing it too,” Jason said, “They really think the Ender Dragon is sucking people in to the End to grow stronger. Or something. The whole thing is silly.”

“I want to help look,” I tell dad who nods and turns to face someone else who is trying to get his attention. I take this chance to pull Jason close, “We have to get into that cave.”

“What? Why are you thinking about that now?”

I lower my voice, “I think the cave has something to do with this.”

“Are you okay? Did you hit your head?” He asks, going to touch my hair.

I gently smack his hand out of the way, “I’m not kidding!” I lower my voice after I realize some people are looking over, “I’m not kidding.” I repeat.

“Why do you want to go there?”

Quickly, I tell him my dream. I can tell it doesn’t convince him. I don’t blame him. I know it sounds crazy to want to go there and see if the missing people are in the cave. But the dream won’t leave me. The storm and the cave – for some reason, I can feel that it is linked. Somehow.

Jason thinks I’m crazy but he agreed to come check out the cave with me. Everyone is wrapping up on deciding where to send out the rescue teams so I’ll write more when I can.

Day 4 – Thursday

We are on lunch break. No one has showed up yet. Because we are younger, we got stuck checking out the farmland for the missing people, as if we are going to find them in a pile of turnips or something. I could tell Jason was upset that we were assigned to the farms. But I know why dad did it.

We are crossing one of the fields when Jason finally asks, “Why do you think the cave is linked to these missing people?”

“A feeling, I guess. That sounds lame, doesn’t it?”

“Just a bit. I mean, logical, it makes zero sense. I know we found that cave and we both want to go check it out. But I don’t see what it has to do with missing people.”

“Nothing, I guess,” I said, feeling a little defeated, “But I had a dream.”

“What was it?”

I recapped the dream, feeling sillier with each passing moment. I can tell when I finish that Jason had been hoping for a better dream. Maybe he was hoping for something a little more concrete. Instead, all I did was tell him I had dreamt about voices coming from the cave and the storm not touching me.

“Well, that’s interesting,” He said kindly, “But I don’t know if it proves there is anything from the cave.”

“What about what Old Matthew said?”

“The thing about the Ender Dragon taking people? Really, Lara? You know he’s full of all sorts of crazy stories.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I replied, although I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Now that we are eating lunch, I can completely understand why Jason thought my dream was silly. In the glaring light of the day, even I find it completely silly. So, what, I heard the voices? It was all in a dream. There isn’t anything coming out of the cave –


Day 5 – Friday

My last entry was cut off because I heard it. Right then and there. I could hear it. It drifted over the wind. People calling my name!

I stood up suddenly. Jason, with a mouthful of food, looked up at me.


“You don’t hear it?” I asked him.

It flew over the wind again. It was quiet. Like a song playing far away. But this time it wasn’t a dream.

“Lara, did you hit your head or something?”

“It’s coming from the cave. I have to go to it now.”

I grabbed my bow and set of arrows that I had brought, just in case, and started cutting across the field. Jason scrambled to his feet and grabbed my arm.

“Whoa, hey, listen, we can’t just run off to the cave. We have to find the missing people.”

“They’re there, Jason, in the cave! I know it. I can hear them calling to me.”

“Listen,” He looked at me oddly, “Maybe we should get your dad.”

Suddenly, the voices got very loud. It was as if my head was filled with them yelling my name at me. I turned around. The wind was picking up.

“Jason, go warn everyone. Another storm is coming.”


I shook him by the shoulders, “A storm is coming! Go get everyone inside!”

There was a sudden gust of wind. No one else seemed to pay it any attention down below in the village square. But Jason glanced at me and took off. The wind was picking up. I ran off as well, down the hill. But my goal was different. I needed to get to the cave.

People began to flee and run inside their homes. With more warning, I knew that more people would find shelter. I was relieved that Jason had taken me at my word and ran off to let everyone know.

I stopped in my tracks. I could see the storm forming on the beach. It was gathering strength and darkening the sky. People were shouting at each other. Someone bumped into me as they ran passed.

I had to get into that cave. I gripped my bow. I knew that the cave would lead me to the missing villagers. What if I only could get to them when one of these storms whipped through?

The storm had made the entire sky dark. The wind was pushing against me as I made my way through the village. Some people yelled at me to get inside a house but I couldn’t. I needed to get to the cave.

There was a violent gust of wind that knocked me to my feet. I landed with a heavy thud against the cobblestone and looked up at the storm. It seemed unnatural in almost every way.

I pressed up against the ground and took off again down the streets. The closer I got to the storm, the stronger the wind seemed to get.

And suddenly, the storm began.

Big buckets of rain began to pour from the sky, as if it had opened up on the village. The rain felt heavy. It smacked against my skin and left red marks along my arms. Still I walked. My clothes were soaked through.

I heard a noise. It was different than the voices, however. There was something terrifying about it. It was like a low shriek. Were these the creatures that were coming into the village and stealing the villagers?

I pressed on. No way was I going to turn back now. I could barely see. Everything around me was a sheet of rain. The wind was howling in my ears. Every movement seemed to take ages. Every step I took felt as if I was walking in quicksand.

Then that strange noise came again – this time directly in front of me. Out of the darkness came some strange creature. He was very tall with empty looking eyes. He looked as if he was in pain although I don’t know what could have been causing him any sort of grief.

He lunged at me. I barely had any time to think. I spun to the right and hit the ground and looked up. The creature suddenly vanished. What was that? I tried to think back to my lessons. All I could picture was a creature I had read in stories as a kid – Endermen who lived in the End. They were soulless looking things, with long limbs and the ability to teleport. They also were apparently weak to water…which I guess would explain why he was screaming so much in the storm.

My heart was beating so fast as I got up again. Those Endermen creatures could be anywhere! If they were in this storm somewhere, it would explain why people were missing. Maybe Old Matthew was telling the truth. Maybe his legend wasn’t fake.

I took off again in the rain. Somewhere, I could hear a man yelling. The voice sounded familiar.

“Get off!” The man screamed.

It was impossible to see in this storm. But if someone was in trouble or an Enderman was trying to take them, there was no way I could just walk by. I had to help.

Even though the winds were crazy, I took off to find the source of the voice. It was bothering me that I seemed to know the person who was yelling. I almost tripped over a rock but managed to keep myself upright.

It was then that I saw who it was.

“Jason!” I shrieked.

He looked over at me. An Enderman was going after him, trying to collect him. I raised my bow but the wind was so strong that there was no way my arrow would hit it.

So instead I ran. I ran at full speed, trying not to lose my footing. The Enderman, clearly weakened by the water, was howling and trying to snatch up Jason. Jason was swinging his sword wildly. When he saw me coming, he yelled something but I didn’t hear him. His voice was lost on the wind.

I leapt off the ground and tackled the Enderman. He struck the ground and we rolled around in the mud. Then suddenly he was gone. Jason helped me to my feet.

“The cave!” I shouted.

He didn’t protest. I didn’t even have time to ask him why in the Nether he was here with me instead of safely in a house.

We were at the edge of the village by this point. We both scrambled down the beach, rolling around in the sand. The waves knocked against our knees. We were in the center of the storm now. I couldn’t hear anything except the wind howling. Jason grabbed my arm and together we held each other up as we made our way to the cave.

I almost lost my footing and fell down the hill like Jason had earlier. He grabbed me at the last moment. I could hear the voices now. They were like a loud chorus, yelling out for me.

I never heard the Enderman. He appeared behind us and struck me. I instantly lost my footing. The ground moved from underneath me. The storm beat against my face and I was rolling down the hill. For a few seconds, there was nothing except rolling down the hill and the sound of the wind.

Finally, I hit the ground. I opened my eyes but I was only pelted by rain. Dimly, I saw a shadow approach me. I rolled to the right quickly and dodged the attack from the Enderman. He clearly wasn’t trying to kidnap me. No, he wanted me out of the way.

I heard Jason cry out again. Through the rain, I could see him being dragged into the cave. I grabbed a rock and threw it but the wind took it away. I yelled for Jason but I don’t think he heard me through the storm.

Suddenly the Enderman was grabbing my feet. I kicked wildly. One of my kicks landed in his face and he teleported. I took the few seconds I had and took off running. I had to get to Jason. If he got dragged away from me, I’d lose him forever! I had to make sure I got to him!

My back was hurting from where I had been struck. I was out of breath. I was soaked to the bone. But there was no way I was stopping now. Jason was supposed to come with me to the cave but it was clear that the Endermen wanted me out of the way. I couldn’t stop to think about why that was right now.

I pushed forward and I took off. I could hear an Enderman behind me but the water made them slow. It was their weakness and for some weird reason, they were shoved right in it. How could they come after me if they were covered in water? This thought propelled me. It made me run as hard and as fast as I could. Suddenly, I was through the cave entrance. I hit the ground hard. I could feel my hands scrape across the cave floor. But I rolled into something. No, someone.


He was crumbled up in a ball. I shook him but suddenly the entire cave was shaking violently. I threw myself over him to protect him from the sudden cave-in. When the world finally stopped shaking, I drew a deep breath and opened my eyes.

There was no light. There was nothing. I looked over to the cave entrance and my heart skipped a beat.

We were trapped.

About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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Diary of a Crafty Archer, Book 1: Mysterious Disappearances

GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Lara has always dreamt of adventure. However, her small village offers no sense of exploration or excitement. With her best friend, Jason, the two of them dream of a bigger world. When villagers start disappearing in strange storms, Lara is determined to help. When the two friends find a cave, they think of it as a fun thing to explore and nothing else. But as time goes on, Lara discovers that the cave might be more than what they originally thought. As she has strange dreams about the disappearances, she doesn’t hesitate to throw herself into the thick of things. She wants to help save the village – even if it means putting herself in danger. Jason is on the fence about Lara’s idea. But everything changes one day. The two friends must venture into the great unknown together and hope they remain unscathed. Will they find the secret of the missing villagers or will it be too late for them? Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • ISBN: 9781311299543
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2016-01-14 11:50:09
  • Words: 6089
Diary of a Crafty Archer, Book 1: Mysterious Disappearances Diary of a Crafty Archer, Book 1: Mysterious Disappearances