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Diary of a Courageous Ocelot, Book 1: The Missing Ocelot


Diary of a Courageous Ocelot, Book 1: The Missing Ocelot

Copyright 2015 Mark Mulle

Published by Mark Mulle at Shakespir





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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Day 1

Hi! My name is Lilly and I’m an Ocelot. I’ve decided to start writing my own diary, to record all of my daily life events. I live in the jungle with my mother Bella and my younger brother Olly. We take care of each other and we’re waiting for the day our father Milo returns from his big trip. I feel like I still have a lot to learn and great things to see, since my brother and I have never left this jungle. Our mother says it’s a dangerous world out there, but I really want to know what’s waiting for us outside.


Day 2

Living in the jungle is great. My little brother and I get to play all day through the woods, it’s always so much fun! I also like how beautiful this place is. Mom says there are places outside the jungle without a single tree. I can’t imagine how bad it might be to live in a place without any trees around! It must be ugly and weird.

Anyway, today we had fun playing hide and seek. We played until dark, and mom called us to return home. I want to go to the river tomorrow, but Olly doesn’t. I guess I will have to go there by myself, but mom says we should never go far from home alone…

Ah well. Better get some sleep!


Day 3

Today I woke up with Olly yelling my name.

- “Lilly! You should see this! Come quick!” he said.

- “What’s going on, Olly?”

He took me outside to a small ravine not far from our home, where many trees had completely disappeared.

- “See? The trees are gone!”

- “Wha… When did this happen?” I asked him.

- “I think the real question is, who or what did it?”

- “We should go back and tell mom. She might know something about it.”

When we got home, our mother was retuning from the river after catching some fish for lunch.

- “Mom, someone destroyed the trees in the ravine!” Olly said.

- “Really? Oh… That can’t be. No not them again…”

- “What? Who are you talking about mom?”

- “The humans. They must have caused that.”

- “Humans?”

- “Yes… They are creatures who have spawned in this world a few years ago. They can destroy and craft many things with their hands, and they are dangerous. If the trees were destroyed, the humans must be in this area.”

- “Oh… That’s bad! What are we going to do now?” I asked.

- “Get inside. We need to hide for now… We’ll check the ravine tomorrow.”

What are humans? I have never seen one, but apparently mom has. We need to find out what they are doing in our jungle.


Day 4

Today, we went to the ravine to investigate. We had to make sure the humans were not in the area anymore. When we got there, we noticed nothing else had changed from the previous day.

- “There it is, mom.”

She observed the area for a few seconds.

- “Yes. Humans.”

- “…. And?” Olly said.

- “And nothing. They are not in the area. Humans are lousy and are always breaking and building stuff. I bet they searched the ravine for materials and chests and eventually left, so we are not in danger.”

- “Phew, that’s good to know. I feel relieved now!” said Olly.

- “Of course you do, you’re always such a coward haha” I said.

- “Mom, Lilly is teasing me again!”

- “Bah, don’t whine little brother. You know I’m just joking!”

- “Now you two. Let’s go back home, and for the next weeks I don’t want you two playing too far from our house. We need to be cautious.”

We returned home and continued with our chores. But of course, Olly and I didn’t stop thinking and talking about the humans. What exactly are they,and what were they doing in the ravine?


Day 5

I wanted to do something new. I’m tired of just playing in the jungle, I want to get inside that ravine and see for myself what the humans were looking for!

I told Olly about my plan but he was scared as always.

- “But but Lilly! It can be very dangerous! We should NOT go there, what if mom finds out?”

- “Ah don’t worry Olly, just don’t tell her and I bet she will never find out. I really want to see what is inside the ravine, what if we find something cool?”

- “I don’t know, Lilly… I don’t think that is a good idea…”

- “C’mon bro, I need your help. And don’t worry, I will take care of you if anything happens.”

- “sigh. If I don’t go with you, you’ll go there by yourself. I’d rather help you then…”

- “Thanks Olly, now let’s get going!”

We went to the ravine in the jungle. The place still looked the same, so fortunately the humans had not returned. We climbed down one block at a time, carefully watching our surroundings. Once we got to the bottom, we realized how dark it was inside.

- “Lilly… It’s so ceepy down here! Are you sure you want to go through this?”

- “Ah, the dark doesn’t scare me! Let’s keep going Olly.”

It was hard to see anything in front of us. But there was a very small light, deep down in the ravine.

- “See that Olly? What could it be?”

- “I don’t know Lilly, and I’m not sure I want to know!”

- “Let’s go, we’re already here!”

As we walked into the cave, the light got brighter. It was impossible to figure out what it was, but I wanted to go further. What if there’s a secret place in there, full of goodies for us? It might even contain a lot of food. That would be awesome, we wouldn’t have to worry about hunting our own food for weeks!

But of course, it was too good to be true. A few feet away and we realized it was just a stick on fire glued to the wall.

- “Huh, who put that on the wall?” I said.

- “No idea Lilly, but I’ve never seen one of those before!”

When we approached the object in an attempt to discover its origin, we saw two humans surfacing from a hole next to that thing.

- “Oh, what are two wild ocelots doing down here?” one of them said.


We rushed out of the dark towards the exit and climbed the blocks very fast, not even looking back to see if the humans were chasing us. They were not, and we made it home safe and sound. Mom was home, and she asked us where we had been.

- “Why are you two so tired? You are both up to something, aren’t you.”

- “No… Mom… In the ravine…” I was still catching some air after running so fast.

- “What is in the ravine, Lilly?”

- “Humans… They were inside the ravine!” Olly said.

- “Oh, no. I can’t believe you two went inside the ravine! What have I told you about exploring dark places?”

- “But mom, we just wanted to take a look! And the humans are still there mom! That’s terrible, we need to…”

- “We don’t need to do anything Lilly! The humans must be mining the ravine to get new ores and items. Now you two will stay all day until we make sure the humans are gone. Did you hear me?”

- “Yes, mom.” We both said.

We spent the rest of the day inside… But I wonder how does mom know so much about the humans?


Day 6

Today during lunch I wanted to know more about them… the humans. And why mom knew so much about them.

- “So… Mom, can I ask you something about the humans?”

- “I think so.”

- “Erh, how do you them so well? And why are you always telling us to stay away from them?”

- “Lilly, we just do. Your father and I are much older than you, we’ve seen many things in our lives. Now eat up.”

- “But mom, what’s wrong with humans? What are they, and what are they doing here?”

- “They’re creatures just like us, but they can destroy and build everything they want. They have been destroying many forests and biomes for years, that’s why you should stay away from them.”

- “Does this have anything to do with dad’s trip?”

- “It does not, Lilly!”

- “Of course it does, mom… Dad is gone for over 2 weeks! Olly and I have been waiting for him for so long, so please tell us where he is!”

- “Fine. Do you both want to know where your father is?”

- “Yes” we both said.

- “Your father is looking for a new jungle for us. We need to find a new place to live, because Milo has noticed the presence of humans in this area in the past months.”

- “So let them stay in this area.” I said.

- “That’s not how it works, Lilly. Every biome visited by humans ends up completely destroyed.”

- “What do you mean?”

- “Let me tell you both a story. When your father and I met for the first time, we lived in a different jungle far from here. We were happy together and lived a great life, until the day a group of humans destroyed the forest and built a city. We had to find a new place to live, and your father searched for many days until he found this abandoned hut. It was probably built by another human but it has been abandoned since, and we moved in. You both were born here, and we have enjoyed a peaceful life in these past years. Recently, we’ve noticed many humans coming and going in the surroundings, and your father believes they’re going to build new cities here. That’s why he is on a journey: to find us a new place to stay.”

- “But mom, why did he go alone? We should have gone with him! What if he is in danger?”

- “Don’t be silly. Your father is brave and strong, Lilly. He can take care of himself just fine.”

- “Mom, he should have returned by now! We should go search for dad!”

- “Lilly stop it! Eat your food, and I don’t want to hear anything else about this.”

I want to help my dad… But how am I supposed to do that when my mom doesn’t want to?



Before mom left the house to hunt she said.

- “And you’d better stay off trouble for today.”

- “We will, mom.” I said.

When she left, Olly invited me to go out and play hide and seek. I was still upset with mom for not going out to help dad, but I accepted Olly’s invite to wind up a bit.

Olly counted and I went to the woods to hide. We always agreed on not leaving the area near our house, otherwise it would be unfair for the person counting. I wanted to have some fun with Olly, and I hid next to the ravine. He would never look for me in that area! A few minutes later, I heard a strange noise coming behind the ravine. What could it be? I decided to take a look…

I approached the trees carefully, trying to find out the origin of the sound. Then, I saw the two humans from yesterday destroying one of the trees! They were using a strange tool, formed with a stick and a sharp rock tied to the other side.

- “How much wood do we need?” One of them said.

- “Just enough to build at least 3 double chests to store all these ores.”

I can’t believe it… They’re still in this area?

- “I’m tired of mining that ravine! When are we going back to North city?”

- “Nah, you won’t stop whining will you! Just go back to work and stop complaining. We need to bring enough to craft tons of axes, pickaxes and shovels for the city.”

- “Alright. But I’m really tired of this… Mine, mine and mine all day. When are we going to the fun part, burning down the forest and chopping everything?”

- “When it’s time. Now let’s go, we need to fill one more chest or Loki is going to make us come back here.”

That can’t be true… They’re in the ravine getting materials because they will destroy the forest! I must warn mom, I bet she will listen to me now and we will go find dad.

On my way home, I found Olly.

- “Where have you been? I’ve been searching for you for an hour! That’s not fair, you left the area!”

- “Not now Olly, there’s something I must tell mom!”

- “What is it?”

- “Just follow me.”

When we got home, mom had already returned.

- “Mom, there’s something you should know!”

- “What, Lilly?”

- “The humans are going to destroy the jungle, and this could happen really soon!”

- “What… How do you know that, Lilly?”

- “I was… Well, I was passing by the ravine and I happened to hear the two humans from yesterday talking about their work.”

- “You went to the ravine again? You never listen to me, do you Lilly?”

- “But mom, did you listen to what I just said? The forest! Gone! And soon! Humans said they’re going to Noth city to take more materials and then they will destroy the jungle! We must find dad and look for a new place to live.”

- “Lilly, I know you both are scared and really want your father to come back, but please you must stop with this crazy idea of going after your dad.”

- “Why is it crazy, mom?”

- “It’s crazy because you have never been out there before, Lilly. You don’t know how it is like outside the jungle… “

- “I know we can do it if we stay together!”

- “Lilly, enough. Go to your room and stay there for the day.”

Now I’m grounded again… I don’t know what else I can do to convince mom to go search for dad!


Day 8

Mom told me to stay home again. I guess I’m still grounded…

I was really upset. The humans must be on their way to North city and we have no idea where dad is. And here we are, doing absolutely nothing about it.

Olly tried to cheer me up with jokes and games, but I wasn’t in the mood. I just wanted to stay there, thinking about what great things we could do as a family. If we were all together, I bet dad could take us to a new place, or even come up with a good plan to stop with the forest destruction.

We need to find dad. And I will try my best to think of a good solution for this problem…


Day 9

I have come up with my own plan. I decided to go search for my dad on my own! I know mom is not going to like it, but I feel like this is the best option. I just know it.

I told Olly about my plan.

- “A…Are you crazy?? It’s super dangerous out there, Lilly! You can’t just go outside and search for dad!”

- “What else should we do Olly? Sit here and wait? No way! I’m going for it. I will find dad, and we will find a safe place for us to stay.”

- “I don’t like this plan. Not one bit.”

- “I’m leaving soon. And keep your mouth shut!”

- “You know I never tell mom anything.”

- “Thanks Olly.”

I will leave home tomorrow. Dad, I’m coming for you!


Day 10

Early in the morning, I got up and quietly left the house. It was dawn and everything was calm outside. It’s the perfect day for a trip, and a trip to reunite with dad! As I was about to leave the area, I heard a noise behind me. It was Olly!

- “What are you doing here Olly? Are you going to convince me to stay? Don’t waste your time.” I said.

- “No, that’s not what I want. I know how stubborn you are, it’s impossible to change your mind. I’m coming with you, Lilly!”

- “What? Are you sure? It’s going to be dangerous out there, and you’re not the bravest Ocelot I know.”

- “Ah quit it, big sis! I may not be strong but I’ll do my best to help you.”

- “Thanks Olly. Now let’s go! We have a long journey ahead of us.”

- “What‘s the plan, sis?”

- “Remember the humans from the ravine? Let’s go to their camp and we can follow them from there.”

- “Okay.”

I left a note before leaving home. My mom will understand. She will be super upset and I’m sure we’ll be grounded for over a month when we come back, but we’re doing this for dad!

We went to the camp where I last saw the humans. When we got there, they were gone.

- “Ah darn it! They have left, Lilly. What are we going to do now?”

- “Look down, Olly.”

We saw a few sticks and wood blocks left over the area.

- “Like mom said, humans are lousy and always breaking stuff. We should find more items like these scattered in this direction.”

We continued walking and found more items. Wood blocks, broken tools, even pieces of food such as pork and beef.

- “Now we already know which direction we must follow. Let’s keep walking, I bet we have a long way ahead of us Olly!”


Day 11

We continued our journey. Oh dear diary, I’m so glad we are doing this right now. I’m sure my father will appreciate our help.

We walked a lot during the day, always heading north. I’m not sure where we’re supposed to go, but I know dad will be on our way. We stopped by a cave to sleep, and we will continue tomorrow.


Day 12

This journey is taking so long… We walked all day and we still haven’t left the jungle. How big is this place after all?

I decided to continue walking at night, so we could get there faster.

- “But Lilly, mom always told us to never go out at night! It’s getting really dark, we should find a place to sleep…”

- “Now now, Olly. That is not needed. Mom is not here to tell us what to do.”

But a few minutes later, I realized why we weren’t supposed to go out at night: two weird creatures appeared and tried to attack us! One of the creatures was a skeleton equipped with a bow, shooting arrows in our direction. The other was a creature dressed up exactly like the humans we saw in the ravine, except this one had a green face and would moan constantly.

- “Run Olly!”

- “I’m trying!”

We ran as fast as we could, trying to evade the creatures through the jungle trees. At some point, there was a small ledge which we climbed over and hid behind a few trees. The monsters left the area.

- “ Not needed, huh?” said Olly.

- “Alright, I think we should sleep in a cave and continue next morning.”

- “But… What were those?” Olly said.

- “I’ve seen them before, but never this close. They usually spawn at night, but disappear during the day.”

Now I know why we should never venture outside at night… Lesson learned, I guess!


Day 13

We woke up very late. The sun was high in the sky when I got up.

- “Oh my gosh, wake up Olly! It’s super late, we should continue with our journey!”

We quickly got on our feet and continued walking. The jungle was seemingly endless, and it was almost dark when we finally reached the end. For the first time in our lives, we had left the jungle! Right in front of us, there were huge… structures.

I can’t tell what those structures were, but it was definitely not something we had seen before. I think this is one of those cities mom talked about. Many blocks were put together, forming even bigger blocks that were taller than the jungle trees. We could see humans inside those big blocks, so I suppose those are their houses? But why so tall and big! And there were dozens of them. No, at least 30 or more.

We hid behind the trees and waited.

- “Should we search the area and look for Dad?”

- “Looks dangerous, Lilly. We should just watch them from here.”

- “Olly, dad could be in there. We need to investigate!”

- “Not now sis, look how many humans are in that place!”

- “Good idea, lil bro. We will wait.”

And so we waited and waited for many hours…


Day 14

I feel asleep during the night, because I was tired after walking all day. Olly woke me up.

- “Lilly, wake up! Look, they are all gone. If you want to get in, we should do it now!”

- “Alright. Follow me, Olly.”

We got in and searched the area. It was a vast place, and we looked everywhere for our father. Unfortunately, we didn’t find him. However, we had a surprise: we found another Ocelot inside a small cage! He was very young, probably my age. I didn’t know why he was inside that box.

- “Look Olly, there is an Ocelot here!”

- “Please help me, you need to take me out of here!” the Ocelot said.

- “What’s you name and what are you doing there?”

- “My name is Seph and the humans locked me up here after destroying this part of the jungle. You need to take me out!”

- “Alright, we will. How do we do that?”

- “See that lever over there, the small stick pointin up? Just smash it and I should be fred.”

We did what he asked us to do, and the box was popped open.

- “Thanks, now let’s get out of here before they find us!”

But it was too late – one of the humans came out of a big box in front of us, and caught us on the spot.

- “Oh look! We have more Ocelots here!”

We ran from the human and tried to hide in the city.

- “Here, follow me!” Seph said. He took us to a small path behind the boxes, where we could safely hide from the humans.

- “We must return to the jungle as soon as they stop chasing us.” He said.

We stayed there for a few hours, waiting for the humans to go away. When it was finally safe to leave, Seph led the way and took us out of the city.

After our small adventure, we went to a river to catch some fish and get something to eat.


Day 15

We talked with Seph about the jungle.

- “So, the humans locked you up in that box? What for?”

- “I have no idea, but everything happened so fast… I was chilling by the trees, minding my own business when a group of humans came out of nowhere and grabbed me.”

- “That’s bad… I hope that my father did not suffer the same fate.”

- “Who is your father?”

- “His name is Milo, and we are looking for him.”

- “Are you serious? I was with Milo five days ago!”

- “No way… In that city?” I couldn’t believe Seph.

- “Yes, the humans locked him up in my cage. Milo helped me a lot, and he stayed with me for three days until they decided to take him to another city because he was too much of a rebel.”

- “Sounds a lot like my father… Where is this other city?”

- “I don’t know for sure, but you should not go there. I heard the place has more humans than this one. It could be very dangerous for two young ocelots like you!”

- “What are you talking about? You’re the same age as us!”

- “But still. I don’t recommend going there.”

- “Listen, we’ve left our home without telling our mother, the humans are destroying our jungle and our father has been locked up in a prison. Do you really think we’ll sit here and wait for something to happen? No way! I’m going to save my dad. And we will save the jungle together!”

- “You sound determined. Very well, I will help you with your quest then. It’s the least I can do for the favor of saving me.”

- “Any idea what we should do now?” asked Olly.

- “We wait here first. Let’s see if we can find any useful informaton from the humans as to where you father might be.”

The humans got dad… Now instead of going on a mission to help our father in his quest in finding a new jungle for us, we’re going to save him.


Day 16

We stayed a few feet from the city, waiting countless hours for any information which would give us a lead on my dad’s location. It was very boring and there was nothing else for us to do. In the afternoon, however, we saw two humans walking by the city near the jungle. We approached them silently and heard their conversation.

- “Have you seen the projects they have for West city? They’re gonna make it twice larger than it is now!”

- “Indeed. We will send them materials to help with the construcion of the new bridge. Loki is doing a good job managing that city!”

The humans continued talking, and Seph had a plan.

- “Did you hear that?” Seph said. “They’re sending materials to the city. Let’s wait and they will take us straight to West city!”

- “Good idea. Do you think our dad could be there?”

- “To be fair I don’t know, but this is our best option.”

Now we just need to follow the humans to West city. I hope my father is there…



Day 17

We slept in the woods, waiting for the humans to leave the city. In the morning, we saw a group of them leaving the place and we started following them.

- “Be careful, we can’t let them notice us!” I said.

We followed them for many hours. They kept walking and walking, this other city must be really far! In the afternoon, they stopped by a tree to have lunch, and so we did.

Afterwards, they continued with their path until it was dark. The group set up camp in the forest. We will have to wait until tomorrow now.


Day 18

Today, we followed the humans on their way to West city. This journey was taking longer than we expected.

- “Lilly, back there you said something about saving the jungle with your father.”

- “Yes, that’s the plan.”

- “Mind you if I ask how? Do you have any plans to do that?”

- “To be honest, I don’t. At least not right now.”

- “That’s how Lilly is, Seph. She doesn’t think it through.”

- “Olly!”

- “What? It’s the truth!”

They both laughed.

- “I might not plan ahead, but I always come up with good ideas when needed. And you know I’m really good in saving you from tough situations, brother!”

- “Haha. That’s true.”

- “I’m sure we will find a way to save the jungle, or at least we should try.”

The humans walked all day and stopped next to a river at night. West city can’t be far now.


Day 19

We resumed our journey today, following the humans to West city. They are really slow compared to us, but we should get there eventually.

But things didn’t go as planned…

In the afternoon, they stopped to get some rest. We did the same, behind a few trees. Olly was talking with Seph about the jungle, and I was distracted with a few sheeps walking by.

- “Look what we have over here!” It was one of the humans, who had just spotted us behind the trees. “Hey guys, found some Ocelots here!”

- “Run!” said Seph.

We fled the area and ran into the woods. It was our best option to escape from the humans. They wouldn’t reach us in there. After running for minutes and making sure they were not chasing us, we stopped.

- “Ok cool, I think we’re safe now.” I said.

- “Think again…” said Seph.

- “Why? Are they still after us?”

- “No, they’re not. But we’re inside a forest in the middle of nowhere, and we’ve lost our lead to West city.”

- “Oh darn. That’s some bad news.”

Now we can no longer follow the humans and we don’t know where West city is… What are we supposed to do?

Seph told us to return to our previous location, and so we did. When we finally got there after getting lost in the forest at least 5 times, the humans were gone.

- “Well, at least we’ve got something. Let’s keep walking that way and we should get somewhere.”

We stayed in a cave for the night. I hope we’re going in the right direction, otherwise we’re just wasting our time!


Day 20

Today we followed the same route. It’s hard to tell whether we’re following the right direction or not, since we don’t see any signs of human life in the distance. Every now and then we stop by a river to catch some fish, but rivers are getting sparse the more we walk.

We traveled all day until it was dark.

- “I think we will have to stop for today.” Olly said.

- “Darn it. I think we’re going to the wrong side!” I said.

- “Calm down, Lilly. We should get somewhere soon.”

We didn’t find any caves in the area, so we just slept under the trees of the forest. Not the safest place, I know. But this is a very calm area, we should be fine.


Day 21

Well… Remember what I said about sleeping under the trees? Terrible idea.

In the middle o the night while we were asleep, we heard some noises coming from the forest.

- “What is that?” said Olly.

- “Ugh… Go back to sleep Olly, I guess it’s just the animals in the area.” I said.

- “No, those are not animals!” said Seph.

I opened my eyes again and looked around. To my surprise, I saw many creatures heading our way.

- “Zombies and Skeletons! We should get out of here, now!” said Seph.

The forest was infested with monsters. We ran into dozens of them, and they were following us. At some point we found a green creature next to a tree. This creature was very weird looking: it was standing on its two feet, and the body was completely green with a few black spots all over it. This creature had a very frightening face, and it was making a TSSSS.

- “I’ve got an idea! Follow me.” Said Seph.

He started chasing the creature. Chasing one of the monsters! How bad is that idea? But instead of attacking, the green creature was scared of him. For some reason, the monster didn’t like Ocelots. We followed Seph and he made the creature face the group of monsters following us. One of the skeletons shot an arrow at it, and the green creature exploded on them.

- “Now it’s our opportunity to find a safe place!” said Seph.

We climbed over a small ledge and reached the top of a hill. From there, we jumped on a tree near the hill and stayed there.

- “We should be safe from the monsters now.”

We spent the night on the tree. From now on, I promise: We will never ever sleep in the forests again!


Day 22

After a long night sleeping on a tree, we woke up on the next day to continue with our journey. We’ve already lost too much time and we should get to West city fast.

On our way to the city, we talked with Seph about his amazing plan.

- “Seph, how did you know that green creature could explode?”

- “Humans call them Creepers. They’re well-known in this world, and are a menace to their cities.”

- “But why was it scared of us?” Olly asked him.

- “That’s something that is yet to be explained. No one knows for sure, all we know is that Creepers hate Ocelots and Cats. That’s why humans capture us, to tame us to protect their cities.”

- “Cats? Never heard of those.”

- “It’s when humans tame you. You retain your memoy and everything else, but you become friendlier towards them.”

- “Gee, humans sure are a scary bunch. And you’re very smart, Seph! How do you know so much stuff!”

- “Haha thanks. Well I grew up in the jungle all by myself, I never met my parents and I learned a lot just by living near the humans.”

- “That’s sad. When everything is over, I guess you can come with us to our house! I’m sure you would be a great new addition to the family.”

- “Really? Thanks for the proposal!”

After a long day walking, still nothing. We should have known West city was not so close after all.



Day 23

We got up on our paws very early. We had to continue, otherwise we were not gonna make it on time!

But to our surprise, we didn’t have to walk much: an hour later, we finally arrived at West city! This one was even bigger than the previous city, with humans walking and building stuff everywhere. It was huge and very populated.

- “Oh we’re finally here. Now we will have to wait until it’s dark to get inside.”

We stayed there in the woods just observing how they worked. They built many boxes and other things.

- “See that?” said Seph. “Humans call those minecarts. They use them to travel faster to other locations. And those are what they call pistons, they use them to move things around.”

- “You know a lot about them, Seph!”

- “Yeah, I’ve been watching them for a long time. I also lived for like two weeks in that cage… You gotta learn a lot when you’re near them!”

Continuing with our watch, we observed the humans walking by the city. Eventually, they would get in groups and talk. We were too far to listen to their conversations.

It got dark and they were still around. I was tired and Olly told me to sleep, they would keep the city on watch. Well, I suppose I could get some rest.


Day 24

Today I woke up… In a cage!

I was so confused at first. When I woke up, I saw this big box around me. I through I was having a dream (or a nightmare) and then I saw Seph and Olly with me. I realized it was not a dream! (or nightmare…)

- “What… What happened? Where are we??” I said.

- “They… they caught us, Lilly!” said Seph.

- “Sorry Lilly, it’s all my fault! I should’ve stayed up watching the city, but I feel asleep and they found us…” Olly was very disappointed.

- “No Olly. If there’s one Ocelot to blame, it’s me. I was the one who should have stayed up. I fell asleep just minutes afer you… I guess spending all day waiting for the night really grew onto us.”

- “Don’t worry you two, it is no one’s fault. Now, we need to focus on a way to get out!” I said.

Two of the humans came into the room where our box was.

- “Ah, so it is true. They’ve finally found some Ocelots for the city. We have been looking for Ocelots for many weeks without any luck! You all will be very useful to keep those damn Creepers out of our way.”

- “Yes, they will come in handy. We will be able to cut down the forest even at night, and expand the city twice as faster as before. No more Creepers to blow up our equipment!”

They left the room and Seph said:

- “Did you hear them? He said we’re the first Ocelots here in weeks! Your father is not here then.”

- “Yes… They’re going to destroy the forest and our dad is not here… That’s both good and bad. Good because our dad is not in their posession. Bad because we traveled so much for nothing, and they’re about to bring the forest down!”

- “Don’t look at it that way. At least now we now he is not here, and that we can search somewhere else.”

- “Yes, you’re right. And does any of you have a plan to get out?”

- “Not really, sis. These boxes are really tough, humans built them with hard materials.”

- “I think I know what to do.” I said. “Play dead!”

- “What?”

- “Pretend you’re dead! Just lay on the floor and stay still.”

We all played dead. I was unsure whether this was going to work at first, but then one of the humans came in and saw us in that situation. He went out and called the others.

- “Something happened with the Ocelots! Can someone please come in and check?”

One of the humans opened the cage and examined me. When he touched me, I bit his hand and the human screamed in horror.

- “The Ocelot has become a zombie! Run everyone!”

We ran out of the cage and through the room. We got in the city and started running as fast as we could, trying to find the best way out of that place. There was a group of at least 15 humans after us!

- “This way everyone!” Olly said.

We turned a corner and ran into the woods, leaving the city. We kept the rhythm and hid behind the trees. Fortunately, the humans did not see us running into the forest.

- “Phew… That was close! Great plan, Lilly! Your ideas are crazy but it’s good when they work.”

- “Thanks Olly. Now, what do we do?”

- “Lilly, I know we should be looking for dad and you really want to find him, but… Think about mom. You heard those humans, they are going to destroy the forest! We need to convince her to get out of our house and come with us to search for dad!”

- “Ugh, Olly. I kind of know you’re right, but something tells me mom won’t listen to us. Also, she must be super upset with us.”

- “Lilly, I know your mother might not like your plans but I think she may join us once you tell her your father has been captured by the humans. It could be a great reason for her to help us.” Seph said.

- “Hmm, I think you’re right Seph. Alright then, we will return home and convince mom to help us save dad.”

- “Agreed!”

Now, where is the way home? We started heading south, because it was the best option available.


Day 25

From our current location outside West City, our home should be to the south. We will recognize the area once we get closer, after all Olly and I played in those woods during many years.

During the trip we laughed a lot about our adventures in the cities, and how my crazy plan worked.


Day 26

Today we continued with our journey. Nothing interesting happened all day. But I’m really glad to be back in the jungle, our habitat. This place feels really safe and calm, too bad it is in iminent danger! We need to find a way to save it, and fast.


Day 27

During our journey heading back home, we had a very unpleasant surprise.

In the afternoon, Olly heard many voices not far from our location. We decided to check it out, and we witnessed over 15 players in an area of the jungle, cutting down trees and building other stuff!

- “Hurry up, boys. We need to take all this wood back to West city by the weekend.” One of the humans said.

- “Did you hear that?” said Olly. “They’re taking down the entire jungle to use the resources!”

- “Time is getting shorter, we must continue now!” I said.

I believe we are not far from our house, and this is terrible news. It means the humans will not take long to reach our destination, and even worse: they will continue until the whole forest has been destroyed!


Day 28

Today after a long walk, we finally arrived home! I was so glad to be back, but also scared to see our mother’s reaction.

When she finally saw us, she was very happy.

- “Oh my gosh, it’s great to see you two safe and sound! I didn’t believe that note at first but well… You two will be grounded for a long time for this behavior!” she said.

- “Mom, it’s great to see you too, and sorry for all the trouble…” Olly said.

- “I searched for you two everywhere! I even went to that city in the North just looking for you both.”

- “You did? We passed by North city but left shortly afterwards…”

- “I searched everywhere and I was almost caught by the humans. I returned home and waited here, I was afraid I would not be home when you two returned.”

- “Mom, don’t worry. We did just fine! We took care of each other, and Lilly protected me from everything.” Olly said.

- “I’m very glad to hear that. But I wasn’t kidding when I said you two are grounded! You will have to do a lot to earn my trust.”

- “Mom, we have bigger issues to deal with right now!” I said.

- “What is it, honey?”

- “The humans captured dad. They have him as their hostage, and we don’t know where he is right now.”

- “Oh my… That’s terrible! I know your father is a brave and tough Ocelot, but… How did you know that?”

- “This is Seph, they locked him up in the same cage as dad. They took dad to a different city and we saved Seph.” I said.

- “Nice to meet you, ‘mam. And sorry for your husband, we will do our best to find him.”

- “Welcome to our house, Seph. And don’t worry, it was not your fault.”

- “Mom, there’s more: we saw a bunch of humans not far from here, destroying the jungle! They’re taking the wood to their city. We’re afraid they might get here soon!” Olly said.

- “Humans? In this area? Why would they come this far?”

- “They are everywhere. We went to two different cities and we heard them saying they want to expand their cities by destroying the jungle.”

- “That’s terrible.”

- “And that is why we can no longer stay here, mom! We MUST go out and head to the cities to find dad, and put an end to the destruction!”

- “I… I don’t know. I don’t want to put you all in danger.”

- “Mom, we can take care of ourselves just fine. We did great out there, I’m sure we can save dad together!”

- “Okay. You are right, Lilly and Olly. This place is getting too dangerous, and we must find your father. Milo needs our help more than ever. But for now, please rest. You’ve just arrived home and we need to get prepared for this trip.”

Tomorrow we are leaving to the North city again. They might give us a lead on how to find the third city – where our father must be located.


Day 29

We woke up and had a great breakfast. Seph was very happy to be a part of the family, and we packed up for the trip. When we were about to leave our humble home, we heard the voices again. It was the human group. But this time, the noise was growing louder and louder, as if they were heading towards our house.

- “They’re here! Hurry, we must leave now!” I said.

We ran out of the house and hid in the woods. A few minutes later, we saw them coming. The group was even bigger than before. They were equipped with axes, tearing down every tree on their way, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

- “Oh no, they’re going to destroy our home!” Mom said.

We couldn’t do anything but watch in horror as they destroyed everything in the area, including our simple and small hut which had served as our house for so many years.

- “Sorry mom. I know our home meant a lot to you. But I promise, we will find dad and we will find a safe place to live!” I said.

- “Sure honey. Now let’s go, we must find your dad.” She said.


Day 30

Another day goes by, and we still have a long way ahead of us.

I don’t know why, but for the first time since we started this journey, I’m feeling scared. We lost our home to the humans who are destroying our old area of the jungle right now, and we still don’t have a clue of our father’s location.

But there’s something I haven’t lost yet: hope.

I have hope, because I have my mother and my brother by my side. I have hope, because we have a great friend who is willing to help us as well. And most importantly, I have hope because I know my father is a tough one. We will rescue him, and together we will finally find a peaceful place to live!


What will happen to Lilly and her family in the next diary?

Diary of a Brave Ocelot, Book 2: Rescuing an Ocelot

Day 1

It has been a whole month, my dear diary. Thirty days ago, I started writing my first entry. At that time, I was completely clueless of everything that was going to happen in my life.

In these thirty days, my brother Olly and I went out on a rescue mission to find our missing father and even though we failed in this mission, we discovered much more than we expected. We made a new friend, Seph, who is now actively helping us in our quest, and we also have our beloved mother Bella joining our group.

We’ve been tasked with a tough objective: first, we must find my dad Milo, and then we must either find a way to stop the jungle’s deforestation or find a new jungle to live in.

I don’t know what’s going to happen from now on, my dear diary. But I’m sure we have a tough journey to come, and our group is ready to overcome all obstacles. Together, we can do it!



The End







About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Lilly is an Ocelot and lives in the middle of the jungle with her family. She enjoys a happy life along her younger brother Olly, her mother Bella and her father Milo. One day, Milo left their home and went on a mysterious journey to which he never came back from. Determined to find her dad, Lilly and Olly runvaway from home and go on a journey to find their dad. What they still don’t know is how dangerous the blocky world can be with menacing threats to the environment and many mobs lurking just around the corner. Read Lilly’s diary and find out what great adventures are waiting for them in the world of Minecraft.

  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2015-10-13 04:20:11
  • Words: 9142
Diary of a Courageous Ocelot, Book 1: The Missing Ocelot Diary of a Courageous Ocelot, Book 1: The Missing Ocelot