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Diaries of Determination

Diaries of Determination

Written and Published by: Diana Strenka

Year Published: 2015

Shakespir Edition, License Notes:

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Table of Contents

The Feather of the Phoenix


Finding Mama

The Labyrinth

The Guillotine

The Ice Maiden


About the Author

The Feather of the Phoenix




No longer will we suffer

At the hands of these foreign invaders!

We will fight!

Defending our lands from this tyranny!

Shielding our people from this oppression!

No longer will the Romans treat us with this malice!

Burn, burn, burn

Like the fire that simmers within,

And scorches everything it touches,

We will purge it all!

We will erase every memory,

Every dream,

Every thought,

Every nightmare!

I am Queen Boudica,

The warrior leader of my tribe,

Struck down by fate,

But like a phoenix, I rise!


All the days of my life

I have never had to lift a finger.

The wheels of fortune had turned,

Every care provided,

With the envelope at the door.

A letter,

Signed “B,”

And a familiar sum of money,

I sigh, and slip it into my purse.

How I long to live a better life

One where I can sail the high seas,

Where I can drink the danger,

And taste the sweet adventure.

Another tea party,

Another dreadful day of boredom,

Another day of being a secret.

My new life begins right now,

As I hear rumors he will be docking at high tide.

As I wait by the mossy tree,

I see the familiar outline of his formidable ship.

He smiles upon viewing my countenance,

His thick beard being the stuff of legends.

“Daughter, are you ready?”

The man, who I call Father,

Is known to the world by another name.


Finding Mama

The Underground Train waits for no man.

I trudge through the river’s edge,

Hoping, praying I can find my mama again.

Mama, can you hear me?

Maybe we can be together once more

In the land of the free folk

I remember the day

They tore us apart.

“Sold” cried the tall man,

But they could never break our spirit

I am going to find you, Mama,

And it will be like we were never gone.


The Labyrinth

Locked away,

In the labyrinth of my mind,

I wait,


For my escape.

I, Queen Catherine Howard,

Reduced to a common twit

In the eyes of many

But lo, I was deceived!

I was tricked into this marriage,

With promises of fine jewels and cloth,

But I was shielded from the realities.

Everything has its price.

Life is a rather slippery slope

Death hangs on a man like a spider web

If he dare speak his mind

In this world of tyranny

What can one do but get lost in trifles?

The Guillotine

Fortune tellers, tell me my destiny

Lend me your fragile attention

List me, want me not

For enough distempered longings

End in tragedy.

Reveal to me that the darkness will abate,

That this war of eternity will pass us by.

Cries of “Revolution!” burn into my eardrums,

As I, cursed from birth, wait in agony.

I do not wish to be swallowed up by the mob,

My head, sliced away by the guillotine,

As it rolls through the enraptured crowd.

My heart, soaked in fear,

As I duck into the dark and dreary wine cellar.

Trying to evaporate into nothingness,

Content to lick the floor for the tiniest gathering of water.

Even though long passed,

I feel the presence of my family,

Embracing me, soothing me,

Comforting me and calling me home.

Everything will soon be over,

And the year 1789 will just become a memory.

The Ice Maiden

The cold air claws at my back,

Trying to pull me under.

The wind tears me apart,

As I am forced to endure the agony.

Where am I being taken?

My head continues to spin around and around.

Confused. Lost.

Am I moving in circles?

Mommy, I’m scared.

Where are you?

I want to go home.

They left us here, alone, in the snow.

I am begging Rie to stay awake,

Reminding her of the good times working the farm.

My eyelids grow heavy now,

And I am weary.

If I just rest for a moment,

I will find the strength to carry on.

And we will escape.


The waters toss and turn like the night,

Carrying me to my destiny,

To be married in the New World,

The first colony of England.

Land, ho!

We, so merry and enchanted,

With this forgotten land,

Brimming with adventure and riches,

A new life for us all.

Our discontented group, stranded.

Lacking the supplies we require,

It has earned the ire

Of the brave charge of our care.

We await his return; lost, shipwrecked,

Hunger burns in our bellies,

The grey clouds swirl above,

Revealing a horrendous doom.

A union that will never come,

A love that will never bloom,

A life that will never begin,

Lost in the Colony of Roanoke.

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Diaries of Determination

  • ISBN: 9781311342065
  • Author: Diana Strenka
  • Published: 2015-11-01 18:20:07
  • Words: 945
Diaries of Determination Diaries of Determination