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Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude

Diaries From The Field – Chapter 3 – Holy Shit Dude

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2016 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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Your not going to believe this;


So I got the chance to play with my friends, while out doing what I later found out was called LARP (Live Action Role Play) I was completing missions that was asked of me from the wizard king… No matter if it was saving him or saving a princess but I was keeping the elves at bay even though they stole the sacred stick.

Everything was going great as I made my way through the entire fortress of elves defeating them one by one and ranking up, while ranking up I was watching my powers get stronger and learning new powers as well… Not to mention I got some cool new clothes although personally I thought my first gear which was deemed a level 2 clothing to look cooler than what I upgraded into.

So the battle raged on, I was in the thick of the action… My new friend Butters and his large group of friends seemed to have accepted me into things as I was even shown how to use my farts as abilities, I thought this was the coolest fucking thing to be able to throw a fart who wouldn’t think this was cool.

Near the beginning of things the sacred stick got stolen by the elves, but I managed to get it back. Taking it back to the wizard king shortly after that process.

As things were going good the wizard king’s mother interfered and told the wizard king it was time for bed. So that ended the first day for us.


After i ran home since I didn’t want to be too late I went directly up to my room and emptied my backpack into my tickletruck I took out all sorts of items including a gamesphere I remember those I had one not long before we moved but my parents kept complaining of the constant upgrades that came out so they bought me an xbox one before we moved.

I logged onto my computer and found out that my friend list continues to grow with all the people I’ve met around town, well I heard my mother coming up the stairs so I quickly got into bed.

When I woke up I was being dragged away by these tall grey creatures with black eyes whom I would later discover to be an alien race, they took me onto the spaceship and started to do things to my ass… They later inserted a satellite into it, and holy fuck did that hurt..

I met a parent on the spaceship known as Randy who told me if I free’d him he would show me how to get out, so as I was venturing through the spaceship battling alien life forms I kept finding bits of clothing and new alien tech to use as well. I found it best to change up as I went as they seemed rather highly developed in the technology so I’m hoping this shit would help on my adventures.

While I was going through the space ship I found a simple game called simon, at least that is what it’s called on my planet but on the screen it showed that nice fellow Randy, well I knew how to play this game simon on my planet and if I made a mistake nothing would happen the game would just buzz at me.
So I decided to play around with the alien version of the game looking at Randy on this screen well I decided to see what would happen if I fucked up, well Randy took it in the ass, which is now making me think I must have had a similar experience since my ass is sore.

With failing a few more times, more so for my own personal amusement so I could laugh at someone elses displeasure I then won that game and ventured on as I had to find different locations with this simon game setup and do the same thing, what can I say perhaps I have a sick fucking sense of humor but I felt the need to screw up just to watch what would happen…

After I managed to free Randy I was told which direction was the cockpit so I went to see what I could do about myself getting off this spaceship, after battling more alien life forms I brought it back to earth.

Shortly after this I woke up, that seemed like quite the dream I was having… Yea it must have been a dream there was no way I could have done all that in the middle of the night and still wake up in my bed…

As I glanced down at myself I noticed I wasn’t wearing no typical pajamas that I normally wear to bed however they seemed different but they looked similar to the ones I found in my dream.

Holy shit dude did my dream actually happen ?


No way it couldn’t have, well I’m going to see what’s new with my friends and see if they continue want to LARP (Live Action Role Play) …

I roamed out of my house and found….

I don’t think it was a dream…

holy shit dude

Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude

  • ISBN: 9781310602245
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2016-06-30 17:20:14
  • Words: 915
Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude